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AU where Kyungsoo is in his final year of Uni and when his friends finds out about his secret marriage, it becomes a chaos.. "PROF. KIM, KYUNGSOO IS MARRIED" someone from the front desk shouted earning the attention of the said man.. "And I think it's none of your business"

"And you" Kyungsoo gulps in fear when his professor eyed him with a sharp look.. "Meet me after the class" "O-ok Mr. Kim"
Kyungsoo almost wanted to go with his friends after class but he held back himself as he stands awkwardly in front of his professor who is now packing his things.. "How did that happen?" Mr. Kim asks, still busy with the briefcase.. "I forgot to remove the wedding ring"
Kyungsoo isn't exactly sure how it happened but right now he's locked in an embrace of his professor while wincing a little when the older grabbed his wrist and removes the ring from his finger.. "I'll give you back when we get home..You may now leave for the next class"
/North gate/ Kyungsoo reads the text, rolling his eyes and immediately a plan clicked on his head..He patiently waited for the last bell for the day and when the time comes, he rushed outside not caring about the complaints of other students who got bumped by him on the way..
He halts near the faculty room where he ses Mr. Kim talking animatedly with a professor.. He cursed under his breath, hiding himself behind other students and he let out a relieved sigh when he finally managed to walk past the prof. without getting caught..
Kyungsoo then started to walk towards the south gate where he gets in a bus to his way back home..His home.. /Where are you?/ /I've been waiting for you for past 20mins/ /Kyungsoo reply me/
He ignored the messages and further notifications as he wore his headphones and closed his eyes, drowning into his favourite music.. The first day of the final semester, officially sucked but Kyungsoo is not gonna let that get into his mind for the next thirty minutes..
"Soo, why are you here?" He heard his mom say when she opened the door for him.. "Jongin called your dad-" "Tell him that I'm staying here for the night" "But-" "Am I not allowed to visit you guys anymore?" His mom didn't question him after that to which he felt very thankful
He was eating the dinner and soon his father joined him at the table while his mom served the food for him.. He continues to eat ignoring the presence of the older man until the latter cleared his throat to get his attention.. "You aren't wearing your ring"
"Is that a question?" "Only if you want to answer" his father replied at the same time when he placed his chopsticks on the table before standing up.. "Good night then"
As soon he hits the bed, he finally felt being home..But at the same time it felt strange.. Just ten days before everything was going well.. Just him enjoying his summer holidays, hanging out with his friends..He was happy..
Then one day everything turned upside down.. Sudden wedding.. Moving in to a new apartment.. And Kyungsoo still wondered if it was all just a dream.. Actually, he wishes it was one..
Wallowing in self pity for a while, he sits up reaching out for the mobile on the night stand.. He checked the timetable for tomorrow's class.. "I don't have to see him tomorrow" he muttered to himself, a little happy about not having Mr. Kim's class the next day..
Mr. Kim... Every students' favourite..And Kyungsoo is not an exception.. Never once he missed the said man's class in his previous semesters.. The way Mr. Kim explains each topic had always been amazing..As far as he knows no one failed his subject..
And that's why Kyungsoo wondered how it all changed in past few days.. And he didn't know how it suddenly became so difficult to breathe the same air as his favourite professor whom he admired all the time.. He didn't know why it's so hard to accept his fate and move on..
So many things changed much to his disliking but yet he couldn't find one proper reason to hate Mr. Kim and that's what frustrated Kyungsoo more than anything else.. He could never bring himself to hate that man..After all it wasn't Mr. Kim's fault in the first place..
He could blame his parents, Mr. Kim's parents but not the man he got married to.. Because it was an arranged marriage.. Purely arranged without considering the feelings of them both..
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ Maybe if he hadn't overslept this wouldn't have happened.. Maybe when he accepted his father's offer to take his car, this wouldn't have happened.. He felt all on eyes on him when he walked to his desk and not to mention about his friends teasing smirks..
"Someone got lucky last night" Kyungsoo ignored Baekhyun's words as he takes out his notes, his mind now fully focused on the lecture going on..He didn't want to think about anything else.. Not about how he slept well last night, compensating all his lost sleep for a week..
Not about how his mom enquired him about his life with Mr. Kim.. Not about how his father asked him to wear the ring atleast when he's home.. And not about how he ignored Mr. Kim's text asking why he isn't in the class yet..
But not thinking about all those things didn't help him when he sees Mr. Kim entering his classroom to talk to the professor about the something.. Students started to talk among themselves and only when he felt Baekhyun's nudge on his rib he realised he was staring At Mr. Kim
"Tell us about your husband.." "Where is he now?" "What's his profession?" "Is he handsome?" He was bombarded with so many questions by his friends to which he just shook his head before averting his gaze to the front..
And when he noticed Mr. Kim's gaze fixed on him for longer than necessary before he left the classroom, Kyungsoo's breath hitched.. So many questions..One answer..Yet it felt difficult..It felt like suffocation..
The day went as he expected.. He didn't see Mr. Kim after that and he somehow managed not to snap on his friends and their curiousity.. But when he heard the last bell, he couldn't help but to feel anxious..
He took out his phone to check for any new messages.. But there was none.. And he didn't know whether he should be relieved or worried about that.. He lazily dragged himself outside the class and to the north gate where Mr. Kim probably be waiting for him.. Or not..
"Kyungsoo" He turns to the source of familiar voice and his eyes immediately landed on Mr. Kim who is now walking towards him with long strides.. "Am sorry about yesterday" he started lowering his eyes to the ground.. "I just wanted to be with my-"
"I understand" He whipped his head up at the reply.. "You are not angry?" Mr. Kim looked extra gorgeous when he laughed heartily at his question.. "No..You can do whatever you like.." "Thanks, i guess" "So, are you staying with your parents tonight or-"
Understanding Mr. Kim's hesitation, he decides to speak.. "I'll wait for you outside the campus" "Alright.. I'll go get my car"
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ The ride home was mostly silent except for little talks about the syllabus for the current semester.. And when they reached home, Jongin asked the other to take shower first before slumping on the sofa tiredly..
And exactly after fifteen minutes, Kyungsoo left the bathroom for Mr. Kim.. After changing to comfortable clothes, he settled in the living room turning on the television.. He barely acknowledged the older when he joined him after some time..
But when he sees Mr. Kim taking something out from his briefcase through his peripheral vision, he got little curious.. "Here" Jongin said as he placed Kyungsoo's ring on the coffee table in front of them..
Kyungsoo stared at the ring before his eyes lands on Mr. Kim's fingers..The older wasn't wearing his own.. "Am I supposed to wear this now?" He asked taking the ring in his hand.. "It's your decision but just don't wear it when you're in the university.."
"Atleast we have one thing in common" Jongin raised his eyebrows questiongly as he waits for the other to continue.. "We both hate this little thing that ruined our life, don't we?"
"I guess" Jongin replied bitterly.. "Can I ask you something?" "Yes" "Why didn't you say no when they asked for you to marry me?" "Do you think I didn't? My dad is your father's bestfriend, Mr. Kim..Do you think my dad will hear me out instead of your father's last words?"
Jongin vaguely nods before speaking up.. "We both know this marriage won't last long so just endure it for a while.." "What's gonna change anyway?" "A lot of things" was all Jongin said before he heads to the kitchen..
"And what's that?" Kyungsoo asked as he followed the other.. Jongin shrugged nonchalantly leaning his back on the work top.. "Maybe you can find someone you like.." "I don't think someone will be interested in a married guy, Mr. Kim..."
"So, have you planned to be with me forever?" "Do I have a choice?" "Yes" Kyungsoo frowned at the reply.. "You have the choice to leave me whenever you want to"
"I really hate to see you having trouble sleeping when you're with me and I hate to see you running away just to avoid me, Kyungsoo.." The hurt in Jongin's was obvious and Kyungsoo lowered his head, tears welling up in his eyes..
"When we got married, I had a little hope that you'll continue to see me atleast as a professor even if don't see me as your husband but I was wrong.." Jongin says as he pulled Kyungsoo for a small hug.. "It hurts so much to see you cry like this, Kyungsoo.."
"I'm sorry, Mr. Kim" he heard Kyungsoo's cracked up voice.. "I have no intentions of ruining your life forever..So, can't you just go back being my old cheerful student?" Jongin's chest tightens when Kyungsoo pulled away from the hug before wiping away his tears..
"I don't think I can pretend being fine when I am not" "I didn't ask you to pretend.. Just be normal around me.. Just forget about the fact we got married" "How can I forget when all I see is you wherever I go? At home, at University, you are everywhere, Mr. Kim..And-
whenever I see you I find it hard to even breathe properly..I feel like I've been trapped all my life.. And i hate it.."
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ It has been almost a month since the couple talked with each other properly.. After their last conversation where Kyungsoo told about how he hates this whole marriage thing, Jongin decides to completely distance himself from his husband..
He would leave home early to work and come back home late so that Kyungsoo won't feel burdened by his presence.. He avoided every possibility of them seeing each other except during class hours..
Their relationship became more awkward and distant since that day, if that's even possible.. As for Kyungsoo, life became a little easier and he didn't know whether to be thankful or regret his words..
"Hey Kyungsoo" the said man stopped in the middle of the corridor turning to see Jongdae hopping towards him with a big grin.. "Good morning sunshine" "Good morning" he greeted back with a small smile before they started to walk towards their class together..
"Have you finished the assignment?" "What assignment?" "The one Mr. Kim gave last week.. Today's the deadline" Kyungsoo's eyes widens in shock as he tried to remember the so called assignment..But nothing came to his mind..So much for spacing out during Mr. Kim's class..
He knows he's doomed when Mr. Kim asked for the one person who has not submitted the presentation yet.. When he was about to stand up on his place someone from his behind pulled him back to his seat.. "I didn't finish it yet, sir"
"Minus 10 in your internals" the professor told the guy before he walked out of the class and only after that Kyungsoo whipped his head back to see the boy who just saved him.. "Why did you do that?" "Because I didn't want to see you getting embarrassed"
"Woohoo I smell love" Jongdae commented from his side earning a nudge from Baekhyun.. "Kyungsoo's married, idiot" The bickering of the two went unattended as Kyungsoo just stared at Johnny until the boy disappears outside the door..
It was during the lunch Kyungsoo saw Johnny again in the cafeteria sitting across his table chatting with their friends.. "Hey" the boy waved at him with a big smile when he caught Kyungsoo looking at him.. "H-hey" he greeted back awkwardly before turning to his friends..
"Okay..I didn't want to say this but this is becoming creepy...That guy has been staring at us for too long" "Not at us" Jongdae replied to Baekhyun before pointing a finger towards Kyungsoo's side.. "He's looking at our sunshine"
"That's more creepy" Baekhyun comments eyeing suspiciously at Kyungsoo's flustered face.. "Do you know that guy?" "No" "Then why did he do that for you before and why is he staring at you now?What the hell is going on?" "I don't know, Baek..We just share one class..that's it"
"Care to tell us what's going on" Mark asked Johnny who just shrugged in response finally taking off his eyes from Kyungsoo.. "Oh come on man, it's so obvious" "Shut up" "But isn't that guy married?" Ten chided in not missing a hint of disappointment in Johnny's face..
"I thought it was just a rumour" Mark says tapping his chin thoughtfully.. "And even if it's true I don't think he's happily married..I mean I barely saw him smile since we started this semester..You have your chance man, don't worry" "Don't give him false hope.." Ten said-
shooting daggers at Mark before turning towards the other.. "John, if you like him then just go talk to him about it..Sooner the better" "Yeah.. I'll think about it"
Kyungsoo almost froze on his seat when he felt someone sitting beside him in the bus that evening..He wouldn't have cared if it was a stranger.. "Hi" "Hi" he replied back, feeling his throat dry..
The silence after that lasted for few seconds before Kyungsoo decides to break it.. "Thank you" he says finally locking eyes with the other boy.. "But I feel bad about your grades getting affected" "That's okay" Johnny assured flashing him a smile..
"It's not like I get straight A's like you or something..And actually I am glad I got a chance to talk to you.." "Uh?" Kyungsoo asked back confusedly, watching the boy rubbing his nape awkwardly.. "I kind of like you, Kyungsoo.."
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ Even after getting back home, Kyungsoo couldn't get his mind of the boy's words.. He didn't give an answer but he himself couldn't understand why he kept silent when Johnny asked about his wedding rumours..
He raised his hand to look at his empty fingers only to fist his hand into a ball, groaning internally.. And for the first time, he hated Mr. Kim..He hated himself..
That night when he heard footsteps in the living room, he immediately closed his book he was reading and walked out of the room.. "Why are you trying to act so nice, Mr. Kim?" "What?" Jongin dropped his briefcase before turning to look at Kyungsoo..
"Do you think I'll start liking you just because you act like this?" "Kyungsoo, what's wrong with you?" Jongin was already exhausted and getting yelled for no reason drained him more..
"Everything is wrong since the day you put this on my finger" Kyungsoo threw the ring towards the professor which eventually hit the latter's chest before falling on the floor..
Jongin didn't reply anything as he just crouched down to pick up the ring that rolled under the sofa.. When he straightens up, Kyungsoo had already left to his room.. Jongin let out a deep sigh when he heard the door being closed with a loud thud..
That night was a disaster.. Lying in the couch was already so uncomfortable to sleep and Kyungsoo made it worse by playing the movie in his laptop with the maximum volume.. Jongin just gave up on his sleep after tossing and turning around for a while..
It was 4 in the morning when he decides to go to the university library in hope of getting some sleep atleast for an hour.. And when he slowly opened the door to the bedroom for changing the clothes, the sight of Kyungsoo sleeping peacefully made him smile unconsciously..
He changed his mind of going to the uni and headed to the couch thanking the heavens.. But then again he couldn't fall asleep as his mind was occupied by so many thoughts..The more he thinks, the more he felt guilty for making the younger's life a total mess..
Before a month they both didn't had any clue about their fathers being friends...They didn't know they'll end up getting married.. When his father told about the wedding, Jongin didn't hesitate a bit..At that time he just wanted to give his father a happy goodbye..
But he never thought that the person would be his student.. He never thought it would be Kyungsoo..
And even after knowing Kyungsoo is totally against the marriage, he couldn't do anything to help the other... It was a selfish decision he made for his father's sake but Jongin made up his mind to keep Kyungsoo happy whatever it takes...
But he lost all the hope of making this relationship work out when Kyungsoo told him about how he felt trapped.. For now, he just wanted Kyungsoo to concentrate on his studies and he's ready to part ways if Kyungsoo finds someone else sooner or later..
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ Jongin was in the faculty room when he sees Chanyeol making a long face... "What happened?" He asked his friend.. "I accidentally saw two guys making out in the bathroom and I just couldn't get it out of my mind"
"Don't tell me you're horny just by seeing it" he said smiling amusedly at Chanyeol's flushed face.. "You are, aren't you?" "Is that my fault I am still single?" "It's not my fault either"
"Easy for you to say, man.. Atleast you've someone at home..Look at me" Chanyeol frustratedly flailed his hands in the air.. "I'm going to die without getting laid" "That's sad"
"Anyway" Chanyeol clears his throat shaking the dirty thoughts away from his head.. "When have you planned to introduce your husband?" "Not anytime soon, love" "Eww" Jongin smirked victoriously when Chanyeol gets back to his work..
His day was going well until Kyungsoo decides to barge into the faculty room during the lunch break with a frown on his face.. "I'm going to stay at my parents home for the weekend" "Okay?" He didn't know why the shorter is even informing him about that..
"I need the ring back" Jongin stifled his smile before he took out the ring from his pocket and placed it on the table.. "And if my father happens to call you to invite you there, please don't come.. Just tell him that you're busy or something" "Okay"
"Kyungsoo wait" The said boy stopped near the door way turning to see the professor with a bored expression... "Next time don't even dare to act like this when we're inside the campus.. Make sure you remember that you're just one of my students here.. Got it?"
Instead of replying to the older, Kyungsoo just stomped his foot angrily before running out of the room.. "Life is not so bad" Jongin muttered to himself with a small smile...
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ Kyungsoo got startled when someone jumped in front of him when he was walking towards the class.. "You son of-" He clicked his tongue when he finally notices the boy in front of him.. "Woah someone's angry" "S-sorry, I didn't know it was you"
"You know you are cute even when you're angry" "I'm n-not" Kyungsoo said glaring at the boy who is now laughing at him.. "If you say so" Johnny shrugged before wrapping his arm around Kyungsoo's shoulder.. "Let's go and eat something.. I'm hungry"
"But I just had my lunch" Kyungsoo mumbled.. "Then just give me company.. My friends are at the football practice..I don't wanna eat alone.." And that's how Kyungsoo ended up having a great time with the taller boy who made him laugh at his dumb jokes.. Life is not so bad..
"Do you want to go on a date with me?" Kyungsoo was taken aback at the sudden question.. "uhmm-" "Please please don't say no..." Kyungsoo's eyes softens at the pleading voice as he unconsciously nods with a smile..Momentarily forgetting about the fact that he's still holding-
the ring in his hands...
He knows he shouldn't be but when the last bell rang, Kyungsoo couldn't help but to feel excited about his date.. Smiling to himself, he walked towards the south gate where he was pulled by someone from behind the library building.. "WHAT THE-" his eyes bulged in horror when-
Mr. Kim shushed him by closing his mouth with his hands.. "Where's the ring?" The professor asked in hushed voice.. The shorter swatted away the taller's hand, before speaking up... "I thought you told me I am nothing but a student here? Is this how you treat your student?"
"Kyungsoo, this is not the time to argue.. I mistakenly gave mine to you earlier.. Here's yours" Jongin said as he takes another ring from his coat pocket.. Kyungsoo stared at the little thing for few seconds before taking out the one he had...
The two rings looked exactly the same except for the size.. Kyungsoo's one is a little smaller.. "Why are you carrying around yours anyway?" Kyungsoo scoffed before handing the ring to the older.. "Because it's mine"
And when Kyungsoo met Johnny again in the bus, for some unknown reason he cancelled their date.. "I'm not feeling well" he reasoned..
And when he reached home, he just ignored his mom's greeting, he didn't even acknowledge the presence of his dad sitting in the living room.. He went straight to his bedroom instead, the words uttered by his professor still lingering on his mind.. Because it's mine..
The moment he sat on his bed whilst hugging his knees closer to chest, he started to sob uncontrollably.. The thought of how he belongs to someone and he's obliged to live with that fact even when he doesn't want to made his heart hurt more and more..
Yes, Mr. Kim told him that he have a choice and he'll support any of his decisions but Kyungsoo knows for sure that it's just all a bunch of lies.. He's trapped and that's the only truth..
The more he thought about it the more he hated Mr. Kim, his so-called husband.. He screamed, he cried, broke all the things in his reach but nothing calmed him down..
And he couldn't possibly know how his parents were worried at the other side of the room.. "Honey, we should do something.. He's not opening the door..* "Let him be" Kyungsoo's father replied to his wife who was nothing but scared of her son's agressive behaviour..
"But what if he hurts himself?" the women said her eyes fixated on the closed door.. She heard her husband sigh before taking out the phone to call someone..Most probably their son in law.. "Do you think we made a wrong decision?" She asked her husband once he hangs up..
"About what?" "His marriage.." she sighed as she sat beside her husband.. "He's not happy, honey and it's getting worse.. We've never seen him like this before and we've never done anything against his wishes except this marriage-"
"This wedding may have happened against his wish" her husband interuppted her with a serious face.. "But it's the best gift we've given him so far and you'll realise that in few minutes" with that said the man left to his room..
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ It took exactly half hour to reach Kyungsoo's home and it was his first visit..He greeted his in-laws before he asked for Kyungsoo.. "He's in the room" Kyungsoo's mother told him worriedly pointing towards the closed door to their right..
He nods and headed towards the said room.."Kyungsoo" Jongin didn't even have to call the other's name for the second time as Kyungsoo angrily opened the door as soon as he heard the professor's voice.. "WHY ARE YOU HERE?"
"I TOLD YOU NOT TO COME HERE, DIDN'T I? WHY ARE YOU MAKING MY LIFE A LIVING HELL-" And before he could even finish the older pushed him back to the room, closing the door behind them.. "Continue now" Jongin said as he crossed his arms and leaning his back on the door..
"Y-you" Kyungsoo's lips quivered as he starts to cry once again.. "This is all because of you.."he said hitting Jongin's chest with his fisted hands.."I hate you...I hate seeing you..I hate being with you..I-" he stopped mid-sentence when he felt Mr. Kim's arms embracing his body
He cried harder burying his face on the older's chest while his hand clutching on to the latter's shirt like his life depended on it.. "I h-hate you..I hate this marriage.."
Jongin didn't say anything until Kyungsoo stops crying and pulls away from the hug with puffy red eyes.. "Are you feeling better?" He asked to which he got no response.. "Look, if you want to pour out your frustrations then just do it when we are alone.. Stop making your-
parents worry because of our problems.." "You care only about them, don't you?" Kyungsoo voice was hoarse from all the screaming and crying.. "Have you ever considered my feelings?"
And when his professor asked him sit on the bed, he didn't protest.. "Kyungsoo, I understand everything..You have all the rights to be mad and angry because if I were in your situation I would do the same but you being like this is just gonna make our parents unhappy"
"Just trust me, Kyungsoo..As I said before you have the choice..And when the day comes I won't hold you back.. I'll be the one who's gonna support your decision" "I d-don't believe you"
"And moreover my parents won't allow me to break this marriage.. What's the use of your support then?" "Because i'm your husband" Jongin tells raising his hands to wipe the shorter's tears.. "If I say so then they have to agree to that..they can't just force you to be with me-
when I'm willingly let you go" "You will really do that for me?" "I'll do anything for you so please trust me and stop acting like this..Will you?" Kyungsoo hesistantly nods leaning towards the headboard.. "Okay"
When Jongin comes out, it was Kyungsoo's mother who rushed to his side.. "Is he okay?" She asked to which he nods with a small smile.. "He is sleeping" he tells the couple.. "And please don't talk to him about this when he wakes up later..It will upset him more"
He leaves soon after that but not before apologizing for his husband's behaviour and assuring them that it won't happen again.. "Do you still think we made a wrong decision?" Kyungsoo's father asked his wife who just smiled in return, her worry long gone.. "Told you"
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ Few days later: Kyungsoo and Jongin's relationship became so much better after their conversation in Kyungsoo's parents house.. Jongin never thought Kyungsoo will be comfortable around him yet here they are watching movie together, the shorter leaning on-
his shoulder while giggling at the screen.. "This is so funny" Kyungsoo comments snapping Jongin out of his thoughts.. "Yeah" he replied absentmindedly, not even having a single clue of what's going on..He must've been spacing out from the start..
Once the movie ends Jongin prepared dinner and they ate in silence... "How is everything going with Johnny?" He asked the younger.. "Good" Kyungsoo replied bashfully.. Eventhough he has already told the older about Johnny, he still feels awkward whenever-
his professor brought up the topic... "But I haven't told about us yet.." he continued and Jongin hummed in response.. "To be honest I am scared to tell him everything.." "He knows that you're married right?" "Yes but he doesn't know about you..I don't know how he'll react-
if he comes to know about you" "Why does that matter? As long as he likes you then I don't think that will be a problem..Even if it becomes an issue, I'll definitely help you so stop worrying" "Thank you Mr. Kim.. You're the best"
Jongin thought everything will be fine as long as Kyungsoo is happy but he realised he was wrong when he saw his husband talking and laughing with Johnny the next day in the cafeteria.. "Hey, are you okay?" Chanyeol asked him to which he nods vaguely..
He felt a pang in his chest when Kyungsoo immediately looked away as soon as their eyes met for a millisecond.. 'He's not yours to begin with, Jongin' was what his mind told but his heart just couldn't accept it..
To make everything much worse their University announced a camping trip especially for the final year students to which he was assigned as a teacher incharge along with Chanyeol.. "I'm so excited for this trip" Kyungsoo said while packing his things..
"Don't forget to take the rain coat..It might rain there" he said scrolling through the internet while checking out the places they are going.. "Oh no..I hate rain" Kyungsoo whined before joining the older in the bed.. "Let me see" Jongin's heart skipped a beat when-
Kyungsoo scooted dangerously closer towards his side, placing his chin on his shoulder.. "It looks pretty" the shorter said smiling at the pictures.. " pretty"
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ As soon they reached the camping spot, the students immediately rushed to put up their tents.. Jongin and Chanyeol helped the ones who were struggling to put up before they did their own..
Even with everything going on, Jongin made sure to keep an eye on Kyungsoo every possible second.. He hissed when Kyungsoo accidentally falls on the ground tripping on a stone..He would have rushed to his husband's side if not for Johnny who was quick to help him stand up..
Soon the sun sets and Jongin just watched the students having so much fun playing games and when the night came, he couldn't help but feel his heart breaking into pieces seeing Kyungsoo entering the tent with Johnny.. He could only groan internally before joining Chanyeol..
It's been an hour and Jongin is nowhere near to sleep..His mind was just occupied by the thoughts of his husband being with someone else made him go crazy.. He must've been too engulfed in his own thoughts and that's why when he heard Kyungsoo's voice calling for his name, he-
just ignored it thinking of it as an imagination.. "Mr. Kim" This time the voice was much clear and Jongin immediately unzipped the tent before he gets out.. "Kyungsoo, what-" And before he could even finish, Kyungsoo jumped on him whilst hugging him tightly..
Jongin stared down at the smaller man who is now a crying mess.. Confused and concerned at the same time he just hugged Kyungsoo closer.. They both stood there in the same position for a while until Kyungsoo looked up to meet his eyes.. "I don't w-want to stay here"
"What's wrong? We can't leave now, Kyungsoo.. First tell me what's the matter?" Jongin asked cupping Kyungsoo's cheeks.. "Johnny" the shorter bit his lower lip, trying to hold back his tears .. "Johnny what? What did he do?"
"Kyungsoo" The couple turned towards the source of the voice and when Kyungsoo sees Johnny walking towards him, he hid himself behind the professor.. "Johnny, what are you doing here?" Jongin fisted his hands ready to punch the boy infront of him when he felt Kyungsoo's-
body shaking behind his back...He could assume what must've possibly happened but he just didn't want to make a rash decision.. Not when Kyungsoo hasn't told him anything yet..
"Uhmm I just want to talk to Kyungsoo" the boy said hesitantly.. "Just leave me alone..I don't want to see you" Jongin heard Kyungsoo say still sobbing harder.. "Kyungsoo, I'm sorry..I- please let's talk.."
Kyungsoo hesitated for a bit before he agrees to talk with the boy and Jongin on the other hand couldn't do anything but to see the duo walking away from him eventually back to their tent..
And that night Kyungsoo never came to him.. /Mr. Kim, sorry for disturbing you.. We're okay now and thank you/ Jongin never knew that a simple message could hurt him this much until that night..
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ The two days camping felt like an eternity.. Atleast to Jongin who hated every second of it..And when they came home, he didn't have any strength to argue with his husband who seems to have too many questions.. "I am just asking for the reason, Mr. Kim.."
"Kyungsoo, I'm tired.. let's talk-". "You literally ignored my presence there.. Don't say you didn't..You were talking with everyone else except me.." "Isn't that you want?" "What?" Jongin sighed tiredly plopping down on the couch.."Just go to the room.. Let's talk later"
When he realised what just happened, it was too late.. Kyungsoo already went to the bedroom without giving him any kind of answer.. And even after two hours, Kyungsoo didn't open the door which got him worried..
"Kyungsoo" he cautiously called for the boy as he knocked on the door.. "What?" He heard a muffled voice from other side of the door... "I'm sorry..I know shouldn't have said anything.. Please open the door..I promise-"
Before he could even finish, Kyungsoo opened the door, his cheeks still wet from all the tears.. "Kyu-" the boy swatted away his hands when he tried to touch him.. "I am really sorry, Kyungsoo.. Just forget what I said.." "Johnny and I broke up"
"I-" "We broke up in good terms" Kyungsoo pauses locking his eyes with his professor's confused ones.."And by the way it's not today.."
"Do you want to know why?" Kyungsoo asked with a blank expression and Jongin just couldn't get what's on the other's mind so he just goes for a small nod.."Because I realised this marriage is more important than I thought of, Mr. Kim"
"That night he tried to kiss me and I didn't let him and he told me that I'm just using him and we ended up fighting.. That's how I came running to you.." "Did you-" "Yeah.. we broke up later that night"
"After breaking up with him, I made up my mind to give this marriage a try but I never knew you liked me.." "I-" "I always thought you never liked me, Mr. Kim..Why did you give me a choice instead of telling about your feelings?"
"I always liked you, Kyungsoo..You were against this relationship from the start so I didn't want to force you..I just wanted you to be happy but it hurted so bad Whenever I saw you with him..I am sorry, Kyungsoo..I am such a selfish person..I couldn't keep up my promise..I-"
And for the first time, Jongin broke down in tears when he was pulled by the shorter for a tight embrace... "All this time you hid your feelings for my happiness and all I gave you was nothing but pain..You literally made me a bad person, Mr. Kim.."
"I am sorry" "Stop saying that" Kyungsoo sniffed in the older's chest.. "Why are you sorry for liking your husband? I should be the one who must be sorry..Why are you still blaming yourself for everything?" "Because I love you, Kyungsoo.."
๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ๐Ÿ”ธ It has been more than an hour since they laid on bed cuddled together, Kyungsoo's face nuzzling on Jongin's crook of the neck while the latter's arm protectively wrapped around Kyungsoo's waist.. "Mr. Kim?" "Hmm?" Jongin asked softly.. "Can we get married again?"
Jongin laughs at the sudden unexpected question before he sits up along with his husband who gave him a strange look.. "Why are you laughing? Don't you want to marry me?" "We're already married, Kyungsoo" Kyungsoo gets off the bed rolling his eyes at the obvious statement..
"Then why is this in your pocket instead of being in your finger?" Kyungsoo asked as he takes out the wedding ring from his professor's coat.. Jongin smiles as he joined the shorter near their dressing table.. "In my defence, I thought you hated this"
"Anyway marry me again" "But-" "RIGHT NOW" Kyungsoo yelled making the other flinch.. "AND WHERE THE HELL IS MINE?" "H-how do I know?" "YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW EVERYTHING.. NOW GO AND GET MY RING..GOOO" "okay..calm down"
Kyungsoo giggled softly at the sight of Jongin almost tripping on the carpet as he rushed to the living room to find his ring.. And after few minutes the taller came back accomplishing the given mission successfully.. "Good boy.."
And that night they exchanged their rings for the second time.. "This time it's gonna last forever, isn't it?" "Ofcourse" Jongin answers his husband before placing a kiss on his forehead.. "Till my last breath" "Till our last breath"
The End๐Ÿ’•
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