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wen⁷ astronaut feet 👩‍🚀

wen⁷ astronaut feet 👩‍🚀

Jun 7, 2019
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ABO namjin au where Namjoon and Seokjin just want to enjoy a nice relaxing honeymoon together, but nothing ever goes their way when one of them is a high-profile celebrity. But with the help of their friends, family, and each other, they manage just fine.

- sequel to the abo namjin au as a thank you for 1 year! - there will be mentions of mpreg, so please don’t read if uncomfortable. - a lil angst but mainly domestic namjin + babies + sope and vminkook - please read this first for any of this to make sense:…
ABO #Namjin au were ER Dr. Kim Seokjin decides to go through donor IVF at 28 after dedicating all his life to his career. What he doesn’t expect is to meet the biological father of his children, famous rapper Kim Namjoon, after he’s admitted to his hospital.
{S1} July 7th, 2019, want to see you. (Remember that for this au dates are important. We are now 4 months after the twins where born)
{S2} July 7th, 2019, cheesy
{S3} July 7th, 2019, pager
{S4} July 7th, 2018, instagram Also the last caption from Tae’s post should read: “I’m grateful everytime we’re on shift together. I missed you best friend 💕💗💖💘💓💞💖💗” But for some reason the app didn’t want to cooperate.
{S5} July 7th, 2018, twitter
{S6} July 7th, 2019, I see you
{S7} July 7th, 2019, date night
{S8} July 7th, 2019, my boo
{S9} July 7th, 2019, hung up
{S10} July 7th, 2019, wait
{S11} July 7th, 2019, never change
{S12} July 7th, 2019, play mat
{S13} July 7th, 2019, sad
{S14} July 7th, 2019, namjinists
{S15} July 7th, 2019, like before
{S16} July 7th, 2019, just us
{S17} July 7th, 2019, taehyungie
{S18} July 7th, 2019, me too. who’s side are you on?
{S19} July 7th, 2019, albums
{S20} July 7th, 2019, japanese version
{S21} July 7th, 2019, before rm
{S22} July 7th, 2019, godfather
{S23} July 7th, 2019, day 1
{S24} July 8th, 2019, sleepy
{S25} July 8th, 2019, time
{S26} July 8th, 2019, good morning
{S27} July 8th, 2019, mono
{S28} July 8th, 2019, fever convo between Tae an Jimin
{S29} July 8th, 2019, bike ride
{S30} July 8th, 2019, I love you
{S31} July 8th, 2019, meanwhile sope and vminkook
{S32} July 8th, 2019, lemon tart
{S33} July 8th, 2019, fun
{34} July 8th, 2019, sweetheart
{S35} July 9th, 2019 family time
{S36} July 9th, 2019, scared
{S37} July 9th, 2019, contractions
{S38} July 9th, 2019, stand by
{S39} July 9th, 2019, thank you
{S40} July 9th, 2019, where are you
{S41} July 9th, 2019, breathe
{S42} July 14th, 2019, five days later
{S43} July 14th, 2019, no scent
{S44} July 14th, 2019, NICU
{S45} July 14th, 2019, good thoughts
{S46} July 15th, 2019, hold on
{S47} July 15-16th, 2019, lean on
{S48} July 17th, 2019, fried chicken
{S49} July 17th, 2019, like in the dramas
{S50} July 18th, 2019, primal state
{S51} July 18th, 2019, worn out
{S52} July 18th, 2019, it happens
{S53} July 18th, 2019, life
{S54} July 19th, 2019, interlude pt.1 aka let’s lighten up the mood a little, yeah?
{S55} July 20th, 2019, a house warming visit
{S56} July 20th, 2019, pheromones
{S57} July 21st, 2019, hiatus
{S58} July 21st, 2019, he (also pls bear in mind this happens a little earlier than Hoseok’s announcement. don’t think they don’t care :C )
{S59} July 21st, 2019, can’t tw: panic attack
{S60} July 21st, 2019, faith
{S61} July 21st, 2019, three minutes
{S62} July 21st, 2019, smell
{S63} July 21st, 2019, lube
{S64} July 21st, 2019, date (finally some namjin. It’s like I forgot this was a namjin au)
{S65} July 21st, 2019, helicopter
{S66} July 21st, 2019, surprises
{S67} July 21st, 2019, again
{S68} July 22nd, 2019, hovering
{S69} July 22nd, 2019, notifications (I’m sad this is so tame for post #69 🥺)
{S70} July 22nd, 2019, loml
{S71} July 22nd, 2019, dad (happy Father’s Day)
{S72} August 28th, 2019, world record [note: ONE Month has passed]
{S73} August 28th, 2019, Love maze (also, thank you to everyone who was a part of this in any way- whether you interacted with me or not. I wish I could show my appreciation for all of you, but I mainly chose peple who gave me permission and have talked about mono before 🙏❤️)
{S74} August 28, 2019, wide range
{S75} August 28th, 2019, seizure
{S76} August 28th, 2019, defend thesis
{S77} August 28th, 2019, like we practiced
{S78} August 28th, 2019, family man
{S79} August 28th, 2019, thoracic cavity
{S80} August 28th, 2019, missed this
{S81} August 28th, 2019, realtor
{S82} August 31st, 2019, gremlin [three days have passed]
{S83} August 31st, 2019, clingy
{S84} August 31st, 2019, triplets [END]
EDIT: for post number 89... aka I’m dumb dumb
wen⁷ astronaut feet 👩‍🚀
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