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Jun 10, 2019
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jeongcheol filo au 💕 jeonghan and seungcheol are childhood bestfriends who meet every saturday at 5pm sa isang bench sa park. they eventually fell for each other. siguradong sigurado na sila sa future nila together pero what if the futures that they envision are very different?

✨ so this is my first kpop au. i haven’t actually written in years so kdjdks hope you support it!! ✨ hello to my sister @_kimxkai who made me do this lol ✨ based on a short story that i wrote for a creative writing class back in college ✨ check the dates sa [ ] ✨ enjoy!
CHARACTERS so the original story only has two characters and medj magugulo yung story if i add more 😂 so yeah the only characters for now (might change my mind lol) are jeonghan and seungcheol
ANOTHER IMPORTANT SNS ACCOUNT jeonghan has a private account where he writes letters to seungcheol
[June 10, 2019] jeonghan is waiting for seungcheol after making one of the biggest decisions of his life
[November 11, 2018] saan nga ba nagsimula lahat ng ‘to? how did they even reach this point?
they met the day after jeonghan’s dad left home. he didn’t know that he would never see his dad again, but he knew that something was wrong because his mom was crying. luckily, seungcheol, the son of his mom’s friend, was there to do anything just so jeonghan would smile.
[April 11, 2015] but before calling each other “babe” or “baby”, they were bestfriends who leaned on each other
[April 17, 2015] ayun na. narealize na ni jeonghan na iba na yung nararamdaman nya.
[November 5, 2016] flowers for han
[August 19, 2017] wow naman marunong sya humindi kay cheol! strong naman ni han!!!
ay marupok pa rin pala 🙃
sweet naman pala ni bestfriend
it’s okay, jeonghan. accidents happen skfhksjdks
gulat sya ih
uy kilig sya
[January 12, 2018] luh???????
[January 13, 2018] you are the pain that i am willing to endure.
ang bait namang bestfriend
poem number 12
[January 27, 2018]
[February 16, 2018] kayo na lang?
[February 17, 2018] prom: a night of glitz and glamour
how would you feel — ed sheeran…
ditched the prom
five hours past their usual
instagram offical 😌
landi pa sila ih
[March 11, 2018] uy jeonghan hanap ka @세븐틴(SEVENTEEN) #MGMAVOTE #SEVENTEEN
“words come out better when i’m with you” @세븐틴(SEVENTEEN) #MGMAVOTE #SEVENTEEN
ay wow may pa-instagram si kyah @세븐틴(SEVENTEEN) #MGMAVOTE #SEVENTEEN
[September 20, 2018] pa(hinga) @세븐틴(SEVENTEEN) #MGMAVOTE #SEVENTEEN ((sobrang tagal ng update sorry na huhu nauubos kasi braincells ko sa work skdjskkds))
words he needed to hear @세븐틴(SEVENTEEN) #MGMAVOTE #SEVENTEEN
one year together 💞 @세븐틴(SEVENTEEN) #MGMAVOTE #SEVENTEEN ((dami ko time mag-update la ako boss today HAHAHAHAHA))
[February 20, 2019] “di mo naman ako iiwan di ba?” @세븐틴(SEVENTEEN) #MGMAVOTE #SEVENTEEN
[March 1, 2019] nervous cheol
jeonghan, his calm
the way you look at me…
he heard you, cheol
jeonghan’s late night confession
goal: to wake up next to each other everyday
he got it!
what if...
[June 3, 2019] not an ordinary saturday
seungcheol in jeonghan’s future: error 404 not found
[June 10, 2019] which brings us to...
a whisper from the wind
[July 12, 2019] bagong simula
[July 30, 2019] instagram user jhyoon
[August 15, 2025] first book
[May 3, 2028] unknown number
[April 28, 2033] siguro nga tadhana
[April 29, 2033] part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
—end— Done with my first seventeen au! If you’ve reached this tweet, thank you for reading! And pls do leave feedbacks hehe. Sorry din if medyo matagal yung updates. Ang dami kasing ganap sa office :(( Kinda emotional coz this made me realize how much I miss writing aaaaahhhh ❤️
“Honestly, ang lungkot na sa lifetime na ‘to hindi nagwork yung “tayo”. Siguro sa susunod? Sana sa susunod.” — yjh okay wala lang i was listening to second life lang tapos naalala ko to!! bakit ngayon lang nirelease kasi yung song sana nagamit ko here:( (…)
nakakatuwa ba manakit jeongcheol???? kdjskdjks…
cheol heard jeonghan and asked him to sit down next to him then he started singing along to second life while looking at him?!?!???
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