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Jun 10, 2019
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YOONMIN CLICHÉ AU | OPPOSITES ATTRACT Since shy Yoongi doesn’t know how to act around his crush his best friends suggest he gets guidance from their roommate, party animal Jimin. But Yoongi isn’t fond of people too different from him and how can someone like Jimin even help him?

🎶 don’t reply to the thread or it will break! if it breaks click on the last tweet with replies and it should reappear 🎶 comedy? a walking cliché? fluff?tension! misunderstandings! lack of communication! 🎶 vaguely inspired on season 5 episode 2 of skins
there’s a recital and a piano student
there’s also a crush
and there’s also a cry for help
it’s decided
big guns
hold up
next step
it’s settled
Park Jimin is intimidating. It’s the way he looks at people or the way he crosses his legs when he sits. It’s the hot pink hair pushed back. Park Jimin is intimidating and Yoongi is intimidated. Yoongi doesn’t like that feeling and also, he doesn’t like Jimin’s eyes on him.
“This Wooseok thing? Is it for real?” Jimin asks, he’s playing with his rings and has one leg thrown across the armrest. Taehyung and Jungkook are nodding but Jimin is looking at Yoongi. He sits properly, thighs pressed together, not taking much space from the larger couch.
Yoongi doesn’t want his help. He doesn’t know why he’s here, in their apartment embarrassing himself. “Yoongi is really shy,” Jungkook tries. “But we really think he should ask Kim Wooseok out.” Jimin finally tears his gaze away from Yoongi. “I’ll help with one condition.”
He doesn’t want Park Jimin’s help, why does he have to hear to his demands? Taehyung is offering all of his possessions in exchange of Jimin’s help when the boy shakes his head. “Condition from Yoongi hyung,” he slurs the honorific because Yoongi didn’t tell him he could use it.
Now Yoongi is curious. He glances Jimin’s way, embarrased once again when he catches the dancer staring at him. Yoongi breathes out. “What do you want?” he whispers but Jimin catches it just fine because he’s smiling wide and falling onto his seat. “Your turn in the studio,”
Yoongi is confused. “You have the night turn, right? Mondays and Wednesday at 8pm?” Jimin doesn’t want for Yoongi to answer though, “Wooseok told me.” Jungkook and Taehyung look between Yoongi and Jimin. “I have Monday and Wednesday, 8am. Let’s switch,” Jimin offers him a grin.
Yoongi blinks. “What do you gain from that?” Jimin only moves his head to a side, he pouts a little. “Waking up at whatever hour I want?” Everything they’ve told Yoongi about Park Jimin might be more than true. He nods and keeps looking away from Jimin, “and how will you help?”
Jimin perks up at that. “Step by step on how to conquer Wooseok, what he likes, how he likes it, advice on how to ask him out and what to do in the first date,” he puts a finger up with every sentence. Jungkook hums next to Yoongi and Taehyung nods slowly, judging Jimin’s answer
Jungkook says Jimin should also talk to Wooseok about Yoongi. The action makes Yoongi think the duo are his lawyers, two big eager lawyers that know nothing of law trying to negotiate for Yoongi. He giggles to himself at the comparison. When he looks up, Jimin is watching him.
A moment too long of their eyes meeting and then Yoongi forces his gaze away to focus on his hands instead. “You want him to be your boyfriend and date for real? Or you want to hook up?” Jimin ignores Taehyung’s and Jungkook’s demands on how should Jimin help. He talks to Yoongi
Only hooking up was never an option. That’s not Yoongi. He doesn’t just hook up. “Go on dates...” he mumbles. Jimin hums deep in thought Yoongi dares looking his way, trails his eyes up his skinny black jeans and to his loose tank top. Yoongi gulps and looks at his hands again
“Okay, cool, but you gotta hook up on the first date so I’m helping with that too.” Jungkook coughs. Yoongi is scandalized and Taehyung is gaping. Jimin ignores them. He moves his legs down, from the armrest to be able to sit down properly. He’s sitting with his legs spread wide
“You’ve had sex before right?” “I’m not answering that,” Yoongi hisses and it fuels Jimin more. The dancer smirks, eyebrows going up. “You’re not—“ “I don’t want to hook up with him. I want to take him out and have dinner and talk,” Yoongi says curtly. He doesn’t want teasing.
He doesn’t want Park Jimin’s help. “Okay... dinner and talking and then sex. Like you can do all of it,” he shrugs. Yoongi only shakes his head. Jungkook and Taehyung’s reaction must be the same because Jimin is pouting. Full pink lips on display, Yoongi looks away from them.
“What? Why are you looking at me like that? Sex on the first date is the best!” Jimin whines. Yoongi doesn’t want his help. He doesn’t think like Jimin, he doesn’t like Jimin’s presence, it won’t work out alright. “Hyung doesn’t want a hook up, Jimin,” Jungkook says meekly.
Jimin rolls his eyes, hands threading his pink hair. “I’m serious, sex on the first date is a must.” They’ve all grown quiet and then Jimin sighs, “what if you fall in love and then find out the other person sucks at sex? You’re gonna be deep in trouble,” the boy snorts.
Clearly, Yoongi and Jimin have opposite ways to understand relationships, romance and first dates with cute boys. He stands up, the younger boys all look up at him but Yoongi tries not to catch anyone’s eyes. “This won’t work,” he just declares to the room and then leaves.
strong words
no help
“You’re going to dance?” Yoongi asks quietly when he notices Wooseok is standing up instead of sitting near the piano when he gets to the studio for their rehearsal. “Ah yes!” The boy beams and Yoongi forces himself to look away. He doesn’t want to blush in front of the younger.
“You haven’t seen the dance yet, and I think we can have some modifications to the piece if you watch it,” the explanation is clear. Wooseok stretches next to Yoongi who has finally settled in the only piano there is. “You’re right...” He mumbles. “Is the place appropriate?”
The younger looks around to the pile of instruments and seats from the music studio. He laughs to himself. It makes Yoongi gulp. “There’s not much space but it’s fine.” Yoongi only nods and looks down at the piano. He’s played the song a thousand times, they’ve worked on it
There’s no need to be nervous. Wooseok has heard him play before. Yoongi breathes out. He guesses he’ll practice a little while the boy stretches in an attempt to ignore him but before he can even press a key there’s a yelp. “Ah! Jimin hyung!” Wooseok says. Yoongi turns around.
When Wooseok opens the door Yoongi notices there’s a stark difference between the dancers too. In the way they stand, a confident posture in contrast of a shy one. Pink hair and brown curls. Jimin’s gaze... it’s strong, where Wooseok’s is soft But then Yoongi is caught off guard
Jimin smiles widely, sweetly. His eyes disappear into crescents and he shows a genuine expression, lips stretched. Yoongi looks back to his piano. What is he doing here? What is he saying to Wooseok? Is he going to tell the younger boy the truth? Would he do that to Yoongi?
Suddenly there’s a long silence and then... “Hey Yoongi hyung,” Jimin’s voice is behind him and it’s melodic. Yoongi feels his skin itch. “Where’s Wooseok?” Yoongi says instead when he notices they’re alone in the room. “I lended him clothes for Impro class, I need them back.”
“He’s just... going to his car to get them.” Yoongi nods, he looks at Jimin. Properly. But ignores his thoughts. “Why are you actually here?” It makes Jimin snort. “I really want your night turn in the studio, so I come with a peace offering.” “A peace offering?” Yoongi asks
“I want to help you. Your way. I won’t...” Jimin bites his lips. “Say anything inappropriate or that makes you uncomfortable.” Yoongi squints his eyes, suspicions. “For my night shift?” “Both of them, your turn in the music room and in the dance room,” Jimin says smartly.
“I can exchange my turn in this class but you’ll have to talk to Wooseok for the dance room.” Jimin shakes his head. “Nu-uh. You’ll talk to him about the need new turns! First excuse to talk to him outside of rehearsal.” Yoongi blinks up at him, Jimin is only smiling mischievous
Yoongi feels a genuine smile creep its way to his lips. “Fine,” he whispers. Jimin seems content. “I’m going to stay a while, okay? I have to gather information on-“ Jimin gestures between Yoongi and the empty seat next to the piano, “to think on our next step in this plan...”
“Okay,” Yoongi shrugs, like he doesn’t care even if the new audience makes him nervous. He catches Jimin walking to the back of the room and forces his eyes to remain up. “I don’t want him to think we’re friends though,” he raises his voice a little in an attempt to tease Jimin.
He hopes it wasn’t awkward, he just wanted to ease the atmosphere, show his approval of the peace offering. A long moment and then Jimin laughs. He laughs loudly and Yoongi stays still, confused as to what to do next. “I’m expecting him to think we’re dating so he gets jealous.”
Yoongi is blushing. He knows he is. “Ah! That’s not a good idea!” He splutters. It only makes Jimin laugh harder. “I think it is... we should, like, maybe fake date,” he says between giggles but he’s doing it to torture Yoongi. “You said you wouldn’t make me uncomfortable...”
Jimin is biting his lips. “I’m sorry, you’re just— nevermind. Why don’t we just let Wooseok think whatever? If we’re friends or not, or something else or not, either way it will play out okay for you and him. I promise.” And he says it so confidently. Maybe Yoongi believe him.
When Wooseok is back, and after he looks suspiciously at and unbothered Jimin who sits in the back of the room asking if he can stay and watch, he dances for Yoongi. This time, Yoongi doesn’t feel nervous when playing. In fact, he puts more effort it. Doesn’t really know why.
yoongi wonders about jimin’s true self
jimin wants to help
first there’s trust
jimin’s gc
Yoongi finds himself in the studio around nine in the morning. He could have texted Gyuri but he thought it would be better if he talked to her about swapping turns in person. And there was also Jimin. If the younger had seen Yoongi playing, Yoongi could see him dancing too.
But Jimin wasn’t dancing. The door to the music class was open but before he could cross it he heard what could only be a discussion. “You said you would listen to it.” That’s Jimin. “It’s too late to change the piece Jimin oppa! Everyone else already has theirs.” That’s Gyuri.
“How am I going to dance for something I don’t feel connection to? You haven’t listened to any of my ideas!” Jimin sounds agitated. Vulnerable, Yoongi dares thinking. “I haven’t because you’re always late! You don’t cooperate!” Gyuri is annoyed too. “You were late today too!”
Yoongi shouldn’t be eavesdropping. But he has heard from his classmates how they were glad they didn’t had Jimin as partner judging from what Gyuri has told them. And Yoongi wanted to hear Jimin defend himself, he should listen to his side because maybe it’s not like it seems.
“There’s no reason to come early if you won’t change the piece! And you’re not listening to my references either, why would I come early if you don’t treat me seriously?” Yoongi takes a step forward. He can see Jimin’s back and Gyuri facing him. She hasn’t taken her violin out.
“It’s too late for references, the piece is done,” she tries. “ “And I haven’t had a say on it,” Jimin reiterates. “That’s on you.” Then it’s silent between them. Yoongi can tell she’s looking away and Jimin is avoiding her gaze too. It’s awkward and tense. Yoongi should go.
But before he can move Jimin is picking up his bag. He moves faster than Yoongi. Yoongi can only take a step back before he’s facing Jimin who walks out of the class in a rush. They are face to face, Jimin’s hair is wet and he has no make up. And he looks... in a sense, sad.
Jimin’s eyes widen when he recognizes Yoongi. After a brief second he grimaces. The expression is small though and it’s soon gone. “Yoongi hyung,” he mutters in greeting and then walks past the elder. Yoongi turns around, watches Jimin go. He ponders wether to follow him or not.
He isn’t Jimin’s friend and Jimin is so different from him, Yoongi wouldn’t know how to comfort him. Maybe Yoongi wouldn’t even be on his side. Who knows? He watches as Jimin walks down the hall, he’s already far away so Yoongi thinks there’s no need to try to go after him.
yoongi knows the truth
a step ahead
really curious
a serious talk
and at night
“You have certain advantage with Wooseok.” Jimin is overbearing, he talks fast, he thinks fast and Yoongi needs a second to collect himself. “He isn’t the biggest fan of parties either, so he usually just stays by his side on his phone and whatnot so you can approach him then.”
“So, if he’s standing...” Jimin moves up from the couch across the living room to stand next to the window. “Here. On his phone. What do you do?” Yoongi looks at him from where he’s still sitting. Frozen. Jimin is wearing an expensive looking black shirt, it suits him a lot.
“I- I approach him?” “Yes!” Jimin nods, excited. Yoongi thinks his smile is contagious. “And you say?” Yoongi shakes his head. He has no idea what to say. Jimin scrunches his nose. “/Oh you’re the only person I know here Wooseok! Jimin is busy/. I probably will be,” Jimin winks.
Yoongi tries not to think too much about it. Jimin being busy. “He knows he’s not the only person I know though, he knows Taehyung and Jungkook too.” “They won’t be there,” Jimin rolls his eyes. “It’s a dance class thing only but I’m taking you there,” he informs. “Come here.”
“Where?” “Here!” Jimin gestures next to himself. “Where you would stand next to Wooseok on friday.” Yoongi feels a little dumb but he stands up muttering a complaint and walks to Jimin. The younger looks up at him and then pulls him closer a little. “There. This close.”
It’s close. Yoongi can see Jimin’s features to detail. The roots of his hair, a hint of black teasing the pink. The make up on his lips, making them less fuller. Yoongi had never noticed them. He looks at them because Jimin is talking. “When you’re here just talk, but then...”
“Then you surprise him,” Jimin says smartly. “How?” Yoongi’s eyes are set on the way Jimin’s bites his lips, taming his smile down. “Ask him if he wants to dance.” That’s overboard. Yoongi takes a step back, crosses his arms, it’s a joke. Jimin looks innocently at him though.
“You’re making fun of me.” “I’m not!” Jimin defends himself. “Wooseok only comes to our parties because all the class comes and because he wants to dance. You have to dance with him! It’s just logic.” “I can barely talk to him, dance is not an option!” Yoongi complains loudly.
“Yoongi...” Jimin squints his eyes at him. He feels like he’s going to get scolded. “You want to win him over, right? Dancers love when the person they like asks them to dance. I would know, I’m a dancer too.” The way he talks, Yoongi has noticed. It’s impossible to disagree.
“Jimin ah, I really am a terrible dancer...” Yoongi puts an excuse. “You want me to dance in front of the whole dance class, when I’m going to be makig a big effort to even come over?” It makes Jimin pout. He then tsks though, rolling his eyes unamused. “You’re no fun, Yoongi!”
“I know I’m not,” Yoongi mutters. Before Jimin can say anything he adds, “but I think I can win him over with a different approach, one that won’t make me look like a fool in front of all your class.” Jimin blinks at him. “How?” “I was expecting you to come up with it...”
Jimin doesn’t look amused at all. Yoongi offers him a small guilty smile. “You are a worse case than I thought.” Yoongi can’t retaliate, the door is being forcefully opened. Jungkook comes through it, carrying Taehyung in a piggyback ride. The pair stop once they see them.
“Oh Yoongi hyung, you’re here,” Jungkook manages to say breathless, while he adjusts Taehyung on his back. “What are you two doing?” Taehyung asks with a frown. Then Yoongi notices his proximity with Jimin and fears a misunderstanding. “Talking about Wooseok,” he supplies.
“We’re rehearsing,” Jimin says with a shrug. “Hyung will surprise Wooseok at a party, it will be really romantic!” Jungkook adjusts Taehyung. “Rehearsing? Is that like roleplaying? You’re acting as Wooseok, Jimin? That’s weird.” Yoongi and Jimin shake their hands right away.
“No!” “It’s not like that,” both say at the same time. They both realize just then that it may be a little weird to rehearse the whole situation. Jimin shudders. “What are you two going to do right now?” “Watch a movie,” Taehyung mumbles from Jungkook’s back. Jimin nods.
“You can join,” Jungkook offers with a cute smile. “Do you want to stay Yoongi hyung?” Jimin asks, stealing all of Yoongi’s attention. “Watch the movie with us.” And it’s the way he says things. The way he looks at Yoongi. It’s nothing else. Yoongi can’t say no. “I’d like that”
someone is out drinking
party animal
something dumb
drunk bets
new plan
and it’s a date
Yoongi hasn’t seen Jimin in a week. He saw a couple of tweets, selfies from his party, videos, jokes. He decided to ignore. It’s not his thing. His thing is the cat on his lap and the tea on his hands. It’s the plants on the widows and the book on the table. He’s at ease.
Jimin is a little late but Yoongi doesn’t mind. He’s busy and distracted by petting the small sleeping kitten on his lap. It’s soft. His fur, the sun outside, the pillows around him. However he’s startled by the sound of something being left on his table. A cup of hot chocolate.
Yoongi looks up to see who’s on the other side of the table and he finds him. The same pink hair, the same full lips. But this time the hair falls on his forehead. He wears soft make up and big round glasses. He’s drowning in a baby pink sweater. Jimin... he looks so adorable.
Yoongi knows his mouth is wide open but he’s used to Jimin looking... different. Always ready to go party, in tight jeans, in bomber jackets, intense fearless gaze. Now, he looks... cuddly and so so so pretty. Oh, Yoongi thinks he’s blushing. He looks away before Jimin notices.
“You are dressed up—“ Yoongi starts but Jimin is offering his hand in greeting. “We’re on a date. I’m... Christian?” Jimin says unsure. But Yoongi understands. He’s performing, it’s an act. Jimin isn’t playing as Wooseok in this play date, he’s someone else. Still weird.
Jimin is really weird. “Uh, hi. I’m Yoongi,” he says. He shakes Jimin’s hand and then looks away. Why did he have to dress up so cutely? Is he trying to mimic Wooseok? Yoongi is not shy around Jimin anymore but he doesn’t think he can handle this. Why is Jimin so weird?
“And what are you doing here Yoongi?” Jimin asks. He’s sitting with his legs folded underneath him. Even that is cute. And there’s a cat slowly going towards him, Yoongi doesn’t think he can control the pink on his cheeks. “I’m reading a book and— petting this cat. Ah, and tea.”
“Oh... that cat looks comfy with you,” Jimin smiles sweetly and Yoongi, he, he can’t breathe properly. “Do you come here often?” “I do,” Yoongi admits. “I... like it here... to work on songs.” Jimin is leaning on the table, head resting on his palm, he looks genuinely interested
“It’s quiet and calm,” Yoongi explains. Jimin only hums, he drinks from his chocolate. “Do you come alone then?” Jimin inquires. This is so awkward. Why is Jimin doing this? Yoongi scratches the cat’s fur a little making the small animal purr. “Yeah, I like being alone...”
Jimin tsks. “Do not throw shade at your date,” he scolds. “That can be interpreted as you don’t want me here.” It’s Jimin talking again. “Jimin ah, I did not—“ “Christian,” Jimin corrects. “It’s not Jimin,” he scrunches his nose cutely. Yoongi doesn’t dare arguing with him.
Yoongi takes a deep breath. “I come here alone a lot because it’s easier to work alone and my friends do other stuff to have fun,” he rephrases. “Ohhh,” Jimin is so expressive. Yoongi hadn’t noticed. “Your friends?” “Ah... there’s Taehyung and Jungkook, they are... loud.”
“Taehyung is a childhood friend, from back home in Daegu.” Jimin nods, interested. Even though he probably knows that already. “I did my service before University so when I got here, Taehyung already had a friend. Jungkook. And I started to hang out with them,” he explains.
“What do they do for fun?” Jimin asks, hot chocolate in hands. “you know...” They are his roommates. Jimin raises one eyebrow though, as to remind Yoongi than he isn’t Jimin at the moment and he needs to play along. Yoongi breathes out. “They play videogames a lot, watch anime.”
Before Jimin can ask, Yoongi keeps going. “I like anime better than videogames so with them I watch anime and they like classic movies so I also do that,” he nods as he explains. “Both of them sing so I like composing for their voices,” Yoongi smiles when the topic is music.
“I have another friend. I met him during service and he’s loud too but he has a beautiful voice, his name is Jin.” Jimin doesn’t know any of that so Yoongi speaks honesty. “He is studying abroad but sometimes he sends me voice notes singing, I really like those.” Jimin nods.
“Seokjin is loud too... maybe I find myself around loud people because I crave the noise,” Yoongi reflects to himself but it makes Jimin giggle. “You have more loud friends?” “I don’t have much more friends than those three...” Yoongi confesses. “Ah, there’s Jimin I guess.”
“Jimin?” The younger isn’t looking up when he asks, he’s pouting a little as he lifts a kitten to his lap. “A friend?” Yoongi nods. “Yeah, he’s my friend too. Mmh, it’s more like he’s helping me with something I’m really bad at that he’s really good at. But he’s my friend.”
“He’s loud too?” Jimin asks, his voice barely a whisper. “He is... he isn’t really similar to me. He likes partying a lot and likes getting drunk too,” Yoongi laughs as he says. “He has a lot of friends, I think. He’s popular... but it makes sense, there’s something about him.”
Yoongi can see Jimin blushing. He’s puffing his cheeks, still looking down at the cat. It’s so cute. “Something?” Jimin whispers. “Like a magnet. He just... pulls people in, I guess,” Yoongi says with complete honesty. Jimin has to cover his face and Yoongi feels good. Happy.
“Funny that you said magnet,” Jimin mumbles. “They attract opposites ends, right? The different poles?” Yoongi doesn’t know much about science, but he guesses magnets do pull their opposite, he heard that in school. “Yeah, they do.” It makes Jimin smile, makes his cheeks fuller.
Yoongi looks at his smile. Pretty, contagious, happy smile. He remembers the song, the piano piece. “I think sometimes he’s sad though,” he says. Finding easier to mention his worry at this moment where Jimin isn’t being Jimin and he can be honest. “He... I don’t understand him.”
“Maybe there’s not too much to understand,” Jimin says with a shrug and it makes Yoongi squint his eyes. “I think there is, I think there is a reason and there’s something else and—“ “You talk a lot, you know?” Jimin cuts him off and it’s Jimin. No pretend. He is smirking.
“Well, I-“ Yoongi tries to excuse himself but Jimin is shaking his head. “Don’t worry! It’s cute. If you are like that during your date, it’ll be cute,” Jimin says warmly. “Well, it’s easy to talk to you...” Yoongi admits. Jimin only laughs. “It wasn’t me, it was Christian.”
Yoongi only laughs in disbelief. “You went all out” he murmurs Jimin lifts his cute pink sweater as if that was what offended Yoongi. It has a V cut, and white and purple around the neck. Yoongi likes the color on Jimin, also likes how fluffy it looks “I’m committed to our plan”
“Thank you,” Yoongi says truthfully. Jimin offers him a smile and then carries the kitten on his lap to his chest. He stands up. “You still have tea? Let me buy you something to eat.” “Ah you don’t have to!” Yoongi tries to stop him “Its just food while we rehearse some more,”
They bicker about who will pay. Jimin scolds Yoongi saying he should never do that on a date. Yoongi retorts he’s the hyung, Jimin retorts saying he wants to be a good fake date. They end up buying cakes for the other but share them as they talk about anything, almost like a date
Before Jimin goes he says something that keeps replaying on Yoongi’s mind even after he gets home. There was a comfortable silence after a joke Yoongi made that had Jimin laughing at how ridiculous the elder was. Jimin had breathed out then, almost a sigh, he closed his eyes.
“Do you hear it?” Jimin asked. Yoongi only made a questioning sound. Jimin’s eyes were closed, he looked content. “Chopin. Minute Waltz.” Yoongi actually didn’t hear it at all. But looking at Jimin, he believes somewhere someone is playing the Waltz in D flat major for them.
a general rehearsal
he’s okay
initiative from a shy guy
someone is working
maybe yoongi is missing jimin a little
a break
jimin can get back to dancing
jimin is full of advice
the song?
cheer up
good morning
“Yoongi— hyung! Wait, where are we going? I’m sick, I can’t go out—“ Jimin barely managed to grab his sneakers from Hoseok’s entrance and is now struggling because Yoongi is in a hurry. He is in a hurry because he doesn’t know how longer this surge of bravery will last.
He just did something really embarrassing. Barging in a stranger’s apartment like that, holding Jimin’s hand, dragging Jimin out of the building. “Let me put on shoes!” The younger complains and Yoongi stops on his track, causing a confused Jimin to crash against his back.
Yoongi takes a deep breath. He knows Jimin is wincing behind him, putting his shoes on and mumbling about his fever. “We’re going to the studio.” “Why?” Jimin whines. “If I didn’t go to rehearse it’s because I’m sick, I’m too weak to dance right now, hyung,” Jimin laments.
Yoongi finally looks at Jimin. He looks like shit, hair a mess, pale except for a red nose. He looks tired and Yoongi takes his hand into his again. “We have to go to the studio,” he declares. It makes Jimin whine. “I know the recital is in two weeks and I have to practice but—“
“No,” Yoongi blurts out and Jimin goes quiet. He knows he’s blushing, he can feel his cheeks reddening, they are burning. “I have a piece for you,” he admits. “I know you don’t like your piece at the moment, I have one for you. I’ve thought of one, for you.” Jimin’s eyes widen.
Why is he blushing so much? Yoongi scrunches his nose, wants the heat to go away. It’s just Jimin, it’s just a song, why does he have to be so embarrassing about it. “You were having so much trouble with your current piece and when you talked about music, I thought of something.”
“I know we can’t change pieces, and you have to adapt to the one you already have but I thought you didn’t go to practice because you aren’t connecting to your song so I thought I could show you mine, just so you can listen.” Jimin’s expression is unreadable. Yoongi looks away.
“You talk a lot,” Jimin says once again. Like he did on their first pretend date. He sighs. “I can’t dance to it hyung, my body isn’t cooperating with me right now.” Yoongi nods. He doesn’t want anything from Jimin, he is only offering his music, expecting nothing in return.
“Is it okay if I just listen?” Jimin mumbles and Yoongi is nodding right away. He hasn’t performed the song at all, just thought about it, listened to it in his head, but his worry about Jimin and the recital, makes him think he can play it easily. He wants Jimin to listen to it.
“A song,” Jimin smiles sweetly. Yoongi wonders, how did he ever found Jimin intimidating when he’s so warm, so emotional and genuine. Sharp around the edges but so welcoming. “A song for me,” he says between an airy laugh. “I can’t believe you.” “A song for you,” Yoongi agrees.
Sitting in front of the piano is harder than Yoongi imagined. He has to put all his thoughts into it now and Jimin looking at him and standing so close makes him nervous. He knows he’s good. But it’s different this time. He offered Jimin a song and it must be a good song.
“Remember how you told me, you sometimes close your eyes and listen to certain tracks?” Yoongi whispers. The studio is empty and most people have already left the faculty. Yoongi is only allowed inside because he’s on his last year. Jimin nods. “I guess it happens to me too.”
“Really?” Jimin asks, his voice strangely hopeful. “Not with songs but I think I think of melodies when I’m feeling a certain way.” Jimin nods interested. “And when I met you I was wary of you, and it sounded a little like this...” Yoongi presses one key, he waits, another three
He shakes his head. Presses the first again, then the other three and returns to the first. “Does that sound like I’m wary?” “I guess,” Jimin talks softly. His eyes are on Yoongi’s fingers on the keyboard. “That didn’t last too long. The wariness,” he repeats the motion twice
“And then, we were getting along,” Yoongi moves his hand. He repeats the four notes in the same tempo but he changes the first key. “Less wary. Like this,” he keeps playing. Repeats the motion. “Wait, no,” he changes the last key. “Does that sound like... comradeship?”
“Comradeship?” Jimin laughs. “It sounds sweet.” Yoongi shrugs, he repeats it, trying to find what sounds better. “That could work too...” He tries something deeper. “By the end of that part, there’s curiosity,” he presses that key again. Adds it to the sequence he’s playing.
“Then there’s just wonder,” he tries with the same cadence but higher. “Wonder?” Jimin asks. “I’m trying to figure you out, when you talked to me about Legrand. Thought you were strange, this is how trying to figure you out sounds like,” he plays with the keys, searching.
Jimin remains quiet. Watches as Yoongi tries with different notes, “I’d repeat that for a while, that figuring you out part.” Once he has a sequence he likes he plays it again four times, until he likes it enough. Its sweet, sounds sweet. But almost shy. “Then... it’s faster.”
He can play faster. Yoongi knows he’s a good player. He doesn’t explain Jimin what those keys mean, he just lets himself figure out what should he add next. He makes a mistake, tries again. Makes another mistake, plays a different key. But it’s faster “What’s faster?” Jimin asks
“Everything,” Yoongi replies without much thought. He doesn’t explain, he doesn’t have to. He goes still though. He hasn’t found exactly what sounds he needs but Jimin gets the feeling, he knows because the younger is looking at him, at his eyes, with that particular intense gaze
He starts slow again. Repeats the keys, the ones from the start he liked. Gets used to them again, repeats, repeats. Jimin is looking at him and Yoongi realizes what was it that the last sequence was missing. He repeats and then shifts, to quicken the tempo once again. Deeper.
It’s the faster part, Yoongi plays the faster sequence again. It shouldn’t be as melancholic as the rest. It’s missing intensity. The intimidating glare Jimin had when they met, his assertiveness, his peace offering, how he practices, nonstop, everyday, it’s missing his intensity
Yoongi lets himself search for the keys, the ones that will rip away the sadness from what he’s been playing all along. He doesn’t talk to Jimin, nor turns to him, even if he’s trying to put Jimin into the notes. He closes his eyes, like the younger does, to hear himself playing.
He plays faster, add more notes, has to jump to reach the key, he repeats, plays faster, he can barely listen to the melancholy, it’s there, underneath. But on top of it there’s drive and fierceness, and he hopes Jimin listens to it carefully. To Yoongi’s interpretation of him.
And he ends abruptly. Because he doesn’t know the end, and doesn’t want the piece to end in a low note when it’s only gotten higher and higher. It’s quiet then It’s silent between the two. Jimin hasn’t moved from his seat and Yoongi doesn’t dare looking up. He clenches his fists
“It’s a little like that,” Yoongi starts. Voice barely a whisper. “Those segments, and it stays high in the end, with that part in the middle where it slows down again—“ he’s rambling. “That’s like what my gut says it should sound like but I would fix it a little... a lot, some.”
“You sound like that,” Yoongi manages to say. “Overall, or, more like how you’ve been sounding to me since we met and how it changed...” Jimin doesn’t say anything. Yoongi is anxious now because he feels like he just poured his heart out, he doesn’t exactly knows what he poured.
“Remember Clair de Lune?” Jimin says after a while. “Debussy? What about it?” Yoongi looks up and finds Jimin, across the piano. Eyes wet and he worries but doesn’t move, Jimin seems calm even if he’s like about to cry. “It was, almost a year ago. Last years’s recital,” he says
“When fourth years perform before the classic dance project we’re doing now... Last year, you played Clair de Lune.” Yoongi nods. He did. “I remember it made me cry.” “You were there?” “In the audience,” Jimin laughs shyly. “I was in a terrible seat, near the stage, I was late”
“Got there, almost breathless. I wanted to see just the dances but I got there just before you performed. I was just trying to catch my breath when you started playing. That song is really magical isn’t it?” Yoongi nods. It is. “You played it so nicely, I didn’t even breath once”
“I think I can still hear you playing it, at times,” Jimin’s voice is wet too, quivering. “I have a confession to make.” Yoongi tenses. He lowers his fists to his thighs. “I didn’t want any of the other piano players, I wanted you. Because I kind of admired you since that time.”
Yoongi feels overwhelmed, like he’s running out of breath too. “I got there late too, when we were supposed to apply to the players. I’m always late. And piano was full. I was so sad,” Jimin whines a little. But he manages to smile a second later. “But then, you needed my help.”
“I was nervous to meet you, managed to be kind of a dick to you at first. But you were a jerk too,” Jimin rambles and his words leave Yoongi dizzy. “I was disappointed, you weren’t nice at all.” Yoongi tries to speak but Jimin is cleaning a tear away from his face with his fist.
“We’re very different, I thought. My piano guy, he’s not like I imagined. But I could still hear Clair de Lune, and went with my peace offering and I watched you again. You played Wooseok’s song, it’s beautiful. He’s really lucky, you play such a beautiful piece for him to dance”
Jimin shakes his head. “I wanted to change partners, that was going to be my condition. The turns, it was just an excuse. What I wanted, what I really wanted was to change partners. But I knew you weren’t going to agree,” Jimin is panting. “You really like him, he’s so lucky,”
Thoughts must be coming to Jimin in a rush, he says them as they come and they drown Yoongi. “I didn’t want to be selfish, but I texted Wooseok nonetheless, when I was tipsy to make a bet so we would change partners,” Jimin shakes his head. “I was okay with just helping you.”
“I thought, I must be okay with just helping this guy I admire. He gifted me such a beautiful performance, that I still carry in my heart. The least I could do is help him.” Jimin closes his eyes. Breathes out. “I don’t know when was it that I started to like you so bad.”
“It was just a crush,” Jimin whispers. “It wasn’t supposed to get this bad,” he laughs bitterly. “Why you gotta go and make a song for me, Min Yoongi? If you like someone else. Do you know how that makes me feel?” Yoongi unclenches his fists. “I don’t. I don’t know how you feel”
“I don’t get confessed to,” Yoongi starts. “Never have. I don’t know how to confess to someone, that’s why I needed your help. So I don’t know to answer to a confession either,” he scratches his neck. He feels warm, because of Jimin’s words. He feels confused too, because of them
“I haven’t done anything for you to feel so strongly about me,” Yoongi admits his worry. Jimin wipes his tear. Yoongi doesn’t know what has he done to make Jimin cry like that. “You’ve done plenty.” “Not on purpose,” Yoongi explains. “I- I didn’t try— with him, I’m trying.”
“I’m trying to make him like me.” Yoongi can’t say his name, it doesn’t feel appropriate. Because Jimin is here. “I didn’t do anything to... win you over,” he whispers. Jimin nods. His breathing is getting steady. “You didn’t need to do anything more than... act like you are?”
“How?” Yoongi shakes his head. “I don’t—“ “I just like you. You make beautiful music, you talk a lot when you’re excited about something, you don’t take shit from no one, you are cute and a dork at times but also really sensitive?” Yoongi has to look away, flustered and shy.
“Jimin, I—“ he doesn’t know how to answer. He— no one ever likes him. He just stands in the back. Why would someone that shines so brightly—. Yoongi closes his eyes. Jimin is so different from him, opposites, he’s unreadable, unapproachable. But Yoongi doesn’t doubt his feelings.
“I don’t know what to say.” Jimin nods. “You don’t need to say anything. I know, I am aware I’m helping you with someone else.” Jimin smiles empty. “I thought I had to let you know either way, how I feel. I don’t think I can help you anymore, it wouldn’t be fair to me,”
“I’m not pretending to change your mind.” Jimin is looking at him, as intimidating as the first day. “But I’ve been keeping that lie for a while now. Maybe confessing won’t change anything, maybe it will. I don’t expect your answer right now though. But now you know.” “I know.”
“Thank you for your song. It inspired me to finally act on my feelings,” Jimin smiles. “Good luck, with the recital. And when you make your choice, I’d like to know.” Jimin stands up and Yoongi copies him. “Are you leaving?” Yoongi misses him already. Why is he feeling this way?
If he likes someone else, why does Jimin makes him feel this way. It’s not right. He likes someone else already. “You are sick, let me walk you back—“ “No,” Jimin shakes his head. “No, I can’t— It’s not a good idea. I’ll just go.” Yoongi can’t move. All his bravery, it ran away.
And Yoongi lets him go away. He doesn’t go after Jimin. He can’t reciprocate his feelings. He doesn’t even understand what he feels. He can’t bring himself to do something, to take a step. He sits in front of the piano. But Jimin is gone and Yoongi doesn’t know his answer.
He presses a key. It sounds loud, in the empty room. It sounds sad, in the empty room. Yoongi, he’s not alone, he’s surrounded by instruments. He brings his phone out, and records. He plays Jimin’s song. One, two, five, nine times, until he has it. Until he’s sure it’s perfect.
it’s on soundcloud
he needs to talk
after the call
loud and clear
three days
one day
no reply
the recital is here
and he saw something
It’s the cello. Yoongi can hear it from where he sits backstage. He hopes they do well. It’s the first performance so it’s an important one, Yoongi knows. He knows also that Jimin is closeby, because he’s third and he must be nervous. Yoongi hopes the music relaxes the younger.
Yoongi sees some dancers running around. Probably late to make up. Jimin must be already dolled up, since he has some minutes. Dancers. Where is Wooseok? Yoongi hasn’t seen his partner since he arrived, maybe he’s in the dressing room. He must have gotten early to the auditorium.
Yoongi cracks his knuckles. Maybe he can sleep some until he’s turn. Maybe that way his leg will stop bouncing in nervousness, about his stage about Jimin’s performance in some minute. About his date this night, about Jimin. He can’t close his eyes, because Wooseok is in front.
“Yoongi hyung!” The younger kneels in front of him. He looks adorable. Big eyes looking up at Yoongi. “We have to be perfect,” Wooseok makes a praying gesture. It makes Yoongi laugh. “We’ve rehearsed to exhaustion and perfection, don’t worry about that.” Wooseok bites his lip.
“There’s someone outside,” Wooseok murmurs. “A boy.” Yoongi blinks. The cello is soft now, almost a lullaby. “I had a crush on him in high school, my friends invited him as a joke but he’s actually here... I saw him before the first performance started and— hyung,” he blushes.
“Do you think he’ll like it?” he asks Yoongi— he breathes. He can breathe. Properly. He can offer Wooseok a smile. “He’s an idiot if he doesn’t like it.” The younger pats his cheeks. “This is so embarrassing.” The cello is reaching its end, gradually. Yoongi can shake his head.
“He must have come for a reason,” Yoongi says gently. “Don’t be embarrased.” Wooseok smiles widely. Yoongi smiles back. And it’s okay. He’s so okay. Nothing has changed from two minutes ago to now. “Do you think he’ll stay afterwards?” No. There was a change, a new feeling.
The cello ends. A small note dies down and then there’s clapping. Yoongi is so relieved. He’s so so so relieved. “Yeah, he’ll stay afterwards.” Wooseok looks away. “You should take advantage of it and ask him to go out and eat” The younger shakes his head. “But we are going out”
“We’re going celebrating right?” Wooseok mumbles. And it makes Yoongi smile, he never really considered it a date, did he? For some reason, it makes Yoongi happy. Weight off his shoulders. The first violin starts. “I think your high school crush is more important,” Yoongi says.
“I don’t think Jinhyuk will mind eating with us,” Wooseok murmurs, blushing at the mention of the other boy. “Stay with him.” Yoongi is so relieved, and he knows why. He knows exactly why there’s no longer something pushing against his chest. “I gotta go get Park Jimin.”
Wooseok nods, confused. “Are you two... back together?” “Huh?” Yoongi asks, his mood making everything easily amusing “Jimin hyung, he’s been so sad... I thought...” The violin reaches it’s middle part, Yoongi remembers, he’s heard the piece in rehearsal before. “You caused it”
“I did,” Yoongi agrees. “I caused it.” Wooseok gulps. And Yoongi stands up from his seat. “I have to go see him.” “He— he’s dancing right now,” Wooseok looks around. The violin is reaching it’s end slowly, first a crescendo and then it will go down and Jimin will be the next.
Yoongi starts moving before the violin starts it’s way up. “I have to see him dance.” Wooseok is still kneeling on the floor. “They won’t let you get out through the door on the side, you have to go to the second floor!” he says as Yoongi tries to hurry towards the stairs.
He has less than half a song to get to the corridor, to the get to the staff balcony, to get to Jimin’s performance. He can’t hear the first violin from where he’s running in the hall but he can imagine it’s just going up and up, it keeps going up as he runs breathless.
Jimin is the one that is late, not Yoongi. Jimin got late to asking the elder to be his partner. He gets late to rehearse. And Yoongi, his complete opposite, the opposite pole, he can’t be late to Jimin. He runs until he reaches the first door. He needs to catch his breath.
His hands are on the handles. His panting sounds loud on his ears but soon the clapping from inside drowns it. Jimin is next and Yoongi pushes the door. It’s dark, he has to move a black fabric and it’s silent gradually except for his breathing. There are people on all the seats
They turn to see him, like he’s strange because he’s there late and he has to move between them, muttering apologies, and controlling his heavy panting until he finds a small stairway. He sits on the lowest stair and is able to see the stage through the bars of the balcony.
There’s a lonely reflector pointing to the center of the stage, and Jimin walks to it. Since Yoongi is on a side he sides Jimin not in the center but on the left side, far away from him. He stands, perfectly. Confident posture as he always has. He’s beautiful, as always.
Yoongi thinks of Jimin on the recital last year. How he was breathless too, how he ran to the auditorium. He thinks of Jimin seeing him, in that same stage and feeling strongly, what Yoongi tried to convey. Now Yoongi sees Jimin. He looks for his phone inside his suit.
Someone complains at the bright light of the screen and Yoongi fumbles with it until there’s no brightness. He apologizes and quickly searches for his earphones and puts them on. He has Jimin’s song recorded. The one he composed for Jimin, that Jimin heard once. How Jimin sounds.
Jimin raises one arm then, and before he starts moving Yoongi presses play. The piano fills his ears and Jimin moves the same arm to a side the same time as the first note. (listen to the song with Yoongi, it’s also on Spotify:
And first Yoongi was wary, and Jimin moves so shyly. Eyes closed, he’s locked inside the reflector. But being cautious, didn’t last long. And Yoongi was curious so Jimin dances away from the reflector, faster than the next set of lights. Yoongi has never seen him dance before.
He does it so beautifully, gentle moves, and his body bends, and his arms make the most stunning figures and Yoongi can only stare in awe as a bad recording of his own song plays on his ears and Jimin dances to it almost as if he moves listening to it too as if only they can hear
And there’s a blue reflector lighting the way Jimin will move towards, Yoongi’s piano changes. To the wonder. Wonder about him, about what’s inside his head, how and why he thinks things, why he dances the way he does, how he’s so mesmerizing in a way Yoongi can’t comprehend.
The piano quickens and so does Jimin. The reflectors all light up and it’s just the stage and him. Yoongi doesn’t think he can breathe. Where to look, to the way he lands on his feet that make it look like he weights nothing, or his face, his eyes closed, or his fingers stretched
He moves so easily, like he’s body is being pulled and then he starts slowing down with the piano, the way Yoongi slowed down too. It all slows down except for Yoongi’s heartbeat, on his throat Jimin gets closer to the edge of the stage, Yoongi looks at him, his calculated moves
He makes himself smaller, curls onto his body, vulnerable, honest. Like Jimin has shown himself to Yoongi, in his absolutely sincerity, about his feelings, about himself, his arms stretched, his back tenses and he’s small. It’s melancholy, the melancholy in the song Yoongi made.
Yoongi smiles because then, it’s the intensity and as soon as his piano changes, it’s like something possesses Jimin. He fills the stage, with just his presence. Intense. Overbearing The piano changes again and the lights are on him and Yoongi’s eyes are on him. He’s so talented
Art, Yoongi knows, is the interpretation of an experience. Unfortunately, he’s a man of little experience and his art, it’s mostly technique. People praise him, but it’s never quite enough. He’s experienced not as much, and what he has experienced he brings to his songs.
That’s why Jimin loved his Clair de Lune last year, because Yoongi could pour his experience onto it, it was raw, it was real, it was him. This song, Jimin’s piece. It’s full of it. Of real feeling, of real sensations, it’s his and Jimin’s experience. And his dance, it’s art.
Its beauty is not in its technique. Technique can be taught. Its beauty is not its setting, an auditorium, a room, it doesn’t change. Its beauty is in its core, because Jimin has been hurt, and he has been happy, and he has longed and he has wanted, and it shows with his body.
The song ends and Jimin returns to his place. His starting point. And Yoongi, his eyes wet, because he felt all at once what he has been harboring for the last fifty days. With every movement Jimin made, with how the song grew and grew, Yoongi went higher and higher too.
Yoongi comes to a realization, the moment the claps filter through his headphones. The lights in the auditorium go back to it’s natural warmth and Yoongi sees Jimin, smiling. He realizes he’s completely and irrevocably enamored with the body of art that is Park Jimin.
les marionettes - zbigniew preisner
“What are you wearing?” The question comes in a snort once a tall smiley guy approaches Yoongi. He must be Namjoon. Yoongi is cold, and he’s rubbing his arms under his suit. He feels a little self conscious at the question and pulls at his bowtie. “What I wore to the recital.”
“You came as soon as it finished?” Asks who Yoongi knows is Hoseok from where he’s pressed against his boyfriend’s chest. Yoongi nods. It makes Namjoon chuckle, a loud short laugh “See? I told you we should help him,” he says but it gains only a weak and playful slap from Hoseok
“Come here,” Hoseok says after a second of Yoongi feeling a little inadequate next to the couple. It’s really cold. “I’ll tell them you’re with me so you don’t have to go on the queue,” the dancer says in a pout and Namjoon smiles widely. Yoongi nods, mutter a small ‘thank you’
Why is Yoongi wearing a suit. He’s so out of place, not only because he has no idea how to act inside a club but because of his clothes. He walks behind Namjoon and Hoseok through bodies, unlike outside the club is hot, almost suffocating. Yoongi watches his steps not to trip.
Someone walks in front of him, he has to move faster as not to lose Hoseok and Namjoon. The music is loud and it’s some electronic song he doesn’t know, but it rumbles, makes his stomach feel empty The place has red and pink flickering lights and smoke, there’s smoke everywhere.
He hates clubs, he hates the person that stumbles against his back while he tries to move between sweating bodies, he hates the feel of stepping on beer, he hates the screaming, the way the music sounds faraway but close, he hates the white reflector falling on his eyes, his face
But then the strangest thing happens to him. When the white reflector goes away and he starts adjusting to the pink and red lights, to the smoke and bodies dancing up and down. He’s listening to Clair de Lune, but it’s muffled, like someone is playing it behind closed doors.
And Namjoon is saying something but Yoongi feels like he’s talking underwater, because he doesn’t really hears anything but a deep sound with no shape or actual meaning. He knows he can’t hear it because it’s Clair de Lune but it’s somehow more magical.
It’s Jimin telling him he can listen to the Minute Waltz in a date in a coffee shop. It’s Jimin hearing Fur Elise in the bus on his way to classes. It’s Jimin listening to the Moonlight Sonata when Yoongi breaks his heart. Yoongi thinks he can understand now, because he listens.
It’s weird, Yoongi had thought, that Jimin claims he can listen to those pieces but now the piano plays around him, even though there are people jumping and dancing. It sounds far away too, but it wraps him up. And Yoongi is listening to it, around him, and he sees Jimin.
Clair de Lune, playing somwhere to accompany Jimin laughing. His head thrown back, fingers full of ringers threading his pink hair back, eyes gone into crescents. It’s a piano key for Jimin turning around, two piano keys for his frown, three tunes for the way he looks at Yoongi.
Someone, somewhere, plays the piano for them. And Yoongi stands still, as people laugh in front of him, as someone asks Jimin something but the younger only nods, eyes never leaving Yoongi. Someone is playing piano inside a club for them, how appropriate Yoongi thinks.
Of course when the song starts going faster, Jimin moves. He walks past someone, for some reason the way Jimin walks feels almost like he’s doing it in the tempo of the song, always so graceful, even if people dancing around him are on another speed, because he doesn’t care.
And with the crescendo of the song, Jimin walks faster Until he’s just in front of Yoongi, with that intimidating posture Yoongi has grown fond of. The younger boy has his jaw clenched, hands into fists. “You look so dumb standing there with your bowtie,” he pouts. Yoongi laughs
He laughs loudly and he sees the way Jimin’s eyes soften for a second until they grow cold again. “What are you doing here?” Jimin asks lowly, the piano around them has gone quieter. “I—“ Yoongi finds himself at a loss of words. “And your date?” Jimin’s eyes widen in worry.
“He... there was someone else he had to meet,” Yoongi starts and it makes Jimin take a step back, reacting strongly to his words. It’s instinct, and it’s brave of him, his hand goes up to Jimin’s waist as if to steady the boy and keep him close. “I was relieved, when he told me.”
Jimin looks at him suspiciously when his gaze comes up from the hand on his waist. “Relieved?” he repeats, voice barely present. “I didn’t... I realized I really didn’t want it,” Yoongi says. “I didn’t want that date. I thought I did and when he said there was someone else...”
“I have someone else too,” Yoongi says. “I was so caught up in my initial wish, wanted so bad to make it work... I have someone else,” he murmurs. Jimin gets closer. “I didn’t care about that date, I thought I did, but that wasn’t it. I want you,” he confesses. “It’s you I want.”
Jimin lets himself be pulled closer by Yoongi, but he won’t look at him. He’s biting his lower lip. “Because he went with someone else, you come looking for me?” Jimin mumbles and Yoongi shakes his head quickly “I saw you dance,” he says. “I’m here because I needed to tell you-“
“You’re the best dancer I’ve ever seen,” Yoongi says and Jimin’s eyes widen. “You really are... I went running to see you and I got there in time, I— you have no idea how beautiful you looked, you—“ Yoongi tries to move his other hand to Jimin’s face but stops before he can do it
“I can’t put to words what I felt when I saw you dance, Jimin,” he admits. “But I, I was touched by you—“ “Yoongi,” Jimin whines, he finally looks at Yoongi and maybe it’s the pink lights of the club but Yoongi thinks Jimin is blushing. “You really want me? You like me?” “I do”
Slowly, tentatively and as gently as the keys in Clair de Lune Jimin circles his arms around Yoongi, in an attempt of a hug that is more just their bodies pressed together. “Really? Really?” “Jimin,” Yoongi relaxes into the hug. “I hate parties don’t I? I’m here because of you.”
“I ran to see you dance tonight. I ran here, to this place as soon as the recital was over, to see you and tell you that you’re the only thought I have, you fill my mind and I don’t feel right unless I’m next to you,” he rants, as honest as he can. “Tell me I’m not late”
Jimin buries his face in Yoongi’s neck right away, nuzzling the skin there and catching Yoongi off guard, his hold around Yoongi’s middle tightens almost as if he’s afraid the elder will go away. Yoongi can only hug him too. “Hyung, I missed you,” Jimin confesses. “Me too,”
They stand like that in a side of a club, wrapped around the other in an embrace, with jumping bodies around, with pink and red lights flickering, with Yoongi’s hands on Jimin’s waist, swaying slowly from side to side. They stand with a piano, playing softly behind closed doors.
“Is this how you dance in a party?” Jimin teases, as they sway slowly. “Do I have to teach you that too?” Yoongi chuckles. “I’m dancing to the beat,” he says and hugs Jimin closer to sway back and forth. It makes Jimin giggle. “What are you talking about?” “Don’t you hear it?”
“What?” Jimin asks “Clair de Lune, it’s playing,” Yoongi says and Jimin’s expression changes, his body too, he melts, like the pressure on his body is gone, like he weights nothing. He settles on Yoongi’s neck, lips against his skin. “Really?” It tickles. “That piece right now?”
Yoongi hums. “It’s a different version, though, can you catch it? Not the original.” “It’s familiar though,” Jimin plays along. One of his hands found Yoongi’s nape and it plays with the hair there. “It’s my version,” Yoongi decides. “The one from last year, the one you saw.”
“The same song from when you saw me first but now I’m playing it for you,” he whispers to Jimin’s ear. “Can you hear it?” It’s in a second, Yoongi hears the piano louder and louder and the notes higher and higher and then Jimin’s lips, he feels Jimin’s lips against his own.
Yoongi doesn’t have that much experience with kisses, he just knows Jimin feels wonderful against him. Soft and tender, he opens his mouth shyly only for Jimin to deepen the kiss but not so much because he’s quickly smiling and Yoongi has to smile back, a smile into their kiss.
Jimin leaves a small peck to Yoongi’s wet lips, before settling on his neck again, hugging Yoongi again. He sways from side to side probably hearing the song. “Can we?” Yoongi mumbles, embarrassed. “More?” The younger grins before kissing Yoongi’s neck. “Come here,” he says.
Jimin’s hands cupping his face, the slide of lips, the piece and Jimin all around him. The club, with its chaos, its heat, its lights, its movement. Yoongi and Jimin swaying to a piano piece, kissing, holding eachother. Falling for Jimin is dancing to Clair de Lune in a club.
another glimpse
🎶 the end 🎶


yoonmin au — opposites attract 🔞 yoongi is afraid of not doing good when having sex with his boyfriend, he lacks experience next to jimin, and he thinks expectations are high. he really wants to take care of him, but starts to realizes he maybe likes being take care of instead.


Tony Montana (with Jimin) Produced by Agust D
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