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(1) start!

(2) principal choi minho, lsmhs’ beyonce
(3) rip physics hw
(4) jeno was never called out, but the others didn’t get nagged as much?
(5) dead, gay, and a loser—prime example of a lsmhs faculty member
(6) mark’s getting replaced by kids he hasn’t even met
(7) secrets vs doyoung — harmless edition (and mark & johnny usually are culprits)
(8) doyoung’s the true mom of c127 (also no one wants to be johnny’s child)
(9) ▶️ the next day! to caratzens, yes that’s seungkwan’s puppy as bom HAHAHAHA
(10) someone sneaked in after doyoung left the apt
(11) all for educating the future generation 😔💪🏻
(12) only the start of endless narrations 🤠
(13) doyoung’s duality: savage on the internet, soft irl
(14) i d o n t n a g
(15) city 127: part time boy band, full time clowns
(16) “Doyoung Dictionary” written by Jung Jaehyun, sold at all bookstores nationwide!
(17) ten’s losing his game ever since he started teaching. [sicheng voice] f 😔
(18) everyone’s just part of the bom fan club tbh
⏸ ‼️ important qn ‼️ should i post in groups of more than 20 images irdk tbh (would take 3-4 days to complete if i do) or post in small sections to make it last longer? (i estimate 2 weeks, again irdk owo)
👉 update: i’ve calculated that it’d probably take max a month if i update in small sections owowo just to let you guys know 👆🏻
▶️ (19) it’s too early to be sad :^(
(20) sometimes being late has its advantages 🤡
(21) 🐟🐟🐟
(22) meanwhile, what’s the mysterious tall guy with a mask doing?
(23) doyoung still is happy and it weirds the dreamies out (or maybe just renjun)
(24) bom > scheds
(25) This Makes Me So Sad
(26) doyoung may dead, gay, and a loser, but he has a bf who buys him food so hm i still think he winning
(27) again, sometimes being late has its advantages
(28) it’s a 🥰🥰 signal 🥰🥰🥰 jeno 😚😚😚
(29) dreamies thought they slick
⏸ i’d continue posting in small sections while the poll continues!
▶️ long update ahead! (also fml apparently phase 2 ISN’T 20+ images it was 120+ so poll again at the end owo)
(30) the next day: c127 heads to japan (didn’t want to steal the photos so... these are real fansites!)
(31) dreamies confront doyoung about their Discovery
(32) donghyuck’s markhyuck agenda
(33) we’re all jaehyun stans whether we like it or not
(34) it’s time to Stop
(35) something happened after the japan show?
(36) new layout = new comeback
(37) it’s ppali ppali pihae time
(38) teasers 1/2
(39) teaser 2/2 (fun fact: rts, likes, and views from the c127 acc are all real—just from diff videos and tweets in the nct acc)
(40) questions questions questions
(41) the mv drops
(42) 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
(44) lead/sub vocals rights
(45) why is it so hard to find a picture with mark, jae, johnny, tae, and doyo 😪😪😪
(46) congrats dumbasses
(47) ten finally has Guts
(48) forgot to mention that the 8.8 mil views are from exo!
(49) and it all started there
(50) questions questions questions but more hardcore (sue me i can’t think of a better fandom name than twennie it grew on me)
(51) the talks begin
(52) doyoung didn’t get the “how to deal with students who are far too observant for their own good” elective in uni
(53) doyoung and jaehyun: two halves of a whole idiot
(54) children, i swear
(55) what we’re all thinking
(56) top doyoung rights people don’t leave now the fun’s just starting 😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧
(57) Oh, Chenle
(58) again, two halves of a whole idiot
(59) hyuck’s second evidence:
(60) again, top doyoung rights people don’t leave now i swear i won’t get To It
(61) hyuck’s third evidence, as shown by jeno:
(62) oh, jeno
(63) 😎
(64) they’re definitely your children doyoung
⏸ poll! as i said, phase two was actually quite lengthy i underestimated it so should i pause here or finish p2 today?
⏩ (65) ff to june my brodudes
(66) june is where it all happens, at least in dojae world
(67) insight about dojae’s 12-year rel [1/2]
(68) six years and doyoung got used to it [2/2]
(69) again, what we’re all thinking tae
(70) and just when you thought the convo would be mushy
(71) breakfast rights advocate jung jaehyun
(72) taeyong’s concerned as well [1/2]
(73) credits to mark 🤩 [2/2]
⏩ (74) last day of the tour 🥰
(75) kun’s working at lsmhs as well as a home ec teacher 😚
(76) jae is all of us to be honest don’t Deny
(77) yes, jeno really did speak it into existence (also get ready for more narrations!)
(78) even after years of teaching and handling children, he really slipped up huh
(79) ten exposing doyoung without Care
(80) yeah sure jae Soon
(81) doyoung is basically jaehyun’s wikipedia page if you ask me
(82) the concert itself
(83) post-concert tweets [1/2]
(84) post-concert tweets [2/3*]
(85) jeno asking the real questions [3/3]
(86) jaehyun really going on a date after a fucking concert
(87) of course what’s with being right without some Gloating
(88) see even the children knows doyoung is Whipped
(89) post-concert tweet, c127 edition
(90) taeyong gloats as well because bom is with them at the dorm 🥺😚🥰💓
(91) ten visited the dorms as well ‼️
(92) yeah, where’s jae?
aaaand ⏸ tell me your thoughts about phase 2 🤩
👉 some background info before i update! keep asking so i could find out the things i've managed to miss 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰 [1/2]…
how old are dojae in your au? I'm a little confused? and the ages of the other characters too? — oh sure! for c127, similar to irl, johnny-tae are of same age (~29), then jae (~27), then mark (~24) jaehyun and doyoung are of same……
👉 some background info before i update! keep asking so i could find out the things i've managed to miss 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰 [2/2]…
Wait!!! Do mark and hyuck know each other?? Since mark saw hyuck’s yeehaw tweet? And also, are nomin together? An… — HI THANK YOU FOR ASKING OMG ok so 1) yes 👀 so maybe i should mention this ‘cause i dont think i’d mention it ever……
▶️ (93) yeah, where’s jae? being cute [1/4]
(94) still trying to compete here huh [2/4]
(95) way to man’s heart: a withered flower [3/4]
(96) whadup i’m crying [4/4]
(97) happy anniversary love birds 🤟🏻😔🤟🏻
(98) 🥺
(99) doyoung’s best man coming thru
(100) doyoung’s anniversary letter [1/2]
(101) doyoung’s anniversary letter [2/2]
(102) boy post-it is back
(103) jaehyun’s anniversary letter [1/2]
(104) may have outsold myself but imagine every paragraph being squeezed into a post it SHAJDH [2/2]
(105) smh = sml
(106) gotta keep the good morning texts running
(107) jaehyun’s got it all for you
(108) jisung i swear
(109) they really saying doyoung = donghyuck
(110) johnny isn’t competitive... unless it concerns ten
(111) poor bommie 🥺🥺
(112) johnny out here risking his image and rep for LUNCH
(113) nomin going for consultation when it matters 💪🏻
(114) jisung giving us the Tea
(115) jeno’s chill now
(116) ok i got tired of hiding the time stamp just dont look at it HSHSJD
(117) jaehyun trying to get that Favourite Dad title
(118) yet after everything, uncles > dad
(119) family bonding 🥰
(120) live in doyoung’s apartment, do doyoung’s work
(121) 🤡🔫
(122) isn’t matter mostly chemistry,,, but other sciences talk abt it as well but not as much?? u know what idk as well
(123) oH?
(124) NO WORRIES FOLKS i swear mark just thinks donghyuck was funny (that’s why he decided to check out his twt as well when it was still public)
(125) he’d know that dumbassery anywhere
⏩ (126) four different kinds of good morning convos during jaehyun’s two-week vacay 🥰
(127) breakfast is fulfilling i love breakfast
(128) it’s dad and princess bonding time 💓❤️
(129) unboxing video 🤩
(130) donghyuck look what you have done
(131) LOOKS LIKE I FORGOT TO CROP (128) HAHA EXPOSED but well life is full of surprises like how i didn’t crop the message uGh
(132) breakfast advocate got lazy
(133) hsm >>>>>>>>>
(134) yeah they bicker a lot but they’re still sweet as fuck
(135) two weeks’ nearly ending and doyoung has a surprise
(136) win-win situation tbh
(137) all worth the wait 😔😔😔
(138) :^(
(139) two weeks’ over :( hi reality 👋🏻
⏸ phase 3 over! basically just snippets of their two weeks together 🥰 send me your responses & questions!
▶️ (140) yeah sure johnny (he wished)
(141) chenle’s intervention for jisung’s tardy streak
(142) introducing c127’s manager, taeil 😚 [1/2]
(143) jaehyun’s on board! [2/2]
(144) doyoung’s still adjusting with jaehyun’s absence
(145) the audacity
(146) bye ten 🤠
⏩ (147) jaehyun finally finds out all these planning is harder than he thought 🤡
(148) introducing: jaehyun’s other private acc, which he made just to hide from doyoung about the plan
(149) the acc doesn’t really do much except for frustration release
(150) six braincells 🤡
(151) what happened to the good morning routine?
(152) yeah, jaehyun thought as well
(153) late replies don’t affect doyoung anymore
(154) 🥰
(155) just one of doyoung’s collection of jae’s hoodies
⏩ (156) oh fuck you
(157) is it too cruel to leave u guys for an hour SHAJDHHS but mixed emotions
(158) again 🙄 dating rumours also won’t affect doyoung anymore
(159) as i just said
(160) fuck pazzo 🤠
(162) jh: oh my god i didn’t know i had a girlfriend dy: the acting still doesn’t work jae
⏩ (163) a day off? jaehyun?
(164) if doyoung doesn’t get affected by late messages & dating rumours, then what would?
(165) ??? doyoung’s calling but jae won’t answer ???
(166) mark doesn’t know what he just Did
(167) When We Lie, We Lie Together
(168) jaehyun’s pulling the love card to dodge a bullet
(169) jae couldn’t handle the stress of lying anymore 😩😩🤧🤧🤧
(170) they got Lucky
⏩ (171) congrats dance troupe 🥳
(172) ✨✨ language dept ✨✨
(173) i mean, ✨ science dept ✨
(174) date 💓 [1/2]
(175) weewoo weewoo weewoo [2/2]
(176) IDIOT
(177) now it affects him
(178) protect hyung and the macarons
(179) oh fuck
(180) jae’s still oblivious [1/2]
(181) and he Realizes? [2/2]
(182) 🙃
(183) sue me i called it kitchen beat [1/2]
(184) is it really worth keeping? [2/2]
(185) shooting’s next week 😬
(186) jaehyun goes home last minute [1/2]
(187) it’s easier, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult
(188) all for you.
⏸ phase 4 finished 😬 tbh i’m not satisfied with how i did for this aaa send me ur thoughts and questions??
👉 two anons asked abt markhyuck and the possibility of the markhyuck agenda & one of them gave a prompt that happens years later when hyuck’s in uni so ..... if y’all interested i wrote down what i think would happen!…
now this one i would read. i don't want to get ahead of you but maybe that time city 127 disbanded already and do… — this is a: prompt JFSHFGHJK however right now it's hard for me to write (even read) for other ships 'cause im ver……
▶️ (189) school attack week 👀
(190) lezgetit 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
⏩ (191) 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
(192) the good morning routine continues even if doyoung’s mad
(193) can johnny STOP
(194) manager jung 😲
(195) meanwhile, what did jisung do now?
(196) 🚨 first phase of school attack, commence 🚨
(198) dotae reunion 😚
(199) they start PANICKING
(200) yeah tae isn’t as slick as he thought
(201) yeah they say that a lot the whole day
(202) second phase commences and doyoung for fuck’s sake
(203) 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
(204) good thing doyoung didn’t catch mark ..... ?
(205) ripjae < riphyuck
(206) mark’s p stressed ripmark
(207) 🚨🚨🚨🚨 doyoung 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
(208) c127 & dreamies collab 🤟🏻🤟🏻
(209) first hand hyuck experience
(210) what’s the dreamies gc w/o bets
(212) blame your ??? boyfriend ??????
(214) jae’s speech [1/2]
(216) happy 💓
(211 repost)
(213 repost)
(215 repost)
▶️ (217) #.DreamiesNthWin
(218) the bet tables TURNED
(219) more dreamies tweets!
(220) jisung: late? yes!
(221) ig user officialcity127 updates
⏭ (222) after everything
(223) of COURSE ten won’t miss the chance to clown doyoung
(224) yutae agenda 🤟🏻😔🤟🏻
(225) 👀👉👉
(226) suddenly EVERYONE’S brave
(227) jeno fucking Admits it
(228) dreamies stay WINNING
(229) but a whole tbh ten was the one who won in this specific scenario uwu
(230) someone made an ig acc btw ☺️
(231) maybe a year after? or half a year?
(232) yeah, doyoung has access sometimes (when jae is asleep and he finds out jae’s posting pics of him again)
(233) taeil and doyoung bonding 🥰
(234) name a couple more perfect, i’d wait
(235) view ig user’s peachjung_’s story 🤩
(236) and finally, ⏹
👉 this is it! i still can’t believe the au i’ve worked on for two months has ended in five? six? days HAHAHAHA words can’t express how thankful i am for everyone who read this & reached this point—i love you!!!!
👉 though it’s over, still feel free to ask me stuff regarding the au i’d be vvvv glad to discuss abt it to you!!! also i’d like to hear your remarks and thoughts and prompts uwuwuwu
👉 til the next au! thank you for being kind to my brainchild 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺…
— works (aus/fics)
i wrote smth related to the dojae au i just did,,,,, it was abt the time when doyoung had bad crying sessions due to jaehyun leaving for training,,,,, should i post it
👉 the poll isn't finished yet, but i figured, why the hell not. so possible extras may continue to be posted in this thread so watch out if you're interested!
i. seven years ago, six months after jaehyun left the apt to train for ncte [1/2]
i. seven years ago, six months after jaehyun left the apt to train for ncte [2/2]
ii. (a) jung-kim wedding (also the duality of jung jaehyun when it comes to doyoung)
(b) pazzo really leeching off from jae after all those rumours huh
⏩ (c) didn’t have the opportunity to showcase taeten’s and dotae’s dynamics much 🤥
(d) it’s Tough love with a capital T
(e) jaehyun mayhaps chosen the right choice on making johnny as his best man owo
(f) 0541 > 0605
(g) jaehyun to the rescue 😚
(h) fun fact: the pic of the letters are real 😳 i made those (but omg not solely for the au)
(i) 14 years together so excuse jae for running out of meaningful words to say 🤧
⏩ (j) few hours before the wedding 🥳 [1/2]
(k) fuck ya superstition (in the tone of fuck ya chicken strips)
(l) who else is there? dreamies!
(m) who else is there? bom 🥺
(n) who else is there? gongmyung!
(o) who else is there? yutae 🥰
(p) i’m running out of letters oh no
(q) watch ig user officialcity127’s story!
(r) 1 hour to go loves
(s) dojae, a couple that plays rock paper scissors to decide who walks last
(t) the wedding proper [1/2]
(u) the wedding proper [2/2]
(v) wedding proper [3/3*] fucked up again omg
(w) doyoung’s vows 💓
(x) jaehyun’s vows 💕
(y) not only was jaehyun crying... probably everyone else as well
(z) congratulations newlyweds!
EXTRAS (1) gongmyung’s speech in the reception [1/2]
EXTRAS (2) typical brother and dad behavior [2/2]
gab ! pinned for tg back ups
#HYUNJAE: being absolutely gorgeous is a 24/7 job
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