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Jun 11, 2019
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#taekookau where Alpha Jeon was forced to marry Omega Tae to strengthen the bond of their packs. The Alpha isn’t too happy about it so he made Tae’s life a living hell until one day,the Omega finally vanished only to return after 4 years with a pup!

Characters: Namjoon -Alpha -Leader of Luna Pack -Jin’s Mate -Brain of the Defense Squad Seokjin -Omega -Namjoon’s Mate -Healer of the Luna Pack
Characters: Yoongi -Alpha -Leader of Selene Pack -Fortune Teller -Jimin’s Fated Mate Jimin -Omega -Yoongi’s Fated Mate -Director Of Entertainment of the Pack
Character: TAEHYUNG -Omega -Son of NamJin the leader of Luna Pack -Hailed as the Most Beautiful Wolf in The Land -Talented -Bratty & Sassy but very Obedient Son -Loves Pretty Things
Character: JUNGKOOK -Alpha -Yoongi’s Brother -Chief of Comission of Defense -Talented -carefree who hates COMMITMENT
Character: Overseer -Connection of All Packs Around The World -Divinity -Can See The Future -Can Stop Time
REMINDER: This thread fic is purely product of imagination so please pardon me if there’ll be issues that offends you along the fic. There will be mention of violence, cheating & sexual contents, so if u aren’t comfortable, please don’t read it. Thank you.
Who would have thought that the time where human & supernatural beings will finally coexist in a world where everyone is hungry for power?! Decades ago, it was impossible even to imagine! But because of the sacrifices made by the ancestors of both worlds, the future generations
of both guman & supernaturals got their ultimate dream of living in peace! The world is divided equally for humans & supernatural beings! Discrimination, superiority complex and slavery is a big no for both races! But when it comes to the wolves, it’s a different story!
Since the treaty among humans, wolves, and other supernatural beings has been approved, the wolves remain in their lands to avoid conflict with other beings because among other species, they have absolute law that only death can alter! That’s why they have been given DAEGU!
The Land of Daegu is perfect for the complexity of wolves coz it offers a high tech buildings & amenities that will entertain their human form while they also have a vast field, hills, mountains & rivers for their natural form. But the Land is also divided into 4 for the 4packs.
La Luna -Namjoon Selene -Yoongi Bulan-Hyunsik Alqamar -Seojoon The 4 Alphas are all owner of their own businesses! Both Luna & Selene owns the majority of their Natural Resources & other commercial buildings while the other 2 packs are mostly just in the City.
So let’s begin... La Luna pack is the biggest & the most powerful pack among the four packs since Namjoon is the Brain of the Commission of Defense of Daegu while his mate is given a healing power. Seokjin can heal any wound by simply touching the injured part of any wolf.
The mated couple is beyond blessed of the divinity because of their pure heart and beautiful soul. Namjoon never once used his power against the poor or anyone who's weak. While his Omega Mate never denied anyone who seek for his help. That is why they were given the Omega Son.
Every mated wolves desire is to bear an Omega Son because it is their belief that Male Omegas can bring luck to their pack just like Seokjin himself who has a power of healing. Taehyung is the one and only son of Joon & Jin, he is known for being kindhearted in the whole land.
Now here’s the thing, Taehyung is known for his kindness & very optimistic disposition when he’s happy. But he can be as ruthless when he’s mad. Good thing that he seldom gets mad,it’s only when people who are weak are being taken advantage when he turns really bad!
His parents live in the woods with their people but he opt to live in her own apartment in the heart of Daegu where everything is on his reach. Since he's the only son of their pack leaders, he was given enough security who's looking after him day & night even when he made it
clear that he can protect himself. His father chose Minho, another Alpha from their pack to be with him in his luxury apartment in the City. Since they grew up together, Taehyung never had a problem with Minho even they are different. Minho treated him very well ever since!
Maybe that's why people in his university thinks that Taehyung is bound to be mated with Minho. But the truth is, Minho is already in love with Taemin, another Omega from the pack of Selene. That's why Tae feels so secured around Minho even when he's an Alpha.
Taemin is one of Omega Jimin’s best entertainer. He is often called god of the dance floor! There are even beliefs that sometimes he is a vessel of The Divinity Hoseok when he performs. And Minho fell for that innocent yet alluring beauty of another Selene’s Omega!
Taehyung prefers to live in the City near his university where he pursue his dreams as a fine artist. He loves arts & he wants to put it into something more useful that’s why he enrolled in the college of arts. He are juggling interior & fashion design at the same time.
Wolves are basically on top of any other beings. They have longer lives than humans, they can walk in the moon & sun unlike vamps, they can eat both cooked & raw foods unlike shapeshifters. That’s why they have heir own university that only caters for wolves!
Lunar University is located in the heart of Daegu. It is where you can find the younger generation wolves because here you can find the night life, the parties, the shopping centers & many entertainment establishments that are own by Selene Pack.
Alpha Jungkook is one of the younger generation wolf you can usually see in parties and night clubs around Daegu. He’s Alpha Yoongi’s little brother. The direct heir of his pack since Yoongi & his mate doesn’t have any pup yet. But opposite to Taehyung, Jungkook is a mystery.
He only interacts with his close circle that consists of pure Alpha members. Yugyeom from Selene, Jaehyun from Bulan, Bambam & Mingyu from Alqamar. They are the most sought after bachelor in the land of Daegu. But Jungkook is on top of them all being the heir of his pack.
Yugyeom is an entertainer given that he came from Selene while Bambam is a graduating fine arts students who want to become an interior designer.Jaehyun & Mingyu both are officials in the Commission of Defense. Their circle is indeed top caliber that cnanot be easily touched.
Everyone is living in peace until Alpha Seojoon started to show Alpha Namjoon his interest to have a piece of land on Selene's Pack. They all know that it's not allowed to acquire's someone else's land because it's a disrespect to their ancestors who poured their blood, sweat and
tears in order to divide the land where they are all settled in the present time. The thing is, Namjoon as the strongest Alpha, will never allow that kind of disrespect. So he immediately declined Seojoon's offer of merging their businesses so he could have La Luna's support.
Namjoon is very clever, so he see through Seojoon's plan already. The Alpha of Alqamar wanted to offer him business so he could give him a consent when Alqamar starts to take some of Selene's properties. Namjoon will never allow such deceitful act. So he talked to his mate.
Alpha Yoongi & Jungkook are very close to Seokjin's heart so when he heard his mate's predicament about the other leader of the other pack he can't help but get worried. Jin knows that Selene pack won't stand a chance from Alqamar, not when Jungkook is still unmated.
Here's the thing, the hierarchy in the land of Daegu is similar of the things you can find in the internet nowadays. Alpha is the strongest & on top the pyramid followed by Omega & Beta on the right & left side of the pyramid. The only difference is, there are 3 types of each.
Pure Bloods are the strongest,even more powerful than their own leader, but they could only unfold their special gift when they finally found their One True Mate, the absolute one just like how Namjoon found Jin. You can be mated to anyone u like in the realm of the wolves.
Because it’s really rare to found your One True Mate, given the fact that younger wolves these days are recklessly marking anyone they like. Unlike the myths, MATING MARKS can be undone in Daegu. There are two ways to undo it and they’re both painful that no one wanted to try it.
Also, the heats and ruts in the realm of wolves are far different from the fictions you usually read. Alphas can be as horny and pervert as they are but they can only have their ruts when they finally fall in love. They don't necessarily have to experience the excruciating pain
that ruts could give them when they are already mated.They will only feel it when they found their One True Mate or when they truly fall in love. It's the same with Omega's heat.They could only experience their heat when they finally laid their eyes to their One True Mate.
****The divinity heard Seokjin's worries when he heard him talking to his mate. So when Namjoon left, Hoseok magically appeared in front of SEokjin. The Omega immediately bow down to show respect to the one who's guiding them ever since they existed in this Earth. Hoseok smiled.
Hoseok step closer to Seokjin’s pet as he speaks. “You never once disappointed me Jinnie, despite the power & fame ur pack has gained, u remained humble & kind. A beautiful Omega like u doesn’t deserve to be anxious of anything.” Hoseok narrated while playing with the dog.
"All the glory this pack has achieved are all because of you Hoseok so it is only right to always humble ourselves to you." Seokjin smiled back to the divinity who took his friend Hoseok's form again. Hoseok is the kindest Beta in the land before he was slayed decades ago.
Legends say that the divinity took over his body and since then, whenever the powerful being appeared anywhere in the land, they see Hoseok. "Now tell me what can I do to help u ease ur worries Jinnie?"he heard him ask. Seokjin knows that whatever he asks will be given to him.
He can even ask for annihilation of the whole Alqamar pack who keeps starting a dispute among the wolves but he knows he could never do that. There are still innocent wolves in that pack. He fell into deep thinking because he doesn't want to make a mistake about his request.
"Alright, jsut tell me what worries you Jinnie?" Hoseok asked without looking at him. "Seojoon of Alqamar would like to take advantage with the Selene's weakness & it worries me because I know Yoongi & Jungkook won't let it happen without a fight." he replied. "Hmmmn"
"I see, but it has nothing to do with you?" the divinity look st him this time, gauging his reaction. "It is bothering me Hoseok, you know that Alqamar is targeting them because they're smaller pack & Selene won't stand a chance against them. " SEokjin explained.
"Why do you think Selene won't stand a chance to them Jinnie? Jungkook is the Chief of Defense, his Alpha brother Yoongi is a genius who can easily device traps against the Alqamars" Hoseok reminded him. SEokjin furrowed his brows, confused of the conversation they're having.
"Your Divinity, Jungkook might be a pure blood but he's still unmated. Besides, are you not really worried that a war against two wolves pack will erupt at any minute just because of Seojoon's greed?" SEokjin can't help but raise his voice because he's getting hopeless.
Just when Seokjin is about to apologize for his actions, Hoseok started to laugh, indicating that he's not offended at all. "You really are indeed a true descendant of the moon Seokjin! You empathize with everyone. U always think of the best for others. Then you know the answer
to all your worries Seokjinnie. I'm glad to see you again. Don't forget to invite me during the ritual." Hoseok managed to say before he vanish right in front of the so confused Seokjin. How will he know the answer of his worries if Hoseok left without saying anything except
inviting him during the ritual? "Ritual of what?" Seokjin asked himself only to squeal when he realized something! He knows it's next to impossible to happen but it's better to try than to witness a war between their fellow wolves again. He then went to find his Alpha.
***La Luna's Courtyard*** "What?! Seokjin my love, what did you just say?" Namjoon loves his mate to the moon & back not only because he's one true mate but because he really found him so beautiful, inside out. Jin has always been there to support him in everything too.
But this suggestion he just laid upon him is beyond ridiculous. "I said, let our son marry Alpha Jungkook of Selene Pack." Seokjin repeated himself even when he knows that his ALpha heard him the first time. They look at each other's eyes & Seokjin didn't blink even once.
"OH my moon!" Namjoon is the first one to blink.HE never won when it comes to his mate because he loves him so much. But he isn't sure if he's ready to make his son a sacrificial wolf just because his mate is so kind to other people. "Namjoon,u know it's a win win for everyone."
"And how is it a win win to anyone?" Namjoon asked not believing himself for letting this conversation on. "Listen okay, since u are the leader of La Luna, u can't be involve between the Alqamar & Selene's dispute or else you'll be the one who'll look like greedy of power.
But we both know that you are also against this war between those two packs. You don't want other innocent wolves to suffer just because of one person's greed. And you know that Yoongi and Jungkook are so close to my heart because I owe it to their father! Namjoon, you know that
if it's not for Jungkook's father, I'm already gone too." Seokjin reminded him of that tragedy that killed both Yoongi & Jungkook's parents. "No Seokjin, stop using that as emotional black mail to me." Namjoon said trying to avert his gaze from his mate.
"Everything will be solved when you let our son marry Jungkook and you know that. Our Taehyungie will be 24 on the next full moon already & he's still unmated Namjoon because no one is good enough to get his attention. Jungkook is a Pure Blood, just like our son."SEokjin uttered.
"And what makes you think that Jungkook is good enough for our own son?" Namjoon contested. "Because I know the kid and despite his hard shell, I know he's a softie!" Jin tried to remember the little Jungkook he used to carry, hoping that he's still cute little one.
"My love you know how much I love you, but I can't just let my only son to get married to someone he never even met once." Namjoon concluded. "But my ALpha, it's our best shot to stop this war. Yoongi is also ur friend!" Jin is desperate already. "Seokjin!"
The Omega knows the rule,he should not defy his ALpha at any given time.But he knows what he's saying, even the divinity told him about the ritual & he's hoping that he's right because he's about to do something he never done before. "Namjoon!" he replied that shook the Alpha!
Namjoon's eyes widened when he heard the Omega spoke back at him. It never happened before & it only makes him think that Seokjin might be right because he would never defy him without the divinity's consent. "Just let me talk to our son, my dear Alpha"Seokjin bowed down to him.
"Fine, but we are not going to force our son to marry anyone Seokjin. You know the Myths of Pure Blood and we don't want our son suffer later on just because we want to stop an impending war." Namjoon said with his Alpha voice that makes Seokjin nervous a little.
****BACK IN THE CITY**** Taehyung has just finished his beauty rituals from tphis own bathroom. And he’s still wearing his bathrobe when he heard some clattering outside their apartment which is very odd because their are only 2 doors on that floor, his & the other is vacant.
Tae already thought of different scenarios in his head before walking slowly towards his door. It’s already almost 9 in the evening & Minho asked his permission to be out tonight so he’s alone in his apartment. He carefully remove the cover of his peep hole & see whats going on.
But to his disappointment, the angle he could peep won’t let him see where the noise is coming from which is apparently from the door of the only other apartment on that floor. Taehyung furrowed his brows when he realized something. His apartment is supposed to be sound proof!
He should’ve not heard anything from the outside because his door is locked. So what he did is grab his phone & speaker so he could test if he really heard something from the inside. He’s still on his bathrobe when he walks toward the door & nervously opened it. He’s confused.
He look around again but there’s nothing except the closing sound of the elevator. Tae just ignored it & continue with his little experiment. He put his phone & speaker outside his door & went inside to listen. There’s nothing he can hear at all. He opened his door & took his
belongings back inside. “Was it just my imagination?” Tae mumbled to himself before flopping himself to his soft couch. He just decided to watch his favorite kdrama to entertain himself & forget about the noise he heard just a while ago. He’s in the middle of the drama when
he heard it again. This time it’s like some people are talking, then he also heard some beats of music he has never heard before?! Taehyung’s eyes widened because of the sudden fear that engulfed him. What if there’s a ghost haunting him?! He heard that ghosts are scary beings!
That’s the last thoughts of the Omega before he passed out on his white couch. He was too scared that he wasn’t even able to see the divinity who visited him. “Sleep well pretty Omega, you’ll have a war to win soon.” Hoseok blessed him before vanishing to a thin air again.
The next morning, Taehyung woke up to his bed. He knows that Minho probably carried him back so he didn’t even bother to ask when he saw the Alpha busy humming a familiar sound while cooking his favorite pan cakes. “Hmmn, smells delicious, are those for me hyung?” he asked.
Minho smiled as he set a plate in front of the pretty Omega. “Yes! This is my apology for letting u wait alone last night. I’m sorry Tae” Minho apologized as he put a stack of pan cake on Tae’s plate. “No, it’s okay hyung. U deserve to have fun! What time did u come home?”
“Actually I came home earlier last night but I offered to help our new neighbors so I didn’t bother to tell you anymore since I have to stay downstairs to load their stuffs in the elevator,”the Alpha replied while chewing his food. Taehyung furrowed his brows upon hearing that.
“Oh, So that’s where the noise came from?” Tae unconsciously asked himself. This time, it’s Minho’s turn to furrow his brows. “Taehyung, your apartment is sound proof. Not even a smell of a rutting Alpha could infiltrate the material ur parents use to seal this place.”
The Lunas (that’s what they call wolves from La Luna Pack) look at each other. “Hyung, i swear I heard the clattering & some people talking.” Taehyung drop his fork on the side of his plate. “U sure you’re not just watching TV again?” Minho has to ask again.
Then, there’s a knock on their door. Taehyung’s ears perched up. But Minho is quicker than him & already at the door to check who would possibly visit them at the early hour of the day?! But the Alpha’s scent immediately relax when he saw who’s behind the door.
“Good morning Seokjin” Minho greeted their pack’s most precious Omega. Aside from the fact that Seokjin personally chose him as Taehyung’s sentinel, the Omega was also responsible why him & his family became Lunas. He gave them shelter when they were exiled from Alqamar.
Taehyung immediately shoot up from his seat when he saw his father entering his apartment. "Amahan!" he yelled before lunging himself to Seokjin who gladly oblige to carry him despite their size difference. Since Taehyung is a pure blood, he got all the good genes from each of
his father. He obviously took Namjoon's perfect body proportion & aboce average IQ while he took SEokjin's beauty & kind heart. "What a delight to see you here in the City Amahan!" Taehyung peppered his father with light kisses all over his face. SEokjin is lucky he's not in his
natural form or else he probably licked his whole face by now. "I miss you so much son. How have you been here?" Seokjin asked but not letting his son go as he nuzzle his nose to the younger Omega's neck. Taehyung's scent is very unique. It's really very strange because until
now, he doesn't have his own identified scent. HE still carries his father's scent which is why SEokjin loves it because in the realm of wolves, they cannot smell their own distinct scent. They can smell each other but not their own. "I miss you too" Taehyung replied as he
copy his father's action. The two enjoyed their moment for a while before Seokjin remembered his purpose of coming to the City. "Taehyung remember when I told u the Myth of Pure Blood Lovers?" Soekjin started without hesitation. When his son nods, he continues.
But before he could speak, he saw a purplish color on the tip of Taehyung's fringes. It's a mark of blessing from the divinity. So if Hoseok came to visit Tae, that only means SEokjin is in the right track. He's not submitting his son to the curse of the Legend of Pure BLoods.
The information he gathered only makes Seokjin more hopeful, so instead of explaining Taehyung everything, he just told him the reason why he came here. "Will you marry Alpha Jungkook of Selene Pack?" SEokjin asked his son who almost choke on his milk upon hearing him.
"Amahan!" Taehyung blurted out. His parents know how he values marriage because he has always dream of finding his own One True Mate like his them. So it really surprise him to hear that his own father is asking him to marry a complete stranger. But then again, he knows his
parents too well. They would never ask him to do something like this if it's not really necessary. So Taehyung fell into deep thinking, he's already 23 years old & still unmated. The probability of him finding his one true mate is really very low. He's starting to consider his
father's suggestion in his head when he suddenly heard someone talking from the outside again. "HMMN, WHAT SHALL I EAT FOR BREAKFAST TODAY? ONLY IF HYUNG IS HERE TO COOK FOR ME." "WTF, do we really need to know that you're dumb & lazy?!" Tae uttered while glaring at the door.
Both SEokjin & Minho's eyes widened when he heard him talking as if he's talking to someone else. "Tae, my son I didn't mean to----" SEokjin was cut off when Taehyung squinted his eyes towards the door again. "See? Minho hyung, did you heard that?! I told you I heard something
from the outside last night too." Tae recalled while still glaring at the door where he can heard the man who's now singing the same song he's singing last night. SEokjin & Minho looked at each other. "Taehyung, my son we can't hear any of the things you can hear now. "
"There's no way you can't hear him Amahan," he paused as if trying to hear more then he bolted out the door only to be welcomed by complete bare corridor." SEokjin & Minho followed him outside and they gave each other a knowing look.
After convincing Taehyung to go back to his bed because he might probably just tired, SEokjin faced Minho in the living room. "What the hell just happened to my son?!" SEokjin gave him a deadly look, but Minho can't give him n answer since he really doesn't have any idea of what
just happened to Taehyung. But when he mentioned to SEokjin that they have a new neighbor, the Omega's scent spike up. "Do you know your new neighbor? Why didn't I receive a notification about it?!" his protectiveness as a father is coming out. He only allowed Taehyung to live
in this apartment because he knows that Alpha Yoongi owns the building. Taehyung is well secured. "I actually helped to carry their belongings last night. It's the Selene's heir SEokjin hyung, I guess that's why you didn't receive any notification anymore." Minho informed him.
Seokjin’s jaw dropped! “The heir of Selene?! The pure blood?” he asked hoping that he’s correct. But since Minho doesn’t know the royal packs personally, he cant give him direct answers.He tried to describe the two wolves but he miserably failed. “I need to know if I’m right.”
Seokjin knows it’s dangerous to step in anyone’s territory because wolves are born to be territorial but his curiosity might kill him first before anyone who’ll try. Besides his mating mark that screams Alpha Namjoon will make anyone think twice before hurting him.
Minho just followed him when he started to knock on the door opposite to his son’s apartment.They cant even hear anything from the inside,telling them that it’s also sound proof. So they both almost jumped off when the door suddenly slammed open only to show a sleepy Alpha.
“Jungkook!” Swokjin blurted out when he saw the familiar Alpha of the Selene pack. He gotten bigger & bulkier but his face remained innocently cute. Jungkook furrowed his brows but when he recognized that he’s facing Alpha Namjoon’s one true mate, he immediately bowed to him.
“Alpha Seokjin, what can I do for you?” Jungkook then finally greeted the older wolf in front of him. “Were you thinking what to eat for breakfast?!” Seokjin asked while staring at him. Jungkook froze coz that’s exactly what he was thinking just a while ago. So he nodded.
Seokjin didn’t speak immediately. Everything clicked on his head now. His son isn’t hallucinating when he said he can hear something. He was hearing his one true mate’s thoughts! And if so, Taehyung’s gift is to hear thought?! Coz Jungkook’s were the first one he heard and that
reminds him when he first discovered his special gift of healing. It was Namjoon’s wound that he was able to heal first! Jungkook is now staring at him when he still remained silent!
“Omega Seokjin I dont want to be rude but—“ he is cut off by the Omega’s clear and loud voice. “Marry my son Jungkook of Selene Pack.” “Omega Seokjin!” Minho cant help but yell when he heard their Omega’s words. Jungkook & Seokjin stared at each other, then Guk surrendered.
Jungkook knew this will happen, but he never thought it will happen soon. HE also never thought that his ego as an Alpha will be trampled upon repeatedly just because of one omega he never met before. Don't get him wrong, he knows SEokjin & Namjoon but he never met their son.
****JUNGKOOK'S FLASHBACK BEFORE HE MOVED IN TO THE CITY**** "So you mean to say I have to propose to the Lunas Omega son just to make sure that our land is safe?" Jungkook never wanted to yell at his hyung, but Yoongi crossed the line this time. And he won't let anyone do that
to him. Yoongi's face turned red upon hearing his younger brother yelled at him in front of his mate, Omega Jimin. He never had a problem with Jungkook even despite the fact that they are both Alpha who came from different wombs. Jungkook is the legitimate child but he's too
young to be the pack leader in the land where only powerful wolves can succeed that's why Yoongi was hailed as the pack leader. But now that their land & their pack is in danger because of Alqamar pack leader's greed, Yoongi has to ask his brother to woo & marry the pure blood
Omega of La Luna who will undoubtedly support them when the other packs will try to attack them. The problem is, Jungkook is too hang up being a pure blooded Alpha because he thought he could stand against Seojoon. Well, Jimin never doubted his mate's brother, the problem is
they know that his gifts aren't unfolded yet because he is still unmated at the age of 23. "Jungkook I am not asking you to do this for myself." Yoongi tried once again, hoping that his brother would understand that they also have to look after their people. "But why me?!"
"Coz u are the heir of Selene. U are a pure blood who needs a mate so that ur supernatural powers can be activated! Come to think of it, you'll be like spiderman who needs biting to be more powerful!" Yoongi's voice is lace of sarcasm because he's getting frustrated already.
Jungkook knows Yoongi will never ask him such a crude idea if they have another choice. But his Wolf feels so agitated being told of what he needs to do, so that night he left to clear his head. He didn’t give his words to his hyung yet just in case his wolf will win over him.
That night, Guk shifted to his natural form and roamed around their village. He saw how their people live in harmony. There are young wolves playing under the moon while the older ones are gathered around in a circle for fun chats. He saw contentment of each & everyone of them.
Then he remembered a certain leader of other pack who’s now threatening their peace. He started to run, his strong tighs & legs keep pushing in the ground until he reached his safe place in their land. It is his favorite spot in Selene. He’s standing on a big white rock & under
it is the raging water fall! He looked at the sky where the moon is. There were plenty of twinkling stars that night that seems to be mocking him because of his situation. He looked at the moon again. Then for he first time in a very long time, he howled as loud as he can!
It’s almost dawn when he decided to go back to their cottage & he almost yelped in surprise when Jimin broke the silence in the darkness. “You came back” it was a statement. And Jungkook knows that his brother’s mate already sensed it. His wolf has surrendered. “Yes. I came.”
Jimin is caught off guard with the tone Jungkook used on him. It was like, he is telling him that he came, but better shut up because he’s an Alpha & Jimin is just an Omega. But when Jungkook step closer towards him, Jimin knows the young wolf doesn’t mean him any harm.
“You are always caught in the middle between me & Yoongi, im sorry hyung. I already warned u before that once u chose him as ur mate you’ll have to deal with me too.” Jungkook mumbled as he nuzzle his nose to his hyung’s neck. Jimin cant help but laugh, remembering the younger
annoying version of his mate. When he met Yoongi years ago, he even thought that Jungkook is his son because the younger Alpha is like his tail. He would never let the older Alpha out of his sight. So when Jimin came into their lives, it was a battle at first, but eventually Guk
finally matured & accepted the fact that his hyung needs to get married too. It turned out that Jimin is the best thing that happened to his life because the Omega would always cover up for him when he does something stupid. And he could get away wih his strict Alpha hyung.
“So, did you come back to apologize to ur hyung & follow his plan or did u come back to stress him more? Because if you’ll choose the later, istg Jungkook i wont let u go near him for now. Your brother is getting—“ jimin is cut off when Yoongi suddenly appeared to join them.
“Yoongi, honey why are u here?” Jimin immediately pushed aside the younger Alpha & went to his mate. “I woke up with a cold bed, so i came to look for u” the Alpha replied as he nuzzle to his mate’s mating mark. Jungkook look away from them, for him that’s too intimate & he
doesn’t want to invade that. Jimin noticed him. “Yoonie, look at ur little brother, all through those years he still cant look at u whenever u are scenting me.” the couple look at the Alpha who’s eyes are focus at everything except them. “Why would i look? That’s ur thing!”
“Every other couple are doing it Guk & im pretty sure you’ll do it more often when u finally have ur mate.” Jimin teased him again. Jungkook finally look at his brother when he feels like its safe to look. They stared at each other, giving each other a knowing look.
That’s the thing between Yoongi & Jungkook, there are times that they dont have to speak but they could understand each other already. So Jimin is cluless when Yoongi let go of him & walk towards his brother. “I know you will always choose the right thing Guk, im so proud of u.”
It’s only when the two Alphas hugged when Jimin fully understand that Jungkook finally agreed to his brother’s suggestion. “But I have one condition.” Jk voiced out when the two was about to go back to their room. “Name it” Yoongi replied showing his gummy smile.
“I want the penthouse in the City. The one you always told me not to visit. THE SILLA!” Jungkook uttered with a smug face, knowing that he’ll get what he wants now. Yoongi’s eyes widened upon realizing which penthouse his brother is talking about, but then he smirked when he
remembered the reason why he never allowed Jk to go there. It’s because on that penthouse, live the one & only pure blooded Omega son of Alpha Namjoon, of La Luna pack. Yoongi smirked & looked at him. “Sure Guk! The key is hanging at the back of ur Spiderman wall clock!”
Jimin & Yoongi are already gone but Jk is still frozen on his feet because WTF, the key he’s been looking for is what?? Hanging on his room all those time! He was about to throw another tantrum when he realized that at least he’ll have the apartment for himself now!
*****PRESENT****** “You’re not surprised at all” Seokjin stated when he noticed that Jungkook didn’t even budge when he talk about marrying his son. “Would u like to come in hyung?” Guk opens his door wider to let the Omega in. But Jin turned to Minho before entering.
“Minho, u can go back inside so when my son wakes up just tell him I’m out for a stroll.” Seokjin uttered. The Alpha didn’t even ask question before going back inside their apartment. Seokjin’s eyes immediately roam around the space. It’s as elegant as his son’s but it’s still
not organized yet. Then he was about to sit down when he smell something burning from the kitchen followed by thread of curses from the young Alpha. Seokjin decided to join Jungkook , only to find him covering his nose to avoid the disgusting smell of the burnt food.
When Jungkook noticed the beautiful Omega joined him in his kitchen, he cant help but feel embarrassed. “Im sorry hyung, I’m just not used to this.” Jk gestured on the burnt pan in his shrink. “Its okay Guk, dont worry about it. After all, im not the one u need to impress.”
It’s been a while since Seokjin left but Jungkook is still frozen on his kitchen. He’s not sure if it’s a good thing knowing that the parents of the Omega he is about to woo is in favor of him. Also, why did Seokjin enter the door next to his?! And that Alpha who helped him
the other night. Now Guk is curious about the Omega he needs to woo too so he called his friends to hear their opinion regarding this matter. Yugyeom was he first one to arrive,followed by Bambam & Jaehyun. Mingyu said he’ll be late coz he’s in the middle of a meeting too.
Yugyeom observes his childhood bestfriend while the others are busy devouring the food they bought along the way. He immediately noticed Guk’s unusual silence, well he’s quiet all the time especially when there are other people around but it’s their circle, so it’s a bit odd.
“So Guk, what’s this all about?!” Bambam asked when he also noticed the heavy tension in the room. “U were never a morning person Guk, but u asked everyone to come here so, what’s going on?” it’s Jaehyun this time. The pure blooded Alpha look them one by one to their eyes.
“I am getting married!” It’s almost comical when Yugyeom & Bambam started to choke on his food while Jaehyun started to laugh. “Yah, Jungkook aren’t you being too much? Woah! U woke up early just to pull this prank on us?!”the Alpha from another pack even playfully hit him.
“Istg, you pull that prank one more time and you’ll see what I’ll do to you!” Yugyeom managed to utter when his throat is finally clear of food. Bambam is also glaring. But when the 3 Alphas noticed his face & his silence, they all drop their jaws! “U’ve got to be kidding me!”
Yugyeom who’s the closest to him stood up only to pull him up from his shirt’s collar. “You’re the only pure blood of Selene Pack & I dont care if you’re the heir to the pack so u don’t get to joke around about you getting married Guk! U know our elders have been praying for u!”
Bambam & Jaehyun didn’t even bother to stop their friends, they know how conservative the two are but Yugyeom is a bit more over protective when it comes to their pack. So they remained quiet & let the two settle their dispute. “I guess their prayers worked! I found my mate!”
Yugyeom let go of his friend’s collar when he finally believe that he’s not just pranking them. Jungkook would never let him go away with what he did if he’s in his normal mind, but the uneasiness that’s written all over his face is a clear indication that he’s bothered.
“Fine, sit down and tell us everything! But tell us first,how did you find ur mate and which pack did he or she came from?!” he bombarded him questions. But before he even speak, Bambam cut him off. “Wait, is ur mate a female or a male?!” he asked, all their eyes focus on him.
Jungkook tried to swallow his nervousness before looking at his friends. “I didn’t actually met my mate yet, but Yoongi hyung & Jimin hyung really—“ “Yah, Jungkook! Is ur mate he or a she?!” its Jaehyun this time. He noticed that all his friends are on the edge of their seat.
“My mate is a he!” he blurted out & he saw how his fellow Alpha finally relax on their seats. “Well, that is all that matters.” Bambam mumbled before leaning at the back of his chair. “WTF?! Were u really more concerned about that than the fact that i dont have a boyfriend and
yet here I am twlling you that im about to get married?!” Jungkook is beyond frustrated. “Exactly Guk. We all know u dont have any plans of getting married at all coz u are too hang up with the Pure Blood myth, so if ur brothers know about this marriage it only means u have to
do it not because u found ur mate, but because you have to marry the one you need to claim!” Bambam expressed his disappointment too. “Well, that’s the thing. I have to marry for Selene.” Jungkook admitted it to them. Yugyeom’s ears perched up on the mention of their pack.
“What the hell do u mean by that?!” Yugyeom asked his bestfriend again. “Well, i dont want any of u think that im blaming anyone okay. This is all because of Seojoon. He’s planning on taking the North in Selene.” Jungkook looked at Jaehyun who fell into silence. They all know
how greedy that pack leader is so they’re not really surprise at all. “Guk, if that’s the only reason why u have to get married, then u dont have to get married! U know we can fight them right?!” “I know you’ll die for Selene Yugz, but can u really afford to sacrifice our
pack’s peace right now?” Jk asked his childhood bestfriend. But when he saw the glint of red in Yugyeom’s eyes, he knows his bestfriend undertstands. “This is so f*cked up!”Bambam commented. “So who’s the unlucky man?!” Jae tried to lighten their mood. Jungkook looked at them.
“I haven’t talked to him yet but, it’s Taehyung, the male omega son of La Luna pack.” he informed them. Yugyeom, Bambam & Jaehyun’s eyes widened at the same time! Coz how could he not know the most beautiful Omega alive?! Taehyung is everyone’s dream mate but no one is good
enough to catch his attention. Even Bambam once tried to hit on him but Taehyung politely declined him and they just became friends. “You’re so dead Guk!” Bambam suddenly started to laugh. Jaehyun & Yugyeom knows about the incident so they joined him too.
Jungkook turned to be surprised to his friend’s reactions. But what made him angry is when Bambam warned him as if that omega they’re talkin about is really good enough for a pure blooded Alpha like him. “Yah, do u really know him?” he asked hpthe 3 other Alphas in the room.
Yugyeom was the first one who replied. “Guk I really cant believe you dont know Taehyung. U used to play at their cottage back in the La Luna.” “Damn it! There are atleast 30 other children who are playing with me back time, how would I know that one of them is Taehyung?!”
“Well, better prepare urself tough Alpha, you’re up to a fight. You’re lucky if you have his parents approval but I’m telling u man, Taehyung isn’t just ur ordinary omega wolf!” Jaehyun warned him while imagining the beautiful Omega they’re talking about. Jk turned to Bambam.
Bambam raised his brows when he saw Jungkook’s waiting reaction. “What do you wanna know?!” he asked when he realized Jungkook wanted to ask him a question. “D-do u really know Taehyung? Where did u even meet him that I dont know of him?” the pure blood hesitated.
“I met him in the bar that one time I went there alone, u wouldn’t believe it Guk but he’s damn beautiful. And when he started to dance in the dance floor, i never wanted to rut that hard! He’s a walking sin!” Bambam even licked his lips imagining the Omega. (Bam’s Imagination)
“Yah, Bam! You’re drooling!” Jaehyun teased his fellow alpha. But he knows deeps inside him, his friend isn’t lying. He already met Taehyung too and he’s really THAT BEAUTIFUL. Jungkook didn’t know why he suddenly felt uncomfortable listening to his friends talkig about his
future mate like that. His wolf feels like ready growl anytime but he tried to hold it back. “But if he’s that beautiful, why didn’t you make a move to him then?!” he challenge his friends. Jaehyun & Bam exchanged a knowing look. Yugyeom felt that too, but didn’t say a thing.
“No one is good enough for Kim Taehyung, Guk. Many tried to woo him but no one ever got to him, not even first base!” Bambam the confessed to him. Guk furrowed his brows upon hearing that information, but deep inside him he’s excited to know that. His future mate is untouched!
“Really?! He’s that picky huh?!” Jk said with a smirk. His spirit of competitiveness is itching. He knows that no Omega can resist him and he’ll make sure that it wont change. Not even that Kim Taehyung! “Guk..ur scent” Yugyeom called him out when they all smell his scent.
Of course, Jungkook is clueless. Remember in this realm they cant smell their own. “What about it?!” he asked his friends who are all flinching away from him. “Either u’re just too excited for the challenge or u’re already arouse thinking of ur virgin mate!” they all told him.
“WTF, NO!” Jungkook denied furiously! “I am just really curious about him since it seems like everyone I know already knows who am I going to marry and Im the only one who remains oblivious about him.” he said trying to ignore the warmth & blush he feels in his cheeks.
“Alright, whatever you say big bad alpha wolf!” Yugyeom replied to him, obviously mocking him. The four of them continue to eat their food in bickering here and there. Jungkook finally feel relieved now that he confided to his trusted friends.
**** Here’s the thing, it’s beem 3days passed when Seokjin went to the City to talk to his son about the proposal and they both agreed that he’ll think about it first. It’s already full moon tonight & Jin hasn’t heard anything from his son yet. He knows that he promised Namjoon
that he’s not gonna force their son but he’s getting desperate each tick of the clock. Seojoon could’ve planned an entire attack to the Selene by now. But when a familiar white ball of fur appeared at their door step, Seokjin quickly get up to welcome their son home.
Tae as human is ethereal but when u see his natural form, you’ll be on ur knees because he’s the only pure white wolf in the whole land of Daegu. His fur is softer than silk & his eyes is as beautiful as the full moon. Seokjin kneel down so he could nuzzle his son’s soft fur.
The two spent a little more time rolling around the floor until Taehyung decided to shift to his human form so they could finally speak properly, not that his father wont understand him because he does. Wolves feom the same bloodline have the special link to communicate wih each
other when the other is in his natural form while the other is in his human form. Seokjin watched as Taehyung took the robe that’s neatly folded on the side table of their living room. His parents would always put robes in every corner of their cottage because of his habit of
shifting anytime, anywhere. In the reaml of wolves, naked bodies are very normal. It’s not a taboo nor something to be shy about. But since Taehyung has a batallion of admirers, Namjoon & Seokjin started to be more protective when it comes to their beautiful son.
“I’m glad you finally came home Taehyungie”. Seokjin ruffles his son’s fluffy blonde hair, his original hair color. “I wouldn’t miss to celebrate a full moon with you & father Namjoon, Amahan.” Tae smiled at him. “Besides,I heard that the Selene pack will join us tonight.”
Seokjin is not surprised anymore, of course Taehyung should’ve seen the preparations their people are doing in the plaza. “Oh yeah, about that..Taehyung, the Selene pack will join us tonight to inform us about their intention of wooing you.” Seokjin informed him.
Taehyung raised his brows. This is the first time a whole family of wolves will visit them on a full moon just to show their intention of wooing him. It must have been hos father’s idea. Of course Jin knows all his ideal stuff when it comes to marrying, marking & mating stuff!
“Amahan, i know i told you I’ll think about what you asked of me and I know you’re all doing this so I could say yes but please dont let ur hopes high. U know how I value everything when it comes to my future mate.” Taehyung voiced out that made Seokjin speechless.
“Oh, of course my son. You will still always be my priority. Your happiness is our happiness too. But can u atleast give that young Alpha a chance to prove himself to you?” Seokjin just couldnt give up. Then Taehyung smiled at his father. “Okay, let’s see what he’s got.”
****FULL MOON**** Wolves are known to be descendants of the moon. Legends say that the firs wolf who shifted to human form happened during the blood moon which is why all wolves are celebrating during full moon. Every pack has their own rituals to show their gratefulness to the
god & goddess of the moon. In Bulan, they usually offer their livestocks while doing the Dayang-Dayang, a ritual dance to praise the moon. In Alqamar, they do hunting spree where all their preys will be offered to the moon. It’s always bloody & scary for outsiders.
Selene’s celebration is always the grandest. Since they are the packs who values entertainment a lot! They usually celebrate the full moon with lots of song & dances! But tonight, they brought their stage in La Luna because they have to impress someone very important.
The celebration in La Luna is not so different to their usual celebration where they prepare a feast of food. They opened their gate to anyone who wants to partake with their free flowing food & drinks. But tonight is extra special coz they have a stage built at the center
of their plaze where the Selenes will perform later in that evening when the moon reached its fullness. Both leaders are excited & nervous because this is the first time in decades that two packs will celebrate a full moon. Last time was when Seokjin & Namjoon got married!
After changing for the nth time, Taehyung finally decided that his simple white shirt woven by his good friend Yoona is good enough for the occasion. But since he wasn’t satisfied with his hair at first, it took him another hour to curl his newly dyed black hair.
When Taehyung finally went out to join his parents at the leader’s table, the Selenes cant help to stare at him with awe! The wolves with golden eyes from Selene pack know that their heir is beautiful but Taehyung, the heir of Lunas is ethereal. He looks beautifully unreal.
“Oh deity among deities! Taehyungiiieeee!” Jimin squealed the moment he laid eyes to the most beautiful Omega he has ever seen. The leaders & Seokjin gave the two a fond smile when thetwo started to nuzzle their noses at each other. Taehyung still smells like Namjoon & Seokjin.
Taehyung enjoys Jimin’s lavender scent mix with vanilla. The other Selenes who witnessed the exchanged of the two are also happy to see that Taehyung isn’t stranger to their pack at all. They’re all excited for the unraveling of the events this evening.
And just when Tae finished greeting their pack leaders & the elders, and he finally found his seat beside his parents, the music from the gigantic speakers started to play. The lights were turned soft with a hue of red & blue. The beats of the drum became louder & louder.
The wolves in the audience are all getting excited! The Lunas are anxious not knowing what to expect coz ths is their first time to watch a live performance! Then the music stopped! Everything turned into darkness. And there in the center of the stage, the Alpha appeared!
Yoongi & Jimin looked at each other, of course they’re not surprised anymore. They both raised Jungkook into being the best performer in the Land. Not even Jimin & his own trainer could ever compare because when the Alpha moves, he conveys message. “He really pulled that off!”
Jungkook started to move in a rhythm only him can hear! This is his first performance to show his intention to marry the Lunas heir, their Omega so he wanted it to be flawless. He’s doing a good job until he finally meet the eyes of the most beautiful wolf in the land!
Flashes of gold appeared in Jungkook’s eyes when he saw the flashes of blue in Taehyung’s eyes! Both of them stiffened on their places. Namjoon, Seokjin & Yoongi both stood up from their seat. Because among all the wolves in there, they’re the only strong ones who felt it!
Yoongi’s eyes are focus on Namjoon. The two leaders can also feel it in the link that’s starting to form between them. “This is impossible!” Namjoon mumbled to himself as he feels what Yoongi exactly feels. Seokjin & Jimin started to caught up too. The link spreading on them!
Taehyung & Jungkook are still oblivious of the things happening to their families. Taehyung is too focus to decode the beats he can hear in his head when everyone hears nothing! Jungkook on the other hand prepares to his next performance, he’s trying his best to ignore the
most addicting scent he started to smell during the end of his first performance. He tried to scrunch his nose hoping that the smell will go away but it seems like it already imprinted itself to his nose. He looked around trying to find the source but he’s only meet with a set
of blue eyes. Jk avert his eyes trying to remember the next moves of his final performance for the evening. Yugyeom went over to him to remind him to focus when the other Alpha noticed that he’s getting distracted! “Can u track who’s smell is that Yugz, it’s heavenly.”
Yugyeom just cupped his face & meet his eyes. “Your future mate is watching you, so u better pull ur head together and focus on ur performance. Now, go get ur Omega big bad Alpha!”His childhood bestfriend encouraged him. Jungkook finally nodded & went back to the center stage.
Seokjin hold his son’s hand when he feels like Taehyung is holding his breathe. “Tae, my son are you okay?” he asked worriedly though he already has an idea of what’s going on with him. Seokjin knows his son’s scent & they waited for so long before he could finally have his own.
Seokjin & other wolves in the audience started to look around when Taehyung’s scent skyrocketed the moment Jungkook went back to the center stage. The Alpha is trying so hard not to loose control but the scent Taehyung is producing is really addicting!It drives his wolf insane!
The scent is like a blend of fruit & flowers, like rose. It starts with top notes of ripe apple, luscious peach & a pinch of grapefruit that give way to beautiful middle smell of cherry blossom & hydrangea. The vanilla made the overall scent so intoxicatingly sweet!
Seokjin is finally interrupted when the music starts to play again. This time Jungkook is not alone on the stage, there are many other Selenes who are wearing different colors while the Alpha is still on his black kimono that exudes elegance & power. Taehyung is watching.
When Jimin said that Jungkook is the best performer in the land, he meant it. There is no props, costumes or movements that dont have a meaning. So when they saw the masks, the colourful costumes & the white cloth, Jimin & Yoongi couldn't be more prouder to watch Jungkook!
But what really surprised everyone in the audience is not just the dance anymore, it’s the end part of it that Jungkook, the heir of Selene pack, a pure blooded Alpha bare his neck in front of them all! “What the hell did he just do?!” Yugyeom cursed at the backstage!
You see, Alphas are born to be a leader. They are the superior beings in the realm of the wolves so they are naturally strong & powerful. They do not submit themselves to anybody because they are the ones who make others submit unto them. So imagine the surprise of Selene & Lunas
when Jungkook openly offered his bare neck to the Omega sitting right next to his parents. Even Yoongi & Jimin did not expect that he would do that knowing how egoistic he is. They never imagined nor dreamed about seeing Jungkook easily submit himself to an Omega!
The audience erupted to howls and cheers, when the music finally stopped. Both packs are so impressed with the bravery & courage Jungkook has shown just to prove his loyalty & sincerity to the young Omega he wants to marry. Everyone is waiting for Taehyung's reaction.
Well, everything is going according to Jungkook's plan. HE knows he needs to impress the bratty Omega just so he would agree to marry him. He even got the approval of the packs based on the cheers of encouragement that he hears. Even Namjoon & SEokjin already agreed to it.
Now the problem is, Taehyung can clearly hear his thoughts. He knows that Jungkook was distracted all night because of a certain scent. He also knows that Jk wanted to end this as fast as he could so he could finally find the source of the intoxicating smell he cant get rid off.
So everyone fell into silence when Taehyung stood up from his seat, walk towards Jungkook so he could look into his eyes. They both know no one can hear them because the gap between them and the audience is quite spacious. Jungkook blinks when the smell intensified.
"Nice performance you got there Alpha, but not quite good enough to be the best performance I have ever seen. Now, if you'll excuse me I need to change coz according to the elders, I have to respond to that performance too." Tae felt the gaze burning at his back when he left.
Jungkook is speechless. He is so sure of it now. The smell that knock him off his feet came from no other than his future mate. He is very sure that the performance that he did was the best Taehyung had ever seen, but what he couldn't understand is, why did Taehyung look so mad?
But since he’s still on stage, he just turned to the audience & wave as if everything is okay. He pick up the white cloth that he drop a while ago & went to his seat right beside his pack leader. Namjoon & Seokjin hugged him when he reached the table while Jimin & Yoongi
congratulated him for the amazing performance. “The last act is really amazing Guk! I didn’t even saw you rehearsing that part even once.” Jimin commended his dance. Jungkook just smiled at his hyung because to bw honest, he himself doesn’t even know why he did that!
All he know was he’s performing for his future mate & when he met Taehyung’s blue eyes, he knew he has to impress him thus his body was compelled to give his all. He didn’t even realized that he was doing the submitting dance because only mated wolves should learn that.
All Jungkook’s worries vanished when he smells the scent that almost drove him crazy while he’s performing. Then he saw Taehyung who’s now changed into dark dress shirt, opposite to his white clothes just a while ago. They look at each other as if they’re challenging each other.
The Lunas know how beautiful Taehyung’s voice is because he already sang to them when he was younger, but they were still all amazed when he started to sing the song he wished to sing for the right person who will knock him off his feet. It’s a song he wrote when he turned 18.
“I’ve spent a thousand nights Lost in your pure golden eyes Lost in a place where I know u can see my soul Make me lose track of time U and ur pure golden eyes Suddenly feels like i have finally found my home” Then Taehyung stopped when he heard Jungkook’s thought again!
The Alpha who just proposed to him in front of his own pack is thinking of another Omega who smelled like what?! Taehyung closed his eyes when he feels like his wolf wants to take over him. No, he wouldn't be fooled by this Alpha no matter how good he smell to Taehyung.
Everyone in the audience are looking at the Omega who suddenly stopped singing. Even Namjoon & Seokjin even got worried,but when they saw Taehyung who walks toward the sound system, they knew he's fine. No one expected him to suddenly change his music in the middle of the song.
Since the Alpha who just fooled everyone except him is watching him intently now as if he wasn't just thinking of another omega, Taehyung decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. He chose a sultry song that he can dance a little bit. He slowly walk back to the center
stage & began singing along to the song he doesn’t even know. He just really want to made fun of the Alpha’s performance. But his little stunt back fired to him when Jungkook released more pheromones. He feels like he’s being intoxicated by the smell of the f*cking hot Alpha!
When Taehyung realized that Jungkook might be just using that trick to lure him he got enough. How could this a****** of an Alpha tried to seduce & deceit him in his own land?! If he thinks he could make Taehyung submit, he needs to rethink it again because the omega refuses to
submit to a lying Alpha who is obviously a cheater and a player since they weren’t even married yet, is already thinking about other Omegas already. So no, Taehyung knows he has to step up his game. So he gracefully finished that song & went back to the musicians only to ask
them to play his favorite song. He even pick up the mask he prepared just in case something like his happened. He looked back at the Alpha who’s still looking at him then he went back to the stage & sing the song that will surely deliver his message to Jungkook.
“A sound of ng breaking I awake from sleep A sound full of unfamiliarity Try to cover my ears but cant go to sleep The pain in my throat gets worse Try to cover it I dont have a voice Today I hear that sound again” Jungkook froze on his seat.
Yoongi & Namjoon looked at Jungkook worriedly. Everyone can sense his agitated wolf & the moon knows how Jk is fighting so hard not to just jump on Taehyung right at that moment. The omega looks so mouthwatering & the Alpha hates it when he look at the other men watching him.
Tae on the other hand blocked everything in his mind. He doesn’t wanna hear the Alpha’s thoughts again. And just concentrated on giving his all to his final performance. Everyone is so focus on him, his every move, his voice, his facial reactions until he’s done with the song.
Taehyung was about to get off the stage when a strong arm pulled him on his waist. NO,he is not being pulled. He is carried because he couldn't feel the ground on his feet. Everyone gasped when they saw Jungkook joined him on the stage only to be shocked when they saw how he
carried Taehyung like a rug doll who weighs nothing at all. Namjoon & Yoongi both gave their packs a signal to ignore the newly engaged wolves and continue with the celebration. Jimin & Seokjin gave each other a thumbs up thinking that everything is going well for everyone.
Little did the Lunas and Selene know, Taehyung finally pulled himself together and realized what's going on. They are at least a mile away from the celebration when he started to struggle and try to free himself from the Alpha's strong grip on his waist. "Let me go!" he yelled.
When Guk heard the Omega's strained voice, he immediately put him down carefully on the ground. But even before Tae could walk away from him, the Alpha took off his own upper kimono & wrap it to the Omega who's wearing a thin clothing. "Maybe we need to fix ur closet soon."
Taehyung opened his mouth only to close it again when he realized he doesn’t have anything to say. But he immediately regret being quiet when he heard the Alpha talks again. “Lost ur voice Omega?! That mouth made every other wolves in the plaza drool & moan just a while ago!”
Taehyung’s eyes widened when he heard the Alpha talked so disrespectfully with him. If he couldn’t find his voice just a while ago because he’s still intoxicated by his smell, then he wouldn’t shut up now that Jungkook obviously want to start a war with him! “You pervert!”
The moon knows Taehyung tried his best to at least take the Alpha by surprise, but Goddamn it! Guk is faster than a lightning because the moment he was about to kick his shins, the Alpha already maneuvered & that only cause him to trip on his own feet. Good thing Guk is quick.
Guk needed to hold his breathe just to stop his wolf from dominating him. When he saw Tae about to land on the ground, he immediately skidded to catch him & that put them in this very compromising position where Taehyung is on top of him while he’s laying on the ground.
The two of them fell into silence & no one dare to move coz they’re too concentrated to each other’s breathing. They are still on that position when Seokjin & Jimin found them. The Omegas were both worried so they decided to follow them only to get the shocked of their lives!
Jimin was the first one who fake coughs to get the attention of the two while Seokjin chose to look away because of teh embarrassment! He knows his son is a bratty virgin & he never imagined in his life to see him on top of an Alpha who just proposed to him a while ago!
“If you are both decent enough now, can we all go back to the plaza so we could finish the ritual?” Seokjin tried to hide his embarrassment but he cant help but be a little bit disappointed at his own son. “OMG, Amahan, istg its not what u thing it is” the Omega screamed out of
frustration. Coz how could he even explain it to his own father if he was really found on top of Guk who keeps producing more pheromones based on his scent! Now Tae cant even imagine what kind of smell he’s producing that Seokjin even believe that they’re doing the dirty!
“Save it Taehyung. Now hurry up before other wolves can see you doing only the moon knows what you’re doing with your Alpha!” Seokjin voiced out before sprinting away from them, Jimin in tow. Taehyung turned to Jungkook & glared at him! “This is all ur fault!” he pointed at him.
Guk genuinely feels really sorry when he noticed that Taehyung is really upset. He quickly fish out the white cloth he hid on his pocket a while ago and use it to wipe Taehyung’s tears. “Taehyung I’m really sorry this happened, I didn’t mean to put u in trouble.” he apologized.
Taehyung is taken a back with the soft voice & caring gesture coming from the Alpha. But then again, he remembers that the same Alpha & his whole pack came to impress him.. all the kind gestures & sweet thoughts! Taehyung thought to give the Alpha a taste of his own medicine.
“Let’s just go back to the plaza” Tae acted as if he’s still upset when the wheels on his head is actually turning upside down. But then Jk grab his wrist & turn him around so they’re now facing at each other with only few feet away from each other. “You dont have to say yes.”
Taehyung’s jaw dropped again. “What?!” the omega is getting confused. “I said, u dont have say yes to me, to my proposal. If you think im forcing you to marry me, then please just decline my intention & my pack & i will silently go home.” Jk explained to him.
Taehyung’s wolf believes the Alpha whole heartedly, but then again Tae had enough of people trying to deceive him already so he chose to accept the war, Jungkook has started with him.He didn’t reply to the Alpha with him & they both remained quiet until they arrived in the plaza.
Every single wolves from both packs are staring at them. Everyone is excited fo hear the official proposal of Alpha Jungkook of Selene pack & the answer of Omega Taehyung of the La Luna. The two went on stage & face their audience. It has to be Jungkook who should speak first,
but Tae had enough of the Alpha’s two-faced game already so instead of saying something, he just close the distance between them, laced his hand around Jungkook’s neck before landing a kiss on the Alpha’s lips! The plaza erupted with howls & cheers for the newly engage wolves!
“Lunas my family, Selenes, Jungkook family—we are getting married!” Taehyung announced when he finished making sure that the Alpha is too flustered to speak again. Well, that’s his biggest mistake because Jungkook’s wolf is unstoppable this time. When Taehyung put back the
microphone on its stand, Jungkook wrapped his 2 strong muscular arms around Taehyung’s tiny waist & when the omega opened his mouth to yell at him, the Alpha is quick enough to shut him up with his own hungry lips! Hoseok, the Divinity witnessed it all. “It’s about time🥰
It’s been 2 days since the engagement of Alpha Jungkook of Selene pack & Omega Taehyung of La Luna pack happened but the people are still in awe about it. They love how grandiose the proposal was & they’re enchanted with the Omega’s reply. Everyone feels so excited about it!
Seokjin & Jimin even started the preparation for the wedding. Taehyung’s Amahan wants the best for his one & only son so he started to make a list of the things he wanted for the wedding of the decade! Jimin feels the same so he already started the rehearsals for Jk’s big day!
Meanwhile, the two newly engaged wolves finally went back to SHILLA. They also learned that they’re living next to each other & they both flushed red when Seokjin reminded them to control themselves & that they should avoid making love everytime. They both tried to deny it, but
their plead went to a deaf ear since both Seokjin & Jimin believe that they’re so attracted to each other that they couldn’t even wait to be inside a private room before doing the dirty. That’s why when Seokjin asked Minho not to go back with Taehyung anymore,the young omega was
too scandalized so he ignored his Amahan and force alpha Minho to go back with him in the City. Seokjin laughed when he learned that Minho went back with his son to the City because the truth is, he knows that nothing really is going on with his son and his future Alpha.
He just love to tease the two young wolves who are obviously both born to be together. Smeokjin is a hopeless romantic so just imagine how ecstatic he was when he confirmed that the two might be one true mates. After all, he just wants the best for his one and only son.
When Tae returned to the City, he made it his life mission not to listen to Jungkook’s thoughts. And it’s only when he’s laying on his bed when he realized that he could really actually hear someone’s thoughts. At first it was just Jungkook & his perverted mind towards an omega,
but if he concentrates more, he realized that he could really actually listen to anyone else’s thoughts. Taehyung stood up to find Minho to check if his theory is right but the Alpha is nowhere to be find. At first Tae decided to wait for him but since he’s dying of curiosity
and excitement, he just decided to go to the lobby & listen to anyone else’s thoughts there. So without even making an effort to change his booty shorts & oversized shirt, he opened his door only to bumped into someone who reeks of Alpha’ scent. And before he could even look,
he heard the thoughts of the person he bumped into. {DAMN, JEON REALLY WON THE JACKPOT HUH?! HIS OMEGA REALLY LOOKS LIKE FU—} “Don’t you dare think about f*cking me because that’s not going to happen!” Tae continued his train of thoughts for the Alpha he recognized as Mingyu.
Mingyu froze on his feet when he heard the sassy remark of the beautiful Omega who unfortunately is his bestfriend’s future mate. “Woah, I didn’t even—“ Mingyu was cut off again. “Coz u’re just afraid that ur bestfriend will ripped off ur head if u lay a finger on me.”
Mingyu’s eyes widened when he heard his exact thought from the Omega’s mouth. He knows Taehyung is a pure Blood & there’s a big possibility that he has a special gift but he isn’t mated yet so it’s impossible for him to read his mind. He just thought it as a coincidence.
Taehyung smirked at the alpha’s confusion in front of him. They’re still staring at each other as if trying to read each other’s mind when the door from the other apartment slammed open. A very unimpressed Alpha glared at them, his eyes raking at the Omega’s exposed legs.
“Mingyu.” Both Taehyung & the other Alpha turned to Jungkook. “I thought you have an urgent matter to report to me that’s why you called so early in the morning? I didn’t expect you to be—“ Jk is cut off when he saw Tae biting his lower lip like he’s trying to supress a smile.
Jungkook tried to avert his gaze from the Omega & just focus on Mingyu. {IS HE REALLY GETTING JEALOUS?! WTF, THEY ARE NOT EVEN MATED YET AND HE’S ALREADY POSSESSIVE} -Mingyu’s thoughts. “U know what, can u just get inside?!” Jk cut himself off & open his door wider for Mingyu.
When Mingyu finally enter Jungkook’s apartment, the pure blood Alpha closed his door only to walk towards Tae. He grabbed the Omega’s wrist & drag him back inside his own apartment. “What do u think are u doing?!”Jk asked, a flash of gold in his eyes. Taehyung stared at it.
“Do u really hate me that much that u even wanted to seduce my friends?!JK gritted his teeth. His wolf going insane by the mere idea of Tae looking at the other alpha. Jk keeps blabbering when he noticed Tae isn’t listening to him at all. The omega is just staring at his eyes.
“Y-your’s golden” Tae lifted his hand to caress the Alpha’s face but Jk is fast enough to catch his wrist on air. The alpha blinked & stare back to the Omega who’s driving him nuts. This never happened to him, the emotion, the uncontrolled changing of his eye color,
the sudden race of his heart beats. All those concepts are new to him, and he’s too afraid that everything that he’s been feeling this past two days is cause by just one wolf, an omega who managed to plant himself on Jungkook’s mind since that night they first met!
Jungkook then let fo of the Omega’s wrist. “I dont know what stuff are inside your closet because to be honest i dont wanna know but now that you’re not living alone in this floor, can u at least make sure to wesr something decent.” Jungkook looked at his oversized shirt that
probably made the Alpha hink he’s not wearing anything under it. Taehyung’s face turned crimson red but of course he’s a brat who just dont know when to shut up! “Excuse you Mr.Ionlyhavewhiteshirtsandsweatpantsinmycloset, but as far as im concern, I’m always decent!”he replied!
Jk squinted his eyes. The audacity of this omega to call out his white shirts?! “Decent?! Is this what you call decent?! We both know that if Mingyu didn’t know that you’re my future mate, he couldve bend you over right in front of ur door easily coz, look at u!” jk is mad.
Taehyung’s eyes widened upon picturing the scandalous scenario in his head. “Yah! Do u really think I would’ve allowed him to do that to me?!” Tae replied with equal fury. “U dont even know that alpha, Taehyung. He’s my second in command. A full pledge watchman of Daegu!”
“And so? I might be an Omega too but im a man. I can take csre of myself.” Tae replied without thinking. Jungkook knows that arguing with his future mate is futile. Taehyung is stubborn & Mingyu is waiting for him to report something important so he just sighed and decided to
leave, cutting short his argument with the Omega. He was about to leave when Taehyung pushed his button again! “See, I can even protect myself from the Chief of defense without a single sweat” Tae remarks with a smug face. Jungkook counted on his head & tried to ignore him but
Taehyung indeed is a spawn of Satan. “So much for the Big Bad Alpha title huh?!” the Omega scoffed turning his back from the Alpha—and that is his biggest mistake because he failed to see when Jk eyes turned golden once again. The alpha turned & closed their gap, his one arm
laced on Taehyung’s waist while his other hand pulled the Omega’s nape pinning him on the nearest wall before smashing their lips together. Taehyung’s eyes flashed blazing blue when he realized what just happened!
Mingyu ,got bored while waiting for his Chief so he decided to check on him. He opened the door only to see an empty hallway. Then he furrowed his brows when he noticed that the door on the opposite side is open so he decided to check if Jungkook happened to be in there.
"Jung--Oh!" Mingyu wasn't able to finish calling out his friend when he saw the couple making out inside. Taehyung immediately pushed the Alpha away from him when he noticed that someone is watching them. "What the--" Tae is cut off by Guk again. "See you later baby."
Jungkook smirked when he notice Taheyung's swollen lips, before dragging Mingyu back to his own apartment. He quickly closed the door before jumping on his own couch & roll over to the next while smiling to himself. Mingyu shook his head while watching their idiot Chief!
"Show off!" Mingyu yelled at Jk when the Alpha remained smiling while trailing his lips with his own fingers. "Hmmn? I wasn't the one who just barged in," he even had the audacity to raised his brows to Mingyu who couldn't believe how whipped he is for his future mate.
"Yah! U can sense anyone approaching u in a mile radius so stop f*cking lying to my face and just tell me that u want to show off that Taehyung is your Omega since u got jealous when u saw him talking to me earlier!"Mingyu finally joined him on the couch. Jungkook turned to him,
"U know what, you're lucky you're not Taehyung because I just learned a new strategy to shut up someone." Jk bragged before taking the folder brought by his second in command. Mingyu observes his friend. It's just been two days since he met Taehyung but why does he look bulkier?
His usually messy hair still looks messy but it also looks fluffier & softer. His jaw line became more prominent that complimented his chiseled like nose. Then he also stare at the pure blood's arms & limbs. Why does it feels like Jungkook look bigger than the last time they met?
Jungkook isn't oblivious of his friend's assessing eyes, so when Mingyu finally sighed beside him he put down the folder & turned into him. "U know that I'm getting married soon right?" Jk asked, trying to get Mingyu comfortable first. "Yeah, of course the whole land knows!"
"And u know that no matter how I'm against this marriage, I will never cheat on Taehyung right? Mingyu you are my---" Jungkook wasn't able to finish his sentence when the other Alpha finally understands what he's getting at. Mingyu gave him a good punch in his jaw! "WTF!"
"Yah, Jeon Jungkook! I know u scored the most beautiful Omega in the land but that doesn't mean i will fall for u too?! Damn it!" Mingyu said while caressing his own knuckles that's probably more painful than Jk's jaw at the moment. "Then why are u staring at me like that?!"
"Oh goddess of the moon! You're really a f*cking idiot! I'm just curious Guk, have u seen yourself lately?" Mingyu pointed at him. "Of course, I look at the mirror when I brush my teeth, what about it?!" JK replied, confused. "Man, u seem bulkier? I mean we know you're ripped
but look at you." Mingyu said tapping on his chest. Jungkook turned to face the mirror standing on the side of his living room & observe himself. Then it hit him, the pure blood legends, the mated Alphas, those beliefs are real. "But u aren't even mated yet?" Mingyu asked.
The two are looking at each other through the mirror but Mingyu can still see the serious face of Jk. It’s the expression he has when he’s thinking deep & about to launch an attack or to build a defense trap. So the wolf with a brown hair just kept quiet & waited for his chief to
speak. The second in command Alpha almost jumped off his seat when Jk finally talked. “U were once a scribe before u joined the watchmen right?” “Y-yes, but Guk that was when I was still in high school.” Mingyu isn’t sure of what he’s up to so he’s trying to be cautious.
“Then u ahould know the legends of One True Mate right?!” Jk asked, his eyes hopeful. “Woah! U must really be so whipped to that Omega huh?! Guk, the legend says that when two pure blooded Alpha & Omega are mated, the two will have a special gifts from the divinity. But not all
Pure Blooded Couple will be blessed! Only those who are truly & irrevocably in love to each other. The love should be mutual. Coz if they’re not in love but mated, that means they got married for a wrong reason.” Mingyu explained it to him before answering his sudden phone call.
Jk wanted to regret asking. Coz now that he knows the truth behind the legend of pure bloods, how could he not think about it?! He & Tae are about to loose their chance of having a special gift just because they’re not inlove & they’re getting married for a wrong reason!
Jk is still in his deep thoughts when Mingyu informed him that the call came from the headquarters so he needs to go back since Jk will be on leave for his wedding preparations. The second in command will take over his position while he’s gone. Mingyu is already at the door when
he remembers something. “Ah, Guk i just remembered. Pure bloods who are born to be together will still have a special gifts even when they accidentally get married & mated for the wrong reason. According to Ynang, those pure bloods are hand picked by the Divinity.” he explained.
Mingyu didn’t wait for his friend to reply & just walk away feom the place. Little did the two Alpha know, a not so tiny Omega were eavesdropping on them. Well, sue him but Taehyung got curious about what they’re up to so he tried to listen to Mingyu’s thoughts, too afraid to
hear Jungkook’s so he chose the Alpha’s other alpha friend. So yeah, call it touchè but the two pure bloods found themselves planted on their own couch inside their own apartment thinking about tha last things Mingyu has told Guk about the special gifts given to pure bloods.
That day Taehyung can’t help but think about the main reason why Jungkook needs to marry him. The Selene pack needs a strong ally against Alqamar & Jk needs a mate to unveil all his full potential as a pure blooded alpha. But what if the myth of pure blooded lovers is true?!
Minho has been observing the Omega who hasn’t move even an inch in their living room. It’s been hours & Taehyung is still there, not sleeping or using his phone, he’s just there sitting & not even saying a word so when the omega started to bump his head at the back of his couch,
Minho started to panic & try to stop him. “Yah! Holy moon, Taehyung?! Are u crazy?!” he yelled at the younger wolf while gripping his shoulder to shake him off but Taehyung just keeps screaming coz 1) he really feels like getting crazy for thinking about the whole marriage thing
2) he’s having fun acting like lunatic in front of his childhood protector. “Istg Taehyung if this is just another one of ur prank, I’ll tell Seokjin to send Minjae here with u!” Minho warned him while trying to steady him. But Taehyung just ignored him & continue to scream.
“Fine! If you dont wanna stop, I’m gonna call ur Alpha!” Minho knows how he despise their neighbor & he almost roll his eyes when Taehyung finally stopped upon the mention of his future mate. “U wouldn’t dare hyung!” Taehyung pushed his arm & turn to face him.
Minho chuckled when he noticed how flustered Taehyung is upon mentioning his future mate because no one managed to make The Kim Taehyung blushed like that before. “Woah, Taehyungie, are u perhaps genuinely attracted to ur mate?!” Minho asked, eyes observing the omega’s reaction.
Taehyung looks at him, brows furrowed. “Hyung what if I’m making a wrong decision of agreeing to this wedding? What if the myth of pure blood is true?” Minho is taken a back with the sudden questions. And now he understands why the Omega is acting strange since a while ago.
The Alpha shifts closer to him, he reached to hold the Omega’s fidgeting hands on his own. “Remember that time when u saved a pup from the lake when u were just a pup too & u thought u made a big mistake for saving him coz u thought he’s a bad wolf but it turned out that he’s
a special pup in their pack? and they have been searching for him in days? Tae you have a gift from Divinity that no other wolves has. U were never wrong in ur instincts. So stop doubting urself. Besides, I’ve never seen u act like this before, maybe Jeon is really good for u.”
Tae let another squeal out when he noticed that Minho is teasing him. “Yah,hyung u are supposed to be on my side.”he pouts. “I will always be on ur side Tae,but I just cant help to think about it. It’s been just 2 days since u were engaged & here u are smelling like him already
& in case you haven’t notice yet,it’s been 2 days since u came back from the woods & u haven’t even step foot outside ur apartment.”Minho’s smirk irritates the guilty Omega so he tried to deny it. “Huh?! I was out just before u came hyung,what are u talking about?! “he scoffed.
“Yeah, u were literally out of ur apartment to make sure you’ll see ur neighbor “coincidentallyl”. Minho replied. “Woah., i cant believe u are being delusional right now!” Tae denied. “Well, if its not true then, u are coming with me tonight right?!” Minho finally asked.
Tae widened his eyes upon remembering what Minho is talkong about. “Oh my moon! It’s his birthday today!? So did u buy a present for him?” Tae asked referring to the alpha’s ultimate crush. Minho scratch the back of his neck as he sheepishly showed him the necklace he bought
he bought for Taemin. “Wow, it’s beautiful hyung. Im sure Taemin will love it.” “So, are u coming?” Minho asked again. “Of course hyung, I wouldn’t miss this evening. You’re gonna confess right?!”he even encouraged him. “Let’s see how it goes later Tae.”Minho replied unsure.
****Meanwhile, Jungkook is having a crisis. His hyungs asked him to invite Taehyung for Taemin’s celebration tonight but he doesn’t know how to talk to his future Omega without arguing or fighting with him. His whole pack is expecting that he would appear with his future mate
and he knows how excited their elders are because that will be their first appearance as official couple. When the Alpha finally had the courage to ask his future mate, he slowly went to knock on his door. And Jk froze on his feet when Minho open the door. The two Alpha look at
each other before Minho step aside to give way to him. Taehyung is still laying on the couch when the Alpha saw him. “Yah, what are you doing here!” Tae asked while pulling his shirt to cover his exposed thighs again. He doesnt want to get “attacked” by a hungry wolf AGAIN.
Minho can clearly smell the pure bloods scent & he already smelled trouble so he immediately locked up himself on his room. True enough coz right after he’s gone, Jungkook glared at Taehyung. “What is that Alpha still doing here?” Jk’s wolf has a lot of issues & he hates it!
Taehyung glared back at him. “Well, that Alpha has a name and it’s Minho hyung! He’s my childhood friend & the assigned sentinel to La Luna’s heir, that’s me if in case u have forgotten.” “U need an Alpha sentinel to protect you but we’re living together now & we’re goin to get
married soon. Why is he still here?!” Jk almost blushed when he realized what he just said, good thing that Taehyung got flustered first. The omega wasnt able to respond immediately. “And look at u sprawled like that again?!” Jk said, eyes raking at the Omega’s body on display.
“What is ur problem?! I am inside my house, this is my couch & i will wear whatever the hell i want! I can even walk around naked around my own house!” Taehyung replied getting piss of this a****** Alpha. “With that other Alpha around?!I dont think so Taehyung, not on my watch!”
Guk didn’t even give the Omega a chance before scooping him up. “Yah, what do u think are you doing., Jeon Jungkook!” Tae screamed while trying to get free from the Alpha’s grip. “We are going to pay a visit to ur closet! I heard a lot of wolves in Bulan needs xtra clothes.”
Taehyung wasn’t able to do anything when Jungkook carried him to his room. The Alpha exudes power & confident that he couldn’t defy. It even seems like his wolf is enjoying the manhandling part since he almost let go a whimper when Guk finally decided to carefully put him down.
When the alpha is finally free from the Omega, he look around his future mate’s room & noticed the mirror opposite the bed & he cant help but think of not so wholesome thoughts in his head, he tried to push it on the back of his head but seeing Taehyung wearing just an oversized
shirt is driving his wolf wild. “Jungkook” Tae called him out of his daze. “So, where shall we start?” Jk asked trying to avert his gaze from him. “You cant do this Jeon. Coming inside my house uninvited, crashing my room, touching me without my consent—“ “U dont like it?!”
Jungkook sworn that he wasnt supposed to cut him off but when Taehyung mentioned about it, Jk can’t help to get hurt a little. “What do u mean, i dont like it?! Jungkook i never had a boyfriend & now that u are, that doesn’t mean u. An do whatever u want because we both know why
we are getting married. Let’s at least give each other personal space?” Tae wanted to regret what he just said because he saw how the face of the Alpha fell. But then again, he doesnt want Jungkook to see what’s inside his closet so he needs to shoo him away!
Jungkook hates to admit how hurt he is upon hearing Taehyung's words, but he doesnt want to be petty so he just nods at him. "Fine! But make urself ready tonight, its Taemin hyung's birthday & the elders are expecting us to arrive at Selene together. I'll pick u up at 6."
The Alpha didnt even wait for his answer as he bolted out of the Omega's den. Taehyung waned to disagree but then he realized it will be their first appearance as couple & he doesnt want to be criticized as a disrespectful Omega. He will just inform Minho later.
When Tae is sure that the Alpha is nowhere near his closet, he slowly open it & smile to himself. His closet costs a fortune coz he never wear something that's not in the line od Gucci, LV, Dior, Channel and the like, but what made hin so desperate of not showing it to Jungkook
is the fact that his closet is also full of laces & silk.. since he's an Omega, he always has a penchant for soft & pretty things. His collection of various lingeree occupied the first 2 door of his closet. And he isnt sure id he's ready to show that to his future mate.
**** Two minutes before 6 o’clock when Minho welcomed Jungkook in their apartment because a precious Omega is taking her sweet time changing to his party clothes. When Jk noticed that Minho is fully dressed to, he furrowed his brows & asks if he’s going somewhere else too.
“Im going to Selene too. Didn’t Taehyung inform u?” Minho replied withe the same level of coldness. “No, im sure he should’ve told me that if you’re going with us coz i made it clear to him that—“ Jk was cut off. “Oh,im not going there with u.I have my own ride.” Minho smirked.
Jungkook’s face light up when he heard that coz the truth is his wolf cant stand any Alpha near Taehyung. Minho knocked on Tae’s door to inform him that he’s leaving before nodding at Jungkook. When Minho left, Jk stood up & knock on the Omega’s door. He remembered about what
Taehyung just told him about privacy but he’s taking too long to change & the Alpha doesn’t want to be late on the party. All his friends from the other packs are already calling him, asking where he is right now, but before his fist landed on Tae’s door. The Omega finally open
his door. The two wolves stare at each other, Tae is shocked to see Jk right in feont of his bedroom door again while the Alpha is surprised to see the Omega, blonde hair is gone. “Your hair is red” he uttered while staring at him. “Hair dye exists big bad alpha!”
Jk wanna punch his own face for his stupidity! Of course he knows it was a hair dye, but he was ao overwhelmed of the intoxicating scent of the Omega in front of him so he had to restrain himself from moving, that resulted to his mouth slip! The alpha decided to ignore that.
“I know you want to drive ur own car, but we’re gling to Selene so we are using mine” Jk informed the Omega when they’re already on the parking lot of their apartment. Thankfully, the Omega didn’t argue with that. Good thing that Taehyung still respects him being his Alpha.
The problem starts when they both settled in the car. Since they’re in a smaller space with closed windows, their scent & pheromones are going wild. Jk’s wolf wants nothing but to have a taste of the Omega’s lips since Tae cant stop biting his lower lip since he get on the car.
When Tae noticed that Jungkook is not moving, he turned to him with questioning look. “I thought u dont wanna be late? What are u still waiting for?! Another full moon?!” the Omega sarcastically uttered that just made Jungkook smile to himself coz Tae just gave him a reason to
shut him up. When Jungkook’s hand land on Taehyung’s nape while the other catch his face,the Omega didn’t know why he automatically close his eyes & wait for his Alpha’s lips to his. “U really are way to talkative, we need to change that too” jk whispered before finally closing
the gaps between their lips. When Jungkook’s wolf finally feel contented upon taking Taehyung’s lips, he slowly let go of the flustered Omega. He even use his thumb to wipe the corner of Taehyung’s lips. “I guess im ready to go.” He mumbled smiling before starting the car!
The ride going to Selene thankfully was peaceful. Jk thought that his strategy to shut the Omega is really working. The smile on his face is visible that even when Jimin welcomed them noticed it immediately. “Someone is on a good mood!”Jimin winks at Guk before hugging Tae.
“I am so happy you came Taehyungie. Taemin will be very happy to know that you’re here.” jimin excitedly lead them to their seat for the evening. “Thank u for inviting me here Jiminie” Tae replied. “Of course,you’re now member of the pack” he hugged him again to Jk’s distaste.
U see, Birthday celebration in the Selene Pack is pretty much the same with the other packs, but since they’re the pack who loves music, a grand performance is a must. Guk & Tae were given a seat right in front of the stage after they paid respect to the pack leader & elders.
“They have already seen few performances when Jk grabbed Taehyung’s hand. “Let’s get you food first before the main show tonight.” Jk leaned into him so he could hear him & Tae wanted to smack himself coz he was flustered again. He didn’t say anything as he followed the Alpha.
Jk is used to be the one commanding & asking others to get things done for him, so he doesn’t know what came to him when he found himself in fromt of the buffet table, getting plates & utensils for Taehyung. “T-thanks” Taehyung mumbled, surprised to see that Guk is actually
thoughtful?! But then, he realized that there are other wolves watching them so he’d probably doing it for show. With that thought, Tae lose his appetite & just took some of the sweets on the dessert table. Guk noticed him & his almost empty plate. “Do u not like the food?”
Taehyung look back at him. “I like it, but I’m on strict diet right now coz I want to be fit when I have to wear my suit on our wedding day.” Tae lied, spewing the words with sarcasm. Jk isn’t impressed at all. He looks perfect already & he doesn’t need a f*cking strict diet!
“U are not going to eat just because what?! Diet?! No. You have to eat, besides I like my Omega with a bit of meat.” Jungkook said before taking Tae’s plate & began to stuff it with variants of food. In the end, they’re both sitting in front of a feast! Tae wouldn’t admit it,but
Jk is starting to become the Alpha he always wanted to have as a mate. He’s arrogant yet humble enough for his pack. He’s cold but he has his own way to warm other people’s hearts. That night,Tae tried to forget the reason why they’re getting married & just focus on his Alpha.
Jimin & Yoongi are staring at the newly bonded young wolves. “Aren’t they the loveliest couple next to us?” Jimin lean his head to his alpha’s shoulder as he watch Jk rest his arm at the back of Taehyung’s chair while they’re enjoying the show. “Yes they are” Yoongi replied.
“Then what’s with ur worried scent?” Jimin took his alpha’s hand & intertwined it with his own. He knows his mate damn well & it confuses him to feel Yoongi’s worries when they’re in the middle of celebration and everyone in their pack are rejoicing. Then he followed his line
of sight & saw that their pack leader is still staring at Jk & Taehyung. “I am just worried that my brother is getting ahead of himself. U know how possessive & overly protective he is. And the way I see it, Taehyung wouldn’t like an Alpha who will put a chain in his neck. They
are way opposite of each other.” Yoongi sighed. “Isn’t that the best combination of mates? Just like us, Honey we are a total opposite of one another & yet look at us now. We are still the happiest.” Jimin consoled his mate, though he fully understands what Yoongi means.
“Jimin have you seen how Jungkook looks at Taehyung?! The kid would literally willing to surrender & submit to that Omega when they’re not even mated yet!” Yoongi whispered to him as if he’s too afraid that someone might hear him & use his words against the heir of Selene.
“Since when do you think it’s wrong to surrender in love? My Alpha, u of all people should know the answer to that.” Jimin said a bit disappointed of his mate. “Im sorry my love, but Jungkook is the heir of the throne & he is getting married to Taehyung to protect this pack, I
just dont to se him hurting if it turns out that Taehyung just agreed to marry him because his Amahan force him so they could protect us. Now, im not even sure if I’m happy with this idea anymore. I dont want to loose Guk again.” Yoongi explained while squeezing his Omega’s hand.
"We will never loose him again Yoonie. Just trust your brother okay?also, u have to give Taehyung a benefit of the doubt. Him agreeing to marry our Jungkook is already a big deal. He has never been in any relationship & according to rumors, no one has even kissed him yet."
"I know, his sentinel Minho is Taemin's boyfriend I think.The alpha is doing an excellent job protecting their heir. And that's exactly I am worried about. What if he just agreed to marry Jungkook but they wouldn't actually consume their marriage?!" Yoongi asked whispering again.
"Will you stop worrying for a second? Besides knowing your "active" brother, I don't think that should be your concern. Taehyung has never been to any relationship before because no one is good enough to get his attention. But look at him now, his eyes are only on Guk!"
True enough when Yoongi look at the couple, they’re busy doing something very childish. They’re playing at the hem of their shirts while giggling to each other not paying attention to the performer at all. “I just hope, we’re really right Jiminie. I want my brother to be happy.”
**The celebration is a huge success. Taemin thanked everyone at the end of the party. Guk & Tae bid their farewell to the elders & to the pack leader. Yoongi wish them a safe travel back to the City while Jimin reminded them of the things they have to prepare for their wedding.
When the couple finally get in the car, Taehyung immediately covered his mouth with his hand. "What now?!" Jungkook asked with a smug face. He's reminded of the stunt he managed to pull when they came. "Nothing, just wanna be safe." Taehyung replied not removing his hand.
Jungkook swear he has to hold his hands together before he do something stupid again. WHY DOES HE NEED TO BE THIS CUTE WHILE HE SMELLS LIKE SOMEONE I WOULD LOVE TO---WTF!!! Jungkook stopped himself before his wolf would managed to take over his sanity again.
Traveling in the evening with colder weather & soothing music in the car is Taehyung's favorite as long as he's not driving. So the moment Jungkook started the car, the Omega almost immediately fell asleep in his chair. When Jungkook notice his future mate, he pulled over and
reclined his Omega's seat. He also removed his own coat & drape it to the sleeping beauty beside him. Jungkook knows that he met Taehyung at the wrong circumstance & he hates the fact that he proposed to him not because they like each other but because their packs asked them to.
But the pure blood Alpha will not deny it, he likes Taehyung. He is addicted to his scent, it's like a drug to him, his own brand of heroin just like Bella to Edward. He likes how Tae fearlessly argue to him as if he's not afraid being dominated. He can't feel the difference of
their ranks whenever he's talking to the beautiful Omega. He likes how cute he pouts whenever he's talking about something he doesn't like. He likes the mole on the tip of his nose & he absolutely adore his different eyelids. But what he really likes about him is his heart.
They just been together twice, but he saw how Tae showed respect and compassion to the wolves, may it be from his own pack or from Selene. He saw him bow down to everyone who greeted him whatever rank they are. He saw him played with the pups just a while ago. "Hold it Guk..."
The Alpha softly push back the fringes covering the Omega's face. "How could I already feel this way when I just met you two days ago?" Jungkook mumbled to himself while watching Taehyung sleep right beside him. The alpha is too concentrated to the Omega so he wasn't able to
noticed that his usually brown eyes that turns golden when he's on a state of strong emotion turned into completely different hue, it became bloody red. The color that only appeared once in the history of wolves. It was the color of Hoseok's eyes when he died!
Jk knows that he will never get enough of Taehyung just like the Taeger stans reading this au but he needs to drive so they can go home now. After making sure that his Omega is safely tucked in his seat, the Alpha finally started the car again. U see Jk hates slow driving
but for unknown reason, he found himself adjusting the speed of his driving because he's too afraid to wake up the baby beside him. The Alpha smiled to himself when he realized what he just called Taehyung. "Big baby, yeah that's what u are" he mumbled again still smiling.
Taehyung is still sleeping when Jungkook finally pulled over at the parking lot of their apartment. And yes, you guess it right, the Alpha can't find it in his heart to wake up his "BIG BABY" so he just get off the car & jogged over to Tae's side. He carefully unbuckled the
seatbelt & tenderly scooped his Omega from his seat. Jungkook gasped when he felt the Omega's arm swing to his neck. Tae unconsciously buried his face at Jungkook's chest as if it's the most comfortable place he could sleep in. The wolves in the lobby gave him a thumbs up when
they recognized who's sleeping in his arms. To be honest, Jk didn't know why but he suddenly feel something in his chest blooming, something he doesn't know but it's something he surely likes. When they arrived at their floor, Jk clicked his tongue when he realized that he
doesn't know Taehyung's code. He tried to look down to check the other but all he can hear is a soft snore coming from the Omega so he just decided to carry him inside his own apartment. He slowly put Taehyung down on his own bed & Jungkook never thought that seeing his Omega on
his bed is the most perfect sight he needed in his life until now. Jungkook carefully removed his Omega's shoes before fixing his pillow under his head. He doesn't know what came into him when he lean on to kiss Taehyung's forehead but he almost immediately regretted it because
the Omega just pulled his neck as he throw his legs and wrap it to him. Taehyung is a heavy sleeper, but once he hold u into his sleep, it's as good as when he's holding unto you when he's awake because u can't just untangle his limbs to yours. As much as Jk wanted to leave,
he found himself enjoying the situation because now he's about to sleep on the same bed with his future mate,his ethereal Omega. The newly bonded couple fell asleep with each other's comforting scent. Jk is even smiling coz he knows that the arms & legs drape unto him are Tae's.
****Thr next morning, Taehyung feels so rested. It’s been a while since he last cuddled with his Amahan so he really is enjoying his warmth beside him right now, his scent might be a lot different but he loves it & it actually made him more relax, it reminds him of —JUNGKOOK?!
The Omega slowly opened his eyes to check if he’s right, but even before he confirmed it,he knew it’s really Jungkook because the memory of the previous night came rushing to his now awake brain. And since he doesnt want to listen to Jungkook’s “lesson” again, he’d rather face
Minho who’s surely waiting at him in their apartment. The Omega slowly untangled his limbs around Jungkook & bolted out of the Alpha’s apartment. He was about to enter his own when he saw Minho coming out of the elevator. “Hyung?!” he looked at him wearing the same clothes he
had last night. And his eyes widened when he accidentally listened to his hyung’s thought. {WHY IS HE AWAKE NOW? IT’S SATURDAY SO HE SHOULD STILL BE ON BED. AND WHY IS HE OUTSIDE THE APARTMENT AGAIN, WAIT—IS THAT JUNGKOOK’s COAT FROM LAST NIGHT?} “Tae—“ “Wait, it’s not what
u think u are!” Taehyung suddenly panicked because he clearly heard his hyung’s thoughts & the Alpha is clearly thinking that he slept with Jungkook since he smells like him. “What? I didn’t say anything Tae” Minho replied confused because he cant remember saying anything yet.
Taehyung is getting frustrated at the moment. He feels like how the writer of this AU felt when she couldn't find the right words to use in this story. The beautiful omega flopped himself on the couch as he started to pull his own hair. "WAAAAAH!!!! Hyung will u stop thinking!"
"Yah, Kim Taehyung! I'm not even saying anything. Why would u want me to stop thinking if u dont even have to think what's on my mind?!" Minho is getting pissed too because the truth is, being here with TAehyung is the last thing he wanted right now. Because all he wants is to be
with his newly claimed Omega, his mate, his Taemin! "What?!!!!!!" Taehyung shoot up from his couch and quickly yank his suit to check if there's a claiming mark on his neck. Since Minho was caught off guard & too protective of Taehyung, he wasn't able to push his hand away.
"Woah!!! Hyung, u said you are just going to confess to Taemin hyung but wow! You are finally mated to the love of your life?!!!!" Taehyung can't stop screaming while peppering his hyung with small kisses on his face. U see, it's normal for wolves to lick each other to show
fondness when they're on the same pack, but since they are in their human form, Taehyung settled for tiny kisses. Minho can't stop giggling while turning Taehyung arround while carrying the younger Omega. He knows that sooner or later, he'll moved out from their apartment so he
could be with his own mate too. "Hmmn, you smell nicer now hyung!" Tae commented while nuzzling his nose in Minho's neck. "Yah, my scent mixed with Taemin's made my scent a little softer than my pure alpha scent." he explained while ruffling Taehyung's fluffy red hair.
The Lunas are still on that position where Taehyung's legs are wrapped around Minho's waist when a raging Jungkook easily pulled Taehyung off the other Alpha. Minho was about to give a piece of his mind to Jungkook when he saw the eyes of the Alpha glaring at him.
"Your eyes, they're red!" Minho pointed at him. Both Jk & Taehyung froze on their feet because how could his eyes red when his Omega keeps saying that it's gold. But JK confirmed what Minho said when he looked at Tae & the omega's jaw dropped upon seeing his bloody red eyes!
The pure blood alpha blinked harder before he looks at Taehyung again. All the living wolves know that there was only one wolf who had red eyes & since he ascended with the Divinity after his death, no one in the land had ever been blessed with the eyes of a legend. "Jungkook"
Jungkook’s eyes widened, but it’s finally his usual brown colour. “H-how did..why is ur eyes red? What does it mean?” Taehyung asked his future mate but aince he promised himself not to cheat about it, he tried his best not to listen to his thoughts. Jk gasps when it hit him.
{COULD THIS POSSIBLY BE MY GIFT?! DID THE DIVINITY LEARNED ABOUT MY FONDNESS FOR THIS OMEGA? BUT WHY WOULD I NEED A POWER TO WIN A WAR? OH, WILL THERE STILL BE A WAR?} “Gukkie”Tae shake him off when he remained frozen on his feet. The Alpha finally managed to snap from his daze.
“I’m sorry Tae, but I guess I have to go.” Jungkook replied without looking at him. But the Alpha halted when he’s at the door. He walked back where Minho is standing & look him into his eyes. “U’re very lucky that I smelled Taemin hyung’s scent on u before I managed to rip off
ur head. I dont care if you are a guard dog of my Omega, but I dont want ur hands near him. Also, welcome to Selene Pack, i hope you treat Taemin hyung well coz I’ll surely cut you—“ “Yah, Jeon jungkook!” Tae yelled at him when he saw the red eyes again. Minho just kept quiet.
Jungkook then strides towards his future mate. He cupped his omega’s face as he lean closer to him letting their foreheads meet. “Im sorry for being an a******, i really didn’t mean to be rude but i just cant stand the sight of anyone touching u. Im going now but i promise to
return before dinner so we could eat together. I just need to figure things out. I’ll probably meet ur father too, do u have any message for Namjoon?” Jungkook informed him while tucking the stray hair of Taehyung on his ears. The Omega wanted to say yes, he has a lot of things
he wanted to tell his father, but Jungkook’s close proximity limits his brain to function well so he just shook his head as he push his face to his Alpha’s palm. So when Jk finally kissed him on his forehead before leaving, Taehyung knows he’s a goner! Minho witnessed it all!
The sentinel saw how Jungkook’s eyes flashed a Bloody Red while Taehyung’s usual light blue eyes became Royal Blue. The two Lunas remained quiet after Jungkook left. But then Tae couldn’t help but ask zminho about his theory. “Could he possibly be truly in love with me?”
Minho’s eyes widened upon the possibility. What if that red eyes really is Jungkook’s gift?! “Oh my moon! Tae, if that’s really his gift from the Divinity then he must be really in love with u. But how about u? Do u really not feel anything for—oh, wait!” Minho gasped again!
Taehyung stare back at his hyung, and when he realized that they’re thinking the same thing. He moved closer to him. “Minho hyung, promise me one thing.” he said while his boice is trembling. The alpha felt their connection. As the pledged sentinel of the heir of La Luna pack,
he is obliged to make sure that Taehyung’s safety & comfort will be his main priority next to his mate. So when Taehyung closed apthe distance between them, he already has an idea of what the young omega would ask him. “Minho hyung, u cant tell anyone that I can listen to anyone
else’s thoughts. I need u to swear with your future pup’s life that you’ll never speak about my gift to anyone else, especially Jungkook.” Minho’s wolf wanted to rebel upon the mention of his unborn pup being involved in this promise, but as a sentinel, he swore with his life
not to tell a single soul about Taehyung’s gift. The two hugged each other tightly after that. Minho cant help bit get worried, but he trusts his Alpha instinct, he knows that Jungkook will take good care of their pack’s only heir.
****When Jungkook left Taehyung's apartment, his head started to work. He called several people including Namjoon & Yoongi as the leader of La Luna & Selene. You see, having the gift from the Divinity will surely give him some things no one can ever have, & one of them is the
ability to foresee a future. He was driving when he realized that his red eyes must really be a gift since flashes of war started to appear in his vision. So he needs to talk to the leader of the packs about it coz he clearly saw Namjoon & Yoongi fighting along each other's side.
It's past 10 o'clock when he arrived at the Defense Headquarters. Mingyu is surprised when he saw his Chief because he knows that Jungkook is on leave for his wedding. "Jungkook! U didn't inform me that you're coming in today?" Mingyu greeted him but Jk just nodded at him
before giving him a signal to follow him in the conference hall. Jungkook didn't wait too long when the other wolves he needs arrived. Some of them are still on their natural form so he gave them time to shift & grab a decent clothes first before he started his announcement.
Jungkook clenched his fist as he waits to the other elders. He knows that what he's about to do will cause suspicion & might lead them into a real war, but he knows what he saw in his vision, there are lots of blood & lifeless wolves around. What he couldn't see is against who?!
He needs to know who will they have to fight, but since he isn't mated yet he still couldn't have a 100% control of his gift. He will have to wait 2 more months before the wedding and he will not wait that long knowing that a war might erupt anytime soon. "Jungkook!"
Yoongi dragged his brother out of the conference room. The truth is, he is opposed to Jungkook's idea because it might jeopardize his brother's own happiness if they'll do this. But Namjoon agreed to it knowing that his son genuinely likes the pure blooded alpha too.
"Hyung, everyone is inside now, I have to do this." he whispered trying to be careful. "But u said, u didn't tell Tae about it first? Jk you are getting unfair to him even if Namjoon gave u his consent, this is Taehyung's life on the line too." Yoongi tryied to convince him.
"Hyung do u think I don't know that? Of course I dont wanna hurt him. I got the gift because the Divinity knows that I truly love him hyung even before I had the chance to confess to him. But I saw what I saw & we know that I have to do what I have to do to stop that war hyung.
Besides, isn't this the main reason why we all agreed that Taehyung & I will get married? To make sure the peace in the land?" Jungkook explained to his brother not knowing that there's a pair of ears listening to everything he just said. When the Selenes went back inside, the
other wolf who was listening to them pulled out his phone from his pocket & dialed a number. "Seojoon hyung,I guess I know how to stop Jungkook from mating the other pure blood." the traitor said proudly. "Well done Mingyu! You really are truly a brave Alqamar!"Seojoon replied.
Mingyu finished his phone call & went inside to listen to his Chief he is about to betray. Jk nods at him before walking in front of everyone like the real Commander in Chief that he is.He look into every elder’s eyes before acknowledging the presence of the leaders of the pack.
“As u all know, few days ago I proposed to the heir of Lunas & we are about to get married on the next full moon, but since Tae & I realized that we cannot wait that long anymore, we have decided to move the wedding earlier. I’ll marry him next weekend, so expect an invitation.”
There are many murmurs heard in the conference room but since they’re all kimda expect that this will happen, no one really objected the idea of it, besides they’re all excited to witness the unraveling of their gifts since they’re obviously in love with each other.
Everyone in the room congratulated him once again. Little did Jungkook know that he has his own war coming soon. The emergency meeting ended peacefully. Some of the elders even suggested some things that Jungkook couldn’t even remember anymore coz his thoughts are with a certain
Omega. Jk was about to leave when Namjoon called him out. “I hope u can explain this better to Taehyung because knowing my son, he’ll probably rebel against the idea of moving ur wedding date just to make sure you’ll be able to control ur gift.” Namjoon voiced out.
“Yes sir, that’s what Im going to do now. I just want you to know that i truly love ur son, but i also just wanna make sure that no one form any pack of wolves will have to get hurt just because of selfishness of few wolves.” he replied that made Namjoon smile.
“My son is so lucky to have a very compassionate mate. U remind me of my own mate, Taehyung’s Amahan is very much like you. Ur hearts are made of gold that u always think of other wolves before yourselves.” Namjoon recalled. “No sir, im lucky to have ur son.” the alpha replied.
****Now here’s the thing, remember ruts & heats & how it works in this au?! Well, Jungkook is already on his way home with the bunch of food he ordered for him & Taehyung when he suddenly felt a weird kind of pain that started on his lower tummy. But since he’s determine to see
his Omega already, he still managed to drive & areived at their apartment safely despite the excruciating pain that is starting to affect every inch of his body that he feels like he’s set on fire. He doesn’t want Tae to see him that way but his pain is strangely fading every
time he thought of the beautiful Omega. So with all his strength, he got off his car, grabbed the numerous paper bags of the food & went straight to Taehyung’s door to knock. It only took him few knocks when the Omega finally opened the door. “Tae—“ Jungkook was cut off.
🔞🔞🔞 Since Taehyung figured out that his & Jungkook’s feelings are mutual, he’s been feeling so weird. At first, he thought it’s just some muscle cramps but when he started to warm up & he feels like every nerves in his body became as thrice as sensitive,he knows what hits him.
He is a virgin wolf in all aspects of the word since he really is waiting for someone who is worhy enough to have him, and by just simply thinking about it, he knows that there’s only one person he would like to help him on his first HEAT, and that’s none other than Jungkook,
his One True Mate. So when he heard the knock on the door, he really lrayed to the Moon & Divinity that it has to be Jungkook because he discovered that every time he thought of him, the pain goes away, only to hit him in another way.
"Jungkook"Tae's breathless when he saw that it's indeed his future mate that's on the door so he wasted no time as he pulled the alpha inside his apartment & slammed the door. The Alpha dropped the bags of food, his eyes blazing red when he finally pulled Taehyung before pinning
him against the wall. "Tae please tell me to stop if you want me to stop now baby," Jungkook managed to utter, trying to hold back his wolf before devouring his Omega who smells really delicious right now. The Alpha doesn't need to ask what's going on to them coz he knows that
an Alpha in rut is as appealing to an Omega as Omega in heat to Alpha. He knows that Taehyung must have been affected by his scent not knowing that he's also in heat. "No, no Gukkie please don't go" Tae begged before closing the gap of their lips. Unlike Jk, Tae really knows
what's going on. He knows that he needs to stop now because he still wants to be a virgin groom. But Jungkook's smell is sending him to another dimension. It really is making him needy so when he felt Jk's tongue started to roam inside his mouth, he knows they'll do it tonight.
"Tae, istg I can't promise that i'll be able to stop myself if---" Jk wasn't able to finish his sentence when he feels another wave of arousal between them. The Omega's scent is driving him wild so when Taehyung's hand landed on his crotch, he knows that there's no turning back!
The Alpha effortlessly carried his Omega to his room, their lips still connected. The only time Jk had to pull back is when he needs to take off his clothes, but then they both looked at each other’s eyes only to notice that their Red & Blue orbs became Purple. “Beautiful”
Taehyung cant help but blushed when he heard the sincerity in Jungkook’s voice while praising him. It’s only a matter of seconds when he feels the Alpha’s hand on his waist tugging his shorts down so he helped him by finally removing it with his black panty. “F*ck, Tae...”
Jungkook stare at his Omega, biting his lower lip. He holds his naked waist & leans in to kiss him again. Tae’s smooth lips pressed against him made the pain they both feel became lesser & lesser. The alpha’s lips started to trace his jaw, going down his neck, to his scent gland.
Jk’s wolf is growling, he’s ecstatic knowing that Taehyung will finalky be his. But before he finally claim him, he wanted to make love with him first. And since Tae already made clear that he also wanted this, Jk’s hand started to slid from his lower abdomen down his hard c***.
The Omega whimpered the moment Jk finally gave attention to his licking c***. “G-gukkie, please” he begged,not knowing what exactly he wants at that moment because to be honest by just simply touching him,he feels like c*mming already. “Sh*t baby,I’ll try to be gentle as I can,
so u have to tell me if its okay or if I have to stop,okay?”Tae smiled amidst the pleasure Jk is giving him coz he cant imagine an Alpha on rut to be as controlled as his mate. But he almost regretted that when the alpha spread his legs & positioned himself in between his tighs.
Jk look up to him, the alpha has never been into his knees for anyone but since this is Taehyung, his mate he wanna make sure that his first will be memorable, something that he would like to do over & over again only with him. He leans closer & with his tongue sneaked out,
he licks the tip, collecting the licking pre c*m on his slit. Tae whimpered, back arching with pleasure. “Oh, G-Gukkie “ he moaned as Jk’s mouth finally s*cks him in properly. Tae’s hand found the alpha’s hair, gripping it tight. He isn’t sure if he could hold still any longer,
because he never thought that watching porn & actually doing it, are worlds apart different. Few more s*cking & more pleasuring when Taehyung finally felt his first release. And when that happened, he’s screaming nothing but a Jungkook’s name, his one & only Alpha.
When Jungkook finally made sure that Taehyung feels a lot better, he started to kiss him again. The Omega cant help but fall in love deeper to him as he realized what Guk is doing. He made everything to pleasure him so now he wants to do the same. Even with still shaky legs,
Tae pushed Jk on the bed & climbed on top of him. He started to kiss him passionately as he rub himself to the Alpha’s thick c*ck. “F*ck baby, don’t do that or else I’ll take u right here right now!” Jk whispered to his ears when he felt Tae’s ass grinding on his hard c*ck.
Then Taehyung suddenly paused on top of him, his two hands right above his chest, he’s practically sitting at his c*ck, when he said, “then f*ck me now Gukkie, take me now!” Taehyung even bit his lower lip while staring at him & just like that, Jungkook’s wolf took over him!
In a blink of an eye, Jk managed to switch their position. Tae is now the one laying on the bed while the Alpha is hovering over him, two hands placed on Tae's side. "Tae I know u want to get married first before---" "Make love to me Gukkie," Taehyung cut him off once again.
When Jk saw the flash of purple on Taehyung's eyes, he knows no one can stop them anymore. He continued to kiss him as he started to caress his Omega's opening. He was even surprise to feel the slick flowing from Taehyung's pinkish hole. Jungkook growled for the nth time tonight.
When the ALpha made sure that his Omega is finally stretched well enough, he slowly aligned himself between his legs. His hands holding Taehyung's hips as he slowly enter his mate for the first time. "Sh*t baby you're so beautiful like this,"JK can't help but to carve Taehyung's
face on his mind as he enters him. "Oh geez, G-gukkkie, please move" and that's the only signal Jungkook has been waiting before he stared to pound on his lovely Omega. "F*ck, Taehyung you're mine baby, you're mine only." he uttered before finally showing his canines ready to
claim his One True Mate. Taehyung tilted his head on the side so Jungkook could have a better access on his scent gland. "Yes, Jungkook, I'm all yours." Taehyung managed to say before the pure blooded ALpha finally sink his teeth on his neck marking him as his mate!
Jungkook in his 23 years of existence finally learned the real essence of the word Euphoria! Being buried inside Taehyung rutting on him while claiming him as his One True Mate is something he knows he could never experience with anyone else except Taehyung.
So when the words slipped out of his mouth when it's Taehyung's turn to mark him, both of them froze for a while. "What did u just say?" Tae tried his best to form words coz he isn't sure if he really heard Jungkook confessing to him or did he just misheard him because of the
extreme pleasure he is experiencing at the moment. But after sinking his teeth to mark the Alpha, Jungkook finally cleared his throat & softly kiss him on his lips once more. "I said, I love you Kim Taehyung" the ALpha repeated the words that made Taehyung's heart swell.
Taehyung is speechless. He just made love to his One True Mate. The tingling feeling on his neck also reminds him that his Alpha really claimed him already. Jungkook is quiet too,just observing his Omega who’s obviously taken a back to his sudden confession. Then it hits him,
Taehyung’s fruity & floral scent is now mixed with his Alpha scent. The pure blooded alpha lean in to kiss Taehyung’s neck again, admiring the bite marks that decorated his skin, a true symbol that Taehyung is finally his. When Jk finally release the final wave of his knot,
he slowly pulled out from his mate. Taehyung’s wolf whimpered with the sudden lost of connection but Jungkook’s scent & mark calms him down. Jk then looked at him again, kissing the tip of his nose before flopping himself beside him. Tae shifts closer to his Alpha & wrap his
arm around Jungkook’s naked torso. The Alpha carefully lifted Tae’s head & slid his arm under it so Taehyung could snuggle to him. “I love you.”the alpha whispered to his Omega’s ears again before closing his eyes. Taehyung with a smile on his lips drifted to sleep as soon as he
closed his eyes. Here’s the thing, as pure blooded wolves who fell in love, Taehyung & Jungkook are both entitled with their special gifts! Tae can listen to someone’s thoughts while Guk can see a vision of the future. The myth of Pure Blooded Lovers in indeed real, but the
problem is, no one knows between the two about the last paragraph in the said myth. “That there shall be no lovers with special gifts could use their ability towards their mate when they finally formed a bond that no one could ever undone.Coz True Mates shall remain pure.”
Taehyung lose the ability to listen to Jungkook’s mind the moment the Alpha claimed him while Guk lose the chance to take a look at his future with Taehyung coz he could never see a vision involving his mate. The Divinity made the Legend of True Blooded Mates that way to make
sure that the pure blooded wolves who’ll get involve in the Legend, will remain pure & honest to their commitment with their destined mates. The Divinity made sure that ONLY LOVE will remain to be the reason of the Pure Blooded Mate’s Bond. Guk & Tae failed to learn that.
***Since Jungkook lost the chance to have a look at his future with Taehyung, he didn’t foresee the things that are about to happen to them. Not when he fell asleep with his Omega by his side. He’s very happy when he closed his eyes last night & he’s still peacefully sleeping
when someone started to buzz, Taehyung’s door bell. And since it’s Taehyung’s apartment, his ears are more sensitive about the noise, so even with a sore body & sleepy head, he grabbed his bathrobe hanging on the rack. But before he went out to check who’s bothering him early in
the morning, he found himself walking back towards the bed & give Jungkook a light kiss on his lips. “I love you my Alpha” he whispered before happily striding towards the door. He’s not expecting anyone & Minho just told him yesterday that he’ll be with his mate so Taehyung
really doesn’t have any idea who’s outside, but still he opened the door only to be be surprised again. “Hi, good morning Taehyungshi” the Alpha smiled at him, the kind that gives u goosebumps. Tae knows he could just listen to this man’s thoughts to know what he needs but he
already promised himself that he’s not going to use his gift for his personal gains,so he just politely greeted him too. “Good morning Mingyu, what can I do for u? Just in case u dont know, the other door is Guk’s apartment” He pointed at the other door. “No, i came to see u.”
Here’s the thing, Mingyu as a scholar of Alqamar knows everyhing about the Legend of the Pure Blood Lover, so he & his pack leader planned to ruin between Tae & Guk even before they get married & mark each other. The traitor knows that his friend Jungkook is already whipped for
Taehyung, that’s why instead of going after the Alpha, he decided to messed it up wih the Omega thinking that Taehyung is still the same sassy Omega he knows. But when he knocked on his door, there’s something different to him. He knows that Tae lives with his sentinel alpha so
its normal that he smells a bit of an alpha but Mingyu feels like there’s something wrong with the Omega’s scent. “Huh?! What do you need from me?” the Omega asked him, gripping his robe tighter in his body. “Well i just want to congratulate you,” Mingyu said smiling again.
Taehyung raised his brows towards the Alpha that’s creeping him out now. He knows he promised not to listen to anyone’s thoughts for his own sake anymore but this is really strange.. Just this once,Tae thought to himself before deciding to clear his mind & listen to Mingyu’s.
Everything happens for a purpose, Taehyung knows that everyone has their fixed purpose in life and that no one can change someone else’s destiny. So when he heard what the Alpha’s thinking, he knows exactly what had his purpose in life. He wanted to cry the moment he heard it!
“Is this about the wedding?! Why are u gonna congratulate me when we all know that this is a wedding for convenience only?! Now if u have nothing to say, i still want to go back in my bed and sleep.” Taehyung managed to bite back his tears. Mingyu smiled to himself knowing that
Taehyung will marry Guk for the wrong reason, the two of them will not be able to get the grace from the Divinity. “Oh, is that so. Maybe I’ll stop by and congratulate Guk then since he’s the one who—“ “I dont care, go if u want to. Bye.” Tae isn’t rude, he just really cant
stop the pain he feels so he knows he need to shit the door so he could cry in peace. So when Mingyu is gone, Taehyung forced himself to sit on his couch. He couldn’t believe Jungkook is still too hang up to that legend, that he will do everything to get hold of the power.
That morning is supposed to be Taehyung’s happiest day, but it turned out to be a nightmare because of the information he got from his mate’s bestfriend. He feels like all the bones and muscles in his body are breaking. He is in pain, but what hurts him the most is the truth that
Jungkook just used him. The Alpha is planning to move their wedding earlier so he could mate him earlier. So that eas all about what happened to them last night. He really planned it all from the start, making him fall, he made him believe he’s real only to use him!
Taehyung wioe away his tears. He knows he can’t back out from the wedding anymore because he doesn’t want his parents to be in shame. Besides, “word of honor” is very important for wolves so running away from the ritual shouldn’t be on his plan. He’s stil in deep thoughts when
he heard the Alpha from his bedroom. “Tae?!” Jungkook shoot up from the bed when he felt alone. He look around but Tae is nowhere to be found. He grabbed his boxers from the floor & went out of the room. He immediately feels so relieved when he saw his MATE on the living room.
Taehyung’s face harden when he saw his Alpha. He even wanted to curse the moment Jk found him. “Tae, baby why are u here? Lets go back to bed, im sure you’re still sore and —“ “So, did u activate it? I mean what special gift sh*t did you get from it?!” Taehyung cut him off.
Jungkook’s smile morphed into something like shocked? Mad? Pained? Taehyug doesn’t wanna know anymore! He’s a good actor anyway and he refused to believe anything he say anymore. “Taehyung, what are u talking about?” Jk asked, confused & hurt because why would his Omega asked
that first hour in the morning when they are supposed to be on bed, cuddling, making love and whatever romantic things couple should do. “Why Jungkook?!Is there something we need to talk about instead of that? We both know that we wanted this mating sh*t for that precious gift,
so, did u get yours?! Coz I’m pretty sure I dont have mine!” Taehyung lied to him when all he wanted to say is that he is hurt, that he is in great pain! Jungkook’s eyes widened when he realized what Taehyung just said. “Y-you don’t received ur gift? Maybe it’s a bit delayed?
Or maybe you—“ Jk wasnt able to finish his own sentence when he realized what just happened. Taehyung isn’t really in love with him. His Omega didn’t receive his gift from the Divinity because he doesnt love him. Then it clicked to him, his mate didn’t reply to him last night
when he confessed. Jungkook looks at Taehyung who’s smirking at him. Why didn’t he see that coming?! Was he really blinded for the Omega?! Is this what Mingyu and Bambam were talking about before he met his Omega?! “Did you really not receive—“ Jungkook stopped himself before
he could embarrassed himself more. He can feel his wolf breaking. “I cant believe that you’re this dense my big bad wolf” Taehyung stood up from his couch & walk closer to him. The moon knows he’s shaking & about to break down, but he wouldn’t do that in front of his Alpha.
“Do u really believe that after we had sex last night we’ll both have super powers now if we both know that we just f*ck because our stupid wolves are—“ This time, Taehyung is the one who was cut off by the angry Alpha. “Shut up! If this is what everything means to you then
brace yourself because we’re gonna move the wedding earlier so I could use all the resources your pack has to offer.” Jungkook gritted his teeth, his wolf suddenly on rage, but not with Taehyung but to himself. Everything he just said to Taehyung hurts him more!
Taehyung wanted to cry, he wanted to shout at Jungkook, tells him how painful it is to know that he feels so filthy and used right now, that he loves him.. but how could he say that now that the truth already came from him?! “Suit yourself my Alpha. Now if u can excuse me,
I need more sleep coz someone didn’t let me sleep last night.” Taehyung even winked at him before turning his back. He’s a few steps away when he feels Jungkook is still standing there. “And please, lock the door when you leave.” Taehyung wanted to clap for himself for his
acting skills. But how could he do that when he finally heard the door slammed. The first thing he saw when he entered his room is Jungkook’s shirt. And as much as he hates him for using him, he found himself gripping on the piece of cloth while crying. The scent of his mate
is comforting him. He started to sob when he realized that fact, that his Alpha might have hurt him & put him in this situa but only him could also comfort him. He already missed him, his scent, his touch, just him. That day, Tae wallowed in pain. He just stayed on his bed.
Meanwhile, Jungkook is not any better. His apartment is a mess. Everything is on the floor, broken into pieces like his heart. How could he not see that?! The way Taehyung looked at him, the way he let him touched him the previous night—he screamed again. His hands looking for
something to break! Until he trip himself on the stairs. Jungkook, the commander in chief of The Defense Squad of the wolves fell on the stairs, he rolled & hit the floor with his head, but he couldn’t feel any of the pain from it! His eyes are staring at the ceiling, asking why
would he fall in love with an Omega who doesn’t love him. That day, the pure blooded Alpha heir of Selene pack shed a tear for the Love that’s not going to happen between him and his Omega mate. Jungkook for the first time, cried and cried that day. His wolf started to howl!
****2 Days passed when Jungkook finally snap out of his misery. He started to fix his house and organize the things he had thrown around. He shut everyone out telling them not to come so no one has to see him in his lowest state. Thankfully, his friends & family respected him.
He just finished cleaning the living room when he felt his stomach grumbles, he hasn’t touch nor see food in the past two days because he was too hurt to think of it. So he went to his kicthen to check what’s inside his fridge. He has nothing. So he went to find his phone & dial
someone else’s favorite restaurant. How did he know he likes it?! He doesn’t know either! He just know Taehyung loves burger so he ordered a dozen of it before going to his bedroom to take a quick shower. The Alpha changed into his usal sweatpants & white shirt afterwards.
Jungkook is already waiting for the food when the delivery man came. He paid for it before going out of his apartment. He pressed Taehyung's door bell even after knowing the code because he doesn't want to be surprise again. He has already been hurt so he doesn't want to see what
he doesnt need to see anymore. He waited a bit more and when no one answered he decided to punch in the code. The Alpha's body immediately perks up when he smell the familiar scent he's been craving for the past two days. God, he missed him so much. "Taehyung?" he called out.
U see, wolves tend to shift to their natural form when they are already too weak for their human form. And Taehyung already shifted the night after he learned the truth because he hasn't taken any food since then. So imagine his surprise when he heard the voice he is missing so
much calling out his name. But since he's too afraid that he might being delusional now, he just curled there in his bed, ears tucked in as he closed his blue eyes again. Jungkook knows Taehyung is at home because his scent is so potent, so when he didn't hear any answer, he
just decided to check his room. He is already holding he door knob when he hesitated. He doesn’t even know why is he here, but his wolf is already driving him insane. So he opened the door only to see the most beautiful creature he has laid his eyes upon!
There in the middle of his bed, a white wolf is curled into a ball of fur. And when Taehyung opened his eyes to show his natural eye color, Jungkook felt his wolf rejoiced. He momentarily forgot that Taehyung doesn’t like him, that he’s supposed to be mad at him because all he
wants to do now is to nuzzle the wolf who’s staring back at him. When Taehyung saw Jungkook standing right in front of him, he knew he’s really hallucinating. So after a few minutes of staring at him, he went back to lay down on his bed, he closed his eyes & tried to shake off
that feeling that someone is really staring at him. “I must really miss that alpha huh?!” he thought to himself when a voiced boomed inside his room. “Kim Taehyung, istg if u keep ignoring me I’ll drag u out of ur bed myself!” Jungkook hates to use gis alpha voice towards his
mate but Taehyung is really a pain in the a**. He saw how the Omega stare at him only to ignore him afterwards. Tae opened his eyes again and realized that he isn’t hallucinating. He wanted to jump his Alpha right at that moment because he missed him but his pride wont let him.
Taehyung tilted his head asking the Alpha what is he doing inside his apartment and how did he manage to enter without his permission. Surprisingly, Jungkook understood him. Then they both realized that they are now mated so they obviously made a link to connect when they're in
their natural form. "I am a watchman, of course I would know your pass code. Now shift!" Jungkook replied using his voice coz obviously he's in his human form. Taehyung just scoffed. "Watchman my a**! Go away!" Jungkook furrowed his brows when he realized something.
"Why are you even in your 4 legs?! you are in the City and you know that---" then he cut himself off when he realized that Taehyung is in his wolf form because he hasn't move from his bed since the day he left him. The bathrobe beside him is a clear indication of that.
Jungkook's wolf started to growl upon realizing Taehyung hasn't eaten anything yet. "Shift!" Jk commanded him. He knows Taehyung will hate him even more for letting him submit like that but he might as well turn into a wolf any moment now because he can feel it in his veins.
Jungkook as a man is possessive and over protective to anyone he loves, but Jungkook as a wolf to his mate is triple that, and he doesn't want to know what he'll do if he loose control that's why he is commanding Taehyung just shift. "Kim Taehyung istg, I said shift!"
If Taehyung is a bit stronger to endure the pain of disobeying his Alpha, he should’ve remain in his natural form. But since he’s already too weak for that, he finally submit & shifted back to his human form. Jungkook went to open the closet near him to grab a fresh set of
clothes when he heard Taehyung screamed at him. “Yah! What are u doing?!” Tae panicked when he saw Jungkook right in front of his lingerie collection but the Alpha just ignored him & open it. “WTF!” Jk mumbled to himself when he saw the laces & silk neatly folded & hang inside
the closet! He cant help but imagine his mate in them. “F*ck!” he thought to himself and shut the closet only to open the other drawer. Thankfully he found more decent pajamas there. He grab a pair & went back to his Omega who’s now covered with his blanket. “Go change.”
"How about, you get out of my apartment?!" Taehyung replied. He hates how Jungkook broke his heart easily and now he came back commanding him, making him submit now telling him what to do. He hates him! Jungkook is offended. Of course, Taehyung will say that. But he just ignored
it because he's more concern about Taehyung's well being. His wolf knows that his Omega is not okay and that confuses the hell out of him because he looks f*cking okay when he kicked him out of this apartment the last time. "Do u want me to change you or u can do that alone?"
Taehyung glared at his mate! He knows Jungkook is capable of doing that so he just grabbed the clothes from him & run into his bathroom so he could shower first. Its been 2 days already and Jungkook’s scent is still all over him so he wants to washed it away.
When Taehyung is inside the bathroom, Jungkook started to remove all the bed sheets they used when they mated each other. He's already folding them when Tae emerged from his bathroom. "What are you doing?!" he asked when he saw him taking out the soiled linens.
"Throwing these away, I'm pretty sure you don't want them anyway." Jungkook replied while getting out of the room. Taehyung froze on his feet. He wanted to stop him, tell him that he wants that sheet because that's the only things that smells like him but since he's too
stubborn to admit it, he just shrug off as if he's not crying inside. "Yeah, good thinking. Please throw them away." he said trying to act cool. Jungkook didn't reply and just went straight out of the Omega's apartment. But the thing is, he just removed the sheet because he
want it for himself. So instead of throwing them in the gigantic garbage bin at the end of their hallway, he just went inside his own apartment and dump the sheets inside his own bedroom before going back to his mate's apartment. Taehyung is already drying his hair when he heard
his Alpha coming back. "Taehyung" Jungkook called out again. Taehyung clenched his jaw when he heard him say his name again. He hates how he likes it, like the Alpha really adores his name. "What?! Aren't you supposed to be, i dont know busy with ur watchmen thingy?"
Jungkook just pretend not to hear him. “I brought burger, there’s strawberry juice too but im not sure if you like that so i still ordered cola. Now let’s eat.” the Alpha started to put out all the food outside the papaer bag. Taehyung’s jaw dropped, he’s almost drooling with
the food. But what really made him confused is why Jungkook has to do this?! Isn’t it whough that he already made him a fool?! “Jungkook, what are you doing?!” he asked, his tear ducts warning him. The alpha looks at him straight in the eyes, there’s a lot of emotions on it.
"I know you don't like me here and you probably hate me now for forcing you to do lots of things against your will, but TAehyung you are my mate now so whether you like it or not, I'll be here every now and then. We both know what our wolves will be when we dont do this. Besides
we are getting married in 3 days. We haven't done anything yet so we also need to go back to La Luna to make sure everything is settled now." Jungkook explained, trying to be as nice as he can because his wolf couldn't take Taehyung's sadness anymore. Fortunately, the Omega
did not argue anymore. He just silently sit in the opposite of his chair and grab the strawberry juice he ordered. When Tae started to eat and drink the food he brought for him, Jk feels a lot better. Seeing his mate getting some color in his cheeks made him proud of himself.
The two finished their food in silence. When Taehyung stand up to clean up, Jungkook stop him. "Let me tidy this up. Just go pack your things and we're going to La Luna later." he said looking at his mate who's unusually silent. He doesn't know how Taehyung is trying his best
not to cry because he's getting overwhelmed of what's going on between them. He is obviously in love with his Alpha and him being so kind and gentle to him now is not helping him. So when he told him about going to La Luna, he can't help but be excited because finally he could be
with his parents again. When Jungkook noticed Taehyung isn't moving, he walked towards him. "Tae are you okay? If you're not feeling well then maybe we can just postpone---" "No, I'm fine. I'm actually planning of going home today" Tae cut him off and forced himself to smile.
****JK is already waiting inside Taehyung’s living room when the Omega finally went out of his room with his own luggage. The two didn’t have to speak to each other coz they both dont know what to say until they went inside the elevator. Jk took his luggage when they arrived
at the lobby & carried it for him until they reach the parking lot. Taehyung already knows that they’re going to use the Alpha’s car a& he didn’t disagree coz he knows that he’s not in a good state to drive. But when Tae opened the door of the back seat,Jk lose his twmper again.
“Istg, im trying my best to be good if you keep pulling sh*t like this Kim Taehyung I’m telling you—“ “What?! You’ll make me submit to you again?!” Tae bites back! But when Jungkook did not reply, he also felt bad & slam the door only to open the other that’s next to Guk.
And since Taehyung doesnt want to talk to him, he decided to pretend to be asleep. He close his eyes & steady his breathing to convince the sly Alpha. But Jungkook knows, he’s not stupid not to know that he’s pretending but the alpha decided that it’s better instead of fighting.
The travel going back to La Luna is so quiet, but Jungkook would never want to be in another place because even when Taehyung is so quiet, his scent makes him relax. Little did he know that Tae feels the same. He was only pretending to be asleep for the first few minutes but
he had really fallen asleep in the middle of their journey. So when Jungkook finally entered the territory of the Lunas, he woke him up carefully because he knows Taehyung would love to see the young pups running around the side streets. "Tae,we're here"he even shake him softly.
But the Omega is in dreamland where he's happy with his mate. So when the Alpha realized that he actually had fallen asleep, he just let him.He didn't even wake him up when he pulled over in front of his mate's cottage. He just went around on his side and scooped him again.
Seokjin and Namjoon are both on their veranda when they saw Jungkook carrying their son who looks like a baby curled into his ALpha's chest. The smile of the pack leader & his own Omega faltered when they smell their son's scent. They know that Jk might had been scented him but
it is still different! It's like as if his own scent is mixed up with another new scent that only mated couple has. All the questions of the couple were answered the moment they had a closer look with the two. "Jeon Jungkook!" Seokjin startled the sleeping Omega on Jk's arms!
Taehyung tap Jk’s shoulder telling him to put him down. “Amahan! Father!” Tae run to nuzzle his parents’ necks. He missed them so much right now. “My beloved son” Seokjin replied while peppering him with tiny kisseds all over his face. Jungkook turned around not to see them
bask in his Omega’s scent while he cant wven touch him anymore without the two of them fighting. Namjoon smiled when he saw Jk’s reaction. He knows how possessive Alpha’s are because he was on the younger’s shoes before. The leader walked towards his future son-in-law while Tae
is having the time of his life on his Amahan’s arms. “So I see you couldn’t have waited longer huh?!” he tease the Chief. Jungkook cant help but blushed in front of his mate’s father. “Sir i swear to the moon & with my whole pack’s spirit, I will do my best to protect ur son.”
“I never doubt that Jungkook, I’m more than glad enough that u are now my son’s mate. So how did it go with the gift?” Namjoon knows he isn’t supposed to be asking that but his curiosity got the best of him. Jungkook stiffened. That gift became a curse to him since it’s the
reason why he and his mate couldn’t make up. So he just kept quiet for a while thinking how to say what he want to say to his mate’s father. “About that sir, can we just talk about it after the wedding? Coz with or without it, Taehyung is already my mate so nothing will change.”
Namjoon furrowed his brows upon hearing the vague reply. Why would Jungkook mention about not having the gift if they’re obviously so in love with each other?! But since he respects the younger wolf, he just agreed to talk about it after the wedding just like how he wanted it.
Seokjin is caressing his son’s back while nuzzling him but his eyes are focus on the Alpha who’s trying hard not to glare at him. “Tae, why dont you check ur suit & other wedding stuff inside ur room? I just have to show Jungkook something” the older Omega excuse himself.
Taehyung wanted to ask what his Amahan is up to but when he heard about the wedding stuff, he cant stop his work feom being excited. So he just agreed and walk towards his own cottage just right beside his parent love nest. When Seokjin is sure that Taehyung is gone, he stomp
towards Jungkook. “Now young man, tell me everything. What the hell happened in that 7 days that you’re both gone?! Why did all of a sudden, my son appeared here with a big mark on his neck, different scent & what?! A broken heart!” Seokjin is trying to be calm even when all he
wanted to do is to rip this Alpha’s head off. “Wait, what?! A broken heart?!” Jk asked, because as far as he knows,he’s the one who is trying to save his own heart since his Omega obviously doesn’t like him as much as he loves him. Seokjin’s eyes widened when he saw Jungkook’s
sincere reaction. “What is going on?!” the older wolf asked again. This time, he wanted the full story, so the younger wolf recalled everyhing from the moment he proposed, until when they went to Selene up to when they claimed each other. He even shyly told Seokjin that he
confessed to but Taehyung suddenly was talking about the special gifts, the forced marriage and that he doesn’t really like him like that. At the end of his story, Guk feels like he’s going to explode of the pain & frustration that he cant do anything for his Omega to love him.
The Alpha is in the verge of crying when Seokjin asked him a question again. There’s only one fact he wanted to know before he can conclude that the young couples are idiots. “Do you? Did you not really receive the gift from the Divinity?!” Jungkook looked at him.
“Of course I did. I love your son and even the Divinity knows that.” And just like that, Seokjin started to laugh. He guess he knows what happened to the two, but of course he knows that the writer of this au has a lot more angst prepared for them so he didn’t tell anything.
“W-why are u laughing?!” Jungkook asked, startled with Seokjin who suddenly laughed at him. “Oh, im sorry. I just suddenly remembered this funny joke in my head. Do u want to hear it?” Seokjin said, still laughing. “I dont think—“ “What do u call a lost wolf?!”
Jungkook doesn’t want to hear any joke right now but since it’s Taehyung father, he just get on with it. “W-what?” he asked, not really anticipating the joke. “W-where-woooolf!” he laughs again, that kind of laugh that sounded like wiping a glass window. “Oh, my moon!”
****When Seokjin finally left Jk alone, the young Alpha met with other Selenes that are currently in La Luna because they’re helping for the preparation for their wedding. Taemin & Minho are both helping too. The mated couple even congratulated him when they noticed his mark.
It’s almost dinner time when the Pure Blooded Alpha decided to go back to his mate’s cottage. He was excited to show him the wild flowers he picked along the way but he almost lost control the moment he saw his mate laughing with another unmated alpha just outside his cottage.
Taehyung never liked Minjae since they were in highschool, but the other Alpha has always been nice to him. So when Minjae drop by to bring him his favorite wild berries, he cant help but smile at him, thanking him for the effort. They are both catching up about everything when
Minjae told him a funny story that made him laugh. But the moment he sniffed his mate’s scent, he knows he is just around. But when an unimpressed Alpha appeared between him & Minjae, he still got surprised. “I didn’t know u have an Alpha friend baby.” Jk asked emphasizing
each word he used. Taehyung rolled his eyes. He knows Jk doesn’t like him like that but whenever there’s another Alpha showing him affection, his mate acts like he’s really jealous. “Yeah, that’s Minjae, we were friends since we were in high school.” Taehyung introduced rhe two.
“Minjae this is Jungkook, the heir of Selene pack.” Jungkook turned to look at his mate, he couldn’t believe that all of the descriptions he could say, he chose that. “Hi Minjae, nice to meet you, I’m Taehyung’s mate and future husband.” he said, faking a smile to the other.
Minjae almost laugh at the two. He isn’t stupid not to know that Taehyung wanted his mate to get jealous. But what he really wanted to laugh at is Jungkook doesn’t even have to speak to know that he’s holding back himself from ripping his head off. So the unmated Alpha left them
alone after the awkward introduction. Jungkook is still holding the flowers he picked when he turned to Taehyung. “Is that the reason why u cant receive ur gift?!” he asked furiously. But Taehyung’s eyes are focus on the beautiful wild flowers. The Omega didn’t reply to that.
“Where did u get those?”Tae instead divert the question to the flowers. Jk sighed. He knows Tae is trying to dodge the question, but he still feels better now coz at least he’s talking to him now. “They’re actually for you. I picked them up while on my way back from the woods.”
Taehyung blushed. For the wolves, giving of flowers are only for the mated couple so he cant help but to remember that they are really mates now. “T-thank you” he uttered before taking the flower inside his cottage. He was busy putting them in the vase when he got startled by
his Alpha standing behind him. He turned around only to find that Jungkook is not even a feet away from him. “W-what are u doing here? The Selenes are given their own cottage at the Northern part of—“Tae couldn’t finish his sentence when Jungkook extended his both hands to his
side, caging him. “Why would I go there if I can comfortably rest right here with my mate?” he said still staring at Taehyung. “Yah, who told u, u can sleep here? Besides, u dont actually think that i will still sleep with u right?! We activated ur super powers now and u-—“
Jungkook has been waiting for that opportunity so when his mate started to whine again, he smiled to himseld before he finally shut him with his own lips again. The Alpha feels like he’s gonna explode of happiness when he felt the hand tugging on his hair. Tae finally responded
to his kisses too. The two are both lost in their own world again. Jungkook’s two hands gripping Taehyung’s hips before he yanks him up. The Omega wrapped his legs around his Alpha’s waist, lips still connected to each other. That night, they let their wolves prevail!
Taehyung & Jungkook made love for the second time. This time, they both did it without the excuse of their rut & heat. Jungkook made sure that his Omega can feel how beautiful he is. He whispered sweet nothings to his ears. He worshipped every inch of his body. He loved him.
That night, when Jungkook finally fell asleep before cleaning them both, Taehyung have never been more confused. He isn’t sure what to feel anymore. When Jungkook was kissing him, touching him, telling him how beautiful he is—he sounded so sincere that even his wolf trusts him.
Then he remembered Mingyu’s thoughts again and the fact that Jungkook haven’t received any gift. But, did he actually say that he hasnt?! Taehyung asked himself. Because there’s no way Jungkook could have just fake everything that he’s been doing for him. That night, the Omega
finally decided to give his Alpha a chance. Sooner or later he will know if Jungkook really didn’t received his gift. That evening, he let himself cuddled by the strong arms of his mate, he finally fell asleep with a smile on his lips. “Goodnight my Alpha” he whispered😊
The Next Day, Jungkook woke up with a smile on his face when he felt warm arms & legs tanggled to his own. He doesn’t need to open his eyes to know that it’s his Omega. And as much as he wanted to stay on their bed, he knows that they both need to get up already because they
only have 2 days before their wedding day. The Alpha tried to look down to check his mate’s beautiful sleeping face & found himself being in love deeper to him. He’s so happy because last night, he felt that his Omega was finally warming up to him. That’s why he decided to make
him breakfast. He slowly untangled their limbs before he carefully moves out of the bed. Jungkook was about to leave when he saw Taehyung move in the bed. And it’s as if he saw an angel again when he saw the Omega opened his eyes. “Hmmmn, good morning” jk cant stop himself.
Instead of striding towards the kitchen, the Alpha just dive back to give his Omega his morning kisses. “Good morning Tae” he whispered after making his mate flushed with red with the sudden kiss. “Where are u going just a while ago? Planning to ditch me?” the Omega nuzzles to
his Alpha’s neck. “What?! No. I was just going to make us breakfast.” Jk replied while pulling him closer if its still possible. “Woah, u must really be in good mood huh?! The big bad alpha making a breakfast for a poor little omega?! I’d like to see that.” Taehyung chuckled.
The two look at each other, Jungkook is mesmerized by his Omegas’s chuckles. So when he lean closer and started to kiss him again, the couple forgot about making their breakfast & decided to make love again. Jk couldn’t be more happier. They both found themselves in pure bliss.
When they finally got tired making love & Taehyung felt like he wouldn’t be able to walk on their wedding day, Jungkook carried him to the bathroom so they could take a shower together. Since it’s their first time to do it, Jungkook cant help his hands touching every part of his
Omega’s body. They kept laughing and kissing each other until they both realized that it’s too late already and that they both have to eat before hey head to the woods to check their wedding preparation. Jk even helped him change after they shower. Of course, Tae enjoyed it!
When Jungkook noticed that Taehyung is watching him change, he couldn’t help but give him a small show. “Love what u see baby?” he asked winking at him. “Shut up! Ive seen better!” Taehyung replied obviously trying to rile him up. But when he saw Jk’s eyes on him he cant help
but regret it. “Seen better huh?!” Jk closed their gap & started to pepper him with tiny bites while tickling him. “No! Love i was just teasing you!” both of them froze when they realized what just Taehyung called him. “Love? Love. I like that.” the alpha said before kissing
him again. Taehyung covers his face with his 2 hands because of embarrassment. He heard him laughing before he felt himself being carried by his Alpha, bridal style. “Yah, what are u doing?” Tae asked looking at his alpha. “Yah?! What happened to love? We’re going to make some
pancakes baby. Then we can join Amahan & Jimin hyung later.” he replied smiling. Jk put him down in one of the high stool in the kitchen as he started to move around taking things here & there so they could finally make their own breakfast. Taehyung thinks that maybe they
really just have to give each other a chance.. after all, they are now mates, with or without those fucking gifts! “Didn’t know someone will look hot wearing that ugly apron” Taehyung commented that made his alpha smile. “So, i look hot now huh?!” he replied with a smirk.
Taehyung just laughs at him. After burning tons of pancake, making a mess in their tiny kitchen, a lot of kissing and scenting, the mated wolves finally managed to cook decent food. Jungkook feeds his Omega with kisses in between!
It took the newly mated wolves another hour for cleaning up their kitchen because a certain ALpha couldn't take his hands off the beautiful Omega. The two are still displaying their heart eyes when they arrived at the middle of the woods where wolves from both Selene & La Luna
are working for their wedding. "Look who's finally here!" Jimin yelled so everyone could see them. When the other wolves saw them holding hand while walking, they started to tease them. "I bet, Taehyung will show up with a pup after 9 months!" one of the elders exclaimed.
"Well,that's for sure! I will never doubt our ALpha heir to that!" joined another elder from the Selene pack. Guk's chest swelled with pride while Tae tried to hide behind him because of the teasing. He's a virgin after all! "Don't worry everyone,we want to take it slow."
Jimin laughs the moment he heard his mate's brother saying that. "SLOW" is the last word he would use to describe the two who only met less than 10 days ago but are now mated, marked and obviously already f*cked each other. So no, Jimin will not believe that blatant lie!
"What?!" Jungkook asked his hyung with a smug face. The Alpha knows that Jimin didn't buy his lies. "Really?! Slow?!! You came here after lunch when you were supposed to be here to have breakfast with everyone who's been helping with the wedding, you both are animals for showing
off how u both devoured each other. Look at your necks full of your love bites, I'm pretty sure that I will not see the end of those marks. And Jungkook, please have mercy with your Omega, I know you're excited & really enjoying it but let Taehyung walk on his wedding day!"
Jimin is so proud of himself for flustering the couple in front of him. "Jiminie, why are you so mean?" Tae pouts while he leans closer to his Alpha. Jungkook put his arms around his Omega & glared at his brother's mate. "You're lucky everything you just said is true or else!"
Taehyung playfully hit his Alpha's chest when he heard him agreeing with the other Omega. "Yah! You're supposed to be in my side." "Sorry baby, u know he's telling the truth." he whispered to his ear that gained him a soft pinch on his side. The other wolves cooed at them.
The rest of the day went well. Jungkook helped with the logs the other Alphas need to carry around while Taehyung stayed with the other Omegas who are all busy doing the decorations for the wedding. Everyone is excited & happily doing their own tasks so the couple didn't forget
to thank each and everyone of them after the whole day of labor. Seokjin invited them for a dinner at their cottage so Jk and Tae didn't need to prepare their own dinner anymore. While Jimin was already fetched by his Alpha mate and they both went home with the promise to come
back early before the wedding on the next day. During the dinner, SEokjin tried to observed the couple subtly. He doesn't want to alert them that he's mentally taking down notes everything they do. But since the two are just so focus to each other, he doesn't even need to be
subtle anymore. He started with a simple stare when Jungkook keeps placing food in his Omega's plate. The older Omega is pleased to see that his son is being well taken care of. But when the young ALpha started to feed his own Omega with his own chopsticks, he started to glare
at them because not even Namjoon did that to him. When Jungkook started to steal kisses from his mate when Seokjin couldn't take it anymore. At first, he fake coughed to get the young couple's attention, but Jungkook just gave him a glass of water and continues being grossly
in love with his Omega. Even Namjoon can't help but to join his mate to get the young couple's attention but Tae is enjoying every second of it so the younger ones remain oblivious. "That's it!Get out! You two, get out of my cottage before I develop diabetes!"he shouted at them.
Taehyung & Jungkook are both startled when they saw the older Omega's outburst. "Amahan? What is happening?" Tae asked, genuinely confused of what's going on. Seokjin squinted his eyes while pointing his chopsticks at them. "What is happening?! Are you seriously asking me
what is happening?! Well, listen you two!!!!! I invited you here for dinner tonight so we could at least catch up together, maybe talk about your plans in the future or discuss some things about the final touches in your wedding day, but I already finished 7 cups of rice,
ate 4 portions of steak, 3 bowls of kimchi and almost drowned myself with a jug of water but both of you are not even paying attention to us because you are so grossly focused to each other as if you didn't just devour each other last night! So yeah, that happened Taehyung!"
“A-amahan” the young Omega hesitated. He looks at his parents to see if they’re just kidding of kicking them out but he cant see a hint of joke on their faces so he bow down showing he’s sorry. Namjoon is the first one to recover. Of course he knows his Omega isn’t serious of
kicking them out. The leader of the pack knows Seokjin loves their son more than his own life. “Taehyungie, baby” Namjoon called. Both Jungkook & Taehyung look at the older Alpha. “I hope u know that your Amahan isn’t serious. He was just really looking forward to spend this
evening with you since you are getting married soon. Am i right Jinnie?” he soothed his mate. “I-i.. well, i was just worried that once you’re married I wouldn’t be able to see my own son again becaue I guess he found himself a possessive Alpha.” Seokjin confessed.
Taehyung & Jungkook gave each other a knowing look first before Tae faces his father. “Amahan, I am only getting married. Nothing will change & I promised that I would come visit you often. Besides, Gukkie will be very busy on his job after the wedding so I might stay here.”
"I know that Taehyungie, I was just.. well I don't know. When you arrived here yesterday you were both so upset of something. You were so quiet and Jungkook was just-- well, you know what, never mind. I'm happy that it seems like you figured it out finally." Seokjin voiced out.
The young couple hold each other's hand after their father's confession. "I guess the Divinity answered my prayers already Amahan" Jungkook winks at Seokjin who smiled back at him. Taehyung isn't sure what the two are talking about but he didn't put any meaning to it anymore.
The four wolves finished their meals happily. The younger couple spends more time with Taehyung’s parents before they finally had the courage to ask permission from Seokjin to go. “Amahan I know u still want to spend more time with ur son, but I’m sure u also wants him to rest—“
“See this is what im talking about Joonie. He’s hoarding our son to himself!” Seokjin cut Jungkook off. But the older Omega bursts into laughter when he saw the younger alpha’s panicking face. “Im just kidding Guk. Yeah, it’s already late and I guess it’s better i you go home so
you could both take a rest for tomorrow’s pre-nuptial celebration. 4 packs will be here and Im sure all of them would love to greet you personally.Go and rest.”Seokjin shooed them away. The mated wolves nuzzle their noses to the older couple before they finally decided to leave.
They are already half way theough Taehyung’s cottage when they both heard some wolves running around the woods. “The watchmen” Jungkook whispered to his Omega after pulling him closer to him. “Wow, they really dont wanna miss their Chief’s wedding huh?!” Tae teases him.
“Well, im pretty sure that some of my best men are already around the area since I saw them coming earlier.” Jk mumbled not realizing that what he saw was part of his vision only. “That’s really sweet of them Gukkie, cant wait to meet all ur men so I can see who to trust among
them all.” Taehyung lean on his alpha’s chest when he realized something. The pure blood alpha felt his sudden change of gear. “Baby, is there something wrong?” he asks. The Omega’s eyes widened while staring at his mate. “Jungkook, we’re already getting married tomorrow but
I haven’t seen your natural form yet. Not even once!” he demanded. The Alpha stared at his Omega’s eyes, remembering how beautiful he is even in his natural form. “Then how about I show it to you now? Let’s run back on our cottage on four legs?” he suggested to his Omega who
obviously liked the idea. “On the count of three, we’ll shit at the same time”the Alpha nuzzles his nose to his Omega’s mark before he started counting. “1..2..3!” And they shift! Gone are the expensive clothes they’re wearing & 2 wolves appeared in the darkness of the night.
Taehyung as a man is super attracted to the human Jungkook not only because he’s his mate but it’s the fact that his Alpha is so damn gorgeous! But now that he’s staring at his wolf form, with his slick black fur that really goes well with the color of the evening, damn!
“Tae,” The Omega heard & felt his Alpha calling him out through their links as mates but he’s too busy admiring the perfect creature In front of him. So yeah, he basically ignore him that’s why Jungkook started to panic. His former insecurities started to rise up in his tummy.
U see,there is only one pure black wolf in the land and now that his eyes turned permanently in red when he’s in his natural form instead of his previous color which is golden yellow,JK feels different and that takes a toll in his self confidence. Now, even his Omega is so quiet.
“Tae, I, am I really ugly that u dont even want to talk to me anymore? Do u prefer the common chocolate fur of the other Alpha wolves? Is that why u—“ “O my moon! Love, you are perfect! You’re different but so am I. And No, i dont like anyone else except you my alpha.”
Jungkook didn’t have to hear any after that. He start licking his Omega’s whole face before nuzzling his aoft white fur. “I’m not perfect baby, but you are.” he murmured through their link. Taehyung bask in his Alpha’s scent before they both finally made it to their cottage.
Here's the thing,when the couple arrived at their cottage,they knew they would have need to shift back to their human form so they could cuddle. But the moment they have shifted back,they're both naked, their bodies are warm due to the natural component of their blood as wolves.
And Jungkook as an Alpha has only one weakness, he knows that whatever he does, however he tried his best, he wouldn't be able to win against his wolf when it comes to a naked certain Omega. So when Taehyung felt his mate's hard wood behind him, he knows he's screwed!
That night, Jungkook ravaged his Omega again. They made love repeatedly until the moon disappeared into the horizon of the dawn. So when the morning came, they're both startled of the noise outside their tiny home. Wolves who came from the other packs finally arrived!
***THE DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING Seokjin & Jimin look at each other, the Omegas are getting pissed because a certain couple who are supposed to be welcoming all their guests are still missing in action. Even the wolves from Alqamar & Bulan arrived already & currently enjoying the
feast of food & lively performance which were prepared by both Lunas & Selenes. “Jimin, i guess it’s better if you go & check the two already before the Bulans & Alqamar feels like they’re being disrespected of the couple.” Yoongi asks his mate who’s obviously not impressed.
“I’m gonna aged faster because of ur brother, istg Yoonie!” Jimin replied before stomping towards the cottage of the two. And since he’s a pissed Omega, Jimin didn’t even manage to knock anymore, he just barged in only to see them peacefully sleeping in their paired pajamas!
Jimin took a photo of the two sleeping before he finally started to wake them up. Of course, Jungkook is the first one to move. “Jungkook, the sun is up, ur guests have arrived, ur watchemen have been waiting for u! Why are u still on bed?! We told u yesterday not to—“ “Hyung!”
The Alpha glared at Jimin as he put his finger on his lips signaling him to shut up. “What?!” Jimin asks with furrowed brows. “Ssssh. Hyung, I’ll go & welcome everyone just let Tae sleep a bit more. H-he’s a bit tired.” he informed him, a bit shy knowing that Jimin understands.
“Oh my moon! Ur Yoongi hyung didn’t raise u to be this pervert who cant—“ Jimin wasnt able to finish his sentence as the Alpha suddenly lifted him up, carried him like a sack of rice & brought him outside the cottage. “WTF, Jungkook, don think i wont tell this to ur brother!”
Jungkook just grinned at him. “See u later hyung, let me just change & I’ll go and welcome each of the guests.l” he said before slamming the door of their cottage again. If it’s another wolf who’s done that to him, Jimin would surely be livid now, but that’s their Jungkook and
he’s already so used to that idiot! After few more yelling at the couple’s door, Jimin finally decided to go back to the plaza where other wolves are gathering & waiting to be welcomed by the two grooms who are about to get married. He was already on his way when he saw Guk’s
Circle of Friends; Yug, Bam, Jae & Mingyu. The four Alphas probably didn’t see him because if they do, they should’ve probably stop their conversation. “Do u think Guk really moved his wedding earlier so he could mark the Omega & activate his super powers?” Jae asked curiously.
Jimin halted to his feet. This is he conversation he doesn’t wanna hear, but he knows he needed to hear just in case those dumbass alphas f*ck up their friend’s wedding. The other 3 look at Jae first, then it was Yugyeom who answered since he’s the closest to Jungkook.
“I don’t think that’s the case anymore. He might have that plan at first but our Guk fell in love with his Omega. I saw it, the way Jungkook look at Taehyung—woah, I’ve never seen anyone like that before.” Yugyeom recalled the night of Taemin’s bday when he saw the couple..
“Really?! So do u think Guk really had received his gift from the Divinity?!” it’s Bambam’s turn to asks now. “Jungkook came to the headquarters 3days ago & to be honest I dont see anything different about him. Do u think he’s faking it with the Omega?” it’s Mingyu who replied.
Jimin’s ears perks up upon hearing the wolf from Alqamar. “This mf really is an Alqamar! How could he say that about his best friend?!” Jimin thought to himself until he heard Jae’s reply. “Why are y’all doubting Guk? Have u seen his Omega? We all know that Taehyung is a tease,
if there’s anyone who’s good at faking here, that would be Taehyung. Do u really think Jungkook finally got his attention?! Guys, we don’t even know if he has a gift too!” The three other Alphas stare at their friend, and Jimin might not want to admit it, but Jae has a point!
The Omega shake his head before walking back towards his own Alpha. The newly heard idea about Jungkook & Taehyung is really bothering him. If the two turned out to be faking all of this just to make sure hey could protect their own pack, then they’re doomed!
No one can ever play a trick on the Divinity. If Jungkook turns out to be just physically attracted to Taehyung, then he’ll never get the gift he is supposed to receive as a pure blooded Alpha, the same way goes to Taehyung. All their plans & efforts will be put into waste!
Jimin is still spacing out when he heard Yoongi calling out his name. “Jiminie, are you alright?! God, I can sense all your worries from a thousand mile. I was so worried, I thought something bad happened to you!” Yoongi nuzzles his nose to his Omega’s neck. “Yoonie”
“Im worried about Guk & Tae, what if we’ve made a mistake for forcing them into this? What if at the end, Alqamar will still push through their plan? What if—“ he was cut off by his Alpha’s wet lips. “Ssssh, my love even when we just forced them at the beginning, u can see them
now. They’re grossly in love with each other. They are already mated.” Yoongi tried to calm his Omega down. “Exactly Yoonie, they are already mated but we cant see any difference from them. What if Guk is faking all his feelings for Tae just so he could protect our pack? U know
ur brother more than anyone else. And we both know that he’s capable of doing that just to protect Selene.” Jimin said in a low voice just above a whisper. Yoongi stiffened. He thought of that too, but he knows Jungkook. He would never play with love nor the Divinity, besides
he already has his gift! He just need to learn to control them. “Jimin” he lifted his mate’s face so their eyes could meet. “I trust Jungkook not just because he’s my brother, but because I know we both raised him well. Stop worrying my love, im sure one of these days they
will surely show everyone their gifts.” Yoongi said before leaning in for a kiss. Jimin kissed his mate back until all his worries & doubts vanished. That’s right, it’s impossible for Guk to fake love because it’s his first time to experience it! All his feelings are raw!
Just when Jimin finally found his peace of mind, a wolf hiding beneath the bushes emerged with a smirk. “So if Guk doesn’t really love Tae even they’re now mated, that only means he’ll have the gift but not able to use them properly.” Seojoon whispered to himself with a smirk!
***The moment Jungkook stepped out of their cottage, he felt it already. There is something in the air that feels like it shouldn’t be there, something is off. The Alpha was about to use his newly acquired gift when he remembers that he promised himself not to use it again until
Taehyung is comfortable enough to talk about it again since it’s the reason why he almost lose him before. So no, no using of mojo sh*ts until Tae figures out his own gift too. The Alpha just pushed back the thought in his head besides, what could possibly go wrong now?!
He proceed to greet his watchmen first since they’re all right outside the cottage before he went to meet his close friends. Yugyeom was the one who jumped on him! “Here comes the groom!” The 4 Alphas started to tease him until they realized something is different about him.
“Y-you.. you already claimed and mated your Omega?!” Mingyu even pointed at him, full shocked written in his face. Jungkook just smiled at him & hugged them one by one. “Your scent combined with Taehyung really smells so good!” Bambam commented taking a wiff of his new scent!
Yugyeom was the only one who showed real excitement of their new found knowledge about their friend. “You really did claim him already huh?! So, im pretty sure you did the dirty already!” Jae asks, genuinely jealous of Jungkook’s luck because Taehyung is the most sought Omega!
The pure blooded Alpha blushed upon imagining his mate in different positions he took him for the past nights they’ve been together. And that didn’t go unnoticed. Mingyu tried to control his reaction upon confirming that Jungkook & Taehyung already made love. He knows he needs
to be more cautious now that Jungkook probably obtained a special skills since he’s obviously in love with Taehyung. The Alpha from Alqamar is just hoping that Tae doesn’t really like Jk like that, or else they are all screwed! Pure Blooded Couple are powerful!
The last day before the great day has been peaceful so far. Taehyung & Jungkook are both oblivious that there are actually wolves who are plotting to destroy them just to make sure Jk won't be able to get full control on his gift. The Alqamars are hoping that his gift would
turn out to be a curse. That day, Jungkook introduced Taehyung to his close circle of friends without a tiny hint of doubt that one of his friends is planning to take away his happiness. Taehyung felt a shiver run down to his spine when he finally faces Mingyu. The memory of
meeting the Alpha the other day reminds him of all his doubt about Jungkook, but then the comforting scent & heavenly touches of his Alpha made him relax in front of the other Alphas who are bombarding him questions. Tae answered them all with grace coz he's used to this kind of
social gathering. He isn't intimidated at all. In the evening before the wedding, the couple have decided to sleep with their own packs since Jungkook is a bit worried that he might not control himself again. He took Taehyung to his parents' cottage but couldn't leave him there.
"Tae" he whispered to his omega's ear while he enjoys the sweet scent coming from his neck. "Hmmmn" Tae hums smiling. He exactly knows what Jungkook wants from him but he promised to himself not to give in no matter what because he wants to walk properly on their wedding.
"Can we just go back to the cottage" Jungkook whispered again, afraid that SEokjin might hear him coz that will surely put him in trouble. Taehyung's Amahan clearly told him to leave his son alone tonight, but how could he do that if here he is cuddling his mate in the hammock
right outside the leader of the pack's own cottage. "Gukkie, as much as I want to stay with you tonight, u know we cant. Besides its only few more hours and we can finally be together already."Tae replied while tugging his Alpha's soft curly hair. "I cant wait to take u home."
"I can't wait to wake up each morning with you." Tae whispered back before closing the gap of their lips. When the two finally ended the kiss, they felt someone hovering over them. The couple almost jumped off the hammock cause right there standing in front of them is SEokjin!
"Amahan!" Taehyung exclaimed. "Don't Amahan me Kim Taehyung. Go inside before I'll drag you myself. Don't forget to lock your windows because there might be wild horny wolf climbing up there!" Seokjin commanded but his eyes are focus on the Alpha who's still holding his son.
When Jungkook feels like Seokjin is ready to ripped his head off, he chuckles and kiss his Omega once more before helping him get off the hammock. “Good night baby,” he whispered into his ears while engulfing him to a tight embrace. “See u tomorrow love,” the Omega replied.
When Taehyung’s back finally hit his soft bed, he cant help but to think of the past few days. He recalled how he met his mate, how they kept arguing but ended up kissing all the time, he imagined how they claimed & marked each other. He felt his cheeks blushed upon remembering
the night he made love with him. Jk was so gentle to him and— Knock. Knock. Knock. “Tae are u already asleep?”it was Seokjin. “Amahan,im still up. Get in.”he replied while sitting up on his bed. The two Omega gave each other warm smiles.Then Seokjin joined him on his bed.
“You’re going to sleep here tonight?” Tae’s eyes widened but he immediately moved to the other zide of the bed so he could give his father a space. “Yeah, dont worry i already informed ur father that im gonna spend this night with our son who’s about to get married tomorrow.”
Taehyung giggles while his Amahan started to rub his soft tummy. “I cant believe that in less than 24 hours, you’ll finally be married to ur ideal Alpha my son. Ur father & I were always worried that u might grow old alone because u were too picky about ur suitors, but Im glad
that u didn’t lower ur standards because look at you now being so happy with Jungkook.” Seokjin keeps drawing circles to his belly. “I never expected this too Amahan. I must admit, i still have some doubts about everything but Gukkie makes me feel safe & happy.” he confessed.
“Remember this son, not everyday of ur relationship will be rainbows & unicorns. There will be days when u will misunderstand each other, there will be days that other people will try to mess up ur relationship, there will be situations that will make u choose, just remember
that u should stick together because in our realm, there is nothing stronger than pure blooded wolves with love.” Taehyung remains silent upon hearing that. Seokjin knows his son agreed to that, so they both finally say goodnight & fall asleep that night!
***THE WEDDING*** Jungkook woke up with a light & happy heart. It’s the day he’s finally going to marry his mate, his beautiful Omega. The pure blooded alpha cant help to smile at the mirror just by thinking that Taehyung will officially his in a few hours. It’s only been hours
since he left him at his parents’ house but he misses him already. “I wont let you out of my sight one were married baby” he mumbled to himself before stepping in the bathroom so he could take a shower & prepare for their big day. Jimin is already waiting for him.
The pure blooded Alpha quickly finish his shower & join his hyungs for breakfast, he glanced at the wall clock and smile to himself knowing that each time that passes by makes it closer for him to be reunited with his love. “Good morning!” he greeted the couple smiling at him.
Yoongi gave him his gummy smile. “Are you ready for ur big day, big boy?” the “leader of the pack asks while putting a plate in front of the younger Alpha. “Thanks hyung, I know it’s weird saying this but, I am more than ready for this” he replied with his bunny smile!
The three wolves ate in peace but when Guk was about to finish, Yoongi stood up & walked behind the younger Alpha, in his hand is their family’s heirloom. The Selene’s necklace that is passed on to the eldest of the Alphas in the family. Jungkook’s eyes widened upon seeing it!
“H-hyung that’s Selene’s stone” he uttered while looking back & fort to the couple who are both standing behind him. “Yes it is.” Yoongi paused before taking off the piece of stone from it’s box. “U know that this is passed on to the heir of elsest Alpha in the family right?”
Jungkook didn’t reply, he knows that Yoongi has something more to say. “You know how Jimin & I are not going to have our own pup Guk, so I guess there’s no one who’s more deserving to have this stone than ur future pup.” Yoongi declared while looking at his own Omega smiling.
The younger Alpha stood up only to engulf his brother to a bone crushing hug.He knows how he couple tried very hard to have a pup, but for unknown reason,they just couldn’t have one. So now that they’re giving him the Selene’s stone,he knows that the two probably gave up already.
“H-hyung but—“ “Sit down so I could out this on you” Jimin cut him off & Yoongi hold him on his shoulder so he wouldn’t be able to refuse. “You are and will always be my brother, but with all the trouble u gave us in the past, u sure act like our son already, so yeah, this one
is meant to be yours so you could pass it on ur pup.” Jimin voiced out while putting on the necklace on him. “Hyung,we will just get married now why are u talking about pups already, geez!”the young Alpha cant help but smile thinking that Tae will be the one giving him his pups.
“Dont act as ifyou haven’t done it yet Jungkook! Ur Omega keep limping since u arrived here!” Jimin replied playfully hitting him on his chest. The younger didnt reply, instead, he runs his finger over the stone that’s now hanging on his neck. “To our future pups”he uttered.
***Meanwhile in the La Luna Pack*** Taehyung is sitting on his bowl inside his bathroom. He woke up with a weird feeling, so here he is trying to remember all the food he ate the previous night. But since it’s his big day, he just pushed the idea of being sick. Maybe he’s just
too excited. He was still in deep thoughts when he heard another knock on his door. “Tae? Son you’re taking up too long in the bathroom, are u sure you’re okay?” Seokjin asked trying to listen to him from the outside. Then Tae suddenly remembers that his Amahan is a healer,
he immediately stood up and open his bathroom door. He's still sweating when Seokjin saw him. "Are u sure you're okay?"Seokjin lifted his palm to check if his son is okay &thank the Moon & the Divinity coz Tae seems to be fine. "Amahan,will u just touch me to calm my nerves?"
"Of course my son,come here." the older Omega lead him back to his bed. They both sit on the edge of the bed. "In the name of our Divinity who are all powerful,may his spirit come & heal your troubled soul. May the Moon's grace upon u today." SEokjin uttered while touching him.
After the short prayer he uttered, Seokjin left to the woods with his mate. They will be waiting there together with the other wolves. Taehyung will be accompanied by the watchmen assigned by the Commander in Chief himself. Jungkook chose his best men to guard Taehyung.
Mingyu together with 11 other wolves including Minho who's Taehyung's sentinel is waiting for the Omega. There are 4 representatives from each pack & Mingyu being the second in command will be walking beside Taehyung going to the woods where the wedding will be held.
When Tae finally emerged from his parents cottage,the 12 wolves stand in two lines, each on his side. Mingyu is on his left while Minho on his right. The procession to the woods has finally began! Music is heard all over the Land. The Selenes & La Lunas will finally become one!
They're already in the middle of the procession when Mingyu opened his deceitful mouth. "Taehyung let me be the one to congratulate u first" he started with a devious smile. "Thank you Mingyu" the Omega replied not wanting to start a conversation with the same man who made him
doubt his mate before. "No need to thank me Taehyung, what about u just tell me what super powers did u receieve after u mated with Jungkook?" Mingyu tittered, acting nonchalantly in front of the Omega. Minho stiffened upon hearing the question, he looks at Taehyung to check
if the Omega groom is fine with the question since he remember that Tae asked him before not to tell anyone that he received a gift from the Divinity. He might not know the reason why, but he promised to keep that secret so he's a bit worried when he heard Mingyu asked about it.
Taehyung winks at his sentinel, knowing fully that he's ready to protect him from anyone then he face Mingyu. "I don't know why the sudden interest about my gift Mingyussi, but I am marrying ur friend now so I don't think it still matters if I have or haven't received any."
The pure blooded Omega is tempted to listen to the alpha's thoughts but since he doesn't want to ruin his wedding, he just tried to ignore the sly smirk of Mingyu upon hearing his answer. Few more minutes of walking and they finally arrived at the entrance of the woods!
“The Pure Blood Omega of La Luna has arrived!” the Saludnon shouted using his horn. All the wolves in the woods, in human & natural form kneel down to show respect to the Omega Groom. The Lunas, Selenes, Bulans & Alqamars who are in their natural form started to howl!
Jungkook and Taehyung finally saw each other. The Alpha is in his black suit, the color of his natural form while Taehyung decided to wear white just like his fur as a wolf. The music got louder, the beating of the drums faster, Taehyung started to walk towards Jungkook!
When the Pure Blooded Alpha finally reaches out his hand to his Omega, everyone started to cheer for them only to be silence when the the oldest wolf in the land finally arrived at the altar they built. Tanya, the female Alpha who never settled in Land gracefully appeared.
“La Luna & Selene, how have you been little wolves?!” the female Alpha tilted her head while staring at Jungkook & Taehyung who are now holding hands in front of her. The couple greet her with their traditional bow before going back to their seats in front of the altar.
Tanya started to walk around the wolves seated in line. Seokjin & Jimin turned the woods into something like a church but instead of pews, they use logs as their chairs. & since it’s in the middle of the day, they made sure to put a white linen over the venue.,
“Wolves of the four packs, young & old, mated & unmated, Alpha, Beta & Omega, Bulan, Alqamar, Selene & La Luna, we are gathered here today to witness & celebrate the union of souls of the pure bloods, Alpha Jungkook & Omega Taehyung!” Tanya started to chant as she move around!
The wolves are all anticipating this grand wedding not only because of the pure blood but also because of Tanya, the wanderer wolf. NO one knows about her origin coz she doesn't have any of the marks of the four packs so the wolves assume that she's a counterpart of the Divinity
a female version of Hoseok. Everyone respects her even the Alqamar who barely accepted Hoseok as a Divinity never questioned Tanya's existence. So when the female Alpha walks closer the 4 leader of the packs, Seojoon stared at he as if he's trying to remember her face.
But the Alpha of Alqamar got startled when Tanya suddenly leap & transformed into a beautiful gray wolf in front of everyone! The beating of the drums started to get louder and louder again. The wind blows as if it was summoned to join the wedding too. Jungkook couldn't take
his eyes off Taehyung who's also staring at him, their hands intertwined. Then Tanya's voice echoes again. The drum beats stops to roll. "The moonlight breaks on your soul, and falls along cemented steel & stone Upon the grayness of each home A New blood will be form!"
When the wind finally stopped, Tanya step closer to where the couple is. With a knife in her hand, she kneels in front them. “Alpha Jungkook of Selene & Omega Taehyung of La Luna, u are blood of ur blood, bone of ur bone now. U shall give ur mind, body & soul to become one.”
Tanya gave the Alpha the knife. Jk cut his palm & let his blood flow on the pot then gave the knife to his Omega & did the same. “By the power vested of the Moon & Divinity upon me, I am now binding your spirit,that no one could ever break until your lives shall be done.”
Tanya then took the pot and throw it on the fire to symbolize that the mixed blood of Jungkook & Taehyung will never be separated by anyone. The wolves then started to howl and cheers. The ritual has been done, Taehyung & Jungkook's wolves are both at their happiest when Tanya
announced that it’s the husbands turn to proclaim their love towards each other. In the realm of humans, they call it the wedding vows. “Bring in the rings that shall bind the wolves in their human form!”the Saludnon shouted using his horn again. A brown pup brought the rings!
Since Taehyung’s eyes are blue & Jungkook’s are red, the couple decided to wear each other’s color. The Alpha picks the red ring from the box & took Taehyung’s left hand. Jimin & Yoongi are holding each other’s hands, they are so proud that Jungkook looks so happy!
The Alpha groom look at their audience first before staring at his Omega again. “Tae, baby I promise to give u the best version of myself. I promise to trust & respect u as ur own person & to let u pursue ur interests, desires & ur needs are no less important than my own.”
Taehyung can’t help but tear up, thinking that the gorgeous man standing in feont of him, promising him a better life is now his husband. “I promise to share with u everything I have, you will always be my priority. I promise to be the best Alpha to you & our future pups.”
When Jungkook mentioned about pups, the Omega cant help but blushed. The wolves watching them erupted to cheers & kissing too. Everyone is wishing them well, so no one noticed Tanya stares at the Omega groom’s covered tummy. Taehyung looks at the ring on his finger & smile.
It is now his turn so he picks up the ring with the blue stone that symbolizes his eye color. “Jungkook, my Alpha I promise to be ur Omega without condition, to honor you each & every day,to laugh with u when u’re happy & to support u when u’re sad. I will always be by ur side.”
Taehyung took Jungkook's left hand so he could put on the ring, but when he was about to let go, the Alpha just grab his wrist pulled him closer before finally smashing their lips together right in front of everyone. The wolves from the 4 packs started the celebration!
The musicians from Selene Pack started to play, the Alqamars brought in their sumptuous meats as gifts, the Bulans revealed their precious stones as presents to the newly weds, the Lunas made sure everyone will have their own seats. Jungkook & Taehyung are sharing their kiss.
“Long live the Pure Bloods! Long live the joy & peace, may the Moon & the Divinity Blessed our precious Jungkook & Taehyungie!” the Saludnon finally announced that the Pure Blooded Mates are now officially husbands! Both Jimin & Seokjin ran towards them to congratulate them!
"Congratulations you love wolves!" Jimin snickered pulling both of their necks together so he could both nuzzle at them. When Jimin finally had enough of them, Seokjin move closer to embrace Jungkook first. "Welcome to La Luna pack, son" he whispered as he embraces him.
The pure blood Alpha doesn't have to answer back anymore,he just hugged the older Omega a bit tighter to convey his gratefulness to his new pack. The newly wed are busy with their other guests when Seojoon,the leader of Alqamar pulled Mingyu in one of the huge tree in the woods.
"Mingyu,what the f*ck did I witness? I thought u made it clear that there will be no way the pure bloods received their gifts because they're not in love? But why do I feel like vomiting of their sweetness everytime I look at them?"the cruel leader of the pack gritted his teeth.
The other Alpha looks nervous looking at his angry leader, but then he remembers his conversation with Taehyung just before the wedding. "Seojoon hyung, u know Jungkook when he put his mind to what he does. I told u, that b*tch is willing to cross the line for his pack! He must
be acting, besides it's easy to act like you're in love when you're about to f*ck a beautiful Omega like Taehyung. And I had this conversation with the Omega just before he step in the woods a while ago hyung, if they really received their gifts, why do they have to hide it?!
Taehyung even told me that the gifts from the Divinity doesn't matter anymore since they're already getting married. So I don't think they really received any." Mingyu explained trying to save himself from his ruthless leader. SEojoon seems convinced after the long explanation.
The older Alqamar left after a few minutes of telling Mingyu that he needs to be sure that Jk wouldn't be able to get a hold to his gift. The truth is, the second in command of the commission of defense is also doubting. He never saw their Chief act like that around anyone.
He never saw him as gentle as he is with Taehyung to anyone else. That day, Mingyu made it his mission to observe the newly weds. HE needs to at least see their weaknesses. The celebration is almost over & he's almost giving up when he heard Jk & Tae secretly whispering.
"Istg Tae, if that Minjae won't stop looking at you, I'm gonna poke his eyes out and feed it to the pups!" Jk whispered to his Omega who's smiling at their guests as if he didn't hear him speak. "Jungkook if u wont stop telling me that u're basically going to murder anyone who's
looking at me tonight, I'll make sure Yoongi hyung will take you homewith them later." the Omega whispered back at his mate. Jungkook stiffened on his seat, his wolf isn't happy with what Taehyung just said but he knows that his mate isn't serious so he tried to pacify his wolf.
Taehyung can't help but smile to himself when he saw Jungkook finally being quiet beside him. It's been only been few hours since they married & his mate is already threatening everyone who looks at him already. So imagine his surprise when the said Alpha suddenly stood up and
catch everyone's attention. And since they're the special couple that day, all the wolves in the woods are staring at them. "Gukkie?" he asked but his mate just winks at him. "My beloved fellow wolves, Taehyung & I would like to thank you all for celebrating this very special
day of us. I am so happy to see old faces we haven't see for a very long time. To Tanya noona who halted his wandering just to hold this event for us, to my mate's parents and the whole pack of Lunas, to my brothers and the Selenes, to my loyal watchmen, to Bulans & Alqamars who
traveled all the way here to witness this momentous event, to all of you who wish us the best, we really appreciate you all. But as much as we still want to spend time with you, I don't want to waste one evening that I've get to spend with my mate, so please enjoy the rest of the
evening because Taehyung and I will surely enjoy the night." Jk smiled at everyone who started to tease him. WHen he turn to face his Omega,he saw a very furious Taehyung. "D-did y-you really just tell every single wolves right now that you- we-- OMG! Jungkook!" he screamed!
Tae thought of playfully hitting his Alpha but he end up being carried by Guk, princess style. The wolves cheer on them more. Namjoon & Yoongi cant help but show their soft side seeing the newly weds grossly in love to one another when it’s supposed to be just a fix marriage.
Jungkook carried his Omega all the way to their cottage. Since they both slept with their families the previous night, the Alpha is hoping that his boys managed to do what he asked them to do with the cottage. So when they finally reach the door step of their new love nest,
Jungkook shifted his mate on his arms so he could open the door without putting him down. He couldn’t help but to let go a sigh of relief when he saw that his bestfriends did a wonderful job, making over their space. “Geez, Gukkie what is this?” Tae asks while looking around.
The tub that’s half full of water & flower petals is what got Tae’s attention coz he loves warm baths but obviously he’s not getting that relaxing bath tonight coz the moment he looks at his mate,he’s already naked, all clothes gone as if he didn’t wear any just a seconds ago.
Tae saw his mate’s body many times already but he still cant stop admiring it, coz who wouldnt?! His husband is built to put all the greek gods into shame! He’s still appreciating his 8pack abs when Jk called out his name while grabbing his hands, inviting him to stand up.
Jungkook didn’t waste any time when he closed the gap between their lips cupping his Omega’s ethereal face while Tae’s left hand found its solace on Guk’s nape while the other started to roam around his Alpha’s chiseled like body. “Baby I miss you”Jk said in between kisses.
His lips trailing along the Omega's jaw going down to his neck. Jk can't help but smirk when he saw the love bites that are still very visible on Tae's neck. He looks at them & it only brought memories of the previous nights they've shared together. When he felt the Omega's hand
tracing his midsection, the Alpha finally lose control. His wolf taking over him especially when he heard Taheyung's next words. "My Alpha, please take me now" the Omega even grab his hand & bring it to feel his hardening c*ck. "Feel how much I've missed you too."Tae whisepered.
"F*ck, baby you can't just say things like that" Jungkook mumbled before ripping Taehyung's clothes all at once before carrying him & carefully putting him down inside the tub. The water is warm just like what Tae has expected, of course Jk knows how to take care of him!
Jungkook finally joined him causing the water to splash a little out of the tub. Taehyung cant thelp but giggle. Jk easily maneuvered to change their position. He is now the one sitting at the bottom of the tub while Tae is basically sitting on top of him. The Alpha started to
kiss Taehyung’s nape while his hands started to caress every inch of his body. When Taehyung felt the finger poking his entrance, he cant help but mutter incoherent profanities resting his head on Jungkook’s neck. “L-love please,” Tae moaned when he feels his body trembling with
pleasure. He cant stop moaning his Alpha’s name that only drive Jungkook crazier. The Alpha pushes Tae up by his tiny waist, maneuvering him so he could see his face only to slowly lower him down again in his erection. Taehyung leans closer to kiss him while his hands are busy
pumping his own erection. Jungkook supported his Omega as he bounce on top of him, but he almost loose control when Taehyung began to roll his hips looking for more friction. The newly wed couple kissed each other passionately, feeling their orgasm approaching.
The Alpha started to jerk his own hips to thrust deeper his mate, he could feel his knot building inside and when Taehyung called out his name,jungkook is a goner, spilling all his seeds inside his Omega, AGAIN. The two waited for a moment before Jungkook finally lifted him up.
Taehyung couldn’t hide the smile on his face while watching Jungkook wash him after a while. After they made love in the bath tub, his alpha carried him inside the shower, in there Guk has been very gentle to him as if he just didn’t pound on him like an animal.
When Jk noticed Taehyung shivering from their long shower, he carefully wrap him with a robe before carrying him back in their bed. Now don't get me wrong when I say Jk really likes the view of his Omega laying on their bed with tiny droplets of water at the tips of his hair,
he wants nothing to devour him again but he loves him so much that he also wants him to have a rest so instead of jumping on his mate, Jk searches the room for a hair dryer, but when the moment he found it, his Omega is almost half asleep already. He still managed to help him.
That night Tae and Guk fell asleep with a smile on their lips. The two of them secretly hoping that tomorrow will be the end of their doubts and fear, not knowing that a storm is already brewing & coming their way! Little did they also know, another heart is about to beat.
***The Next Morning, Tae woke up to his Alpha drawing small circles in his tummy. They’re still both naked under the sheet & he immediately feels the warmth all over his body when Jk lean closer to give him his good morning kiss. “G’morning love” Jk’s morning voice is so sexy.
“Good morning” Tae replied as he laced his arms over the Alpha’s body. U see, the Omega isn’t a morning person. He hates to wake up early, but no one told him that waking up next to the sexiest man in the world is an absolute bliss. They cuddled & kissed endlessly.
The two who are having fun teasing each other with their lazy touches & kisses when Taehyung suddenly felt that dizziness again. The blush in his face gone as he ran to the bathroom. The Omega locked the door because he doesn’t want his mate to be gross out of his vomiting.
But of course, Jungkook’s wolf knows exactly what’s going on, he knows that his mate is sick & all he wants to do is to lean closer to him to offer him comfort. “Tae, baby please open the door.” Jk called out but the Omega inside starts panicking. He isn’t dumb nor oblivious.
Taehyung knows when he’s sick & he surely knows every details of his body. So he knows that his morning sickness isn’t actually another sort of illness. “Damn it! How could this even be possible?” he murmured to himself as he stared at his refelction in the mirror.
He step closer to the full body mirror inside is bathroom completely ignoring his Alpha outside. Then he remove the towel he grabbed to cover himself. Nothing has changed, yet! But he knows, he can feel it—something has sprouted inside him, he’s now carrying a seed of his Alpha!
“Taehyung, what’s going on? Please baby, open the door.” he heard him calling again. The Omega is conflicted,he doesn’t really know what to tell his Alpha. They haven’t even talk about themselves properly. Their bows yesterday in their wedding might have been just a spur of the
moment because they’re everyone’s center of attention. But they haven’t addressed their real feelings to one another yet since they’ve only met for weeks. Tae is still in deep thoughts when Jungkook speaks again. “Baby istg, Im gonna kicked this door down if u wont let me in.”
And just when Taehyung’s about to open the door, he decided to cheat one last time. He would like to know Jungkook’s real feeling towards him before finally confessing to him, besides his Alpha deserves to know that there might be a small chance that they’ll be having a pup soon!
U see, the Divinity blessed them with Special Gifts, but the moment they mated those gifts will be no longer applied to them. Taehyung lose the ability of listen to his mate’s thoughts & Jungkook would never see a future with Taehyung on it. Because the Divinity wants them to
decide for themselves without the help of others. So when Taehyung couldn’t hear anything feom Jungkook, he furrowed his brows. He quickly open the door & he almost jumped off when his Alpha immediately engulfed him with a hug. “Geez, what’s wrong Tae? Are u okay?” he asked.
Taehyung didn’t reply, he concentrates & stare at his mate’s wondering face trying to listen to his thoughts but there’s nothing! “Oh my moon!” the Omega exclaimed as he jerks away from his mate who’s more confused by his actions. “We’re cursed!” Tae then mumbled to himself.
Jungkook’s eyes widened when he realized what his mate is talking about. “Tae, what are u talking about?” he said trying to pull him closer but the Omega just pushed him away. Tae tried not to cry, the moon knows he tried but his tear ducts betrayed him as he began to tear up.
The Omega is 100% sure that he got the gift & he heard Jungkook’s thoughts before, so knowing that he couldn’t hear it now means only one thing—They are cursed because they mated & married for a wrong reason! When the Alpha saw his tears, his wolf became agitated again.
“Oh geez, Taehyung what’s wrong?! Why are u crying? Baby please talk to me.” he said almost begging coz his mate who was perfectly fine just a few minutes ago wouldn’t even let him touch him again. He wants to comfort him but he keeps jerking away from him everytime he tried.
When Taehyung muster all his courage in his chest, he finally looks at Jungkook who looks so worried too. “Tell me one thing Gukkie, and please be honest to me.” he started. “Yes Tae just tell me, what is it?” the Alpha asked eagerly just wanting to be closer to his mate.
“That night when we mated & told me that you love me—did u really mean it?” he asked hoping that his Jungkook would say yes. “Of course baby, I know everything happened so fast but I meant it.” “Then what gift did u receive from the Divinity?” the Omega asked again.
Jungkook has no reason to lie or deny it to his Omega anymore so he step closer & cupped his Omega’s face. “The Divinity is generous enough to let me have you, that alone is a gift to me Taehyung. But he also gave me the ability to have a glimpse of the future, a vision.”
Taehyung’s face lighten the moment he heard that Jungkook received a gift too?! His eyes widened when he realized that Jungkook can foresee their pup too if he truly received the gift. “A v-vision? Then you know?” Tae asked, trying to let Jungkook take a glimpse of their pup.
Jungkook amiled at his mate with fondness, he closed his eyes to see their future together only to open it again with confused gaze. “Jungkook?” Taehyug asks, hoping that his mate could actually tell him about their pup so he could stop doubting their relationship.
But Jungkook remained quiet! His mind is in chaos because why cant he see anyhing?! “Y-you!” he pointed at Taehyung when he put all the puzzles together. His Omega’s face fell when he realized that he couldn’t see anything! “You dont really love me, do you?” Jk’s voice cracked!
Taehyung’s eyes widened. He was about to say the same thing but Jungkook lost it first! The Alpha never loved anyone before so imagine the pain he feels the moment he thought that Tae was lying to him all those time they’re together! He feels like sh*t and thats because of Tae!
He is hurt, his pride is wounded, all his hope is shattered so when he step closer & grabbed Taehyung with his shoulders, Taehyung done nothing to tear up. “You piece of lying sh*t, I should’ve listened to all my friends! U brought nothing but trouble while here I am being an
idiot, believing that I am actually enough for you. Turns out to be wrong huh?!” he gritted his teeth before pushing Taehyung on their bed. “Pack ur things, we’re going back to the city!” Jungkook yelled before storming out of their cottage after putting on his clothes!
Taehyung was left crying in their room, he could now feel the soreness of every single part of his body that has been touched by Jungkook the previous night. He unwrapped himself with the damp towel & proceed to wash himself again. He feels so filthy being used & lied to.
But what really hurts him is the fact that Jungkook his mate had the audacity to call him names when all this time he was the one using him. Taehyung cant help but cry, he tried to muffle his sobs but when he realized his situation right now, he just broke down & cry!
“Piece of lying sh*t huh?! And friends?! Was he talking about his circle of Alpha friends?” Tae mumbles to himself while drying his body that’s littered by the alpha’s marks. He tried to wash himself thoroughly as if he could rid off his mate’s scent but he failed, of course!
Then he remembers Mingyu, that one Alpha indeed is telling the truth afterall. He was also the one who asked him about his gift before his wedding. Did Guk really asked his friend to spy on him to make sure he had received it? Taehyung doesn’t want to answer all the questions
in his head coz that would surely hurt him like hell and he isn’t sure if he’s still capable of being hurt again. He was already packing his personal belongings when he heard a knock on his door. He knows it’s not his mate coz he knows his scent so he went to open it. “Mingyu?”
Mingyu feels the excitement burning in his heart! The watchmen and all other guests were given their own cottage not too far from the woods so when Jungkook appeared in his hut, he was beyond excited coz the Pure Blood looks so broken and that is a good news for him.
But what really made him happier is when Jungkook began to speak unintelligibly about his new mate. He sounded so mad that he even asked him to drive Taehyung back to the city because he needs a long run in his natural for, before seeing Taehyung again. Of course he agreed!
“Good morning Taehyung” He greeted him with the sweetest smile he can muster. “What do u want, Jungkook isn’t here” he replied coldly, remembering that this is one of his Alpha’s friends who called him sh*t behind his back. “I know, he asked me to drive u back in the City.”
Taehyung squinted his eyes. So that a****** really just confirmed everything huh?! The Omega wants to cry, to admit that he’s hurt & that he wants his mate back to comfort him, but the smirk on Mingyu’s face tells him not to give the Alphas more satisfaction! “Ok, just wait.”
Mingyu cant help but smile a bit wider when the Omega agreed because to be honest, he expected him to refuse the offer. The Alpha didn’t wait long coz after a few minutes, Tae with his white luggage appeared outside his cottage. “Let’s go” he said not looking back knowing that
someone who’s hiding behind the Acasia Tree is watching him. “Idiot!” Taehyung mumbled to himself when he confirmed that it was Jungkook who’s secretly watching him until he get on the car coz who else has the pure black fur except him?! Mingyu started the car & went off.
Taehyung know what’s coming when Mingyu clears his throat. “Yes, we had a fight, he left, I cried. What else do u want to know?” Taehyung voiced out not even lookig at the Alpha who was surprised of his sudden confession. “Oh, im sorry about that. But, why did u two fight?”
Heaven knows how Taehyung has to bit his tongue so that he wouldn’t scream at Mingyu right now. “Because your fellow Alpha friend is an a******! U alpha thinks u can manipulate people all the time, u always think it’s fun to hurt others for ur benefits! Thats what happened!”
Mingyu acts as if he’s offended but the truth is, he’s over the moon! This is the chance he’s been waiting for! To see a crack between the two so he could start making that crack a hole! Then Jungkook will surely fall! “What?! What did he do? OMG Taehyung, Im so sorry”
Taehyung looks at the Alpha beside him! He knows that he shouldn’t be using his gift for his personal gain but he’s too exhausted already! He just wants someone who is for once honest to him! And at this moment, Mingyu is right here beside him even he despises him.
“Stop the car!” Taehyung’s voice boomed voice inside the car. Mingyu was startled so he suddnely stepped on the break. The Omega didn’t waste any time as he open the car & get off. Mingyu tried to call his name but he already shifted to his natural form—his white wolf!
“WTF?!” Mingyu spits thinking that he’ll be in trouble with Jk once he go back without the Omega. He’s confused because he didn’t even say anything & Taehyung just freaked out as if he heard something. The shocked Alpha took his phone to dial Jk’s phone but he’s not answering!
When Mingyu realized that Guk is in his natural form & wont be able to answer his call, he just decided to proceed to the couple’s apartment. He will just leave a note & Taehyung’s things there. He cant help but smile & be proud of himself when he realized that he succeeded.
Meanwhile, Jungkook is running in the woods! He hates to see how sad his mate was when he get into the car with Mingyu but he’s still mad knowing that Taehyung really was able to deceived him, an Alpha of a whole pack. His ego is not just wounded but his pride as pure blood also!
The run from the La Luna to Selene will take 5hours for an ordinary wolf, but it only took 3.5 hours for Jungkook. He was preoccupied so he wasnt noticed that he already arrived at the capital. It’s only when the watchmen approached him when he realized that he needs to shift.
The pure blood Alpha was given his packed clothes & space where he could shift. The moment he shifted back to his human form, he took a cab to bring him into his apartment where hopefully he could see his mate coz as much as he hates him right now, he also missed him already!
The first thing Jungkook saw when he arrived at their building was Taehyung’s luggage on the side of the receptionist. He step closer to check if it’s really his mate’s luggage & when he confirmed it is, he took it & proceed to their floor. Instead of going to his own, he chose
Taehyung’s apartment only to be disappointed again seeing that the apartment is void of any life. Minho isn’t here anymore since Taehyung is already mated, his job as the Omega’s sentinel is automatically terminated. It is now Jungkook’s job to protect Taehyung, the Omega who’s
nowhere to be found. Jungkook flopped himself on the fluffy couch & lazily reaches for the telephone. He dialed Mingyu’s phone to know what the hell happened! Good thing that the other Alpha answered immediately. “Hello?” “Where the f*ck is Taehyung?!” the pure blood asked!
Mingyu furrowed his brows, he knows he needed to break Jungkook & Taehyung’s trust for each other but hearing the Alpha speak harshly about his Omega doesn’t sit well to him. “I left a note in the reception but obviously u didn’t read it yet. Where are you?l” mingyu asked back.
“I just arrived here at the apartment, saw Tae’s luggage but I didn’t see the note nor the Omega! So where is he?” he asked again, trying to be calm. “Wait, you’re already in the capita?! Damn, u’re really fast huh?! So is that ur gift? Having super speed?” Mingyu chuckled.
“Mingyu istg if u wont tell me where Taehyung is right now—“ “Woah! He shifted on our way here & I lost him.” Mingyu replied quickly coz he knows that his Chief Alpha would probably on his way to rip his head off he wont tell him where Tae is. “WHAT? YOU. LOST. HIM.”
Mingyu knows that Jungkook is mad at his Omega so he’s a bit confuse with the sudden concern laced on the pure blood’s voice. “Hey Guk, I swear i tried to stop him but—“ “Where?! Where did u leave him?” Jk asked cutting him off his excuses. “Right outside the capital.”
The moment Jungkook heard that, he dropped the phone & get into his car. He knows that his mate hasn’t full recovered after their intense love making the other night so leaving him outside the capital in his natural form makes him more vulnerable. “Damn it!” the alpha cursed!
He isn’t concern about Taehyung, he still despises the fact that the Omega managed to manipulate him but he is territorial & he doesn’t like the idea that Tae is being comforted by other wolves! No, he doesn’t even want to imagine that! He cant imagine anyone touching his mate!
“F*ck!” he mumbles to himself again thinking that Taehyung might run off to other Alpha since his Omega clearly hates him too. And that is what really hurts him more. Why is Taehyung mad at him too?! Is it really because they’re curse? Well, if that’s the case, he is now sure
that the Omega doesn’t love him like he loves him. Few more minutes of driving when Jungkook finally arrived outside the capital, he didn’t waste more time as he shifts to his natural form too. Good thing that this area belongs to Bulan, the most peaceful pack among the others.
Since Guk is a watchman too, he started his search immediately. He sniffs every rock & every tree in the area until he finally found something that will lead him to his mate. He saw some wildflowers & he noticed that there are some petals that are on the ground. “He came here.”
He followed the trail of the wild flowers that lead him to another vast fields that belongs to Bulan. Luckily, there are some wolves who are on their human form watching their crops at that moment so Jungkook went to ask him if they happen to see an Omega wandering around.
The oldest among the wolves step closer to him as if taking in his scent, then the old man smiled at him. “You must be looking for your Omega mate young wolf, he actually passed by here an hour ago. If i guess it right, i think he went to the Northern gate of the capital.”
Jungkook’s ears twitched the moment he heard that. He thanked the wolves and started to run towards the said direction. It only took him few minutes when he arrived at the gate, and since the watchmen know him he immediately asked them if Taehyung really went there.
“Alpha Jeon, we are glad to inform you that your Omega indeed came here maybe an hour ago and since we immediately recognized him as your mate, we gave him ur packed clothes so he could shift back to his human form. We also gave him ur car coz he ws borrowing—“ Jungkook didn’t
let them finish as he grabbed one of the service car in their office. He just called one of his men to get his car he left on the other side of the gate. “It’s not wven 24hours and you’re already driving me crazy Kim Taehyung!” he mumbled to himself but silentlt hoping that his
mate is finally home this time. He reminds himself that he hates him, that Taehyung just deceived him but his wolf refused to listen to him. He knows deep inside him, he’s hurting knowing that Taehyung doesn’t love him as much as he love the Omega.
Meanwhile, Taehyung is already curled on his bed, still tired & lonely. He cant believe that in a span of less than a month, his peaceful life became so chaotic! He is now marked & mated, probably carrying a pup too—and it’s all because of that selfish self absorbed Alpha!
That Alpha who even didn’t have the decency to bring him home, instead he asked another Alpha to drive for him. Taehyung couldn’t help but curse under his breathe thinking of what he heard from Mingyu, Jk definitely is just using him! “I wont let him use me again!”he thought.
Taehyung is in the verge of crying when he finally felt all the soreness ine very part of each body. He’s also starving since he wasn’t able to eat anything since he woke up but his eyes are betraying him already. So instead of getting up & making some food, he just fall asleep!
****Jungkook finally arrived at their apartment and as much as he hates it, he knows he’ll get inside Taehyung’s apartment again. He punched in his code but the machine keeps showing him an “ERROR” sign. Then he sniffs the air trying to check if Taehyung really arrived home.
“So you really change your code huh?!” he mumbled to himself before getting inside his own apartment. He dialed a number & smirked to himself. “Jae, u work well with passcodes right?” he asked thinking that his Alpha friend is really an expert to any kind of locks.
“Yes, but why are u asking that suddenly?” Jaebeom asked because as far as he knows, his pure blood friend should still be on honeymoon! “Well,usee i have a little misunderstanding wih my Omega & he changed the lock on his door so I couldn’t come in. But i—“ “F*ck, no Jungkook!
Listen dude, you are my friend & u know that I’ll do everything for you but this ain’t it man! You just got married yesterday and whatever you have done to Taehyung that pushed him to lock his door might be serious so I’m not gonna meddle to ur marital affair” Jaebeom refused.
“But Jae, how could I make it up to him if we are door apart?” he said trying to convince his only friend he knows could help him. “No, i said no Guk! Maybe show him a little patience? Wait at his doorstep to show u are sincere or wahtever, just dont ask me again man!”
Jungkook sighed, he knows his friend too well. Jaebeom might seem to be the playboy of the group, but he’s actually the most loyal one when it comes to “commitment”.. so the pure blood finally surrendered & ended the call after thanking him. “Patience?! Hmp, he wished!”
Jungkook has never been a fan of any waiting game! He hates it when people doesn’t value other people’s time, so after an hour of checking if Taehyung finally opened his door, he gave up. He slammed his own door closed & flopped himself in his couch before dialing another number.
“Taemin hyung” he called when he realized the Omega’s voice on the other line. “What an honor to recieve a phone call feom the Pure Blood alpha who’s supposed to be busy with his own Omega” Taemin teases him without knowing their situation at the moment. Well, Jk blushed upon
hearing that, but no one needs to know. “Well, about that hyung. Can u actually asked Minho if he knows Taehyung’s passcode on his door?” he asked politely not wanting the couple to know what is going on between him and his mate. But Minho of course as Tae’s sentinel for years
already has an idea of what’s going on so he took the phone from his Omega. “Istg Jungkook, i dont care if you’re the heir of Selenes but if u hurt Tae—“ “Yah, hyung he was the one who locked me out of the apartment! Now tell me the goddaman code so i could check on him!”
Minho thinks about it first, he’s sure that Taehyung is smitten by this Alpha who keeps blabbering on the phone, so why would he locked him out?! Did Jungkook do something bad? Did he hurt him? But, why would the Alpha asks him the passcode if he doesn’t care about Tae? Hmmmmn
“Taehyung has his reasons for locking u out, so if u want him to let you in, work for it! Stop bothering my Omega coz we’re also in the middle of something!” Minho replied before ending the phone call. Jungkook is left speechless. Why is everyone turning his back on him?!
“Fine!” He mumbles to himseld before getting inside his own bedroom. He wanted to call Seokjin to ask but the older Omega will probably just shout at him once they learned that they’re curse. So no, that’s out of the option. Then a familiar face came into his mind.
He dialed another number on his phone, but unfortunately the person he’s trying to call is unavailable. “She’s still probably out of Daegu” He mumbled to himself again before getting up to check if the Omega opened his door already. Jungkook never thought in his life that
a single person could flip his whole universe upside down! He was just so mad at Taehyung this morning when he learned about their curse gift but here he is missing him so bad! The fact that Taehyung is just behind those f*cking door makes him insanely pissed!
You see, Jungkook just got married, he just made love with his Omega, they fought, they got separated for hours now, so no one can blame an impulsive Alpha when he dialed the last number on his phone. MAINTENANCE “If you hear the alarm on my floor, just ignore. Do not come
near our flat or else, you’ll find yourself jobless.” He commanded the staff of their building before taking his grinder with him, ready to destroy Taehyung’s lock & alarm system. He tried several passcodes again before he finally plug in the machine to his extension, he’s so
ready to switch on his grinder when the door suddenly slams open in front of him. Taehyung woke up with his grumbling stomach & he was supposed to call food delivery when he realized that will take longer time, so he decided to just buy ramen on the ground floor. But he’s
surprised that the moment he opened his door, the scent of his very mad Alpha overwhelmed him. But what really shocked him was the grinder on Jungkook’s hand.
Taehyung's eyes widened when he realized what Jungkook is about to do. "What the f*ck are you doing on my door?! Are you really planning to dig a hole on my wall?" he asked still glaring at the grinder. The ALpha swallowed the invisible lump on his throat the moment he saw his
mate. He looks adorable with his messy hair and cute pout, but the moment the Omega opened his mouth, he remembers how manipulative he is so, no, instead of embracing him, he pushed the idea behind his thick skull! "If maybe you didn't change your code then i wouldn't have to
do it!" he replied putting down the grinder on his side. "It's my door, my apartment so it's up to me when I want to change it, besides did you even press the doorbell? NO, you didn't because you are too self absorb Alpha who thinks highly of yourself all the time!"
Jk realized that Tae is right, he didn't press his doorbell once because he panicked the moment he realized he changed his code. But of course he wouldn't admit that! Call him petty or childish all you want but he wont back down to a mere Omega, whether he's beautiful or not!
"If I did that, where's the fun int that?" Jk voiced out as if he's not being drowned of his Omega's scent. The fun thing is, Taehyung is doing the same, he's enjoying the scent as much as he could because he knows that they will be on each other's throat for the following days.
Taehyung squinted his eyes upon hearing what Jungkook just replied to him. "Woah, I wonder why my father appointed you as the Chief Commander of noble watchmen if you act that way?! I guess not all watchmen has brains huh?!" Taehyung scoffed before walking away from his Alpha.
He only took two steps when Jungkook grabbed his wrist & managed to pinned him on the wall. Good thing that the Alpha's reflexes are good do he was able to put his other palm on Taehyung's head before he bumped into the wall. "WTF!" the Omega yelled at him again.
"What did you just imply when you said that?! That I have no brain?!" the Alpha asked, his face barely an inch away from Taehyung's own face. "Maybe if you'll let me go, i'll tell you that again!" the Omega sassily replied not wanting to show his Alpha that he's nervous.
"You really have the talent to use ur mouth, don't you?!" the Alpha said smirking. Taehyung glared at him when he realized what Jungkook was about to do. "Try kissing me again without my consent and you'll see what you're looking for Jeon Jungkook!" Tae warned him.
Jungkook froze on his feet when he heard that. Maybe if Taehyung said that without that emotion in his eyes, then maybe he'll just ignore it. But when he looked at his Omega, he saw something in the borderline of pain and loneliness in his eyes that he just couldn't ignore,.
So instead of shutting him by kissing him again. He found himself letting him go. Taehyung was also surprised when Jk let him go, but he took the chance to push the Alpha away from him and run towards the elevator so he could buy his food. The Alpha is left speechless again.
Taehyung hates the fact that he wouldn't be able to smell his Alpha's scent all the time now. He entered the grocery when he realized that he wouldn't be able to nuzzle his neck anymore, no kissing his lips, no touching his abs and no love ma---- "Damn it!" he blurted out.
As much as he hates Jungkook for using him, he knows he can't change the fact that he is his mate and it would be one hell of a life he has to live to survive being with him. He took one of the push cart in the grocery store and began shopping his week long supply of food because
he is sure that he'll be lazy going out for the next day before he go back to the university. It's been 5 minutes that he's walking around and so far, he already got a lot of sweets and chips on his cart when someone grabbed the cart from him. He doesn't need to turn to know who
could it be because it's obviously his least favorite Alpha with his favorite scent in the world, not that someone needs to know. "What the hell are you doing here?" Taehyung asked glaring at the Alpha who's now pushing the cart for him. "Shopping, what else shall i do here?"
"The f*ck shopping?!!! I thought you have some drilling on the wall to do?!" Taehyung replied rolling his eyes. He knows that there's no use pushing his Alpha away. Jungkook can't help but giggles when he heard Tae, remembering what he just done when the Omega left.
"Oh about that? Well, what can I do? I work fast, I thought you should know that by now?" he replied winking at his Omega. As much as Taehyung doesn't want to react, he couldn't hide the blush on his face thinking of the implication of Jungkook's words and wink!
So instead of replying to him and continue embarrassing himself, he just walked away from him. Of course, Jungkook won't let him leave, so he just followed him around. They might not want to look like a lovey dovey couple, but that's what exactly they look like for others.
The two are almost done with their shopping when Taehyung realized that he didn't get ice cream yet. He went where the freezers are and excitedly took his 3 favorite flavor, strawberry, caramel and mint choco. "Who the f*ck eats mint chocolate?" Jungkook asked when he saw it.
"Obviously, me! And it's none of your business!" Taehyung replied while putting the pint of ice cream on the cart, little did he know that Jungkook removed the mint choco. They are already on the cashier when Jungkook pulled out his card from his wallet & gave it to the lady.
"U know I have money to pay for my own food right?!" Tae whispered to him not wanting to get unnecessary attention from the other customers. "I know,that's why I paid for it." Jk replied while smiling at the cashier. "Show off!" the Omega scoffed before walking away again.
Jungkook feels so proud of himself. He knows what he's doing is so pathetic and childish, but who cares?! Taehyung doesn't need to know how happy he is that he was able to do something for his mate. Well, at least his wolf is so proud of himself. Besides, it's natural for Alphas
to take care of their Omegas and this is the first and only thing he has done for TAehyung since they got married. The poor Alpha can't help but to scold himself for doing all these things, but his wolf keeps telling him that he's done a good job buying his mate's food.
Now here’s the thing, Taehyung is tired & hungry so imagine how livid he is when he arrived at his apartment only to see his automated lock system to be on the floor together with the grinder! “Jeon f*cking Jungkook!” he screamed looking back at the Alpha giggling behind him!
“What?” the alpha has the audacity to act innocent after disassemling his Omega’s lock system. “OMG! I cant believe you!”Tae just sighed knowing that it’s useless to argue with the Alpha who’s as stubborn as he is! Besides he’s already hungry so he just try to ignore everything.
Jungkook smiled when Taehyung finally let the lock go. He followed him inside his apartment with all the bags of food they bought. He carefully drop the bags on Taehyung’s kitchen isalnd when the Omega started to rummage each bag only to look at him with glaring eyes. “What?!”
Taehyung tried to breathe in first, then he slowly walk closer to Jungkook. “Y-you didn’t accidentally remove the choco mint ice cream, do you?” he asked, his eyes started to tear up. The alpha is taken a back. His mind is in chaos between laughing at the situation or actually
getting worried since the Omega looks really disappointed. But when he remained silent, Taehyung just walk away from the kitchen without saying anything. He doesn’t want to look like a kid in front of Jungkook but he really wants that ice cream🥺 Jungkook’s wolf gone wild!
He was just so happy a while ago thinking that finally he has done something for his mate but seeing him so upset right now makes Jungkook's wolf so mad at him. He followed the Omega in the living room. Tae switched on the TV but he's not even looking at it. "Taehyung"
The Omega ignored him. U see, Tae is not usually this petty, but have you ever experience craving for something? so no matter how lazy u are you'll get up from ur bed to buy it, then all of a sudden,they'll tell u that it's not available?!!! Well, that's exactly how Tae feels!
"Yah, I thought you're hungry already? Why aren't you eating the food you bought?" Jk asked trying to ignore his guilt over the f*cking pint of ice cream. "I'm not hungry, now go, leave me alone!" Tae said almost just a whisper. Jungkook wanted to get mad again but he knows
it's his fault this time so he tried to talk to him again. "Okay I'll leave later, let's eat first. I know you have'nt eaten anything yet." he tried to convince him but the Omega just ignored him. "I said leave me alone!" Taehyung stood up to open his door for him.
"Is this about the choco mint ice cream?!" Jungkook finally addressed the caus of their problem but TAehyung didn't reply. He just went back to his couch and ignored him again. "Fine, I'm going back to get it! Now go eat your food!" Jk said walking towards the door.
Taehyung didn't move until he's sure that Jungkook really went back to get his ice cream. But when he's sure that the Alpha is gone, he went back to the kitchen & open the strawberry ice cream and started to enjoy it together with his churros. "Hmmmn" he hums while eating.
You see, that's the thing for a hormonal Omega, his mood changes as fast as he gets his tummy full. So when Jungkook arrived with two pints of choco mint ice cream, Taehyung is already smiling back at him. "Here's your choco mint ice cream" the Alpha drop it in front of him.
"Thanks, please just put them all in the fridge, now that I have eaten my food i feel like I really want to sleep" the Omega replied walking towards his bedroom. Jungkook was dumbfounded, but then he saw the almost finished strawberry ice cream on the counter so he stop himself
from arguing with his mate again. Instead of following the Omega, he started to organize the food they bought inside the fridge and the cupboards in the kitchen. "Yes Jungkook, this is the life of a married wolf" he mocks himself while tidying up his mate's kitchen.
After making sure that the kitchen is spotless, Jungkook followed his mate on his bedroom. He almost jump of excitement when he realized that Tae didn’t lock the door. “Woah, u didn’t lock the door” he uttered when he saw tae Omega laying on his bed. Taehyung glared at him.
“Well, u know i love my door so I wouldn’t ket it be destroyed just like what happened to my lock” the Omega replied without looking at him. Jungkook walks towards the bed & Tae felt the dip on his left side so he turn to look at him. “What do u think are u doing?!” he asked!
“Well, you’re not the only one who ran a hundred miles today so maybe I will also take a rest?” Jk sarcastically replied while moving on the bed trying to get his comfortable position. But the Omega isn’t having it. As much as he wants Jungkook around him, he just cant forget
how manipulative the Alpha is. So no, he cant just let him sleep there again. The Omega sit up and face the Alpha. “Yah, u have your own apartment, so why dont you go and rest there? Besides, we are already married, u already get what u want! Why are you still here?!”
Jungkook furrowed his brows while looking at his mate. He swears to the moon that he's trying to forget every argument they had in the past two weeks, he wanted this to work because he loves him. But here he is always reminding him that what they have is fake, that they're not
going to work because Taehyung doesn't love him. So he sit up and face him too. "You know what, you don't have to remind me that we are curse everytime you breathe because it's so f*cking clear to me how good of an actor you are, making people feel bad about themselves just so
you can prove to yourself that you can get whatever you want. Now listen to me Kim Taehyung, you are now my mate, my husband, my Omega so whether you like it or not, you will submit to me, u will listen to what I say and you can't do anything about it! You want to remind me that
u were just force to marry me? Fine! Remind me every f*cking time that everything about us is fake & I will remind u each day what hell feels like,when u decided to marry me because u feel like doing it!" Jungkook voiced out with his booming voice before storming out of the room!
That night, Jungkook went out again for the first time. He's hurt and he feels so useless thinking that his mate doesn't really want him. He called the boys and met them in their favorite hangout. THE BAR, where wolves usually go when they want to have some FUN!
Jaebeom, Yugyeom and Bambam are already in their favorite spot when Jungkook arrived. Since his other friends are unmated they can still fool around, Bambam & Yugyeom got unmated Omegas in their laps while Jae is busy with his phone. "Hey boys, what's up!" he greeted them!
Yugz was the first one who hugged him before Jae & Bam followed. “Aren’t u supposed to be in ur bed enjoying ur beautiful Omega?”Bam asked while drinking his first shot of tequila! Guk glared at him, he doesn’t want anyone imagining his Omega on bed even if it’s him he is with.
"OMG, did u just have your first lover's quarrel Guk?" Yugz tease him without knowing ther eal score between him and Taehyung since it's only Mingyu who knows about it. "Or maybe, Taehyung got tired of him so he kicked him out of their love nest already" Jae joined the teasing.
"Yah, will yall shut up?! You're as good as the readers of this AU making theories about me and Taehyung huh?!" he hissed before swallowing the alcohol on his glass. The other Alphas look at him with surprise because Jeon Jungkook doesn't drink inside the bar,he only had alcohol
when they're at his house. Bam look at the two Omegas with them and gave them signal to leave. They know Jk too well & they know that what's going on with him right now is not something to tease him about since he took his shot again. "WTF! Did u just took two shots in a row?"
"So what about it?!" Jungkook look at his friends who are staring at him. He took another shot before continuing. "Aren't we supposed to be drinking in a bar?" he asked sarcastically. Yugyeom took his shot too. "What happened Guk?!"! he asked worriedly for his bestfriend.
"My marriage sucks! that's what happened!" he said after taking in another shot. Bambam finally took away the remaining alcohol in front of him before he got totally wated without telling them what really happened. But the moment he said the first line, all three other Alphas
won't believe him because they saw how they look at each other during their wedding. They saw their love bites printed all over their body, in fact, the hickeys on Jungkook's neck are still screaming because they're still there. "Come on Guk, not a single argument should be the
reason why you'll say your marriage life sucks. I know no one among us is mated yet, but we have been to relationships too. One misunderstanding shouldn't be the reason why you'll be doomed. Especially on ur case because u both are new to this. U should be more patient coz
you both wanted to get married soon." Jae explained to him. "You don't understand Jae, we are doomed, there's no getting out of it!" he replied reaching on the bottle of tequila again. "Why do u say that?"Yug asks trying to put the bottle away from him. Jungkook look at them.
“We are cursed!” he said, his voice so low that the other alphas barely heard him. “What?!” “What?!” “What?!” The three asked in sync! Jungkook just look at them again. Then he sit back, finally feeling the tiredness of this long day. “Yes, we are cursed!” he repeated.
“What are u saying?! How?!” Yugyeom asked thinking that it might affect Jungkook’s position in their pack. “Well, apparently we got married for the wrong reason.” he replied trying to ignore the pain in his chest while saying it. Jae looked at him with furrowed brows.
“How?! I mean, the pure blood myth says that only if u didn’t marry for love you’ll be cursed Guk. We were there during ur wedding, we say u both exchanged vows, u cant just fake that?!” its Jae again. Jungkook scoffed, coz that’s what he thought too! But apparently he’s wrong!
“Well, I didn’t fake anything. Unfortunately, Taehyung did” he confesses despite the strong disagreements of his wolf. “What?! Your Omega did? I knew Taehyung is really something else, no one is good enough for him!” Bambam commented that earn him a spank from Yugyeom.
“Will u shut up!” Yugz glared at his fellow Alha who’s just adding fuel to the fire. Bambam keep quiet. “But Guk, how did u know Taehyung really faked it if he did?” the Selene alpha asked again, still doesn’t want to believe that Taehyung is capable of doing that.
Jungkook finally managed to grab the bottle of alcohol from Yugyeon since his friend is too invested to his problem so he gulped it first before answering to them. "He didn't receive any gift from the Divinity. I did. So there's no way I am not in love with him" he lamented.
The three ALphas eyes widened with his confession. Well, everyone is expecting them to receive a gift but no one knows when and what. They didn't eve know that Jungkook already received his except Yoongi & Namjoon. So they're really surprise to know that he already has it.
"Guk are you sure about this?" Yugyeom asked again, he's worried for their pack. Of course they all want him t possess a power that no one has to make sure their small pack will survive any war. "I received mine but since we are cursed, I don't think I could use it properly."
"Wait, what? How is that even possible?Are you f*cking with us right now?!" Jae is running out of patience. "I wish I do, but damn it Jae I am telling you the truth!" he jabbed. "But Guk, how did u know you're cursed? ann do u know what your gift is?!" BAmbam asked too.
Jungkook close his eyes as he tried to concentrate. The three other wolves look around the bar, thinking that Jungkook might suddenly do something stupid that might hurt others. But when the pure blood opened his eyes that are now red, they suddenly became speechless.
The pure blood pointed at his childhood friend Yugz first, "You will be Jimin's hyung successor of the Selene's entertainment company." Then he look at bam,"U will leave the land & create ur own name not only with the wolves but also with humans!" Everyone stopped breathing.
So when Jk turned to Jaebeom (OMG, i made a mistake, it's jaehyun but I will continue with Jaebeom) even the pure blood was surprised to see his future. "U will be the Chief of Command in the Defense Commission!" he announced confused of himself too,cause that's his position.
Jungkook's friends are speechless, they felt it, he isn't lying to them. Then just to break the silence, Bambam asked, "How about Mingyu? what will happen to him?!" Jk closed his eyes again only to open it immediately. "That bastard didn't even come tonight, so no i'm not
gonna check what's going to happen to him!" he said dismissively. "Guk when you say I'm going to leave the land, did you mean I am going to leave DAegu? the realm of wolves? and be with humans?!" Bambam asked curiously but his excitement is written all over his face. "Yes!"
They all took one shot before Jaebeom asked again. "But Guk, what will happen to you if I'll be the Chief?!" Jungkook stare back at his friend because to be honest, taking a look at his future scared him. He's afraid to see himself suffering with his Omega, but he's more scared
to see himself alive without his Omega by his side. So no, Jk promised himself not to look at it again. He doesn't want to gave himself a false hope that he & Taehyung will eventually make it work, but he also doesn't want to loose all his hope if he sees Tae gone from his life.
The ALphas fell into complete silence after that, but Bam broke it with his stupid questions. "UR gift works perfectly Guk, so what do u mean u're cursed?" Yugz glared at him but he just ignored it & continue to ask another. "And how did u know ur Omega didn't receive any?!"
"Ya! Bambam! When will u learn to shut your mouth?!" Yugz yelled at him, but Jungkook's staring at his friend. He suddenly realized that the only time he failed to use his gift was when he was with his mate. And yes, Tae never mentioned about his gift too but---
"No, he's sure we're cursed" he mumbled to himself. "Who's very sure that you are curse?" Bambam again. "Taehyung. He was the one who figured it out first." he replied without thinking because now there's a hope growing inside his chest, what if it's all a big misunderstanding?
Then Jungkook suddenly stood up. His mind went to a frenzy thinking that Taehyung must be really hurt of all the things he has done. What if they really are just stupid not to know everything because they never had proper conversation?! With the thought, he left without even
saying goodbye to his friends. He got in to his car & drove as fast as he can back to their apartment. "Please, Tae tell me I am right, tell me that this is just a whole big misunderstanding"he keeps mumbling to himself thinking of his Omega who's probably hurting if he's right.
Now here's the thing,the moment Jk left their apartment earlier, his Omega decided to leave too. He is too hurt to stay & watch Jungkook hurt him over & over again. So he decided to go back to his parents house, in their own pack, the La Lunas! So when Guk arrived, hes' gone.
Jungkook is still panting when he arrived at the empty apartment. He checked all the corners of the house but his Omega is really gone, then he realized he couldn’t even call him coz he doesn’t have his number! Then he remembers, he is his mate now. They probably have the link!
They already used that once so he’ll try it again. He shifted to his natural form & curled himself on the couch. Then he started to reach out to his mate. “Tae, are you there?” he hesitated, feeling dumb for doing this, not even sure if it will work. “Taehyung” he called again.
Just when he was about to give up, Tae finally replied. “What do u want?!” his Omega’s voice sounded weak & Jungkook wants nothing than to find him and be with him again. “Where are u? Why aren’t u home? It’s late already.” he said, surprising Tae with his soft voice.
“Why do u even care?! Go away, stop calling me, it’s annoying!” the Omega didn’t answer any of his alpha’s question. He knows Jungkook will be mad again for not getting the answers that he wants but to Tae’s surprise Jungkook remains calm & sweet while talking to him.
“Of course I care, u are my husband, my mate, I will always care about you. Besides I have something very important to tell you, please come back home”the Alpha is excited to clear things around them. Taehyung at that moment really wanted to just go back & cuddle with his alpha,
but he knows that once he do that, they’ll just end up fighting again. So instead of running back to him, he just yold him that he’s on his way home. He’s too scared what will Jungkook is about yo say too so he asked him for a time for himself too. “Guk, im going to La Luna”
Jungkook immediately stood up on his four legs the moment he heard where his Omega is going, but he also sit as fast as he can when he heard him speak again. “Istg Guk if u follow me here, i would never talk to u again. Please, just give me time? I know we’ve been doing things
in a hurry, so we always both end up hurting each other. So please, let us talk when i go back?” he suggested, hoping Jungkook will agree. The Alpha wanted to disagree, he wanted his Omega now, he wants to tell him how much he loves him but then iphe realized Tae is right.
They were both acting on their instinct, they were both stubborn and so prideful that they end up hurting each other. So yeah, for the first time Jungkook thought that maybe, having a little more of patience wont make him less of an Alpha. He finally agreed to his Omega.
"Okay Tae, I'm going to miss you baby so please take good care of yourself and call me when you're ready to go back and I'll pick you up." Jungkook replied before finally closing their links. He knows Taehyung would probably take his time but he's now willing to wait for him.
****Now here's the thing, the moment Tae stepped foot to his parents land, he somehow forgot about all the pain he's going through because Seokjin & Namjoon keeps pampering him. They let him wonder around the woods, play with the pups in the field, pick wildflowers & berries,
swim in the lake, stare at the moon in the evening, all sort of activities that he enjoyed doing when he hasn't Jungkook in his life yet. And yes, it's been over 2 weeks since he went back to their pack without Jungkook so saying that he misses him a lot is understatement.
The moon knows how he wanted to go back to his Alpha & tell him how much he loves him but the heartbeat that is now growing inside him makes him a bit scared. Little did he know that Jungkook himself is getting crazy already that he decided to go home to Selene too!
"Yoongi, istg if you won't cast him away, I will! ur brother is trying to kill all my dancers in the dance studio! Not everyone is away from their mates, not everyone is as stupid as him! Will you tell ur brother to go away now!" Jimin is whining to his ALpha because of Jungkook!
It's been two days since the heir of Selene went home because he's really misisng Taehyung already, but since he promised not to bother him until he's ready to go back to him, he just decided to bother his Yoongi hyung and his omega mate Jimin. But since Yoongi is busy with
all their businesses, he chose to bug Jimin who's currently rehearsing other Omegas in their pack. The problem is Jungkook volunteered to teach them. And since he's longing for his mate, he got too passionate practicing that he barely gave the wolves a break. That's why Jimin is
now complaining to his Alpha. Yoongi pulled his mate closer & promised him that he'll talk to his brother about it without knowing that Jungkook is already listening to him. "So, that's it hyung? Just a little whine of Jimin hyung and you'll give in?" the younger alpha asked.
“What else could it be Guk? Jiminie is my Omega, i vowed to make him happy and safe for the rest of my life.” Yoongi replied to him while smiling at his mate. Jungkook is dumbfounded, why does it sound so simple when it’s them? Then he imagined himself & his own mate.
“Hyung, what if Jimin was just acting and he just wanted me to be out of Selene?” he asks again hoping to get the answer he wants. “Well, if that’s the case I would ask him why he did it but probably would still agree to him because i love him Guk, love is unconditional.”
“But hyung what if he—“ Yoongi cuts him off. He looks at his omega first before facing him again. “If you truly love him, you’ll do everything in ur power to protect him & to make sure he’s happy. Now if you are asking my opinion regarding u and ur Omega’s situation, I’ll say
you should’ve talked first before u let him stayed with his parents because sometimes, unanswered questions will let ur mind wonder for answers may it be good or bad. You bothe jumped in to this marriage wanting to help ur own packs, but I can see it Guk, u both love each other,
maybe, it’s not the love that’s so deep yet, but i am sure you both have it. You letting him out of ur sight for two weeks without clearing things first might give u both another misunderstanding, u might also just set ur selves for bigger trouble, but I am hoping for the best
Guk, u and ur mate deserves happiness too. So yes kid, go and find ur Omega, I am sure he’s also waiting for you now.” Yoongi tried his best to enlighten his brother, and thank the Moon because finally, Jungkook had his guts to go and find his Omega in La Luna.
The young alpha didn't waste time the moment he realized his Yoongi hyung is right. He doesn't need to wait any longer because if Taehyung loves him too as much he loves his mate, then they don't need more time anymore. He get into his car and drove off to the La Lunas.
Remember when I said that Taehyung is enjoying every single day of his stay in his pack because his parents are spoiling him?! THat's not a coincidence at all because Seokjin the Omega healer figured out that their only son is now carrying his pup! Taehyung is pregnant!
Seokjin didn't tell anyone about it yet since his son hasn't confirmed it to him yet. He's sure that Taehyung must have been nervous when he found that out so he doens't want to pressure his son about it. He's just lucky that the wolves in their pack are just clueless.
The only downside of Tae's stay in La Luna if u consider it a downside is his closeness to other wolves, particularly with the Alpha Minjae who's accompanying him since Minho is living with his mate in Selene already. So Seokjin isn't surprise at all to see them together again.
Minjae is holding the basket of berries they picked while Taehyung is holding the flowers he picked for his vase in his own cottage. The two are both giggling while tossing the fruits & flowers at each other when Tae suddenly feels dizzy. Minjae as an Alpha quickly catch him.
"Taehyung are u okay?" the ALpha asked feeling the Omega's forehead to check if he has fever or something. But Taehyung knows exactly what happened to him, it's part of his pregnancy. SO he told the alpha not to worry because he's fine. Minjae then carefully let go of him.
"You're dizziness is getting worst each day. Are you sure you don't have to tell SEokjin hyung about it?" Minjae asked while looking at his tummy. Well, there's no bump in there yet but he knows, TAehyung told him about his pup already. "Well, i'm planning to tell Amahan soon,
but for now, let me enjoy my berried first!" Taehyung said smiling at his alpha friend who's been very supportive to him ever since he arrived at La Luna. Minjae even lowered his body until his face is at his tummy's level as if he's going to speak with the unborn pup!
"Yah, u little one, don't let ur beautiful Amahan suffer too much! Your dad himself can give him more than enough headaches"he whispered to Tae's tummy while the Omega can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of their situation. "Why are you scolding my pup?!" he smiled back.
Taehyung was still laughing when he felt it, the familiar feeling settling in his chest, then he smells it, the only scent he wishes to smell every single day, so he turn around with an excited smile on his face only to see Jungkook with his red eyes. “Gukkie!” he called out.
The Alpha didn’t reply, but he walked closer to where they are standing. Jungkook isn’t dumb not to understand what he just witnessed and heard, but he wanted to make sure to not jump into conclusions again. Taehyung has frozen on his feet, his Omega submitting to the Alpha.
He doesn’t even know that Jungkook is capable of doing that, to control him so he cant move. His eyes widened when the Alpha who seems like ready to kill at any second leans closer to him, then he sniffs right on his neck. The moment Jungkook confirmed it,he immediately lost it!
Taehyung’s scent changed! The sweet mixed of fruits & floral is still there but it has something else that he couldn’t identify—and that only meant two things, Taehyung might be pregnant or he had sex with other Alpha! Jungkook laughs at the idea of him being pregnant! Then he
looks at his Omega again. "I asked you before if he's the reason why you couldn't love me back & you said no. You asked me to give u time & no matter how hard it was for me I gave it to you because I trusted you." Jungkook gritted his teeth while staring at his silent Omega.
"That fucking time, the distance between us was driving me crazy for days only to find out that here you are my little Omega having the time of your life with this f*cking looser!" Jungkook spat to Minjae's side while still taunting the quiet Omega. "So tell me Taehyung,
was he better in bed than me? was his d*ck bigger than---" SLAP! "Don't you dare f*cking come near me again!" Taehyung snapped before running away from him. Jungkook wasn't able to move immediately, too shocked of the slap Taehyung gave him. Then his eyes found Minjae!
Without thinking, Jungkook closed his gap with Minjae. He pulled the other Omega & pinned him to the nearest tree! The other Alpha knows that he's no match to the pure blood but he still tried to freed himself from Jungkook's tight hold in his neck. He started chocking him!
"You were there when Taehyung & I got married! You f*cking know that he's mine but you still had the balls to f*ck with my Omega?!!!!" Jungkook gritted his teeth again. His eyes red, his fangs & claws started to show. Minjae has never been scared in his life but he knows he's
gonna die if he won't at least try to fight. "Y-you are d-dumb!" he managed to say while Jungkook's claw is starting to deepen in his neck. "U really wished to die fast!" Jk said as he yanked him up before throwing him on the ground! "Kill me now & let's see if Taehyung---
he was interrupted when the pure blood kicked him while he's still on the ground! "Don't you dare fu*cking say his name in my face!" JK spat at him again, but Minjae knows he has to do it if he wants to survive! "He won't ever forgive you if you'll kill me!" he uttered hoping
that Jungkook's brain is still functioning. So when the pure blood stopped kicking him, he utter a thank you prayer to the moon. "What do you mean by that!? Why wont he forgive me if he's the one who cheated on me?!" he asks, hoping that he's still wrong. Minjae chuckled!
"NOw I get it when Taehyung said he's wondering how did you become the Chief of the watchmen. You're really dumb!" the Alpha on the ground said trying to wipe the blood on his neck. Jungkook froze! Why would Tae said that to Minjae if they have relationship? Was that supposed
to insult him? He's now more confused! "What the f*ck do you mean by that?" he pulled Minjae's collar this time, his eyes are still red, but unfocused. "U smelled him, u should figured it by now!" Minjae glowered before pushing him for the first time.
Jungkook is still confused. He was about to grab Minjae again when Seokjin & Namjoon finally appeared. Namjoon is furious but Seokjin looks deadly! “Namjoon, Seokjin!” Minjae run into them, away from the pure blood who still looks like ready to kill him. Then Seokjin snapped!
“Istg if something bad happens to them, I’ll make sure I’ll be the one to ripped your heart from your chest with my own bare hands before feeding it to the maggots Jungkook! Do not come near my family until I have them back safe!” Seokjin uttered through his clenched teeth!
Jungkook is stunned, not only because it’s the first time he saw Seokjin get mad like that. He is trying to decipher what he meant when he said THEY, THEM. Did Taehyung eloped with someone else? Was that the meaning of Minjae when he said something about the smell?! “Jungkook”
If Jungkook thought that Sseokjin is deadly, he can probably say now that Namjoon is death himself. The cold gaze of his eyes made Jungkook shivers. "He left, Taehyung left and by the looks of it, we might lost him for a very long time if you won't go after him."Namjoon delared.
The leader of the La Lunas knows his son well, that's the reason why he was opposed to force him marry Jungkook before because the older Alpha knows that when their son loves someone, he can't just easily let go. And once he did, he'll loose himself on the process, just like when
he saved that tiny wolf in the lake when he was just a kid. HE grew fond of the black wolf that when the family of the tiny wolf found him, their son Taehyung won't let go of him. Namjoon & Seokjin made a pact with the tiny black wolf family back then. They asked for time until
Taehyung could finally forget the little wolf, he has to live in the City pretending that he hasn't really met the wolf. Jungkook furrowed his brows when he noticed Namjoon spacing out in front of him as if he's recalling something very important to him. Then the leader of the
pack walked closer to him again. HE lifted his hand to hold Jk's shoulder before he speak again. "You drove my son away from us unintentionally when u were just a tiny wolf before, now I won't forgive you if we lost him again because of you!" Namjoon said with his ALpha voice.
Jungkook's eyes widened, he isn't sure about it yet but Namjoon made him feel something through his link. It was like a memory lane where he suddenly remembered his childhood days, the part where he run away from his pack because his hyung was scolding him. Then he saw himself,
well, his tiny younger self drowning in the lake which is not familiar to him at all. Then he saw a white wolf, as tiny as he is but he suddenly jumped and shifted to his human form. Those eyes, the nose, the chubby cheeks, the lips---it was all familiar to him now!
Namjoon is already walking away from him, joining his Omega and Minjae who's still limping so Jungkook wasn't able to ask any questions again. Then he remembers the white wolf with the blue eyes again, the beautiful boy, then his mate! "Oh my moon!" he mumbled to himself.
When everything clicks into his mind, he ran towards his car! He needs to find Taehyung, his mate!But he's still confused about a lot of things so he called the only person who can give him the answer right now. Yoongi answered on the second ring when he noticed Jungkook's call.
"Hyung, was it Taehyung?!" he asks without giving a context so Yoongi was a bit confused! "What? what do u mean?" asked the older Alpha. "Was it Taehyung who saved me from the lake when I was still a pup?!" he asked again, now more nervous of the answer. Yoongi sighed.
"Yes, it was Taehyung. How did--" he was cut off by Jk again. "Hyung how did I forget?! How did Tae forget?!" he asked still confused because the truth is, the memory really feels so vague to him as if it didn't happen. Then he heard it, the answer he doesn't want to hear.
"You know how Jungkook, it's Lexi!" Yoongi said as if he knows it will remind Jungkook of everything. Of f*cking course, it's Lexi--the only witch who is allowed to enter all the realms of every creatures. He's like the devil on the crossroads who can give you what u wish for in
exchange of something. Jungkook ended the call and started to dial his watchmen's numbers. He informed everyone about Taehyung and the color of the car he used. He told them to inform he immediately once they spotted him. But he already arried at the capital but no one still
contacted him. He went straight to their apartment to check if maybe Taehyung went their but there's no trace of his Omega is found. That night, Jungkook has never been scared in his entire being. HE tried to talk to Taehyung through their link, but there was nothing!
That night, Jungkook stayed on his wolf form, hoping that even just a tiny hint he could hear from his Omega. All the watchmen both in the capital & in their private lands are on alert for Taehyung, but no one saw him. He just vanished as if he didn’t exists!
***Meanwhile, Taehyung just passed the border of the territory of wolves & vampires! He knows it’s dangerous knowing that there were some cases of vamps & wolves fighting centuries ago but he just wanted to run away from everything! So he kept driving until he finally got tired!
So when he saw a hotel that has the UNIVERSAL sign, which means any creatures could stop by & check in, he pulled over, grab his “to go” bag & enter the said hotel. He was welcomed by the pretty receptionist who smiled at him so sweetly as if they know each other!
“Hi, good evening welcome to Casa De Amantes, how may I help you?” the lady greeted him. Taehyung’s eyes wondered before finally answering to the lady. “I need one single room please” He finally replied. “Ok sir, name please?” She asked again. Taehyung thought of giving his
full name at first only to change it the last minute in case other wolves will be looking for him. “Can u just write V there?” he asked, not wanting to raise any suspicion. “Oh, it’s ok sir. Besides i dont even use my real name here”she replied showing her name tag.
Taehyung read the name tag, “H-hwasa? Your name is Hwasa?” he asked smiling at the receptionist. “Hmmmn, well creatures from different realms call me differently, here in the realms of Vamps I’m Hwasa, but in the realm you came from, they call me LEXI.” she winks at him!
Taehyung looks at her again, then he smiled back at her, this time Hwasa is taken a back. Her eyes widened in recognition of the wolf in front of her! “Y-you’re the Pure Blood Omega!” the witch blurted out when she finally realized who Taehyung is.
The witch stare at him for a few seconds, thinking of the things he could use him in the future,then again the powerful woman is surprised to feel not just one heart beat from the Omega. The thought of an unborn pup excites her. She’s already plotting in her head when Tae talks.
“You are not getting to lay your scary finger near my pup if you dont want me to ripped your head off! You’re a powerful witch & you know better.” The Omega put his hands on his tummy as if he’s protecting his pup from the eyes of the witch in front of him. For the first time,
he’s thankful of the Divinity for giving him the gift to read minds because he never had so much fun until now! Watching Hwasa or Lexi or whoever she is look at him with so much confusion, Taehyung feels that he finally found a new home! “So, u gonna give me a room or?”
“You have the Divinity’s gift & you’re bearing the Pure Blood Alpha’s unborn pup! Of course I will give you the best suite. Come follow me Omega.” Hwasa replied excitedly. “U know you can call me Taehyung or V, omega is a bit too much outside Daegu.” the wolf suggested.
Hwasa just giggles, it’s been years since she got a very important guest in her Casa.She’s thinking of the deals she could offer to Taehyung just to have that p— “I told u to not even think about touching my pup!” Taehyung halted on their way to his suite. Then the witch turns
to face him. “Fine! I wont. But you have to tell me everything first! What would a newly mated Pure Blood Omega like you doing outside the realm of wolves?! Are u on a run because u did a crime or?” Hwasa was cut off when he saw Taehyung’s teary eyed for the first time.
“I ran away from my mate because he doesn’t like us!” he then uttered in between his sobs. The witch clenches her teeth. U know, Hwasa likes challenges, fun, memories of other beings because that makes her young, but what she hates the most is tear drops! She just dont like it!
There’s something in being’s tear drops that makes her weak, maybe because it shows real emotions and Hwasa isn’t good at handling those kind of things. So she immediately grab Tae’s wrist & lead him into the luxurious suite. “I will let you stay here for free, just stop that!”
“S-stop what?” Taehyung asks innocently. “Stop crying! For moon’s sake! You just arrived minutes ago and im already getting old.” Hwasa replied trying not to look at his puppy face. “Okay, but will u really let me stay here?” the Omega asks cautiously. The witch stared at him.
“Fine. I’ll give you everything you need, I can even put you inside a blinding spell so no one can find you until you finally want to be found in one condition—“ the witch look at his beautiful face the pn her eyes lowered to his tummy. Taehyung swallowed the invisible lump!
Then he looks at the witch & listen to her thoughts. U see, Taehyung is not on his best state, he’s tired, he’s hurt, he feels rejected and above all, he’s pregnant, so when he finally listened to everything Hwasa has to offer,p him & his child he asks her the important question.
“Y-you are not going to harm my pup, are u?!” he voiced out his only worry at the moment. “Uhmm, Taehyung I guess you misheard me when I say I am not going to hurt you nor ur pups. Sweetie, you’ll have a twin pup! Im surprise you don’t know that.” Hwasa them smiled at him.
Taehyung’s eyes widened. “T-twins?!” Taehyung’s eyes widened upon realizing it. He tried to concentrate & listen to the heart beats inside him then he almost jumped off the bed when he clearly heard it for the first time! He is indeed carrying Jungkook’s twin pup! “OMG!”
Hwasa then kneels in front of him. “Taehyung listen now sweetheart, are you taking my offer or shall I just leave you here as if you’re just one of my Casa’s guests for this evening?” Taehyung tried to weigh things, he’s nowhere to go & he knows how powerful Hwasa is.
She could protect not only him but also his pup. He’s outside Daegu now, and sooner or later other creatures might found him here. He heard a lot of things about shapeshifters, Hydra, Vamps & even Hunters that could probably hurt him if he wont accept her offer. Then he sighed!
“I will only collect your gems from other realms & you will take care of my pups while im gone right? But you will not do anything to them, not even brainwash them or meddle with their memories!?” Taehyung repeats what’s inside Hwasa’s mind. “Yes Taehyung,that I promise to you.”
Taehyung leans closer to the witch, then with a very deep voice he whispered. “Then link your life to mine & mine to yours and we’ll have a deal!” the Omega’s eyes turned blue while staring at the witch’ shocked expression. “Y-you know I cant do that!” Hwasa blurted out!
She underestimated the Omega in front of her. When he saw Taehyung at the reception she thought of him as an ordinary wolf until she heard the pups inside him.But now that she knows it’s indeed the pure blood Omega she knows he’ll come in handy for her! So she tried to trick him!
But since the Omega managed to turn the table, Hwasa knows she has to agree with the condition given by the wolf if that will mean, she’ll have a chance to see the unborn pups of the pure blood mates. “Yes you can! And you will!” Taehyung uttered unto her with conviction!
Hwasa’s eyes fluttered for a second before she finally stand up & face Taehyung one more time. “I cant believe I’m entrusting my life with a pup, but I guess it will be all worth it. We’ll be takin care of your twins Taehyung. We’ll do the ritual at dawn so have a rest for now.”
When the witch finally left, Taehyung locked his door before going back to bed. He recalled everything that has happened to him and he cant help but cry again the moment his mate’s face appeared in his mind. He loved him & he misses him but he’ll never forgive him again!
That night, Tae wasn’t able to sleep. He knows how witches work and as much as he wants to trust Hwasa or Lexi he cant just relax and leave his pups unprotected, not now that he just confirmed that he’s having a mini version of him and his mate. With that thought, he cried again!
***It’s 5minutes before 3:00 o’clock in the morning when Hwasa knocked on Taehyung’s door. She gave him the proper clothes for the ritual they are about to do before they finally found themselves standing in the middle of the woods just behind the Casa! Taehyung is nervous.
He knows it’s stupid to trust a witch but the moment he looks up at the sky & see the Moon as if it’s smiling at him, his nerves surprisingly relax a bit. “Taehyung, are you ready to do this?” Hwasa asked, her voice void of its usual glee, instead its full of different emotions.
The Omega wolf blinks his eyes, he isn’t sure but why does it feel like he saw Hwasa’s gray eyes? Isn’t she a witch and witches doesn’t change their eye colors, unless she came from the land of the wolves before she sold herself to another powerful witch before!
Now here’s the thing, Hwasa knows that the moment she links her life with the Omega wolf in front of her, everything about her shall be revealed! Her heart beats will beat with Tae’s, her memories will be unveiled to him too. The pure blood Omega will know everything about her!
And she knows, this is her destiny. This is what she is made for. The Divinity let her live through all her sins as a wolf in her previous life to serve the Pure Bloods in the future. So she knows, this is the Divinity’s way of letting her pay, for abandoning her pack before!
“Let’s get this done!” Taehyung mumbled to himself. Hwasa then look up at the sky & began to chant, casting the most powerful spell that will bind her life to the Pure Blood in front of her. They both closed their eyes when they strated to feel the link binding them together!
The last thing Taehyung rememberers before he fainted was him & Hwasa standing next to each other. The witch has been chanting a spell before he finally fainted until now that feels like someoneis carrying him cause he cant feel his feet on the ground. When the Omega tried to
open his eyes, he just saw a pair of gray eyes staring at him—a wolf,from Bulan pack! So he almost immediately freaked out when he woke up the next day,he’s already in a new bed inside a room he had never seen before. “Im glad u finally wake up” an unfamiliar voice greets him.
Tae sit up from the soft bed he’s fluffed in.Then he tried to feel himself first and immediately feel relieved when he made sure that his pups are still both safe on his tummy. The wolf watching him cant help but chuckles when he saw what he just did. “Of course they’re safe.”
Taehyung look at the wolf laughing at him. “Who are you? Where am I? Where is Hwasa?! What the hell happened?! Why am I here?” the Omega asked trying to remember what happened, but then all he could remember from that dawn is him & Hwasa facing each other before he passed out.
“Woah! First of all, can u not panic? Ur pups are panicking too. My name is Yeonjun & we’re here in Busan where Hwasa Noona decided for us to stay since she wants you & the pups safe & away from anything or anyone that can harm you.” the cute wolf with a gray hair replied.
“B-busan?! We are here in Busan? How many days—“ “You were out for a week, Noona said your body was too tired to receive her spirit that’s why you were asleep for a long time, but dont worry you are safe here. Hwasa Noona has been waiting for you for a very long time.”
“Waiting for me?! What do you mean?!” Taehyung asked not believing what this young wolf has been telling him since he woke up. “You are now link to her, so I dont think I have to tell you everything now because you’ll probably know more than what I know. But please, east first.”
Taehyung looks at the food on the tray and he immediately felt his stomach grumbles. But he furrowed his brows when he couldn’t see the food he wants to eat. “Do u perhaps have a choco mint ice cream?”he asks to the young wolf watching him. “Yes,but eat the healthy food first.”
****DAEGU, THE WOLF REALM**** Seokjin is still bawling his eyes out while hes slumped on Namjoon’s arms. “It’s been more than a week Joonie, its been more than a week since our son vanished. All the wolves in the realm has been looking for him, they’ve been to other realms too,
but no one have seen him yet, not even the car he used!” he cried to his mate. Namjoon pulled his mate closer. He is dead worried too, he wanted to get mad too. But he knows better that anger and panic will not do them any good! It will not give them Taehyung back!
The couple blamed nothing but themselves for letting their son be part of this chaos. The mated couple knows, Tae & Guk are not cursed just like what the news have been telling the whole realm, they are Pure Blooded True Mates who are destined to break the cursed in their land.
When Tae & Guk met when they were just a pup, Namjoon, Seokjin, Yoongi, Jimin & jk’s parents already knew that the two will be the one who will finally end Hwasa & Hoseok’s longing. U see, before the two became the witch & the Divinity they were just two ordinary wolves!
They were lovers who happened to be a victim of their own hearts. Hwasa was very ambitious, she wants power so he could wander outside the realm while Hoseok was innocent who are already content of what he has as long as Hwasa is with him. They were once a happy couple until,
Hwasa sold herself to an evil witch. She sided with the rogue wolves who wanted to control the land. There was a big war and at the end of it, Hwasa was caught by the Lunas & Selenes.She was supposed to be punished to death, but Hoseok who still loved her intervene. He saved her!
Hoseok sinned against the wolves because of his love to Hwasa that’s why the Divinity took pity of him. Hwasa on the other hand ran away from the land. But before she finally left, he heard Hoseok calling unto her through their link. She looked back and saw him with red eyes.
{Run away as fast as you can, dont look back. Wander around the land just like how you dreamed about it for years.. go as far as you can, but remember to come back when you’re tired, I’ll be waiting for you my love.} —those were Hoseok’s last words before he closed his eyes.
When Hoseok died, the wolves all over the land mourned. Hwasa never came back, some of them thougt she died, but when Lexi appeared on the land, few years back, Seokjin & Namjoon knows it’s her. What they dont know is why did she appear, until the incident on the lake happened!
That time Hwasa isn’t done with her wandering yet, she was still her evil self so when he heard the news about the Pure Bloods being together, she knows she has to stop it. She needs to separate them no matter what. That’s why he casted a spell upon the two, until they got ill!
Then she pretended to be the angel offering herself to Yoongi & Namjoon to cure the pure bloods who were just pups back then. But Hwasa was evil, she didn’t only cast a spell to make the pure bloods sick, he also took Yoongi & Jimin’s chance to have their own pup in exchange of
the potion he gave them in order for Taehyung & Jungkook to get better! Yoongi was so young back then & he loves his brother so much. That’s why he didn’t think twice to sacrifice his own future family in order to save the two pup! That’s alsothe reason why, Namjoon & Seokjin
can never turn their backs feom the leader of the Selene Pack! So now that Taehyung has gone missing, Seokjin & Namjoon only wishes for the best. They’re both praying for the Divinity to finally end all this misery! Coz they only want their heir back!
***8 MONTHS LATER *** “Yoongi please tell me that Guk is finally coming home. It’s been 8mos since he left to find Tae, don’t u think it’s time for him to go home?” Jimin asks his mate who just finished talking to his younger brother on the phone. “Yes, Jimin he’s coming home.”
Yoongi can’t help but take pity of his brother. When Taehyung ran away that night, his alpha brother literally flip the whole land of Daegu to find for his mate! He stayed in his natural form for a month hoping that Taehyung will somehow communicate with him, but all his attempts
to find his mate were futile! Both Namjoon & Seokjin already told him to give up that if Taehyung wanted to be found, he’ll appear but Jungkook is stubborn,he keeps blaming himself for everything that happened to him and his mate! That is why on the second month that Taehyung has
gone, he decided to set into his journey outside the realm of the wolves! He even submitted a resignation letter for his position but Namjoon rejected it telling him that he could just take a leave of absence for a while. So that’s what he did! Mingyu became the Chief Commander.
Jungkook started his journey. In the beginning, Jimin, Minho & Taemin was with him. There was also a time when Yugyeom, Bambam, Jaebeom accompanied him but then they all gave up for they couldnt even see a trace of Taehyung. But Jungkook refuse to just give up!
So on the 4th month that Taehyung is gone, he went to his journey alone, hoping that a simple hint could lead him to his mate. But then again, he just kept feeling. No other beings saw his mate. There were even realms who laughed at him telling him to just claim a new one!
He got furious a lot of times, got insulted and mocked by different creatures but he didn't stop. He tried to use his gift only to curse it over and over again because he just couldnt see Taehyung, not even his shadow nor the tip of his hair! His mate was just gone!
The Pure Blood Alpha even went to hire Vamps who really are good in tracking but they failed! He went to find witches as powerful as Lexi but no one is as good as her. He tried to summon her, even begged the Divinity for the nth time but all his attempts failed.
So on the 8th month where he finally managed to wander around all the realms, he finally found himself sitting on the train back to Daegu where his pack is. Jungkook cried, he cried & cried thinking how he failed everyone he loves, Taehyung, his Hyungs, his Watchmen, his pack!
The Pure Blood Alpha is still crying when he areived at the Capital of Daegu. As usual, he went inside Taehyung’s apartment, he look around & cried harder knowing that he’ll never see his mate ever again. He walks towards the room where they made love for the first time.
He curled himself on the bed, silently praying to hear anything from his beloved mate coz he misses him so much! Little did Jungkook know, the Divinity is watching him with pity in his eyes, knowing that Taehyung is already giving birth to their pups that same night!
***Meanwhile in the middle of the woods, Lexi & 5 other wolves are panicking! Tae has been screaming for hours because tonight,he’s about to give birth to his two beautiful pups. “Yeonjun, Soobin, make sure the pups’ things are ready. Beomgyu, Kai, Tae be alert!” Lexi commanded.
Taehyung smiled at the 5 young wolves amidst of his screaming when he saw how nervous they are. “Yah, why do u all look like I’m going to die!Can u at least smile?!” he teased them trying to get rid of fear bubbling in his chest. Then Lexi appeared in front of him with a knife.
“Taehyung are you ready?” the witch asks the Omega writhing in pain. The pure blood didn’t even managed to reply anymore when he felt another kick from his pup, probably an Alpha like his father! “Just f*cking do it Lexi! These pups are as stubborn as their father!”Tae uttered.
The witch then finally lean closer to the Pure Blood Omega, she uttered a short prayer & offering to the Moon & Divinity before he finally cut the skin separating Taehyung to his twin pups! The 5 other wolves & the witch are all in awe hearing the cute sound of the twin pups!
A CARBON COPY OF TAEHYUNG, HIS MATE. THEN JUST WHEN HE TOOK ANOTHER STEP, TAE LOOKED AT HIM, HIS EYES FULL OF LONGING! ]] “Taehyung” Jk called out in his sleep, a tear drop rolling on his cheeks. His grip to his pillow became tighter as the Divinity lifted his hand from him.
***BUSAN**** Yeonjun & Kai keeps screaming, the two youngest wolves are getting too excited because they just saw the two cutest pup in the whole wide world! “Will u two both shut up before I permanently mute ur voices?” Hwasa glared at the two while finishing Tae’s stitches.
The Omega still feels so weak, but he knows he still has enough strength to finally carry his pups. “Congratulations Tae, u’ve got a female Alpha pup & another male Omega pup!”Hwasa finally let him see them, the miracle of his life. His own pups, his Juno(Black) & Selena(White).
Taehyung can't help but cry the moment Yeonjun and Kai bring his pups closer to him. Selena is obviously the Alpha seeing how active she is on Yeonjun's arms. THe two young wolves carefully lay down the pups beside him. "Lexi, thank you so much, they're beautiful." he uttered.
"Juno looks like you hyung, look at his heart shaped lips" Soobin commented, his eyes focused on the smaller pup. Taehyung smiled at the 5 young wolves who became his family. He thanked each one of them for taking care of him since he arrived at their cottage in Busan.
"I really don't know what could have I done without your help. Thank you for being patient with me during those times that I was really rude. I promise to be nicer now that Selena and Juno are finally here" he said looking at his pups. "Wow, u already gave them their names."
“Yes,it’s their father’s name & pack.”he replied with a fond look on his face. Good thing that Hwasa already informed the 5 wolves not to ask anything to him so he doesn’t need to elaborate. As to Hwasa,he also doesn’t need to hide anything frm her anymore since they’re linked.
“So, are u going to return to your pack now hyung?” Taehyun asked because he cant help to be sad thinkin that they’ll be no longer part of the pups lives. But then, the wolves faces brighten up when they heard his reply. “No, not yet boys. U still need to help me raise my pups.”
The pure blood Omega throw a glance at the witch sitting quietly on the side if his bed. Of course he clearly remembers their deal and since the witch really provided everything he and his pups needed, its time for him to do the end of his deal. He only need to recover first.
***DAEGU*** Jungkook is still panting when he arrived at their land in Selene. He went to his brother's office immediately coz he just really want to make sure of something. Yoongi is surprised to see his brother not because he's naked but it's because he didn't expect him
at all. He knows that Jungkook arrived at the Capital last night so he never thought he'd show himself today. But by the looks of it, the Alpha ran with his natural form coming home so he just tossed him a piece of cloth before asking what's going on. "Hyung, Taehyung is alive!"
The leader of Selene walk closer to him and let him sit on the couch inside his office. "What?! How did you know?!" Yoongi asked, thinking if it's really possible that Jungkook found a lead about his mate. But when Jk told him about his dream, Yoongi shook his head.
The leader of Selene pack suddenly hugged his brother tight. With a tears in his eyes, he whispered to him. "Guk, you have to snap out of this. Please, no one can help you except yourself. Don;t do this Guk, there are people counting on you." Yoongi voiced out.
Jungkook's eyes widened when he realized that his hyung didn't believe him. "Hyung I saw it with my own eyes, Tae is holding two pups, I'm not sure if whose pups are those but the other one looks exactly like him and---" "Jungkook! Taehyung is gone!" Yoongi shouted at him!
Jimin heard his mate so he quickly went to check the two Alpha shouting at each other. He also helped Jungkook wear proper clothes first before he asked the two what’s going on. Yoongi wasn’t able to answer coz he already is crying too. Jungkook feels so defeated.
“Hyung if-if you wont let me believe that Taehyung is still alive, then h-how would I be able to forgive myself? How could I ever live my life again?” Jungkook then sobbed, not minding the eyes watching him anymore! All his pride forgotten as he kneeled on the floor!
Yoongi kneels in front of his brother too, a very rare sight for Alphas to see their knees on the floor. Jimin couldn’t help but cry too, this scene is too familiar for him. He saw how his mate broke down for Jungkook before & it hurts to see them both in pain again.
It reminds him of that time when he & his mate gave up their parenthood to their own pup to save Jk’s life. And it hurts him now to see the alpha lost himself because of his own mate. Jimin left the two and locked himself in their own room. He knows he needs to do something.
Now here's the thing. Anyone who had a deal with Hwasa will be given a talisman from the witch herself. And the person who has it will be able to summon her anytime, anywhere. Jimin had a deal with the witch before so he has one, he only needs to burn it so he could have a link
with the witch. The Omega didn't waste time as he locked himself inside the bathroom so no one can see him. All he needs is the talisman, his blood and a mirror in order to talk to the witch. No rituals needed, just burn the Talisman with his blood, and voila! Hwasa appeared!
The powerful witch is in the middle of her gardening when she felt someonec calling her, and her eyes widened when she realized who it was. Nevertheless, she knows she has no choice but to appear. Well, not her physical self but atleast her reflection. Jimin is nervous, but he
is determined to help his ALpha and his brother. So as much as he's scared, he called the witch. "Oh my moon! How have you been Omega Jimin?!" Hwasa greeted him in the mirror. The Omega was taken a back when he saw her. She looks exactly the same, almost 20 years ago!
"I need to you to tell me something." Jimin didn't beat around the bush. The witch is surprise because she's not used to see a confident Jimin. The Omega has always been quiet around Yoongi. "You know my deal when---" the witch was cut off by the wolf again. Jimin showing him
the bottle of potion she gave to cure Jungkook when he was just a pup. "You took my chance of bearing my own pup for this fake potion you gave us,decades ago so I don't think you're in the position to give me a choice. Lexi, I just want one answer!" Jimin demanded.
"Fine, just one question Min Jimin!" the witch finally gave in. "Kim Taehyung, is he still alive?" the Omega asked without any idea that the witch has the same Omega he's asking about. "W-what? How would I know that? I'm not the Divinity Jimin, I'm just a witch!" she denied.
"Exactly, you are one powerful witch that can perform a locating spell. You can find him is he's still alive Lexi. You owe me this!" Jimin insisted. Lexi wasn't able to reply immediately, because how could he locate where Taehyung is if she put a blinding spell around him?!
Then she got an idea. "Alright, wait for me during the next full moon and I will do the spell in his pack's territory. That would be easier for me to find him." she tricked him. The Omega smiled at her thinking that at least he has done something for his mate and his brother.
When Jimin went back to the two Alphas, he almost break down again. Its been years since he saw them like that. Jk laying his head on his hyung's lap. The young Alpha's face is a picture of a broken soul. And they all know that nothing and no one can fix that except his mate.
***FULL MOON*** Namjoon & Seokjin immediately felt it the moment the powerful witch step foot in their land. The Omega quickly shifted to his natural form to track the witch he really wished to be dead by now.But when he saw Lexi and the other wolf right in front of their gate,
Seokjin halted. He didnt even think twice when he shifted back to his human form. "Jimin what do you mean by this?!" he asked to his fellow male Omega who seems to be the one behind the invited witch. "Hyung I just really want to know of Taehyung is still alive--" "What??!"
Seokjin is mad to see the witch but he's more livid to know that Jimin of all wolves is thinking that Taehyung is already dead. "Hyung its been a year that he's gone. We already tried everything to find him but he's nowhere to be found! He might be--" he was cut off again.
"Dont u think i wouldnt know if my son died, Park Jimin?!" he asks, his eyes turned blue, a clear signal that he's already livid. "Then why is no one knows where he is hyung?! Jungkook tried---" jimin didn't continue his sentence when he realized something. The Lunas never got
worried for their heir as worried as them. In fact, both Namjoon & Seokjin kept telling Jungkook to give up already just a few months after Taehyung vanished. "You knew all along! You knew where Taehyung is!" Jimin accused the older Omega. The witch just silently watching them.
Seokjin remained quiet. His eyes focus on Jimin. "Jungkook is going crazy looking for him, putting his life in the line hyung! Why do you have to hide this from us?!" Jimin teared up thinking the young pure blood's sacrifices. His failed journeys alone. "We already told him to
stop! He didn't listen Jimin. No wonder he kept hurting my Taehyung when they were still together. He's too prideful! And no Jiminie, we never know where Taehyung is, but my heart knows he's in happier place." Seokjin declared knowing that there's a young Alpha listening to them.
It only took a second for Jimin to realized what just happened. Soekjin knows Jk is eavesdropping to their conversation. The young alpha obviously followed him when he met with Lexi. And it really breaks his heart knowing how Jk must have been hurt hearing everything.
The younger Omega wanted to hate Seokjin for his cruelty, but as a big brother to Jk who once sacrificed his everything, he totally understand Seokjin's decisions. He just really can't help but to worry for Jungkook. When Jimin realized that Jk ran away again, he followed him.
The Omega knows he could never outrun Jungkook because of his natural speed but he tried to call him out through their links. "Jungkook please, stop!" he called out knowing he'll just be ignored so he was surprised when he heard the Alpha's reply. "Come on shorty hyung!"
The Alpha's voice still sounded broken but the fact that he called him by that nickname, Jimin got more worried again. Did his brother really lose it now?! Then he heard him scoffed in their links again. "I'm not crazy hyung, come on. Let's go home." the ALpha said calmly.
Lexi was about to turn around and run away from SEokjin when the Omega caught her by her neck. "Where do you think you are going?!" SEokjin bared his fangs to the witch. "S-seokjin, what are you doing?!" she asked trying to freed herself from the Omega's grasped in her neck.
"Your hair!" Seokjin gritted his teeth again while pulling the witch's hair that has a strand of purple, the Divinity's color. "What about my hair?!" Lexi replied trying to act cool when the truth is she's a bit nervous that Seokjin might find out her secret. "It's Taehyung's!"
Lexi's eyes widened when he heard the Omega saying Tae's name. "What about ur son?!" she still try to deny it but when she felt a claw digging on her neck she finally blurted out the truth. "He's probably bleeding by his neck right now too, if u wont get off ur hand on me!"
It’s Seokjin’s turn to be surprised. He’s not dumb, he wouldn’t doubt the witch if the purple strand on his hair that symbolizes the Divinity’s present for Tae is right there. “What did u do to my son?” the Omega glared at her again. “I didn’t do anything without his consent!”
“I said what did u do to my son?” Seokjin repeated. “We are linked. When he came to me last year, he asked me to protect them. Seokjin u know ur son was bearing a pup & wandering outside ur realm could’ve been very dangerous for him. And you know how the Divinity has—“
“Don’t u dare talk about the Divinity because I’m pretty sure that u linked urself to my son knowing that he’s gifted by the Divinity to save urself once again!U’re the same selfish Hwasa who will do everything just to save herself!” The witch did not reply,she knows it’s true.
But Hwasa also knows that her time on Earth is almost up. She just needs to wait for Taehyung to fulfill the end of his deal so she could finally unlinked them. But of course, Seokjin doesn’t need to know that. When the witch remained quiet, Seokjin remembers to asked her—
“How about my grandchild? Was it a he or a she? Can you at least tell me about them? If Taehyung wants to—“ He was cut off this time. “He got twin pups. A female Alpha & a male Omega. Names are Selena & Juno.” Lexi whispered, afraid that somene might be listening to them again.
"Oh my moon!" Seokjin gasped thinking that his son named his pups after their father despite of the things happened before he actually left. Hwasa took the opportunity to run away from the wolf, he vanished into the darkness of the evening, leaving the Omega in tears.
Namjoon found his mate sitting on the hammock outside their cottage. He carefully sit beside him & took his hands so he could hold it on his own. "He got Selena & Juno, my Alpha. Can you believe that? We are now grandparents." he whispered to his mate without explaining coz
he already told him everything through their link. Namjoon leans closer to kiss him on his forehead. "I know u're happy and proud of ur son and this is a wrong timing for me to call you out for what you did with your son's mate a while ago, but don't u think its a bit harsh?"
Seokjn sighed. "I just feel bad about him Joonie. The boy deserves to have a life too. If our son doesn't want to be found, he'll never find him anyway." he confessed. "Well I guess, everything is falling to their perfect places huh?!" Namjoon mumbled beside him.
***SELENE*** Jimin & Jk are still both panting when they arrived at their cottage. Yoongi doesn’t look impressed when they saw them together in the middle of the night. It’s not because he’s jealous,but because he knows that theyre in the days when they need to be xtra careful.
He went inside to take two robes for the two after hey shifted back to their human form. The couple are both startled when Jungkook suddenly grabbed them by their necks & hugged them so tight. “I miss you hyungs! Can I have lamb skewers for breakfast tomorrow?”he asked smiling.
Jimin & Yoongi look at each other before they look at their little Alpha. But before they could speak, he already beat them to it. “H-he’s alive hyung. Taehyung is alive and happier wherever he is now.” Jungkook mumbled. “What? How did u know that?” Yoongi replied, shocked.
“I followed Jimin hyung & I overheard Seokjin hyung telling him that Taehyung is alive but he really just doesn’t want to be found anymore.” the young alpha finally let go of the sobbed he’s trying to bottle up in his chest. “I f*cking miss him so much hyung, but if this makes
him happier,then I’ll be ok with it.” Jk cried to them. The mated wolves hugged the younger wolf,hoping that at least it could lessen the pain. That night, they saw him fall but they finally saw him alive again! They know it’s hard for him,but seeing him try is more than enough.
****Here’s the thing, Jungkook loves Taehyung and everyone knows that already. Even Hwasa felt that when the Alpha followed her & Jimin to the Luna Pack. The problem is, the Alpha wasn’t able to probe that to Taehyung because he kept doubting him before. That’s why when he heard
Seokjin taljing about how happy Taehyung is living his life away from him, it f*cking hurts him but then again it made him feel better knowing that his mate is alive. So the next morning, after devouring tons of lamb skewers prepared by his hyungs, he finally decided to visit
their pack’s men’s salon! He needed a hair cut because finally, after a year of wandering, he has decided to go back & claim his position as the defense Chief of the watchmen in the Capital! Both Yoongi & Jimin wished him well before he drove off with his black luxury car!
Jungkook arrived at the capital & was greeted by the other watchmen on duty. What he didn't expect to see there are the bunch of wolves from Alqamar. Well,he knows that Mingyu has been appointed as the Chief but he didn't know that he made some changes with the roster of wolves.
The Pure Blood Alpha called Namjoon & Yoongi togetehr with the other elders already. He knows that he's still off duty but knowing Namjoon, he would never say NO to him despite his recent feud with his Omega mate. Besides,what he's going to do is about their land's peace & unity.
Jungkook arrived at his old office that is now occupied by Mingyu, but what surprised him even more is to see Seojoon sitting on his swivel chair as if he's the one working in there. The leader of Alqamar is beyond surprised to see the Pure Blood in the capital. As far as he
knows, Jungkook is still on the run outside Daegu trying to find his mate. "Good morning, Seojoonshi," the ALpha greeted to the leader of Alqamar who finally stood up from his chair. "Good morning to Jungkookshi, it's good to see you back in the land." he greeted back.
The two are still staring at each other as if they're measuring each other's strength when Mingyu entered the office. "Oh, Jungkook you're here! Welcome back man!" he greeted him with a hug. Jungkook tapped his back too. After all, he also missed his friends.
"Yes,holiday is over!There's a lot of cleaning to do."Jk replied smiling to his friend who seems a bit nervous of his smile.Everyone knows in the land that Jk is getting insane when he lost his mate so seeing him with all smile today doesn't add up. It makes the Alqamars nervous.
"Well, that's good because I heard the elders are coming today." Mingyu then informed the two in the room. The truth is, he's beyond nervous. If he messed up, either Seojoon or Jungkook might ripped his head off. But if Lexi is right, he knows he'll be safe today.
“Yeah, i called for it” Jungkook replied but his eyes are focus on Seojoon. “Oh, is that so? I’d rather leave then. I’m sure you guys will have a lot to discuss because ur Chief is back.” Seojoon replied, his eyes looking at everywhere except Jungkook’s. “Actually —Jk paused.
“Good thing that you’re here now together with your sentinels. We are going to discuss something about territories too” Jk announced, so the two wouldn’t leave. He knows exactly how greedy Seojoon is when it comes to land. Isn’t it, that all of this happened because of him?!
Seojoon looks at Mingyu again before the three of them finally proceed to the conference hall where all other high ranking official wolves are already waiting. A lot of the elders went to hugged and welcome him back. He just smiled at them, his mind busy watching everything!
Namjoon & Yoongi arrived & since they already have their own link connected to Jungkook they didn’t have to ask the young Alpha what’s going on. The 2 leader of their own packs, greeted everyone back before they finally sit down on their seats.
Namjoon’s eyes widened when he finally understands what Jungkook has been meaning to do. The Alpha of the Lunas look around, there are atleast 40 of wolves in the conference room and atleast hundreds of wolves outside! If Jungkook decides to attack, there will be bloodshed!
Good thing that the Pure Blood Alpha is a quick witted person. No, Jungkook would never want a bloodshed. He wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt just because of few greedy people who cant get enough of power they have. So yeah, he waited everyone to settle down first.
Since Jungkook is still on holiday, technically it was Mingyu who facilitated the meeting in the beginning. But just like what he has foreseen, Mingyu went down feom the podium & gave him the Microphone! The Pure Blood Alpha’s eyes turned Red in front of everyone!
The elders gasped when they saw his red eyes coz everyone knows that Selenes has supposed to have a golden pair of eyes. And it is only Hoseok from the Bulan pack who has turned his eyes into red before he died when he won the war against the rogue wolves who tried to take over
the land. Jungkook can clearly hear the murmurs of the wolves inside the conference hall. He smirks when he saw Seojoon’s shocked face. Everyone are making assumptions when Mingyu tried to get their attention again. Jungkook winks at him as if they both planned everything.
“Lunas, Selenes, Bulans & Alqamars let’s all welcome our Chief back, Jeon Jungkook.” Mingyu announced as he finally went down to his old seat. Jk stood up from his seat & proceed at the center of the stae. He greeted everyone first. Then just like a switch, he snapped!
“As you all know, I have been on a vacation leave for a very long time because of a very personal reason. I am sure that you know what I have been through & I am really thankful to those of you who remained loyal to the oath you’ve taken when you accpeted your task as watchmen of
the Land. Unfortunately, there were wolves who had a change of heart the moment I left because there were bigger wolves wh promised them better lives!” Jungkook paused he let his words get into each and everyone’s head first. He can now feel the tension inside the hall.
Seojoon tried to find Mingyu but the younger Alpha is nowhere to be found. Then he heard Jungkook continues! “You all have a choice today. We can try killing each other to see who will win at the end after wasting lots of lives of our brothers or—“ The Alpha was interrupted !
One elder from Alqamar stood up to yell at him. “Yah! Have you gone mad? What the hell are u talking about kiddo?! No one is greedy here?”the old Alpha spat before looking at Yoongi. “Yoongi,why dont u just bring ur little brother—“ “Growls!l Jungkook’s eyes are bloody red!
“You can call me names all u want but you f*cking disrespect my brother again and I’ll ripped your head off!” he glared at the Elder who froze on his seat when the Pure Blood zalpha growled at him! “I am giving everyone last chance to choose! Will u admit ur mistake or—“
Another official from Alqamar tried to cut him off, Jungkook had enough of them so he pointed at the first Alpha who interrupted him. “If u try to run away from here today, u, ur mate & ur 3 pups will be killed by intoxicated Vamps just outside the border.” “You!” he pointed.
“The watchmen in the Western gate of the capital will chase u as 1 of the rogues who wants to escape,but unfortuna you’ll fall in the cliff!” Jk pointed at them in the conference hall, telling everyone what he saw if they choose to fight against them! Then he looked at Seojoon!
“You take one more step and Mingyu will be the first one to jumped on you!” Jungkook look at him in the eyes. Seojoon looked around him, his other wolves are retreating, obviously they believed everything Jungkook just told them, but he’s an Alpha & he’s the leader of the pack,
Besides, Jungkook is wrong about Mingyu coz he’s his most trusted man! So he smirks at the younger wolf thinking that everything that he just told everyone was just bluffs. But the moment he moved his foot towards Jungkook, a cold metal is pressed against his neck!
Everyone in the room gasped when they saw Mingyu, an Alqamar pointing his gun to his leader’s nape. “F*ck you Mingyu! You son of a b*tch., traitor!” Seojoon spat, his eyes glaring but couldn’t do anything since there’s a gun pointed at him! Jungkook winks at his friend.
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