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Jul 2, 2019
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“gguk.” “hmm?” jeongguk’s hum extends a few seconds past what is deemed a casual one. it’s a wordless inquiry of ‘hey, what’s up?’ because you never call him anything other than jeon or jeongguk so this must mean you’re either: 1. sad, or 2. clingy, or 3. both.
you take a deep breath that crackles through his laptop speaker, time not allowing you both to meet beyond an online connection. jeongguk watches as you fix your eyes to a spot but not really staring at something; an empty look that doesn’t suit your face at all.
“i failed a subject.” the words hang in the air for moments that stretch too long for your liking, so you continue with whispered syllables tumbling from between your lips, “i’m so stupid, aren’t i?” a sigh, “and the number isn’t even close, so i can’t complain much,”
you let out a sad chuckle, “well.. in hindsight, i should’ve studied more seriously instead of just staring holes into my notes.. like, do the problems over and over again until i can recite the formulas perfectly without a hitch..”
“what subject?” jeongguk finally responds, because you study something that involves formulas and problems in every single one of your subjects so he can’t determine what subject exactly you’re talking about.
“investment.” jeongguk gives you a look of understanding, recalling back those nights you rant out to him about said subject, how hard it is, how there are too many formulas to remember, too many different signs for you to memorize.
“don’t be sad, babe, failing an exam doesn’t mean—“ you cut him off mid-sentence, “i didn’t fail the exam. i failed /the whole thing/.” jeongguk goes silent. and then, “, the whole thing, /thing/?” “yes.” your tone is exasperated and jeongguk knows you’re about to cry.
“aww, baby,” he frowns, “well guess what,” he continues, lifting up a hand with all fingers spread apart. “i got this number too.” you raise an eyebrow skeptically, “did you really?” because jeon jeongguk is not one to fail a subject in which he excels at.
his lips twist into a guilty grin, “..this, and five.” your head spins at how hard you roll your eyes, “that’s still a C, gguk, that’s a pass. that’s not retaking the class. that’s not studying the same thing all over again the next semester. that’s—“
he (has the audacity to) let out a giggle, “sorry,” grin widening and losing the guilty part. “i’ll buy you food for the whole day the next time we meet? as a cheer up?” he offers lightly. you shake your head, smiling at how your boyfriend always resorts to food whenever he has—
—to deal with your sad little self. “you’re going to make me fat, idiot,” you say, “but fine, do whatever you want.” “hey, i might be an idiot but i’m your idiot.” his smile grows at your quiet groan of protest (because he’s cheesy, fuck.)
the cheeky smile turns into a soft one, equally as soft eyes gazing at you adoringly. “don’t be sad for too long, yeah? this doesn’t mean you’re stupid, it’s just that subject is not for you. it’s perfectly okay to fail, as long as you come back up. okay, baby?”
unconsciously, you nod at his words. a part of you knows he’s right, but the other part still screams ‘you’re dumb’ to your face and it still stings. it might need some time to get that red D out of your mind. “okay,” you croak out quietly.
jeongguk smiles, “love you.” you pout, “you too, five and five.” he laughs, and you start to believe him that failing a subject does not mean you’re stupid. (it just means you’re dumb.) (... at some things.) (whatever.)
——— tuesday, july 2nd 2019. 09.41 pm
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