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Jul 15, 2019
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Yoonmin social media au Where in Jimin is a well-known beauty vlogger who admires Big Hit artists a lot except AGUST D. Because, duh, they were ex boyfriends living under the same roof.

Jungkook - travel vlogger - jimin's best friends for like forever - has a crush on namjoon and seokjin - knows jimin's past
Taehyung - model/photographer/fashion designer - yoongi's cousin - hoseok's boyfriend - has always admire jimin as beauty vlogger - has never met in person before but he knows
Seokjin - actor/model - is in unofficial relationship with namjoon - has been a fan of jungkook's vlogs - wants the tea
Hoseok - taehyung's boyfriend - 1/3 of The Cyphers - rapper/producer - choreograph for other idols under Big Hit Ent. - yoongi's long time best friend - knows about yoongi's past
Namjoon - is in unofficial relationship with seokjin - 1/3 of The Cyphers - rapper/producer - yoongi's long time best friend but doesn't know about yoongi's past
Jimin - beauty vlogger - jungkook's best friend for like forever - really admire taehyung as an artist - loves all of Big Hit Ent. artists except AGUST D - yoongi's ex boyfriend of 2 years - says he has moved on 💁‍♀️ - might catch him hate tweeting yoongi tho
Yoongi - 1/3 of The Cyphers - rapper/producer - taehyung's cousin (jimin doesn't know) - hoseok's best friend - jimin's ex boyfriend of 2 years - only vhope know about his past - says he has moved on too 💁‍♀️ - might catch him spoiling jimin tho
Not sure if anyone would wanna read and if i will ever continue but this au has been stuck in my head for days and i just wanted to share 😊
005 forgot to say it but please ignore the timestamps 😅 thank you!!
009 ♡
The progress of this story is sooo slow? I guess :( I'm not supposed to update this but i really feel down and need to divert my attention before i lose my mind :( anyway i hope you enjoy :)
011 👀
Everyone in the group now knows about yoonmin's past. Jikook and yoongi's fans are having beef against each other. And yoonmin keeps subtweeting each other for some reason. Vhope keeps being in love with each other. No progress for namjinkook tho 😅
035 again, please ignore the timestamps :)
038 yoongi's vlive
Next part will be the turning point of their career and the story of yoonmin's past on how they end up to be exes but still living under the same roof.
✏✏ short written part ✏✏ Yoongi runs inside the house, calling Jimin's name. The place was rather quiet and dark, almost looking empty. It was so unlikely of when he'd be coming home to Jimin lying on the sofa and watching TV loudly, laughing at whatever he's watching.
"What if he's left again?" Yoongi's heart beats loudly against his chest at the thought. He can't lose Jimin again. Not this time around. Not because of the same reason, his career. His phone has been ringing since the moment the news sites revealed their photos from years ago.
His managers aren't mad at him, per se, but they've been trying to get him to get back to the company to explain his side, whatever is going on with their situation before Big Hit releases a statement. He also received a personal message from the CEO, asking if they're going to
deny or confirm the scandal. Yoongi can't help but feel bad for leaving his company on the blind side of this whole mess. They are kind enough to respect whatever his say about this situation. Even giving him the right to release his own statement rather than from the company.
But for now, Jimin is more important. He can't let his ex-boyfriend to get dragged into this mess. But it's too late. If only he should've been more careful. Yoongi can't even find it in himself to regret all those times he picked Jimin up from wherever he is,
for all those times he took Jimin out for lunches and dinners. For letting him live in his house and risking a scandal. Jimin deserved to be spoiled with love and affection and attention. He loves attending Jimin's needs. Something he forgot to do before.
Jimin is the reason why he's signed under Big Hit and known as Agust D now. Jimin is the reason why he got the courage to pursue this career and follow his dream. Jimin is the reason why he shines on stage. Because Jimin.....Jimin said he shines so bright on stage, performing.
Jimin said he shines so bright that Yoongi is his most favorite star that could light up even his world. But as the days passed, Yoongi forgot that he's the source of Jimin's light, and unconsciously, slowly, left him in the dark.
Yoongi snapped out of his thoughts once he heard a sound of muffled voices coming from Jimin's room. The door was slightly ajar, peeking inside, he saw Jimin sitting on the bed, legs tucked on his chest, arms around knees. He's watching Brave, his favorite animation.
He knocks softly, "Jimin?" Jimin didn't even bother looking at him, eyes glued at the screen as he whispered a small, "comin' hyung." Yoongi slowly walks inside, standing just right beside Jimin's bed. The room was...unusually clean. Jimin must've stressed cleaning.
"If you're going to ask if I'm fine, yes hyung, I'm fine. It's not like I've never been into a drama before with my career," Jimin said, voice quiet and airy. But there's something in his tone, too. Like a mixed of sadness and exhaustion and it can't help but
breaks Yoongi's heart a little. He would rather have Jimin screaming mad at him than this. "Jimin," Yoongi calls, voice careful, "I'm so sorry." Jimin finally looks at him at this, a small tires smile on his lips, "It's okay hyung, it's not your fault. I should've have not
"demanded so much of your time, especially since you're pretty much a celebrity and really famous. I'm sorry for messing up your career. I haven't seen how big the impact this issue have caused your company and group because Jungkook told me to stay away from social media for now
"but I know---" "Hey, hey, calm down, Jimin-ah," Yoongi cuts Jimin's rambling softly. "Breathe for hyung, yeah?" Jimin tips his head up a little to look more closely at Yoongi, eyes scanning his face like he's looking for something. Before he nods a little, inhaling slowly.
"Good job, Jimin," Yoongi praises, smiling softly. "I'm sorry," Jimin whispers. Yoongi clicks his tongue. "How many times should I tell you to stop worrying about my career, Jimin?" "I can't help it." "I know. But really, you should stop."
Jimin looks chided at this and Yoongi once again panics. Shit. "Oh baby, it's not like that." Shit, he fucking slipped. And if the matching blushes on their cheeks are not a proof then. "I....what I'm trying to say is that, you really don't have to worry about me or my company,
"I am going to explain the whole situation to my manager and CEO and I don't think they took it that bad if the right to release my own statement about it is anything to go by," The way Jimin perks up a little at this squeezes Yoongi's heart. "Really?" "Yes," Yoongi nods,
"So, are you okay if we disclose what really happened between us? To the public I mean." Jimin frowns at this. "You don't have to say yes if you don't want to Jimin. I could just deny the 4 years dating part and whatnot." A pause. "Do your friends know, hyung?"
A light blush tinged Yoongi's cheeks, "Yes, they do." "Then I'm fine with it," Jimin answers, almost immediately. "How are you going to release a statement though?" "Maybe through Vlive." Jimin nods at this. "I see. I might need to clarify things with my subscribers too since
"I really don't want them to be left alone in the dark. Is it okay if I release mine through lives too?" "Of course, Jimin-ah. Do what you think is right." "Okay." "Okay."
049 big hit finally says something and stans are still a mess
051 yoongi's vlive
065 💫 this is yoonmin's situation 4 years ago 💫
066 💫 still from 4 years ago yoonmin 💫
067 💫 still from the past 💫
068 💫 still from the past 💫
069 💫 yoonmin's past 💫
070 💫 jimin's last straw 💫
071 💫 present day 💫
✏✏ short written part ✏✏ Yoongi stands in front of a solid black door, breathing heavily. He can't believe he just ran up flights of stairs because he couldn't wait for the elevator to arrive. But the need to see Jimin was so....powerful, for the lack of better word.
He lifts an arm, ready to knock. He can't wait to see Jimin, his Jimin, but he was still a little hesitant. Because not only Jimin is on the other side of the door but also Jungkook, their long time friend; someone he has not been in contact with since he and Jimin broke up.
Jungkook has always been a little protective over Jimin since they were teens. The man even confronted and fought him when Jimin flew out of the country after the break up. That's how Yoongi knew he was too late to fix everything up. He ended up with bruised left cheek but
at least Jungkook helped him realized what he just wasted, what could've been beautiful. That's also the last time the younger has contacted him. The next thing he knew, Jimin and Jungkook are making their own names through you-tube. He's happy for them. But Yoongi missed them.
It took him another minute to gather his courage. Taking a deep breath, he finally knocks on the door. The door flew open immediately, as if the person behind it was already waiting for him. It's Jungkook. Yoongi can't help but feel a little conscious. Jungkook grew so much
taller than him now, towering him. He looks more manly than the last time he's seen him. He's not surprised why a lot of their followers ship Jimin and Jungkook. They look perfect together, if he's being honest. And it has hurt him a lot too. But now is not the time for it.
"Uh," he starts, hesitant. "Hi, hyung. If you're looking for Jimin hyung, he's still inside my bathroom. Come in," Jungkook says in one breath, opening the door a little wider to let Yoongi in. Yoongi nods, stepping inside. Jungkook leads him to the said bathroom where
a yelling Jimin could be heard. "Can you come out for a second? I need to pee," Jungkook shouts after knocking on the door. "No!" "If I wet myself here I'll make sure to pee on everything you own," Jungkook threatens. There's a pause. "Try me." There's scrambling inside and
Jungkook looks at him, raising a brow. "Do your thing," the younger says before giving Yoongi space to step forward. But before he leaves, he left words Yoongi has been expecting to hear, "If you made him cry again and flew out of the country, I'll smash your kneecaps....hyung."
There's a short pause after that where they only assess each other with their eyes, silent and alert. Before Jungkook finally turns his back on Yoongi and walks away. Yoongi doesn't even have time to think before the bathroom door flew open, facing an enraged Jimin. "Jeon Jun-"
But that didn't last a second before Jimin's expression shifts into something Yoongi can't put a name on. Shocked? Cold? Mad? Jimin pursed his lips, eyes hard. But the pink dusting his cheeks still caught Yoongi's eyes. Cute. What the fuck Yoongi clears his throat, "Jimin"
"Yoongi hyung," a pause, "what are you doing here?" "Didn't I tell you I'll pick you up?" "But you don't have to." "Well I need to tell you something." Jimin's eyes shifts. "About what?" "About us." "There's no us, hyung." Ouch. "Please just...let me explain." At this,
Jimin pursed his lips, jaw clenching. "Let me just explain what really happened 2 years ago. I didn't....I didn't ghost you, Jimin. I never did. Just," Yoongi looks around the house, catching Jungkook's eyes before looking back at Jimin. "Just 5mins of your time? Please."
It took Jimin a long minute before he finally nods his head, heaving a sigh. "Okay." "Thank you." Yoongi closed his eyes. It feels like he's finally doing something good after years. "I hope I don't regret this."
088 jimin's vlog
It's almost 1am here and i think i should sleep so until next update. I hope to finish this au tomorrow tho. Goodnight everyone. Leave me your feedbacks!! ☺
END. I think I'll end this au here. Thank you so much for reading and supporting, it means a lot to me since this is my first fic thread here. I'm so happy to know you enjoyed this 🤧 Stay intellectual and stan yoonmin ☺ if anyone wants to leave message:
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