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Jul 18, 2019
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yoonmin abo au— Jimin knows he’s more attached to scents than most omegas are, but it’s because realizing Yoongi’s scent was his favorite is what got the best friends together. But now Yoongi graduated and he’s studying in another city and everyday Jimin smells less like him.

commission for a long distance relationship situation in my yoonmin abo (if you want an extra for any of my aus dm me for info) > if you don’t like abo, omega jm or alpha yg don’t read > mainly scenting and a little bit of jealousy > extra for this au:…


YOONMIN ABO AU Turning fifteen is hard. It’s the start of high school, presenting as alpha, beta or omega, and adjusting to all of this. And for Jimin, it also means realizing that after presenting as omega he can’t go a day without the scent of his childhood best friend, Yoongi
The first weeks aren’t that bad Sure, Jimin’s favorite scent has been brutally taken away from him after a year of having it all to himself and he misses his boyfriend desperately but his clothes still smell like Yoongi. He doesn’t have his boyfriend next to him but he survives.
And Yoongi left scented items behind for Jimin. Blankets, and old sweatshirts, scarves, a plushie Yoongi was embarrassed to take to college... the first weeks aren’t that bad. It’s only after a month that Jimin finally feels it and it hits him hard one night. Yoongi is gone.
Yeah, he’s just in college and he’s living three hours away via train and five hours away by bus, which isn’t that bad because they could actually see each other but that also meant Jimin convincing his parents to let him go for a weekend alone to Seoul and that is not happening.
And it’s not like Yoongi can come back to Busan whenever he feels like it or whenever Jimin wants him yo because that would take him six hours in train or ten hours in bus and that’s time Yoongi can’t afford to loose during weekends, he’s having a hard time on his first semester.
Yoongi is always complaining about the crazy amount of math courses he has to take, which Jimin knows is the elder’s fault for studying engineering but he only listens. It’s actually when Yoongi complains late at night that Jimin is more at ease. He’s calm when they facetime.
He’s calm when he sees Yoongi smiling at the phone, pouting when he tries to convince Jimin that he’s living hell. Jimin is calm when he sees Yoongi resting his head in one palm, listening with interest to whatever Jimin is talking about. His boyfriend. His best friend.
Since he presented Jimin knew that the alpha’s scent calmed him, but now he’s discovered that seeing Yoongi is soothing as well. Like right now, Jimin has a big exam tomorrow so he asked his boyfriend to call him. Yoongi is working on his laptop while Jimin waits for dinner.
The rule in his house is no phones on the table but his mother understands how much he misses Yoongi. His father isn’t such a fan of the nonstop facetiming, but he’s not with them on week days so Jimin only has to convince his mother to let him videocall Yoongi during dinner.
Jimin is excitedly talking to Yoongi, happy whenever the alpha glances away from his laptop to smile gently. It smells nice when they talk. Jimin notices, when they’re on the phonec it smells like Yoongi’s usual musk. He’s not even wearing Yoongi’s clothes and it smells like him!
However when Jihyun, Jimin’s younger brother, walks to the phone to say hi to Yoongi, Jimin scrunches his nose. It doesn’t smell musky, it doesn’t smell like wood aymore. It smells like Jihyun. Like a yet to be presented beta who is interrupting a very important video call.
Jimin tries to focus on Yoongi pouting on the phone screen, and concentrates enough to catch that wood scent he likes so much. But when his mother puts a dish of bulgogi in the center of the table Jimin knows he was really only imagining the scent of musk that was soothing him.
Jimin guesses he was only associating seeing Yoongi with his scent, so Jimin was imagining it. That’s sad, he thinks to himself and slumps a little. Yoongi notices right away. “Min? Something happened?” “Ah?” Jimin turns to the screen to find his boyfriend looking concerned.
Jihyun looks weirdly at Jimin but it’s his mother who scrunches her nose as soon as she sits down across from Jimin, probably noticing the young omega’s distress. Jimin feels watched: a concerned Yoongi on the phone, a confused Jihyun next to him, a curious mother in front.
Jimin feeling sad must be obvious in scent which is why his mother noticed. It isn’t obvious just by looking at him which is why Jihyun is confused, but Yoongi noticed either way. His alpha is far away but he can still sense Jimin’s mood swings and they aren’t even mated yet!
Jimin shakes his head. “I’m okay, hyung.” His mother raises an eyebrow. “I just miss you a lot,” he mumbles and it makes Jihyun gag and Yoongi smile. Jimin does. He misses Yoongi a lot, to able to touch him, to kiss him. He misses Yoongi’s scent a lot, so bad he’s imagining it.
During the next week, Jimin notices they were all signs. He doesn’t smell like Yoongi anymore. Can’t even remember his scent. He was able to faintly imagine Yoongi’s scent because he had stuff that reminded him of the elder, but now they’re losing their scent. Including him.
He noticed because someone in high school said it to him. You don’t smell like your alpha anymore. And Jimin had pulled his (Yoongi’s) sweatshirt up and yes, there was basically no trace of Yoongi left. Taehyung had tried to sooth him but this time Jimin was truly sad.
It’s not okay and Jimin will tell Yoongi a few days later. They’re only talking on the phone no video, and Jimin hugs a blanket that doesn’t smell like Yoongi anymore. “I miss your scent,” Jimin starts. “Why don’t you wear one of my sweatshirts, baby?” Jimin is wearing one.
“They don’t smell that much like you anymore,” Jimin mumbles. “It’s been barely two months... you’ve been wearing them a lot?” Yoongi wonders. He doesn’t wait for Jimin to reply, sensing the answer. “You must have mingled our scents until mine isn’t there anymore.” Jimin pouts.
“You know, I keep your sweaters inside the apartment, in the bag you packed for me,” Yoongi explains. “I don’t wear them anywhere so they don’t loose their scent. I actually only take them out when I miss you a lot.” “Well I miss you a lot all the time,” Jimin snaps back quickly
“Okay, I miss you a lot all the time too,” Yoongi starts. “I’m saying I only take your scented clothes out when I’m losing my mind with how I miss you, you know… when I can’t focus on work because you’re all that appears on my mind.” Jimin blushes, curls smaller on his bed.
They still smell like me?” “Yeah they do, because I don’t wear them that much,” Yoongi explains. “That’s not fair, you still have some of me there and I don’t.” Yoongi chuckles. “One more month, baby, after midterms I’ll go visit you.” A month is too much. But Jimin nods.
Late at night, Jimin cuddles Yoongi’s cookie plushie and repeats their conversation. It hits him... Yoongi doesn’t wear his sweaters. And then comes Jimin’s new worry. If Yoongi doesn’t smell like him when he’s out in campus, any omega from University could make a move on him.
To say Jimin is panicking is an understatement.
His phone is ringing and Jimin paces around his room. His homework can wait. “Jimin ah?” Seokjin’s voice fills his ears. “Hyung, I’m worried,” Jimin doesn’t wait for small talk and just starts direct and strong. “What happened?” Jin sounds concernced. Alpha instincts maybe.
“It’s Yoongi,” Jimin says with no context and Jin just sighs. “What about him? Has he been a bad boyfriend?” The older alpha tries to get anything from Jimin to work with. “I hope not…” “He’s whipped as always, Jimin ah, you have the man eating from the palm of your hand.”
“Are there omegas interested in him?” Jimin asks directly. That’s his worry. He closes the door of his room so his mom doesn’t eavesdrop this important conversation. “Huh?” comes Jin’s clever reply. “Are there?” Jimin repeats. Jin is Yoongi’s flatmate, he must know if there are
“Mmh yeah I guess, I’ve seen some omegas approach him but he rejects everyone.” Jimin throws himself on the bed when Jin replies “Do they approach him because he doesn’t smell like me? Jin snorts. “Or maybe because he’s a cute alpha.” “But if they knew he was taken...”
“Jimin... are you worried Yoongi is going to try something with another omega? You know he would never...” “But what if he’s close to another omega and their scents get mixed but he doesn’t have my scent on him,” Jimin scrunches his nose. “I’d be so uncomfortable with that.”
“Ah, Jimin ah,” Jin laughs. “I just really miss scenting him, hyung. I’m losing my mind,” Jimin admits. “And thinking of the possibility of other omegas scenting him make me anxious,” he bites his lower lip. “And knowing he doesn’t smell like me all the time— just... Agh!”
Jin is endeared. “Jiminie, I assure you, Yoongi is also going through it without being able to scent you. He might not tell you, but I live with him. I know. He keeps those sweaters of yours like they are his most precious items. Doesn’t lend them to me even if they’re cute,”
“There’s this baby blue one, I would look so good in it, Jiminie...” Seokjin rants but Jimin isn’t paying much attention, he just feels his cheeks growing warm. “And I’ve asked politely and he’s always so rude about it!” Jimin is quiet. “You should gift me a cute sweater too.”
It only gives Jimin an idea. He hangs up after a while and opens his door to run into his mother’s room. She’s watching tv but it’s suspicious how low the volume is. “Mom, can we send a package to Seoul?” he pleads. “For Yoonie?” she asks calmly and Jimin nods at her rapidly.
“Old clothes or new clothes? What do you want to send?” She obviously knows. Jimin walks closer to her and sits on the border of the bed. “I was thinking of new ones, so I can tell him I bought something for him I thought he would like and then when he opens it... you know.”
She laughs softly. “So you need money to get him a new sweater too.” Jimin blushes. “I’ll pay for it! But I need money to send it,” he looks away. “Okay, little one,” she agrees helping. She’s deep in thought and then adds. “You have to use the sweater to bed, sleep with it.”
“Mom!” Jimin complains, blushing. But she only nods, say Yoongi will appreciate it. Jimin buys two sweaters, and he sleeps wearing each for three days. He also packs a flannel and a sweater he doesn’t sleep with for Jin hyung. He sends the package, and said nothing too Yoongi.
Yoongi doesn’t say much about the sweaters. It’s Jin the one that texts Jimin. > jinnie hyung 🐹: jiminie did you scent those in bed? lol > jinnie hyung 🐹: he locked himself inside his room 😉 Jimin reddens and he tries not to think of what it mean, he doesn’t ask more.
He misses Yoongi’s scent but the weeks he spend preparing Yoongi’s gift distracted him and made it more bearable. Also with more clothes now Yoongi can wear Jimin’s scent to campus and keep other omegas aware of his status as a taken alpha. It was all for a good cause.
“Jin hyung said you were worried about other omegas?” Yoongi starts while Jimin pours hot water into his mug. He coughs and turns away from the camera. Hoping Yoongi won’t see his blush. “I just... you didn’t want to loose my scent on your clothes, so I sent more just in case,”
Yoongi hums slowly. Jimin doesn’t dare looking towards the phone screen. “Are there any alphas?” “Mmh?” Jimin holds the mug with both hands as to fight the cold. “Are there any alphas close to you now that my scent isn’t on you?” Yoongi asks. Serious. Jimin gulps and blushes.
He answers honestly. “No, most alphas in school know you’re my boyfriend and the new students know too... but there were people curious when your scent went away.” “Curious?” Yoongi asks. “You know...” Jimin cringes a little. “I’m sending a package too.” Yoongi decides curtly.
Next saturday morning Jimin is excited for the package. His father is home and doesn’t understand why Jimin is so excited for a box of clothes but his mother only shakes her head and tells him betas don’t understand. Jimin runs to the door when he hears the bell ring.
Yoongi stands outside the door. Black hair hiding behind a cap and a cozy black sweatshirt. Jimin freezes. “Umh, hi? I have a package for Park Ji-“ He doesn’t let Yoongi finish because Jimin hugs him and kisses him, he does it so strongly the alpha almost stumbles backwards.
Jimin buries himself in Yoongi’s neck, inhales deeply and relaxes at the familiar musk. Yoongi smells so good, Jimin doesn’t plan on moving. He rubs himself against Yoongi’s skin because he can’t find a trace of his own scent and he needs to get it on Yoongi as fast as possible
“Jiminie?” his mother’s voice is close, she’s probably worried Jimin is taking too long. “Is that Min Yoongi?” she asks, bewildered “Uh, hi!” Yoongi attempts to greet her but Jimin clinges to him, making it impossible for him to move inside. “Your mother knows you’re in Busan?”
Yoongi laughs awkwardly. “Don’t make him go to his house, let him stay a little longer,” Jimin whines from where he’s found his spot in the left side of Yoongi’s neck where he hasn’t scented yet. “You two come inside for breakfast and then you cross the street to your mother,”
“Okay,” Yoongi agrees for them both while Jimin groans. He doesn’t want to move yet. “Wait! Wrists too,” he explains as he brings Yoongi’s hands to his own neck. He can hear his mother sighing. “Hey, Minnie, help me get these bags inside,” Yoongi whispers as Jimin nuzzles.
Jimin notices then the two travel bags on the floor next to Yoongi. “You’re staying that long? You have classes on monday,” Jimin frowns. He missed Yoongi but his education is more important. The alpha chuckles, he scratches his neck nervously. “No, umh. One is for you.”
Jimin moves his head to a side in question. “Clothes, for you. It’s what I’ve worn the most lately, they should last for a while.” Yoongi explains. “And I can scent your clothes too, now that I’m here.” Jimin nods excited, he throws his arms around Yoongi’s neck and kisses him.
Yoongi checks behind Jimin to make sure his mother isn’t there anymore and he whispers. “There are pajamas too,” he says to make Jimin blush. “If the scent in those is too strong...” Jimin quickly shakes his head. “It’s okay! I don’t think there’s something as too strong for me”
It only causes his boyfriend to chuckle. Jimin lifts the bag then as to help Yoongi inside. But there’s another one Yoongi carries, he wonders if there’s more clothes in that one. Yoongi is taking off his sneakers when Jimin asks. “This bag is for me, and that one?”
Now it’s Yoongi’s turn to blush. “Ah... it’s for me?” he tries. Jimin is confused. “It’s just full of blankets... from the apartment.” “Blankets?” “Bed covers too,” Yoongi scrunches his nose. “And bed sheets, just that stuff.” “Why?” Jimin asks, still very confused.
Yoongi looks mortified. He takes a step closer. “I want you to scent them... for...” he clenches his jaw. “You know...” “I know?” He doesn’t understand Yoongi but he likes how blushy he is Yoongi nods as if Jimin knew. “It’d help me,” the alpha tries again. Jimin nods slowly.
“Okay, I’ll scent,” Jimin agrees. He leans over to kiss Yoongi again. “Thank you,” the alpha mutters. “I’ll scent your room too. So no alpha is curious again as to why you don’t smell like me anymore.” He moves to Jimin’s neck and kisses the skin there. “Sweet, you smell so—“
“Yoongi! Jimin! Breakfast!” This time it’s Jimin’s dad. It makes them both freeze and then giggle faintly. “Okay, your mom asked your dad to call us, this means it’s serious,” Yoongi jokes. Jimin laughs into their next kiss. “They can wait a little. You were saying...”
“I miss you,” Yoongi says instead and nuzzles against Jimin’s neck, scenting him again and Jimin finally feels like everything is alright.
🍃 the end 🍃 ahhh this really was so much fun to write, i missed this babies so much 😭 thanks for the commission!


yoonmin abo au— Yoongi and Jimin have been together since always and they think it’s natural for them to mate as soon as possible, why waste more time if they both want it? Unfortunately everyone around them seem to think mating at their age is not such a good idea.


Tony Montana (with Jimin) Produced by Agust D
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