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Aug 1, 2019
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yoonmin abo au— Yoongi and Jimin have been together since always and they think it’s natural for them to mate as soon as possible, why waste more time if they both want it? Unfortunately everyone around them seem to think mating at their age is not such a good idea.

commission for a discussion on mating in my yoonmin abo (dm for info about extras from my aus) > if you don’t like abo, omega jm or alpha yg don’t read > mentions of heats and ruts. scenting, marking, claiming, strong abo dynamics. > extra for this au:…


YOONMIN ABO AU Turning fifteen is hard. It’s the start of high school, presenting as alpha, beta or omega, and adjusting to all of this. And for Jimin, it also means realizing that after presenting as omega he can’t go a day without the scent of his childhood best friend, Yoongi
It was the only thing that made sense. They had to mate. Yoongi and Jimin have been together for years now, since Jimin was fifteen and Yoongi seventeen, and now Jimin is eighteen and he’s in college too and they’re made for the other. It’s only natural for them to become mates.
Jimin knows there won’t be another alpha for him and Yoongi has told him a thousand times no one will ever make him feel the way Jimin does. It‘s natural for them to consider mating as the next step in their relationship. So Jimin doesn’t understand why is everyone against them?
Yoongi and Jimin haven’t really discussed it, only mentioned it as random comments during sex, when talking about the future, while teasing each other. They haven’t explicitly talked about it, but both of them know it’s something that will happen eventually and it’s inevitable.
The first time Jimin verbalized his wishes about mating with Yoongi out loud it was to Taehyung, not to Yoongi. Taehyung, his beta best friend from high school, who is now his roommate in college. And that was also the first time he heard someone against the bright idea.
Taehyung had been complaining about Jimin’s heats and Yoongi’s ruts and why it was so unfair for Jimin to kick him out of the apartment and why he and Yoongi should find another place to taint during those days even though he was well aware Jimin’s room was the best option.
Jimin listened to his best friend rant on and on while pacing around, and then just said it: “Don’t worry Tae, when hyung and I mate I’ll probably move in with him and we won’t bother you again.” Taehyung almost choked with his drink and lowered it to the kitchen table. “Mate?”
Jimin liked the weight of the word on his tongue, and saying it out loud made him feel safe and secure. But Taehyung seemed taken aback. “You two want to mate already?” “Well, I do, I think Yoongi hyung does too, but we haven’t agreed when or how, or even discussed about it.”
Taehyung blinked. “Jimin... isn’t mating something super serious for you? For omegas and alphas, I know it doesn’t work the same with betas but...” Jimin purses his lips in thought, not understanding. “It kind of is. But it’s mating with Yoongi, right? He’s the only one for me.”
Taehyung’s next question became the words that repeat themselves over and over in Jimin's head since he’s faced the reality of his and Yoongi’s eventual and natural mating: “aren’t you two too young for mating, though?”
Deep down Jimin knew that it was true, but he tried to ignore it. They are in love. Jimin’s mother also thinks they’re too young. Jimin wasn’t even the one that mentioned mating. They had been facetiming, because Jihyun had gone on a school trip and Jimin’s mother felt lonely.
“You’re still in bed Jimin ah? It’s almost midday, I thought I would have found you showered,” was his mother’s greeting. “My head hurts, mom.” Jimin explained. He was about to catch a cold. Her expression quickly changesbat that. “Are you sick?” “just dizzy…” he murmured.
Jimin remembers she looked worried. “Why? Heat suppressants still make you dizzy?” she wondered. “But you’re older already, they shouldn’t anymore.” And yes, they used to make him dizzy but that cold was from drinking vodka with too much ice not because of heat suppressants.
Jimin didn’t know how to answer to her question because he knew there would be repercussions to his answer. But he couldn’t lie to her. “I’m not taking heat suppressants anymore.” The conversation to follow was going to be awkward so he stood up to close the door of his room.
“Why? Your heats went down?” One of the reasons an omega would stop taking heat suppressants, but not Jimin’s case. “How many are you getting now?” How can Jimin tell her that he goes through little heats because they’ve synced up to Yoongi’s ruts and he gets knotted everytime.
Jimin pretended to be counting with his fingers up. He added one more finger to the actual number to try to make it not so obvious that they’ve lowered to a usual rut number. “three in the last six months?” “Oh.” She went quiet. And her expression changed until she noticed.
“You’re spending them with Yoongi?” For a moment they just looked at each other on the screen and Jimin felt his face blushing. “Oh god! Mom, I do not want to talk about it, please please, don't make me talk about it.” She was awfully quiet. “I think we should talk about it.”
They never had this talk seriously because Yoongi moved to Seoul when Jimin was fifteen so his mother never felt the need to have it him. They did have a conversation about heats but never about heats with Yoongi. “What do you want me to say?” Jimin mumbled, embarrassed.
“Well, if Yoongi is helping you with your heats, that’s a lot of responsibility he’s taking,” she started. And Jimin knew she was going to mention how dangerous is it for him to help Yoongi with his ruts and he didn’t want to have that conversation so he only muttered, “I know.”
“Jiminie, I know Yoongi is really important for you, but you know our instinct is stronger during heats or ruts... and sometimes our animal side does things that then as an individual you can regret.” Jimin sighed. It was like she had prepared a speech about accidentally mating.
“I wouldn’t regret mating him though,” Jimin blurted out. He noticed in that moment that he loves saying it out loud. Calling Yoongi his future mate out loud makes him feel all kinds of tingly. But his mother remained quiet, she didn’t share the enthusiasm. “So soon, Jiminie?”
“Don’t you think there’s more for you two to experience before taking such big steps?” She was worried. She was instantly worried. “What do you mean?” “Well, Yoongi is the only alpha you’ve been with.” And Jimin didn’t get her reasoning. “I don’t want to be with another one.”
“How can you be so sure if you haven’t dated another one?” she asked and Jimin seriously didn’t like this conversation. He repeats it over and over in his hesd, and still gets mad. “Mom, do you want Yoongi and I to break up?” he quickly accused. “No, no. I didn't say that.”
“I’m saying you’re too young to be thinking about mating, and that you don’t understand the commitment it carries.” Jimin remained silent, he was pounting. “Ah, Jiminie, you know I think you two are meant to be.” “I think so too, mom.” And that was the end of the conversation.
Jimin was laying on his bed after the phone call, the headache was bothering more and more with his mother’s words. He was about to ask Taehyung to come cuddle him when the younger screeched through the door. “Yoongi is here!” The most effective painkiller known to Jimin.
“Are you okay Jimin ah?” Yoongi appeared inside his room, drowning in a sweater, so cuddly. “Not really.” Jimin made grabby hands at him to come closer. Yoongi climbed the bed, offered Jimin a kiss and then a hug. “I kind of felt it,” he murmurs “Really?” Jimin asked excited.
They’re basically mated already. Always so in tune with the other, knowing exactly what the other wants, what the other needs, without having to say a word. They’re basically mated, they only need the bite to make it official.
Later that night, they were cuddling and in that same position, Yoongi was pushing deep inside Jimin. He whispered to him that he wanted to bite him and claim him and Jimin moved his neck to a side, it was natural. How he felt like baring himself for Yoongi. They should mate.
It’s been getting more intense, the feeling of wanting to claim the other. It started with just scenting but now it has evolved, and Jimin finds himself baring his neck for Yoongi more than often. The elder is more possessive even, which causes Taehyung to laugh at them.
Even though their scents are so mingled together it should be clear for anyone that Jimin has an alpha and Yoongi an omega, there are moments when scents aren’t enough to back other people away. And those moments are the ones that pushes the couple towards their wishes of mating.
Yoongi doesn’t like dancing that much, he’s good at it but he doesn’t enjoy dancing in front of a lot people. He goes to clubs nonetheless, he especially likes the big ones where he feels like he’s not being watched. But he goes mostly because Jimin convinces him to go every time
Jimin, on his side, loves dancing and he always drags his boyfriend to any party he can because he also likes showing off his alpha. Now with clubs, things are a little different because they are one of the places that create moments that intensifies their need to mate.
Since Yoongi and Jimin aren’t mated, as an unmarked (and really attractive) omega Jimin gets a lot of attention at clubs which drives Yoongi, of course, completely crazy, and jealous and territorial -how Taehyung calls it-. Very alpha of him. Not that Jimin is complaining.
When Yoongi isn’t dancing at a club his role is basically go be there to behave as Jimin’s guard, which is funny because Jimin is a lot stronger than Yoongi, and would probably be better fighting someone, but the omega doesn’t say anything about it. He likes Yoongi’s attention.
The days Yoongi is tired, he lets Jimin know he won’t dance and will only go to take care of Jimin, before going out. Those days Jimin finds himself dragging Taehyung to the club to have a dance partner Yoongi tolerates with whom he has no trouble watching Jimin dance with.
Those nights usually end up the same: Jimin and Taehyung dance together (grind on each other would be a better word) and Yoongi comes up to them at some point of the night, growling obscenities to Jimin’s ear and dragging him out of the club. Taehyung complains the next morning.
This one is one of those nights. It had been fun so far. Taehyung and Jimin had been dancing and drinking, enjoying themselves. Teasing Yoongi from time to time to who only pouted, claiming he was too tired to dance and was better off watching Jimin from the bar.
“Help me rile Yoongi up, I want him to be rough today,” Jimin whispered between giggles and Taehyung could only comply after rolling his eyes. Between complains from his best friend, Jimin started to grind on Taehyung’s thigh. He throws his head back to look at his boyfriend.
Yoongi is usually really affected by it. Jimin can’t blame his alpha, he knew he and Taehyung made a nice sight. And Jimin’s shirt was loose, his neck bare and sweaty. They surely were a great sight because suddenly, Jimin felt a presence behind them but it wasn’t Yoongi.
He had been dancing with Taehyung chest to chest and he knew someone was watching them. Which isn’t strange, they gain attention and they are at a club, it’s common. But no one was touching them though, they were just standing near them. And they smelled a lot like alpha.
“My friend thinks you smell really good but he’s a little shy,” Jimin heard the unknown alpha whisper to him through the music, both Taehyung and Jimin turned to see the alpha and his shy friend: two tall handsome alphas, one with a pretty face and another one with big wide eyes.
Jimin was clearly oozing strong pheromones by how turned on he was by thinking about whatever he was going to do with Yoongi later, and that must have affected the shy alpha. He was cute but Jimin isn’t interested. Before he could turn the alpha down, Taehyung took a step closer.
“He may not be mated right now but he soon will be, so I’d advise you to go away,” Taehyung spoke. Tall shy alpha looked anxious, his eyes widened even more and he raised his hands in evident surrender. It was pretty alpha who cooed at Taehyung. “Where’s his mate, beta?”
Yoongi was already there. And he looked pissed. Everything was turning out great for Jimin. “Here’s his mate,” Yoongi declared. The alphas look at each other until shy one walks closer. He’s blushing. “Oh God Mingyu you talked to the wrong omega! I didn’t mean the mated one!”
“What? you meant the redhead?” Yoongi’s hands is on Jimin’s waist, he doesn’t look amused. “that’s a beta, Jungkook!” The cute alpha groans. Taehyung only points at himself. “What? Me?” Shy alpha looks even more flustered know. Jimin giggles and presses himself closer to Yoongi.
“You said the one that smells heavenly,” cute alpha points at Jimin. And Yoongi pulls his boyfriend closer, clearly not welcoming the other alpha’s comment. Jimin can sense Yoongi’s anger and he’s excited. He turns to Taehyung. “We’re leaving, Taehyungie!” Jimin lets him know.
“I’m going to stay!” Taehyung manages to answer, but then he approaches Jimin. He glances Yoongi’s way. “Alphas have bigger dicks than average right?” Taehyung whispers, gesturing behind him. “Yeah! They also have really good hearing!” Jimin giggles at the shy alpha’s wide eyes.
Jimin laughs at Taehyung’s face of mortification when he notices he was heard and he follows Yoongi to the bar while giggling. His alpha isn’t as entertained by the situation though. “Hyungie, you moved so fast back there,” Jimin jokes. “Almost like you had been staring at me.”
Yoongi plops down on a stool and pulls Jimin between his open legs, caging the omega close to him. “That baby alpha says he meant Taehyung, and I believe him, but I’m sure his friend would have made a move on you.” Jimin hums in thought. “Yeah, he probably would.” Yoongi scoffs
“It’s situations like this one, that piss me off,” Yoongi growls. Jimin wants Yoongi to kiss him now. “It would be a lot easier if we were mated. They would know better than to approach you.” “Then mate me Yoongi, bite me,” Jimin murmurs and Yoongi looks at him with wide eyes.
“Don’t say stuff like that, Jimin…” Yoongi’s jaw clenches. “What?” Jimin pushes. he gets closer to Yoongi and the alpha finally settles on his neck, scenting him. “It makes me want to do it. If you say it, it makes me want to bite you.” Jimin is weak on the knees at the words.
“Then do it, Yoongi,” Jimin throws his arms around Yoongi’s neck, leans over to ghost his lips over Yoongi’s and then slurs, “claim me. Let everyone know I’m yours.” “Jimin, shut up,” Yoongi bites his lower lip, pulls at it to then lick it. “Just get me home and do it, alpha.”
Even if Jimin had been begging for Yoongi’s bite and had pleaded the alpha to claim him while they were having sex in Yoongi’s bed, the alpha bit right next to Jimin’s scent gland. Below where his mating bite should go. Something stopped the alpha from mating Jimin right then.
Yoongi had called himself Jimin’s mate in the club but he hadn’t bitten Jimin when he had the chance. Jimin was confused and he and Yoongi needed to talk. “Why didn’t you claim me right now?” Jimin wonders out loud. Direct. Yoongi opens one eye from where he was falling asleep.
“Well... because we were having sex,” Yoongi starts. “And we haven’t really talked about it...” Jimin squirms around in bed trying to face Yoongi. “But I was telling you to do it.” Yoongi smiles at him, he’s sleepy, Jimin can tell. “But it was just... dirty talk right?”
“Dirty talk?” Jimin squints his eyes. “You have a mating kink or something?” Yoongi chuckles this time. “Name me an alpha that doesn’t.” Yoongi finally turns around to snake his arms around Jimin so they can properly hug and press their foreheads together. “You meant it though?”
“Yes! of course I mean it, Yoongi,” he whispers. “I’m not... joking when I say I want us to mate.” “I want it too, you know that,” Yoongi talks tentatively even if Jin isn’t home, it’s like he doesn’t want anything to overhear. “If you say you really want to, I’d do it.”
“You’d do it right now?” Jimin wonders, gets closer to Yoongi. “You want us to mate in my bed at 2am after clubbing?” Yoongi snorts. “What if I say yes?” He doesn’t think it twice. “Then I’d do it. Because it’s you, and we’re together in this so yes, I’d bite you right now.”
“My mom and Tae think it’s a bad idea,” Jimin whispers while he cuddles Yoongi. “You’ve talked to your mom about mating me?” Yoongi tenses. Jimin nods slowly. He settles on Yoongi’s neck and breathes in his favorite scent. “She thinks I’m putting limits to my own experience.”
“She wants you to go out with other people?” Yoongi asks. Annoyance obvious in his tone. “Maybe that’s what she means,” Jimin admits. “I don’t want to fo out with other people, of course.” “I don’t want you to, and I don’t want to see other people either.” Jimin hugs him closer
“I think people date because they’re searching for their match, right?,” Yoongi starts. “Someone out there is made for you and people date because they’re looking for their perfect match or what’s close to them, but I found you at the first try so I don’t need to keep looking.”
Jimin leans over to kiss him. “You know I love you right?” Yoongi whispers to him “I know, Yoonie,” Jimin nuzzles his neck, trying to comfort him. “And I love you too,” he whispers and leans over to leave a kiss on Yoongi’s eyelids “I’d do anything for you, you also know that.”
“Should we just do it?” Jimin wonders. “I mean... mating is between us to. It’s just us two, who cares about what the rest says?” “I don’t care what other people think,” Yoongi admits. “Let’s do it then, Yoongi.” “Yeah. Let’s do it.” They stare at each other with intensity.
They are quiet for a moment, none of them move, its dark inside the room. At last, Jimin starts feeling a little anxious, the hint of a sour taste on his mouth. “Right now?” “No, no. It has to be romantic, right?” Yoongi tries. “It’s something important.” Jimin agrees out loud.
“I like your room but it could be somewhere else. I like my nest better… but it could also be somewhere else...” Jimin starts, he plays with the hem of Yoongi’s shirts as he realizes they are talking seriously about mating. “We’ll come up with something,” Yoongi whispers.
The next morning Jimin walks out of Yoongi’s room to find the alpha making breakfast. The sight makes him feel warm, like a flash forward to mated life. Jimin back hugs him. When Yoongi turns to kiss him he squints his eyes. “What is it?” Jimin wonders. “You have a mark…”
Yoongi touches his neck. “Huh, It’s only a hickey… but I did it just next to where your mating mark should go.” His eyes had gotten darker. “Really? Those it look like a mating mark?” Jimin feels weak on the knees “Yeah, it kind of does.” Jimin runs to the room for his phone.
He’s laying on the couch, looking at his hickey through his phone front camera when Seokjin enters the apartment. “Good morning hyung!” “What’s that on your neck?” Seokjin asks scandalized as a greeting. “You’ve mated?” He screeches from the door while he takes his sneakers off.
“Not yet,” Jimin slurs, making grabby hands at Yoongi who is approaching with toasts. “But doesn’t it look exactly like a mating bite?” Yoongi hums Seokjin doesn’t close the door, he just stands there looking at the couple feed each other. He calls them dumb. Jimin acts offended
“Why would we be dumb?” Yoongi complains as he goes back to the kitchen. Seokjin rolls his eyes. “Why are you taking selfies of your hickey like you’re happy it looks like you’ve mated?” Jimin pouts and Seokjin looks out towards the hall while waiting for Jimin’s answer.
“Because I like how it looks!” Jimin starts. “And I’m excited about getting the real one soon so,” Jimin says dreamily but Seokjin only looks bewildered “Soon?” he repeats “Yeah, we want to mate soon,” Yoongi shouts from the kitchen. Seokjin looks between them and the open door
“Wait, are you two for real? Just casually dropping this bomb on me like this?” Jimin nods eagerly and snaps another selfie. “Don’t you two think it’s reckless? Mating at this age?” Jin’s words are heavy. Yoongi and Jimin look at each other from across the room. Maybe it is.
“Isn’t mating like marriage for wolves?” Hoseok appears from the open door, probably being the reason why Jim hadn’t closed the door yet. “Don’t call us wolves.” Yoongi snaps but then squints his eyes at his best friend. “Wait, what are you even doing in my apartment?”
“Our apartment,” Seokjin corrects before Hoseok and Yoongi start bickering. “Good morning Hoseokie hyung!” Jimin says brightly from where he sits. “Good morning Jiminie!” Hoseok comes closer. “Wow, it really looks like a mating bite, Yoongi went a little overboard with that.”
Jimin looks at it through the front camera. “Well this one is too purple and,” he touches it, “it’s not permanent like a real one...” Hoseok hums. “My point stands, mating is indeed wolf marriage. And Jimin is only eighteen and you’re a baby Yoongi hyung,” he jokes. “I am not!”
Jimin sees his face on his phone screen again, he looks at the hickey on his neck and imagines, in the future, his skin with a mark unable to be erased no matter what. A mark that ties him to Yoongi, almost like a wedding ring you can’t ever take out or your finger falls off.
Wolf marriage is a funny way to put it.
They are kissing in Jimin’s room. They are alone because Taehyung is out on a date with cute club alpha and it’s most likely he won’t return home so Yoongi is kissing him in that way that means he’s planning to do a lot more. Their legs are tangled and both are blushing.
Jimin knows it’s a good time to do it, he’d get too nervous if they’d try to mate somewhere else and he had said so to Yoongi. His room smells like them and it’s cozy, Jimin likes it in here. And Yoongi knows, which is why he’s kissing Jimin’s neck, wet open mouthed kisses
“Do you want to... while we have sex?” Yoongi asks and it’s officially happening. It’s real. Jimin nods, and he takes distance from Yoongi to take off his hoodie and shorts, the alpha mimics him. And then Yoongi is once again on top of him, roughly kissing Jimin’s neck,
One hand is settled on his jaw, to keep Jimin’s neck exposed and Yoongi’s other hand is trailing down his body, ticklish touch on his chest and stomach, Yoongi stops to play with the waistband of his underwear. Then he grabs Jimin’s thigh, pulls it up to wrap it around his hips.
Jimin’s breathing is getting ragged and he hears it loud on his ears, the pants making him loose focus from Yoongi, on his neck, right on his scent gland, right where he’ll bite and claim him. Jimin wants it, but “I’m afraid,” Jimin pushes Yoongi away weakly, confused himself.
“Jimin?” Yoongi sounds worried, he lets the omega take distance from him “I’m… I’m afraid of what will happen after the bite,” Jimin confesses. He sits away from Yoongi, and pulls his legs up to his chest. He doesn’t know if it’s everyone’s else’s concerns playing with his head
“What do you mean?” Yoongi sounds confused. “It will only turn out to be good, baby. It’s going to make us closer because we will share a bond and everyone will know you’re mine and I’m yours...” It’s quiet between them. “And it’s going to be forever,” Jimin whispers.
Yoongi is looking at him, unreadable expression but Jimin can tell he’s really serious about this. “You think they’re right? Your mom and Jin? About us being too young?” Jimin looks away, he’s not sure if its that, he’s only nervous. It’s okay to be nervous before something big.
“What?” Yoongi pushes, this time he comes forward to hold Jimin’s chin and make the omega look at him in the eyes “You don’t want to do it?” “I don’t know,” Jimin admits. “I’m nervous because it’s...” “It’s?” Yoongi clenches his jaw. “You want to date other people, is that it?”
“No! Oh God no! It’s not that!” Jimin shakes his head. “I only want you!” He looks at Yoongi with what he hopes are convincing eyes. “I just… don’t want us to be against everyone forever. Tae and mom, Seokjin and Hoseok, I don’t know. I don’t want them to be dissapointed at us”
Yoongi breathes out . “They’ll get used to it.” Jimin is quiet which must be making Yoongi anxious. “You said it’s going to happen either way. It’s natural, the next step for us.” “I know, but since we both know it’s going to happen eventually, why not wait a little longer?”
Yoongi is quiet. He frowns and then whispers, “I don’t get how you changed your mind so quickly.” “It’s not that! I still want to do it but,” Jimin tries moving closer to Yoongi but the alpha stands up. He’s upset. “I’m nervous! I think we haven’t think this through,” he admits.
“What is there to think through?” Yoongi asks. He’s searching for his shirt on the floor. He picks it up and looks at Jimin, “Is there something wrong in our relationship for you to have second thoughts? For you to think we need time?” “I didn’t mean time apart,” Jimin hisses.
“I’m saying I’m nervous to do it!” Jimin tries when Yoongi starts putting his shirt on. “And I’m telling you the reasons I am nervous!” Yoongi ignores him. “It’d be nice if you heard me!” Yoongi looks back, “you don’t want to mate after telling me over and over we should it,”
“What do you want me to think?” Yoongi is standing near the door. “I am confused, and to be honest I feel like you’re just coming up with excuses,” he mumbles. “Excuses? I’m telling you the truth!” Jimin snaps. “Two days ago you want us to mate because you love me, and now?”
“What are you implying?” Jimin asks. “I’m not implying anything, you just said it. If you want us to mate because you’re in love with me and then you don’t want us to mate...” “Don’t put words on my mouth, Yoongi,” Jimin says seriously. He doesn’t recognize his voice tone.
“I do want us to mate.” “Okay then, let’s do it,” Yoongi snaps but he doesn’t move away from the door. Jimin stares at him and he knows Yoongi recognizes he’s made the omega upset, if not by his expression then by the musty smell that means Jimin is distressed. “Not like this!”
“Not if you’re mad and being this mean,” Jimin scowls. “I’m being mean now?” Yoongi asks incredulous, with that sarcastic tone Jimin always laughs at, but that at this moment makes him even more angry. “You’re not listening! Don’t try to sass me,” Jimin’s voice is higher.
It’s a long moment, of silence, of tension, of nothing but the sound of cars and the night outside. It smells sour, both of them visibly upset. Yoongi is not looking at Jimin, but he scruches his nose, he frowns, looks the tiniest bit pained and then he says, “okay, I’ll listen.”
Jimin waits for the alpha to slowly walk closer to the bed. He sits next to Jimin but far away still, not in a way where Jimin could reach out. “You really think I don’t love you?” Jimin asks calmly, as low as he can and he tries to be soothing as for them not to fight anymore.
Yoongi groans to himself and he lowers his head, he threads his fingers through his hair, “it’s not that.” He smells so strong, but not the scent Jimin loves. He’s still upset. “I know you love me but what if you stop doing it?” “Mmh?” Jimin dares resting his hand on his thigh.
Yoongi quickly holds Jimin’s hand with his. It means he wants Jimin’s affection so the omega moves closer and moves his other hand to Yoongi’s neck. “I don’t know... when you say we need time it’s scary because if I don’t claim you then you can find another alpha, I don’t...”
“Mating is safe? not because I want to tie you down,” Yoongi looks up to make it clear and when he does Jimin holds his face by his cheeks so he can’t look away from his boyfriend again. “It’s safe because it brings us closer and it’s official and I don’t want you to go away.”
“I’m not going away, mating mark or none, you’re the only one I want, you know that,” Jimin whispers. Yoongi nods, he brings his hands to his face to cover Jimin’s smaller ones. “I didn’t mean time apart, Yoongi. I didn’t mean experimenting with other people.” The alpha pouts.
“Are you cold?” Yoongi mumbles. “Huh?” Jimin looks down to himself, he’s only with briefs but he hadn’t payed attention to it. “Umh, yes a little. Hug me?” Yoongi nods and then pulls Jimin into a tight hug, they flop down on the bed after a moment of swaying in eachothers arms.
“I’m sorry I freaked out,” Yoongi starts. His lips are ticklish on the skin of Jimin’s neck “You know... I think that’s the first time we’ve had a fight?” “Would you consider it a fight?” Yoongi wonders while Jimin plays with his dark hair, twirling a strand and then lets it go
“I think it was, I shouted at you once... sorry about that.” “You just raised your voice, but it wasn’t shouting,” Yoongi tries to make it better. “We’ve never really disagreed before, it feels weird.” “I know,” Jimin squirms so he faces Yoongi. “I think... mom wasn’t wrong”
Yoongi looks scared. “What do you mean?” “About the experience.” Yoongi tenses. “I don’t agree with her about being with other alphas,” Jimin scrunches his nose in distaste. “But we have never had an actual fight before and we wanted to mate already... we’re not ready, are we?”
“But we’ve been together... three years.” “But we were like... babies,” Jimin tries to get his point across. “Still are, not as much as in high school, but... I think there are a lot more things for us to do.” Yoongi blinks at him. “Together,” Jimin clarifies, sweetly.
“Mating is still the next step,” Jimin whispers. “And I want us to do it, I really do,” he hopes Yoongi believes him. “But I’m also afraid and I can’t ignore that.” “I know,” Yoongi touches Jimin’s face. “I don’t want to put a date on when we’ll do it or a deadline though.”
“Because then it’s going to be like right now, and the closer we get to the date the more you’ll get anxious. I want... I want you to be sure of it.” Jimin nods. “And if you need more time to be sure that’s fine, as long as...” “I won’t leave you,” Jimin cuts him off. “I won’t.”
“I love you, Yoongi. I really do,” Jimin searches for his boyfriend’s face. His heart breaks at the pout, how he can’t look at Jimin in the eye, he looks sad, his scent still a little musty. “Isn’t it normal for me to be scared over such a big thing?” “It is, baby, it is.”
Jimin can only hug him, and Yoongi hugs back. They stay like this until the room starts smelling of them again, a small hint of vanilla and wood It’s going to be natural, when it happens. Jimin knows it will happen eventually, maybe sooner than he expects and it will feel right.
He kind of understands why people around him were wary. They’re young, and they haven’t experienced much, their first fight was just now. A first trip, living together, an achievement, Jimin thinks there’s a lot more things to do before mating. So he understands, the wariness.
But that doesn’t mean he shares the wariness entirely. Because when he wakes up after a while to find his boyfriend sleeping, pouty lips and mouth open slightly, he only feels fondness and love. He still wants Yoongi, and only Yoongi, for the rest of his life.
“We wait?” Yoongi asks, close to his ear, in a hug that could be considered uncomfortable because of their tangled arms but Jimin loves it. “Yes. Not because they said so,” Jimin clarifies. “But because it’s a big step, not a decision to be made only out of being emotional.”
Yoongi smiles, “Hoseok was a little right,” he plays with Jimin’s fingers. “It is like a marriage. I don’t know... people prepare their weddings with a year in advance, right?” Jimin giggles. “So we’re like... preparing for it? The wedding is happening either way.”
“That’s a funny way to put it,” Jimin smiles at him. He’s so in love. “You know how ancient packs had mating rituals and all that, it was a wedding,” Yoongi says seriously. “Grooms get nervous on their wedding day, it’s okay Jimin-ah,” he teases and leans over to peck Jimin.
“We’re going to get married either way,” Yoongi slurs and Jimin nods, he knows. Their mating is natural, eventual. “Lets have a pretty wedding, then, Jiminie,” the alpha says trailing his fingers up Jimin’s neck. “Yes, Yoonie,” Jimin offers him the brightest smile he can give.


yoonmin abo au— when yoongi gets the opportunity to study abroad, yoongi and jimin realize that pushing their mating was not such a good idea. jimin thought they could handle time apart but between the distance and some meddling alphas, the couple find themselves eager to mate.


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