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Sep 3, 2019
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yoonmin au — opposites attract 🔞 yoongi is afraid of not doing good when having sex with his boyfriend, he lacks experience next to jimin, and he thinks expectations are high. he really wants to take care of him, but starts to realizes he maybe likes being take care of instead.

commission for a nsfw opposites attract extra (if you want an extra for any of my aus dm me for info) > more than one explicit scenes: barebacking, power bottom jimin, hints of sub top yoongi, oversensitivity > jealous jimin > extra for this au:…


YOONMIN CLICHÉ AU | OPPOSITES ATTRACT Since shy Yoongi doesn’t know how to act around his crush his best friends suggest he gets guidance from their roommate, party animal Jimin. But Yoongi isn’t fond of people too different from him and how can someone like Jimin even help him?
“Sex on the first date is a must. What if you fall in love and then find out the other person sucks at it?” That's what Jimin said when he and Yoongi talked for the first time and Jimin tried to convince him to try to hook up with Wooseok instead of just asking him on a date.
Yoongi hadn’t liked Jimin back then. When they first met about his crush on Wooseok. He didn't like him. He didn’t like the younger based on what little he had seen of him when he was in Taehyung’s and Jungkook’s apartment, and their first official meeting didn’t change that.
“Sex on the first date is a must. What if you fall in love and then find out the other person sucks at sex?” Those words Jimin had said months ago when they weren't even friends, came to Yoongi’s mind as his third thought when Jimin told him he loved him for the first time.
They had been kissing on Yoongi’s bed, like they usually do, Yoongi had been calling Jimin pretty names, praising him after a recital, and Jimin had said it. He was blushing and he hid on Yoongi’s neck as soon as he blurted it out but Yoongi heard it loud and clear: “I love you.”
The first thought Yoongi had after hearing the words was “Really?” but he didn't say that one out loud. Truth be told, he couldn’t believe he was lucky enough to have someone as beautiful and special and amazing like Jimin be in love with him. It sounds too good to be true.
The second thought on his mind was: “Oh, Jimin, I love you too. I love you so so so much.” And he did say that one out loud which made Jimin giggle, eyes gone into crescents, hands covering his mouth and flushed cheeks before surging forward and kissing Yoongi silly.
The third thought, which was the phrase Jimin had said the afternoon they met, came to his mind while he was kissing Jimin. It was what Jimin had said when they met: “Sex on the first date is a must. What if you fall in love and then find out the other person sucks at sex?”
Now Yoongi finds himself in trouble: Jimin has fallen in love with him, and he eventually will find out Yoongi sucks at sex. Not that Yoongi knows if he sucks or not because he’s never had someone telling him if he’s good or not, but he’s more inclined to believe that he sucks.
His first reason to believe he's bad at it, is that he's a virgin. He knows there’s nothing wrong with that but he has no experience and no reference as to what's good or not. He’s not particularly too into porn either but he has the belief Jimin won’t be into a porn reenactment.
Jimin, on the other hand, the almost the complete opposite of Yoongi, has a lot experience, with different partners on top of that, and he must have expectations, or at least good references. He knows what he wants and what he likes unlike Yoongi. And that scares the elder.
He wants Jimin to feel good, because there’s nothing more satisfying than the way Jimin gasps when they’re kissing, the way Jimin pulls at Yoongi’s hair when he likes something, the way Jimin whispers to Yoongi that he’s doing good. Yoongi likes that. He wants to do good.
He knows, however, that if he tells Jimin he’s afraid of his performance during sex, that the thought of sex makes him anxious, the younger will definitely be nice about it and he will tell Yoongi not to worry and that it's fine and he will be patient but Yoongi doesn't want that
He’s afraid of having sex with Jimin because he doesn’t like being bad at things. He’s not reckless like Jimin who jumps into things whenever he feels like it, Yoongi needs to think things through. And he’s not ready yet. Therefore he never lets their time alone cross the line.
Which also proves to be a problem because he gets really turned on while kissing Jimin. Right now, they’re kissing on Yoongi’s bed. Once again, like they always end up doing. Because that’s what they do when the movie they chose to watch is boring, which is most of the time.
Jimin is straddling Yoongi’s lap, and he’s wearing ripped jeans that basically don’t exist because all Yoongi sees is thighs. Jimin kisses, like everything else he does, very fiercely, very intensely and good, really good, he always manages to leave Yoongi breathless.
Jimin is biting Yoongi’s lower lip. He pulls it between his teeth while his hands move to Yoongi’s waist. He trails his hand under Yoongi’s shirt just the slightest bit, enough to touch the skin on his hip directly. And Yoongi likes it. Likes it a lot. Yoongi pushes Jimin away.
But he does it gently, to make sure Jimin knows he hasn’t done anything wrong. The younger still asks a little confused, “did I go to far, hyung?” By now, Jimin has a controlled reaction because it’s becoming a habit of Yoongi to stop them when he starts to get turned on.
He told Jimin he wanted to take things slow and the younger understood right away. And yes, Yoongi wants to take things slow but he’s also very embarrassed of how fast he gets hard whenever Jimin touches him. (Which also fuels his theory of being bad at sex) “Yoon?”
Yoongi has to look away, he's blushing. He doesn’t know how to say it, but he has to, so he only turns back at Jimin. “No, you didn’t go to far... it’s good… It’s only that— I’m… hard already.” “Yeah?” Jimin asks amused and he knows, he’s sitting on it. Directly on top of it.
Yoongi nods, trying to ignore the weight of Jimin on top of him. “I think I— we should calm down.” Jimin seems surprised by the idea, but he nods. However he then smiles and judging by his grin he must have come up with something the younger thinks it’s better than calming down.
“Sure you don’t want help with that?” He asks, slowly, probably expecting rejection but he tries nonetheless. And like everytime Jimin suggests something sexual, Yoongi chokes and he shakes his head, blushing, “No, no. It’s okay.” Jimin nods, understanding as always. “Okay.”
“Are you going to wait until it goes down?” Jimin wonders, glancing downwards to Yoongi’s obvious bulge. Yoongi nods slowly, uncomfortable in his jeans. “Mmh, so maybe… do you want me to sit over there?” Jimin points to the other side of the bed. Away from Yoongi’s lap.
Truth be told, having Jimin close, and still sitting on his crotch isn’t helping him to make it go down, but he doesn’t want his boyfriend to leave his lap. “No, you can stay.” “Really?” Jimin laughs, and he’s sitting on Yoongi’s hard on. He looks down to study their position.
It’s not a good idea, Yoongi knows. “Okay, you’re right, it’s better if you sit there,” Yoongi scowls as he lifts Jimin by the waist to settle him next to him, Jimin lets himself be manhandled. “But don’t go too far,” Yoongi whispers. Jimin seems amused by the whole interaction.
Jimin gets closer to Yoongi’s body to cuddle the elder. “I’m not going anywhere right now, but I gotta go in an hour, pretty. We’re going to a club with Hoseok.” Jimin still parties a lot, and he always wants to drag Yoongi but the elder doesn’t like it. “Oh, which one?”
“I don’t know, there’s a new one called Khaos, might go to that one,” Jimin says even though he knows Yoongi doesn’t know it. Yoongi hums, he actually asks in case he has to go pick Jimin up, he doesn’t know much about clubs and it’s not like he’ll tell the younger not to go.
After that they’re quiet and Yoongi knows Jimin will want them to talk about what just happened, because the younger is antsy and he’s touching Yoongi’s arms, drawing shapes with his fingers meaning he has something to say. And Jimin loves talking. “Hyung, about a while ago...”
“Can we umh… not talk about it? About what just happened.” Yoongi loves talking too, which is why he and Jimin click, but he doesn’t particularly like talking about what makes him shy. Jimin’s eyes widen at Yoongi’s request and then he frowns. “Well, I think we should talk.”
“At other time maybe,” Yoongi pleads. Jimin sighs after a moment. “How about I don’t ask you for any explanation as to why you don’t find me fuckable, but instead you go to a party with me” Yoongi can never escape Jimin. “I never said I don’t find you… attractive.”
“I know you do,” Jimin looks down to Yoongi’s boner. “And I know we’re talking it slow, but I get mixed signals and then when I’m offering, you don’t want me” “We can go to a party,” Yoongi decides to cut it out. Jimin slumps. “But in a house, I don’t want to go to a club again”
"Fine," Jimin sighs, defeated. "Party next weekend." "Sure." Yoongi doesn't want him to be mad. "Want to hear a song I'm working on?" Jimin smiles widely and it's like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. But Yoongi knows he has a serious conversation due soon.
A week later, Jimin is throwing all of Yoongi’s clothes out of his closet to find the perfect outfit for a party. “Where’s your leather jacket?” Jimin searches for it. “I don’t know… that one is really old.” Yoongi squints his eyes. “I don’t think I’ve even worn it with you.”
“I saw it once here on you closet, and you have a picture with it… Jungkookie showed me,” Jimin pouts when he says. “Thought you looked really hot with it.” “I’ll wear something more comfortable,” Yoongi mutters. He doesn’t want to catch much attention. JImin whines. “Fine.”
He ends up wearing skinny blue jeans and an oversized sweater with a red pattern, it’s simple but he likes it. Jimin insists on putting makeup on his eyes and Yoongi agrees. It's fun. Jimin sits in front of him in his bed, cross legged and leans over to apply a soft eyeshadow.
It’s Jimin’s friend house. And everyone from Jimin's dance year is there, Yoongi remembers their faces from the recital rehearsal. He recognizes some of them but he’s not exactly familiar with anyone. Jimin is holding his hand though, so he only follows his boyfriend around.
When they reach the side of the house where most of Jimin’s friends are at, Hoseok screeches when he sees Yoongi. He hugs him but Yoongi is used to it, he thinks Hoseok gives very good hugs so he doesn’t let go of the younger right away. Hoseok seems happy at this, smiling widely
Yoongi feels comfortable with Hoseok, he’s gotten to know the boy after he started dating Jimin he has grown fond of him, and Jimin is also next to him, explaining who is who in the house and throwing some gossip here and there. Yoongi feels safe even if he doesn't like it here.
However, as the night progresses he starts to feel like he’s setting Jimin back. The younger obviously wants to dance but Yoongi is too self conscious about it, and Jimin won’t force Yoongi to dance if he doesn’t want to so instead he remains next to him, talking and drinking.
Yoongi guesses that if he has some drinks then he’ll loosen up a bit, like when he and Jimin dance alone in the younger’s room. Difference is that, Yoongi can dance in Jimin’s room alone with him, because no one is watching them unlike here. But that’s what the alcohol is for.
“I’m going to grab something to drink,” Yoongi whispers to Jimin. “Want me to go with you?” “No, no. Why don’t you dance a little?” Yoongi knows Jimin wants to dance and he should use this moment. Jimin nods excitedly, leaves a sweet kiss on Yoongi’s lips and crosses the room.
When Yoongi walks out of the kitchen with a small bottle of soju he sees Jimin dancing. Always mesmerizing Naturally, people drift to him. There are more people dancing at the moment than some minutes ago. Jimin is in his own little world though, not minding everyone around him.
Jimin is with Hoseok in the center of the room and Yoongi takes a moment to stare because that’s his boyfriend, it’s nothing weird at all. He can admire all he wants. His eyes trail down Jimin’s body as he dances, his waist, his hips, his thighs, Yoongi sips from the soju.
He thinks he shouldn’t stare longer at the way Jimin rolls his hips when he dances, because his mind is quickly coming with images Yoongi is only comfortable with getting at the middle of the night when he’s alone in bed, not in a stranger’s apartment in the middle of a party.
He guesses he’ll just sit somewhere and wait for Jimin to come over when he wants to, but then he sees him. Wooseok is at the party, he’s talking to someone in a couch, and he’s the only person Yoongi knows here. And Yoongi thinks it’d be nice of him to approach the younger.
It kind of reminds him of the time Jimin and he rehearsed how to get Yoongi to talk to Wooseok at a party. A party Yoongi never went to. But it’s funny because he was starting to like Jimin at the time and now for sure, Yoongi doesn’t feel anything for Wooseok anymore.
Yoongi thinks he recognizes the boy sitting next to Wooseok from twitter posts as the younger’s boyfriend. It’s actually his boyfriend who quickly remembers Yoongi as the piano player from the recital. “You’re the piano guy!” the tall boy says loudly once Yoongi is close to them.
Wooseok turns around startled by his boyfriend's loudness but he smiles brightly once his eyes fall on Yoongi. Yoongi liked Wooseok because he felt at easy with him, when he wasn’t blushing like a dumbass, and that easiness is back as soon as the couple start to talk to him.
Yoongi is animatedly talking to Wooseok and Jinhyuk about work, he lets himself get lost on the conversation. The pair is gentle with their words and that's something Yoongi likes. He’s so focused he doesn’t notice his boyfriend approaching until Jimin flops down on Yoongi’s lap
“Ah, hi Jiminie,” Yoongi yelps at the new weight on his legs. Jimin doesn't reply, he leans over to kiss him. It’s only a peck so Yoongi receives it and curls his hand around Jimin’s waist. Jimin smiles and leaves another peck on his lips. “Hey,” Jimin smiles into the kiss.
Jimin greets Wooseok and Jinhyuk and then asks, “what were you talking about?” “Work,” Yoongi explains. “Wooseok is working in a school, Jiminie” “Really?” Jimin smiles easily, he turns to Wooseok. “How is that going?” Jimin is being friendly, but he’s tipsy and his words slur.
Once they go silent, Jimin gets closer to Wooseok across Yoongi's lap “Wooseokie, you knew Yoongi had a huge crush on you during recital last year?” Yoongi freezes at the sudden confession. Wooseok blushes madly, of course, and Jinhyuk only looks between the three with wide eyes
“Jimin, quiet,” Yoongi panics. Wooseok’s boyfriend is just there! What is he doing? “He was too shy to ask you out,” Jimin explains. “And I decided to help him woo you but then I snatched him, because he couldn’t resist me,” Jimin slurs, throws his arms around Yoongi’s neck.
Wooseok is all shades of red, easily embarrassed. “Ah, Yoongi hyung! I didn’t know.” Yoongi quickly tries to explain himself. Jimin is a brat. “It wasn’t such a bad thing! It wasn’t serious, just a crush,” he grimaces. He turns to Jinhyuk and lowers his head. “I’m sorry.”
The taller boy chuckles, “it’s fine!” He raises his hand. “I don’t blame you for crushing on him,” he’s finding it all amusing. “It’s really fine.” “Yeah it is, Yoongi is mine now,” Jimin declares. He’s tipsy and Yoongi even if mortified must admit he is a tiny bit endeared.
“We should go dance, hyung,” Jimin says suddenly and Yoongi sighs. Under any other circumstance Yoongi would have said no but this time he’s too appalled to stay with Wooseok and Jinhyuk longer so he says yes, says sorry again and lets Jimin drag him towards a corner of the house
Jimin’s body is pressed to his, he has his arms thrown around Yoongi’s neck as he moves slightly from side to side. Yoongi gets closer to him to ask, “why did you say that to Wooseok?” he sound scandalized and Jimin giggles. “Because... you’re mine.” Yoongi nods. He is.
But that’s not the point. He’s going to explain that Jimin made him shy but the younger beats him to it— “you’re so cute when you get embarrassed,” he slurs. “Jimin ah! Stop teasing me,” Yoongi whines. “You’re mean,” he pouts. “What do you expect, Yoongi hyung?” Jimin starts.
“I’m not going to stay back if I see you looking that cute with the guy you used to crush on,” Jimin pouts. “You almost chose him over me!” “Jimin ah,” Yoongi’s grip on his waist tightens. “He’s with his boyfriend.” Jimin rolls his eyes. “He had to know you chose me.”
“You don’t have to get jealous, I love you,” Yoongi says calmly. “I’m not!” Jimin says in shock. Yoongi only shakes his head, there’s no reason to argue with Jimin right now. “I don’t know what I’m going to do with you,” Yoongi says his thoughts out loud. Jimin smiles slyly.
“You could dance with me,” Jimin suggests. Yoongi notices that since they started talking they’ve only heen standing on their place. “Okay, I’ll dance but you lead,” Yoongi says. That seems to make Jimin happier. He untagles his arms from Yoongi’s neck and turns around. Okay.
Yoongi doesn’t need to know dancing to know that Jimin is simply grinding against him. Yoongi sways slowly and it doesn’t really matter because it’s Jimin who sets the pace, it’s Jimin who grabs Yoongi's hands and secures them around his own hips, Jimin who rolls back just right.
They’re going up the stairs to Yoongi’s apartment, as quiet as they can as to not wake up any neighbour. Yoongi has always got along with his neighbours, because most of them are elderly people and they like that Yoongi is quiet. Now that he’s dating Jimin, he’s not quiet at all.
“So you were jealous when I was talking to Wooseok?” Yoongi whispers once they reach the door and Jimin doesn’t answer, he’s busy hugging Yoongi from behind, making it difficult for the elder to get his passcode in. It's okay, Yoongi likes that the younger is being clingy.
He can barely move with how tight Jimin hugs him. It takes the younger a moment and then Jimin is nodding dramatically against his neck. “I was jealous,” he admits. Yoongi sighs, because being jealous is not okay and Jimin doesn’t need to be jealous at all. Yoongi loves Jimin.
But Yoongi can’t pretend that he didn’t like the little scene of possessiveness. Not the part where his secret was brought up because that made him embarrassed, but he liked how Jimin went and sat on him, kissed him and danced with him in front of everyone, that was really nice.
“You don’t need to be jealous, you know I love you and you only,” Yoongi says slowly, forgetting the code for his door and turning to see his boyfriend, he watches how Jimin blushes. “Mmm’jealous still,” the younger slurs. “You’re mine," he repeats. “Yes, I am,” Yoongi agrees.
They stumble inside Yoongi’s room, and Yoongi helps Jimin get out from his tight jeans before he takes him to bed. Jimin asks for water repeatedly as Yoongi undresses him. Yoongi brings a bottle of water from the kitchen so the younger doesn’t have a bad hangover tomorrow.
As soon as they are laying down on the bed, Jimin cuddles closer to Yoongi. He hides in Yoongi’s neck, throws his leg across Yoongi's middle. And if Yoongi is honest, at that moment, with Jimin falling asleep and hugging him closer, Yoongi feels nothing but love for the boy.
When Yoongi wakes up, he feels a warm weight on top of him. It doesn’t take him more than two seconds to realize Jimin is sitting on top of him, thighs caging Yoongi’s slim hips. What a good way to wake up, he thinks. Yoongi slowly opens only one eye, already smiling.
“Good morning,” Jimin is biting his his lower lip before grinning down at Yoongi. He touches Yoongi’s lips. “Can I?” Yoongi nods dumbly at the vision in front of him, Jimin looks gorgeous in the morning, which is unbelievable, because no one should look that good in the morning.
Yoongi knows he must look terrible right now but Jimin doesn’t seem to mind. Jimin’s chest is pressed against his as soon as the younger leans down to kiss him and Yoongi likes how he feels, he likes the feeling of their bodies pressed together. He doesn’t want to push him away.
He likes that Jimin is on top of him, leading the kiss. It's slow though, because Yoongi is still sleepy and Jimin knows so he doesn't try to deepen the kiss. Yoongi he likes how Jimin is always taking care of him because he knows Jimin loves him, touches him so carefully.
He guesses that he wouldn't mind going further if it's in this pace, like slow morning kisses with Jimin sitting on top of him, his hands trailing up Yoongi's skin. He wants to have sex with Jimin, he really does. Jimin is gorgeous, and he’s loving and he makes Yoongi so happy.
He trusts Jimin and he shouldn’t be worried about anything, because Yoongi likes when Jimin leads, like this kiss or like them dancing. He shouldn’t be afraid of sex because he trusts Jimin more than anyone. “I want us to make love,” Yoongi suddenly blurts out and Jimin freezes.
Jimin sits up in a whiplash. “What? Now?” He nervously starts smoothing hair down, trying to look prettier perhaps “Umh no.” Yoongi sits up too and Jimin accommodates to remain on his lap. “I mean soon. I want you to know that I want to. In general, I want to have sex with you.”
“Hyung,” Jimin giggles, “I already know you want to,” his eyes glint. “Mmh?” Yoongi has never discussed about this with Jimin. “I mean you’re always hard when we kiss,” Jimin says with a shyness unpeculiar on him “Oh god, Jimin shut up,” Yoongi blushes and tries to squirm away
Jimin laughs, but then he looks at Yoongi warmly. “What changed though, baby?” Jimin leans down to press his chest against Yoongi’s again. “Last time you got hard you pushed me away and you didn’t want to talk about it, but now… we’re not going slow anymore? What happened?”
Yoongi breathes out. “If I'm honest, I’m afraid— No, I was afraid, because I’m not…” he takes a deep breath. It’s okay if he says it, Jimin probably knows it already. “I don’t know much about sex. And you… kind of fall into the category of sex god.” Jimin wants to laugh.
“But what are you afraid of, Yoon? I don’t bite… too much.” They stare at each other blankly and then Jimin cringes. “Aish, maybe that wasn’t a good metaphor” Yoongi smiles widely, Jimin is adorable. He sighs and calms down in order to explain. “I don’t want to disappoint you,”
“I want to do good during sex, but I know I’m not the most experienced so I wanted to wait until I felt more ready to do it but umh- I don’t think I can keep ignoring you, I really want you.” Jimin blinks. “You won’t ever disappoint me hyung,” Jimin scolds. “How do you know?”
“First of all you’re hot.” Yoongi stares blankly at Jimin. “Effortlessly hot.” Yoongi ignores him so Jimin gets closer to him, nuzzling close to his neck. “For real, hyung, you’re gorgeous and well… you’re you,” Jimin emphasizes by pressing his finger against Yoongi’s chest.
“What does that mean?" “It means you can’t disappoint me, because if I want to have sex with you is because I want to share something with you.” Jimin kisses his cheek. “And I love you.” He kisses Yoongi’s jaw. “And I will love,” Jimin kisses his neck, “anything you do to me.”
Yoongi feels warm all over by the attention Jimin is giving him “Anything?” Jimin hums, leaves another kiss in Yoongi’s neck but this time he nibbles on the skin. “Anything.” Yoongi hums, Jimin bites the skin. “Why don’t you tell what you want to do to me, hyung?” Jimin whispers
Yoongi knows his answer won't be as sexy as Jimin's words, so instead he asnwers the logical: “I actually want to... do it the way you want it,” Yoongi mumbles. He doesn’t think it too much. “You know this better than I, and I trust you, so whatever you want.” Jimin nods slowly.
What Yoongi wants is for Jimin to take charge, he doesn't think he can do that because he doesn't know how to. Jimin is looking at him with an indecipherable expression but then a shy smiles grows on his face, he’s blushing and covers his cheeks with his hands. “Okay,” he pouts
Jimin leans over to whisper, “but I still want to know what you’ve pictured us doing?” Yoongi blushes when he thinks of it. Because he has thought of it, plenty of times, he thinks of Jimin’s body often but he doesn’t know if it’s okay for him to say it. “Well, I... Jimin…”
“Come on, tell me,” Jimin whispers but Yoongi looks away. “Can you do that for me, Yoonie?” Yoongi blushes but he makes himself speak, “I jut know I... really want to… see your face when you… know.” Jimin raises an eyebrow. “Mmh?” He gets even closer to Yoongi. “When I what?”
“Jimin…” Yoongi is embarrassed. He can’t say that out loud. “You want to see my face? That’s all?” Jimin smiles slyly, “well, you’re seeing me right now, hyungie.” Yoongi sighs, “when you cum, I want to see your face when you cum.” Jimin giggles, endeared. “Mmh, that's cute.”
Yoongi decides to ignore him. “Do I need to do something for… you know... when it happens?” Yoongi asks instead, nervous. “No, don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything. You just lay there and I’ll take care of it.” Jimin leans over and kisses him. “Now let’s go have breakfast”
Yoongi doesn’t think he can be more embarrassed than their talk from that day until Jimin brings clinic results to Yoongi. “What is this?” Yoongi panics, he asks even though he knows perfectly what it is. “I don’t like using condoms,” Jimin says easily. Yoongi of course chokes.
“And I know you’re freaky about health and hygiene stuff so here, I’m all clean.” Yoongi looks at the sheet of paper in disbelief. “It’s okay if you want to use condoms though. We can talk about it." Yoongi nods slowly, dumbfounded. "But yeah, you know I’m all clean.”
Yoongi closes his eyes and holds the sheet of paper a little too tightly. Jimin really is something else.
They decide to start with other stuff, Jimin tells him they don’t have to go all the way directly and Yoongi agrees, and he's actually eager to what Jimin has in mind. It's not long until he finds himself hitting the back of his head in his heabdboard while Jimin jerks him off.
Yoongi is trying to keep it together but it’s hard with how fast Jimin flicks his wrist. He doesn't want to cum too fast. “Jimin ah,” Yoongi moans. He holds Jimin’s shoulder, strong grip on the fabric of his shirt, trying to make him slow down but that's not Jimin's plan at all.
He leans over, still going fast. “You like it, baby?” Jimin whispers to Yoongi’s ear “Fuck, fuck, yes,” Yoongi manages to mutter and then clumsily tries to pull Jimin down to kiss him. Jimin complies He giggles into their kiss and then slurs, “I can make you feel better, hyung”
Yoongi is breathing heavily, “Yeah?” he manages to ask. “Mmh, of course.” Jimin licks Yoongi's neck. He pumps faster. Yoongi knows he means, Jimin will make him feel better when they… “When— when we…” “When you fuck me,” Jimin finishes for him. Yoongi moans at Jimin’s words.
“You’re going to fuck me, right, baby?” Yoongi can barely keep his moans for himself, Jimin sounds so hot asking that, he lowers his voice. Yoongi wants to answer but if he opens his mouth he will make an embarrassing whimper. It sounds so wet and Jimin moves his hand faster.
Jimin seems to want to hear any sound from Yoongi because he presses, “tell me,” Jimin asks, flicks his wrists, rubs his thumb over the head “Yes, yes, oh, Jimin,” the moans easily falls out of Yoongi’s lips. “I’m going to- ngh.” He doesn't say it, he cums all over Jimin’s hand.
“You want to fuck me?” Jimin repeats after a while. He's hugging Yoongi from behind, in the kitchen Yoongi only wants to make some tea in peace, but he’s dating a demon. “If that’s what you want.” “What do you want?” “For you to like it,” Yoongi says. Jimin smiles to his neck.
They don’t talk about it again until they’re kissing on Yoongi’s bed once again. Jimin as always, looks breathtaking, his jeans are ripped but it’s a tight fit, hugging his thighs, and his tank top is so flimsy it’s like he’s barely wearing it. Yoongi, unsurprisingly, is hard.
Yoongi gets his hands under Jimin's shirt, enjoying the feeling of Jimin’s bare skin under his hands. The kiss deepens and then, “do you want to do it now?” Jimin asks, his hands are near Yoongi’s ass. “Huh?” Yoongi pushes himself away from Jimin to be able to look at him.
“Sex.” Jimin pushes Yoongi down on the bed and then crawls on top of him, settling on his lap. “Now.” Jimin leans over Yoongi, kisses his neck, bites a little. Yoongi makes a weak sound in agreement and then he nods. “Use your words, Yoon,” Jimin slurs. “Yeah, yeah, we… yeah.”
“Yeah what?” Jimin asks amused. He wants Yoongi to say it. He’s always pushing Yoongi like this, but the elder can’t pretend he doesn’t like it. “Sex,” Yoongi mutters. Jimin seems content by it. “Okay then,” Jimin smiles. Yoongi really thinks he isn't prepared for what’s next.
The first thing Jimin does is take off his own shirt and throw it to the floor. It’s fast but for Yoongi time goes slower. Yoongi gulps at the sight, Jimin’s lean body, muscles, tanned skin... but he can’t stare much longer because Jimin is quickly leaning down over Yoongi again.
He whispers to Yoongi, “I want to ride you… can I?” Oh fuck. Yoongi won’t survive this. “Yes, yes,” he nods eagerly. Jimin giggles, probably at his enthusiasm. “Okay, but I’m going to suck you off first.” Yoongi won't definitely survive and he doesn’t even know if he’ll last.
As he imagined, he's already panting when Jimin lowers down and settles between his legs. He's tense when Jimin pulls him out of his jeans, and he whimpers as soon as Jimin takes him inside his mouth. Yoongi has to pull Jimin's hair at some point and it makes the younger hum.
He feels his cock hit the back of Jimin's throat and he moans, he bites his lower lip to keep the sounds to himself but he's soon babbling, “I’m going to cum,” Yoongi warns him. “Jimin ah, please,” he feels too much. It sounds wet and Jimin keeps taking him deeper. "Jimin ah..."
Jimin doesn’t stop bobbing his head up and down though, instead he goes faster, sloppier and there's spit everywhere and Yoongi pulls at his hair harder. It makes Jimin look up at Yoongi, cock still in his mouth and the image has Yoongi cursing. He cums embarrassingly fast.
“I-” Yoongi is still shaken up by his orgasm, he tries to support on his elbows. “Jimin, should I-” He's embarrassed. Jimin cuts him off, “I’m going to stretch myself, okay?" Yoongi nods dumbly and stares as Jimin cleans around his mouth with the back of his hand. He swallowed.
“You can watch,” Jimin talks as if Yoongi is receiving a reward for doing good, and Yoongi kind of feels like it is. Watching Jimin finger himself is a reward. He's not sure why is he getting rewarded but he sits up and supports himself on the headboard to focus on his boyfriend.
Jimin is on his knees, legs stretched and he fingers himself from behind. And Yoongi really thought Jimin couldn't look better than when he dances but this was a strong competition. “See? You’re hard again,” Jimin points with his head. “You’re hot,” Yoongi says very eloquently.
Jimin shakes his head, chuckles lowly and then looks up at Yoongi. “Lay down,” he orders and Yoongi complies "I'm ready." "Really? You're not hard..." Yoongi notices, he's worried he's not doing something right. "I just stretched enough... I want to feel you, not my fingers."
Yoongi nods, and watches Jimin sit on top of him, he watches Jimin squeeze more lube onto his palm. But this time he doesn't use it on himself, he tugs at Yoongi’s cock, to coat it. Yoongi hisses at the contact. He still can’t get used to how good Jimin’s hands feel around him.
But the sensation of Jimin’s hand around him is over soon because Jimin doesn’t wait that much to align himself with Yoongi. Yoongi looks up at him, watches how he slowly lowers himself down on Yoongi’s cock. Yoongi closes his eyes, his hands go to Jimin’s hips on instinct.
It feels so good, so much better than his own hand or even Jimin’s. It’s so tight and warm and wet, Yoongi throws his head back and Jimin starts rolling his hips slowly. "Good?" Jimin asks, a little breathless. "M'so full," he mumbles and Yoongi can't give him a coherent answer.
"Fuck, fuck, Jimin, you-" he manages to say, even though he isn't saying much. Jimin lowers himself to kiss Yoongi, he kisses his messily, as slow as he fucks himself on Yoongi. It's good because Yoongi doesn’t think he’ll last if Jimin moves faster. Of course Jimin goes faster.
Their kiss gets messier, it's more moaning into their mouths than a slide of lips but Jimin breaks it, he pushes Yoongi down by his chest and sits up again. "Hey, hey, no come back, wanna kiss you," Yoongi manages to say but Jimin shakes his head "Want you to cum," Jimin mumbles
He’s bouncing on Yoongi’s cock, supporting himself on Yoongi’s thighs, arms behind him, but at some point Jimin brings his hand up to thread his hair, pulling it back to show forehead and Yoongi thinks he looks… too much, plus the sounds he makes, Yoongi twists the bed covers.
“Mm’close,” Yoongi warns. He knows he’s flushed red and he’s embarrassed he’s going to cum so soon again but it’s the second time this day. “Jimin, Jimin, I’m going to…” “Come on, Yoongi” Jimin slurs, he starts moving faster. “I wanna feel you,” he whines. And Yoongi does.
They’re laying in bed afterwards. Jimin went away to clean quickly but he hurried so he could cuddle with Yoongi but more than cuddling Jimin is leaving soft pecks all over Yoongi’s face. Yoongi scruches his nose, "Jimin ah, you didn't..." "It's okay, this was about you."
Yoongi shakes his head "No, no, let me-" "Hyung it's fine... I already" Jimin looks outside the door, towards the bathroom "Oh," Yoongi says slowly. He worries if Jimin didn't want him to touch his body, or if he did something that Jimin didn't like for him to finish off alone.
“Why are you making that face?" Jimin leans over to kiss him, he's blushing and he's smiling so Yoongi forgets his worries for a second and lets Jimin leave kisses all over his face. "You’re so cute,” Jimin whispers. “Mmh?” Yoongi feels clingy, and he pulls Jimin closer.
“You made such a cute face when you came,” Jimin coos. Yoongi has to blush. It’s embarrassing to hear Jimin say that kind of stuff. “Jimin ah, don’t say that!” “It’s true! You did,” Jimin hugs him closer. “Don’t tease me,” Yoongi pouts and it only makes Jimin smile wider.
“I’m happy,” Jimin whispers and Yoongi is too, he's happy he's hugging Jimin and all his worries can go away. “I’m happy you trusted me to do this with you.” There’s only one way to answer that. “I love you,” Yoongi blurts. No thoughts about it, only his honesty about Jimin.
It makes the younger smile but before he can say anything Yoongi wants to make himself clear. “I love you like I’ve never loved anyone, or anything.” “Anything, Min Yoongi?” Jimin sits up, excited. Yoongi can’t help but smile at his boyfriend, he can stay here with him forever.
"Yes, anything." Jimin shines a little, his skin glowy and smile radiant. “Do you love me then.... like you love music?” Jimin asks, half in joke, but his eyes are expectant. Yoongi nods. “Mmh Jimin ah… you’re music yourself.” “Yoongi!” Jimin squeals. “You’re so corny!”
Yoongi can't help but smile, “do you love me like you love music, Park Jimin?” he asks in a whisper Jimin doesn’t wait long. “I do.” Jimin searches for Yoongi's eyes to repeat. “I really do, you always make me hear music.” He speaks seriously Yoongi hums. He loves Jimin’s mind.
"Are you listening to something right now?" Yoongi wonders, he holds Jimin closer to his body. Jimin nods slowly, he looks up at Yoongi and it's honest. “What are you listening?” Yoongi asks, his fingers drawing figures on Jimin's skin. “Chopin... Nocturne number two in E flat,"
“Really? That’s really romantic, Jimin ah,” he teases. Jimin shrugs, a faint blush on his cheeks. Yoongi looks at the ceiling. “I was thinking in Chopin too, but a Waltz. Number 10.” Jimin giggles. “That’s sweet, hyung.” And after a second. “Can you hear it?” Jimin whispers.
To this day Yoongi doesn’t know if Jimin really listens to pieces playing in his head at these moments and he doesn’t want to ask because he thinks it would ruin the magic. And also, if he closes his eyes, holding Jimin close to him, he can listen to the pieces too.
"I can," Yoongi assures him. "It's faintly playing," he tries. Jimin nods, like he can hear too. "Who's playing?" he wonders and once again, Yoongi thinks there's only one logical answer to that one question. "I am," he says. And Jimin smiles, his whole face lights up.
It’s only late at night, when Jimin already went home and Yoongi starts missing him, that Yoongi remembers he forgot to ask the younger if he did good or not.
Nothing really changes, Yoongi notices. One day he had never had sex and now he has, he’s still Yoongi. Only difference is that know that it happened. And once it already happened Yoongi feels like it can happen again at any time. But it isn't like he's against the idea either.
He also feels like Jimin is more comfortable with him, which is something Yoongi is really happy about. Jimin lets himself say stuff he wouldn’t before, he’s more clingy -if that’s possible- and Yoongi likes it. There’s a certain ease that comes after sharing something intimate.
Yoongi is still worried though, Jimin did the most during their first time so it’s not like Yoongi proved himself as a good lover. He really didn’t even move, only thrusted his hips up in some attempt of feeling Jimin deeper. He knows Jimin enjoyed it judging by… everything.
But he wonders if he was good enough? He feels like he has to prove himself.
They are watching a movie in Yoongi’s laptop. Jimin is falling asleep on Yoongi’s shoulder though and Yoongi thinks he should say it now. “I want to lead next time,” Yoongi declares. Jimin stirs. “Mmh. What are you talking about, chubs?” Yoongi gulps. “In sex,” he clarifies.
“Oh.” Jimin is wide awake now. “How so?” “Last time you were on top of me and I want to…” Jimin is really focused, Yoongi can tell in his eyes. Yoongi closes his own. “I just want to be the one on top?” “What do you mean?” Jimin turns his head to a side. “Last time you topped”
“No, no, I know I topped but you— you fucked me.” Jimin’s eyes widen. “I know I was the one inside you but you fucked me.” Jimin seems to understand, he smiles endeared. “And you want to fuck me...” Yoongi is quiet but then the younger sighs and he leans to kiss Yoongi’s lips.
“Okay then. Do it,” Jimin looks at him. “Fuck me, Yoon,” he whispers and Yoongi is turned on already, only by his voice. He doesn’t know what to do though. He didn’t expect to get this far with the conversation. “You mean right now?” “If you want to. You’re leading now, baby.”
“Have you…” Yoongi knows he didn’t tell Jimin he wanted to have sex tonight so probably he isn’t- “Can I finger you?” Jimin blushes a lot. “Yeah, yeah, you can.” They move around the bed, to distance from each other. “Why don’t you bring the lube, baby?” Yoongi nods and obeys.
“How do you want me?” Jimin asks loudly before he goes to the bathroom. There aren’t many options, it’s on his back or not. But he can’t seem to choose. Yoongi needs to be more assertive. “Ah… how do you like it?" Jimin is smiling. “On my hands and knees.” Yoongi gulps.
“But you said you wanted to see my face and I think I make a pretty face when I’m getting fingered. So what do you want?” Yoongi should answer. He’s the one doing the fucking after all but he's frozen. “Ah… well, you can go on your hands and knees." “M’kay” Jimin smiles slyly.
When he returns Jimin is already only in boxers. Yoongi fumbles with the bottle lube on his hands, he’s nervous and he wants to do good for Jimin. “Umh, do you want me to take that off?” He gestures Jimin’s way, climbs on the bed Jimin shakes his head. “I want you to look at me"
Jimin finishes undressing, Yoongi watches attentive, and then he slowly gets on his hand and knees. Yoongi is on his knees on top of the mattress, behind Jimin, and he doesn’t know where to look. There’s so many that deserves his attention. Jimin has dimples on his back, god.
“Come on, baby, you can touch,” Jimin mewls, pushing back slightly. He spreads himself open for Yoongi and the elder nods even if Jimin can’t see him. He's so hot. “Yeah, yeah, I’m going to-” He stops himself from talking because doesn’t need to explain everything he's doing.
He only pours lube on his fingers and then, without warning, he presses his middle finger to Jimin’s hole. He watches how the younger squirms at the sudden touch. “Is it too cold”? Yoongi asks, worried. Jimin shakes his head. “Go on,” Jimin says quietly. “Just put it in, Yoon.”
Yoongi does, slowly. "Fuck, your fingers are long," Jimin hisses, he hides between his arms, and Yoongi takes it as a compliment, so he curls his finger inside him and Jimin moans, a sound that goes straight to Yoongi’s dick. "Yoongi, do that again." And Yoongi does. He's hard.
“Yoongi, add one more,” Jimin whines. And Yoongi does. Yoongi has two fingers inside him, and he hits Jimin’s deeper. “Ah Yoongi,” Jimin sounds breathless. “Ah, it’s good.” Yoongi quickly palms himself. He likes Jimin's voice and he likes when he tells him it’s good. “More.”
He does as Jimin wants and pushes his fingers deeper. After he presses his fingers Jimin is quickly arching his back, “ah there, there,” Jimin repeats, voice barely there. He starts moving his hips desperately and Yoongi has to hold him down by the hips but Jimin pays it no mind.
“I’m ready” Jimin announces after a hiss. He twists around to face Yoongi. “I need you, fuck me” Yoongi nods and after a beat realizes he should move. He really doesn’t know what possessed him to pulls his fingers out and push Jimin down to the mattress, but he's taking the lead
Jimin gasps loudly when Yoongi pins him down but the way he's looking at Yoongi— he seems to really like the change of positions. He looks beautiful with his hands next to this head, flushed from what they've been doing. Yoongi doesn't think too much before kissing him deeply.
They are kissing and Yoongi is hard, painfully hard. He rubs against Jimin. “You’re going to take care of me, Yoongi hyung?” Jimin says in a teasing tone. It makes Yoongi blush. And he knows Jimin means right now, to sex but he can’t help but answer sincerely, “Yes, always.”
Jimin seems more flustered by those words than anything else Yoongi could have said, he’s blushing and surges forward to kiss Yoongi. Jimin pulls Yoongi closer “Take care of me then, Yoon,” Jimin whispers to him and takes him out of his jeans to align him with his own entrance.
It's not long until he's slowly thrusting inside, his movements almost tentative, because he doesn’t know what will Jimin like. But Jimin wraps his legs around Yoongi's waist and lets out small sighs, meaning he must be feeling good. Yoongi wants to make sure. “You like it?”
“S’good,” Jimin reassures him, “you’re deep, it’s good,” he manages to say. He squeezes his legs, making Yoongi go even deeper. “But you can do it harder, baby.” Yoongi nods but he wants to be careful nonetheless. "I—" “Come on, I won’t break, I want you to feel good too.”
Yoongi thrusts harder, and it feels really good, he only wants to keep feeling that good. He starts chasing that feeling, the tightness, which means going faster, shorter thrusts but quicker, sloppier he thinks, but good nonetheless, better than any night alone with his hand.
However he then worries if Jimin is enjoying it or not, Yoongi searches for him and the younger is biting his lips, eyes closed. He brings one hand to Jimin’s face, holds the younger’s chin and cheek and with his thumb, tries to make the younger stop biting his lip, pulling at it
Jimin stops biting at his lip once Yoongi touches him, but he does so only to take Yoongi’s thumb inside his mouth instead. He sucks on it. “Me'more,” Jimin somehow says, with Yoongi’s thumb on his tongue. He acts quickly and gets two fingers inside Jimin’s mouth instead.
And Jimin sucks them, he slurps at them like he needs to have something inside his mouth and he looks so good, he looks so hot, Yoongi’s stomach feels tight. The sight distracts him, it distracts him so much he must have stopped moving but then Jimin starts rolling his hips.
Yoongi quickly snaps forward to stop Jimin from fucking himself on his cock. It makes Jimin moan loudly. He throws his arms around Yoongi’s neck and pulls him down to be face to face, “shit, you like fucking me Yoongi?” Jimin asks. His voice almost a growl, it drives Yoongi crazy
Yoongi knows his thrusting has no rhythm at this point, it’s just searching desperately for Jimin. “Y-yeah,” Yoongi stutters. “You fuck me good, baby, you’re doing good,” Jimin whines, meeting Yoongi’s thrusts as best as he can. And Yoongi moans. Jimin is fucking himself.
Yoongi didn't want that but it feels good and he's close. “I’m going to cum,” Yoongi lets him know. “come, come,” Jimin urges him. Pulling Yoongi closer by the hips with his legs. With Jimin wrapped around him, keeping him caged, Yoongi is so deep and Jimin rolls his hips.
“I’m gonna cu—” “Don’t pull, don’t pull out,” Jimin pleads, cutting Yoongi off. Yoongi nods desperately. And thrusts faster and sloppier, until he cums inside him. Jimin is clawing at his back, probably going to leave a scratch mark and the thought alone makes him cum harder.
Yoongi needs time to recover. He is panting on top of Jimin and wishes they didn’t have to move but they have to in order to clean and also Yoongi has to help Jimin finish off, but that was good. He groans and then kisses Jimin’s neck. Jimin giggles, squeals that it’s ticklish.
“Do you want to go to a party?” Jimin asks after a comfortable long silence. Yoongi feels so good after sex, he feels better than ever. “Anything for you,” he murmurs to Jimin’s skin. “Okay, then,” Jimin giggles. Obviously excited by the unexpected turn of events. “Tonight.”
Yoongi groans, his after sex bliss doesn’t register it as a bad idea though. “I’ll go to whatever club you want but I’ll blow you first.” “Mmh okay,” Jimin smiles. Yoongi goes down and with Jimin laying on his back he takes his cock on his mouth. “That’s a good plan,” he moans.
Yoongi hates clubs but he told Jimin they would go, and the younger assured him they were going to a gay club and promised those were the most fun and Yoongi trusts him, so he accepts. And also getting ready for the club is easily one of the things Yoongi likes the most.
“Jiminie, do you the remember last time we went out you put makeup on me…” he started, a little shy but Jimin was already over him. “You want me to put makeup on you again?” Jimin smiles close to his face and pushes him down to bed. Yoongi nods while he watches Jimin climb him.
Jimin straddles his waist and applies makeup on him while laying on the bed. It’s fun because Jimin enjoys himself applying makeup on Yoongi and it’s nice having him so close. It’s nice having Jimin on top of him like that, calm but restraining him in a way Yoongi can’t move.
Yoongi stays still, lets Jimin do whatever he wants with the makeup on his face. “You like when I do this?” Jimin asks lowly, carefully adding glitter around Yoongi’s eyeshadow. Yoongi hums. He knows Jimin means applying makeup but Yoongi says, “I like when you take care of me.”
Jimin smiles warmly, even blushes a little and Yoongi keeps going, “I like when you wash my hair on the bath and I like how you always know what I want before I even know it.” Jimin hums and leans over to kiss him. “Well I like taking care of you baby,” Jimin mumbles, shyly.
They stand in front of the mirror. “You look hot,” Jimin smiles from where he stands behind Yoongi, chin resting on Yoongi’s shoulder. Yoongi stares at his reflection, the eyeshadow matches his purple shirt and Jimin has added glitter, he guesses he kind of does look very good.
He looks good but the club doesn’t get better than the last time Yoongi was in one. Is still loud, crowded and smells bad. But Yoongi can ignore it all because he’s walking hand in hand with Jimin. Jimin who looks gorgeous and catches everyone’s attention, but touching Yoongi.
Jimin tells Yoongi he’s going to dance or at least that’s what Yoongi thinks he heard the younger say, he can’t really know with how loud the club is. “Look at me, okay?” he whisper yells next to Yoongi’s ear. Yoongi nods but Jimin doesn’t move away, he gets closer.
“You know I like being watched,” he whispers next to Yoongi, he's so close Yoongi has to hold his waist. “Watch me, hyung.” Yoongi tenses because the way Jimin slurs his words are similar to when they’re in bed. Yoongi can only nod dumbly and look at him when Jimin leaves.
Yoongi stares at Jimin dancing across from him. As always he finds himself in awe of Jimin’s body. To the way he rolls his hips. To the way he throws his head back,. He can see some men behind Jimin but Jimin doesn’t really dance with any for long, he’s dancing for Yoongi only.
Yoongi is too busy staring he doesn’t notice a man approaching him until he’s standing in front of him, he’s taller than Yoongi and broader, older too. He offers Yoongi a drink, (not that Yoongi can listen to him but he infers it from the two beers he lift up in Yoongi's’ way)
But Yoongi didn't want to drink tonight and he’s not in a club to make friends or get to know someone, he’s with his boyfriend and that man is standing between them. Yoongi shakes his head. The man takes it as a response only to the beer offer, leaving it on the table next to him
The man stands next to Yoongi either way. “You’re alone?” he asks loudly close to Yoongi’s ear, over the music. Yoongi takes a step back, he thinks ignoring him is a good idea. But when he looks away, he catches Jimin. He can feel Jimin’s gaze on them. And he doesn’t look happy.
It remembers him of the night with Wooseok, he remembers how jealous Jimin got and he for some reason gets excited. He kind of wants Jimin to get possesive, like he did that day. But he doesn’t want to lead the man next to him on. “No! I’m not alone,” he has to explain loudly.
“Here with your friends?” the man shouts back, voice mingling with the music Yoongi thinks nothing bad will happen if he goes a little closer to the man. “With my boyfriend!” he says next to man’s ear. The answer doesn’t seem to bother the man at all, it makes him smirk in fact.
It's then that Jimin walks towards them and sticks to Yoongi’s body, arms circling the elder’s middle. “Hey,” he slurs and he kisses Yoongi, not even glancing the other way, he kisses Yoongi and he does it wetly and deep. He’s jealous and Yoongi feels kind of giddy about it.
It’s like that time with Wooseok but now Yoongi can easily pinpoint how affected he is by the display of possessiveness. He understands his embarrassment that day was more inclined to arousal than anything else. So he kisses Jimin back as eagerly as he can, pulls him even closer.
“We’re not looking for a plus one, sorry,” Jimin says to the man next to them almost in a hiss. Yoongi doesn’t see the man’s reaction, too busy looking at Jimin. Jimin turns to Yoongi right away, he's pissed. “Let’s go dance,” he decides, he grabs Yoongi’s hand and pulls him in.
“You get really jealous,” Yoongi chuckles as they stumble inside Jimin’s apartment. “Last time we went out you got jealous too, do you really think it’s a good idea taking me to parties?” “Yes, I am a little jealous.” Jimin complains. “I don’t care. Do you care?” Yoongi doesn’t.
“You’re hot when you get jealous,” Yoongi explains, honest. Jimin scoffs. “I’m always hot.” Yoongi stops him from pacin around. “No, you don’t get it. You’re way hotter,” Yoongi tries to quickly laugh to cover the long silence between them but suddenly Jimin is kissing him.
“Is that so, baby? Way hotter?” Yoongi nods rapidly. He thinks he can read the atmosphere well enough and he can know where this is going but he asks nonetheless. “Can we?”, his hands are playing with the waistband of Jimin’s jeans, slightly pulling them down. Jimin nods.
Yoongi is kissing Jimin hurriedly, and it causes the younger to laugh. “You’re so desperate to fuck me,” he says lowly. “How cute.” Yoongi nods as he fumbles with Jimin’s zipper. His boyfriend puts his own hands over Yoongi’s to calm him down and kisses him, slow and deep.
Jimin is kissing him and only takes a small distance to warn, “you can fuck me... but you have to be quiet or you’re going to wake them up.” Jimin gestures towards the door, probably meaning to Jungkook and Taehyung, who must be sleeping across the hall. Yoongi understands.
He gets a little squirmy about having sex when there are people on the room across the hall, he really wouldn’t want to be heard but Jimin looks amazing right now and he can’t not do something about it. They fall on top of the bed. “Can you be quiet for me, baby?” Yoongi nods.
“Words, Yoongi,” Jimin demands, harshly. Yoongi gulps. “Yes I can keep quiet,” Yoongi replies under his breath. A little low but Jimin catches it, he catches it because he’s attentively looking at Yoongi from top of him. “So pretty,” Jimin whispers, his thumb over Yoongi’s lip.
“I was dumb thinking no one was going to walk up to you,” he laments. “You look so pretty, of course you were going to gain attention, baby.” Yoongi shives at Jimin’s words and at the way Jimin kisses him. He talks lowly, almost a whisper on Yoongi’s skin, and he kisses slowly.
He kisses Yoongi all over, from his jaw to his neck, to his chest, down his stomach. Yoongi was the one unbuttoning his own shirt up so Jimin can trail kisses down his torso. He reaches his happy trail and carefully pulls Yoongi’s cock out, but he doesn’t go lower to suck on it.
Instead he wraps his hand around Yoongi, and returns up to kiss his neck. With his free hand Jimin pushes Yoongi’s shirt wide open until it falls on his sides and lead down to kiss his body again. He starts jerking Yoongi off slowly then, and kisses his neck while doing so.
Jimin spreads the precum on Yoongi’s cock with his thumb, making Yoongi squirm and just then he starts biting the skin around Yoongi’s shoulder. It hurts a little and Yoongi whines but Jimin kisses it after biting and trails down again. He moves until he’s kissing Yoongi’s chest.
He sucks on Yoongi’s nipple, he bites it a little and then licks it while he jerks him off. Yoongi is squirming more. “Jimin, please,” Yoongi begs. Jimin moves to the other one. “Please.” “Please what, baby? What do you want?” Jimin asks in a hoarse voice, his wrists flicks.
“I—“ Yoongi thrusts into Jimin’s fist “You want to use this?” Jimin squeezes. Yoongi nods, unable to say so. “Tell me…” Jimin whispers. “Tell me what you want to do.” “Wanna…” he gulps. “Jimin, please, let me fuck you,” Yoongi asks. Jimin coos, he coos, and Yoongi is so hard.
Jimin seems to be enjoying this, he’s hard too and Yoongi can feel him against his thigh, but he can only focus on how much he needs to be inside Jimin. “Stay there,” Jimin orders. And Yoongi does, he stays still on the bad, hard and needy and waits for Jimin to come back.
“You’re going to stay there and I’m going to ride you,” Jimin orders and Yoongi complies. It’s completely different from their first time, where Jimin had sinked down slowly, where Jimin had kissed him, had gone slow. This time Jimin is pining him down, and fucking himself hard.
Jimin rides Yoongi fast, he moans and rolls his hips widely, and whenever Yoongi tries to thrust up, Jimin’s hold on his wrist tightens, silently telling him not to. Yoongi is surprised Jimin’s legs don’t give up, he only slows down from time to time and then starts again.
He doesn’t stop the roll of his hips until Yoongi is shaking, squirming because he feels so much. And he warns Jimin he’s close but the younger doesn’t seem put off by that at all, instead he asks for Yoongi to cum inside, which seems to be something his boyfriend likes a lot.
Yoongi cums but Jimin doesn’t stop riding him. “Jimin,” Yoongi cries. He’s too sensitive, and the slightest of touch is making him shiver but Jimin doesn’t stop fucking himself on Yoongi’s cock, he’s going faster and the sound is dirty, of cum and lube and Jimin’s skin on his.
“Jimin,” Yoongi tries again, he weakly holds Jimin’s hips. He’s getting hard again but it hurts. “You wanted to see my face?” Jimin lifts himself a little to then sink down deeper on him. “You said so...” “Yes,” Yoongi agrees. He did say so when they first talked about this.
Back then he thought seeing Jimin face meant him being on top of Jimin, caging the boy under him, making him feel good, Jimin squirmy under his touch... not the other way round. But Yoongi can’t say he doesn’t like this outcome better. “I’m close, just let me—“ Jimin moans.
Use you, Yoongi’s mind offers. Jimin wants to use him. And he’s more than okay with that. He loves how Jimin uses him, it’s close to hurting but it’s also the best he’s ever felt and he loves it and he wants Jimin to take everything from him, he can take anything he wants.
“Touch me, Yoongi,” he asks, “touch me.” Yoongi does and he watches Jimin fall apart like that, with him buried inside and his hand around him. He cums all over Yoongi’s stomach, and before Jimin flops down he spreads it around Yoongi’s skin, it’s dirty but Yoongi pays it no mind
He’s still inside Jimin, and the younger seems to want to move. “Jimin ah, if you move... I’m going to cry.” Jimin lifts himself up at the words. Yoongi hisses, he’s so deep inside but he’s so sensitive. “Hyung, don’t say that.” Yoongi hums. “I’m going to get hard again.”
“You’d get hard from making me cry?” Yoongi manages to ask. Jimin shakes his head. “From fucking you until you cry.” And... well, when he thinks of it, and how it just hurt so good, Yoongi isn’t so opposed to it. “You’d like that?” Jimin asks and Yoongi... he nods.
They wake up cuddling, legs a tangled mess. Yoongi doesn’t want to move at all, they barely cleaned themselves up with how tired they ended up the day before after sex, so he could use some more minutes in bed. He hugs Jimin closer, holding him tight against his chest.
“Good morning,” Jimin says slowly to Yoongi’s skin. It really is Yoongi’s favorite voice, and he's sure he could wake up like this everyday “Good morning,” Yoongi whispers "We have to get out of bed, Jungkook and Taehyung are already up," Jimin says slowly. Yoongi can hear them
“Can we stay here for a little longer?" Yoongi pouts, trying to get things go the way he wants to. Jimin giggles. "I feel good here, don't wanna move," Yoongi adds like a whine, just in case. I feel good too,” Jimin says. His fingers trailing up Yoongi's neck, and jaw. “Yeah?”
“I don't know," Jimin's voice is calming, Yoongi feels sleepy again. "I guess I just love having sex with you,” Jimin says between an airy laughter. "It leaves me all happy and warm inside." “Yeah?” Yoongi giggles awkwardly. It's too early in the morning to be blushing like this
Jimin recognizes his awkward giggle right away. “What is it, chubs? After yesterday I thought you wouldn't get shy anymore when I talked about sex..." Now, he's definitely blushing. "Jimin ah... it's not that," he says but it's certainly that. "You're so cute," Jimin coos.
“You really love it?" Yoongi wonders. Too self conscious. Jimin looks confused. "I mean, I think you love that it’s with me, but I don't know about… I’m not exactly the best lover." “What?” Jimin lifts himself up quickly. “Why would you say that, Yoon?” Yoongi curses himself.
"I really like everything we do... A lot," Yoongi blushes just thinking about yesterday and how dirty they got and the way Jimin was sweating. "But I don't know if I'm doing good for you so..." Jimin throws himself on top of Yoongi rather dramatically. It's cute though.
"You're perfect and I love it and I love you." Yoongi smiles to himself, and hugs Jimin closer. "I'll just have to repeat it more," Jimin says with a cute voice. Yoongi searches for his face to kiss him slowly. A good morning kiss. "Yoon," Jimin starts. "I'm happy if you like it"
"And if I have a problem with anything you do I will say it, and if you have a problem you should also say it," Jimin explains. Yoongi nods. "I'm glad you're telling me you're still a little..." "Worried?" Yoongi tries. "But you shouldn't be..." Jimin assures him.
"Even if I just lay in bed..." Yoongi cringes. "Or only do as you tell me to," he remembers when they changed positions and Jimin basically led from underneath him. "I like that, you also like it," Jimin looks at him and Yoongi nods. He does like it. "So there's no problem."
"I like my... top pillow princess?" Jimin looks away, he frowns like trying to think. "Pillow princess that tops? Ah... my needy toy," he's always teasing. "Jimin stop," Yoongi flips them around so Jimin stops saying dumb stuff. But it only makes Jimin laugh harder.
Jimin giggles from underneath him, "m'sorry, baby." Yoongi only shakes his head. "Hey, you don't need to worry about anything okay?" He suddenly says, and he's serious. Yoongi looks down at him. "I'm going to take care of you, so don't worry." Yoongi nods before kissing him.
With Jimin in his arms, Yoongi really has nothing to worry about.


yoonmin au — opposites attract 🔞 jimin talks to his boyfriend yoongi about a kink he’s into, and to jimin’s surprise yoongi wants to try it out.


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