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Sep 4, 2019
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➝ You , Jikook au Gukk plans a romantic dinner for his gf in a restaurant but as hes waiting for her to arrive, Idol JM slides in his booth to hide from the crazy fans chasing after him. An intense romance blooms between them but while JM wants to keep it a secret, JK doesn't

Warnings 🔞 : → Angst → Falling in love → Smut → Cheating (slightly) → Nsfw → More angst → Fluff → Strangers to lovers → Drinking → I'll add more if I need to
Intro. → Jikook au ← Park Jimin Age 24 Very famous idol Signed to a shitty label Friends with rappers, Joon, Hobi, & Yoongi
Intro. → Jikook au ← Jungkook Age, also 24 Wealthy doctor Has a gf named Rosie Friends w/ Tae, Jin, and also Yoongi
1. Jikook au Christmas shopping
2. Jikook au Spotted
3. Jikook au At a lingerie store
4. Jikook au A mess
5. Jikook au On the other side, Jungkook waits
6. Jikook au No reply
7. Jikook au Fate?
8. Jikook au A flying iphone
9. Jikook au Pigs feet
10. Jikook au Trouble
11. Jikook au They don't care
I'll stop here for now. Let me know what you think 👉👈 Thank you for reading!
o much! ♡
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