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laurie 🦝

Sep 22, 2019
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yoonmin au where jimins boyfriend breaks up with him and moves on very suddenly, so jimin decides to take revenge by fake dating the captain of a rival team, yoongi. #yoonminau

hi so this will be; -probs a lil angst -fluffy!! -jimins lowkey a dick but he sorts his shit out dw -not an au where the bf is the bad guy dw
character introductions! Jimin and friends:
yoongi and friends:
and jimins boyfriend:
(i'll start this tomorrow if enough people are interested ig?? uhh here's my cc nd stuff if u wanna complain about the choice of kpop boy as jimins boyfriend: )
1. before it all goes down
2. a g a i n
3. this makes me sad
4. hoseok ain’t loyal 😔
5. 🤩🤩
6. cliche party time
7. bro......
8. poof
9. we love friends !
10. yikes
(that's all for today, uhhh i promise that it won't be as sad lmao, just had to get that out of the way u know. anyway pls leave likes nd quotes and stuff!! makes me :D or u can leave lil notes here: )
11. a few days later
12. park jimin protection league
13. don’t do it bro
14. the truth uhhh hurts
15. petty
16. uhhh so it won’t let me screenshot the whole thing so it has to be this way soz
17. tiny cutie
18. the revenge !
19. baby
20. yoogli
(ok that's all for today!! jimin is kind of a bitch and i kind of love him?? thoughts?? you can leave likes and quotes to let me know what you think or leave lil messages here: )
21. oop
22. thanks :)
23. sweetheart
24. sure
25. just me?
26. cute ass
27. hey loser
28. ruh-roh
29. sad
30. goodnight
(we done for tonight!! likes and stuff are always appreciated and if u wanna talk about soft but sassy yoongi with me, leave lil messages here: )
31. announcement !
32. jealous
33. missing cat
34. uhhhh um
35. vigorous booty shaking
36. ofc haha
37. 🤔🤔🤫🤫
38. awkward yoonmin are awkward
39. f e e l i n g s
40. positive emotions
(ok folks thats all for now. does jimin actually like yoongi? how does yoongi feel? find out on the next episode of: laurie makes the plot up as she goes!! pls like and quote nd stuff, or leave your thoughts here if u want: )
41. 👀
42. 🤮
43. date !
44. scary
45. one month later!!
46. lets go yoongi !
47. some f e e l i n g s development
48. yikes
49. i promise
50. never happened
(pacing is hard. i'm trying my best. likes nd quotes are always appreciated, and uhhh do u think either of them will actually ever confess? tell me here: )
51. noise
52. 🤠
53. the next morning
54. a mistake
55. oops
56. jimins notifs after hoseoks tweet 😬
57. leave me alone
58. okay
59. idk
60. you fucked up!
(yeah so that's all for now.... do you think jimin is right to leave yoongi? or is he stupid? idk. quotes nd likes are loved and appreciated, or if u wanna yell at me, do so here: )
61. so sorry
62. 🔐
63. i miss you
64. want him
65. worrying
66. missing cat: his name is yoongi and he likes his hand being held
67. tae messages yoog
68. tae checks jimins phone
69. friendly
70. love
(and on that revelation, we done for tonight! is yoongi an idiot? most definitely! is he actually gonna try and fite? who knows ! likes and quotes are loved and appreciated, and if u wanna yell at me, do it here: )
71. :)
72. yoongle
73. 🍞🍞
74. i uh
75. badumtss
76. seokjin shoots his shot
77. crab walking
78. SO?
79. happy boy
80. yingly
(um ok that's all. these updates felt meh, m sorry :( if u still wanna leave likes and quotes then they'd be appreciated ! or u can leave lil messages here: )
81. psa
82. making amends
83. cancelled
84. not an owl
85. best baby!
86. at the after party
87. green monster
88. is all good dw
89. happy
90. he ready !
(ok so tomorrow is probs the last update !! thank u for sticking with me through uhh whatever this is so far, likes and quotes are loved and appreciated, and idk, is jimin or kooks date idea better? let me know: )
91. help
92. a week or so later !
93. nervous
94. couple of the century
95. boyfriend
96. captain
97. date!
98. ice cream
99. goosegi
100. l o v e
(oh wow ! we finished ! i didn't know how to end it so i hope this is uhh okay-ish?? pls let me know what you thought of the tiny cuties falling in love: )
laurie 🦝

laurie 🦝

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laurie 🦝

laurie 🦝

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