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yoonmin au where 300 years old vampire Yoongi finds a stray, scruffy calico cat on the streets and takes care of him till the wounds are healed. When one night Yoongi wakes up to the sight of a gorgeous, naked human boy he knows that Jimin is actually a cat hybrid

Daddy Yoongi, bratty baby boy Jimin..?🥺
Okay it was supposed to be just an idea but THE PLOT IS IN MY HEAD 😭😭 and I think Ill write this. If you want to commision this for a coffee let me know that you want it and I'll tag you in the thread♡♡
》 vampire Min Yoongi 》cat hybrid Jimin 》badass Yoongi 》violence/depictions of death (Yoongi kills criminals by drinking their blood) 》SMUT /fluff 🥺 》Park Jimin is a brat and a sweetheart 》heats / ruts 》dom top Min Yoongi / sub bottom Park Jimin
Sensitive to every smell Yoongi is walking through the most dangerous part of Seoul. He's still sleepy but the sun is setting soon and he cant wait until it dissapears under the horizon. The scent of human blood is filling his nose,
he's recognized it right after the man has been released from the prison, and maybe Yoongi is wrong but this man doesnt deserve to live. The last rays of sun are illuminating the scruffy alley, the sound of drunkards and laughter fills Yoongi's ears.
He's not hiding, why a 300 years old vamprire would be hiding? His face is covered in a facemask though, in case any CCTV camera spotted him. 'Give me my money Kang!! Do you think I forgot about it??' Yoongi's attention goes to the conversation he hears from a few miles away.
He recognizes the man's voice. 'I paid you back Ron! I dont know what are you talking about!!' The other man cries, and theres a thud like he was beaten by the other. Its a matter of seconds before Yoongi finds the alley.
Yoongi's standing in the middle of the narrow space, in black jeans and also black loose silky shirt. The two men are so busy they dont notice him. 'You fucking KNOW what Im talking about Kang!! You're gonna pay the rates of your debt,
otherwise Im gonna do with you exactly the same what I did to your pretty wife.' Kang's face changes and he's utterly shocked, he apparently didnt know that its Ron who killed his wife in cold blood. 'Yeah..' the disgusting man smiles,
street lamps turn on, the long bruises on the man's disgusting face are visible now. 'Man, she was screaming..' Ron says with amusement, his eyes of a psychopath are drilling into the shocked man who's still pinned against the wall.
'We've played a bit at first, poor thing hoped youll pay the debt faster..' 'W-why didnt you tell me..' Kang spits out stiffly, Yoongi sees tears in his eyes. 'Because youve been told to pay back but you didnt.' The psychopath smiles and punches the other man in the face.
Kang starts to fight back but he's injured and scrawny in comparison with the criminal. Yoongi steps in before the man hits Kang again, he simply grabs the man by his neck and lifts him up as if he weighted nothing. Kang watches them with eyes round in shock
but Yoongi doesnt waste time, dissapearing into the thin air. He's on the other area of the town in a matter of seconds, the unconscious man thrown on the ground mercilessly. Its the place where Yoongi usually feeds, there are no cameras
and theres the river where he usually disposes the bodies. 'W-what-' Hearing shaken voice of the man Yoongi turns around, his back facing the Han river and the city sparkling in the twillight. 'Where's the body' Yoongi's voice is intimidating, purple eyes shining devillishly.
'W-what-' the man utters, still on his knees. Yoongi materializes in front of him in a split of a second, stomping on the man's hand. Theres the sound of broken bones and a loud scream and Yoongi tutts, pressing the bottom of his expensive shoe against the man's mouth.
'Where did you hide the body' Yoongi repeats, this time he sounds deathly serious. And finally the man speaks. Knowing the whereabouts of the killed woman Yoongi reaches for the man's hand and with no regrets bites into the killer's wrist.
The man is squirming and yelling before the blood pressure lowers and he has no strength to fight. It lasts minutes and if Yoongi stopped the man would live. But Yoongi doesnt fight his instincts although to be honest such cockroaches like the man deserve more painful death.
Its about ten minutes before the man's heart stops beating and his blood starts to taste bad so Yoongi drops it onto the ground with distaste. His eyes are back to deep brown now, he feels powerful, the energy back in his veins.
Thats when his vampire hearing detects a faint meow in the nearby alley. Yoongi hears many sounds like that, usually he ignoresthem but this animal sounds like in pain and Yoongi might be merciless to humans but he has a soft heart for animals.
Dropping the body into the river takes about a minute and in a matter of seconds Yoongi's in the alley where he heard the sound. There's no more meowing but Yoongi detects fast, shallow heartbeat of a tiny heart.
Its easy to find the "culprit", its a young calico cat hidden between dirty cardboard boxes. The weakling's body tenses to run away but for Yoongi its like slow motion, he has the cat in his hand the next moment. The animal looks frightened to death,
its innocent doe eyes are widened and heart beating even faster when looking at Yoongi's pale face. The vampire lifts the cat by its scruff and the animal doesnt mind it but it looks so vurnelable that Yoongi sighs and takes pity on it, dropping the cat onto his other hand.
The night aims to dive the city in the darkness but a mass of enlightened buildings and neon signs easily stop this attempt. When Yoongi's back in his apartment he drops the frighten kitty onto the kitchen counter and starts to take off his covered in blood black shirt.
The kitten starts to sniff around, still shaking and terrified, its little heart is beating fast. Yoongi reckons the kitten is hurt because when it tries to walk it avoids stomping on his right front leg, having it lifted.
After dropping the shirt into laundry and changing into other clothes Yoongis reaching for his phone. The signal sounds 4 times before someone picks up, Yoongis standing in front of huge window of his apartment. 'Joonah.. I've got a patient for you.' Yoongi says into the phone,
still sounding sleepy. 'Bring him to the hospital then!' The man says hastily, asking Yoongi why didn't he do that yet. 'Because it's a cat.' 'A cat.' Namjoon repeats dumbly. 'Yeah.' Yoongi hums, materializing in front of said cat, making it jump in surprise.
The cat is holding itself on his weak legs and it's so dirty its pitiful, tiny body is shaking. 'Where the fuck did you take that cat from??' Yoongi sighs. 'Why are you so fucking curious?' The vampire scoffs. 'You've got a debt, now you can pay it off.'
Namjoon sighs on the other line. 'I'm not a vet Yoongi..' he says tiredly. 'And I didnt know that saving Jin was worth a cat's life.' Yoongis hand reaches forward absently, the kitten stays unmoving, frightened.
'It'll pay it partially.' Yoongi says absently, his fingers start to rub the kitten's tiny head. The cat remains stiff but relaxes the longer Yoongi caresses him. 'Come here and treat it or bring someone who can do it.' Yoongi says to the phone
and without waiting for Namjoon's answer he hangs up. The kitten still seems scared but his pretty eyes involuntarily shut at the caress, it seems like Yoongis touch was pleasurable in spite of the pain he's in. 'What happened to you lil guy, huh..?' Yoongi rasps,
not averting his eyes from the cat. The calico cat obviously doesn't answer but he visibly likes the tone of Yoongi's voice because it closes his eyes and starts to purr quietly. ***
A/N SO this story is open to commission (but not exclusive one). Let me know if you like it, if it's worth continuing! Thank you for reading uwu
*** Lights are turned off, the sun still didnt appear above the horizon when an awful creature slides above the ground in a fast pace. The city is still asleep so noone can see their horrible appearance, but whoever crosses the creature's path dies on spot from a heart attack.
But worse fate have those who die from the monster's hands. The police can't find the culprit but the murders are explicitly cruel, the citizens are warned to better stay at homes at night and be extremely cautious.
It's still night time when Namjoon has to rush through dived in darkness streets to help a certain annoying vampire with a stray cat he found. 'We shouldn't go there at night hyung..' Taehyung says sleepy as its still extremely early, he's looking through the window anxiously.
'They say it's a vampire who kills those people.. and vampires are nightly creatures..' Namjoon hates himself for having to say this. 'Stop it Taehyung-ah, vampires don't exist..' Namjoon sounds more nervous than mocking, he looks at the road rather than at his cousin.
'And why would I go there?' Taehyung mutters, slightly sulking. 'To perform throughout examinations I'll have to take the cat to the clinic anyways..' Namjoon sighs. He agrees with Taehyung but he also knows that if Yoongi tells him to do something, he has to do it immediately.
'I know, but he did something important to me and now I have to pay him for it.' 'And helping a stray cat is so important?' Taehyung scoffs, doubting. 'Apparently..' Namjoon hums, lost in thought too. They drive in silence, only the sound of humming engine.
'What was that?' Taehyung asks, sitting straight in his seat to look through the window. 'What?' Namjoon asks, confused. 'No-nothing..' Taehyung utters, trying to convince himself he had a hallucination.
It takes a few minutes before the car drives into the underground parking lot of the highest skyscraper in Seoul. 'Wow.. its impressive..' Taehyung says, watching the guards and everything so fancy. 'I didnt know you have so rich friends hyung...'
Namjoon laughs nervously. 'I'm not Yoongi's friend.' He says, taking time to park before he turns off the engine. 'I think I'm just one of the people he tolerates. Sometimes I have doubts tho..' Taehyung doesn't respond to that, following his hyung to the elevators.
The man lives in a penthouse, theres only one door in the modern corridor, open so that they come in, taking in the expensive but minimalistic decor. 'Yoongi..?' Namjoon asks, hesistantly coming in.
Taehyung jumps when a pale, black haired man materialises in front of them, he's sure he's seeing things. The "Yoongi" isnt short but he's shorter and thinner than Taehyung, and in spite of that Yoongi looks much more powerful and extremely attractive.
Namjoon looks freaked out, glancing at Taehyung nervously. 'M-morning, I brought the vet.' Namjoon utters, trying to distract Taeyung from thinking of what has just happened. 'Its my cousin, Taehyung.'
The kitten meows out of nowhere and the two turn their heads, trying to detect the sound. Then they see that the kitten is actually under Yoongis silky blue shirt, held by the man through the fabrics, its tiny head peeking over the hem.
'He was cold..' Yoongis rasps emotionlessly, his other hand starts to pet the kitten. They stay there in silence, its slightly awkward. 'Should I examine him now..?' Taehyung asks, he gets why Namjoon kept saying that Min is both strange and intimidating.
The pale man nods, walking to the kitchen counter really fast. The kitten meows when he's put on the cold surface, he looks at Yoongi with pitiful big eyes and a look of betrayal. Taehyung approaches but the kitten tenses, looking at him like at an enemy.
'Easy.. I'm here to help..' Taehyung says in soft voice, hands up when he approaches the innocent animal. The kitten is really cute thinking he can scare the man off but he still hisses, looking frightened. 'He doesn't like you.' Yoongis voice doeasnt sound like a statement
but a question and suddenly not knowing why Taehyung feels sharp gaze on him and a cold shiver down his spine. 'I-its normal..' Tae says. 'Stray animals are usually scared of strangers.' The cat still hisses but finally lets Taehyung pat him,
the vet knows a certain spot on the cat's head that has the animal closing eyes in pleasure. 'Its okay dude, we're gonna see what happened to you..' Taehyung says, examining the cats body with the other hand.
Seeing that the cat accepted the vet Yoongis not looking like a warning sign anymore, he stays aside watching what's happening though. 'Theres a wound on his belly, it needs stitches..' Taehyung says, his eyes focused as usually when he works.
'I'll give him basic shots and put some stitches on the belly. His leg looks broken but it might as well be just a crack, he needs an x-ray.' The two other men dont answer, listening to the young vet. 'I can take the cat and take care of everything..' Taehyung offers,
looking right at the pale man who seems not liking the idea. 'or I can do what I can now, and you'll have to come for X-ray another day.' ' I'll bring him for x-ray tomorrow.' Yoongi's deep voice sounds hollow in the space, and as intimidating like the man himself.
There's no doubt Taehyung will have to move some appointments when Yoongi visits him. But for Namjoon Taehyung nods, and opens his vet bag getting gloves on. 'I'll have to give him a bath so I need a small basin..' Taehyung says
and before he finishes talking he sees a white bowl on the counter, as if it always was there. Silent, Taehyung looks at them wide eyed while Namjoon starts coughing nervously, talking about something fast to change a subject.
Yoongi looks immovable, his dark seemingly soft eyes set on the confused cat. 'Will you take care of him or not?' Yoongi asks emotionlessly, finally looking at Taehyung. And the boy gulps, quickly starting his job.
Namjoon and Yoongi stand in front of the huge, wall-size window but Taehyung cant hear them, although he's curious what Namjoon talks to the mysterious man about. The cat looks incredibly calm and relaxed in the water and Taheyung is surprised
because it means that it must have belonged to someone before it was found on the streets. The vet is careful when he washes the wound on the belly, the kitten hisses whenever something touches it.
But the most terrifying is the pale man's stare whenever the kitten meows pitifully or hisses at Taehyung. The vet quickly calms the animal down, and Yoongis stare averts back to Namjoon. Washed, the kitten is shaking in the cold,
and Taheyung covers it with a kitchen towel before looking for a sedative in his bag. The kitten is conscious but is laying on his side almost still, only his belly moves because he's breathing deeply.
Half an hour later the kitten is asleep with a patch on his belly and a plastic collar around its neck so that he stays away from the wound. Taehyung packs his stuff and the two men come back from the secret conversation. 'Is he okay?' Namjoon asks, looking at the sleeping cat.
'It looks like he'll be fine, but I need him in my clinic to be sure.' Taehyung says, ready to go. 'If you bring him, I'll do all the tests he needs.' Yoongi nods mutedly, his cat eyes fixed on the sleeping cat.
'You may want to move him on the floor, he may fall if he stays on the kitchen counter.' Taehyung instructs, putting his shoes on, Namjoon also prepares to leave. Yoongi nods again, and doesnt say anything so Taehyung reckons he knows everything.
'What does it eat?' Yoongi rasps then, sounding both uneasy and curious. Taehyung's eyes are wide, he glances at Namjoon before looking at the pale man. 'Cat food obviously' Namjoon answers quickly, chuckling nervously. 'But you mean when can he eat right?'
Yoongi looks at him and nods slowly. 'Oh, it's okay for him to eat.' Taehyung nods in understanding. 'It wasn't a surgery, I just patched his wound, it wasn't that deep.' Yoongi nods again and after leaving a business card with the adress of the clinic the two leave.
The vampire is unmovingly standing in the quiet apartment, staring at the small animal on the counter. Yoongi thinks of the best nest he can make for the kitten, something soft and warm he can place on the floor, which is not too high so the cat doesn't hurt itself.
The vampire quickly sets up the den, gently placing the cat on perfectly folded, fluffy duvet. The kitten is small and vulnerable and somehow melts Yoongis tough demeanor. Yoongi crouches next to the den, and spends the rest of the night petting the sleeping kitten. ***
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*** Yoongi's sitting in front of the computer, searching for heating pads and toys for the kitten when he hears a loud thump from the kitchen. Even before the sound ceases Yoongi's in front of the culprit, the cat's butt and tail peeking from a bowl on the floor,
rice splattered all over. Yoongi stands still, arms crossed as he watches the cat struggling to get out of the bowl. The cat finally frees his rice-covered head and shakes his whole body to get rid of the sticky substance.
'And what did you do?' Yoongi's voice has a hint of amusement. The kitten stares back, doe eyes wide. He looks so tiny that the next second he's snuggled against the vampires chest, Yoongi caresses a certain point on cat's neck, making the animal close his eyes and purr loudly.
'Youre such a bad boy aish..' the vampire sighs, tidying up the mess with one hand in a few seconds. 'Why dont you want your food but mine..?' Yoongi mutters. The cat blinks slowly, mutedly enjoying the attention the vampire gives him. Be knows he'll be forgiven everything.
The cat's test turned out to be alright, Yoongi stayed in the waiting room among other people, being a centre of attention because of his mysterious demeanor. But the human, Taehyung, said the cat will be alright, it just seems he was treated badly by his previous owner.
And that information gets Yoongi's immortal blood boiling. He's already gotten so fond of his small cat, he wishes he could find the previous owner and talk™. The kitten meows in Yoongi's hands so the vampire puts him on kitchen counter, the cat stares at him with pretty eyes.
'Will you behave?' Yoongi stares too, it seems theyre having a battle. Igoring him, the cat blinks slowly and turns around, starting to lick his healed now belly. Yoongi sighs, quickly washing the whole floor when a doorbell rings.
The cat turns to the door with wide eyes, alert. 'Easy,' Yoongi says as if the animal could understand him. 'Its someone I know.' Yoongi goes to the door in human pace, which makes the cat follow him.
The door open to reveal a grown woman, dressed in too fancy and too flashy clothes, a big pretty smile on her face. 'Yoongiyah!' She smiles excitedly, trying to jump into the vampires arms. But Yoongi moves a step right and the woman almost falls.
'You're so mean..!' She pouts, gracefully tugging her scarf off. The cat stays in a distance, observing the strange woman cautiously, and Yoongi chuckles silently seeing the animal's reaction. 'C'mon I'm hungry..' Yoongi sighs, going into the guest room, the woman follows.
The cat jumps off the counter but before he can do anything the doors shut closed. The woman leaves about half an hour later, some guy is waiting for her at the door. 'You know what to do?' Yoongi asks the man in low, bored tone.
'Yes sir! Make sure she arrives home,' The man answers loud like a soldier but by his voice its clear he's terrified. 'and that she has no clients today.' Yoongi just nods, eyes droopy. The woman smiles at him and weakly waves when the doors shut closed.
Yoongi appears in the kitchen, the cat stares at him with unreadable eyes. 'What?' The vampire rasps, not feeling an ounce awkward for talking to an animal. The cat turns around as if not wanting to look at him.
And Yoongi aint having it. Whenever the vampire appears in front of him the cat turns around and finally hides under the couch which Yoongi efortlessly lifts with one hand, reaching for the surprised cat with the other.
'Why are you such a brat..?' the vampire asks, putting the couch back on the floor. The cat struggles to get free from his arms, but Yoongi holds him easily. 'Shh.. calm down, did you get possessed or what?' Yoongi asks, the cat fights as if his life depended on it,
hissing at the vampire when he holds him. Yoongi finally gives up and lets him go. The cat jumps down and sprints into the kitchen, hiding between fridge and the wall. The vampire hears a loud, fast heartbeat so he finds the cat easily, he doesnt try to move the fridge though.
'Did you go nuts..?' Yoongi asks emotionlessly, the cat's head turns from his hidden spot to look at the vampire. Yoongi sighs, imagining that he's reading betrayal in the cat's eyes. He sits down on the floor next to the fridge, the cat's heartbeat calming down gradually.
'Im lonely.' It seems like at Yoongi's sharp words the cat's little heart stopped for a moment. 'Vampires dont age, feed from humans and alienate themselves to keep their nature secret.. no wonder im lonely..' Yoongi rasps, as if talking to the cat.
'But now even you are avoiding me..' The cat's heart skips again and Yoongis eyebrows furrow, it seems as if the animal understood him. 'Im sorry for holding you when you didnt want to.' Yoongi sighs, standing up and in human pace heading to his bedroom.
Yoongi is lying on his bed, eyes closed and he's ready for the best human thing that remained which is sleep. But then there are soft paws against the cold floor and the kitten walks into the room, earning a lingering gaze from Yoongi.
'What' Yoongi rumbles, getting a slow blink from the cat at the raspy tone of his voice. The cat moves again, jumping onto the bed and walking right to Yoongi. Watching, the vampire is laying passively while the cat walks on his body to stop on Yoongis stomach
and start to knead on the elder's chest with his soft paws. 'What, did your tantrum pass yet?' Yoongi smiles, reaching to caress his cat's favourite spot. The cat blinks at him, pawing and rubbing its face whenever it can.
'You think I dont know what you're doing?' Yoongi mutters, not stopping to caress. 'Scenting your owner aint you?' The cat stops kneading, its unreadable eyes planted on the vampire. Yoongi just smiles and caressing the cat's head he quickly falls asleep. ***
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*** What doesnt add up is the human scent lingering in the room. Yoongi's fed yesterday so it's strange that his mind pictures something so vividly, as if he hasn't drunk blood for a week. That's when he notices that theres also human's heartbeat, loud and slow.
Yoongis out of bed in a second, standing next to it and glaring at the human sleeping naked in the dark bed sheets. The human is simply gorgeous, bare skin barely covered with anything but he's curled up in a ball, face hidden by small hands.
It's no doubt that the boy is too perfect to be just a human and his smell is too similar to the cat Yoongi found a while ago. And theres no cat heartbeat in his vicinity anymore. The human stirs, moving onto his other side he grabs the duvet trying to pull it to his chin,
but he's not doing good, half of his body is still exposed, revealing a very real and fluffy tail, too similar to the one of the calico cat Yoongi found. Yoongi quickly brings a blanket, not wanting to wake the human up he lets the soft fabric cover the smaller.
Once he's done Yoongi sits on the armchair, starting to contemplate and think about the cat hybrid lying in his bed. There's no doubt that the human is a cat hybrid. But how did he manage to stay in cat form for so long and not give away his true nature?
Yoongi also wonders how did the hybrid end up in the alley and who was his previous owner.. Its noon when the human's breath becomes irregular and he stirs awake, straightening stiffened from slumber limbs. The hybrid doesnt seem to have noticed Yoongis presence
nor the fact he's not a cat anymore, and the vampire smiles amusedly at the way the human blinks slowly noticing him. There's silence and they stare at each other and then Jimin starts to scream. Yoongis eyes widen but he's staying still, letting the cat hybrid panic.
'Did you sleep well..?' Yoongi rasps, he doesnt comment on the younger's reaction. The human looks at him terrified. He's somehow so similar to his cat version that Yoongi already feels fond of him. 'You slept for more than 12 hours..' Yoongi starts only to disappear
and return with a glass of water and a painkiller on his hand. 'take this if you have a headache.' The human flinches but doesnt seem surprised at Yoongi's inhumane abilities so the vampire knows that the smaller remembers his cat self.
The hybrid accepts the pill and drinks it, giving the glass back to the elder. Yoongi disappears and when hes back, he's staring at Jimin. The cat hybrid's heart is beating fast like he was frightened, he looks lost in thought.
'What's your name?' Yoongi asks, staring at the younger carefully. 'J-jimin..' the boy stutters, voice hoarse and awkward. Yoongis eyes are squinted at that, he observes the younger carefully.
'Are you ready Jimin.?' The vampire asks mysteriously, getting a confused look from the boy. They stare at each other, theres serious expression on Yoongis face before he opens his arms, inviting the younger. 'Breakfast time.' Yoongi grins, his sharp like a knife fangs showing.
Jimins heart is beating like crazy, eyes wide and he moves back on the bed. Amused, Yoongi sighs but he's staying away. 'I was joking.' smiles the vampire, coming closer to sit on the bed. 'I won't touch you, unless you want to.' Jimins wide eyes don't avert from the elder,
he's cautious like in his cat form for the first days in Yoongis apartment. They stay in thick silence for long minutes before Jimin whimpers, only to remember he cant really meow in this form. Yoongis eyes fix on him, and they look at each other again.
'Hungry?' Yoongi asks, eyes both fond and exasperated. Jimin shyly nods, he doesnt speak though. Yoongi nods too and stands up, in human pace going to the kitchen. Making breakfast takes time only because the cooking process doesnt depend on Yoongi
but in spite of that the breakfast is ready in less than two minutes. Wearing a blanket, Jimin hesistantly emerges from the bedroom, sliding into one of the kitchen stools only to fall down. Yoongi sees it in slow motion but doesnt "save" Jimin,
seeing how the hybrid ends up on his all fours. Jimins cheeks are red when he's climbing onto the stool again. Seeing the vampire hiding his smile Jimin pouts, not looking at the elder. The counter is covered with various dishes in less than ten seconds
and Jimins eyes widen at the amount of food Yoongi prepared in such a short period of time. Jimin looks up at the elder as if waiting for consent and Yoongi nods, he himself sits on the opposite stool, with his own plate. They eat in relative silence,
Jimin glances at the vampire carefully but he doesnt seem as frightened anymore, he watches Yoongi all the time though. Yoongi doesnt ask until his plate is empty and in a split second he puts it into dishwasher, disappearing from Jimins sight.
Left alone, Jimins heart accelerates and he looks around in panic but then Yoongi appears in front of him with clothes. 'Theyre mine so can be a bit too loose but try it on.' The vampire murmurs, passing the clothes to the younger.
Jimin accepts it and unceremoniously slides the blanket off his shoulders, revealing his smooth body. Yoongi chokes on air but the cat hybrid seems too busy getting dressed, and figuring out which clothes are top and bottom. The vampire calms down but doesnt avert his eyes,
taking Jimin's behaviour as a sign of his innocence. Jimin manages to put tracksuit bottoms on but once the sweater is in his hands he stops, a little pout on his lips. Yoongi hums, waiting for the reason why Jimin stopped but the hybrid throws the sweater on the floor
and reaches for the blanket to cover his bare chest, he seems cold. 'What happened?' Yoongi asks, confused. 'Not soft.' Jimin complains softly, looking down at the sweater like it was the worst thing in the world.
Yoongi hums, disappearing for a second only to return with armful of sweaters, throwing them on the kitchen counter. 'Choose whatever tickles your fancy' Yoongi mutters, leaning against the doorframe to observe. Jimin glances at the pile of clothes and then at Yoongi
only to point at the vampire shyly. 'What?' Yoongi asks, confused. Jimin bites his bottom lip, eyes fixed on Yoongi's black sweater. 'Your's soft..' Jimin says, little pout on his full lips.
The vampire is still for a moment, blinking he tries to figure out how Jimin knows it, only to remember that he held kitten Jimin while wearing this sweater. 'Alright..' Yoongi says, taking his sweater off and giving it to the half naked boy. He's only in his black tshirt now.
Jimin quickly takes the sweater and putting it on he starts to purr loudly, associating the texture and scent with safety. That's when the doorbell rings and only now Yoongi notices another heartbeat on the corridor. He opens the door for he knows who are the visitors.
'We came for..' Jimin recognizes the man's voice but he's uncertain so he stays in the kitchen, covering himself with the blanket for more safety. 'Not now.' Yoongi's voice sounds emotionless but not hostile, Jimins ears stand up from under his hair.
There are voices and finally Yoongi sighs, his steps get closer to the kitchen. 'Jimin, stay in my bedroom for a while, will you?' Yoongi stands in the door, eyes unreadable. Jimin is confused and he doesnt like being told things so he doesnt move.
'Jimin?' Yoongi asks slowly, his cat eyes observe the younger carefully. 'W-why?' Jimin asks hesistantly, he straightens up to gain more courage. Yoongi glances left, and his gaze sharpens. 'Go to my room. Right now.' Yoongi's voice sounds indisputable and Jimin is frightened,
he backs away, not averting his eyes from the vampire. The younger stays in the room for more than fifteen minutes but he gets impatient and he wants to know the reason why the vampire told him to stay in the room. When the clock shows that twenty minutes has passed,
Jimin decides to check it on his own, so he opens the door slightly, peeking at the living room. There are two more people in the apartment, the guy, Namjoon whom Jimin recognizes and a way taller man sitting next to Yoongi on the couch.
The moment Jimin opens the door Yoongi looks at him, and the hybrid's heart stops in a moment before he shuts the door closed. His heart is beating fast because what he saw isnt what he expected. There was blood drinking but it wasnt Yoongi to feed, but the third man,
the one Jimin doesnt know, he was feeding from Yoongis wrist. Curling up in a ball in the huge fitted wardrobe Jimin starts to think about it, and about the lady that visited the vampire yesterday. All of it seems suspicious and Jimin doesnt like unknown.
He is partially scared of the vampire now, although Yoongi is currently the only person that Jimin trusted in his short life. Yoongi comes back after ten minutes and Jimin tenses, hearing silent footsteps in front of the door.
'They're gone,' the vampire says, voice flat and drained. "you can get out now.' Jimin doesnt move, his heartbeat gives him away though. 'I'll be in the living room if you want to talk...' Yoongi sighs, leaving Jimin to decide on his own. ***
After a few minutes Jimin leaves his nest, opening the door and getting closer to the couch Yoongi is now occupying. The vampire pays him no attention, watching news with blank face. Jimin sits in a distance from the elder
but makes an attempt to scoot closer and it doesnt go unnoticed. Yoongi opens his arm, eyes fixed on tv, and Jimin keens, scooting over to lean against the vampire. They have spent their evenings like this and although Jimin was in his cat form before, it feels familiar.
'Who was that..?' Jimin breaks the silence, curling against the elder's side. 'My employee and his husband.' Yoongi says briefly, his hand now hooked over Jimins waist. 'Why..?' Jimin asks shortly, not sure if he speaks human language correctly.
Yoongi sighs. 'He needed to feed..' The vampire says, he seems not eager to talk about it. 'I changed him two months ago, new vampires need to feed from those who changed them, in the first months at least.'
Jimins heart is beating faster. 'Why change him..?' He asks hesistantly. 'He was suffering from incurable disease. Namjoon offered his loyalty if I saved his husband.' Jimin nods, lost in thought. Offering loyalty sounds like from a hystorical movie he watched with ex owner..
'He must love him a lot..' Jimin just says with broken human language. Yoongi doesnt argue with that. 'And you? Are you gonna explain anything?' Yoongi asks, finally looking at the hybrid carefully. Jimin cowers under that gaze, he wants to avoid this topic.
' nothing to say..' Jimin mumbles, glancing at tv. 'How old are you?' Yoongi asks, adjusting Jimin in his arms. Jimin settles more comfortably, the vampire caresses him the same way as when he was in his cat form, and the hybrid feels like purring.
'Two years old.' Jimin says, a commercial catches his attention and his eyes stay glued to TV. '23 in human years.' Yoongi blinks, stiffening on spot. 'You were born two years ago?' He asks in shock, eyes planted on the younger.
Jimin nods, now there are latest news on tv. 'We live in cat years.' The vampire is visibly upset to hear that, he gets lost in thought. 'Doesnt it mean you'll only live for five or six human years??' Yoongi coughs, as if the topic was upsetting him. Jimin just nods,
starting to play with his soft, small ears. 'And you..?' Jimin asks, glancing at the vampire. 'How old are you?' Yoongi blinks, not expecting the question. 'We'll talk about me another time.. Now I want to know a few things about you.' The vampire says.
Jimin pouts, stubbornly. 'I want to know..' 'What had happened to you before I found you?' Yoongi asks, his hand starts to caress Jimins neck again. The cat hybrid purrs, the pout disappears. 'I ran away..' Jimin mutters, not happy to talk about it. 'My owner not good to me.'
Something in the air shifts and Jimin feels it but he somehow isnt scared, like he knew that he wasnt in danger. 'Name?' The vampire asks, somehow emotionlessly and like he didnt care. 'Mr. Lee.' Jimin says in small voice, he doesnt seem comfortable thinking about him.
'Do you remember where he lives? Can you find him?' Yoongi asks innocently. Jimin frowns. 'Dont want to..' And the vampire ends their talk, given that Jimin isnt ready for it yet. They watch TV like everyday and none of them expects that it's the calm before the storm. ***
A/N I was bout to finish earlier but decided Ive been absent for too long and you deserve me to finish writing the written already part.. 》TW information! Jimins previous owner wasnt good to him so you might want to stop reading if youre sensitive to violence/nonsexual abuse
Darkness reveals a partially alive, partially dead creature. Its staring at a huge, seemingly abandoned container where sounds of laughter come from, eyes in need of blood. The men' laughter doesnt cease so it slides in their direction. The bodies are found a week later. ***
Jimin hugs onto a fluffy pillow, eyes too busy watching Animal Channel documentary where currently a tiger is chasing a prey. The hybrid's all senses are spiked, Jimin sits on the verge of the couch like it was the most exciting thing to watch.
Suddenly someone appears in front of him and Jimin instinctively hisses, backing away. 'Where's Yoongi???' The newcomer asks, eyes nervously scanning the space. Jimin finds himself on the other side of the couch, peeking at the beautiful vampire in front of him.
'Speak!!' The man shouts, and its visible that hes in a hurry. But all Jimin does is bursting out with tears, remembering how his previous owner treated him. Something slides between them and next moment the stranger is held by its neck against the wall, legs above the ground.
'Go to your room Jiminah.' Yoongi says, his soft voice contrasts with what he is doing at the moment. Jimins crying doesnt stop but turns into meows and the next moment the cat sprints away into Yoongis bedroom. 'Are you fcking nuts Hope???' Yoongi shouts,
releasing his grip on the younger's neck. Hoseok holds a hand over the bruise but he's completely fine except for his nervousness. 'T-they took Koo..' The younger says quickly, and Yoongis eyes are widened. 'Who dared?' The shorter vampire asks, voice cold.
Only now there are tears in the latter's eyes, its the first time Yoongi sees the vampire crying. 'I dont fcking know!' Hoseok yells, and he cant think straight. 'T-they left a note..' Yoongis eyes fall on the crumpled piece of paper that has a short message written on it.
(The hybrid is now our property. Do not look for it or it'll lose its life.) Yoongis face remains stoic but eyes are widened in shock, while Hoseok sits down on the couch as he visibly cant think straight. Yoongi hears Jimins heartbeat coming closer but he cant focus on it now.
'Give me that.' Yoongi takes the paper and sniffs it, but it holds no scent. 'I've tried it.' Hoseok says in a low, teary voice. 'Theres no traces.' 'You cant trace Jungkook by his scent??' Yoongi asks, feeling something as eerie as panic seeping through his veins.
What if they appeared in his house and took Jimin?? 'Theres fcking no scent in my house! Not even mine.' Hoseok says, anger not directed at the other vampire though. Only now Jimin appears in the room but he's in human form, creeping to stand next to Yoongi.
'My o-owner.. same..' Jimin mumbles out, innocent eyes on Yoongi. The both vampires look at Jimin, waiting for answers and the hybrid looks terrified when the other vampire looks at him. 'Speak.' Hoseok says firmly,
he's in front of Jimin in a split of a second but Yoongi is faster to stand between them. 'Hobi, I get you're worried about Kook but calm the fvck down or I'm breaking your neck.' Yoongi spits out, having Jimin basically sandwiched between his back and a wall.
The hybrid's heart is racing but he feels safe and protected and if the situation wasnt so tense he would have started to purr against Yoongis back. 'Jimin, what did you mean by that' Yoongi asks then, careful because last time Jimin didn't want to talk about his previous owner.
'Mr. Lee need a hybrid.. he took me from my mom..' Jimin mumbles out, head down. Yoongis hand finds Jimins and clenches on it. 'Tell me why would he take Jungkook.' Yoongi asks, turning around to face his hybrid. Jimin looks slightly terrified, eyes wide, but he speaks.
'J-jungkook is Hybrid?' Jimin makes sure, receiving a nod. Jimin nods, lost in thought. 'We can be small and listen to people secretly..' Jimin stutters, eyes filling with tears. 'Mr. Lee need us..' Now both vampires are surprised, but Hoseok seems the less patient one.
'Where is he now??' Hoseok asks, and he isnt here to waste time. ' dont know..' Jimin cries, a sob shaking his small body. 'I ran away in food trunk..' Hoseok seems to have given up, he sits down on the couch with face in both hands.
Only now Yoongi realizes that he found Jimin because of his heartbeat, not scent. Jimin's scent appeared later.. 'I'm sorry..' Jimin cries, he realizes that the other hybrid will experience what he had experienced.
Yoongis pale hands are holding him, caressing Jimins soft cheeks to calm him down. 'Its alright baby, we'll find him, just stop crying.' Yoongi says, trying to calm the omega down. Jimin nods but he's still in tears as he looks up at the vampire.
'The house was big and steel.' Jimin sniffs. 'But dunno where..' 'Hoseok is waiting for Yoongi in the corridor but the elder is phone calling sleepy Namjoon. 'Bring Seokjin to take care of Jimin.' Yoongi says decisively. 'He has an opportunity to prove his loyalty to me.' ***
A/N If you're still interested I'll continue tomorrow!♡ ADDITIONAL TAGS 》side vhopekook 》kidnapping 》medium bodily harm 》supernaturally fast aging (Jimin as a cat hybrid:( 》 mention of gang warfare / gun / force spy labor
》side namjin
*** Jimin is hiding in a bundle of soft blankets while the other vampire sits still, on his phone. Noone talks. The two vampires have left a while ago and Jimin is worried, Yoongi seems powerful but when Jimins ex owner wasnt weak-..
The sound of doorbell spreads in the apartment and the tall vampire disappears into thin air, the front door open. Jimin stands up, wary but the newcomer turns out to be Namjoon, the human Yoongi brought after Jimin had been found.
The two share a quick kiss and come into the living room holding hands, to the sight of which Jimin feels something in his stomach churn longingly. 'Sorry Im late, there was an emergency..' Namjoon explains. Seeing Jimin Namjoon stops and looks around trying to find the cat.
'Who are you?' He asks confusedly. 'We were supposed to take care of Yoongi's cat, Jimin.' 'Im Jimin.' The cat hybrid explains hesistantly, standing up to bow. Namjoon seems dumbfounded but Jin whispers something into his ear and the humans eyes widen comically.
He collects himself and they all occupy the couch in the living room. 'So.. you're a half-cat huh?' Namjoon starts lightly, trying to light up the atmosphere. Jimin nods.Tbh among strangers it's difficult to stay in human form but hes trying to convince himself that he's safe.
'How did you become a cat hybrid?' Namjoon asks, obviously the most curious one. 'I was born one..' Jimin mumbles out, hiding half of his face behind the pillow, ears twiching. 'Can you meow in your human form?' Namjoon asks curiously. After a moment Jimin shakes his head no.
They're sitting in silence, the vampire is completely silent, looking at the wall ahead. 'Babe, you okay?' Namjoon whispers, closing his hand on Seokjin's. The vampire nods stiffly, his nose flaring, body tense. He looks at Jimin.
Namjoon gives up but Jimin glares at the vampire, unconsciously sensing danger. 'Jin..?' Namjoon asks again. Now the vampire cant avert his prying eyes from Jimin. 'Jin, say something..' Namjoon lets the latter's hand go and unconsciously moves to shield Jimin.
Seeing Namjoon so terrified Seokjin's finally awakens. 'He just.. at times he smells so good..' the vampire utters, closing his eyes to contain himself. Jimins eyes widen and he backs away to curl up in the corner, hissing defensively.
'Why didnt you say anything sooner??' Namjoon asks, standing up and pulling Jimin with him. 'Yoongi wouldnt make you protect him' Seokjin doesmt answer, it seems he lost his mind completely. Jimin is shielded by the human, peeking at the vampire who instinctively stands up too.
'You already mastered it baby..' Namjoon tries again, even if his voice is fond he's terrified. 'Yoongi trusts you..' The vampire's eyes have a conscious glint, but still dont leave the cat hybrid. 'W-what about you feeding from me, hun?' Namjoon offers, baring his wrist.
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The taller seems distracted but his eyes avert to Jimin again. 'You dont understand it Joon..' Seokjin utters, in a trance. 'He suddenly smells way better than any human blood. I-I'll just taste some, won't k*ll him..' Seokjin licks his lips, eyes became brighter in want.
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