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yoonmin au where yoonmin grew up in an orphanage and always stayed together, managing to to go from rigs to riches together thanks to hard work. Yoongi and Jimin are grown up and engaged to wealthy people when they both realize that the love they share isnt brotherly love

Who realizes first?👀
》businessman Yoongi / famous dancer Jimin 》angst with happy ending 》homophobia (Yoongis fiance, he breaks up with her in the beginning of the story) 》mutual pining 》child abandonment 》hurt & comfort due to a heartbreak :( 》fluff / steamy makeouts
Got inspired listening to this song and it was supposed to be pure angst but I cant hurt yoonmin so little angst and more fluff-🤡
Im opening this for commision as a oneshot or "twoshot" au ♡
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*** In spite of his vip edition, hella expensive jacket Jimin is freezing. The busy streets of Seoul are now covered in a thin layer of snow but the arctic chill is the problem. It brings back memories which Jimin doesnt want to think about,
and he always does everything not to put himself in a situation where he has to wait for someone outside, but there he is. His fiancé texted him that shell be late and he should wait outside the building but the time passes and she's still not there..
And now, on the busy street like this one Jimin isn't feeling quite well.. The sound of his phone brings Jimin back to reality and he reaches for it, hoping that its Lea noona.. 'Hello?' 'I wont be back tonight Jiminah, something popped up and we have a de@th march at work.'
Yoongi explains and his voice warms Jimins heart. 'Alright hyung..' Jimin says, teeth chattering. 'But don't overwork yourself okay??' Yoongi hums. 'You sound weird, where are you?' Yoongi rasps, a sound of office door opening and someone talks to him, its busy so Jimin waits.
'Im back,' Yoongi says, apologizing. 'Where are you Jiminah?' Jimin sniffs, nose red from cold. 'Waiting for Lea noona...' he says in a quiet voice. 'Waiting where? I can hear your teeth chattering Jimin.' Yoongis voice sounds concerned and at attention,
which makes Jimin feels fond. 'I'm alright hyung..' Jimin says softly, looking around the street. 'She texted me shell be here soon.' 'How long have you been waiting?' Yoongi sounds cold and it makes Jimin worried. 'About half an hour..' Jimin mumbles out, lips blue.
'Im sending Jungkook to get you.' Yoongi says decisively, he gets distracted again by a worker walking to his office and Jimin waits on the line. 'She'll get mad at me hyung.. We're supposed to choose wedding rings today..' Jimin says quietly, hoping for his fiancée to hurry.
'I dont want silent treatment again..' 'I dont fucking care about her Jimin.' Yoongi cuts in. 'You know what I think about your relationship with that woman but I wont tolerate you waiting for her like a dog for half an hour.'
Yoongis voice trailing off as he talks to someone on the office, probably Jungkook. 'She'll say youre making decisions for me again, hyung..' Jimin sighs, closing his eyes. A girl who passes by and she looks at Jimin like she recognized him so he huddles in his scarf more.
'I dont fucking care, do you get it?' Yoongi is focused on their conversation again, voice firm. 'Ill fvcking talk to her about it but now go to Starbucks or somewhere warm. Jungkook is on the way, text him your location.' Jimin sighs but agrees,
he pulls out the phone to type a text with his freezing fingers. Seoul's winter air is no joke. *** Jimin looks out the window lost in thoughts, all childhood memories flood his mind and he regrets agreeing to meet up with Lea tonight.
She insisted though and Jimin could postpone it no longer. Their marriage was beneficial for Yoongis business and Jimin wanted to support his hyung as much as possible. 'Kook-ah, where are we going?' Jimin asks from the back seat, noticing that they dont go back home.
'Ah, Yoongi hyung said to bring you to the office.' Jungkook says, locking eyes with Jimin in the rearview mirror. Jimins lips pop open in surprise, its not always that he can visit Yoongi at work. They drive in silence until Jimin leans in. 'Kook-ah..'
The driver hums in question, eyes not averting from the road. 'Is Yoongi hyung mad at me or something..?' Jimin asks quietly, trying to read anything on the youngers face. 'No but..'Jungkook frowns as if something didnt let him speak.
'Ill buy you the newest gamer set.' Jimin says in business tone and he can see the youngers eyes shining. 'Um.. so..' Jungkook starts, glancing at his boss' gorgeous little brother. 'Yoongi hyung fought with Mrs. Uyen today and theres a rumour that their engagement is broken..'
Although its not that surprising Jimins eyes go round hearing that, heart beating faster in weird relief and excitement. 'You know why?' Jimin asks, curious out of his mind and worried. Jungkook frowns again.
'I dont know. But people say they were shouting and Yoongi hyung even called for security to get her out of the building so its serious.' Now Jimins really worried and hes nervous to meet his hyung. The rest of the way he spends staring out the window and thinking. ***
It was cold that day when Yoongi met Jimin. The playground was covered in a layer of fallen leaves, and Jimin was wearing a ridiculously orange bobble hat which no normal kid would ever willingly wear (unless like Jimin he had no choice..) Yoongi was curious so he walked over
and stood in front of the smaller, waiting for the younger to look up. Jimin averted his neutral eyes from the frozen leaves and looked up, his nose looked soft but red from cold. 'Your hat is ugly as hell.' Yoongi states, looking at the younger with no expression.
'I know.' The smaller says, voice devoid of emotion. Theyre in silence, Jimin comes back to playing with the leaves. 'You can ask them for a different one.' Yoongi says sitting next to the younger, Jimin looks at him.
'Can I..?' Jimin asks hesistantly, the first emotion showing in his childlish voice. Little Yoongi just hums. The other kids starts playing hide and seek but the two boys stays aside to watch. 'How long have you been here?' The smaller asks Yoongi.
The elder wipes his button nose, staring at the cars passing by on the road next to the playground. 'Ten years..' Jimins eyes widen, he looks at Yoongi terrified. 'Were you born here??' Yoongi shakes his head.
'And you're new, aren't you?' He asks Jimin only nods, he seems sad. 'Where's your mom?' Yoongi asks emotionlessly. 'I dont know' Jimin says and he sounds too mature for eight years old. 'Me too..' Yoongi says, eyes on the road ahead of them and the nice shiny cars.
They're quiet until Jimin starts to sneeze. 'Cmon lets get you a new hat' Yoongi stands up so does Jimin. The elder has a hand reached out for Jimin and the younger looks at it with teary eyes before he finally takes it. From now on the two boys always walk hand in hand. ***
'Hyung I know you're mad but I think you two should make up..' Jimin says hesistantly, watching Yoongi walking round the office. The room is minimalistic but luxurious and Jimin always feels weird in it, he's still not used to their growing wealth.
'She fvcking said I should make you move out, Jimin.' Yoongi repeats coldly, walking to his computer from time to time to check if the email he's waiting for arrived. 'But its maybe true hyung.. we both will be married soon so we wont live together anyways..' Jimin chides in..
'She said something else, which I can't tell you.' Yoongi runs hands down his face, looking at the computer again. It makes Jimin interested. 'What was it?' He asks curiously, sitting on the couch more comfortably.
Yoongi looks at the younger and his heart clenches in this intricate feeling he tries to deny. 'You don't need to know, Jimin.' Yoongi says, turning his back to the younger. 'Just accept that I will not marry her, no matter how much our company benefits from it.'
Although the small company was built to cheabol level by Yoongi alone he keeps calling it "their" company which always makes Jimin feel warm. Jimin cant help but smile a little, he stands up and walks over, backhugging his hyung.
'If you don't want to then you shouldnt marry her, hyung..' Jimin says into the elder's shoulder, Yoongi relaxes into him. 'Your happiness is the most important.' Yoongi turns around and cups his dongsaeng's* face in hands.
'/Your/ happiness comes first Jimin.' Yoongi says, their eyes locked. Jimin doesnt agree, he closes his eyes shaking his head but thats when Yoongi leans in to peck his forehead softly. Thats when the door open and none other than Lea comes in, she looks like she saw a ghost.
'W-what are you doing here??' Jimin asks, trying to scoot away from Yoongi, the elder doesnt let him. 'Why dont you pick up your phone?? Ive been waiting for you!' Lea overcomes shock, walking into the spacious office.
'C'mon, our appointment time is over but they said theyll make an exception for us.' Jimin hesitates, looking at Yoongi. 'He was waiting for you in the cold and you dare saying that?' Yoongi asks coldly, eyes sharp. 'I'm not talking to you.' The girl says, keeping distance.
Yoongi scoffs in disbelief. 'Noona.. you should apologize to Yoongi hyung..' Jimin voices, coming closer to her. The girl glances at Yoongi like at an enemy. 'Never.' Jimin sighs and looks at Yoongi but fondly, waving goodbye.
Yoongi sighs, not trying to stop the younger. 'Come back before 10. We need to talk.' Jimin nods before he's pulled out of the office by his impatient fiancée. ***
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NEW TAGS: 》mention of domestic violence 》nightmares 》mention of adoption 》incest controversy (public thinks that Yoonmin are blood brothers but THEY ARENT KSKSK) 》vhope, namjin as side ships
*** Jimins mother seems nervous today. She tugs him through the crowd of people and Jimin is scared. 'Mommy.. I'm cold..' he mumbles out, his wrist hurts from the grip she has on him. 'Don't complain Jimin, we'll almost there.'
The little boy wipes his messy nose, trying to keep up with his mother. The woman suddenly stops looks around, hiding her aged from alcohol and cigarettes skin behind a scarf. 'Wait here and dont go anywhere.' She spits out, and lets go of Jimins wrist.
Jimin hides his freezing tiny hand in the pocket of his worn out jacket and nods obeyingly. In the freezing cold Jimin is waiting for hours but she never comes back. ***
Yoongi comes back later than expected, there are almost 50 unread messages on his private phone from his ex, so he reaches for it to throw it into a trash can. Loosening his tie he walks into the spacious kitchen, lights turn on automatically whenever he steps into a room.
The apartment is quiet and Yoongi's heart clenches at the thought that Jimin might still be with /her/. He has spent countless nights restless, unable to fall asleep thinking what Jimin might be doing with his fiancé.
They tell each other almost everything and Yoongi would definitely know if Jimin made any important step in his relationship but each meeting makes him worried that Jimin brings those news.. The sound of a crying whimper makes Yoongi flinch and he realizes Jimin must be home,
he walks to the living room to see the younger sleeping on the couch. Jimin is in a shallow sleep, looking gorgeous and soft at the same time. He must have a bad dream because his eyebrows are furrowed and it seems like he'll start crying in a moment.
Yoongi kneels by Jimins face, reaching a hand to caress the younger's cheek. Jimin's slightly furrowed eyebrows relax and he looks peaceful, seemingly at the touch of Yoongi. The elder's heart skips a beat and he cant help but leans in, pecking those plump lips once.
They shared quick pecks many times before and its not weird on Yoongi's part. He was woken up by Jimins kisses countless times, and even if each time it is full of affection, its completely platonic and innocent and none of them ever tried to change that.
Everything got ruined when Yoongi realized that he's physically attracted to Jimin, and that day was when his childhood came to an end. Thats when he distanced himself from the younger, staying away until his heart got broken on the day of Jimins engagement.
It happened years ago and Yoongi has been fighting his feelings for so long, but he never felt the guts to confess to Jimin. He was scared that their relationship would suffer from that, which was the last Yoongi wanted.. 'Hyung youre back?' Jimin mumbles sleepily, eyes closed.
Yoongi's hand still caresses his cheek, Jimin holds onto that pale, warm hand. 'Did you eat?' Yoongi asks, voice soft. Jimin hums. 'You?' 'Me too.' Yoongi says and then they're quiet, Jimin almost drops off again. 'Cmon sleepy head or youll have a backache.' Yoongi stands up.
Jimin whines and with shut eyes he reaches both hands up, like when he was smaller. Yoongi doesnt complain but takes the younger on hands and carries bridal style towards bedroom. Jimin feels comfortable but doesnt stop being demanding. He whines until Yoongi crawls in his bed,
hiding his face in the crook of Yoongis neck. 'Cant imagine living without hyung..' Jimin mumbles sleepy, tightening his hands on the elder. Yoongi brings his dongsaeng closer, leaving a peck on the top of Jimins head.
'Then stay.' Yoongi offers an easy solution and Jimin chuckles. 'I wish..' 'Theres no problem Jiminnie.' Yoongi explains, running both hands through Jimins hair, the younger loves it. 'We should get married already hyung.. we're almost in our thirties..' Jimin mumbles out.
Yoongi gets lost in thought. The way Jimin said it made it seem like the wedding will be between the two of them and Yoongi likes the thought.. 'Youre right angel, we should.' Yoongi mutters, lost in thought. 'Jiminah..?' Jimin hums sleepy.
'What do you think about gay people?' Yoongi asks, staring at the ceiling. He can feel Jimin stiffen, and Yoongi starts to brace for harsh words. 'I- I dont think anything specific hyung..' Jimin mumbles out, voice unsure. 'Why are you asking?'
'Im gay.' Yoongi then says, and outing seems casual but for him it isnt. Jimin opens his eyes and looks at his hyung with something like horror. 'Youre gay and agreed to get engaged to a woman..?' Jimin asks, hesistant and shocked.
'Im actually bi, but more on the gay side of it.' Yoongi explains casually, and he didnt expect that the time when he tells Jimin would be so peaceful and easy. 'I-I think Im too..' Jimin says finally, heart beating fast. Yoongi stiffens in shock this time,
he didnt expect to hear it especially not right after he himself came out. 'A-actually I dont know if I am bi, I only like men hyung..' Jimin says quietly, not wanting to lie to his hyung. Yoongi sits up, staring down at the younger, their stares lock.
'If youre gay Jimin then why are you engaged to a woman?' Yoongi waits for an explanation. Jimin fiddles with the duvet. 'I have my reasons..' Yoongi sighs, Jimin looks so small in his home, after-practice clothes that Yoongi feels protective.
'You know I was always against it Jimin. Please make sure youre certain about it.' Jimin nods, and Yoongi hugs him. Its not always been like this. Physical contact came with time, and it was natural as both boys had no families and lots of feelings to share.
Now after they both came out it feels hesistant and careful, but they both still love it. 'I hope you dont make a mistake of your life..' Yoongi sighs, huggung the hell out of Jimin. 'It wont be easy to get a divorce with her.' Jimin pulls away, shocked. 'Why wont it?'
Yoongi looks at Jimin examiningly. 'Her family is all about reputation, you dont know that yet?' Jimin nods, agreeing. 'If you get into that family you wont be able to get out. I wont be able to do anything either.' Yoongi explains, he sounds resigned.
Jimin is listening in shock, he didnt talk about a possible divorce with anyone. 'Hyung.. what do I do now..' Jimin is in trouble, fiddling with the duvet and Yoongi feels the need to calm the younger down. 'Do you feel anything to her?' The question comes with difficultly.
But then Jimin shakes his head no. He shakes his head no. It feels like a huge weight lifted off Yoongi's shoulders. 'Okay, it's alright then.' Yoongi says, gathering the younger into a hug again.
'Do you want to break the engagement?' Jimin hesitates, puffy lips bitten and inviting to kiss, thought which follows Yoongi all the time. 'Y-you once told me that your company needs allies..' Jimin mumbles out, keeping his eyes away from Yoongis.
'Jiminah' Yoongi says, suddenly realizing why the hell Jimin agreed for the engagement. 'You work so hard I wanted to help..' Jimin bites bottom lip as he stops speaking. 'And she promised her father would fund your projects, so I thought that marriage with her was the way..'
Yoongi scoots back, sitting next to Jimin in shock. 'You almost got married to your fan because you wanted to help my business?' Hearing that Jimin shivers, he already forgot that Lea used to be obsessed with him..
They look at each other and for some reason Jimin feels guilty. 'I'm sorry hyung..' 'You dont believe I can keep what I built without help?' Yoongi sounds defensive and Jimin feels horrible. 'You think I'm okay with you sacrificing yourself??'
Jimin looks at his hands, listening to the harsh words in silence. 'Jiminah, did you forget that hyung is here to protect you..?' Yoongis voice sounds thicker than always and it makes Jimin look up. Wide eyed, Jimin sees that Yoongis eyes are filled with tears.
Yoongi never cries. 'H-hyung..' Jimin mumbles, scooting towards Yoongi to cup his face. 'I'm sorry hyung, I'm sorry.. I'm sorry..' Jimin keeps saying, wiping the tears off Yoongis face like it was his job.
'Never do that again!' Yoongi grabs Jimins wrist and startles the younger. His eyes are teary. Jimin nods and watches Yoongi cry. Its shock to him because Yoongi never cried and Jimin cant bear it, he starts to cry too.
'Hyung is gonna take care of it Jiminah..'Yoongi says, leaning in to peck Jimins forehead. Jimin closes his eyes and accepts Yoongis affection, and then Yoongi slides off the bed.
'Its the middle of the night hyung..' Jimin says, stopping the elder. 'We'll do it tomorrow..' Yoongi looks at him and then nods, lying down next to Jimin and letting the younger cuddle with him. ***
'Dont move hyung..' 'It hurts tho..' Yoongi hisses, Jimin holds his head still. 'You shouldn't have fought with Hajoon hyung..' Jimin says, cleaning the wound on Yoongis cheek. The elder pouts but cant keep his eyes from Jimin's.
'He said we act like a married couple Jiminah.' Yoongi mutters, finally looking away. Jimins eyebrows are furrowed when he applies a cute ironman patch on the cut. 'He didnt mean it a bad way..' Jimin says, sure of it. 'He did!' Yoongi replies,
He stands up to help Jimin pack the first aid kit. 'I should report it to Mrs. Nam..' 'Dont..' Jimin says, holding Yoongis hand. 'Hajoon is new here, it's obvious he tries to defend himself in any way he can.'
'It doesnt mean he can call us names freely and say that we'll always rot in poverty.' Yoongi mutters, hes mad that Jimin is defending the other boy and not him. 'It doesnt..' Jimin agrees, Yoongi takes the first aid kit as they return it to the old wardrobe in the corridor.
'But why were you offended when he said we act like old marriage hyung?' Jimin is blushing, he's fourteen years old and curious about the aspect of life he got to know thanks to not so subtle colleagues. 'I-I wasn't mad he said that.' Yoongi explains,
and even if Jimin can't see his face it feels like Yoongi is blushing. 'Its about the way he said that..' Jimin hums, and they enter their shared bedroom. 'I'm gonna make us rich Jiminah.' Yoongi says then, his voice sure. 'You will be able to dance and I'll make sure of it.'
Jimin smiles at Yoongi, and looks at their intertwined hands. 'We'll always be together, right hyung..?' Jimin asks with hope. Yoongi looks at him and nods, squeezing Jimins hand reassuringly.
But theres Mrs. Nam and two strangers waiting for them, the two boys stop in the door. 'Hello!' The two men smile at them. 'Do you want us to be your new parents Jimin?' Jimin doesnt want to part with Yoongi but finally he agrees to go with them.
*** Jimin wakes up with tears and he immediately searches the sheets, trying to grab onto anything to hold. Yoongi isnt there though and Jimin shakes in sobs, curling up to huddle in a defensive position.
It must be daytime but the heavy curtains are pulled so that the room is completely dark. Jimin stumbles out of the bed, still shaking and finds the remote control, pressing the right button. The curtains open and the room gets too bright in a second,
bright enough to completely shake Jimin out of his nightmare. He sighs and wiping the wetness of his teary eyes he checks his social media. Seeing the trending list Jimins heart drops, he sits up instantly.
The news go viral quickly
Jimins hands are shaking when he reads that Min company's ratings are dropping and he blames himself for it. Trembling, Jimin tries to dial Yoongis number but Lea is calling him, which seems like 60th call today.
If Jimin could choose he would definitely come back to the nightmare he had. The doorbell rings and Jimin rushes to the front door, seeing Lea herself standing in front of it.
Jimin steps back, feeling embattled. The doorbell rings through his bones and its incessant, making him restless. Crying and shaking Jimin curls up in himself, feeling the urge to hide and forget about everything. Jimin feels unsafe. ***
When Jimin comes back he's broken. Yoongi spends days in front of Jimins room and Mrs. Nam's office, shouting to let him meet the other boy but the woman keeps telling him that Jimin isnt ready for that yet. It takes a full week before Yoongi and Jimin meet and its terrifying.
Yoongi stares at Jimins arm in a cast, the dark bruise under his eye the boy cant even look anyone in the eyes. Jimin is broken and Yoongi sees red. He wants to find those people, find them and hurt them the way they hurt his Jimin.
But all Yoongi can do for now is approach the other boy, embrace and hold him for a long long time. It takes a few months until wounds heal but years for Yoongi to recover Jimin's broken soul. ***
Jimin doesnt know for how long hes been staying there but it feels safe, and he's dropping off even in spite of the defeaned doorbell ringing all the time. The enclosed space feels safe and Jimin remembers hiding like this when his foster parents got drunk..
The next time Jimin awakens theres no noise anymore, its brighter. 'Jiminnie.. come here, it's alright.' Yoongis right there, opening the huge closet's door in the slightest. Jimins face still has traces of tears but seeing Yoongi new tears show, the younger sobs.
Yoongi accepts Jimin throwing himself on his neck and hugs him tightly. 'Hyung took care of everything, dont worry Jiminah.' Yoongi repeats, caressing Jimins back. Jimin holds onto the elder tightly but the position is uncomfortable so he straddles the elders lap.
Yoongi rocks them lightly, shushing sobbing Jimin and running a hand through Jimins hair. 'I'm sorry baby, it must have brought bad memories huh?' Yoongi asks, holding Jimin like he owned him. His heart breaks seeing the younger in such a state.
'I ruined everything hyung..' Jimin mumbles out, tears stain Yoongis shoulder. 'Your company will go bankrupt because of me..' Yoongi chuckles, ruffling Jimins hair. 'Aish that kid.. so sure that I cant manage my company and private life.' Yoongi sighs, standing up.
Jimin blushes, feeling Yoongis hands under his bottom to lift him up. His legs encircle Yoongis waist as he holds himself like a monkey. 'I'm sorry hyung..' Jimin repeats, not pulling his face from the crook of Yoongis neck. 'I'm sorry..'
'Dont apologise you brat.' Yoongi says, sitting on the bed with Jimin still latched to him. 'Everything is okay now.' Jimin scoots away finally, trying to read truth on Yoongis face. They look at each other.
'What happened..?' Jimin asks, embarrassed about their intimate position. 'I had to publish the results of our DNA test.' Yoongi explains, his thumb caresses the soft skin on Jimins hip and it makes the younger feel weirdly pleased.
'W-when did you make us one??' Jimin asks, eyes wide. 'I was prepared for such a controversy but I was sure it would be your fiancée's fault.' Yoongi explains and then his phone rings. 'Yeah Kook-ah.. We'll be there.' Yoongi says before hanging up.
'Right, I almost forgot.' Yoongi says, hiding the phone in the pocket again. 'Theres a cocktail party tonight and we both have to attend. It's for the public to know we're not hiding as we did nothing wrong' Jimin nods, trying to move and sit next to Yoongi, the elder lets him.
Jimin is shy and blushing because no matter how many times they hugged or kissed, sitting astride Yoongi was never a thing until now, and it felt too intimate.. 'What else happened when I was hiding here like a coward..?' Jimin asks, unable to look into Yoongis eyes.
The elder takes Jimins hand. 'You're not a coward Jimin. You were badly hurt and it still shows..' Yoongi plays with Jimins chubby fingers. 'As for the news, your engagement is broken now, it's Lea's father who broke it first which is the best that could happen.'
Yoongi explains, flashing a gummy smile at Jimin. ' I also published our DNA test results and made sure Mrs. Nam and our colleagues from the orphanage spoke out about this issue.' Jimins eyes widen comically. 'You found Mrs. Nam??' Jimin asks in his cute voice,
he sounds like the eight years old kid again. 'We can visit her if you want' Yoongi nods and keeps smiling. Jimin nods eagerly, jumping to hug Yoongi again.
They hug like always until Yoongi pecks Jimins cheek and the younger scoots away in surprise and shyness. 'Get ready Jiminah, Kook will come to get us at 6.' Jimin nods shyly, and Yoongi takes the opportunity to peck his lips once more before they stand up. ***
The party is fancy, seems more like a prom than a cocktail party, with people dancing in pairs, all in expensive suits and dresses. Yoongi is leaning against the shining in gold counter, waiting for his drink. His eyes dont avert from a certain person on the dancefloor.
'He's gorgeous.' Yoongi looks left to see Hoseok next to him, all groomed and looking like the CEO of $11 billion worth company. 'He is.' Yoongi agrees, eyes coming back to find Jimin. 'So you always lied that you're brothers?' Hoseok asks, munching on an olive from his drink.
'We never said anything like that.' Yoongi says in a trace, he cant stop looking at Jimin. 'People assumed we're brothers because we chose the same surname when leaving the orphanage.' Hoseok hums, eyes on the dancefloor as well.
'When they stop dancing tell Tae I went for a smoke.' He says, hands tugged in the pockets of his dress pants. Yoongi hums, and the taller leaves. Jimin and Taehyung have fun and it doesnt seem like they'll stop anytime soon, so Yoongi takes a seat and observes them from afar.
'So Jimin isnt your brother as everyone thought? What a surprise hm..' Yoongi turns left and sees Seokjin sitting next to him, the model looks gorgeous as always but hes annoying so Yoongi doesnt answer. 'What?' Seokjin smiles smugly.
'Happy that your Jiminnie is finally single?' So that you can have your way with him?' Yoongi sighs and stands up to get away from annoying friend but Seokjin stops him. 'Get your ass on that table and listen to me you sad twink.' Seokjin says, holding Yoongi by a wrist.
'You get your ass out of the clouds and tell Jimin you have feelings for him, so that the both of you can be finally happy. Got it??' Yoongi tries to get his hand out of the grip but doesnt manage to. 'Call me a twink once more and I'll tell Namjoon not to dick you ever again.
' Yoongi warns and Seokjin lets go of him. 'Namjoon wouldnt listen to you anyways..' Seokjin mutters to himself. 'I introduced him to you, so he has a debt.' Yoongi says, again observing Jimin. Seokjin scoffs. 'I'm trying to help you, you dick.' The model says,
downing his drink. 'Be grateful.' 'Jimin doesnt like me that way..' Yoongi sighs, reaching for his own drink. 'He sees me as elder brother..' 'He doesnt.' Seokjin says stubbornly and the two get quiet.
Jimin and Taehyung stop on the dancefloor and look for them apparently, because a moment later they move in the direction. As soon as they get there Jimin takes Yoongis martini and drinks it, the elder gulps loudly, watching it.
'Someone is thirsty.' Taehyung smirks, and Jimin hits him lightly, as if they shared a secret. 'Wheres my hubby??' Tae asks, looking around. 'Noone takes a piss for so long.' 'He's out for a smoke' Yoongi says, but his eyes are on Jimin.
Shy, the younger glances at him too but he's looking away once he sees Yoongi looking at him. Finally they lock stares and Jimin doesnt avert his beautiful eyes from him. There's tension. 'Okay who's throwing condoms??' Seokjin stands up
and not waiting for an answer starts looking for Namjoon. Jimin and Yoongi look away, but the younger slides his hand into Yoongis, holding it under the table. 'I heard people gossip that we lived under same roof without being married for so long..' Jimin says quietly,
staring at the dance floor. 'Yeah, we should have gotten married long time ago Jiminah.' Yoongi agrees. Jimin looks at the elder, blushing, and Yoongi smiles. 'Are you for real hyung..?-' Jimin asks hesistantly, Yoongi nods.
They kiss in public for the first time and for the first time it's way longer and deeper than the countless pecks their shared. Its calm and a bit sloppy, as they explore each other, molding perfectly together. Yoongis hands encircle Jimin's waist, pulling the younger closer
They ignore the sounds of countless phones taking pictures, Jimin runs his hands through Yoongis, getting out of the make out as much as possible and forgetting about the whole world. 'Can I be your family..?' Yoongi rasps against Jimins lips.
Then the younger bursts out in tears. Yoongi hugs him close, hiding Jimins sobbing face in the crook of his neck, patting the back of Jimins head. People are caught red handed by Yoongi so they hide their phones, and they look away
because the moment Yoongi and Jimin share is way too intimate for their prying eyes. 'Yes hyung.. and I'm your family.' Jimin says pulling away to peck Yoongis lips again. They share a few wet from tears kisses, and Jimin hides in Yoongis neck again.
'We could adopt a few kids in the future.. give them home we never had.' Yoongi offers, running a hand through Jimins hair. Jimin nods eagerly, already seeing their bright future. Yoongi proposes to Jimin during Busan firework festival,
he rents a big penthouse with a perfect view on the beach. Jimin obviously knew what Yoongi is planning and he shops for an engagement ring, getting Taehyung and Jungkook's help with it. First Jimin says yes and he grins when Yoongi watches him drop to his knee too.
It's the second time Jimin sees Yoongi cry and they kneel in front of each other with engagement rings on, kissing the hell out of each other. They merge right there too, leaving the king sized bed for later, which none of them has time to move to.
The night in the penthouse is so perfect that Yoongi buys the whole building the same month, to keep it as a remembrance of their engagement night. Min family ends up to be a family of seven, Yoongi and Jimin's children being the most happy kids in the world. ♡The End♡
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