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Nov 4, 2019
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This comic thread is a gift to you guys as per @14919leine 's request for my 4000 fls. when " Yoon's small pet tiger Tae - Yoon thought that his pet was a cute dog (since Tae is so cute and charming) but actually Tae was a tiger with long tail! " #supV 1.Taehyung was abandoned

e more later uwu
et out of here , it's raining ! jjang jjang man ! "
t hurt TT
jang Jjang man ????
7. " I still don't think I will keep him "
I forgot to say this, because Tae was sad so he kept curling his tail. It makes Yoongi think his tail is always like that.
8. " So you adopted him or not? "
I have completed the sketches, hope I can finish them soon to continue this thread πŸ₯ΊβœŠπŸ’•
11. he realized it
Note : I often forget to fix the dialog boxes' orientation. Sometimes you have to read from the right, sometimes from the left. ( Usually is the right). Hope you can still enjoy the story, sorryyy πŸ₯Ί
Hi i'm back-- 12. Hungry then Yoongi gave this baby his meal too πŸ₯Ί #Supv
13. ( Lunar New Year gift πŸ’•)
For new friends just come to this thread. Abt Tae's doll friend, his name's Jjang Jjang Man. Tae found this doll at the landfill when he walked around because he was too lonely and hungry. Jjang Jjang Man is his best friend πŸ₯Ί
So why is a tiger abandoned on the street? Tae came from a wildlife store. They do not ban wildlife, but people aren't likely to keep them, they're so dangerous, and many places also ban them to prioritize the protection of other pets from them such as rabbits, cats and dogs.
So the store was closed. The wild animals are loaded into cars to go elsewhere. But because of busy with playing, picking flowers and catching butterflies, Taehyung got out of the car and got lost. Then he has lived only in boxes.
In addition to pets that look like babies, in this AU, normal pets still exist.
19. kidnapper 🀭
27. Did he change his mind?
28. EXTRA : 1
31. I really don't know how to draw cats =)))
33. He cant
34 . #SupV you guys asked when he's active, so this is : 🀭
Before I go to sleep, I'll tell you about this boy. Taehyung bought him from a wildlife store 1 year ago.Tae was about to find a bear but when he saw Syub, touched his hand through the glass, Taehyung knew he had fallen in love. Syub is the only black panther in the shop,really--
--expensive so Tae spent several months saving and borrowed Yoongi some money to buy Syub. Nobody wants to buy Syub, cuz he just sleeps and is still soo expensive. So he was so happy that when Tae was saving money, he came to play with him almost every day. Syub can feel his love
35. 🀣
My hand is hurt ( just a bit don't worry) cuz I drew too much so I'll tell you the last part in words πŸ€£πŸ‘Œso I can finish this story, is it okay? πŸ₯Ί
That night, after bathing for TaeTae, Yoongi tried to talk with him. - TaeTae, Now you have JjangJjangman back so can you call me with another name? - Chu are not big JjangJjangman? - TaeTae really surprised when Yoongi said that. - No i told you, I'm not his brother, I'm--
--Not JjangJjangman too. So can you call me like how Syub calls Taehyung? - ??? You're papa?? - TaeTae confused - ( omg) yes it is! - But papa is Taehyung??? Why are chu papa too? You're Taehyung?????? - Wait what--?? - Now Yoongi confused too. -???
- Wait I think i got it now, so how you call Taehyung? - Yoongi picked TaeTae up and sat down on the sofa. - Papa - ah...." Papa" is not a name, baby. At the same time, someone rang the doorbell. Oh it's Taehy-- - Papa!! - TaeTae jumped up and hugged Taehyung as soon as--
--Yoongi opened the door. the "papa" sound was so obvious that Yoongi felt even more sad. He should give up. - Oh hyung, Why you look so sad? - Taehyung asked, he just came here to give TaeTae some new clothes. - He call you papa too? - Yea, Isn't that cute? He just--
--He just imitated my Syub. - But He refused to call me papa because you are his "papa" now. - Really? Haha he's so cute, but try again later hyung, I think he just doesn't understand what papa really is. He's one year younger than my Syub anyway, right? - Yeah you're right.
But then Yoongi forgot about his wish. TaeTae continues to call him JjangJjang too. One day...When TaeTae watching a movie with Jin. - Jin-hyung! Why do everyone in TV call each other " dad" ? Why are there so many " dad" ? - What? Dad is not a name baby - What's dad?
Jin smiled at TaeTae's sparkling curious eyes. He feels like a dad now. Despite being a tiger, but TaeTae is really good, unlike the Kookie rabbit Hobi raised with Namu. A rabbit but extremely aggressive. How he can know that the best kids in this hotel all are wild animals?
- Dad, a word like father, a man who nourishes you, takes care of you. Although he is not give birth you but he can still be your dad. Oh like Yoongi, you can call him " Dad". - Ohhh, my big JjangJjang? - Yeah It's him. - Ah, he told me he's not my JjangJjang, so he'a dad??
37. END aaaaaa I still have to draw because I like this moment. And This story is over, thank you so much, guys πŸ’•πŸ₯Ί
38. just a bonus πŸ’• + Chinnie was very upset when Kook tried to take Moni on a date instead of him + Hobi only intended to raise Moni alone but JK looks like Kook so he bought it. JK is young and unable to speak, but he is a bully of other pets =))))))))))
+Bibi loves to sing, namJoon composed a song for Bibi to sing for other pets in the hotel. +ChimChim loves to go for a walk, he doesn't usually in hotel. but When Jin is busy, he can help Jin and sit at the reception. +Jimin is not in Jin's hotel for now, but soon !
Guys, You can ask me here if you want to know anything about their story :
Maybe you didn't notice, I have posted this tote bag before and it4 really TaeTae and Syub. πŸ€£πŸ’•
BiBi and Valentine !
TaeTae was really scared in his first time. But gradually he admires Syub's eyes so much.
Jin and ChimChim πŸ’•
They are allowed to move freely in the hotel, but they usually only participate in the BiBi's show in the lobby and the Moni's stories in Pillows house and around Hotel's Pets room.
Moni :
Their age :
Actually Tae loves Yoongi too, he wrote a letter from 1 year ago to confess but he was too embarrassed so he just put it into his drawer. But there smol postman found it and gave it to Yoongi. That how they realized each other's love. Then Yoongi asked Tae for a date.
bonus :
Here πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
TaeTae love to sleep on Yoongi face =))))
Syub love his papa so much uwu
hehe uwu πŸ’•
Let's go to the zoo!
Just some sketch shhshshs
[ Extra comic - Hello Tiger ! ] πŸ’•1 #μŠ™λ·” #supv #taegi
[ That's all for the preview! ] πŸ’•You can DM me to buy the digital copies of " Hello Tiger! " - English version πŸ”₯A small comic with 25 comic boxes - $5πŸ”₯ πŸ‘‰Kofi or Paypal only ! #μŠ™λ·” #supv #taegi


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