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Nov 10, 2019
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taegi au where everyone wants to court omega yoongi and it highkey scares him so he always asks his alpha best friend, taehyung, to scent-mark him to keep all his suitors away. thank god it's only platonic scent-marking with no other intentions, right? πŸ₯Ί

β˜† A work of fiction. I do not own any of the chacters. β˜† Please /quote/, don't reply. β˜† I love love reading your comments uwu it motivates me to continue writing 😷
Alphas - Taehyung - Namjoon - Jungkook - Hoseok Beta - Seokjin Omegas - Yoongi - Jimin
β˜… Namjoon and Seokjin are teachers. Seokjin is Taehyung's brother. β˜… Yoongi and Taehyung has been friends since they were kids. Ever since Yoongi presented as an omega, he has been covered with Taehyung's scent due to fear of alphas.
β˜… Taehyung is very protective over Yoongi and his alpha particularly hates it when Yoongi smells like others. β˜… Yoongi is very dependent on Taehyung since they grew up together and Taehyung presented as an Alpha. He's very sensitive to other people's scents.
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β†’ 6 Yoongi shut the door behind him, immediately smelling Taehyung's familiar scent before he even sees him. It smells rotten. Taehyung's normal smell is intoxicating, almost making Yoongi want to drown in it.
Yoongi grew up to Taehyung's freshly ground coffee scent, giving him every comfort he will ever need. But now, as he stands in front of Taehyung, it awfully smells like burning coffee and he /hates/ this scent.
"Taehyung-ah? What is it?" he asked, trying to ignore the awful scent stinking the whole room. Taehyung stares at him with a frown on his face, his nose tilting upwards to try to sniff the smell around Yoongi.
"Come closer," he muttered, a hand enclosing around Yoongi's wrist to pull him closer. Once satisfied with the lack of distance, he bent down and rubbed his nose lightly on Yoongi's neck, the part where his scent is most prominent.
A low growl escaped Taehyung's mouth after the brief contact. "You smell like him." "Well he did touch me there, dumbass," Yoongi chuckled, his own hand resting against Taehyung's tense shoulder. "Why are you acting so tense?" he asked, caressing Taehyung's neck with his thumb.
"Is everything okay?" "Yeah," Taehyung replied. "My Alpha is just a little agitated right now. We're just used to you smelling like us so he feels threatened." Yoongi couldn't stop a chuckle from escaping his lips. "Yah! You alphas are so annoying!"
Taehyung pouted playfully before pulling him into a hug, his face resting on the crook of Yoongi's neck. "Hey, can I scent you?" "I don't understand why you still ask me that shit every time."
"I'll take that as a yes then," Taehyung said before letting his nose nuzzle directly against Yoongi's scent gland, desperate to remove the foreign smell from his friend. It's horrible. It doesn't suit Yoongi at all.
Yoongi smells better smelling like /him/, like freshly ground coffee and /so so Taehyung/. He pressed his lips on Yoongi's neck, littering it with light kisses. Yoongi tilted his head to allow him more access, letting him freely roam the surface with his lips.
Yoongi's hand tightened against Taehyung's shoulder, feeling his knees weaken as the scent overpowers his senses. He could faintly hear his omega whining, aching for more contact with the alpha. This is probably the result of distancing himself from all other alphas.
It made him all too dependent on Taehyung alone. A purr escaped his lips, overpowered with emotions. He felt Taehyung stiffen for a few seconds, seemingly deep in thought, before continuing with the kisses.
It lasted for a few minutes, longer than the usual. Taehyung only stopped when Yoongi is completely drenched with his scent, no hint of even the omega's own scent.
If people didn't know better, they would have thought the two of them are mated with the way Yoongi is always covered with the alpha's scent.
Jungkook would even argue that he has never smelled Yoongi's own scent before. (But he's a brat and a liar and Taehyung wants to deck him on the face 24/7 so no one really takes him seriously.)
As if not satisfied with drenching Yoongi with his scent, he even made the omega wear his jacket, which probably made the scent twice as strong. Wherever Yoongi turns, he could smell Taehyung around him.
When he entered the classroom, everyone stared at him with disbelief, but no one said a thing because they already knew exactly why Yoongi smells that strongly.
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β†’ 30 "They're so fucking annoying," Yoongi grumbled under his breath, plopping down on the seat beside Taehyung. "What happened?" Jungkook asked with his mouth still full of unchewed food, currently in the middle of eating his lunch.
Taehyung wordlessly moved his chair closer to Yoongi's before draping his arm on the back of Yoongi's chair. He pulled Yoongi's hoodie down to uncover his face before softly nuzzling his nose on the crook of the omega's neck.
Everyone on their table could hear Taehyung's sigh of relief once he smelled Yoongi's familiar scent. "You two are seriously so disgusting," Hoseok joked, chuckling slightly at his own remark.
Jimin elbowed Hoseok on his side after seeing how Taehyung wasn't reacting to Hoseok's jokes. "Tae? You okay?" Yoongi asked, tangling his fingers against the strands of Taehyung's hair. Taehyung merely nodded, not even attempting to open his mouth to answer Yoongi's question.
Instead, he just lifted one of his hands to take Yoongi's free hand, entangling their fingers together. Yoongi smiled at the action, tightening his grip on Taehyung's hand to let him know that it's okay.
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β†’ 37 "I hate that movie," Yoongi whines, shifting on his seat with a pointed glare on the television. Taehyung chuckled, draping his arm on Yoongi's shoulder to pull him closer, Yoongi almost instinctly snuggling closer to the alpha. "Come on, Yoongi, it's a cute movie."
Yoongi glared at him, his lips twisting into a grimace. "It's a fucking disney movie. It's awfully cheesy and cringey." "Stop lying, Yoon. You absolutely love it. Besides, I want to watch it. Please?"
Taehyung pleaded, puppy eyes staring straight through Yoongi's and a pout forming on his lips. Yoongi rolled his eyes, shifting his gaze away from the alpha. "Fine," he muttered under his breath.
Taehyung's eyes lit up like a child who just got his favorite toy on Christmas. He giggled and played the movie before shifting even closer to Yoongi. Yoongi could never say no to Taehyung anyway. Why did he even try?
He could barely remember ever doing anything to make Taehyung seriously mad or upset. They have always been in tune with each other, sensitive enough to each other's emotions without even having to ask. That's probably why they get along so well.
It also doesn't hurt that Yoongi's omega is completely dependent on Taehyung and his alpha. Maybe because they have been together before they even presented, allowing them to have a huge connection with each other. Yoongi doesn't really care.
All that he knows is he's only ever comfortable around Taehyung's alpha and it doesn't matter how that's even possible.
"Come here." Taehyung gently pulled on Yoongi's arm. "Where?" "Sit on my lap." Yoongi's eyes widened, staring at Taehyung's with a completely scandalized expression on is face. "W-what?" he stuttered. "Sit on my lap?" Taehyung repeated.
Yoongi cleared his throat and tore his eyes away from Taehyung, blinking rapidly in an attempt to neutralize his expression. "Why the hell would I sit on your lap, you dumb pup?" "What? Why would you even-" Taehyung stopped midway, eyes staring at him, unblinking.
"Yoongi," he called, a light tone present on his voice. "I meant it for cuddling purposes but you seem to have other ideas. Why don't you share them with me?" Yoongi glared at him, shifting sideways to move away. "You're delusional. Shut up and watch your stupid movie."
The alpha giggled at Yoongi's expression, tilting his head to the side and resting his forehead on Yoongi's temple. "Please?" he whispered, his low voice making something weird stir inside Yoongi's stomach.
Yoongi fell silent for a moment before huffing in response. "Fine, whatever." Taehyung didn't even hesitate before effortlessly lifting Yoongi from his seat to place the omega on his lap instead.
He was positioned so conveniently that Taehyung has perfect access on the omega's neck, thus taking it upon himself to rest his chin on the omega's shoulder.
Yoongi shifted lightly to find a comfortable position before leaning back to rest his back completely on Taehyung's chest, his head tilting back to give Taehyung more access to the television.
Taehyung encircled his arms firmly around Yoongi's waist, holding him close to prevent him from slipping. "Satisfied?" Yoongi asked. "Yeah."
They sat there for a moment, eyes staring straight at the television but minds filled with completely different things. "You smell like me," Taehyung muttered. "Of course I do."
"Do you like it? My scent?" Yoongi hummed. "I wouldn't have asked you to scent me all these years if I didn't like it." "I mean," Taehyung halted to a short pause. "Do you genuinely like my scent on you or are you only asking me to scent you because you're still scared?"
Yoongi didn't answer. He just laid there inside Taehyung's arms, acting like he didn't hear anything Taehyung just said.
"My rut is coming soon," Taehyung stated out of the blue, making Yoongi stiffen inside his arms. "Oh," he said, mouth slightly agape. "And why are you telling me that?"
Taehyung buried his face on Yoongi's neck, rubbing his nose on the omega's scent gland. "That means I would be gone for a few days so I can't scent you."
"It's okay," Yoongi replied immediately. "I survived through all of your past ruts. I can just ask Jungkookie to scent me - well, if he won't mind - or I can just go for a few days without your scent on me. I'm sure nothing will happen. It's okay."
"Yoongi, you're shaking," Taehyung muttered, shifting on his seat in an attempt to stop the omega from shaking. He could feel his alpha growing anxious when he smelled a hint of distress on the omega. "Oh." Yoongi blinked rapidly. "I didn't notice."
"Calm down. I'll lend you my clothes so you can wear them when my rut comes. I'll ask Hoseok-hyung and Jungkookie to stay with you while I'm gone. No one will hurt you, I promise. I won't let them."
Yoongi titled his head sideways to look at Taehyung only to realize that the alpha is also looking at him. His lips formed a smile, Taehyung's arms tightening around him. "Thanks, Tae."
"No problem." Taehyung shifted his eyes back on the television, having no idea what is even happening on the movie. His cheeks were burning with a tint of pink, weirdly feeling flustered from Yoongi's gaze. Thank God it's dark or else he would never be able to live it down.
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β†’ 48 Yoongi closed the refrigerator, humming lightly to himself. "It's so fucking cold," he muttered with a frown on his lips, his bare feet padding softly against the floor to go back to Taehyung's room so he can bury himself under the covers and inside Taehyung's arms.
He could feel a smile slowly form on his lips as he thought of Taehyung waiting for him inside his bedroom. He could already imagine the alpha whining about Yoongi taking his precious time just to drink water from the kitchen when they could have spent it cuddling instead.
His feet stopped in front of the bedroom door, hand resting on the doorknob when he heard it. Taehyung's voice, sounding like he's in pain. "Taehyung?" he asked, filled with concern.
He turned the knob and pushed the door forward, immediately taking a step back as he was hit with such a strong smell. Taehyung's scent. "Don't come in!" Taehyung yelled from the bed, body curled in an almost painful position as sweat drips profusely on his skin.
"What- Taehyung, are you okay?" Yoongi asked, fear evident on his voice. He hates seeing Taehyung in pain. It hurts even worse than his own. "No, no, don't come near me. Fuck," Taehyung muttered continuously, curling even more into the bed.
Yoongi walked forward, closing the door behind him. "S-should I call Jin-hyung? What's happening?" The omega was completely clueless. He has never seen any alpha on their ruts, mainly because he never had a reason to.
Yoongi approached the bed, kneeling on the cushion as he placed his hand on Taehyung's back, caressing it lightly in an attempt to calm him down. He released his omega pheromones, trying to ease the heavy scent on the air around them. "You're okay, Tae. It's okay."
Taehyung suddenly stilled under his touch, his whimpers ceasing. "Taehyung-ah," he called, confused with the sudden change. He could feel the tense air surrounding them. The silence didn't help at all in assuring his distressed omega.
He felt strong hands push him down on the cushion, before the alpha's body trapped him in that position. He felt his breath stop for a second as he gazed at Taehyung's glowing eyes, staring straight right through his.
A growl emitted from the alpha's throat, his lips forming a snarl. Yoongi could hear his omega whine at him to submit before the alpha. Their alpha.
Taehyung leaned down to press his nose on Yoongi's neck, directly on the surface of Yoongi's scent gland. He couldn't stop a whine from escaping his mouth as he subconsciously tilted his head to the side to give the alpha more access.
Taehyung's right hand moved to his waist, gripping firmly, as the other hand tangled itself on Yoongi's hair, gently pulling his head to the side as a form of control. "A-alpha," the omega whimpered.
Yoongi's eyes widened as the words escaped his lips, suddenly realizing that this situation is pulling him into a subspace and he couldn't even control it. His omega is purring and telling him to submit. To give themselves to their alpha. To help their alpha.
Taehyung growled at the omega's words, his mouth latching on Yoongi's neck in desperation to claim. His teeth were itching. Itching to claim. Itching to mate his omega. To permanently mix their scents together so everyone would know that Yoongi is his. That this omega is his.
"Omega," he muttered, clenching his eyes shut in an attempt to lessen the heat his body is feeling. His eyes landed on Yoongi's neck, looking so inviting. His alpha is taking over. It wants him to just go and bite Yoongi to mark him permanently.
If he just leans down and bury his teeth on the glistening skin, they would be mated for life. The omega would carry his pups and Taehyung will have him forever. "My omega," he muttered subconsciously.
Yoongi was so deep in his subspace. His omega completely took over him, hips shifting upwards to rub against Taehyung's. He keeps on muttering 'alpha' under his breath and Taehyung could barely stop himself from just fucking him senseless against the mattress.
Taehyung could feel his alpha resurface at his moment of weakness. His mouth opened, fangs glistening with saliva. His eyes darted back to Yoongi's neck, leaning down and growling as he pressed his teeth down.
In a rushed moment of clarity, he moved his head to the side and bit down harshly on his arm, his own blood filling his mouth.
At that exact moment, the door slammed open, revealing a very panicked Seokjin. His panic worsened when he saw the blood on Taehyung's arm. "Taehyung, what ha-"
"Take him," Taehyung whimpered, forcefully removing his body from Yoongi's. "Fuck, j-just take him, please. I can't- I can't hurt him."
Seokjin could see Taehyung shaking, desperately trying to hold his alpha back because he knew that if he didn't, if he allows his alpha to resurface even for a single second while Seokjin is in the room, he would surely rip his own brother to pieces for even looking at his omega.
Seokjin rushed forward and gathered Yoongi's body inside his arms, thanking his beta strength for being able to lift the omega up and take him out of the room which awfully stinks of Taehyung's rut.
Yoongi struggled inside his arms, hands reaching forward towards Taehyung. "N-no, alpha," he weakly muttered, still deep in his subspace. "Shit, Yoongi, don't call for him," Seokjin muttered against Yoongi's ears, rushing out of the room to prevent Taehyung from following them.
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β†’ 69 Yoongi closed his locker before adjusting the bag on his shoulder. He just got out of his class and is on his way to meet with Hoseok so they can eat lunch together. It's weird without Taehyung around. Taehyung is always there to eat lunch with him.
The alpha takes it upon himself to buy their food because he doesn't like it when alphas try to touch Yoongi while he's in line to get his own food.
There was this scenario before where an alpha shamelessly grabbed Yoongi's ass while he's in line, causing him to drop his food on the floor due to the panic. Thankfully, Taehyung was there to punch the alpha straight on the face to make him regret what he just did.
Since then, Taehyung decided that Yoongi shouldn't buy his lunch alone. If the omega insists, Taehyung would tell Yoongi to stand in front of him instead to block out his form from the other alphas behind them.
Yoongi liked it. He liked that sense of comfort he feels every time Taehyung is there. But Taehyung isn't here today. And Yoongi feels awfully exposed and empty. Suddenly, he could feel all the stares everyday. The light accidental touches from other people. He hates it.
He most especially hates the awful scents of other people. If Taehyung was there, he would surround Yoongi with his scent and Yoongi wouldn't have to feel this discomfort ever again. Yoongi sighed, resting his forehead on the closed locker.
"Hey there," a voice sounded behind him. An unfamiliar voice which doesn't belong to any of his friends, or anyone he knows at all. Yoongi turned around and he was suddenly hit with an alpha smell, making his omega feel distressed.
His omega kept on yelling inside his head to walk away. That's not his alpha. That's not their alpha. He shouldn't be too close to them.
"Who are you? What do you need from me?" Yoongi asked, slightly turning his head from side to side to look for other people, to calm his omega. But as he saw the vacated hallway, he felt his hope crash down.
If this alpha has bad intentions, Yoongi can't possibly fight back with his omega physique. Nor can he outrun an alpha, that's just ridiculous. Alphas are stronger by nature and omegas are made to submit.
"I'm Seokmin. You already forgot?" the alpha teasingly asked, a smirk forming on his lips. "As much as I would love to talk to you, I really need to go. My friends are waiting for me." Yoongi rushed to the side to dodge the alpha, desperate to get away.
A strong hand suddenly wrapped itself around his wrist, pulling him harshly, and pushing his back against the locker. "Oh, come on. I just wanted to talk."
Yoongi glared at the alpha, a snarl forming on his lips. "I would consider it if you get your filthy hands off of me. And back away, you smell fucking horrible." The alpha just laughed at his words, leaning in closer to Yoongi's neck.
Yoongi felt the hands on his wrists tighten, stopping him from even moving them to push back the alpha. "Let go of me, you fucking bastard," Yoongi growled, trying to pull his hands back.
"Or what? You'll scream? You're too weak that you can't even push me off without anyone's help? You're all talk, aren't you? You're completely helpless, omega."
His omega growled, fueled by anger. He felt insulted. Downgraded. He fucking hates it when omegas are being treated as if they're something lower. "We're in school, dipshit. Do something and you'll fucking suffer the consequences."
"Stop talking, omega. Just submit to me," the alpha replied, annoyed with how mouthy Yoongi was being. "Just submit to me and you won't have to worry about anything else." "What the fuck do you want from me? Go bother other omegas who will actually care for assholes like you."
"Well, you see," the alpha paused, dark eyes staring straight through Yoongi's. "My alpha wants you." "What?"
That's dangerous. That's really fucking dangerous. Infatuation is one thing but if it's the alpha inside a person who actually decides to set their eyes on someone, then it's serious.
Why the fuck would this alpha even want him when there are other omegas in the school who he can claim without a single complaint? "I said my alpha wants you. He wants to claim you, omega. Now submit to me."
"Look, just because you're an alpha doesn't mean you can get whatever the fuck you want, okay? Get your head out of your ass and find someone else. I'm not interested."
The alpha growled, hands tightening even more around Yoongi's wrist, making the omega wince in pain. Yoongi could smell the air around them starting to worsen. "Didn't I just fucking tell you that we want you? Now bare your fucking neck to me and let me bite you."
Yoongi's heart dropped right at that moment. This is definitely fucking serious. The alpha wants to bite him. He thought it was just some harmless alpha ego, but no. The alpha actually plans on biting him. On mating him. They don't even fucking know each other.
"You're fucking insane if you think I'll let you. Get your shit together, you fucking psycho. You don't even know me! Let go of me!" Yoongi started wriggling under his touch, growling in anger.
He bared his teeth on the alpha, his omega feeling restless with the unfamilliar and unwanted scent. "Stop!" Seokmin yelled using his alpha voice. Yoongi went completely still, all movements ceasing.
Shit, this is serious. He can't disobey an alpha who's using an alpha voice. God, these are one of those moments he absolutely hated being an omega. Being completely vulnerable to alphas.
The alpha's facial features relaxed, a smile forming on his face. "Now submit to me," he said, once again using his alpha voice. Yoongi's omega whimpered, obviously not wanting to submit. But that's an alpha. An alpha is telling them to submit.
"Bare your neck to me, omega," he continued with that voice. Yoongi felt tears forming on his eyes as he tilted his head to the side, completely baring his neck to the alpha. He completely lost control of his own body, being nothing but a lifeless doll inside the alpha's arms.
The alpha leaned down, nose touching Yoongi's scent gland. He took a deep breath, inhaling Yoongi's natural scent. "Fuck, you smell so good," the alpha growled before darting out his tongue to lick a spot on Yoongi's neck. The spot he plans on biting.
Yoongi whimpered, his natural scent being covered by the alpha's disgusting scent. It felt so wrong. This is not Taehyung's scent. Why is it not Taehyung's scent?
"Hey! What the fuck are you doing?" a voice yelled from a distance, making Seokmin snap out of his trance. Yoongi was finally able to move his head to the side, seeing a professor running to their direction.
"Mr. Kim?" Seokmin asked, hands moving away from Yoongi. Yoongi took the chance to move away from Seokmin, skin still burning from the alpha's touch. Not in a good way. He feels so fucking horrible.
"Yoongi, come here," Kim Namjoon, the professor, called Yoongi, gesturing to his side. Yoongi reluctantly followed, subconsciously hiding his body behind Namjoon's tall built, desperate to get away from the other alpha's stare.
"What were you doing?" Namjoon asked the alpha, accusation present on his voice. "Nothing, sir. We were just talking."
"That doesn't look like talking to me. You were in a very intimate position for it to be considered as 'just talking'. Now, would you tell me the truth or should we take this to the office?"
The alpha scowled, agitated. "Okay, fine. That's my mate. We were fighting before, but we made up, okay? Our relationship is none of your business, sir. Now, if you'll excuse us. Come on, Yoongi. Let's go," Seokmin said, hand reaching out towards Yoongi's direction.
Namjoon stepped forward, covering Yoongi's entire form from Seokmin. "I don't think he wants to go with you. Please leave before I'm forced to make you leave," Namjoon threatened, alpha voice peaking. Seokmin huffed before turning around, leaving the hallway as fast as he can.
Once the alpha is gone, Namjoon turned to Yoongi, worried eyes set on him. "Hey, are you okay? What did he do?" Yoongi shook his head, eyes still dazed. He wrapped his arms around himself, desperately trying to shield himself from everything.
Namjoon placed a careful hand on Yoongi's shoulder, waiting to see if the omega will react violently. When he didn't, Namjoon led him to the office, determined to get the truth out.
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β†’ 74 "Here, Yoongi, drink some water," Seokjin soothed, offering the shaking omega a glass of water. Yoongi took it, sipping on the water lightly with his trembling lips.
"What happened?" Namjoon asked once Yoongi managed to place the glass on the table without spilling its content. "It's okay, Yoongi, you can tell us what Seokmin did. That's him, right? The alpha."
Yoongi nodded, eyes not meeting theirs. Instead, he fixed them firmly on the floor. "He-" Yoongi started but halted to a stop when all memories came rushing back. "It's okay, Yoon. You can take your time. We're not rushing you," Seokjin said, a soft smile forming on his lips.
Yoongi gulped, shifting his eyes to his shoes which suddenly became a lot more interesting. "He was about to bite me," he muttered under his breath, voice sounding scratchy after not speaking for a while.
"He was trying to bite you," Seokjin repeated in disbelief, eyes widening as if in a trance. "What the hell was he thinking?!" he yelled, stomping towards the door with the intention to create damage.
He would give anything to be allowed to walk out of there now and fuck up the alpha's face to unconsciousness. Strong arms wrapped around his waist, stopping him from progressing towards the door.
"Calm down! You'll get yourself arrested if you hurt a student!" Namjoon explained, still trying to pull the beta back. Seokjin slowly stopped struggling, laying limp in Namjoon's arms.
"Let's just focus on Yoongi right now, okay? We'll deal with it later," the alpha soothed, releasing pheromones to calm Seokjin down. Seokjin nodded, gently removing Namjoon's arms around him and walking to his bag.
He opened the bag and took out a hoodie which Yoongi immediately identified due to the familiar smell. "Is that- Is that Taehyung's?" he asked, voice getting clearer. His eyes brightened by a fraction, his former state of shock and fear easing a little.
Seokjin smiled before walking back towards Yoongi and kneeling in front of his seat. He placed the hoodie on Yoongi's hands which are placed on his lap. "I made sure to bring it with me while Taehyung was gone. I thought you would have wanted it a lot sooner than this, actually."
"Thanks, hyung." Yoongi couldn't help the small smile from forming on his face. He brought the hoodie close to his face, nose gently grazing the fabric.
He could smell Taehyung. It smells so familiar and he wants nothing more than to cover himself with the scent instead of the awful one he's currently drenched in.
"Wear it if you want. It won't get rid of that alpha's scent but at least you'll smell slightly of Taehyung. You like Tae's scent, yeah?" Seokjin asked.
Yoongi just nodded before putting the hoodie on, feeling comfort once he's surrounded by the familiar scent. He closed his eyes for a while, just memorizing the scent around him in an attempt to clear his mind.
"Are you dating Taehyung?" Namjoon suddenly asked, snapping Yoongi from his trance. The omega flushed red at the question, shifting his eyes from the professor and focusing on the way his hands disappeared in the sleeves of Taehyung's hoodie. "N-no, of course not," he denied.
Namjoon made a gasping sound, taken aback by the revelation. "What- but I thought-" "They're friends," Seokjin replied, stifling a laugh. Namjoon chuckled, scratching his head with his hand and feeling just a tiny bit stupid.
"Well, you can't really blame me. Yoongi always smells like Taehyung and they're always together. Not to mention what I just witnessed now, seeing as his omega suddenly feels a lot better with Taehyung's scent. Anyone would have assumed that they were dating!"
Seokjin rubbed his shoulder, planting a light kiss on his cheek. "I know, I know. You don't have to explain."
The light atmosphere was suddenly interrupted by the door slamming open. All of their attentions suddenly shifted to the agitated alpha on the doorway. "Taehyung?" Seokjin asked, utterly surprised by his brother's sudden appearance.
Taehyung ignored him, worried eyes trained only on the omega. "Taehyung, you can't be here. Your rut just ended-" A growl escaped Taehyung's mouth, feeling threatened by his own brother. It didn't help that his alpha is very much present due to his rut ending just recently.
Namjoon held Seokjin back, knowing how aggressive an alpha can be after a rut. "Let's just leave them for a while. I'm sure they have to talk." Namjoon pulled a struggling Seokjin out of the room, closing the door behind them.
Taehyung shifted his attention back to Yoongi, eyes still shining with worry. "Fuck, Yoongi, are you okay?" he asked, rushing forward to scoop the omega's body inside his arms, holding him tightly.
"I shouldn't have left you alone," he whimpered, burying his face on the crook of the omega's neck. "I'm okay, Tae," Yoongi replied, a smile forming on his lips.
Taehyung suddenly stilled, his nose brushing on Yoongi's scent gland. A low growl escaped his lips. "You smell so strongly like another alpha. What did he do to you?"
Yoongi contemplated for a while. He didn't know if he should tell Taehyung. He's sure that Taehyung will get mad if he tells him the truth. Surely, Taehyung wouldn't hesitate to attack the alpha if he finds out.
But he can't lie to Taehyung either. Taehyung always knows when he's lying. He can never hide the truth from the boy. "Please," Taehyung asked, voice vulnerable. "Please, I need to know."
Yoongi dropped his head on Taehyung's shoulder, hands gripping Taehyung's biceps tightly. "You really don't have to worry. He didn't succeed and that's the only thing that matters. I'm fine, okay? Professor Kim saved me before it was too late. You don't have to worry at all."
"Yeah, but what did he do?" Taehyung insisted on asking, not being swayed by Yoongi's desperate attempt of distracting him. "Tell me, Yoongi."
"He tried to bite me," Yoongi replied with a low voice. "H-he said he wanted to mate me. He used his alpha voice on me and I couldn't do anything, Tae. I had to bare my neck to him. He was about to bite me when Professor Kim arrived."
Taehyung exhaled loudly before pulling back slightly to press a kiss on Yoongi's forehead. "Can I scent you?" he asked, deep voice never failing to send shivers down Yoongi's spine. "Yeah," Yoongi replied. "Please. Please scent me."
Taehyung leaned down, noticing a reddish mark on the omega's neck. "Why is your skin so red?" he asked, thumb rubbing softly on the spot. "W-well I really hated his scent, okay? It was horrible. I asked Jin-hyung for wet tissues and I may have rubbed a little too harshly."
Taehyung hummed, pressing a kiss on the skin. "You shouldn't hurt yourself, hyung," he said before leaning down to continue pressing kisses on Yoongi's neck and nuzzling his nose on the spot simultaneously, desperate to get rid of the scent.
Yoongi hummed at the sensation, tilting his head sideways to give Taehyung more room to move. Taehyung didn't stop until the omega is completely covered with his scent.
"You're wearing my hoodie," he stated, amused by the fact that Yoongi always looks so small wearing his clothes. "Yah! I know what you're thinking! It's not my fault I'm this small, okay?!" he exclaimed, playfully hitting Taehyung on the chest.
Taehyung giggled at Yoongi's adorable expression, pulling the omega closer to his chest.
"Yoongi," he called, voice suddenly turning serious. "I'm sorry about what I did a few days ago. I didn't mean to. I didn't know that my rut would hit so early. You know that I would never ever want to hurt you, right?" "It's okay, Taehyung."
"No, it's not okay. I shouldn't have done that. I could've done something worse and you would've hated me! I would just be like that alpha who tried to hurt you. I would just be like him, Yoongi. I don't want to be like him," he whimpered, burying his face on Yoongi's neck.
Yoongi wrapped his arms around Taehyung's waist, releasing calming pheromones to make the alpha feel better. "You're not like him, Tae. You'll never be like him. I promise." Yoongi pressed a kiss om Taehyung's jawline, urging the alpha to calm down.
"What makes you say that?" Taehyung asked, voice still sounding somewhat pained. "What makes me different from him if I almost hurt you too?" Yoongi smiled, resting his cheek on Taehyung's shoulder. "It's because I love you, dumbass."
"But that doesn't mean I should be excused for what I did. I love you too but that doesn't give me the right to do that!" Yoongi stood silent for a moment before deciding to throw all of his useless thoughts in the air.
He pulled back, moved both of his hands on both sides of Taehyung's face before leaning in to press his lips against Taehyung's. Taehyung's entire body stiffened under his touch, eyes widening from the sudden action.
Yoongi just closed his eyes and tilted his head to the side. Taehyung soon followed, slowly closing his eyes and placing his hands on Yoongi's waist, moving his lips to respond to the kiss. When Yoongi pulled away, his cheeks were burning red, eyes refusing to meet Taehyung's.
"I probably shouldn't have done that but your scent was making me all dizzy and I couldn't really stop myself. So if you don't like me that way, it's completely okay. I'm sorry for suddenly kissing you like that. Right. I'm gonna leave now.
I'll just return your clothes to Seokjin-hyung and I won't ask you to scent me anymore so-" Taehyung cut his rambling off by pressing his lips against Yoongi's once again. "Stop rambling," Taehyung laughed, his boxy smile showing. "I get it, Yoongi. I love you too."
"Oh," Yoongi replied, eyes finally meeting Taehyung's. "So does that mean we're together now?" he asked, eyes wide with wonder and innocence that he almost looked like a child.
Taehyung giggled at his expression, pinching Yoongi's nose lightly. "Of course, if that's what you want. Will you be mine?" Yoongi nodded, eyes still wide open. "Yeah. Now kiss me again."
Taehyung laughed once more before leaning in for another kiss. And God, Taehyung didn't know it was even possible to love the boy even more than he used to. But there he was, with Yoongi inside his arms, their lips locked together, and he's so so deep in love.
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β†’ 76
β†’ 77
β†’ 78
β†’ 79
β†’ 80
β†’ 81
β†’ 82
β†’ 83
β†’ 84
β†’ 85
β†’ 86
β†’ 87
β†’ 88
β†’ 89
β†’ 90
β†’ 91
β†’ 92
β†’ 93
β†’ 94 "Should we visit home soon?" Taehyung asked, arms tightly wrapped Yoongi's waist in a spooning position. Yoongi's back was pressed on his chest as he pressed light kisses on the back of Yoongi's neck, lightly scenting the boy.
"Maybe. I miss hyung," Yoongi muttered, entangling his hand with Taehyung's. "I'm pretty sure Mom misses you too. She's been telling me non-stop to bring you back home." Taehyung hummed in approval. "I miss them too."
Yoongi closed his eyes, simply absorbing the positive atmosphere around them. He likes Taehyung's smell like this, radiating with happiness and contentment.
"Yoongi." Taehyung moved his hand down, slipping it underneath the fabric of Yoongi's shirt. "You still smell faintly of other alphas."
"Oh," Yoongi replied, taken aback by Taehyung's keen observation. "Well, you're not the only popular one, alpha," he teased. "I have my fair share of alpha followers too who like to touch me so innocently sometimes."
A low growl escaped Taehyung's mouth before Yoongi felt the grip around him tighten. Yoongi will never admit it to Taehyung but he loves it when the alpha gets mildly jealous and possessive over him.
It makes him feel wanted. It makes him feel like he's special. Someone worth keeping. Someone worth treasuring. And honestly, Taehyung in general just makes him feel happy all the time.
"But you smell like me already. Why are they still approaching you as if you're not mine?" "I don't know. Don't worry, I always tell them off. You know me, I won't allow anyone to touch me if I can prevent it."
"Yeah, I know that. And I'm so proud that I have such a brave omega," Taehyung replied, removing his arms from Yoongi and pulling him so he can lie down on his back, the alpha towering above him. "But I fucking hate it when someone touches you without your consent, Yoongi."
Yoongi smiled, reaching his hand to rest on Taehyung's cheek and pulling him down for a short kiss. "I love you," he whispered. "I know. I love you."
Taehyung leaned down to press a kiss on Yoongi's neck, directly above his scent gland. "Can I-" he stopped for a second, eyes moving to meet Yoongi's. "Can I leave some marks?" "That's pretty nice of you to ask me for consent. Most alphas wouldn't."
"Well, of course. It's your body and only you should have the right to decide on what anyone will do to it. You know that, right? You just have to say no and I wouldn't do anything you don't want me to do," Taehyung replied, leaning down to plant another kiss on Yoongi's lips.
"Fuck, I can't possibly explain how much I love you right now," Yoongi groaned, playfully hitting Taehyung on the chest. "Does that mean I can leave marks on you?" "Why? Because it would look good on me or is it a sign to tell everyone else to back off?" "Can I choose both?"
"Yeah, sure you can. Now get on with it." Taehyung leaned down and left a trail of kisses on the delicate skin. God, he could already imagine what his permanent mating mark would look on Yoongi, but he knew that he can't. Not yet.
He has to settle for something temporary before that time finally comes. He grazed the skin with his teeth, biting lightly. Not enough to break the skin, but enough to leave marks. He sucked on the skin, moving from place to place until his alpha was satisfied.
A small moan escaped Yoongi's lips at the sensation, his omega whining in submission to their alpha. He tilted his head to the side, completely welcoming all of Taehyung's touches.
When Taehyung pulled away from his neck, finally satisfied with the marks he left, he leaned down to capture Yoongi's lips in a heated kiss, hand moving downwards to once again slip underneath his shirt, his thumb gently caressing Yoongi's stomach.
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β†’ 96 πŸ”ž
β†’ 97
β†’ 98
β†’ 99
β†’ 100
β†’ 101
β†’ 102
β†’ 103
β†’ 104
β†’ 105
β†’ 106
β†’ 107
β†’ 108
β†’ 109
β†’ 110
β†’ 111
β†’ 112
β†’ 113
β†’ 114
β†’ 115
β†’ 116
β†’ 117
β†’ 118
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β†’ 120
β†’ 121
β†’ 122
β†’ 123
β†’ 124
β†’ 125
β†’ 126
β†’ 127
β†’ 128
β†’ 129
β†’ 130
β†’ 131
β†’ 132
β†’ 133
β†’ 134
β†’ 135
β†’ 136
β†’ 137
β†’ 138
β†’ 139
β†’ 140
β†’ 141
β†’ 142 "Hey, Yoongi, talk to me." Seokmin placed a hand on Yoongi's arm and the omega immediately flinched at the touch, ripping his arm away from the alpha's touch.
"Don't touch me. I have an alpha and I don't want him to smell your scent on me," Yoongi grumbled, shifting his chair away from the other boy. "You could do so much better, Yoongi," Seokmin insisted, moving his own chair to get near Yoongi again. "Like me."
Yoongi snorted at the statement, suddenly finding it amusing. "Someone like you? A coward who can't even fight without running for daddy's help? Please, I deserve a much better alpha than you. Like Taehyung, an alpha who is a lot stronger and definitely better than you."
Yoongi could feel the air around them growing intense, the alpha's anger making his omega retreat and whimper in fear.
"Don't talk to me like that," Seokmin said through gritted teeth, voice held back forcefully but still coherent despite all the chatter around them. "I'm just holding myself back and trying not to force you, Yoongi.
I wanted to properly court you until you agree to become my omega. Don't fucking leave me with no choice, or I swear I would be forced to have you without even giving a fuck about how you feel. And trust me, omega, I can fucking do that."
Yoongi stilled, holding his breath in fear. He could feel his omega clawing to get out and submit to the angry alpha, but he held it back. "Move the fuck away from me. You're a fucking psycho."
Seokmin went silent for a few seconds before letting out a low chuckle, finally moving away from Yoongi by a few centimeters. "You got that right. I'm a psycho, aren't I?"
Yoongi didn't respond. He just shifted his attention to the written notes in front of him, trying to block his thoughts with the act of studying. His short-lived peace was disrupted by the door suddenly slamming open, an all too familiar scent clogging his senses. It's Taehyung.
His head snapped forward, eyes resting on his alpha's shaking form. Taehyung looked so angry. His eyes blazing and jaw firmly clenched. "Mr. Kim, what do you think you're doing, barging into our class like that?" Mrs. Choi asked, her loud voice echoing inside the silent room.
"I'm here for my omega. Back off," he said, his alpha obviously itching to take over. Mrs. Choi was taken aback by the sudden shift of attitude. Taehyung is usually a very sweet and respectful student, always smiling at everyone. This Taehyung is someone they hardly ever see.
Taehyung shifted his eyes to the class, desperately looking for his omega. Once his eyes landed on Yoongi, his expressions suddenly softened. "Yoongi," he whispered, feet moving forward to Yoongi's direction.
Yoongi stood up and walked to meet Taehyung halfway, his omega desperate to calm the alpha down. Taehyung didn't hesitate to wrap his arms around Yoongi's smaller frame, burying his face on the crook of the omega's neck to inhale his calming scent.
"It's okay, Taehyung-ah. I'm fine. Everything's fine," Yoongi soothed, hands rubbing Taehyung's back. "If you two are done interrupting our class with the unnecessary public affection, I would have to ask Mr. Kim to leave," the professor stated, voice cold and chilly. "Now."
Taehyung growled, snapping his head towards the professor and baring his fangs. "I will if you get that fucking alpha away from my omega," Taehyung snapped, finger pointing at Seokmin's direction. "I won't let an alpha as disgusting as him to come in contact with my omega."
"You seem to have forgotten your position, Mr. Kim. I could easily report you regarding your lack of discipline as an alpha. Or you can quietly leave the room and let us continue our class in peace." "Not until you give me what I want. I said I don't want him near my omega."
"You're not mated. You can't claim an omega as yours. Now let him go back to his seat and do the project with a perfectly capable alpha-" "A fucking capable alpha who would force an omega into submission to try to mate him without consent? That's the alpha you're so proud of?"
"Taehyung, please, let's just go-" "Don't talk about me like that, Kim Taehyung. You have no right to do that." Seokmin interrupted, finally moving out of his seat to approach the pair. "And that omega is not yours. I can get him if I want to."
Taehyung snapped at that statement, gently pushing Yoongi behind him and lunging at the alpha, sending them both down on the floor. He clenched his hand on Seokmin's shirt, fangs bared in anger. "That's my omega. Leave him alone, do you understand?"
Seokmin just smirked, challenging eyes staring straight at Taehyung's. "Don't worry. I'll let you watch when I finally fuck him," he whispered for only Taehyung to hear.
Taehyung's eyes flashed red, anger filling him completely. He growled and lifted his clenched fist up, preparing to punch the other alpha across the face with the intention to ruin it again and again until he promises to leave Yoongi alone.
"Kim Taehyung!" Mrs. Choi yelled with an alpha voice, making Taehyung stop completely in surprise. "Let him go or I would be forced to file a suspension against you."
Taehyung was about to snap at the professor, an insult dancing on the tip of his tongue, but he bit back the words when a voice spoke up. "Alpha, please, calm down." It was Yoongi.
Taehyung's fist slowly fell, his other hand unclenching from Seokmin's shirt. He shifted his head to Yoongi's direction, seeing the hint of worry and fear on the omega's eyes.
"Let him go, Taehyung-ah." Yoongi stepped forward, offering his hand for Taehyung to hold. The alpha didn't hesitate to take his hand, opting to stand up and completely leave the other alpha on the floor.
Taehyung took Yoongi inside his arms, holding him tightly. He pressed kisses on Yoongi's head, desperate to form some sort of contact to make sure his omega is okay. "Can we leave?" he whispered against Yoongi's ear, suddenly feeling overly-conscious of the eyes around them.
Yoongi just nodded before pulling away from Taehyung's hug and taking his hand instead. He gathered his belongings and walked towards the door, Taehyung obviously still irritated beside him.
"Mr. Min," the professor's voice called from behind them. "If you take a single step out of that door right now, that would mean you agree with me failing you in this class."
Yoongi halted to a stop, anger rising but he chose to keep it hidden. Instead, he turned around with a sweet smile on his face, eyes landing on the professor.
"Professor Kim wanted to see me in his office. I'm sure I can be excused," he said before turning around and walking out of the room, Taehyung following closely behind him.
When they walked out of the room with the door closed behind them, Taehyung grabbed Yoongi and pushed him against the wall before leaning down to capture Yoongi's lips in a kiss, teeth clashing together due to the force.
Yoongi responded, hands clenched against Taehyung's arm, leaning more towards the alpha in desperation to feel him closer. When Taehyung pulled away and rested his forehead against Yoongi's, they were both catching their breath from the heated kiss.
"Did he touch you?" Taehyung asked, hands gripping the side of Yoongi's face. Yoongi hesitantly nodded, not knowing whether it's a good idea to tell the agitated alpha about that.
"Fuck, Yoongi, I'm sorry I can't do anything." He moved his face to the side, tilting Yoongi's head for more access. He pressed his lips directly on Yoongi's scent gland, softly nibbling on the skin to leave traces of his scent.
Yoongi clenched his hand on Taehyung's arm, feeling the air around them not even easing at all. Taehyung still reeks of anger and discontent.
"Hey," Yoongi whispered, fingers tangling against Taehyung's hair and pulling gently to let him know that the omega wants him to pull away. Taehyung obliged, eyes showing a pained expression from being forced to pull away while in the moment of agitation.
Yoongi pulled Taehyung down and planted a soft and brief kiss on his lips. "You can bite me," Yoongi said, eyes staring straight through Taehyung's as he moved his head to the other side, opposite his scent gland.
"W-what? Yoongi-" "It's only a temporary mark, Taehyung-ah. I'm okay with it if you are," he said, a smile grazing his face. Taehyung's alpha positively keened at he idea. They've always wanted to mark Yoongi. They've wanted it for so long.
The idea of his omega having his mark makes Taehyung suddenly disregard all of the negative thoughts inside his head. While biting Yoongi directly on the scent gland will form a permanent mating mark, biting him on the other side will form a temporary mark instead,
resulting to a temporary bond. The bond will last until the bite heals and his alpha and Yoongi's omega will feel intimately connected throughout the whole duration of the temporary bond. They would be able to feel each other's emotions and have a weak link to each other's minds.
Temporary bonds were made for couples who want to experience what it feels like to be mated, but without the permanent commitment to the bond since it will break once the bite is gone. This will help them decide whether they would want to be mated permanently or not.
But unlike permanent mating bonds which can only be made once, a temporary bond can be repeated over and over as much as they want, with any partner. Temporary bonds, in conclusion, are commonly used by future mates as a form of practice for the real thing.
It's a huge thing especially for couples who aren't actually planning on permanently mating because it opens up vulnerability for each other. "But that will still last long, Yoongi. We'll be bonded. Are you sure you-"
"Do you not want to?" Yoongi cut him off, innocent eyes looking at Taehyung's. Taehyung gulped, his eyes shifting away from the omega. "I do," he whispered. Yoongi chuckled at Taehyung's adorable expression before taking Taehyung's hands in his. "Then do it."
Taehyung smiled back at Yoongi, his stomach suddenly feeling weird after seeing Yoongi's familiar gummy smile. "Let's go back to your place first. I don't want to do that here." Yoongi just nodded and laced their fingers together, trustingly following Taehyung's strides.
Yoongi drove back home with Taehyung on the passenger's seat, loving eyes staring at Yoongi the entire time. He could faintly feel the alpha's excitement and happiness through his scent, and it affects Yoongi mildly as well for he couldn't stop smiling either.
They arrived at Yoongi's apartment, Taehyung leading the way as they made their way through the familiar bedroom door.
Taehyung was sitting on the bed with his back against the headboard, Yoongi sat on his lap in a straddling position. No matter how intimate it looks like, they couldn't really think of anything else other than drowning in each other's presence and scents.
Taehyung pulled Yoongi closer, one of his arms encircling around Yoongi's waist. His other hand travelled upwards to cup Yoongi's cheek, caressing the soft skin with his thumb. "I love you, Yoongi," he said before leaning in to press their lips together in a soft kiss.
"I love you too," Yoongi replied when he pulled back, resting his forehead on Taehyung's. Yoongi then tilted his head to the side, showing Taehyung the surface of the skin he has to bite to form a temporary bond.
Taehyung pressed a light kiss on the skin, nuzzling it with his nose right after. "Are you sure you want this?" Taehyung asked. "Don't force yourself if you feel even just a bit of doubt, okay?"
Yoongi nodded, hand finding its way to Taehyung's hair. "I'm sure." Taehyung took that as a sign of consent before closing his eyes briefly to let the information sink it. It still feels so surreal.
"I'm gonna bite you now, okay? This will hurt," Taehyung warned Yoongi. When he felt the omega nod and heard him hum as a form of agreement, Taehyung allowed his alpha to take over, eyes turning red as his fangs grew.
He opened his mouth and hovered over the skin before finally biting down on Yoongi's neck, the tangy taste of blood immediately filling his mouth.
Yoongi whimpered at the feeling of the bite, his entire form trembling inside Taehyung's arms while his omega is begging to be let out to submit to their alpha and present themselves to him.
If it wasn't for Taehyung's strong arm supporting his body, he would've collapsed due to the sudden feeling of the bond forming, Taehyung suddenly feeling a lot closer than he has ever been before.
Taehyung pulled away from Yoongi's neck once he felt the bond form, his alpha asking for some form of dominance over the omega. He licked once more on the mark before pulling away completely, opting to seeing his omega's state. His. He can finally call Yoongi his.
Yoongi looked like he was at the brink of a possible subspace but Taehyung just caressed his warm cheek and told him to fight it.
Once Yoongi regained his senses fully, he smiled and looked at his alpha, his chest filled with warmth and fulfillness. "Alpha," he whispered before shifting forward, wrapping his arms around Taehyung. The alpha responded by engulfing Yoongi's form completely inside his arms.
Taehyung buried his face on the crook of Yoongi's unmarked neck, nose nuzzling the omega's scent gland. He could smell his scent so prominently on his omega and it almost felt permanent. He wished it was permanent. But still, it was better than nothing.
He could hear his alpha hum in contentment, finally feeling sated from wanting to mark Yoongi for so long.
They fell asleep a few minutes after that, with Taehyung's arms wrapped around Yoongi, while Yoongi's face is pressed against the crook of Taehyung's neck. And nothing has ever felt better than this. Feeling the wholeness swelling in their chests as their hearts beat as one.
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β†’ 145
β†’ 146
β†’ 147
β†’ 148
β†’ 149
β†’ 150
β†’ 151
β†’ 152
β†’ 153
β†’ 154
β†’ 155
β†’ 156
β†’ 157
β†’ 158
β†’ 159
β†’ 160
β†’ 161
β†’ 162
β†’ 163
β†’ 164
β†’ 165
β†’ 166
β†’ 167
β†’ 168
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β†’ 170
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β†’ 200
β†’ 201
β†’ 202
β†’ 203
β†’ 204
β†’ 205
β†’ 206 One second, Yoongi was just peacefully talking to Seokmin about the project, and then suddenly, Taehyung's scent is just becoming too overbearing. Yoongi had to pause talking for a while, sheepishly excusing himself from Seokmin.
He focused on the bond and felt the anger suddenly filling Taehyung up, making him wince at the intense pool of emotions. He shifted his head to his alpha, seeing him staring off into nothing, his fists clenched and jaw tight.
The other customers in the cafe were looking at their table, easily sensing the agitated alpha. "Taehyung-ah," Yoongi called, hand slowly reaching out to touch Taehyung's closed fist.
Taehyung snapped out of his trance, shifting his attention back to his omega. "Yoongi," he replied, voice a lot deeper than usual. Yoongi offered him a warm smile before leaning in to press a light kiss on Taehyung's cheek. "Are you okay? You seem tense."
Taehyung didn't reply. He just moved his chair closer to Yoongi's and wrapped his arms tightly around Yoongi's waist, pulling the omega close against him. Yoongi awkwardly looked around, meeting the eyes of the other people around them before smiling sheepishly.
He responded to Taehyung's almost desperate hug and placed his own hands against Taehyung's tense back, rubbing soothingly. He felt Taehyung nose at the mating bite on his neck, pressing small kisses to the surface.
"Are you sure you're okay?" Yoongi asked, turning extremely worried by Taehyung's actions. "Yeah, just- just let me stay like this for a little more time."
Yoongi just nodded, not even flinching when Taehyung bit lightly at the spot right next to the mating bite, not hard enough to draw blood, but enough to leave another mark.
At this point, the other people at the cafe turned their attention away from the pair, being used to seeing mated pairs being intimate in public. It's definitely a lot better than seeing an alpha suddenly blow up with rage.
Once Taehyung was calm enough, he pulled away to let Yoongi work on the project again, but still with an arm wrapped tightly around his waist.
Yoongi apologized to Seokmin, sensing how the alpha is feeling awkward with the sudden intimate display in front of him, but Seokmin just smiled and told him it's okay.
When they went back home that afternoon, Yoongi tried to convince Taehyung to go back to Seokjin's apartment but the alpha refused, telling Yoongi that he wants to spend the night again.
Yoongi didn't really argue with Taehyung's decision. Partly because he could still feel how upset Taehyung is, but mostly because he just genuinely likes spending time with Taehyung. Taehyung makes everything okay.
β†’ 207
β†’ 208
β†’ 209 Taehyung woke up to a great day, completely different from yesterday's. He woke up with his arms filled with Yoongi, the omega's wonderful scent filling the room and even mixing with his own. He loves their smell together. He can't wait until it becomes permanent.
It was a great day. No one can really blame him for being all giggly for hours, even whining to Jimin through messages every now and then about how in love he is with his omega.
Yoongi cooked breakfast for the both of them and Taehyung stood beside him, front pressed to Yoongi's back in a hug with his chin propped on the omega's shoulder.
Yoongi half-heartedly complained for a few seconds because Taehyung's tight hold is making it hard for him to focus on cooking but when the alpha buried his face on Yoongi's neck, he stopped complaining competely.
Yoongi can never possibly explain it properly, but having Taehyung so close to him just makes him feel so grounded and safe. He loves it. He loves Taehyung.
They ate breakfast and went to cuddle on the sofa while watching another Disney movie. Everything feels so natural. It was like having Taehyung there inside his apartment, arms wrapped tightly around Yoongi's waist to prevent hin from falling off his lap is completely normal.
"I want a cat," Taehyung suddenly blurted out in the middle of the movie. Yoongi shifted his eyes briefly to Taehyung, a small smile forming on his lips. "Where did that even come from?"
"I don't know. I just want to have something with you. We can have a cat and we'll take care of it together. I'll name it after you because that would be a kitten version of you. That would be so cute," Taehyung stated with a whiny voice, desperately hoping for Yoongi to agree.
"Why the hell would you name it after me?" Yoongi asked, a frown etched on his face. "Wouldn't that confuse me and the cat?"
"Well, you're both my kitten. Wouldn't that be adorable? It will be like our small child," Taehyung giggled, right hand moving upwards to rest on Yoongi's stomach. Yoongi placed his own hand above Taehyung's, unable to stop the smile from appearing on his face once more.
"Yeah. Maybe that's a good idea." Yoongi tilted his head to press his lips to Taehyung's. The alpha's hold around him tightened as he responded to the kiss.
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β†’ 213 πŸ”ž
β†’ 214
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β†’ 216
β†’ 217
β†’ 218
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β†’ 220
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β†’ 242
β†’ 243
β†’ 244 Taehyung woke up with a jolt, hands immediately reaching for his head due to the splitting headache. "Fuck," he whimpered, suddenly feeling immense regret for drinking yesterday.
He slowly opened his eyes, trying to get used to the brightness of the light invading the room. The room. Where the fuck is he?
"Alpha," a voice purred from the other side of the bed. Taehyung could barely contain his confusion when he saw a girl beside him. Rui. Rui reached out her hand to rest on Taehyung's thigh, rubbing softly while still staring at Taehyung's eyes with a seductive look on her face.
But Taehyung's alpha growled and forced him to push the omega away. This is not their omega. Why is she touching them like that? "Why the fuck am I here?" Taehyung growled, wide eyes glaring at the omega.
Rui laughed loudly before sitting up and pushing the blanket down, revealing her naked form to the alpha. "Don't you remember, alpha? You were so passionate last night," she teased, a smirk playing on her lips.
Taehyung snapped at that point. He grabbed the omega by the hair, pulling roughly with the intention to hurt. Rui yelped in suprise, wincing in pain because of the tight hold Taehyung has on her hair.
"Tell me the truth, you fucking bitch. What happened?" Taehyung growled, another hand wrapping on Rui's neck in anger. "What did you fucking do?" Taehyung felt the bond stir inside of him. It felt.. horrible. Why is the bond suddenly hurting him? What the fuck happened?
Rui's hands wrapped on Taehyung's arm, trying to remove the hand blocking her airways. "N-nothing," she choked out. "Nothing happened?" Taehyung repeated. Rui only nodded, desperate to be released.
Taehyung sighed in relief and let go of the omega completely, allowing her to fall onto the bed with a thud. He got out of the bed and fixed his clothes, eager to get out of the room quickly. It smells so fucking horrible.
It smells like another omega and his alpha wants nothing more than to jump out of the window just so they wouldn't have to smell it anymore. Once he was done fixing his clothes, he turned back to Rui with a glare. "Don't you ever fucking approach me again, do you understand?"
Rui nodded in response, fear still obvious on her face. "Don't ever talk to me or any of my friends for that matter. You're fucking disgusting. I'll fucking kill you if you ever lay a hand on me or anyone I care about."
With those parting words, he quickly left the place with eagerness to get away from the horrible smell and find his omega. The bond feels so horrible and sickening. He needs to see Yoongi right now.
β†’ 245
β†’ 246
β†’ 247
β†’ 248 Taehyung reached Yoongi's door breathlessly, hands on his knees and still trying to catch his breath from running too fast. He couldn't help it, he needs to see Yoongi.
He knocked on the door loudly while calling out Yoongi's name, praying to god that the omega will open the door so Taehyung can finally hold him in his arms again and smell the scent he loves so much.
To be completely honest, he wasn't really expecting Yoongi to open the door. If it was him on Yoongi's position, told that his omega cheated on him with another alpha, he's pretty sure that his alpha would go into rage and destroy everything around him.
He probably wouldn't even be able to recognize anyone because of the pain and anger he would feel. But it's Yoongi. And Yoongi is kind and selfless, and Taehyung hates feeling that he takes it for granted.
The door was pulled open, much to Taehyung's surprise. The alpha was expecting tears and punches and Yoongi telling him to leave him the fuck alone because he hates Taehyung now. But none of it happened.
Instead, Yoongi just stood there without even a trace of emotion on his face, looking at Taehyung as if nothing happened. "Yoongi?" he shakily asked, afraid that the omega will suddenly explode in anger. "Can I come in?"
Yoongi just nodded, opening the door wider for Taehyung to enter. And he did. But he halted to a stop when he took a sniff around the room and didn't find Yoongi's scent.
His eyes shifted to Yoongi's form to confirm his presence and tried to sniff the scent again only to come back empty-handed. He reached forward, worry seeping through his core. "Yoongi-" "Would you like anything to drink?" he asked and Taehyung's face morphed into confusion.
Why is Yoongi acting like this? Taehyung would prefer if he was actually mad. At least they can get straight to the point and explain to Yoongi exactly what happened. "No. No, I don't need a drink. We need to-"
Yoongi turned his back on him and went back to the couch, crossing his legs so calmly and taking the book he was peviously reading before Taehyung arrived. "If you need to retrieve your stuff, you can roam wherever you want. It's okay, Taehyung."
"No! Why would I even-" Yoongi turned his gaze to look straight at Taehyung's. "Oh, you're not here to get your stuff back?" "Of course not!"
"Then why are you here?" he asked, and Taehyung could see a small hint of pained expression slip on Yoongi's face. "We need to talk," Taehyung firmly said, walking forward and sitting on the chair parallel Yoongi's.
Yoongi sighed, turning his attention back to the book. "If you want to officially break up with me, just make it quick." Taehyung was shocked, and it was obvious on his face. If Yoongi would just make an effort to look at him then he would see how much his words affect Taehyung.
"Why would you even say that?" Taehyung choked out, unable to hide his pain anymore. "Why would you even assume that I want to leave you?"
"Aren't you mad at me for going to Hoseok? Look, I'm sorry, okay? I really didn't know that it would affect you so much. I didn't know that alphas have the need to wake up to the person they fucked just to take care of them or something. I'm sorry."
Taehyung took a deep breath, trying not to let the omega's words get to him. He could feel his alpha growling in frustration, desperate to just have the omega's scent on them so they'll finally feel somewhat calmer.
"Yoongi," he called softly. "What happened to your scent? I can't- I can't even feel you in the bond. Do you hate me that much now?" Yoongi's emotionless facade almost broke right there and then at the mention of his scent, but he forced it back intact.
"Oh, right, my scent," he repeated with a small chuckle, and Taehyung suddenly felt like there was a joke he just wasn't getting. "It's gone," he answered so simply as if that answers all of Taehyung's questions.
"What do you mean it's gone?" Taehyung asked shakily, anxiety filling him up due to his alpha's constant worrying. Yoongi still refused to meet his eyes, opting to focus on the book he's not even reading.
"I don't know. My omega just- he retreated. He's not talking to me and I can't feel him too. He's grieving and he blames me for it. I think he hates me."
"What the fuck happened, Yoongi? That's not something that you should keep to yourself! You should've asked for help!" he yelled, finally losing his patience. Why would Yoongi hurt himself like this? Why would he let go of his own omega? Doesn't he know how dangerous that is?
To Taehyung's surprise, Yoongi didn't even flinch. He just stayed there unmoving as if Taehyung's words didn't have a single effect on him. "It's okay. It was my fault anyway. He was hurting so much and I couldn't do anything."
"Is it-" Taehyung choked on his own words. "Is it my fault?" Yoongi shook his head. "No, don't worry. He's not mad at you. He understands why you did that." "Yoongi, I didn't-" "He's really mad at me, though. He's blaming me for everything."
"Why would he even blame you?" Taehyung reached out to hold Yoongi's hand in his, just like how they always did, but Yoongi pulled away, out of his reach. "He blames me for the bond breaking."
And with those words, Taehyung broke down completely. Tears escaped his eyes continuously and his own alpha howled in pain at the recognition of the bond breaking.
"He said it was my fault our alpha left us. And now he's hurting because of me. I- I should've been better so our alpha wouldn't have to look for other omegas." "Yoongi, please, nothing happened. I promise. She was lying!"
"It's okay. You don't have to lie to me just to make me feel better." Taehyung stood up, frustration taking over him. "I'm not lying! Why would I cheat on you?! Don't you know me at all?! Don't you trust me?!"
"I do trust you," Yoongi calmly replied. "Then why would you easily believe her?" Taehyung asked, voice dropping. "But I couldn't blame you either for finding someone else."
Taehyung choked out a sob, desperate to just have his Yoongi back again. He walked towards Yoongi and kneeled in front of him, reaching to hold his hands inside of his. "Yoongi, I love you," he desperately said, voice still shaking. "Why would you? I hurt you, Taehyung."
"We can fix this. You mean the world to me and I will never let you go, Yoongi. Never. As long as I know that you still care about me, I'll never let go. You're the only one I've ever loved, Yoongi. I love you so much. Please don't ever doubt that."
Yoongi was silent for a while, just staring into nothing. Taehyung could see a flicker of emotion appear on his face and it turned into something even more pained, before Yoongi burst into tears.
Taehyung could faintly smell his scent come back and although it smelt sickening due to the negative emotions, he's still glad to know that Yoongi isn't too far gone.
He let go of Yoongi's hands and wrapped his arms around the omega, trapping him in a warm embrace. He placed a kiss on top of Yoongi's head, tears still falling profusely.
Yoongi was still shaking inside his arms, the omega's hands gripping the back of his shirt tightly as if it's the only thing keeping him grounded.
"Y-you still want me?" Yoongi asked through the sobs. "Of course I do. You're the only one I'll ever love like this, Yoongi. No one else. Just you. Remember that." Yoongi nodded, burying his face on Taehyung's chest and drenching the cloth with his tears.
They cried for a while, just letting their emotions out while clinging onto each other. Once they finally managed to both calm down, they went to the bedroom and laid down on the bed. They laid there side by side, facing each other with their legs entangled.
"You two really didn't do anything?" Yoongi asked once more for clarification. Taehyung grunted in disgust. "I didn't. I was just asleep the whole time. I forced her to tell me the truth and she told me that nothing happened. She was just fucking with us, that delusional bitch."
Yoongi giggled, burying his face on Taehyung's chest. "I'm glad, alpha. You're mine, right?" Taehyung tightened his hold on Yoongi, a smile grazing his face. "Of course, baby," he replied. "And you're mine too, right? No more choosing other alphas over me?" he asked with a pout.
"Yeah. I promise. I understand now, Taehyung-ah. I'm completely yours now, aren't I?" He could feel the bond stirring ever so slightly, and he thanked every god out there for allowing him to be there on time to be able to save their bond.
"I love you, Tae. I love you the most," Yoongi whispered, on the verge of deep sleep. Taehyung pulled away from the embrace just to lean in and press his lips on Yoongi's, their lips molding so perfectly as if they were made to specifically be with each other. "I love you too."
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β†’ 256
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β†’ 260
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β†’ 262
β†’ 263
β†’ 264
β†’ 265 πŸ”ž
β†’ 266 πŸ”ž
β†’ 267 πŸ˜³πŸ”ž
β†’ 268 (ΛƒΜ£Μ£Μ£Μ£οΈΏΛ‚Μ£Μ£Μ£Μ£ )πŸ”ž
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β†’ 278
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β†’ 280
β†’ 281
β†’ 282
β†’ 283
β†’ 284
β†’ 285
β†’ 286
β†’ 287 "Hey, what are you doing up so late?" Taehyung asked worriedly, opening the gate to let Yoongi in. Yoongi strolled forward with a sweet smile on his face before tiptoeing to press a short kiss on Taehyung's lips.
Taehyung instinctively grabbed Yoongi by the waist and leaning down to help the smaller boy reach him. "Happy birthday, Taehyung-ah," Yoongi whispered, his breath fanning across Taehyung's lips.
"Thanks, baby," Taehyung replied with a huge grin on his face. He couldn't understand but the simple greeting makes his heart beat so loudly that it feels like it's gonna jump out of his chest any second now. His birthday is complete now that he's seen Yoongi.
His mate's presence is enough to send tingling sensations all over his body, the bond prickling his skin ever so slightly. "I just came to give you a gift," Yoongi said, eyes shining with excitement.
"Yeah?" Taehyung asked playfully, arm wrapping around Yoongi's waist to pull him closer. "And what gift is it?" "Here." Yoongi's hand appeared from behind him, a poorly wrapped gift in his grip.
Taehyung chuckled, cooing over how much Yoongi tried even though he has never wrapped a gift his whole life. He took the gift from Yoongi, curiosity peaking at the hardness of the gift. "Can I open it now?" Taehyung asked, secretly filled with excitement.
Yoongi nodded in response and Taehyung took that as a sign to unwrap the gift on his hand. It was fairly easy. The gift wasn't wrapped fitly so it was easily unwrapped with a few tugs.
And there laid on his hand is a handmade book. It was a little messy but Taehyung's heart soared at the thought of Yoongi taking the time to do this for him, whatever content it has.
"S-sorry, it's a little messy and unorganized. I started making that when we were in middle school so I wasn't really that creative and talented with arts and shit like that," Yoongi explained, hands clenched in front of him in nervousness of what Taehyung would think.
"What is it?" Taehyung asked in confusion, opening the first page to see what's inside. And what appears in front of his eyes immediately made his heart ache with love.
On the first page was a photo of Taehyung and Yoongi with Yoongi crying when he first lost a tooth. On the photo was Yoongi with teary eyes and Taehyung standing beside him with wide worried eyes staring straight at him.
They were holding each other's hand tightly as if young Taehyung wanted to take all of his hyung's pain away. Written under the pasted photo was with Yoongi's messy handwriting Taehyung could recognize as his handwriting back when they were in middle school.
The note says, "That was a very scary moment :( Thank you Tae for being there for me α΅”α΄₯α΅”" He scrolled through all of the pages until he reached the last page. He would look thoroughly at everything later.
At the last page, there was a photo of him and Yoongi with Yeontan which was taken very recently, with a note that says, "Until now, you're still the person who makes me the happiest and makes everything infinitely better.
You've been with me through all of the good and bad days and not once did you leave me behind. I love you, Taehyung-ah. Being with you is the best decision I have ever made in my life. Here's to forever with you."
The handwriting was slightly neater by then, which Taehyung could recognize as Yoongi's handwriting now.
"It's a collection of our memories which I could remember and luckily have photos of. I know it's not much, Tae. You deserve a better gift than this but I'm really shitty with gifts and I've been making that book for years so I just thought-"
Taehyung cut off Yoongi's rambling with a swift kiss, swallowing all of his words. A few tears escaped Taehyung's eyes because of the overflowing emotions. "Thank you, Yoongi."
Yoongi smiled at him, eyes almost disappearing with how much he's smiling. "I'm glad you liked it. Happy birthday, Taehyung-ah.
"I love you," Taehyung said, his palm resting on Yoongi's soft cheek, caressing the skin with his thumb and just staring at the boy, and just thanking every god out there that he has Yoongi by his side. "I love you too."
β†’ 288
β†’ 289
β†’ 290 "Honey, don't go yet," Soojin, Yoongi's mother, wailed as she clung onto Yoongi, refusing to let him go. Yoongi, along with Taehyung and Seokjin are going back to Seoul now before the classes start again.
They had a great time for so many reasons. Definitely a christmas break Yoongi will always remember. "Mom, it's okay. I'll be back when I have time again." Yoongi smiled, hand holding his mother's.
"Young man, you better treat Yoongi well, you got that? Make him cry one more time and I swear to God, I will personally rip your kno-" Taehyung lurched forward and covered his mother's mouth with his hand.
"Okay mom, I think I got what you're trying to say." His cheeks flushed red in embarrassment before taking his hand back. Soojin unwrapped her arms from Yoongi and turned to look at Taehyung with teary eyes.
"Taehyung-ah, Seokjin-ah, please take care of my baby for me, okay? Especially you, Taehyung. You're my son's mate. I better not hear him complain one more time about another alpha trying to corner him or touch his ass-"
"Mom, I think that's enough," Yoongi cut her off, covering his face with his hands. "What? Someone cornered him and touched his ass?" "You didn't know?" Soojin asked, confused. Nothing ever happened to Yoongi without Taehyung knowing. "No, I didn't."
"Tae, that was years ago when I was new to the school. It didn't even get worse than that, okay? You've been protecting me for years." Yoongi felt Taehyung's emotions fire up a little but it was soon contained when Taehyung wrapped his arm around his waist, pulling him closer.
"We have to go now. We'll see you again when we have more time," Seokjin said, waving at them as he prepared to leave. "I'll see you again, mom," Yoongi said with a smile, pressing a light kiss on his mother's cheek.
"Yeah, take care of yourself, Yoongi. Be good to Taehyung," she teased. "I'm always good to Taehyung," he whined, poking his tongue out before making his way inside Seokjin's car, sitting next to his alpha.
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β†’ 294
β†’ 295
β†’ 296
β†’ 297
β†’ 298
β†’ 299
β†’ 300
β†’ a few years later ←
β†’ 301
β†’ 302
β†’ 303
β†’ 304
β†’ 305
β†’ 306
β†’ 307
β†’ 308
β†’ 309
β†’ 310
β†’ 311
β†’ 312
β†’ 313 "Hey," Taehyung whispered, forehead resting on Yoongi's as he sways their body slowly to the music. "Hey yourself," Yoongi replied with a small chuckle. "I love you." Taehyung stared at Yoongi with sincere eyes, a small smile playing on his lips. "I love you too."
Taehyung felt his heart beat faster and louder with Yoongi's words. It's been years but Yoongi's words still make him feel a lot. "You're mine in every way now." Yoongi chuckled, feeling amused by Taehyung's unending possessiveness even after all those years.
They graduated years ago and found stable jobs, but Taehyung is still his adorable self. He was still the boy Yoongi played with when they were kids.
He was still the boy who held his hand and taught him how to ride a bicycle, and also the boy who cried with him when he fell down and hurt his knee. He was the boy Yoongi spent every Christmas, New Year, and birthdays with.
And he will always be the boy Yoongi will love and wake up to. The boy Yoongi will be able to hold forever. Because Taehyung is his just as much as he's Taehyung's. "And you're mine in every way now too." "Yeah," Taehyung replied, leaning in for a kiss.
His arms tightened around Yoongi's form, stopping their sways and opting to pulling the omega closer to him instead. Yoongi's hands moved from Taehyung's shoulders down to his biceps, clenching his fist tightly onto the fabric of Taehyung's suit as he leans into the kiss.
He's happy now. He finally has Taehyung in his arms. Taehyung is his in every single way possible and nothing more matters to him. He loved, he loves, and he will love Taehyung forever, and really, what more can he wish for if he has his whole world right now inside his own arms?
β†’ 314
β†’ 315 πŸ”ž
β†’ 316 πŸ”ž
β†’ 317 πŸ”ž
β†’ 318
β†’ 319
β†’ 320
β†’ the end
Thank you so much for all the support! I hope you enjoyed this story and thank you so much for those who stayed with Taehyung and Yoongi until the end. I love you guys a lot. πŸ’œ
What do you guys want to read next?
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