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mila is out of prison

mila is out of prison

Nov 26, 2019
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#lostAU #taekookAU ;; For the sake of the storyline, I’m not giving detailed warnings. There will be heavy topics discussed. ;; Have faith in me, on this journey okay?

“I don’t know why you’ve grown to hate me so much..” the other man is silent.. water pooling in his eyes to the point where everything is a blur “But maybe I do... because now I hate me too”
He finally looks up then, takes notice to all of the things he hadn’t for awhile. His hair has grown. It’s much longer and a stunning dark brown, his body is leaner but he can’t tell if it’s because of exercise or lack of nutrition. Oh...he isn’t wearing his ring.
Can’t even see the outline of the band that once decorated it. Wonders when he stopped wearing it and subconsciously fiddles with his own. The last 24 months of their marriage replaying on an endless loop in his head and Jeongguk wants to scream.
There’s so many things he could have and should have done differently..but it’s too late now. Too late because he feels Taehyung’s plush lips brushing against his own, drenched with tears, “I really did love you the most” he heard Taehyung whisper against his lips.
Right when he was about to reach out and grab on, hold him close and beg him to stay. The man is out of his grasp. Then Taehyung’s tall silhouette is walking away and Jeongguk wants to cry, beg, plead.
The pit in his stomach is getting more and more hollow, worsening whenever he hears the ping of his phone. ;; Meeting with the Lu family in an hour, this one is really lovely. // I’ll be there.
As soon as he pressed send he chucks the device across the room, watches it shatter against the brick and burst into sobs. He’s such a fucking coward. •••
“Tae... hi?” Jimin’s voice is soft when he sees the distraught state of Taehyung on his doorstep “I left him... I left him and it hurts. I think I’m dying, is this what dying feels like?” He jabs a finger into his chest where he can barely feel his heart beating.
Words are choked out and breathless, practically hyperventilating and Jimin takes him into his arms. “You aren’t dying, Tae. I promise. You’re just hurting. You’ve been hurting for a long time.” “I couldn’t do it anymore Jimin....he-he’s turned so cold. So mean.”
Jimin shhs Taehyung with a soft kiss to the forehead, “we can talk about it later. Just calm down for now, yeah? C’mon let’s go lay down” •••
Empty. That’s how this feels. Hollow. There’s no signs of life as Jeongguk takes his seat at the private dinner table.
No interest at all whenever the prospective client begins flirting, point of a high heel toeing at his calf. Headspace is desolate, whenever he feels hands curl down over his shoulders and rest on his chest.
Broken, as lips press to his skin and it burns. Burns in the worst way. Burns because it’s never gotten to this. The assignments, the missions, they never led to intimacy. That was the one thing.
The only bit of hope. Last sliver of a thread that he held onto, prayed that would let him keep Taehyung just a bit longer. He’d never been unfaithful. And even now, even after knowing Taehyung is gone. He feels disgusting.
He jolts out of the chair at a dizzying pace and practically runs out of the sectioned off restaurant space. Runs and runs and runs until his legs are numb. Falls to his knees against some tree and rests his head there as he cries. Thinks back to how everything started.
He could’ve just talked to him. He didn’t have to go to such drastic measures. Taehyung is so smart, he knows he could’ve helped him. Probably could’ve helped a lot of people in his position.
But Jeongguk has always been stupid and since the moment he met Taehyung 6 years ago, he knew that he’d never get him involved. Would rather be burned alive than introduce him to this life.
Though he realizes as he repeats Taehyung’s words in his head over and over that in his attempt to save himself and protect the person he loves the most. He’s the one that broke him. Can still see the look on Taehyung’s face the first time he brought his stress home.
It wasn’t intentional, he just had so much pent up frustration that when he chucked the vase across the room and glass shattered, he didn’t even notice a piece flew into the exposed skin of Taehyung’s leg.
That was the day Jeongguk had to lure his boss’ client to an abandoned warehouse. Knowing well what was going to happen but what he didn’t know, is that the client was only 17. A kid.
Just like he was. A kid who is thrown into the underground world that’s impossible to escape from. And the rest of that day is so hazy. It all went by in a blur as his assignments normally did. Used to disconnecting his brain for the hours he’s gone with the gang.
His memories of Taehyung, though? Are so clear. There isn’t a single one..before things fell a part..that he doesn’t remember in vivid color. •*•*
“Taehyung, Kim Taehyung.” His smile was so radiant, blinding. Jeongguk thinks he fell in love the moment he spoke. “Jeongguk, Jeon Jeongguk—though, I’m thinking /future husband/ has a better ring to it” he winks as he hands over the briefcase Taehyung dropped.
Loves watching the way his cheeks rise to his eyes as he laughs, “you’re a funny one Jeon...I think I like that” •*•*
“Okay okay hold on, you’re a lawyer? Like a whole ass, suit and tie arguing with the jury, lawyer?” He sputtered on their fourth date. “Why do you sound so surprised?” Taehyung pouts, arms crossing over his chest as he turns away from Jeongguk just slightly
“Because doll, someone like you shouldn’t have to do any daunting work. Figured you spent your days on display in the finest art museum in Seoul” Taehyung slaps his shoulder as soon as he finishes speaking and they both erupt into laughter
“Why are you like this, huh?!” Taehyung shouts playfully but Jeongguk is too focused on the close proximity between them. Feels his hands itching to reach out so he does, brings a hand to Taehyung’s face and thumb rubs along his cheek gently...
...”you make me feel so many things—my brain can’t comprehend, so you can blame yourself” his eyes haven’t left the glistening pink lips that are parted.
Jeongguk can feel the warm breath escaping them as Taehyung freezes under his touch, “I know you said not on the first date, but what about the fou—“ •*•*
His fingers go to brush over his mouth at the memory. Can still feel the way Taehyung’s lips crashed into his with such urgency. As if he too had been dying to make that connection since the moment they met. It was feverish, the way Taehyung slid into his lap in a damn cafe.
Neither of them realizing what was happening until the coughing of a nearby customer made them stop. Clenches his fists because he can still feel the warmth of Taehyung waist in his hands when they made it to his apartment that night.
The milky skin sent tingles over his body and whenever Taehyung was bent over his mattress, fingers gripping his sheets and endless moans escaping both of their mouths—Jeongguk couldn’t believe he got so lucky. •*•*
“I think I’m in love with you” Taehyung spoke it at the same time as fireworks lit up the sky at a festival Maybe he hoped Jeongguk wouldn’t hear it but of course he did. He’d been dying to say the words himself for three months now.
“I think I love you the most” is what Jeongguk responded with as he pressed kisses all over Taehyung’s exposed shoulder. Taehyung turned around immediately at the words, eyes wide and Jeongguk smiles, “c’mon doll, don’t tell me you didn’t already know?”
Brings both hands to cup Taehyung’s cheeks as he presses the softest kiss they’ve ever shared to those plump, pouty lips—“I’ve loved you from the moment I saw you” he said and Taehyung laughed
“People always say that..” rolls his eyes playfully but Jeongguk doesn’t like that. Doesn’t like that Taehyung doubts the truth in his words. “What did I say? When we first met?” He coaxes, watches as Taehyung’s face softens and a big boxy smile appears.
Fingers are carding through his hair as Taehyung nuzzles into his neck, “something about future husband?” Jeongguk’s hands squeeze the small waist in his hold and cranes his neck to give Taehyung better access, “told you, I’ve loved you since I saw you”
The warm butterfly kisses that Taehyung leaves all over his neck and the burning fire in Jeongguk’s heart are only affirmation that he was so right. He’s gonna love this man for the rest of his life. •*•*
“Tae... are you awake?” Jimin pokes his head back in the bedroom and sees Taehyung sitting on the bed. Arms wrapped around his knees that are curled up to his chest. Staring out the window with puffy red eyes.
“I just don’t know where we went wrong. I don’t know what I did to make him hate me so much..” he whispered and Jimin doesn’t know either. Can’t imagine a Jeongguk that doesn’t worship the ground Taehyung walks on.
“Sometimes the ones we love struggle with things on their own—not everyone is good at opening up..” Taehyung’s head shoots up and his face is crumpled and exhausted, “he’s my husband... we’re married... he isn’t supposed to struggle on his own. And he DIDNT.”
Jimin watches with tear filled eyes as Taehyung muffles a scream into a pillow, “he didn’t suffer alone. He made me suffer every damn day of the last two years. Every fight, every missed dinner, every time he refused to touch me...but by bit he broke me a part.”
Bitter laughter breaks Taehyung’s sob “Y’know, for a moment I really told myself that it’s okay if he’s having an affair—as long as he comes home to me. What does that say about me? So desperate for his presence in my life, I didn’t even care if he was out fucking someone else”
Jimin lunges forward and holds onto Taehyung so close, lets him sob in his arms and squeezes tighter, “Taehyungie I have no idea what’s happened—but trust me when I say that I know he loves you more than anything in the world.” Feels him shake his head and pull away
“He did. At one point he really did love me more than anything else...but it faded and I don’t know what I did to cause it but it’s gone. Every last bit is gone, that’s why I left. That’s why I’m here. He’s being served divorce papers tomorrow morning”
Jimin thinks he felt his own heart break, never witnessed a love like Taehyung and Jeongguk before—hearing the word divorce leave his bestfriend’s mouth makes his skin crawl. “Are you sure... I want what’s best for you, always. I just don’t want you to do anything rash.”
Taehyung smiles bitterly, “rash would’ve been me doing this the first time he came home at 3 a.m. wearing different clothes than the ones he left the house in. This? This is two years of misery and desperation finally building up to what I should’ve done a long time ago.”
||| c'mon lovelies, talk to me. Be back later.
Drink. Drink. Drink again. It’s all Jeongguk can bring himself to do.
Sitting on the couch in the living room of his home. Facing the doorway. He hasn’t moved from the spot. Hasn’t bothered to pick up his shattered phone.
It’s been nearly two days since Taehyung walked through that door. It feels like some kind of sick joke. Like any moment his entire world is gonna come bursting back through that door with obnoxious laughter and silly dance moves.
He’ll be attacked with aegyo and neck kisses. Spend his night holding Taehyung so close he can feel his heart beat. But then he remembers that it’s been months since any of that happened. Maybe even a year. He can’t remember.
Because the only thing etched in his mind is the broken look on Taehyung’s face when he told him he’s leaving. /I don’t know why you hate me so much/ is what he said, Jeongguk throws the glass bottle of soju to the floor.
As if he could ever hate Taehyung—that man is the only reason Jeongguk believes that love and compassion really exists. Not when all he’s known since he was a child is violence and hatred—yet Kim Taehyung waltz’s in and gives him the only glimpse of happiness he’s ever had.
He can’t be angry though, not at anyone but himself. Already knows he’s going to have the shit beat out of him for not completing an assignment.
Maybe it’s good that Taehyung left, because how would he explain whenever he comes home with a black eye and probably some broken ribs. No, he couldn’t have. So he would’ve went away. Stayed at a hotel for a week.
Would’ve sent the usual “sending me out on last minute business trip, so sorry angel. I’ll see you soon. I love you” text message. Would’ve gotten back some half hearted response of “stay safe and come home to me. Love you always”
And then he would’ve sent back, truthfully, “love you the most”. Because he does. Jeongguk loves Taehyung more than anyone could ever love anything. He Knows it.
Knows it by the way his heart beats only for crescent eyes and boxy smiles. Thinks he was a walking corpse before he met Taehyung and that’s what he’s turning into now.
Dying with every minute that passes by without Taehyung here, in the house they bought. Filled with their pictures and memories and collections and clothing.
Yeah, Jeongguk could never hate Taehyung but he really fucking hates himself. •••
Heading into the office, Taehyung is a mess in his mind but the life of a lawyer is never easy to put on pause. So he makes his way into his firm is stopped by his apprentice, Juno. “Morning Taehyung-ssi... your first client is already here.”
Taehyung nods, enters the office and sees a tall man with blonde hair and really nice dimples. “Hi, sorry to keep you waiting.” “Ah. No worries, no worries.” The man laughs extending a hand “I’m Namjoon, I’ve heard you’re the best around for criminal defense attorneys.”
Taehyung’s brow lifts, /this/ man, looking sweet and gentle, needs a defense attorney? Ah but the thought makes his mind think to /his/ tall, handsome, sweet and gentle man.
Who so quickly turned brutal and cold and distant, realizes that anyone is capable of anything. No matter what fantasies we try to fill our own heads with. •••
Jeongguk knew it was going to happen but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. When he finally left the chair in the living room to clear out the past few days’ mail.
Runs his fingers along the embossed letterhead of KJ & Associates. Wonders how long it will take for Taehyung to remove the J from his firm and himself. Only has to see the first two words in bold black letters before he’s crumpling the paper in his shaky hand.
“Divorce Amendment” He thought watching Taehyung leave was the worst pain, but no. This is. Because the moment he signs that dotted line and places this envelope in the mailbox, it’s done.
The only light left in his dark fucking life is gone. He’s about to go grab another bottle of Soju when he sees him. Taehyung is walking through the front door.
It’s stupid, he knows it but his entire body is screaming for the man who just closed the door probably expecting an empty home. Seeing as Jeongguk hasn’t been home during the day in a long time.
So he knows he catches him by surprise whenever he’s hugging Taehyung from behind. Forehead resting in between his shoulder blades. “Baby...’t do this” he chokes out, knows his voice sounds like shit.
He’s really showing Taehyung how strong of a man he’s leaving, isn’t he? Must make the lawyer feel so proud. He feels the body in his arms start to tremble and he presses his lips to the open space of Taehyung’s neck.
“Just... I can’t tell you what’s going on... just please don’t leave.” When Taehyung makes no fight to move Jeongguk presses more kisses to the warm skin of his neck.
The reality of how long it’s been since he’s touched his husband like this sinks in because his life has revolved around someone else’s orders. His heart rate increases when Taehyung cranes his neck to the side and he softly uses the grip he has on him to turn him around.
Sloppy open mouthed kisses are trailed up Taehyung’s neck and the moment Jeongguk starts nipping at his jaw, he whimpers, “why do you do this to me?”
Jeongguk pulls away to look into the eyes of the man he just knows he’s broken to pieces, brings his hands slowly from the small waist and glides up until he’s cupping Taehyung’s face. “You have no idea—I could never tell you” he whispers
He can feel Taehyung’s breath fanning his mouth. “It’s so cruel, you have me in the palm of your hand... you take advantage of it...” he kisses him chastely and then pulls away softly “you know I’m so weak when it comes to you...” Taehyung sounds absolutely distraught
Jeongguk is about to speak but Taehyung’s hands are curling on his biceps and lips hot on his mouth. “Just—ten minutes—let me remember what it’s like for you to love me” he breathes out and Jeongguk feels his blood run cold at the words.
Taehyung truly thinks he doesn’t love him anymore and what kind of man would he be, to do exactly what Taehyung is accusing him of. How can he take him whenever it’s just going to leave Taehyung hurting more because Jeongguk is stuck.
He can never escape and Taehyung can never understand because Jeongguk will never drag him to hell. And as much as his body is burning with every slide of their tongues and the feeling of Taehyung pressing up against him, he won’t hurt the person he loves the most anymore.
“Are you still leaving me?” He asks, hands going from where they were clutching Taehyung’s long locks down to his hips, putting a space between them. Taehyung’s eyes widen and his lip trembles, “do you still refuse to tell me who is taking all of your time?”
Jeongguk’s hands fall and Taehyung drops his fists onto Jeongguk’s chest with such force yet still so weak. “What did I do? Make me understand, Guk! Because I can’t! I can’t understand how four years of our lives were beautiful and then crumpled so quickly!”
Jeongguk’s hands are shaking furiously as he steps away from Taehyung, grabs the paper he balled up and placed it on the coffee table. Tears staining the paper as he signs the document, doesn’t even finish the letters of his name before Taehyung is ripping the pen from him.
He stops, takes a deep breath to calm his nerves as he stands to yank the pen back, “I’m doing this because if I don’t, I’d be killing you.” Finishes the signature and places the paper into the envelope. Eyes fixated on Taehyung’s trembling hands as he gives it to him.
Watches as Taehyung stares at the envelope—the tiny A5 that holds the last strings of their marriage, face void of any emotion—“You killed me a long time ago, Jeongguk. Now you’re just burying me.” •••
He’s on his fourth energy drink and Advil whenever a voice enters his office space “I didn’t expect you to take my case so quickly”
“Well youre lucky I need something to clear my mind and from the looks of this list of charges, I’m gonna need every centimeter of space my brain holds to try to keep you away from prison” he glints his eyes “I don’t know how you aren’t behind bars right now, if I’m honest.”
Namjoon smiles, points a finger to his skull, “all you need is a high IQ and a few connections—you’re practically untouchable” It makes Taehyung’s stomach turn with how true it is. Having witnessed it many times in his years as a criminal defense attorney.
Spent hours convincing clients to take a plea bargain, seeing it as the only possible way out—only to find them not convicted. At all. For anything. The list of charges on Namjoon are all over the board, narcotics, tax evasion, theft, battery, a lot of battery charges.
Taehyung gulps once he gets to the last page, the major offenses. Alleged kidnapping. Charges are placed connecting him to the abduction of four young men back in 2001. His eyebrows furrow as he looks at the man in front of him.
He couldn’t have been very old himself in 2001, probably not even a teenager. Namjoon must see what has him paused, “ahhh—yeah I didn’t kidnap anybody. I don’t know how I’m connected to those.” Raises his hands into the air with a smile
“honest...I’m a liar and I use shitty methods to make my money, but I’d never take someone’s kid. That’s fucking ruthless” Taehyung gnaws on his bottom lip and nods, “I’ll start seeing what I can put together before the trial. You’ll hear from me soon.”
Namjoon smirks taking Taehyung’s hand, “a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Jeon.” then he’s out of the door. Taehyung’s heart is pounding because professionally he’s always kept /his/ name. Has never gone by Jeon other than to friends and family.
So how in the world this man, with enough charges to earn him two life sentences, knows his soon-to-be former fucking terrifying.
||| and the story officially begins. Come yell at me
Walking into the warehouse, Jeongguk has never felt more empty. A hollow shell in the place of what was once a human. Genuinely surprised not to be greeted with a crow bar to the knees, he looks around and finds the whole place empty—which is highly unusual on a Thursday.
Walking towards the head office, of course there’s his boss. “Was wondering when you’d bring your face back in this building.” “Where is everybody?” “Out, apparently someone’s giving tips to the pigs. We’ve been cleaning house for the last few days but you wouldn’t know.”
“Shit crashed down at home for me. I haven’t been in a good place to do any of your bidding.” Jeongguk's eyes are locked on his feet. Can't lift his head and stare at the person who's the sole reason behind all of the pain he's put Taehyung through.
The man nods, “I know. The only reason your ass isn’t 6 feet under for fucking up that deal with the Lu’s is because I sent Yoongi after you the other day and he apparently heard you in a screaming match.”
Jeongguk clenches his eyes closed, they know where he lives. Of course they do. He was a fucking idiot to ever think Taehyung was safe. “What the fuck was with that deal anyway? You didn’t tell me you were whoring me out. Told you I won’t be a damn escort.”
Watches as a small shot glass is tossed across the room “You’ll do whatever the hell I tell you to do. Fuck Jeon that’s probably the easiest assignment I’ve given you in years, all you had to do was sit there and get your dick wet. How fucking hard is it?"
“And I told you six years ago that I’ll do anything you ask. Don’t give a damn what it is but I have a relationship at home that means more to me than whatever fucking deal you’re trying to make.”
“You better be ready to fulfill that promise then, because I’ve got a big one for you this time and you’re the only man I can actually trust to do it. Don’t fuck this up.” Jeongguk clenches the file as he takes it into his hands, with a curt nod he’s walking out.
Doesn’t even need to check what the job is because nothing matters anymore—not when there’s nothing left to live for. •••
“Taehyungie, I brought lunch” Jimin whispers as he peeps into Taehyung’s office. “Jiminie... I told you i didn’t need a babysitter, I’m just working” he smiles sadly but Jimin knows better.
Hasn’t gotten any sleep himself since Taehyung started staying over because it’s impossible to sleep through the sounds of him crying. “Well I know you didn’t cook and I KNOW you don’t have time to get your own with that case you’re on. So press pause and eat some pizza with me”
Taehyung is grateful for Jimin, he’s been a driving force in keeping him sane but there are some moments. Moments like today, where he would really rather just be alone. “Tae... I was wondering if you ever got the paperwork back from Guk?” Jimin asked warily
The way Taehyung froze and immediately stopped eating was enough of an answer and it made Jimin’s stomach curl. He’d been praying they’d talk and come to some agreement to wait things out, try to fix whatever is going on.
But Taehyung’s silence is showing him that it’s not the case. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.” Taehyung just smiles, a painful one
“I’m gonna have to start answering more painful questions than that here soon. My birthday is in a month. My parents are going to wonder where Guk is when I go and he isn’t with me.” Jimin is about to say something but Taehyung’s phone ringing interrupts him
“SHIT! I forgot I’m meeting with my new client today. I’ve gotta wrap this up Chim.” “Wait wait wait, you’re meeting with that criminal outside of your office? What the fuck Tae are you crazy?”
“It’s a cafe Jimin not a basement, I’ll be fine. Thank you for lunch, I wouldn’t have eaten if you didn’t show up.” Jimin hugged his best friend tight, “love you so much, call me when you’re on your way home?” •••
It’s been a long time since Jeongguk had to take in a hostage. Normally given much more information than this folder holds. It’s all a part of the boss’ plan to wipe out all of the rivals in the underground. Wants to monopolize the market and become an untouchable force.
That’s always been the bastards goal and it makes Jeongguk sick. Yet here he is again, waiting impatiently in the back of a blacked out van for the people to arrive. He doesn’t have the same focus he used to.
Laser sharp and clear cut—that’s how he always was because he had a purpose. He had someone to go home to, someone he had to ENSURE he made it back to. Everything about this feels monotonous and pointless.
Whenever he hears the slamming of car doors he rolls his eyes, grabs the chloroform cloths and shoves them in his coat pockets. Reminds himself that whatever hell he's going through, at least Taehyung is away from their house and safe. •••
“Hey there, Taehyung-ssi!” Namjoon’s voice is far too chipper for the nature of this meeting but Taehyung figures it’s due to his confidence in the lawyer’s ability to get him a much lesser sentence.
Flattering? Sure but also disheartening. If he’s guilty of even half of these charges then he deserves to sit in a prison. “When you said cafe, I pictured Frappuccinos and scones....not grunge aesthetic walls and cheap liquor”
Namjoon shrugs “I own this place, forgive me for wanted some free exposure” They’ve been sitting here for a good half an hour when there’s a loud noise from the back of the cafe and Namjoon stiffens.
Taehyung immediately notices the gun that’s whipped out from his belt and freezes. “Listen up Taehyung-ssi, I don’t know what’s going on. But I need you to leave, alright? Go through the kitchen. There’s a side door that’ll lead you straight to the alley near your car.”
Left with no other choice Taehyung nods and darts that way. The sounds of gun shots ringing the moment he hits the door makes him drop his briefcase and his heart rate increases heavily.
His whole body is trembling and is about to collapse when he feels arms around him—then he can’t breathe and feels sleepy, too sleepy. •••
“What the fuck! What the fuck!” He can’t stop shouting. Doesn’t even know how long he’s been driving. Finally comes to a stop once he reaches the old house his parents gave him. Prays to the heavens that any tracker on this van lost signal hours ago.
Trembling hands and tear filled eyes make it difficult for him to carry the unconscious man into the house but he manages successfully. Lays him down on the couch and sits in the chair across from it.
Lays him down on the couch and sits in the chair across from it. Sobbing relentlessly into his hands for well over an hour, it was all pointless. Every last bit of it because he’s here. He’s fucking here in the midst of hell. He hears the stirring on the couch and jumps up.
Whenever Taehyung’s eyes start to flutter open and he sees him look around the room in panic, darts in front of him and pulls him into his arms. “Guk?” It’s grumbled and strained and Jeongguk is crying harder
Hands flying to Taehyung’s face. Inspecting for any signs of injury. Carressing it gently, runs his fingers through the curls on his head and is too lost in panic overtaking his body to think properly. Cups Taehyung’s cheeks and kisses him harder than he has in months.
Can’t be bothered to remember that they’re already on the way to a divorce because he’s just so thankful it was him that they sent on this assignment and not some other goon, someone that probably would’ve used a crowbar instead of chloroform.
The thought alone of anyone of those men being close enough to Taehyung to harm him has Jeongguk ready to vomit. Feels his whole body begin to tremble as Taehyung melts in his hold and is kissing him back. Fuck.
“What were you doing there?! Why was it you?! How do you even know Namjoon huh?!” He starts yelling all of these questions but Taehyung looks like he’s seen a ghost. Because Jeongguk must be the one who knocked him unconscious.
Which means he was a part of whatever raid was happening which means it hasn’t been a who that’s keeping Jeongguk away but a /what/ and that /what/ is something terrifying. His body tenses and he shoves away. "Where the fuck did you bring me?!"
Jeongguk groans in frustration “THAT DOESN'T MATTER! Do you know where I’m supposed to be right now?! I’m supposed to have you chained to a chair in some shitty warehouse! Then you’d be used as ransom to get that scumbag to turn himself over to the police!”
Taehyung’s chest starts heaving and he’s so confused. None of what Jeongguk is saying makes sense and he thinks this all has to be some sick dream. It must be.
He’s going to wake up from this and it’ll be back to years ago, when all they did was laugh and eat ramyun and watch shitty reruns on the t.v because they didn’t have cable. Then they'll probably kiss the air out of each other's lungs until they fall asleep.
If only he could wake up from this fucking nightmare already. “Jeongguk....” his voice is laced with all kinds of fear, endless streams of tears pouring “who the hell are you?”
“No. No. I’m not.” He stops for a moment before looking into Taehyung’s eyes “all the shit I’ve done over the years to keep you out of this. You’re already far more involved than I’ve ever wanted. This is my worst nightmare.”
Taehyung starts laughing maniacally through his tears “the last THREE years have been my worst nightmare. I don’t even know you. So I take it you aren’t a fucking sales rep then? Yeah? That’s why I was never allowed to visit you at work? Because the company doesn’t exist?!”
“Baby..” “NO. Don’t you dare. You lost the right to call me any thing other than my name when you signed that paper and put it in my hand.” “I had to.”
“For what? Tell me. I swear Jeongguk you better tell me what the fuck type of hit man bullshit you’ve been up to that was worth throwing away EVERYTHING we made together.”
“I can’t. Don’t you get it?! Can you not tell that what I do is dangerous?! You think I’m willing to tell you anything that would get you involved? I’d have myself killed before that!” Taehyung is about to speak but Jeongguk stands and moves over to him
his heart is pounding when there’s hands on his waist and he’s being pushed. Further and further and then his back is against the wall and he nearly whimpers. Taehyung hates how much he missed Jeongguk’s hands on him.
Wants to scream and shout and tell him to go to hell but he can’t, cant get out anything other than his cries when Jeongguk brings a hand to his face and rests their heads together.
“I need to know why you were there. I can’t protect you if I don’t.” Gone is the adrenaline driven voice and it’s just tender. Tender with his words and tender with his touch as brushes his nose against Taehyung’s through his tears.
“I’m his lawyer… Namjoon asked me to take his case…” “Of course he did. Of course even the demons in hell know how fucking amazing you are” he shakes his head in disbelief “and here I thought I was doing a marvelous job of keeping you my perfect little piece of heaven.”
Taehyung wants to cry because this is /his/ Jeongguk. The one who is soft and kind and loves him more than anything in the world and it’s so hard to put up a strong front whenever he feels his warm breath over his lips.
“Guk..I—“ “You have to turn the case down. You have to turn it away and cut all ties from Kim Namjoon. Can you do that for me?” “We already drafted a contract..”
The hand on his waist tightens, not in a violent way but in the way that Taehyung always used to love, makes all the hairs on his body stand and it’s so hard not to lean in when his favorite pair of plush lips are mere centimeters away.
“’ve got to cancel it, please… I can’t have you anywhere near them. They can’t know anything about you.” “He already does though..” Jeongguk’s eyes move from where they were staring at Taehyung’s lips and lock with his own
“What do you mean? What does he know other than your office location? That can be handled. Protected easily.” “He knows we’re married… /were/ married..” “How the hell would he possibly know that?!”
“I don’t know… I don’t… when we first met and he brought his case to me he shook my hand and called me Mr. Jeon.. I didn’t think anything of it at the time” “Tae..why wouldn’t you tell me?!” “How was I supposed to know you had an relation to some criminal?!”
Whenever Jeongguk’s lips crash into his it isn’t surprising in the slightest the way his body gives into the touch. Doesn’t care right now about the fact that come Monday morning his name will lose what follows the hyphen. Can’t be bothered to think of what happens after this.
All that matters is that /his/ Jeongguk is right here. Hands rubbing up the side of his body and their tongues are sliding together perfectly and he fucking knows it’s gonna kill him the next time he wakes up alone..but right now he just wants him.
Wants to love him one last time as his husband too bad to care about the consequences later.
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🔞🔞 The familiar tapping on his thighs sends Taehyung’s body into a fury as he jumps slightly into Jeongguk’s arms. Sucks hot purple and red marks all over the man’s neck as he feels him carrying them away.
Once he’s laying on the bed in this house he’s never seen before he feels a warm liquid touch his skin. Opens his eyes and sees Jeongguk with trembling lips hovering over him, “Guk—“
“Please Tae, just— don’t… I know that I’m worthless and don’t deserve any of you. I fucking know that I’ve been so horrible to you and made you feel like nothing. And it’s killing me every second of every day that I have to spend away from y—“
Taehyung’s hands are harsh when they grip onto Jeongguk’s collar and slam their mouths together, chest heaving and stomach twisting, “none of that matters right now..I need you. I need you so fucking bad that my body hurts.”
It’s feverish the way Taehyung’s fingers practically rip off the layers of Jeongguk’s clothing. Wants to cry at the feeling of their bare chests against each other because it’s been so long and
he spent too many nights thinking Jeongguk was doing /this/ with someone else and he nearly died at the thought. “Gukkie—“ it’s soft and nearly a whine, Jeongguk rises from the place on Taehyung’s chest that he was nipping at
“you never—you never were with someone else. Right? Please just tell me that. Tell me that whatever this is, you really did love /just/ me..” shakes his head to flick away the tears before he sees Jeongguk leaning into him.
Their mouths are barely brushing and he can feel the way Jeongguk’s heartbeat steadies, a hand reaches for his and intertwines their fingers. Brings it to his lips and kisses where their wedding band once sat..
.. “I could never be with anyone other than you. Even when you’re no longer heart and body and soul will be yours until the day I die.” Then his lips are on Taehyung’s again and he feels himself caving.
This is everything. Jeongguk is everything has been everything since they met. Can’t resist the way he wants him.
Hot flames licking all throughout his body as Jeongguk’s hands trail down his sides, coming around to cup his ass and Taehyung can’t help but buck his hips upwards. Desperate for some friction between them. He gets it, once Jeongguk presses his body down against the other’s.
Their members that are only clothed by their boxers are grinding and it’s beyond the word electrifying. Sends vicious lust and desire throughout him and he can’t help it, uses all of the strength in his body to roll over and straddle Jeongguk.
It was always his favorite thing to do, stare down at his gorgeous husband, loved the way it felt to sink down on his throbbing cock.
Licks into his mouth with a newfound hunger and Jeongguk must sense it because he’s incredibly smooth as he glides Taehyung’s brief off, lining his hips to rut against his own again.
Hands flying to the plump skin of Taehyung’s ass and groans into their kiss when he feels his cock slide in between the cheeks. Body craving Taehyung and has for a long time. Hasn’t been home enough to even enjoy the last months of having this.
This infuriatingly sexy man that was his. His for years and it’s unfair. Unfair that he has to give it all up but he’s going to engrave himself in Taehyung’s brain. Which is why he does his best with his lube slicked fingers, lets them slide into the entrance teasing at his dick.
Curls them just the way he knows Taehyung loves. Bites on his own lip as he sees the way Taehyung’s head lulls back and he leans into the touch. Bounces against Jeongguk’s two fingers making it so easy for him to slide in a third.
Keeps fucking into him like it’s the only thing he’s ever known. Because loving Taehyung is the one thing that’s ever come easy for him, like second nature. Pleasures him exactly how he wants it, how he needs it.
Sucks on the supple skin near his exposed collarbone and when he feels Taehyung’s legs trembling on his sides, slides his fingers out immediately. Hands on their favorite place— Taehyung’s hips as he guides his cock to the drenched hole.
The moans that escape both of their mouths as the tight heat sucks him in echoes in the room like a favorite song. “Fuck Guk—hate you. Hate you for making me walk away.” Taehyung cries out. Head dropping to Jeongguk’s shoulder as he lifts his ass up only to slam it back down.
The feeling delicious and pure ecstasy. Jeongguk’s hands roaming all over his body, brings him by the neck to slot their lips together beautifully. Forces Taehyung to slow down his ministration. Gyrating his hips where the head of Jeongguk’s cock hitting right at his prostate.
“I love you Taehyung. Gonna love you for the rest of my life.” Voice so soft despite the grunts in between the words. Everything about the way Taehyung grinds his ass up and off and back down slowly.
Painfully slow but it’s the best feeling. Jeongguk’s hands practically burn everywhere that they’ve touched Taehyung. Never wants to let him go, but everything that’s happened just keeps proving that he has to.
Has to if he wants to see that smile as long as possible, even if it’s from a far. When he feels Taehyung biting on his lower lip he knows. Hastily moves them over and has Taehyung’s legs over his shoulders.
Thrusting into him hard and fast, the same way he fell for him. Stuck in awe watching his gorgeous body writhe under his touch. The familiar tremble of the thighs next to his face and the moans of “fuck yes, Guk—there. Right there” makes him feel so good.
Knowing that he’ll always be the one who does this the best. Leans down to Capture Taehyung’s swollen lips as they ride out their orgasms in tandem, “Gonna get out of this. Don’t know how. Don’t know when. But I will…”
Taehyung is panting and breathless but his eyes widen at the words, brings his hands to Jeongguk’s face with a sad smile “you haven’t been able to keep any of your promises to can you expect me to believe this one?”
It hurts to hear it but he knows it’s true. Still he’s determined, “you don’t have to” taking one of Taehyung’s hands from his face and holds it up to his chest where his heart is pounding
“this, is yours. You don’t have to believe me. Do what you want once you no longer carry our names as one. But just know that no matter what, once i get myself out of this hell—"
"—I don’t give a damn who’s in your life. I’m gonna marry the hell out of you—/again/.” Brings the hand that’s now shaking to his lips, peppers soft kisses up his arm and stops on his neck.
Finally pulls their bodies apart and the noise that leaves Taehyung’s mouth has his body twitching. “Just…—“ he starts but can’t speak. Knows he has no right to say what’s on his mind.
How he doesn’t want anyone to touch Taehyung. How he’s terrified of anyone getting to experience what it’s like to be loved by him because he knows, all too well, that it’s the kind of love you never let go of.
“You’re stupid” Taehyung whispers. Jeongguk watches as the fucked out and blissful expression that was on Taehyung’s face minutes ago is gone. Lip quivering and eyes clenched shut.
He catches the weak fist that attempts to hit him in the jaw…”you’re so stupid for thinking I’m ever going to be able to move on from you.” Jeongguk has so many things to say but knows that anything else is just going to make all of this hurt worse.
“You’ll do it. Right? You’ll cut ties with Namjoon.” Taehyung just nods. Facing away from Jeongguk because it’s too painful to see him like this. How can the only thing that’s ever made Taehyung feel happy is the same thing that’s tearing him a part?
“Are you still staying at Jimin’s?” the soft tone of voice is back and his fingers are running through Taehyung’s hair. Nods again. Doesn’t trust himself to speak another word, not when he feels like he’s dying inside. “I’ll drive you there, once you’re ready.”
He’s about to get up but Taehyung grabs onto his wrist hard and pulls him back, “you can’t do that.” Jeongguk has to look away, can’t bare the look of devastation that he keeps seeing on Taehyung’s beautiful face
“Jeongguk you can’t— you can’t love me like that and expect me to accept this. Accept that you’re in some hole that you can’t tell me anything about and can’t escape. It’s not—“
Presses his lips softly to Taehyung’s to cut off his rambling, nuzzles their noses together once he pulls away, “it’s not that I /can’t/ tell you. It’s that I won’t."
"Because I care far too much about the value of your life, you’ll try to fix things and this isn’t something you can fix Tae.”
“Bullshit! It’s all bullshit! I don’t want to finalize the divorce Monday. I don’t want to move on. I don’t want to buy a new house and meet new people. Fuck!” He’s up in an instant angrily putting his clothes back on and Jeongguk watches.
Expects it, doesn’t even have to turn around to see Taehyung’s arms up ready to push him. Catches them instead and pulls him in, wraps them around his neck and let’s his own hands snake around to his back and hold him close.
“Baby...I think we’re already too damaged to undo what we’ve done. I need you safe. Knowing that you’re safe, gives me the motivation I need to get myself out. Can you do that for me? Can you stay safe for me?” Brushes the messy fringe out of Taehyung’s face.
Feels his heart clench when the man brings his arms down and pries Jeongguk off of him. “This is the last time. I can’t— I love you too much to keep having to walk away from you. Yet everytime you make me do it.”
“Tae—“ “We’re married, Jeongguk. We’re su-supposed to face things together. That’s why you chose me, that’s why I chose you. We work well together. Bring out the best in each other.” The exhale is shaky
and Jeongguk has a sick feeling in his stomach as he watches Taehyung’s chest rise and fall slowly. “This is the last time I’m asking this. Either let me in and let’s do this—together. Or tell me to go. We’ll lose each other’s names come Monday and that’ll be it. For good.”
“No.” Jeongguk says and Taehyung scoffs “I cant just wait around for god knows how long, for you to figure this shit out”
“I’m not asking you to wait! I told you do whatever the fuck you want, but this isn’t /it/ for us. This is me doing what’s best for YOU while I fix myself. Then I’m taking you back again.” Taehyung wants to smack him.
How can he speak so simply like the divorce was always in his plan? Like he isn’t shattered to pieces at the thought. “What if I won’t want you back? Huh? What if all of this pain and hurt drives me to resent you?! Then what Jeongguk?! What’s in your MASTER PLAN?!”
“Thirty minutes ago you’re telling me how you’d never be able to move on from me, now suddenly you’re going to be done with me, forever?” Taehyung takes a deep breath, has to calm himself down before saying shit he doesn’t mean
“People say a lot of things in the heat of the moment Guk. Remember 6 months ago? When I was being an /insufferable little bitch/? Yeah all because I got pissed that you left the house and came home in different clothes. I expected the worst”
Jeongguk’s face softens and he wants to scream, “and I already told you it was never what you thought. I’ve never looked at another person the way I look at you. Never will.”
“My point is—“ Taehyung grits out, fights back the tears because he’s so tired of crying “words have little meaning once they’re spoken too late”
“So for the last time Jeongguk, are you going to let me in? Or is this it?” His eyes are closed and he feels the last little piece of his heart shatter into a million pieces when there's plush lips on his forehead.
“I’ll drive you to Chim’s” he whispers and Taehyung’s body immediately collapses into his arms and is trembling with sobs. “I’ll never forgive you for breaking us” is the last thing Jeongguk hears out of Taehyung’s mouth whenever he drops him off at the apartment complex.
And once Jeongguk’s strong facade finally falls as he’s pulling away. Tears blurring his vision, he doesn’t hear anything. It’s all silent and then it’s dark.
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“knew he was the rat...” “what makes you think he’s the rat? because he lost the hostage?”
“no, because the hostage was his fucking husband! you really think anyone can have a job like this and not talk about it at home? I’m sure his pretty little lawyer has sold us out more than a handful of times”
Yoongi’s jaw clenches, “you had that van rigged before you knew. planned on blowing his ass up regardless?” “please, I hardly blew him up… he’ll be fine—who won’t be though, is that husband gonna pry his teeth out one by one if he doesn’t spill.”
“You think Guk will let you get away with that?! You’re fucking crazy! I didn’t sign up for this!” “Listen here, you become one of my goons and you sign up for ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING I ask of you. Got it? I pay you well, get the fuck out of my sight.” •••
“Did you find anything?” “No….but we found the missing link. It’s Taehyung. He can help us.” “You think he’ll help us now? after knowing what we do?”
“He’s not going to have much of a choice—I have a feeling Jeon’s life is on the line. I let too much slip.” “I knew things were getting out of hand the moment you got indicted and nearly went to prison….this isn’t safe anymore.” he curled into his boyfriend’s side.
“What’s not safe is my bestfriend, who doesn’t even remember me. Is living his life as a bitch for some mob-boss-wanna-be and for what? to have his ass blown up in the end anyway? I didn’t sign up for this for me. I signed up for this to get him get all of them out.”
“Then we’ll get them out—so we start with Taehyung?” “Yep. Taehyung.” •••
“TAE!” Jimin screams for the 1,000th time outside of the other’s former home “don’t shut me out...please” when the door creaks open and he sees Taehyung, eyes puffy and swollen. Chest heaving. “Taetae—“
“it hu-hurts, so mu-much….I just want him back” he cried out when Jimin slammed the door shut and hugged him. “Being here isn’t helping. Let’s get the rest of your things and go…”
“NO! that makes it real..please Jimin-ah, this can’t be’s a nightmare right? c’mon….Gul he’s..he’s…he’s Jeongguk! My Guk he’d never do this…he’s never want this…”
Jimin has to steady his own breathing to prevent from breaking into a sob—“Taehyungie, sometimes we need to take a break from things. You NEED a break from Jeongguk...look at you!”
“I. DONT. WANT. A. BREAK.” and Jimin is so confused because he truly thought that Taehyung was slowly making progress. When /he/ decided to leave and /he/ filed the paperwork… but then—
“oh, Tae—you were with him last night weren’t you?” his voice is hushed as he runs a finger through Taehyung’s locks. “He loves me Jimin. MY Guk is still there, he’s just in something he can’t get out of and it’’s infuriating! it wasn’t supposed to be like this..”
Loud pounding on the front door startled them both, Taehyung’s brows furrowed—immediately knowing just the type of people that could be behind those doors. Gets up with a sigh and slowly opens it when he recognizes Namjoon. “Mr. Kim—“ he bows, despite his off-putting appearance.
“Taehyung… can we talk?” “Now isn’t a good—“ “it’s about your husband.”
He turns to Jimin who has his arms crossed protectively behind Taehyung, “let me handle this, okay? I promise I’ll come back after…” Jimin nods reluctantly, hugs Taehyung tight “call me the moment he leaves” •••
“Jeon…Jeongguk...JEON!” Yoongi is whisper yelling and it’s nothing. Gets no response from the unconscious man laying in the infirmary of the warehouse.
Wonders how things got so out of hand, can’t find it in him to believe the story boss is painting. Jeongguk has always been loyal, to a fault. He also knows first hand how secretive he was about his husband—there’s absolutely no way he would involve him in any of these affairs.
but one thing is true. There is a rat, he just has to figure out who the hell it is before he watches Jeongguk get killed. •••
“Thanks for letting me in…” Namjoon begins, watches the way Taehyung stands with several feet between them and arms crossed. “Get to it. How do you even know about my husband? I’ve never mentioned him.”
“Taehyung-ssi…. there’s a lot of things I need to tell you, but” he sighs when his phone is ringing, glances down to see his boyfriends name lighting it up “one second..”
Taehyung watches as Namjoon’s chest begins to rise and fall heavily, flies up from the couch and walks over to Taehyung, sliding the phone into his pocket. “You have to come with me, now!”
“are you fucking insane?! last time I went with you I ended up kidnapped!” “by your husband. please. I’ll explain everything to you, but I’ve got to have some trust right now and this building is the last place you need to be right now”
Taehyung stills, fingers trembling when he runs to their bedroom grabs the jewelry box and picture frame from his nightstand. it’s instinctual. “okay.” •*•*
“Jeongukkie??” the voice calling out to him is hardly above a whisper “hey doll, what are you doing awake?” extends his arms to pull his sleepy fiancé into his lap. Sighing in contentment when Taehyung’s chin rests over his shoulder. Arms loosely wrapping around his middle.
“couldn’t sleep, you’ve been gone a lot lately” Jeongguk feels his chest tighten because he knows, knows that his boss has been piling assignments left and right. “sorry Tae, I miss you so much” he mutters against the locks of hair brushing his cheek
“s’okay, can you come to bed?” he hears escape in a gravely tone, one that sends icy chills throughout his entire body. looks up from the papers he was sifting through to let his hands glide down the expanse of Taehyung’s bare back.
Warm honey skin that feels remarkable under his fingertips, “want me in bed??” voice low as he nibbles onto the tip of Taehyung’s earlobe “so bad…” Taehyung rolls his hips and Jeongguk is up in an instant “need you Jeongguk, now” •*•*
“NOW! GUK I NEED YOU TO WAKE THE FUCK UP!” Yoongi’s hushed shouting has him stirring awake from the best dream. Head pounding and feels as if he’d been hit by a train. “Yoon?” he questions, can hear hustling around them
“Listen up kid, shits hitting the fan. Boss—he, he’s on his way to your apartment. Thinks you and Tae are the rats” Jeongguk feels vomit building in his throat, rushes to the nearest trash can and all he can see as he releases is Taehyung’s gorgeous face.
Wipes up his mouth immediately, “why the fuck are you here then?” “because you’re in no position to do anything dumbass! Look, I’m gonna be honest with you about something, but before I can do that you’ve gotta promise me something”
he just stares, waiting and then it comes “you’ve gotta trust my plan to keep your husband safe, okay? you can’t get involved. emotions are too high and that makes you more likely to fuck up and do something irrational”
Jeongguk steps forward and grabs onto Yoongi’s shirt collar “you can ask me to do anything, but sitting idle while one of the most dangerous men in Korea are on the hunt for Taehyung? absolutely the fuck not.”
“IM TELLING YOU HE’S SAFE!” “HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU KNOW THAT?!” Yoongi takes a deep breath, didn’t want to have this conversation inside the warehouse, knows it’s bugged with listening devices everywhere “Seokjin.”
Jeongguk’s face goes slack… how the hell? “don’t ever mention that name…” “he’s not dead Jeongguk..”
Guk’s eyes flash open then, “don’t—“ “I swear on my life, Seokjin isn’t dead. He’s alive. and he’s keeping Taehyung safe. He’s the rat.” •*•*
“Jin-hyung…” Jeongguk’s little voice calls out, nervously clutching onto his best friend’s shirt “Listen to me Guk-ah, the bad men are back alright? we’re gonna go. we’re gonna do whatever they say, okay? you wanna live for a long time right? live with hyungie forever?”
Jeongguk wipes the tears from his eyes with the back of his small hands “‘kay…” •*•* “hyung—“ he barely mutters as he sees Jin packing a bag “where are you going?”
“they’re sending me on a big mission Guk-ah, I’m gonna be gone for a long time.” “but, my wedding…” he asks, voice soft and feels Seokjin wrap him in a hug
“hey, you know hyung is always with you. No matter what happens to me, I’m always with you. I’m so happy for you Guk. You deserve happiness more than anyone” “when will you be back?”
“I don’t know, just...promise to live for me, yeah? live for a long time. as long as you can and make that gorgeous man of yours happy, always?” Jeongguk bites back a smile at that. “Kay, be safe hyungie” •*•*
“Where are we?” “Meeting up with my boyfriend, he’s the one who’s gonna explain everything.” Taehyung watches warily as the door in front of them opens and a tall figure walks through, gasp escaping his throat immediately.. “Jin?”
“hi Taehyungie! looking as radiant as ever” the man says when he sees Taehyung rushing over to him. “you.. Guk… I… how…” he stops pulls away and his face shows so much anger “Jeongguk thinks you‘re dead—he mourned for over a year...”
Seokjin’s jaw clenches before it softens “I know… I know but I had to, okay? I had no other choice” “I’m getting so tired of hearing that…” Taehyung says quietly “wait, so you guys are dating? then why does Guk hate Namjoon so much? he begged me to cut all ties with him”
Seokjin exhales heavily when Namjoon places a cup of coffee in his hand, “Taehyung, do you know what it is that Jeongguk does or how he’s even there?” Taehyung just looks down, gives Jin his answer already.
“Guk hates Namjoon because he thinks he’s with a rival gang. We’ve spent years building this up. Painting the image of Joon—but Namjoon is a cop Tae. A detective. Running the lead investigation into the underground of Seoul and I’ve been helping him.”
he feels like he’s in a movie, a director going to walk out and yell “CUT!” any minute, but it never comes. “Jeongguk and I along with two others were kidnapped. Taken by these goons a long, long time ago. Trained to be perfect little soldiers to do the boss’ bidding.”
“it’s loyalty or death there. you either do as they say or they kill you. there’s no choice. Except once you’re an adult, you do get freedom. Are able to live life outside of the ware house and even start making a hefty salary.”
Taehyung stands up and is pacing the room, hand holding his chest tight to try to steady the rapid beating of his heart. “So what, it’s a gang?”
“More or less. Except they deal way more than just drugs. Basically anything that can run a profit, happens out of that place. No matter how immoral—Tae—“ the piercing ringing of his phone halts his words
“Yoon, now isn’t good—“ grits his teeth “why the fuck would you tell him?! do you have any idea how this complicates things?!” Seokjin slams the phone down and sighs “we’re going to have company soon. shits crashing down a lot less smooth than I planned—“
Namjoon nods and comes to grab Taehyung “we’re leaving” “NO! Not until I know what all of this is about” “Taehyung, we’ve invested /years/ into accomplishing this. So that we can take them down and free everyone from the shackles of that man. You love Jeongguk, right?”
Taehyung freezes, of course he does. Could never stop if he tried. So he nods slowly. “then please. Trust me. Go with Namjoon, wherever he takes you. Trust me to keep Guk safe and trust me to bring him home again. For good.” Seokjin says and Taehyung has no choice.
No choice but to follow Namjoon into this car. No choice but to swallow all of his fears and go with it.
No choice but to watch out of the side mirror as a car flies up to where they just were and he see’s Jeongguk rushing into the building he just left. No choice but to walk away, again.
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“What do you mean leave the country?!” Taehyung’s struggling to keep his breath calm as he paces his office.
“I only brought you here so you could get your passport or anything else you need, the same people that are at your apartment as we speak are going to come here next, you get that?”
Taehyung turns away, teeth clenched and fists balled up “what did I do? huh? why are they coming for me anyway? THEY’RE the ones who ruined my marriage and THEY’RE the ones who stole Jeongguk from me. I should be on my way to kick THEIR asses!”
Namjoon chuckles bitterly “if you were capable of such things, I’d be all for it. but right now? in the eyes of that man? you’re Jeon Jeongguk’s most prized possession and he loves to steal treasure.”
He hastily sifts through his office drawers. Finds his passport “so what happens next? I go, fly wherever the hell you tell me to and then wait? hope and pray that Jeongguk is alive when I get back! I’m a lawyer! I have clients! I can’t just up and disappear.”
“It’s a week, Taehyung. I’m asking you to disappear for a week.” Namjoon rolls his eyes and sees the incoming text from Jin “Times up, we gotta go. Now.” •••
“You said they’d be here!” “Guk—“
“I swear to god Yoongi, you’ve known? Known all this time? I could’ve gotten Taehyung out of here ages ago ON MY OWN! I don’t need someone else dragging my husband across the city like a game of hide n seek”
Yoongi gets in his face and grips the collar of his shirt “this is exactly why i didn’t tell you! you’re too damn possessive and too damn emotional when it comes to Tae! You’d have been sloppy!”
He scoffs and yanks away from the other “as if I’d ever be anything but precise when it comes to his safety, that’s all i’ve ever done” “then how the hell does the boss know where you live huh?! how does /he/ know about Taehyung?!”
Jeongguk has never felt so out of control, hands gripping into his locks of hair because he just doesn’t fucking know. •••
“One week.” “One week.” he nods in agreement, terrified to say the least.
“You have to promise to update me. Don’t let me come home to a funeral…” his voice is quiet and Namjoon feels his own heart clench. Recognizes that this is a real fear for Taehyung. Divorced or not, Jeongguk will always be the most precious thing to him.
“I promise. You have me and Seokjin contacted in this phone, call or text anytime and let us know as soon as you land.” He nods and climbs his way to the plane, headed for Barbados.
•*•* “fuck—yes, Guk—“ he whines out over the last seconds of Jeongguk quiet literally sucking him dry.
“mmm you can write being blown on a beach in Barbados off your bucket list” he retorts cheekily, licking his lips before sliding his newly-wed husband’s swim shorts back up his body.
“you’re…” he just giggles as he rolls to his stomach—feels Jeongguk’s hands on his sides, turning him back until their gazes meet and Taehyung forgot whatever he had planned to say when he's staring into Jeongguk's eyes.
“Why hello there, Mr. Jeon” he winks before stealing a kiss from Taehyung’s blushing face “Why hello there, Mr. Kim” he says back even quicker arms looping around Jeongguk’s neck to pull their bodies flush together against the warm sand.
“hyphens are pretty cool huh? never thought I’d have two last names” shrugs his shoulders as Taehyung’s fingers trace circles all over his chest and abdomen. “I love you so much, Jeongguk” he says without hesitation, and heavens know how much he means it
“Tell me something I don’t know” “I wanna be with you until the end of time” “Tell me something I don’t know” “You’re my best friend”
“Tell me something I don’t know” he whispers, feels tears prickling his eyes with every sentence that leaves Taehyung’s mouth. Truly can’t believe he did anything to deserve this love.
“I wish we could stay like this, forever” Taehyung says, adjusting his body to drape over Jeongguk’s as the sun begins to set and their first night of honeymooning comes to an end.
“We will.” Jeongguk says firmly, matter-of-factly, because this is the only thing that’s ever mattered to him and he’s never going to let it slip away. •*•*
And yeah, Taehyung knows it’s ironic. Being here at the same resort on the same beach, for the week following his divorce but being here, even if only for a week, let’s him pretend.
As he sits on the sand, burying his feet as deep as possible, he can still feel the warmth of Jeongguk’s hands when they stayed out here one of the nights, it was colder than they expected.
He hadn’t worn more than some shorts and a t-shirt so of course Jeongguk was quick to pull him close. Wrapped him in his arms and they let their legs dangle just close enough to the shore that they could feel the water touch their toes.
Thinks about how they would’ve been here next summer. It was their initial plan when they got married, for the fifth wedding anniversary they would come back.
He didn’t know he’d come back too soon. He didn’t know he’d come back alone. •••
“Hyung..” he barely manages to speak. Hasn't seen Seokjin in years and spent a couple of those years mourning his loss. “Hey Guk-ah..” he smiled sadly, part of him expected some fluffy reunion but he should’ve known better.
“I thought you were dead.. Why the hell wouldn’t you reach out?!” “C’mon, I had to let you all think I was dead or else this wouldn’t be possible.” Jeongguk looks away, gnawing on his lip, “where’s Taehyung?”
“With Joonie.” “How can you trust him so easily?! Have you heard the things he’s done?!” “Guk, none of that is true. We fabricated all of it. He’s a cop.”
Jeongguk’s eyes widen and feels his heart rate increasing heavily “w-what do you mean he’s a cop?!” “We’re taking him down. That’s what I’ve been working on all of this time. We’re finally taking Hanjae, down.”
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“Look, I don’t care what plan you’ve thought up and what extremes you’re willing to go to but getting Taehyung involved is unacceptable. What if the plan fails? What if you get caught out anyway? Then Taehyung is in danger! How could you be willing to risk that?!”
Jeongguk’s voice is louder than Seokjin’s ever heard it. He has to remind himself that Jeongguk is not going through the best of times. “Guk-ah...Listen to me…”
“No, hyung. I’m sorry but any authority you had over me went away the moment you let me believe you were dead, for years. When you weren’t there for my wedding day.. When you weren’t there wh-when my life started spiraling and I needed advice..”
there’s a cracking sound and Seokjin winces as he realizes it is the sound of Jeongguk’s fist meeting the drywall. “I needed you, I needed you and you weren’t there and I lost Taehyung and now nothing matters, NONE OF IT MATTERS!” Seokjin rushes to Jeongguk’s side
and engulfs him in a hug. Holding his weight with all of his strength as he feels sobs wracking through the younger man’s body as he collapses. “I’ve ruined everything” is muffled against his chest and Seokjin lets out a shaky breath
“Nothing is ruined, Jeongguk. Broken, yes but they can be fixed. Everything can be fixed. I promise. Hyung is here. We’re going to fix all of it. Taehyung is safe. I assure you, I would never put him in danger.”
“Where?” “Barbados.” “Why?” “We told him we were sending him off long enough for us to complete the last phase of our plan, told him to pick anywhere in the world that has no connections here. That’s where he picked, couldn’t tell you why.”
•*•* “Gukkie, I’m serious we have to pick somewhere!” Taehyung giggles as Jeongguk swiftly shoves every pamphlet and brochure off of their kitchen table
“Mmm, no. We don’t.” barely audibly as he presses hot, open mouthed kisses along the line of his fiance’s jaw “we can stay here, don’t need anything fancy, just want you all to myself” Taehyung’s body is on fire as Jeongguk presses him against the cool wood
hands gripping feverishly and he has to grab them to stop, “all of my clients know our address, love. If you want me all to yourself, you’re gonna have to pick somewhere far away from Korea”
Jeongguk presses his face to Taehyung’s neck as he groans, blindly reaches down on the floor and grabs the first brochure within his grasp, pulls it up and places it in Taehyung’s hand.
“Let’s go here” he speaks out hurriedly “heard it’s beautiful” and then he’s slotting his lips against Taehyung’s, nibbling just barely before sucking his tongue into his mouth.
“You don’t even know where you just picked, Guk” Taehyung breathes out as he puts a tiny amount of space between their mouths, pulling the paper up to their eyes. “Barbados” Taehyung reads, looking at Jeongguk with sparkles in his eyes
“Where’s that at?” Jeongguk questions, bright grin coming over his face “Not a clue” “Me neither” “You don’t care much do you?” Taehyung giggles breathlessly as he feels himself being lifted into Jeongguk’s arms
“Told you a million times before, all I need is you. Barbados, Tokyo, London--all of the places are the same to me as long as you’re there” •*•*
“We honeymooned there” Jeongguk deadpans, pats the tears from his face and shuffles out of Seokjin’s embrace. “So what’s this last phase, what does that entail?”
“Joonie is almost here, wait until then okay?” Jeongguk just nods, has no other choice. This seems like his only chance to make things right and after all of the times he’s been forced to hurt Taehyung--he can’t do it anymore. He has to make it right. •••
“Taehyung! Fuck! Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been?!” Jimin’s voice is loud through the speaker of his phone. “I’m sorry, I just got my international sim card for my phone.”
“INTERNATIONAL WHAT?! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!” “Jiminie relax...I’m in Barbados.” “What?”
“I know, it’s sudden. Look I can’t really explain why, but I’ll be here for about a week, okay? In the meantime. Stay away from my house and stay away from my office building. Please.” “Taehyungie, you’re scaring me...what’s going on?” “It has to do with Jeongguk.”
“What about Jeongguk?” “Jiminie please, I promise I’ll explain everything once it’s all over. I don’t even know myself what’s going on.” his voice is frail and he’s trying desperately to hold it together but it’s so hard. ‘
Hard being so far from home with no one to talk to. “Is he there?” Jimin asks and Taehyung can hear the bitterness lace din his voice. “No. Jeongguk isn’t here.” “Then why are you there?”
“Because I’m not safe at home right now, Jimin. That’s all I can say.” “I don’t like this. I don’t like this one bit.” “I’m sorry…”
“I love you, you have to call me everyday okay?” “I will, everyday.” “Taehyungie?” “Hmm?” “You’re the strongest person I’ve ever met.”
And ironically those words make him crumble. The clicking of the phone disconnecting the last sound to ring in his ears before sobs break out. Everything is overwhelming and the only thing Taehyung feels right now is weak.
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“Bait?!” Jeongguk clicks his tongue, can’t stand the sight of Namjoon and really can’t stand listening to his rants.
“Your boss currently has the entire squad of goons out searching for you and your pretty husband—we use you as bait, get your boss to show up, then he’s arrested. All of his illegal doings are already documented with more than enough proof. We just need our hands on him.”
“As if Hanjae would show up, if anything he’ll send Yoongi or someone else..” Jeongguk’s eyes are fixed on the ground. Wonders how many hours it’s been since Namjoon dripped Taehyung at the airport.
Is he already settled in? Is he digging his toes in the sand the way they did together? Is he regretting ever getting involved with Jeongguk to begin with?
He doesn’t even feel the tears that are slowly falling until Seokjin’s hand is cupping his face, “Jeongguk—“ With the shake of his head, flicks the tears away and meets Namjoon’s gaze. “Whatever it is, if it makes Seoul safe for Taehyung again, then I’ll do it”
Namjoon chuckles, “I remember a time when the only thing you cared about was getting your brothers out of Hanjae’s grasp”
“That was when my view of the world was small, I still want the guy’s freedom but my life revolves around someone now...and I value Taehyung’s life over anyone in the world.” he smiles shyly, glancing back at Seokjin “no offense, hyung”
“None taken, brat. I’d choose Joon over you in a heart beat” Jeongguk excuses himself to the bathroom and Seokjin can’t help but see the sadness in Namjoon’s eyes.
“We’re gonna get him out of there, okay? He’ll remember.” “It’s been so long Jin, Yoongi is a totally different person now—“
“—the thing about best friends, is they just/get us. It’s the type of bond that knows no time, distance or space—he’ll remember and he’ll be safe again” and as their lips combine for a soft kiss Jeongguk groans.
“Can we get this over with so I can bring my love back where he belongs?” the other two nod as they step away from each other, they’re in for a long ride. •••
“Hey mom!” “Taehyung….” her tone is already scolding “I’m sorry, I should’ve told you sooner.”
“It’s okay honey, I’m not surprised that you and Guk would rather be locked away far from all of us to celebrate your birthday—is he treating you well?” her voice is lilting
so much happiness exuded “who am I kidding, he rented out an entire movie theatre for you last year, I can only imagine what he’s set up for you on the island”
Taehyung feels his chest tighten as he clears his throat. Finger tracing the rim of his mimosa glass, “Guk’s great, as always”. He hates how easy it’s become for him to lie.
“Give him a giant hug from me, and tell him he missed out on a feast of lamb skewers! Happy Birthday my baby bear” “Thanks mom, i’ll tell him” and then the phone call ends and the tear drops. *•*•
“Okay, okay—you can open your eyes in three...twooooo…” “Jeonggukkie please!” he whines through his giggles “One..” is whispered just behind his ear, Jeongguk’s arms encasing his chest and holding tight “Happy Birthday, angel”
Taehyung’s smile is blinding as he takes in the view before them. Jeongguk had Taehyung’s favorite painting, Starry Night, painted on the free wall behind their bedroom. “please tell me how you had this done in the 12 hours I was gone for work”
Jeongguk just laughs, turning Taehyung to face him “a magician never reveals his secrets” and Taehyung thinks many things about Jeongguk are magical. *•*•
“Listen, I don’t want to—“ “Just do it, Kim!” “Really, I don—“
“NAMJOON JUST DO IT!” Seokjin shouts and so he does, winds a hand back and blows Jeongguk right in the face the bruise is almost immediate and Namjoon has to look away “I’m sorry..” he murmurs to himself while Seokjin is doing his best to make Jeongguk look as bad as possible.
Clothing, disheveled hair, all of it—an absolute mess. Snaps the pictures necessary before turning to Namjoon who is keeping to himself in the corner, presses a soft kiss to his nape “you did amazing, the pictures are just what we need—do your thing Mr. Kim” he says lightly.
*•*• “Mr. Kim, there’s a man out here who is claiming to—“ “Morning doll!” he chirps as he barges past the assistant, who watches in disbelief as Taehyung’s usually blank face lights up immediately, “Gukkie, you’re back!”
“Came straight here baby, missed you more than you’ll ever know” Taehyung tilts his head, hazy eyes taking in all of his boyfriend who’s been gone on a work trip for a week, “trust me.. I definitely—“ has to stop himself as his hands reach out to rest on Guk's firm chest.
“We’re fine here, please lock my door and feel free to take an early lunch” he says waving off his assistant who nods hurriedly before bowing and escaping quickly
the moment the door is closed he feels Jeongguk’s hands clutching his waist, effortlessly lifting him from the ground and placing him atop his desk, wedging himself between the gorgeously long legs
“God—I had no idea how attached to you I’ve gotten until I had to survive 6 days without you” let’s his forehead fall to Taehyung’s chest, sighing contentedly as he listens to his steadying heart beat
“didn’t miss much Guk, I’ve just been here—“ he smiles softly, cupping Jeongguk’s face and bringing their lips together chastely “Mmm—I see that /Mr. Kim/ your schedule was /jam packed/ today, per the guy out front” Jeongguk purrs, soft bites littering Taehyung’s neck
“my schedule can go to hell—“ Taehyung nearly moans as Jeongguk’s hands glide up his legs and curl towards his inner thigh “Gukkie—“ he gasps when Jeongguk is cupping his forming erection
“I’ve gotta record your voice one of these days so I can listen to it when I’m away. It sounds great in my head but for fucks sake it is glorious to hear my name on your tongue again” Jeongguk’s voice is deep and husky in Taehyung’s ear
and the lawyer just knows there’s plenty more noises where that small whimper came from. it’s a great thing he sprung for the sound proof insulation when building his office. *•*•
“excuse me..” he hears and looks up from where he was staring into void, the direction of his breakfast “is something wrong with the meal? we can remake it for you” the kind man in a fitted suit offers.
Taehyung smiles “no no, not necessary. I’m sorry I was lost in thought” The man extends a hand with a business card tucked inside, “SeoJoon, Park SeoJoon—I own this resort—please call me if you need anything throughout the duration of your stay.”
“Thank you, I will” he nods, takes in the blushing cheeks of the man who bows before turning away. To new beginnings. •••
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“I wasn’t expecting you to use the business card so soon” SeoJoon chuckles as he meets Taehyung in the lobby of the resort. “I’m sorry, I just..” releases all the air in his lungs, he can do this,
“the last time I was here, I came with my husband and he handled everything. There was this specific resto, small and quaint, we ate at and I don’t remember what it was called but I just know I had the most delicious pasta...ahh I’m ridiculous I’m sorry.”
The handsome man smiles big and flashy, “I know exactly the your husband Jeongguk?”
Taehyung freezes and snaps his head back, the look on his face gives SeoJoon his answer.. “Your sweatshirt kind of gave it away--” he looked down and felt his brows cinch together, sudden realization that his favorite sweatshirt isn’t his. *•*•
“Taehyung, right?” the voice asks, making his way out of the gymnasium, bag and sweatshirt over his shoulder, sweat glistening down his body that makes the hair on Taehyung’s neck stand “Jeongguk, hi! I didn’t know you workout here?”
“My goodfriend Hoseok is the owner, are you here to--” he pokes his tongue at his cheek with a smirk, noting Taehyung’s attire that is clearly not gym wear. “I’m meeting my bestfriend, we’re eating at the resto right over there” he points
and Jeongguk takes immediate notice to the way his hand is shaking, steps closer to grasp it and yanks his hand away when it feels like an icicle. “You’re freezing, Tae!”
The other blushed at the nickname,”I’m fine real--” words halted as a sweatshirt is being placed over his head, “why?” “Can’t possibly let you freeze, how else will you go on a date with me?” “Is this you asking me on a date, Jeongguk?”
“No..” he teases “this is me begging you to go on a date” Taehyung’s laughter is louder than the sound of the cold rain on the pavement in front of them,”I’d love to go on a date with you” he says, honestly, fingers balled up within the ends of the sweatshirt.
Takes notice to the sports team logo on the front, glances over his shoulder in the gym window to see the number 9 and a big “JEON” written in black… cute. *•*•
“I’ve known him for a long time and actually helped plan your trip once he found out this is where you wanted to stay--how is he, it’s been awhile” It must be obvious by the frown on Taehyung’s face that things are so far from okay but SeoJoon makes no comment
only extends his elbow for Taehyung to grab onto “c’mon, Guk would kill me if he found out I let you roam a foreign country by yourself.” And SeoJoon isn’t Jeongguk
nor is he Jimin but he is a little reminder of home and the warmth in Taehyung’s stomach at the thought of Jeongguk talking to this man about them is just what he needs to survive the rest of this week. •••
“I told you, Hanjae doesn’t give a shit about me...he’s not coming, take these damn cuffs off of me” Jeongguk seethes but Seokjin shushes him as his phone pierces the silence of the room “Yoongs what’s up” “He got the message, he’s on his way”
“Hanjae is?!” “Said he can’t wait to pry Jeongguk a part for almost ruining the warehouse but there’s a problem…” Jeongguk and Namjoon are listening intently as Yoongi’s voice plays over the speaker phone “SeoJoon has eyes on Taehyung”
“THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN SEOJOON HAS EYES ON TAEHYUNG” Jeongguk is screaming and Seokjin hurries Yoongi on “Hanjae’s insider saw Taehyung going to the airport, didn’t take long to figure out where he was going and we all know his links to Seo.”
“I swear, if a single hair on Taehyung’s head is touched every last one of you are dead” Jeongguk’s voice is firm, doesn’t falter in the slightest. Oh but eyes can never lie, and Jeongguk is absolutely terrified.
The sounds of a door being bashed in startles them all, Namjoon straightens up, preparing for the knocking, “gotta go Yoongs, you know what to do” Seokjin calls out, eyes locked on the way his boyfriend tenses •••
“SeoJoon, I don’t think--” he stops when he feels a hand covering his mouth and sees a piece of paper being held up to his eyes Heart rate increasing and can feel panic coming on...
/Don’t freak out, I’m bugged so I can’t speak. Jeongguk is in a lot of trouble with the warehouse, I’m not sure what you know but all I can say is that a very dangerous man wants you husband and your head on a stick-- they’re coming here and I’m supposed to deliver you/
Taehyung feels sick, absolutely’s an endless cycle it never stops, this nightmare just keeps recurring over and over and over And over And over
He thinks he hears something, loud noises, gun shots? He isn’t sure. Isn’t sure about anything right now. “TAEHYUNG!” is heard faintly, from the distance but he can’t open his eyes
“Taehyung c’mon, you’ve gotta wake up!” he hears it again, it’s SeoJoon. Did he pass out? Where is he? “Jeongguk is going to need you, please wake up! Shit shit shit” His heart is thudding, loud and rambunctious in his chest, Jeongguk.
Jeongguk. Jeongguk. Jeongguk. Jeongguk.
“Jeongguk--” “Yes! C’mon, good job. Hey, wake’re going to be okay and Jeongguk is waiting for you alright? You’ve gotta wake up for me”
tw// brief (and mild) descriptions of violence
••• It’s quick. The doors being kicked down, voices filling the space and shouting that could be heard for miles.
It’s quick. When the men barreling in, head straight for Jeongguk, manhandling the chair he’s attached to—vice grip on Jeongguk’s arms to ensure he doesn’t move.
It’s quick. As Seokjin gets out of view and leaves only Namjoon left—Jeongguk’s eyes following his every step.
It’s quick. When Hanjae finally rushes into the room, the smirk of a demon plastered on his face as he leaned against the door
“Ah, my little’d I know it’d be you who nearly ruins my warehouse” there’s a sharp pain in his thigh, Jeongguk doesn’t look though. Eyes focused on Hanjae’s evil ones.
“you have any idea what I almost lost because of you” the knife is twisted and Jeongguk should wince, should be crying out in pain. but his teeth are gritted and his mind is blank.
Thoughts trailing to Barbados, praying Taehyung is safe. Ready to slit Hanjae’s throat if he finds that Taehyung was given the same treatment, “I lost ev-everything thanks to you—try again” Jeongguk spits, voice laced with hate
“ah ah ah, you haven’t lost anything yet—should we call? hmm?” Jeongguk tenses “Should we check on your /angel/ as you like to call him?”
“so help me Hanjae, you and every last goon will be six feet under if you touch Taehyung—“ the pain is rising now, losing the feeling below his thigh but the pain shoots upwards.
It’s quick. When Hanjae yanks the blade that was in Jeongguk’s thigh out with no mercy, laughs at the way his head droops—
—now feeling drowzy , watches the blood trickle down his thigh and there’s a sob threatening to wrack out. “please be safe” he whispers, hoping by some way that Taehyung can hear him.
please be safe. please be safe. please be safe. please be safe.
It’s quick. When Hanjae whips a gun from his belt holster, pointed directly at Jeongguk who’s eyes are lost in the patterns of the carpet
“c’mon Gukkie babe, smile for the camera—your little lawyer would love to use this in court against me, I’m sure of it”
It’s quick. As SNPD swarm the building, Namjoon kicking the pistol from Hanjae’s hand and pointing his own at the goons over his shoulder.
“DROP EVERYTHING OR WE’LL SHOOT EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU” Jeongguk hears but it’s faint, fading, how much blood has he lost
It’s only his thigh. He can live without a leg. Taehyung. He can’t live without him. It’s quick. As he falls out of consciousness. *•*•
“Jeonggukkie—“ it’s soft, whimpered—his lips curl into a side smile as he gestures for his boyfriend to come over to him “Hi angel”
“What happened?” Taehyung just barely voices, delicate fingers tracing the side of Jeongguk’s face
“I’m stupid is all, don’t worry. It’ll heal in no time” pats his head where the gauze is wrapped, covering the stitches from the wound.
“you better—“ he hears and sees Taehyung’s lips in a pout and glossy eyes, brings his thumbs to wipe under them “are these because of me?” he asks, voice sweet—hints of a laughter breaking through the words
“I don’t like seeing you in pain, it hurts me to see you hurt” Jeongguk feels his heart accelerating, as Taehyung gently unwraps the gauze—per the nurses instruction—
—brings an alcohol pad to the stitches, ever so softly caressing Jeongguk’s cheek as he wipes the dried blood.
“Who rides a bicycle when there’s ice out anyway?” Taehyung’s soft chuckles are healing, just like him kissing Jeongguk’s nose and the small gasp of his breath hitching when hands grasp his sides under his shirt
“someone who left his keys in his handsome boyfriends car..” Jeongguk murmurs, desperately chasing Taehyung’s lips “ngh—Guk—hold—on” Taehyung giggles with every stolen peck. Finally finished, wraps the new gauze around Jeongguk’s skull gently.
Brings their lips together, “so glad you’re okay” “so glad you came” “I always will” “I know” *•*•
“Where is he?!” “sir, please calm down..” “No! Tell me now!”
“I can’t take you back to the patient in this state, please, take a deep breath and calm down for me—alright?” the doctor soothes and Jimin inhales shakily before exhaling
“okay, i’m sorry...I just—“ The doctor nods with a smile, “he just arrived via air lift a few hours ago, he’s fine. No severe injuries. “
“He did have a dislocated shoulder which is due to the impact when he fell. Otherwise, he’s just very shaken up. Has had two panic attacks, both occurring when he wakes up.”
Jimin nods, knowingly, “He’s always had them. I’ll be okay. please..” his voice shows genuine concern and the doctor guides him to Taehyung’s room without another moments hesitation.
Vicious knots twisting in his stomach at the sight of Taehyung connected to a bunch of machines, but he’s still gorgeous. Still Taehyung.
Jimin smiles when he sees the jewelry box next to his bed, “never go anywhere without that damn box” shakes his head as he lets his fingers trace over the grooves of the engraved markings 태꾹
*•*• “Tae, are you still awake??” there’s muffled laughter before Taehyung rolls over and drapes an arm over Jimin’s stomach “I feel like a teenager” hiding his face in the fabric of his best friend’s hoodie
“you have every right to be excited, you’re getting married—“ Jimin runs his fingers through Taehyung’s hair “hey, can I give you your present now? since neither of us are able to sleep?” he feels Taehyung’s head nodding before he sits up.
“It’s nothing huge but…” there’s tears welling and Taehyung gnaws on his lip “Jiminie…”
“We’ve been by each other’s side always y’know? it’s always been you and me… and I’m so grateful” stops, clutches Taehyung’s hands “SO grateful that you found Jeongguk, and that he loves you the way you deserve to be loved”
Taehyung kisses their intertwined hands softly and Jimin brings the small box forward, “I thought you could use somewhere to house your guys’ rings and this way, you’ll always think of me..even when your lost in life with your new husband”
It’s impossible to explain the warmth that fills Taehyung’s body, “I love you so much,’ll always be my very best friend” *•*•
Jimin’s hand is trembling by the time the noises in the hallway bring him back from his thoughts— “patient arriving—“ “surgery imminent” “Jeon-Kim”
He feels his heart stop doesn’t know another fool in all of Korea with a hyphenated name, only two absolutely lovesick men—looks back to Taehyung.
remembers the phone calls. the nights of listening to Taehyung vent. when he showed up at his doorstep. the misunderstandings. Taehyung’s call from Barbados.
“Jeongguk, what the hell have you gotten us all into?” he whispers, resting his head on the side of Taehyung’s bed. Doesn’t see himself going home anytime soon. •••
||| I really hope you guys are enjoying this story. The end is near 💖
***Friendly reminder, because there's a lot of back and forth this update: *•*• Flashback ••• Scene Change
“Who the hell are you?” Jimin scowls when a tall man knocks on Taehyung’s door. “Kim Seokjin, a friend of Taehyung’s… how is he?” “How do you even know he’s here?” Seokjin sighs “Let’s say, I am to Jeongguk what you are to Taehyung—hmm?”
Jimin takes a deep breath, “Well Tae can’t have visitors right now… he’s still unconscious” The man nods and feels an arm coming around him from behind. Jimin immediately recognizes Namjoon. “You!”
Seokjin raises a hand “I’m sure you have many questions, as do we—for now let’s focus on both of their healths recovery, then we can have a big ole family meeting.” Jimin’s walking into the door before he looks back
“If Taehyung doesn’t wake up, you can tell Jeongguk that i’ll never forgive him.” Seokjin smiles, “I don’t think that will be necessary but I’ll send Guk-ah your well wishes” •••
“How’s the kid?” Hoseok asks, having received a phone call from Yoongi. “Surgery. Should be okay tho, just lost a fuck ton of blood. Once they do a transfusion and stitch up his thigh, he will be okay. +"
"+ Bastard snipped some nerve endings though which means he may have some long term damage” Hoseok’s face is unreadable until he speaks up, “Who’s gonna contact Tae?”
The guilt painting Seokjin and Namjoon has Hoseok in tears—“you fuckers have been planning this for years and couldn’t make it happen without getting him involved?”
Namjoon steps in then, “look you don’t know what all we’ve done. How were we supposed to know they’d follow Taehyung out of the country?”
Bitter laughter spills from Hoseok’s throat “give me a break, Hanjae is literally a top dog in the black market, don’t you think he’d do anything to protect his little business?”
“Well he failed.” Seokjin barks out “and both Tae and Guk will be fine, so why don’t you worry about Yoongi?!”
“He was arrested. Caught with a group of Hanjae’s goons, gonna take a damn good lawyer to prove he was actually in on the plan with you guys.” he scoffs, it's painful “and the best damn lawyer around is laying in a hospital bed because of your mistake”
Seokjin has put on a front for a very long time—and it’s crumbling. With every minute and the dam is breaking, tears threatening to fall
“don’t you think i know?! do you think I ever wanted them hurt? the whole point of all of this was so Jeongguk and Yoongi can get the hell out of there. It was supposed to be seamless..” his voice is frail, exhausted
His eyes widen when there’s arms around him that aren’t Namjoon’s, finds Hoseok instead “I’m sorry. I must seem so ungrateful—you guys did great, you hear me? you were great. a few bumps in the road are the least of what could’ve gone wrong with a plan like yours”
Seokjin sniffles at this and hugs him back “I tried Hobi... I tried so hard” Namjoon joins then and wraps them both in his arms,
“hey, we did good work today—Yoongi will be released. I didn’t do all of this for his ass to end up in prison” all three of them are laughing through their emotions when Jimin approaches.
“C-can someone please tell me what the hell is going on?” his hands are wrapped around himself and Hoseok is looking at him intently before he smiles. “I’m Hoseok, i think I can explain it to you better in a way that won’t send you into cardiac arrest”
*•*• “Taehyung, can we talk?” Jeongguk’s voice is hesitant but Taehyung nods happily. Takes a seat in his husbands lap, immediately running his fingers through his hair. “of course Gukkie, what’s going on?”
Jeongguk’s arms are tightly wrapped around him as Taehyung rests their foreheads together “my boss—he uh, huh wants me to go on a trip for work—I’ll be gone for a week or so.”
Taehyung’s lips pout “your boss has been asking a lot of you lately” and hell if Jeongguk doesn’t know it “but that’s okay, as long as you promise to come home” he teases, presses their lips together gently at first but when Jeongguk’s tongue parts his mouth he groans
“gonna treat me before you leave?” Taehyung breaths heavily against Jeongguk’s mouth and the man smirks “absofuckinglutley” and he does, treats Taehyung beautifully as they get lost between their sheets, hours spent wrapped up in each other Jeongguk is so grateful for Taehyung.
“I love you with all my heart, angel” “I love you too, Guk—don’t miss me too much” he says playfully when they’re kissing goodbye, Jeongguk’s hand tight on his back “I always miss you too much—I’ll be home soon” *•*•
Taehyung’s chest feels heavy, that’s the first thing he notices. The second thing he notices is that he’s in a hospital bed.
The third thing he notices is Jimin’s voice accompanied by another just on the other side of the curtain—failed attempts at whispering showing through. “so what—Gukkie’s been in a, a gang?” Jimin’s voice is wary and Taehyung just knows he’s been crying
The voice with him responds with “for lack of a better term yes, but the warehouse was so much more than a gang. Any illegal activity you can think of happened at that place. Hanjae is a fucked up man”
Jimin’s sobs are heard “h-how did he even get involved—“ but Taehyung sits up, he can’t hear this. Jeongguk has to tell him. It has to come from can, right? Jeongguk is okay.. he tells himself as he shuffles around. Hoping the noise will get Jimin’s attention.
Only a second later and the room door is closing and he meets Jimin’s eyes, “Tae..” “Hi—“ he attempts to smile but it cracks immediately when his best friend’s arms are around him “I was so scared”
“I know, I know—but hey, you’re alright, yeah? we can talk more later. Let’s just relax for now. I’m so glad you’re okay” Jimin kisses the crown of his head and Taehyung clutches his shirt
“Have you heard from Guk? D-Does he know I’m here?” Taehyung’s fingers are barely capable of holding onto Jimin’s shirt.
“Jeongguk doesn’t know anything—Tae, I don't want to lie to you, Gukkie was hurt but he’s okay. So don’t panic, you can’t do anything until the doctor releases you—so let’s just focus on you, alright? Then we will go get Jeongguk.”
Taehyung mind is empty, knows there’s a bunch of things he should be doing..saying..thinking..but he can’t do any of those right now. All he can do is sit here.
*•*• “okay, okay—my turn!” Taehyung’s laughter was bubbling up along with some of the vodka he was drinking “hmmmm never have I ever—fallen in love at first sight” he prodded—eyes mischievous as he stared at the man sitting next to him.
Both drunk on alcohol and on each other—only a few months into this new relationship and already spiraling—“that’s not fair!” Jeongguk scolds, reaching forward to pull Taehyung into his arms.
“You already know I fell in love with you the moment I saw you” he whispered, fingers tracing Taehyung’s exposed shoulder “you took my breath away” and then he’s doing the same, taking all of the oxygen Taehyung had left as their lips press together soft and slow.
“You’re right, I did already know..” Taehyung murmurs, eyes holding all of the stars within them “but I love to hear you say it” *•*•
“Mr. Kim?” Seokjin hurries to the doctor “yes” “I’m sorry—I can’t release any information regarding the patient to you. Is there a Taehyung present?”
Seokjin looks back at Namjoon, “Taehyung is actually a patient here as well—so we’re here looking after them”
The doctor seems to be contemplating for a moment before he sighs “Jeongguk will be okay, but the nerve damage to his leg is incredibly severe. I was hoping to talk to his husband about recovery plans—Jeongguk will need to learn to walk again if we're able to restore the nerves.”
Seokjin feels like time stopped, who was going to be by Jeongguk’s side if he and Taehyung are divorcing?? “Jeongguk and Taehyung are sepa—“
“I can hand over the plans to Taehyung, he’s awake now—he-he would want to be involved in this..” Jimin’s voice is soft and it makes Seokjin smile. The doctor nods, “that’s great! lead the way” •••
He’s read over the documents, repeatedly. Jimin’s gone to gather them a dinner—keeps flipping through the sheets explaining Jeongguk’s injuries....he feels sick.
Thinking of Jeongguk in such pain, still doesn’t know what the hell is going on but the only thing Taehyung knows is that he needs to see Jeongguk.
Asked the nurse immediately what room he was in— and it’s a pain in the ass wheeling the little vial connected to his iv but he has to. He just....has to.
and his hand is trembling when he goes to turn the handle on the door, the last words he shared to Jeongguk ringing in his mind. He’s had so much pain yet even still, he wants to make sure he’s okay..
The only sound in the room when he enters is the various machines whirring, Taehyung makes his way to the bed and streams of liquid are already down his face at the sight of Jeongguk. Beaten and bruised, one leg in a full wrap—what the hell happened to him?
Taehyung takes his seat and it’s a little too much movement for his head. The dizziness is setting in but he can’t bring it in himself to leave, itching to reach out and just feel Jeongguk’s warmth.
he reaches across the bed to grab his left hand, gasping quietly when he still finds the band decorating it—holding Jeongguk’s one hand with both of his, Taehyung kisses the place where their wedding band sits.
“Still love you the most” he whispered before everything became too much, recent events playing through his mind like a montage and he feels sick, feels like he’s going to hyperventilate. Chest heaving and hand trying to help steady himself, everything is too much.
Taehyung makes to stand and leave the room but he stumbles. Body too weak and limbs too frail, hits his knees before his mind goes hazy and he just lets his head rest on the sofa—just for a moment.
*•*• “another trip?” Taehyung scoffs, the fourth one in two months...unbelievable. “Angel—“ but a hand between them stops him
“Just go Guk—“ and he turns to walk away, is determine to show how mad he is but as soon as he hears the door open Taehyung hurries back.
Arms wrapping his husbands neck and pulling him close, noses nuzzling together sweetly “come back to me” he murmurs against their lips and loves the way Jeongguk smiles into the kiss.
“I’ll always come back to you” and Taehyung has been doubting a lot of things lately, but he never doubts this. He never doubts them. *•*•
“Tae??” Jeongguk grumbles, eyes hardly opened as he tries to take in the sight next to him. Taehyung is here? In a hospital gown? Connected to an iv?? On the floor in his room??
He wants to move and carry him but quickly realizes he has lost the feeling in his left leg, oh. “Tae—“ he whispers, wants the other to wake up before a nurse finds him. Wants just a split second to hold him close
“Baby..” he tries again, leans the top half of his body off of the bed and extends his arm to Taehyung’s. Pulls on it enough to scoot the man closer and hears him mumbling “Taehyung” “Gukkie..” he hears but Taehyung’s eyes are still closed
“Here angel, I’m right here—come on” he coaxed and sees Taehyung’s eyes fly open and lock with his own. Water pools immediately and Taehyung is doing his best to stand up, Jeongguk can’t read the expression on Taehyung’s face.
Has no idea what it is, and he’s about to say something until the hands caress his face. Taehyung’s forehead is pressed against his own and Jeongguk feels his body shaking, “you promised you’d always be safe” Taehyung whispers.
Jeongguk immediately places his hands atop Taehyung’s and holds gently, thumbs rubbing the side of the soft hands he’s missed so much, “I’m sorry—Taehyung I’m so sorry”
“don’t talk about such things right now..” he hears and then there’s heat. Warm breath fanning his lips and Taehyung has sat on the side of his bed, bodies close and the touch nearly burns “you’re all I’ve thought about” he admits
Jeongguk closes his eyes and lets out a shaky exhale when his arm wraps around Taehyung’s waist, comfort, peace, home—God, Taehyung feels like home.
“ have no—“ “i do, i do have an idea—I can’t, I can’t do this Jeongguk” his heart stops, no
no, no, no, please no
“i can’t be without you” oh, oh fuck, yes
yes, yes, yes, thank you, yes
“Taehyung, I told you—I told you whatever it takes” “Shhh” he hears and then Taehyung’s mouth is on his and maybe he just woke up and sure he’s been in a bed for days with no shower but Jeongguk doesn’t seem to care.
Taehyung seems the same “just love me, please” and Jeongguk holds Taehyung even tighter as their mouths connect, tongue teasing at the plush bottom lip he loves to bite and suck on.
but not now, no. He’s just going to savor. Savor the feeling of Taehyung in his arms and savor the sensation of his kiss. “always have, doll—always will.” he murmurs against Taehyung’s lips.
Even if there’s hell to deal with outside of these four walls, and even if Taehyung isn’t his husband anymore. Jeongguk feels the happiest he’s felt in a very long time. •••
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“Tae?!” Jimin rubs his eyes, sure he’s tired but there’s no way he’s mistaking this, Taehyung is /not/ in his bed “Nurse!!” he screams down the hallway, the woman comes with a frantic expression
“Please wait here, I’ll be back soon.” she tries to keep calm “Where is he?!” Jimin’s brain goes to the worst scenarios, has no idea who hurt Taehyung to begin with but all of thsoe scenarios go back to Jeongguk’s gang.
Jeongguk. Jeongguk is here, his heart rate increases but he let’s out a sigh of relief “I think I know where we will find him..” he says softly, the nurse looks puzzled as he heads straight towards Jeongguk’s room.
Tears prickling his eyes at the sight of Taehyung snoring, head rested against Jeongguk’s chest while the other is brushing a hand through his hair. Sad smile coming over his face when his eyes lock with Jimin’s
Jeongguk whispers “I know I should’ve called a nurse for him, but I’m a little selfish...I’m sor-” he begins but feels Jimin’s arms wrapping around him. “I’m gonna kick your ass once you’re out of here Guk..” Jimin laughs a little
pressing a kiss to Jeongguk’s cheek and Taehyung’s forehead “Call the nurse when he wakes up, I think it’s been a long time since he’s really slept..” and then he’s guiding the nurse who is struggling to fight back her own emotions as they exit. •••
Seokjin returns with a huge bag of takeout in his hand, confused to find Jimin smiling from outside of Jeongguk’s door, “okay, 24 hours ago you were ready to have Jeongguk murdered, what are you smiling like that at him for?”
Jimin quickly glares at Seokjin before returning his gaze to the two that are sound asleep...still...6 hours later. “Not even a damn bag attached to his arm could keep him away” he smiles softly before walking away
“M’gonna go home and get some rest, as well as a bag of Taehyung’s clothes. Try to let them enjoy this little moment before they have to go back to reality, yeah?”
Seokjin is still confused until Jimin walks away and he sees the sight of Taehyung curled up next to Jeongguk, it’s quite ridiculous...them cuddled together despite the tubes connected to both of them, yet the sight is soothing. So comfortable.
*•*• “Jeongguk, are you here?” “Guk-ahhh?”
“JEON JEONGGUK!” Seokjin is shouting, irritated beyond belief that the man is sleeping in so late on a Monday, when Hanjae is waiting for them. Though all of the anger exits his body when he storms into the mans bedroom and finds him snoring
something he hasn’t heard Jeongguk do since he was a kid and still managed to sleep well. There’s a man tucked into his side, tufts of curls draped across Jeongguk’s chest, just barely and the sight of their hands intertwined on the side makes Seokjin coo.
Doesn’t think he’s ever seen Jeongguk so peaceful in his life. This must be the angel. This must be Taehyung. *•*•
His breath catches in his throat when Namjoon walks up behind him, “that’s a strong man right there..” he whispers, Seokjin chuckles breathily “which one?” “Both of them, really..but I’m referring to Taehyung...I just hope they’re okay once all of this is done”
Seokjin too wants nothing more than for them to be okay, “lets go get some rest too love, looks like Gukkie isn’t alone anymore” •••
“Taehyung-ssi…” it’s whispered softly, his eyes blink open but the warmth encasing his body is too comforting to leave, he groans and buries his face into the warmth.
Gasping when he feels skin against his mouth. Suddenly remembering where he is, his eyes are wide as he takes in the sight of Jeongguk. Glances to the left and sees his nurse smiling fondly,
“I’m sorry Taehyung-ssi, but we have to take him for some final testing, yours is soon as well--I’m afraid you’ll have to go back to your room.” He nods slowly, she seems to be good at taking hints as she bows to step out of the room.
Taehyung feels his chest tighten, it’s been so long. So long since the last time he’s slept in Jeongguk’s arms and it makes it impossible to get up. Let’s his fingers trace along the man’s jawline, still sculpted and handsome as ever.
Not that he’s surprised, presses the softest kiss to the corner of his mouth “I love you” he whispers and is about to get up, when he feels Jeongguk grab onto his hand.
“No” he hears but is confused because the other’s eyes are closed “don’t leave me, please” it’s whimpered, nearly a sob and Taehyung has to clench his eyes shut to keep from crying himself. “Jeongguk..” “Jeonggukkie..”
Leans close to his ear and let’s his breath fan over the shell, “love, wake up” it’s deep and low and husky, all of the things Jeongguk loves the most and he isn’t surprised in the slightest when the hand on him tightens, before Jeongguk’s eyes fly open.
“Baby…” “Sorry to wake you, but the nurse is making me leave and you were having a bad dream, I couldn’t leave you like that..” he smiles and is about to get up “It wasn’t a bad dream” Taehyung humms in response, looking over his shoulder
“It was reality, it was the day you left..” he whispers and Taehyung visibly deflates “Jeonggu-” “Shh, I know… I know, go do what the nurse says, yeah? But you’ll come back? Or I’ll come to you? Whoever is relieved first?” it’s pleading, hopeful...desperate
and Taehyung can’t help but nod, though the urge to capture Jeongguk’s lips is strong. Getting stronger as his eyes flicker down and sees the man wet his bottom lip with his tongue, near impossible to resist when he’s already resting both hands on his chest.
Sighing when he feels Jeongguk’s hands clasp over his own, “I love you the most, by the way” Jeongguk whispers just before pressing their lips together softly “I’ll see you soon, angel” •••
“Hi there, Taehyung-ssi. How are you feeling today?” the nurse smiles brightly, going through her routine checks and ensuring he’s improving. “Better, better than I was..” his shy smile makes it obvious and she can’t help but speak on it
“you’re a lovely couple, you and your husband” then shes back to checking his blood pressure. Taehyung’s chest feels so much pain at the word /husband/… just another reminder that there’s plenty waiting them outside of these walls.
Taehyung himself still doesn’t fully understand what they’re even in the middle of “everything is great, Taehyung-ssi. We’re going to schedule you back here for a week from now, alright? Did Mr. Park hand over your husbands care package?”
Taehyung tilts his head in confusion and she smiles, “the rehabilitation package, I’ll have another printed for you. You’re welcome to wait in your husbands room or go home and come back.”
It's easy to give a smile and a nod but the pain in his heart just grows bigger and bigger. Thinks that maybe going home would be good but he doesn’t know what’s safe anymore, is it okay to go home??
“Tae!” he sits up straighter when he sees Jimin rushing in with a bag. “you’re discharged?!” his voice is happy, huggin Taehyung close. “I brought your bag and some clothes for you and Guk.. figured you’d want to stay.” Jimin starts
Taehyung’s body visibly stiffens “I don’t know if that’s a good idea, I don’t want to confuse him. We’re still divorced” “Tae—“ “No, Chim, it’s the truth… we can’t undo everything that’s happened.. we can’t” his voice is fragile, Jimin hugs him close.
“Worry about that later, you need each other right now. Just be there, okay? The only person who can give him the support he needs is you and the only person who can make you feel safe again is him. You love each other, no matter what.” “It’s too easy” he breathes
“what is, taetae?” “being with him, being in love with him, holding him, kissing him as if nothing happened—as if I wasn’t begging for him just weeks ago” he breaks down but stops quickly when the sound of a wheelchair rolling catches his eye.
Watches as Jeongguk is pushed back into his room, catches a small glimpse of his bright eyes “I’m so weak for him..” he says, Jimin smiles. Hugging Taehyung even tighter “I think it makes you stronger” •••
“Hi” “Hi there” Jeongguk is gnawing on his bottom lip, trying hard not to smile like an idiot at the sight of Taehyung. Convinced himself that the man coming to his room and them being together was a dream so this feels surreal.
“The nurse said you have to bathe..” Taehyung blushes, holding a bag of clothes and toiletries in hand “but your leg makes it to where you need assistance. Normally a nurse would do it but um—they said since your hus—“
“Baby..” Jeongguk drawls, hand outstretched that Taehyung doesn’t hesitate to grab even though his brain is yelling at him to stop “since when are you so nervous around me?” he murmurs, nosing at Taehyung’s jawline, taking in the familiar cologne.
“Since I don’t know how to be around you..” he responds honestly and it hurts Jeongguk but he knows it’s true. “I guess we should start by talking—“ he begins but Taehyung raises a finger to Jeongguk’s lips, eyes fluttering closed when he feels him kiss his finger tips.
“We can talk about everything later on, you’re starting to stink Gukkie..” he chuckles and the man throws his head back in feign offense “so brutal, what happened to my angel?” he pouts, not knowing what he’s doing to Taehyung’s conflicted heart
“let me take care of you” Taehyung whispers when he’s pulling Jeongguk to his one foot and guiding him to the wheelchair “I don’t deserve it—“ Jeongguk returns, eyes staring into Taehyung’s
widening when he feels the man sit across the arms of the wheelchair, careful not to let his bum rest on Jeongguk’s thighs. “don’t you think we deserve this..” Taehyung begins
finger delicately tracing from Jeongguk’s forehead down the slope of his nose, gliding along his lips before tilting his chin up to press their lips together “I think we’ve spent enough time dwelling in our misery, Jeongukkie—let’s just make the most of what we have for now—"
"—we’re alive and we’re together, that’s all that matters right now” He can feel Jeongguk’s lips tremble against his own before they part “God Taehyung—“ he begins but can’t resist capturing the plump lips again “I love you so damn much”
“I know, I love you too” he kisses him one more time before hopping up, placing the bag of Jeongguk’s items in his lap and grasping onto the handles of the wheelchair “now let’s go get you cleaned up so I don’t have to hold my nose while I’m kissing you” he teases.
Expected a whine or pout but he just laughs, beautiful laughter filling the empty hospital hallways as Taehyung makes the way to the shower. and even if it’s not true, he wouldn’t mind if it was—he’d go without sense of smell if it meant being like this with Jeongguk again.
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“Good Morning Taehyung-ssi!” the nurse is beaming today as she comes to do her check on Jeongguk. “The head wound is healing well, no signs of internal damage which is great—how was the therapy last night?”
Taehyung glances towards Jeongguk’s bed. The therapy was rough. He hadn’t believed that he lost the feeling in his leg until he truly tried to walk on it again..his reaction wasn’t good. Not at all.
“It was okay. We will get there.” his smile is tight lipped and the nurse bows before heading out of the room.
“The first one is always tough, many patients are forced to come to terms with the severity of their injuries for the first time—don't worry though, the doctor is running some final scans on his condition and hopefully you will be discharged later this evening”
Taehyung follows her out and makes his way towards the cafeteria, gathering breakfast for them feels odd. The last few days have felt odd. Nothing seems real, he hates it because it’s almost as if they pressed pause on their reality
the moment they leave the hospital, life will go on—wether they want to press play or not. Still he’s smiling brightly when he returns. Jeongguk snoring softly and the bruises on his face are finally fading.
*•*• “Jeongguk—“ “Angel! hi! I thought you’d be at work..” the expression of a deer caught in headlights catches Taehyung’s attention.
He’s quick in stepping into his husbands space, gently pushing down his hood and gasping at the sight of a nasty bruise under his right eye. “Guk.. what happened?” the tears are obvious in his eyes and that makes Jeongguk feel even worse
“Just some idiot, don’t worry about me baby. I’m fine—“ presses his lips to Taehyung’s forehead with a smile “seeing you already has me feeling better” and Taehyung wants to push.
Wants to fish out the truth of what happened but the part of him that’s too scared to lose Jeongguk wins. so he just smiles and kisses him sweetly, swallowing down his worries with the noises that escape his husbands mouth.
Convincing himself that if Jeongguk can pretend nothing is going on, so can he. *•*•
Taehyung brushes the tips of his fingers all over the smooth skin of Jeongguk’s face, admiring his sleeping form. Can’t help the smile that takes over his face when there’s a firm kiss against his palm
followed by a groggy “I forgot how amazing waking up with you is..” Jeongguk grumbles and it makes Taehyung frown for only a second before he’s smiling again. “How are you feeling? Better?” he helps Jeongguk sit up and giggles when the other tickles under his arms playfully
“It’s hard to feel anything other than great right now—Tae, I just..” the knocking on the door makes him stop, Taehyung reluctantly goes to open it but is met with a smiling Seokjin and tear filled eyes “Is Guk-ah awake?”
Taehyung nods but gasps when Seokjin’s arms wrapping around him tight. “we got em Tae.. we got em” he’s so confused but he smiles regardless—as Seokjin hugs Jeongguk muttering the same thing, Taehyung steps out.
He and Jeongguk still haven’t spoke about anything in depth—he’s still scared to. Is honestly enjoying being with Jeongguk again too much to rush into uncharted territory—a territory that ripped them a part. •••
“Yoongs, hey” Hoseok smiles, brings him in for the tightest hug when he is finally breathing in fresh air again. “My god, I’ve missed you so much” is murmured against his neck, Hoseok squeezes even tighter
“You know, we wouldn’t have been able to do any of it without Namjoon” Yoongi glints his eyes “why have you been talking about him so much to me? How is Jeongguk? His boy?”
“Yoongi..” he exhales shakily “remember how you told me about the guys you loved the most. the ones you had from the time you were brought to the warehouse?” “Yeah, of course I do” his voice is exasperated as they walk towards Hoseok’s car “Jinnie and Guk and Moon”
Hoseok stills for a moment and squeezes where their fingers are intertwined “Yoongs, do you even know what happened to Moon?” It’s obvious this question is a sore spot and Yoongi turns away “why are we talking about this” he murmurs but eyes widen when Hoseok pulls him close
“It was Namjoon, Yoongs. Namjoon /is/ moon. That’s why he’s done all of this. That’s why he’s been involved from the beginning” “No! that’s not true... Hanjae to-told me. He told me what happened to moon.”
“He lied, suga. That’s why Namjoon acts so strange around you, because you’re still his best friend but he’s a stranger to you—he was always keeping tabs on you. It creeped me and Guk out until Seokjin explained everything to me”
“He got us together, you know? Hanjae ripped us both from our families at the same time. We were already friends, going against each other in a talent show. Something stupid for school—"
"—it was all stupid but we loved it anyway. I was so scared but Moo—Namjoon just kept calm and kept guiding me. Gave me the strength to survive the way I have..” “I felt so guilty Hobi—i thought I just let him go...let him be killed”
the people passing are irrelevant to the both of them as Hoseok hugs onto Yoongi so tight. “You never hurt him Yoongs, he was always gonna come back for you. You and Jin and Guk—he was determined for you all to get out, together” •••
“Guk-ha-quit it!” Taehyung squeals as Jeongguk makes to splash him with the water “this is the treatment I get for bathing you properly?” “No—“ Jeongguk nibbles on his lip mischievously “a proper bath requires us both to be naked, doll”
Taehyung scrunches his nose before tossing one of the rags at Jeongguk who catches Taehyung’s wrist instead, nearly pulls him over the side of the tub. “Gukkie! Stop!” the laughter is loud but it stops when Jeongguk gently places their hands down and catches Taehyung’s eyes.
looking into them deeply, tension obvious as Taehyung’s hand falls to rest against the bare of his chest. Taehyung doesn’t hesitate at all, to Jeongguk’s surprise. Leans the rest of the way and let’s their lips graze gently at first.
It doesn’t last long though, no because kissing Jeongguk is like being struck by lightning. Everything feels amplified and Taehyung wants to cry, wants to cry because nothing’s changed.
Every single butterfly swarms just as vigorously as they always have when he’s in Jeongguk's arms. Strained whimpers escaping his lips as Jeongguk licks into his mouth, uses the strength in his arms to shift from his butt to one knee.
Anything to be just a little bit closer to Taehyung. It’s the voices in the hallway that cause them to part, a cool dose of water being dropped on the scorching hot touch shared between them.
Resting together, noses brushing and heavy pants mixing together before Taehyung speaks “I’m so in love with you..” he whispers “it hurts how much i love you, it hurts how desperate I am to have you again—“
Jeongguk brings a hand to cup Taehyung’s face before placing a string of pecks to his lips “let’s get out of here, hmm? the sooner we get out, the sooner I can be discharged.”
Taehyung nods softly and runs his fingers through Jeongguk’s hair as the other leans back against the tub wall. “Tae?” he says, as Taehyung is running a cup of water through his hair. It’s not necessary.
Jeongguk’s arms are fine, but neither of them are willing to acknowledge this fact. The fact that any excuse to /touch/ is something they’ve always been guilty of “I still love you the most” Jeongguk smiles.
Taehyung flicks a small amount of water at his face, teasingly. Thinking to himself how Jeongguk has never been more wrong. •••
“Ahh, Jeongguk-ssi how are you feeling today?” Dr. Woo enters with a gentle ease, nodding towards both Taehyung and Jeongguk “anything worth mentioning?”
“Nothing that you don’t already know, but my head feels a lot better, there isn’t so much pressure” he didn’t even notice he was still holding Taehyung’s hand until there was a firm squeeze, calming reminder that he’s here.
“Well, all of your scans came back okay. We are going to get you discharged and out of here, alright? You’re due back Tomorrow afternoon for round two of therapy, the goal is to restore some of the nerves by the end of the month..."
"the pamphlet I handed your husband, be sure to look over it together. The more you do at home, the easier it will be here, alright?” Jeongguk squeezes Taehyung’s hand this time, doesn’t care about logistics, doesn’t care about legalities, just cares that Taehyung is here
“Thank you for taking such good care of us” Taehyung speaks up, bowing politely before the doctor. “I’ve done what I can, now you must take care of each other, there’s a long road ahead of you Jeongguk but I assure you, there's a bright side at the end of this tunnel.” •••
Once Jimin arrives with the car for them, Taehyung is silent. Silent because he’s terrified. Terrified to face whatever is coming. Terrified to lose Jeongguk again.
“I’m gonna go stay with my dad for the night, wanted to let you guys have time to talk and figure out what you want to do..” Jimin’s voice is soft as he helps Taehyung unload the wheelchair for Jeongguk from the trunk “call me if you need ANYTHING okay?”
“I love you, Jiminie. Thank you” Taehyung hugs him incredibly tight before he’s on the side of the car and helping Jeongguk into the chair.
“Thanks Jimin-ah” the other smiles and ruffles Jeongguk’s hair, “I’m still gonna beat your ass, but I’ll wait until you’re out of the chair” he laughs along with Taehyung.
The sound resonating beautifully in Jeongguk’s ears, it’s been a long time since the three of them were together like this, a long time since the three of them laughed together.
It’s quiet as Taehyung moves things around, guiding Jeongguk to the room where he’s been sleeping. Silent as Taehyung guides the man to the bed, air space thickening as Taehyung helps him change into more comfortable clothes.
“Tae..” he starts and notices the way the other looks up with pools of water in his eyes. Shaky hands are folding the dirty clothes and setting them aside, “what’s wrong?” “I’m so scared” he’s honest voice trembling
“What are you scared of?” “Everything” Jeongguk motions for Taehyung to come closer to him, “I’m so sorry I put you through this” his lips are soft yet firm against Taehyung’s temple “don’t be scared, I’m never leaving you alone again.. Everything is do—”
Taehyung’s lips are against his and it’s a fever. Feverish in the way Taehyung is climbing into Jeongguk’s lap, knees resting gently on either side of his hips—ever so cautious with not shifting his weight backwards, but he does let his hands slide over Jeongguk’s shoulders.
“Baby—” Jeongguk tries to speak between the kisses but Taehyung cups his neck and trails his mouth along his jaw...breath faltering “Guk, just one more night, I promise I’ll stop putting it off. We will talk tomorrow. Just…” he stops is about to get up
but Jeongguk’s hands are on his waist and pulling him back into his arms “Whatever you want, everything—nothing—it doesn’t matter, I’ll give you all of it” Jeongguk’s breath is heavy against Taehyung’s mouth right before they’re combined again.
The flow of getting lost in each other is so easy, has always been impossibly easy for them. Jeongguk finds it difficult not to cry. He wasn’t sure when he’d ever get to have Taehyung in his arms again, really thought that he may have lost him for good.
But Taehyung’s fingers are tangled in Jeongguk’s hair and their bodies are pressed together as they lay on the soft mattress, a vast contrast from the tiny hospital bed. He’s able to fully enjoy Taehyung this way.
Watch him as he rolls from straddling him to the side, sliding close to Jeongguk and letting their legs rest between the other’s.
He’s grateful for memories right now, because though he can only feel one of his legs, the memory of what it feels to have Taehyung’s body tangled up in his own is vivid enough that he can feel it.
Can feel the warmth of the other’s body touching his and the sparks that light up his body with every lapping of their tongues and soft noise bubbling from Taehyung’s throat.
“You’re it for me, there’s nothing else in the world worth fighting for” he whispers into Taehyung’s ear as the other’s quiet snores begin to fill the room. Tightens his arm around him “even if you hate me after tomorrow, I’ll fight for you until I die”
||| Everyone wanted some fluffs for these two, so we gave them fluffs 🥺 How will Tae react to the truth about Guk and everything he’s done??
Jeongguk is reminded of two things when he opens his eyes due to the glimmering sunlight beaming through the blinds One, he really hates rooms without darkening curtains Two, there’s nothing better than waking up with Taehyung in his arms.
Fluffy hair is disheveled and splayed our all over his chest, can’t feel it entirely but he looks down and see’s the way Taehyung’s legs are wrapped around his. The same way they fell asleep. Peaceful.
He’s never felt so at ease and there’s many people to thank and that he should be calling right now—but as Taehyung’s lips part with the feint breaths escaping, Jeongguk figures they all will have to wait. Taehyung comes first. Taehyung has to come first.
and he wishes he could just get right up, go into the kitchen—find all the makings to cook for Taehyung like he used to love to. but he needs him. Finds it ironic that for at least a couple months he will be relying on Taehyung to do anything because he always has.
Jeongguk always needed Taehyung even from the first time he saw him, he knew Taehyung was a force that he would need to hold the ship of his life at bay. and he truly didn’t realize he was crying, not until Taehyung barely lifts his head with a confused expression.
“Jeongguk? Are you alright?” ah, that grumbly, husky, first thing in the morning voice—it makes Jeongguk cry even more. “I’m alright” perfect, always perfect, with you.
••• “So” “So” they’re sitting across from each other on the bed, Taehyung on his knees while Jeongguk is sitting kind of awkwardly due to his leg.
“Look, I don’t even know how to be—“ Taehyung reaches and takes both of Jeongguk’s hands into his own, kisses his fingers gently before smiling “don’t be afraid, we’ve been through the worst of it—everything from here is just rebuilding. so start with the truth”
he nods, it’s the kind of nod that’s barely visible—wonders how anyone ever saw someone tough in him when he feels so weak under Taehyung’s gaze. “will you still love me when I’m done?” he whispers, eyes fixated on where their hands rest together, squeezing Taehyung’s gently
“I’ll love you for the rest of my life” Taehyung says without hesitation, because it’s true and no amount of pain or hurt that he’s endured can change the way Jeongguk has carved himself into his soul.
“okay—“ with a deep inhale Jeongguk finds Taehyung’s eyes, warmth is what he feels and it makes him feel not so afraid
“Four of us were kidnapped, that’s how it started. We were just kids, kept in the warehouse, fed and trained. No abuse or um any of the stuff you’d think i guess. but then once we were all old enough
one by one we started getting missions. Tasks we’d have to go on and things we’d have to do. On occasion, if you were lucky, it was an easy job. Make a drop, arrange a pick up, escort a goon—
—but then we got older and Hanjae saw more potential in us I guess. That’s also when the warehouse grew. It wasn’t just drug and weapon deals anymore. There was a club. He opened it underground, I—I’ve never seen it.
Never set foot there but I know it involves prostitution—I’m not sure to what extent but knowing Hanjae my best guess is that the /dolls/ aren't there by choice.”
he noticed the way Taehyung winced at his words and waits for a reaction but just gets a nod to continue—it’s getting hard to. because all he’s done is give background information and Taehyung looks like he’s going to be sick.
“Once we were at the age he deemed us /max earning potential/ we were assigned rolls. I am—er I was a goon—braun and force. Yoongi was one of Hanjae’s guards specifically. Seokjin hyung was what would be considered
/public relations/ basically he acted in public as Hanjae so that he himself could remain hidden. I—I honestly didn’t know Namjoon was the fourth big. He’s so different now and he didn’t go by that back then—
o I don’t know what his role was. I just know we were all given different ones. With our roles came income and certain freedoms. Which is how we were able to even meet—
how I was able to buy our home with you and I’ve done some things Tae—Angel I..” “Jeonggukkie—“ Taehyung’s voice is so smooth and soft as he feels a hand cupping his cheek, he hadn’t even realized he was crying or how heavy his breathing had gotten
“take a breath for me, deep and slow yeah? I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. No matter where this story ends, I’ll still be sitting right here. Relax” Jeongguk tried his best to relax.
Knows he does because what was them sitting cross legged facing each other turned into his head resting in Taehyung’s lap, nimble fingers carding through his hair and tapping on his chest while Jeongguk spoke.
“I think the hardest part of the things i’ve done is not having a choice—because before..before you I was reckless. I wasn’t afraid to tell Hanjae to fuck off because honestly my life was pointless at that time.
but once I had you, every mission was different. I had a purpose and I was terrified of not making it home to you. Taehyung, I..I’ve caused people to not make it home to their families.. a-and knowing i’ve done those things all so selfishly, just so I could come home to you...
it feels so wrong and I felt so stuck. Hanjae has links and ties everywhere. He was capable of terrifying things so I just did anything. Anything he asked of me as long as it meant you were safe and I got to come home—“
Taehyung cuts him off with an exasperated, bitter chuckle, “but you didn’t always, so was it truly worth it? because you didn’t always come home and we’ve been hurting for so long—so hurting those people didn’t save us any pain.
because I felt like I did live through your death—Jeongguk I felt like I died myself..I just—“ he stops himself because he can see the way Jeongguk is curling into himself and away from Taehyung’s touch
“no—no that’s not...” he sighs and gently but forcefully brings Jeongguk’s head back to his lap. “I just wish you would’ve let me help you” he whispers “I have connections too, we could’ve gotten plea deals anything—anything to get you out of there”
“I was blinded for awhile don’t understand it was never as simple as confessing for me. I heard the stories of goons who tried to get out and they all ended up dead with many of them their families did too and
I don’t, I don’t have family other than you—I could’ve never /never/ let you be hurt and I know that’s cruel. You have no idea how many nights I lost sleep over the things i’ve done. but I mean it when I say I wouldn’t take any of it back.”
Taehyung takes a deep breath, has to. Feels like there is no oxygen running through his body right now. Especially as Jeongguk continues.
Tells Taehyung about the time he lured a teenager to his death over a drug deal gone wrong, how that was one of the several times that he came home—guilt weighing too heavy on his heart—which resulted in another shattered vase.
He felt the warm droplets of Taehyung’s tears when he explained the depths of some of the beatings he’s had to dish out and endure—the way he nearly lost his life for not returning with Taehyung as Namjoon’s hostage.
As he’s finally getting to the part of the story that’s the hardest to tell right now—hardest because he doesn’t really remember was so lost in the realization that he lost the only person that made his life worth living—
—Taehyung leans over, in a position that can’t be comfortable and let’s his lips softly lay against Jeongguk’s. It’s such a different kind of kiss for them—it isn’t charged with lust or emotions, only love
because Taehyung knew, he knew that Jeongguk was facing a monster on his own but he had no idea this monster was so big, so scary—so inevitable. and part of him feels angry for not being there for Jeongguk and For being a part of the spiral that led to where they are.
Especially when a sob breaks out from Jeongguk’s chest and their foreheads are pressed together, Jeongguk’s arms holding him close “I’m so sorry—I was so focused on my own hurt I didn’t see how I was hurting you—
—my angel, you have no idea why I call you this. You really are, my precious angel. My guiding light that brings me home, I’ll never forgive myself for the way Ive made you feel.” Sure, Taehyung would’ve loved to not experienced what the last few years were.
He would have been more than happy to only live the brightest of sun shining days with Jeongguk but he’s mostly grateful. Grateful because had he never stood up and faced what was happening, maybe Jeongguk would still be Hanjae’s right hand.
Maybe Jeongguk would’ve killed more people, maybe Jeongguk would be involved with drugs himself.
Maybe Jeongguk wouldn’t be sitting safely in his grasp now and maybe, just maybe, Taehyung wouldn’t have a reason to dig out those divorce papers he never convinced himself to mail in anyway.
||| 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 i’m so nervous about this, I wanted to give details but I also didn’t want to drag it out—please talk to me.
“Gukkie, damn it stop!” the words are broken up with giggles. Endless fits of hysterical laughter because Jeongguk won’t stop tickling Taehyung’s sides while he tries to help him bathe.
Taehyung is feeling quite defeated as he can’t run away and leave Jeongguk to fend for himself but he also hates being tickled and Jeongguk is ruthless in his attacks. “Told you, I’ll stop tickling you once I get my morning kiss” he grins, wide and reaching his eyes.
Taehyung scowls back, shaking his head and refusing to kiss those plump lips that he /really/ wants to. “Nope, no kisses until after physical therapy today. You’ve put it off for two days, no more cold feet.” he does give in a little
leans forward to press a firm kiss to Jeongguk’s forehead “I’ll kiss you for hours if you finally let me take you to therapy.” The man sighs at the feeling of Taehyung’s lips on his skin, hands flying to grasp onto Taehyung’s.
Intertwining their fingers and holding their hands against his chest, “going to therapy makes it real, reminds me that something is broken and may not be fixable..” He’s taken by surprise when the sweetest lips in the world are laying against his own, moving
soft and slow and gentler than they should...too gentle for his heart to handle right now. “Nothing is broken, even if you don’t fully regain the feeling it doesn’t make you broken.” Taehyung’s reassuring words have always been what Jeongguk needed
never failing to make his heart swoon and remind him that even if he lost feeling in his entire body...just having Taehyung by his side and in his heart makes him the luckiest man in the world. “You’re gonna go with me, right angel?”
Taehyung glances through the mirror from across the bedroom where he is buttoning his own shirt after successfully helping Jeongguk get ready “I’ll go with you anywhere” there’s a soft smile decorating his face.
He turns then and because he does he misses the way Jeongguk’s eyes water and his bottom lip trembles. He doesn’t deserve this, doesn’t deserve the love Taehyung is showing him. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine Taehyung would be so understanding.
Not questioning any bits of his story. All he did was listen and be the most amazing support. It makes it hard to suppress the sobs, especially knowing that the other has been spending endless nights working on cases for the four of them that were involved.
Countless hours dedicated to research and talking to people Jeongguk never wanted him to even meet. Jimin sacrificing the comfort of his home for the two of them to have somewhere to stay until they find a new place.
Taehyung not even batting an eye when they found out their former home was destroyed on Hanjae’s mission to find them. He only clutched onto the picture frame and jewelry box that he managed to take with him even tighter, thankful that he saved his two most important items.
.All of these thoughts come raging into Jeongguk’s mind. A loud sob breaks from his mouth that startles Taehyung from where he was fixing his hair in the mirror
“Gukkie, are you okay?” he whispers, kneeling in front of him and taking his cheeks into his palms. Thumbs swiping gently under his eyes to wipe the tears, breath hitching when Jeongguk shakes his head
“I’ve put you through so much and now even your best friend is sacrificing things for me.. I don’t deserve any of it, none at all.” “No no no, baby stop, where is this coming from? What did I say?” Taehyung’s eyes are watery now and that makes Jeongguk cry even harder
“you didn’t do anything, angel, that’s my point. You did nothing to deserve this, to deserve dealing with all of the hell I’ve put you through”
“Jeongguk, I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure my vows said for better or for worse...which means unconditionally I will love you and be here for you. For the rest of our lives.” The heaving of his chest has calmed and the streams of tears are slowing
when he registers Taehyung’s words, his lip trembles again because Taehyung isn’t obligated to follow any vows, “I don’t even have the honor of being your husband anymore. I broke those vows. I broke those vows when I pushed you to the point of divorce. I’m so stupid.”
Taehyung rises from where he was kneeling and goes to his briefcase, all of the files on all of the cases he’s been working are buried in there but he has no trouble finding the manila envelope that he toyed with for so long.
“If you’re stupid, what does that make me” he whispers, placing the papers in Jeongguks lap and watching as the man’s shaking hands open the envelope..the papers falling to the ground as soon as he sees them. Notices the wrinkles from where tears hit the paper as he signed it.
“Angel.. You” he pulls Taehyung into his arms and leans backwards. Let’s him climb on top of him, doing his absolute best not to start crying again “w-what does this mean?” he whispers, pressing his lips into Taehyung’s neck.
“It means I couldn’t do it, Guk. I couldn’t send them in. I couldn’t give up on us, there was no way I could ever live a life without you in it. The months we separated killed me. I-I wasn’t willing to sign up for a permanent life of not having you.” his voice is soft
Jeongguk feels his heart about to beat out of his chest, “so we’re s-still married?” he can’t believe it really. Figured Taehyung immediately sent the papers away and with the way he was so hesitant about everything at first in the hospital.
Taehyung nods, can’t muster up any words and gasps when Jeongguk slams their mouths together, the initial impact is rough but it evaporates. Turns sickeningly sweet and he really hates that Taehyung’s alarm is going off to let them know they have to leave.
Just wants to stay engulfed in his /husband’s/ arms because fuck he didn’t realize and he’s so grateful and he just wants to shower Taehyung with love but he realizes this is another way of doing that.
He’s going to do everything he can to heal so that he can go back to caring for Taehyung the way he deserves. “Ready?” Taehyung whispers against Jeongguk’s lips before rolling off of him and standing at the foot of the bed.
Helping the man into his wheelchair with a smile, both of them chuckling at the ridiculous sight of their puffy cheeks and red eyes. Jeongguk figures he’s ready for anything, as long as Taehyung never leaves his side.
||| I know it's been awhile sooo are you guys still interested in these two? 🥺
•••4 months later ••• “Thanks for meeting us” Taehyung nods, it’s been a difficult time getting back into the swing of things. Picking a new office location and relocating his clients. On top of everything, Namjoon has been bugging Taehyung to come down to the station.
Let him in on the charges against Jeongguk. This is the hardest part, the only case he wasn’t allowed to work on is his. Their relationship is a conflict of interest, so he’s had to sit by idly.
Hope that whatever lawyer Namjoon found to represent Jeongguk worked as hard as he did for the other three. All of the happiness he felt in each courtroom date, watching as the charges for Seokjin, then Yoongi and finally Namjoon were all washed away.
Their kidnapping as minors served as the largest key. He’s terrified, terrified that the lawyer for Jeongguk won’t seek entire acquittal. Maybe he’ll be forced to own up to some of his crimes...’s wrong of him to think that way, surely he /should/ but the selfish part of Taehyung thinks it isn’t fair. Isn’t fair for Jeongguk to be held accountable when everything he did was with a gun to his back if he failed.
All the while Jeongguk is currently at a physical therapy session. The path to recovery is so close, he’s regained tingling sensations in his leg and almost stood on his own the other day.
They’re making such great progress and a conviction like this would be a major setback, mentally and emotionally which would effect his physical progression.. Everything would spiral and he’s so scared.
“I don’t have much of a choice right? We’ve got to figure out where this goes” he sighs, thumb subconsciously fiddling with the band on his finger “just, just tell me. Don’t beat around the bush.” Namjoon places a folder on the table
Taehyung feels Seokjin’s hand clasp onto his own, “He has to appear in court. They want to hear the account of what he endured and did first hand. The court date is Friday.” Taehyung clenches his eyes shut “and if they decide he’s guilty of anything...I lose him Friday”
his voice is already strained when Seokjin pulls him into his hold “hey, shh, don’t please...if us three managed fine, so will Jeonggukkie. We have to think positive. Just sit down with him and look over these files, this is everything the attorney submitted.
Not to mention we have Namjoon on our side, he carries a heavy weight down at the precinct for everything he did in regards to taking the Warehouse down”
He nods then, grip tight onto the folder as he takes in a fragile breath, “I’m gonna go pick up Jeongguk from therapy. Will you guys be there Friday?”
They both nod, watching as Taehyung reluctantly leaves, knowing he must be terrified to face Jeongguk with this...they’ve had the pleasure of watching the two grow closer.
Admiring from a far as they found their way again, Seokjin held Jeongguk in his arms when they had a terrible fight two months back. The man genuinely thought Taehyung was going to separate for good
Seokjin never even found out what the fight was about entirely but he sat and listened to their worries and answered the door at 3 a.m. when Taehyung was banging on it, insisting to be let inside.
His heart was so warm when the two talked all night in his living room. Honest conversations that they desperately needed, ending with too much laughter for the early morning hours. And Seokjin’s never been the type to pray, but he will today, this week and Friday.
He’s going to pray to the heaven’s above that they have some mercy on these two, let them have some space to breathe. Pray that they don’t lose each other again. •••
“ah Mr. Jeon! I missed your smile today.” the physical therapist Chaeyoung chirps happily as she takes Taehyung into a hug It’s a new thing, people calling him by the name that follows the hyphen but he feels excitement brewing inside him everytime they do.
a small reminder that they pushed through a storm he didn’t think they’d come out of alive “Sorry! Lawyer things” he wiggles the big folder in his hands “so how did today go, anymore luck?”
She smiles sweetly, gesturing with her arm for Taehyung to follow “why don’t you come see for yourself?” he feels his heart stopping when he turns the corner and is in the doorway of the room.
Jeongguk stands, using only a single crutch as he takes tiny steps..the tiniest steps but they’re steps. Steps in the right direction and steps that make Taehyung cry. “oh Guk—“ his voice is breathless at the moment his husband looks up
a bright smile and scrunched nose coming into immediate view. “Baby! check me out!!” he does a small wiggle of his hips, when he almost stumbles Taehyung is quick to reach his side, stabilizing him with a soft giggle.
“I have a meeting during /one/ appointment and you do this?” he teases arms lacing around Jeongguk’s middle into a tight embrace the soft lips on his forehead are soothing, make all of the worries he was feeling fifteen minutes ago wash away.
All he can think of is this man and their progress and he’ll be damned if he watches any of it go down the drain. They let their lips combine for a brief moment before Chaeyoung knocks on the door with a cheeky grin
“sorry love birds, but Jeongguk-ssi you really need to rest now. You shouldn’t cause too much stress to your leg” Reluctantly, Jeongguk makes his way to his wheelchair with Taehyung’s help
“see you Friday afternoon!” she says with a smile not noticing the way Taehyung’s knuckles turned white from his grip on the handles. but Jeongguk notices the silence. Taehyung barely mutters a word the entire walk from inside the hospital to their car.
It’s difficult and he’s about to ask why until a voice stops them “Jeongguk??” his eyes open as he looks up, standing before them is one of the women who worked in the warehouse. He recognizes her because Yoongi often would sneak food to the men and women at the club through her
“Moonbyul, hi” he says, chest heaving and anxiety building when the woman hurries and kneels in front of him hugging him tightly “everyone knows what you did y’know. you guys saved all of us." she whispers
pulling away gently and looking at Taehyung with a smile who is standing there confused. so confused. Still she bows “that’s all I wanted to say, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get to. Please pass the message to Yoongi-ah”
Jeongguk waits for a moment to see if Taehyung has a comment but he doesn't, he only continues along their path and now the silence between them as she walks away is even louder. •••
Taehyung has been very cautious, Jeongguk noticed. Their fights have been few and far between, he knows it’s because they’re both terrified but that doesn’t make it hurt less. Knowing there’s something on Taehyung’s mind that he can’t ease—
—he doesn’t want Taehyung to doubt for anything, he wants him to feel loved and valued and protected at all times. It’s been a few weeks since the last time they ate separately
so his heart clenches a little when Taehyung brings a dinner plate to where he is sitting on the couch. “I have things to work on” then he turns, going out of reach of Jeongguk and he could’ve swore he saw a tear fall as he went away.
eongguk feels uneasy, can’t even eat. So he waits. One hour, two hours, nearly three hours pass of him just sitting on his thoughts when Taehyung finally exits the bedroom. Eyes widening when he sees Jeongguk’s untouched plate
“was the food not good?” he asks quietly as he enters the room. Jeongguk immediately shaking his head “that’s not why I can’t eat, c’mere please?” and Taehyung does, reluctantly. He’s changed into Jeongguk’s favorite small red shorts and a t shirt.
His husband feels so soft and cuddly in his arms like this. “I want to know what’s on your mind” he murmurs, mouthing at Taehyung’s jawline and hands holding him tight.
“Gukkie—“ he starts but Jeongguk pulls back looking in his eyes “please, talk to me. don’t dwell on things alone, i let you do that for too long and lost you” his voice waivers on the last bit of that sentence making Taehyung hug him tight.
“I just… I worry. There’s still so much I don’t know, an entire life of yours was lived behind this curtain that I had no access to. There are people all over Seoul who know you, care for you, have something to do /with/ you but they don’t know me.
I don’t know them. It hurts, y’know? because everyone in my life knows /my/ Jeongguk and I get that you had reasons for keeping me separate, I do.
but it doesn’t hurt any less when a random stranger is stopping to hug you and doesn’t even acknowledge my presence .. as your husband” he whispers, hoping he doesn’t sound as ridiculous as he feels right now.
His fingers are clutched into tiny fists when he feels Jeongguk’s hands unwrapping his arms from where they were laced around his neck, proceeding to take the trembling palms into his hands and press gentle kisses across every knuckle.
“I’m so sorry, I would say that I’m sorry for them not knowing you—but i’m not. I would /never/ change my decision on that because you were still hurt. and I feel sick to my stomach when I think about how much worse it could’ve been.”
his eyes are drenched with warm tears that Taehyung quickly wipes away with the pads of his thumbs “but I promise you, I’m going to show you off to everyone in the world that I encounter. My husband, my angel, the love of my life—
—the man who gave me his name and took my own. I’m gonna scream it from the rooftop once I can walk again that I love Kim-Jeon Taehyung with every fiber of my heart and no one can stop me!” he’s smiling when he sees the way Taehyung chuckles
the few stray tears that still fall nearly evaporate from the warmth between them “I’m going to love you and only you for the rest of my life” and even if Taehyung still worries about many things, he really knows that he could never doubt Jeongguk's love for him •••
“So today’s the day?” Jeongguk says as he’s seated at the edge of their mattress, watching Taehyung dig through the bags of clothing he purchased for them yesterday.
“Can we just.. not talk about it for a second” he breathes shakily, hands loosing the grip they had on the fabric. Jeongguk watches the shirts fall to the ground and sees Taehyung press his palms to his eyes.
God his body aches to be able to run over to him, “angel…” he starts, feeling overwhelmed when Taehyung hurries over to him. Cautiously climbing into his lap as he scoots backwards
“I’m so scared Jeongguk.. I’m so scared that I’m going to lose you I think I’m gonna be sick” his voice is broken and Jeongguk too feels sick. Sick because every bit of pain Taehyung has been through is his fault and he hates himself for it.
His hands sneak up the loose t-shirt on his husband's body to feel the warm skin, rubbing gentle circles there before he presses them closer, lips finding Taehyung’s trembling ones. “m’not going anywhere, okay? I swear” he murmurs against his lips but Taehyung pulls away
eyes fixated on the space between them as he scoots closer, so careful not to rest his weight on Jeongguk’s leg “you can’t say that, you don’t know what the judge is going to say..”
the man runs his fingers through Taehyung’s hair, scratching gently the scalp and admiring the way Taehyung’s eyes flutter closed “we saw the files, my attorney knows what he’s doing, it looks great. and..” he kisses Taehyung then
lazily slides their lips together before parting “even if I am found guilty of something, the maximum amount of time they can sentence me is one year, due to the complications of the case and my kidnapping…”
Taehyung’s forehead hits Jeongguk’s shoulder “how can you say one year like it’s a good thing? I don’t want you to receive even a day.. I can’t. I can’t do this alone and your physical therapy and /us/ I just..”
“hey, hey, relax” he lays backwards pulling Taehyung over him “You are never alone, ever. You have Jimin and Jin-hyung and your family. You’re never alone. As for my physical therapy, they legally have to let me continue, you should know this—“
“I know but I—“ “—I promise I will still go, and I’ll make you so proud afterwards. and as far as /we/ go,” he smiles then capturing Taehyung’s lips gently as his hands sneak back up the t shirt to rub along the smooth sides of his skin
“we will be fine, nothing will long as you’re still willing to love me after everything is said and done” His eyes are curious as they search Taehyung’s face for anything.
Any sign but he just finds love, so much love he doesn’t know what to do with “why are you talking as if it’s a forsure thing? as if you know you’re going to be convicted..” Jeongguk shakes his head
kissing Taehyung’s lips one last time before leaning up and placing him gently on the floor in front of him “preparing for the worst, hoping it won’t hurt as much if I have to say goodbye to you temporarily”
Taehyung grabs their clothes and helps his husband into them. Even if Jeongguk is at the point where he could do the majority of this alone, Taehyung can’t help it. Right now he finds his body desperately wanting to be as close to Jeongguk as possible.
As if everything in him knows that today is an important day for their future and it’s terrifying but as he’s finishing the last loop on the tie he feels Jeongguk’s hands steadying their bodies as he pulls himself up.
Eyes crinkled and smile big as he looks into Taehyung’s eyes “I love you so much” A soft kiss is pressed to his forehead that makes Taehyung smile, patting down the tie and smoothing the shoulders of his shirt “I love you more”
||| one more update left after this one. Talk to me Will Jeongguk be convicted??😞🥺
Taehyung was silent, scarily silent the entire ride to the courthouse. His cellphone ringing from his pocket finally causes him to look to his left, where he finds Jeongguk looking at him with a soft smile.
“Hello?” “Mr. Kim! Great news!” Lina, the realtor that’s been helping them for the last month, she couldn’t have chose a worse time to call
“The home you wanted in Songnam, the sellers accepted your offer! I’m emailing you closing documents right now!” Her voice is eager and Taehyung clutches the phone in his hand
can’t even fathom moving into a new home without Jeongguk by his side. “Thank’s for calling Lina, listen I’m actually busy at the moment. We’ll talk soon.” When the phone clicks Jeongguk’s eyes are glassy
Taehyung knows he heard and that hurts more. “I’m sorry.” he whispers but Taehyung shakes his head and leans over to kiss his lips softly “Don’t be sorry, it’s a good thing. Poor Jiminie can finally have his place back”
They both chuckle then, smiling at the sight of the group of men that have come to be their closest friends waiting for them at the steps leading to the courthouse. “It feels weird being here to watch the proceedings and not be a part of them”
Helping Jeongguk into the wheelchair, Taehyung can’t help but lean down to kiss his forehead “Whatever happens today, it’s us. Always.” The sight of their five friends is still startling to Jeongguk.
Namjoon who he was missioned to kill at one point, standing there with a supportive smile and Jin clinging to his arm. It’s strange. Even more strange though is the way Hoseok and Yoongi both keep glancing at Jimin, but he decides to talk to Taehyung about that later. He hopes.
••• If Taehyung thought that hearing the gruesome details of Jeongguk’s time as a goon was difficult to hear from Jeongguk’s’s excruciatingly painful to hear the account from an outsider.
A judge who is reading a list of charges all while Jeongguk has to sit pliantly, waiting for the opportunity to give his testimony. The words being used are so unfair. None of those things are true.
Jeongguk isn’t a cold, heartless criminal. He’s warm so warm that sometimes Taehyung thinks he can literally see the yellow glow in his chest. Heartless? Taehyung’s never met anyone with a larger heart. And a criminal, that one isn’t entirely wrong but it isn’t right either.
It hurts to hear this, Jimin is holding his hand tight but Taehyung just feels suffocated. When the judge offers the floor to Jeongguk to give his testimony and his attorney stands, Taehyung feels sick.
He’s too scared to listen. One wrong sentence, one incorrect account and it’s all over. He can’t stand the crackle in Jeongguk’s voice, the way it wavers as he recounts everything from the moment he was abducted through to this very day.
And hearing his name off Jeongguk’s lips, admist the sniffles and cries elsewhere in the courtroom, he can’t handle it. Hastily stands to escape the room through the side exit, he can’t bare to listen. He can’t hear a judge sentence Jeongguk to any amount of time away.
Taehyung was determined to be strong on the way in, when Jeongguk leaned back and grabbed his hand as he pushed them into the courthouse. Taehyung promised himself he’d be strong, but he feels so broken. And being in that room doesn’t help. It makes everything worse.
He doesn’t know how long he’s spent in the hallway, crouched in a far off corner and sobbing into his hand. Just waiting, waiting for his friends to come out in tears...bearing bad news and he’ll have to walk back inside the courtroom to say goodbye to Jeongguk as he’s arrested.
His chest is heaving and he feels the walls caving in around him, he can’t even open his eyes because the tears are too heavy to raise his lids. He can feel palms on his cheeks after some time and he can hear voices but they aren’t enough to stop the panic in his heart.
Not until there’s soft lips gently kissing his forehead, and hands on his arms pulling him to his feet. When he opens his eyes he sees Jimin standing behind Jeongguk in his wheelchair. Jimin’s cheeks are tearstained but Jeongguk is smiling so big it reaches his eyes.
“Guk..” “I have to pay a fine to the city of Seoul. Baby, That’s it.” he says and Taehyung can’t register the words “I have to pay a fine is cause of the damages caused to some buildings during attacks I was involved in. Arson and know, hooligan shit” he grins
Taehyung’s jaw is dropped, he’s so confused. He was sure the judge was going to convict him but when Jeongguk places a copy of the court transcripts in his palms Taehyung cries again when he reaches the last page.
“It is difficult to judge in a circumstance such as this one. While as an adult, you have made some horrible decisions, I can understand the trauma you were put through as a child."
"Such circumstances would have never taken place had you not been stripped from your youth and thrown into the life of an adult. Still, I cannot sit idle by and turn a blind eye to the damages this city has faced."
"120million won are the damages the city of Seoul is seeking. A payment arrangement will be set up as well as mandatory trauma counseling in addition to your physical therapy. "
"It is my hopes with the decision that you are able to move forward and have somewhat of a second chance with what remains of the rest of your life. And please know, that I am terribly sorry for you and your loved ones to have ever been in this mess."
"I wish our officials could have taken action against the Warehouse sooner. For that I am genuinely sorry.” Taehyung crumples the paper in his hands when he falls into Jeongguk’s lap
the small wince of pain Jeongguk feels is nothing compared to the happiness he feels when Taehyung kisses him softly. “You get to come home with me, for good” is mumbled against his lips and he can’t help the loud laughter that bubbles out of his chest.
It feels weird to laugh with Taehyung without fearing if it’s the last time he’ll get to hear his favorite sound. Even as they’re leaving the courtroom and their five friends are all laughing and shouting too loud over their cries, he just feels so happy.
A happiness he’s never felt before in his life. He feels content, he feels loved, he feels at home. In the warmth of his husband clinging to him and their friends surrounding them with a positive energy that makes it nearly impossible to frown.
The only family Jeongguk’s ever known has been Taehyung, but somehow in the midst of the chaos of his life their family grew by 5. •••
“Jiminah hurry!!” “Taebear I love you but I can literally only unpack so fast, how the hell did you manage to fit all of this stuff in your car. Does the shopping centre even have anything left?!”
Taehyung tosses a throw pillow at Jimin who’s ruffling through the hundreds of bags of decor and clothes and food that Taehyung went shopping for this morning. Jin wanted to accompany Jeongguk to therapy today while Taehyung got the keys to their house from Lina.
It hardly feels like a month since they were able to breathe again, yet Taehyung thinks his lungs have never been so clear.
Jimin has spent every night of the last week with him here, painting and arranging furniture and listening to Taehyung cry about the fact that they purchased a home with stairs assuming Jeongguk would heal faster.
“I just want everything to be put away for’s the least I could do considering he can’t even access half is his home right now” Taehyung is pouting when Jimin comes over to press a sweet kiss to the crown of his head
“you’re worrying over little things because there’s nothing left to worry about. Just breathe, relax, enjoy this. It’s the first page of your new chapter, you deserve this. Hell I think we all do at this point..”
His phone pinging makes Jimin groan “Hoseokie and Yoongs will be here to get me in an hour.” Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows with an obnoxious grin “you’re technically starting two chapters” “Taehyung!!” Jimin shouts, tossing the pillow back at him.
Both of them laughing so tremendously loud that they don’t see Seokjin and Jeongguk enter the house. Not until Taehyung gasps because Jeongguk is standing, with the help of one crutch and Seokjin on his side, he’s standing.
Taehyung laughs, a beautiful laughter that resonates throughout the house as more tears fall because everything feels so surreal.
Everything about the last month of their lives feels too good to be true and hugging Jeongguk without having to brace his body to keep him from falling feels so good he thinks he might melt in his husband’s embrace.
“Hi angel” “You weren’t supposed to get here until I was done unloading everything and Gukkie you.. How I thought they said another month before you can move to the crutch??”
“Apparently I’m improving faster than they thought, they think it’s the additional excercises we’ve been doing at home that are helping speed up the process” he winks then, Taehyung’s cheeks flushing a bright crimson that makes Seokjin whine.
“Look whatever it is, just keep doing it..but don’t tell us about it” he laughs then, letting Taehyung take over helping Jeongguk enter the house. Long after their friends have come and left, the two are laying on the sofa in their home.
The only sounds being the sounds of the city seeping through the opened window, their beating hearts and the refrigerator humming. •*•*
“What color do you think our walls will be ten years from now?” Taehyung from where he is straddling Jeongguk’s lap. Seated on the floor of their apartment because they haven’t bought any furniture yet.
“Hmm, knowing you? Probably purple” Jeongguk kisses Taehyung’s lips then, can’t believe this gorgeous man is his to hold, his to love.
“Guk, baby, I would never paint our walls purple… though I could definitely go for grey walls and a purple couch” he sticks his tongue out then, gasping when Jeongguk lenas forward and nibbles on the tip of it playfully.
“I don’t care what color the room is or what color the couch is as long as you’re still with me. Just like this”
Taehyung feels his heart stutter with Jeongguk’s words, he’s never felt so strongly for anyone in his life and it’s never been so easy to see a future with only one person in it. •*•*
“I can’t believe you” Jeongguk chuckles, pulling Taehyung to lay over his body and peppering his face with kisses “What?! What did I do?” Taehyung is squirming as if he’s uncomfortable but the soft humms that escape his mouth when Jeongguk kisses him, proves otherwise.
“You really bought the purple couch” his voice is soft, Taehyung’s just looks at him with furrowed brows. Confused. He must not remember but that’s okay. Jeongguk doesn’t need him to remember, he just needs him to stay.
“Eh, don’t worry about it.” Jeongguk smiles, fingers gently grabbing onto Taehyung’s nape to pull their lips together, the most beautiful thing in his life has always been the way he feels with Taehyung like this.
“I love you, so much” he says, once Taehyung’s head is resting against his chest and their legs are tangled together. “I love you more” Taehyung says sleepily, as if he can hardly speak.
“I’ll always love you the most, though” Jeongguk’s words barely echo in Taehyung’s ears as he falls asleep.
For the first time in what feels like a lifetime, Jeongguk falls asleep without worrying about what the morning will bring. Only thoughts in his mind are the gorgeous man in his arms and what he’s going to make him for breakfast.
||| seeing as this was the final update, I’m sure many of you anticipated the results of the trial. Still I feel sad ending this story. It’s by far the most angsty thing I’ve ever written and I feel attached to it in that way.
||| LostAU was a milestone for me as a writer and I hope those of you that have stuck it out this long have genuinely enjoyed it. ily deeply 💖
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