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Dec 11, 2019
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yoonmin au — opposites attract 🔞 jimin talks to his boyfriend yoongi about a kink he’s into, and to jimin’s surprise yoongi wants to try it out.

commission for a nsfw opposites attract extra (if you want an extra for any of my aus dm me for info on my commissions) > more than one explicit scenes: exhibitionism, sex in public places, power bottom jimin, hints of sub top yoongi > extra for this au:…


YOONMIN CLICHÉ AU | OPPOSITES ATTRACT Since shy Yoongi doesn’t know how to act around his crush his best friends suggest he gets guidance from their roommate, party animal Jimin. But Yoongi isn’t fond of people too different from him and how can someone like Jimin even help him?
Jimin is nervous because there’s something he wants to talk with Yoongi but he doesn’t know how to bring it up. He doesn’t know how to discuss it without making Yoongi panic, because wether he likes it or not, Yoongi always panics when it comes to sex. That's just how he is.
No Jimin doesn't blame his boyfriend because Jimin has always been a little more kinky than the usual person, or at least so he thinks. And Yoongi, like in everything else in their life, is the opposite of him. However, it’s not like Jimin has always made his fantasies como true.
Only sometimes he’s dated people whom he have indulged on with his sex fantasies, usually people older or more experienced. But also, he wouldn’t just trust a one night stand to discuss certain fantasies, so even if he likes them he has not always actively done them.
Now, he’s dating Yoongi and Yoongi is a whole other level of discussion when it comes to kinks or sex. Jimin loves Yoongi. He’s so in love with Yoongi sometimes he wonders if it’s okay to feel so much, if it’s fair. He loves him so much he wonders if he deserves to feel this way.
And Yoongi loves him back with as much intensity as Jimin feels for him and he knows the older man will try anything to make Jimin happy because he can’t say no to Jimin. But Yoongi is also very shy about everything, but even more when it comes to sex. Especially about sex.
Yoongi is more comfortable in his skin since they started having sex, he’s grown from his shy self to a more confident one, but he still blushes when he asks Jimin to do something he wants or when he tells Jimin if he liked something, and Jimin always has to urge him to speak.
Jimin decides he will explain what he wants either way. Yoongi supports him always, there’s nothing Jimin can think he could do to make Yoongi judge the younger. He trusts Yoongi and he has no problem with trying out new stuff with Yoongi but he hopes the elder will want it.
He waits for a good moment to do it. Pillow talk is his best idea because that’s when they talk about everything important. Yoongi likes when Jimin scratches his scalp, he falls asleep faster when Jimin does that. He’s laying on Jimin’s chest, head falling forward as he snoozes.
Right now it’s the right moment for Jimin to say it. “Hey hyung, I have a question.” Yoongi hums. “Yeah?” he asks groggily. Jimin doesn't stop playing with his hair. He takes a deep breath and he goes for it. “I was just wondering... do you have like... any fantasies?”
Yoongi goes quiet and he twists in bed to be able to look at Jimin. Maybe he was too forward so he tentatively asks, “like sometimes?” This time Yoongi squints his eyes, he seems a little confused. “Fantasies?” Jimin needs to be more clear. “Sexual fantasies,” he specifies.
Yoongi giggles awkwardly. “Umh, you want to talk about that right now?” Maybe it wasn’t the right time after all but Jimin wants to talk about it already instead of keep it for himself. “Yes”
Yoongi makes an approving sound, he gets comfortable while looking at Jimin. His eyes, as always, are sincere. “I don’t know Jimin… I don’t know if fantasies but sometimes I see clothes and I think you’d look good with them but it’s just stuff like, I don’t know jeans?”
Jimin raises an eyebrow. Yoongi notices he's missing Jimin's sexual point entirely. “Tight jeans, for example,” he tries. Ah, that makes a lot more sense. Jimin understands what he's saying. “You like my ass,” he points out. “Yes.” Yoongi answers quickly, making Jimin snort.
“Under that viewpoint... I think you'd look good with lingerie too." That catches Jimin's attention. "You know, black lacy ones, those are nice. I’d think you look good in those.” Jimin smiles slyly. He likes where this is going but Yoongi doesn’t seem to want to say more.
Jimin leans closer to ask more but Yoongi beats him to it. “Do you have fantasies, Jimin?” He knew the question was going to come, Jimin brought the topic up because he knew Yoongi would flip the question, but he isn’t prepared to hear Yoongi stutter, “mmh, sexual fantasies…”
Jimin takes a mental note to ask about Yoongi's comment on lingerie later as for now he only whispers to his question, “I do.” “And what are your fantasies usually about?” Yoongi wonders. Jimin moves around in the bed to press himself to Yoongi's chest and look up at him.
Jimin needs to be careful with his words, he doesn't want to overwhelm Yoongi. “There are more like… moments? I can’t say I fantasize about one thing only or one piece of clothing," he giggles. "I fantasize with situations...” “Situations?” “Different situations involving us.”
“And what happens in those situations?” Yoongi actually looks very interested, even if judging by his low tone he's shy. “Most of the time it’s the same… fantasy. Or a similar one,” Jimin explains. “Really? What is it?” Yoongi's hands have found their way around Jimin's waist.
“It’s actually something I really like,” Jimin blurts out before his confidence goes away. “I’ve always liked it but I’ve never tried it with you but… umh, for example… I sometimes think of us having sex in your car.” Yoongi nods. He seems a little unfazed by the confession.
"But that’s not it," Jimin adds, “I think about it because it’s somewhere that could lead to someone catching us.” Now Yoongi's reaction changes. He doesn't comment only makes a questioning hum, encouraging Jimin to go on. “I think it’s sexy if we can get caught during sex.”
Yoongi understands quickly. “Oh, because you get turned on when other people are around when you’re having sex?” Jimin nods. "That's why you like having sex here even if Tae and Jungkook are next door," Yoongi grimaces a little. He's always shy about that. Jimin beams at him.
Yoongi scrunches his nose though. “Uh, is it because you want other people to catch you and join?” “No, no.” Jimin shakes his head. He is more than fine with having sex with more than one person, he has never minded more than one partner when having sex with other people.
But he’s not content at all with the idea of sharing Yoongi with someone. He knows he’s a little bit possessive of the man and seeing him with someone else would set Jimin off. But even more than that, he’s not content with the idea of having sex with someone that isn’t Yoongi.
Jimin wants to explain himself correctly. “You know how I like it when you see me? When I’m jerking off I like it when you watch.” “Mmh I know," Yoongi blushes. “I like it when it’s you watching, but in general, I like being watched… I think it's kind of like exhibitionism.”
“Wait, wait, too much information.” Yoongi sits up this time, supporting his back on the headboard. “Can you explain that? I know what exhibitionism means and I kind of understand where you’re going but be specific here,” “As I said, I like being watched by people," he tries.
“That doesn't mean I want to ask someone to watch us have sex! What I want is the thrill of maybe getting caught... The possibility of maybe there being someone looking, is that voyeurism?” Jimin side tracks. “Wait, wait, do you want us to try that?” Yoongi questions shyly.
Jimin nods eagerly because that's why he mentioned fantasies on the first place, but then he calms down. He doesn’t want to seem too enthusiastic. Yoongi’s relationship with sex is not the same as Jimin’s. “I do but we don’t have to do it though! I'm just commenting about it.”
“But you want to do it, otherwise you wouldn’t have brought it up,” Yoongi starts. Jimin frowns. “I’d like to but it’s something we both have to decide. You don’t have to indulge me if you don’t want to.” “I,” Yoongi gulps. “I would actually want to see,” he says slowly.
“See?” Jimin whispers. "what I mean is that I want to see how you’d get if we have sex with people around... or close enough to get caught, like you said," Yoongi murmurs while bright red. “Oh.” Jimin stares at Yoongi. He doesn’t really understand what Yoongi is trying to say.
They look at each other for a moment too long, that even with all these months of dating Jimin has to blush at. Yoongi shakes his head, nervous. “I’ll explain.” He takes a deep breath. “There’s this thing I like, when we’re having sex and you’re really into it… you let go?”
“Does that make sense?” Yoongi asks and not really. “Explain more,” Jimin pouts at him. "I let go?" “When you’re really into it, like when we're doing something you wanted... when you're close, you get this look on your face, like… I don’t know, you just look kinda dizzy?”
Jimin doesn’t want to imagine what visual Yoongi is trying to describe but he knows exactly what he means. “It’s really hot when you umh how you get... and maybe if we do this one thing you seem to like so much, you’ll let go.” “Hyung…” Jimin screeches. “You’re so dirty!”
Yoongi juts his lips at Jimin’s loud reaction and at being called dirty. Jimin giggles and he has to lean over to kiss the small pout away. “So you’re willing to try?” Jimin asks. "Because you want to see me enjoying it?" Yoongi nods, he's not looking at Jimin directly.
“What if instead of sex I just touch you when other people are around, you would also like that?” Jimin nods eagerly. He'd like that a lot. “I think I can do that, we can do that first. Me touching you. But only that, honestly. Only me touching you,” Yoongi nervously rambles.
“I wouldn’t feel okay with trying it if you are the one doing it, if you touch me I mean,” Yoongi admits. “Like... it would make me anxious.” “Mmh? Anxious? What do you mean?” Jimin lifts his hand to trace Yoongi’s face and push him to look at Jimin in the eye as he explains.
“If you touch me, like if you try to jerk me off or just palm me around other people, I wouldn’t really be okay with it,” Yoongi repeats. He seems anxious, like he’s afraid to say it. “Okay. I won’t do it, baby,” Jimin assures him. He knows Yoongi doesn't mean anything bad by it
Yoongi bites his lip. “Not because I don’t want you to touch me or I don’t trust you, because I do trust you. It just makes me nervous, because I can’t tell you to stop if I feel like someone has noticed, whereas if I’m the one touching you I can be more in control.”
Jimin raises an eyebrow. Control? That’s really new for Yoongi, considering he usually likes it when Jimin is the one in control and he usually asks for Jimin to be in control. But that’s okay. Jimin smiles at him. “That’s good. I understand that. I don't want you to get anxious"
Yoongi nods. “I like it that we’re talking about it,” Jimin admits. Yoongi hums. “It’s good. If I can be the one leading then I think we could definitely try. Just don't surprise me with anything," he chuckles lightly." Jimin smiles at him until Yoongi blurts out, "So, when?”
“Mmh?” “When do you want us to do it? I’m not going to touch you out of nowhere at any time. We have to choose a time and place so we’re both on the same page about what will happen” Jimin agrees but he is surprised with how responsible Yoongi. “Okay. What do you have in mind?”
Before Yoongi can answer Jimin perks up, he has a very specific fantasy in mind... “what about movie night?” Jimin blushes as soon as he mentions his idea, he’s already getting turned on. “With all the boys?” Yoongi looks nervous. “You can… touch me there under a blanket.”
Yoongi’s eyes widen and he flushes red up to his neck. “Well umh, that actually makes me kind of nervous, Jiminie. Because they’re our friends.” Jimin nods at Yoongi’s sincerity. “Is there another thing you’d like… umh, I’m afraid of getting caught, I’d be very embarrassed.”
“Umh, I had to think about it. The possibility of getting caught is what turns me on,” Jimin explains. Yoongi frowns while he thinks. “How about somewhere we could get caught… by people we don’t know? strangers?” Yoongi cringes a little. “I think I can handle that better…”
“Okay, what do you suggest?” Jimin is very interested but he wants Yoongi to say what he's most comfortable with. “I don’t know…” Yoongi squints his eyes. “The car option you mentioned at first, didn’t seem that bad to me. Like, park somewhere quiet and lonely and do it there.”
Jimin nods slowly. “You want to try it like that?” Yoongi seems deep in thought. “Do you want us to drive somewhere and fuck there?” “You want to?” Jimin retorts. “I could get behind it if it’s like… really far away. And there are small chances someone could actually see us.”
Jimin nods. “Okay, I like that.” “Good," Yoongi agrees.
“Can we fuck?” Jimin asks, eager. He's moving before Yoongi answers, throwing one leg across Yoongi’s middle and soon straddling him. Yoongi snorts but he still lifts his hands to settle on Jimin's hips. “Right now?” “I’m really horny, hyung,” Jimin confesses with a mewl.
Yoongi doesn’t seem taken aback, he smiles gently. "You're horny because we were talking about this?” Yoongi’s hand travel downwards until he’s playing with the end of Jimin's boxers. Jimin nods with a pout. “Mmh come here, pretty." Yoongi pulls him down and kisses him deep.
With the idea on their minds, it doesn’t take them too long to try out. Yoongi is somehow interested in doing it and he’s the one that chooses the date. On a Satuday night Yoongi is driving, and Jimin, who is sitting by his side, thinks he’s being obvious with how excited he is.
“You’re excited about this?” Yoongi notices. He chuckles when he asks and it’s cute. “I’m horny,” Jimin corrects quickly. Yoongi shakes his head slightly, amused by his boyfriend. His eyes never leave the road but Jimin guesses his boyfriend must have an endeared look on.
“Do you mind if I start right now?” Jimin asks after a while, he squirms a little on his seat. Usually he isn’t that desperate about sex but there’s something thrilling about trying out something new with Yoongi. Something risky. “What?” Yoongi seems taken aback. “Start?”
“Yes. If i start now? Is that okay? Like jerking off?” It’s quiet between them. Yoongi gulps. “Well Jimin, there are a lot of cars around… and people might be able to see you if we stop in a red light...” Jimin smiles. “Exactly…” “Oh,” Yoongi gulps. “Is that what you want?”
“Yes.” The idea has him semi hard already. Yoongi seems nervous but he glances Jimin’s way, only for a second because his eyes are quickly back on the road. He seems to be thinking, and Jimin sees him go from being against the idea to a sigh. “Okay, if you want to that’s okay.”
“You’re really fine with it?” Jimin presses after seeing Yoongi’s expression but suddenly the man is blushing and his leg bounce up and down, his fingers tap the steering wheel. “Yeah. I like seeing you jerk off, so go on.” Jimin giggles at how red Yoongi’s ear have gotten.
Jimin rubs himself over his shorts first, the zipper making it hurt a little but the right amount of pain he likes. He does it slowly, teasingly, while staring outside the window. He wants to drag it out as much as he can until they reach the woods so he only palms himself hard.
Yoongi dares stealing a glance at him from time to time. Jimin catches him in the rearview mirror, he can sense how Yoongi is growing tenser every time by how he clenches his jaw, especially when the car stops. They lock gazes only briefly because Yoongi has to look at the road.
However Yoongi doesn’t turn to see him again once Jimin pulls his cock out. "Hyung," Jimin moans when he wraps his hand around the base to tug up. He wants Yoongi's attention but he ain't getting it. He looks outside, the car next to them is close but no one looks their way.
If the car stops on the next red light, the driver next to them would be right next to Jimin and if he were to look to his left then he might catch him. Maybe not, because of the distance between the cars but Jimin wants to think that they could see him. He pumps faster.
"Hyung," Jimin moans, "what would you do if they can see me from the car next to us?" he smiles faintly when he asks, flicking his wrist to drag his pleasure. "They can't see you," Yoongi says shortly. "We're too far away." "But what if?" Jimin presses. Would Yoongi get mad?
Yoongi's eyes are on the road, not on Jimin. "I wouldn't have let you touch yourself if they could see you from the other car," Yoongi finally mutters. Jimin squeezes the base of his cock. He liked that answer so he doesn't press more, only drags his hand up and down his length.
Yoongi sounds cute when he's upset. “We’re getting closer,” he explains once he takes a turn towards the spot in the woods they agreed on. “I can’t wait,” Jimin moans, the back of his head hits the window. He toys with the head of his cock and pushes his boxers and shorts down.
They’re near a camping area they've gone to with their friends at the start of the year, but they, of course, stay back at the part where the cars are allowed in. Yoongi parks somewhere someone could come by at any moment, considering it’s the parking area of a vacation spot.
But at the moment there’s no one around except for two empty cars some slots down from where they've parked. Jimin doesn’t care, it's perfect as it is. He can see the highway from here and it’s actually better this way with no people around so Yoongi doesn’t feel so nervous.
“Come here,” Yoongi is the first one to speak when he pushes his own seat back. He gestures Jimin to come sit on his lap. Jimin moves quickly, he’s glad both of them aren’t the tallest because they fit inside the car just fine, and Jimin can easily settle on Yoongi’s lap.
When Jimin is secure around Yoongi, they’re soon kissing. The kiss is fast and wet and it seems like Yoongi has forgotten where they are, or he doesn't really care at the moment, because his hand is circling Jimin’s cock easily. “You’re driving me crazy,” he whispers. “Yeah?”
“Where’s the lube?” Yoongi asks quickly. He lets go of Jimin’s base to hurriedly fumble around where Jimin sat, in search of the younger’s backpack. “It’s inside there, on the small pocket. I stretched already though,” Jimin thinks it’s a good time to let him know.
Yoongi goes still for a moment but then he keeps looking for the lube. “Mmh? Stretched already?” Jimin grabs Yoongi’s wrist to pull his hand away from the backpack towards his entrance. "I did before you came to pick me up, I'm ready." “Fuck,” Yoongi hisses once he touches.
Yoongi usually takes a long time preparing Jimin. “It’s so you can hurry and fuck me faster,” Jimin whispers against his ear. Yoongi nods and steals a wet quick kiss. He looks like he wants to bury himself inside Jimin at this very moment but he knows better than that.
He quickly turns to retrieve the lube and in record speed he puts some on his palm before stroking himself. "I liked it earlier, when you played with yourself next to me," he confesses, while thrusting up to meet his fist. Jimin spreads himself. “Hurry, Yoongi,” he pleads.
“Fuck, the condom,” Yoongi remembers when the tip is just teasing Jimin’s rim. The pressure soon disappears. “Hyung, hurry,” Jimin whines. He doesn’t like it when Yoongi wears condoms but Yoongi was right when he said they would get the car too dirty if they don’t use one.
Fortunately, Yoongi is fast to put the condom on and in no time Yoongi is warning him before he is pressing inside. It's like he's forgotten where they are because he's too focused on Jimin. Jimin gasps at the intrusion, he lowers himself and he closes his eyes at the stretch.
It's been a while since he stretched himself so now Yoongi burns inside him just right. Once more than half of his length is inside him, Jimin starts moving his hips. And with each roll he sink himself deeper on Yoongi’s cock. Deeper and deeper. Yoongi grips Jimin's hips tight.
From where Jimin sits on top of Yoongi on the driver seat with their chests pressed together, he can see the rear window of the car, see the trees outside and if he focuses enough he can see the cars on the highway. There’s something thrilling about knowing there’s people around.
The car shakes in a way that shouldn't be as hot as Jimin thinks it is. He has had sex with people outdoors before but it’s not the same as right now. This time, whenever Yoongi hits the right spot it feels better than anything else. And it's only because it’s Yoongi.
And Yoongi makes him feel so good. Jimin raises himself up until only the tip of Yoongi’s cock remains inside and then he sinks down again. He repeats. They're panting and Jimin would usually tease Jimin but he doesn't have much to say except for loud moans here and there.
The roll of Jimin’s hips drive Yoongi closer to the edge and in no time, Yoongi grabs Jimin’s ass to ground him downwards, to chase his own release. When this happens, Yoongi’s thrusting starts getting erratic. His grip on Jimin’s waist tightens and he starts getting louder.
Jimin has always thought Yoongi makes the prettiest sounds when he’s close because he gets a little desperate, fucks Jimin all sloppily. It’s with a tremble and a low moan that Yoongi cums. Jimin whines, he usually likes Yoongi’s cum inside him but now the condom got it all.
Yoongi is panting, trying to catch his breath, and Jimin hasn’t cum yet. He pulls Jimin closer by the waist, in a half hug in the small space. He must have been really turned on because he wasn't put off by the place. “Min, let me blow you,” Yoongi whispers. Jimin nods, excited.
Jimin crawls to the back of the car, so they can have more space to move, Yoongi watches him cross the middle of the car but he doesn’t follow, he doesn’t even try. He tucks himself back on his sweatpants and opens the door of the car to get to the back seats through the door.
Jimin is thrown across the backseats, waiting for his boyfriend, and in no time Yoongi enters the car, he is crawling towards Jimin as soon as he closes the car door. Jimin strokes himself while he waits, but Yoongi pushes his hand away and takes him in his mouth without warning.
Jimin closes his eyes, moans loudly. Yoongi is really good at this, he’s good with his mouth. He moves his tongue just right, Jimin squeezes his legs, pulling Yoongi’s hair because the man likes that and Yoongi moans around his cock at the sensation. The vibration feels good.
Jimin looks down to watch his boyfriend take all of his cock in his mouth, up to the base. The head hits the back of his throat and Jimin moans in pleasure, he has to look away because he’s close already. “Hyung, so good,” he praises. “You look so pretty like that.”
He ends up looking down again because he wants to catch Yoongi’s reaction to the praise, and he moans loudly at the sight: Yoongi is thrusting his hips against the seat as he blows Jimin, rubbing himself helplessly. Jimin notices Yoongi is hard again only from blowing Jimin.
Pleasing Jimin gets him off. Jimin thinks that’s so hot and so fitting with his pretty boyfriend. The sight is what finally brings him over the edge and he comes moaning Yoongi’s name. Yoongi doesn’t pull off, he swallows all of Jimin’s cum, doesn’t even let a drop go to waste.
He grimaces at the end, like he usually does because he dislikes the taste, but he did either way. If he did it to make sure his car doesn't get dirty or because he knows it drives Jimin crazy, Jimin won't know. He doesn't want to ask either way, too concentrated in Yoongi's face
When he detaches himself from Jimin’s cock he’s flushed red and panting “That was so good,” Jimin mumbles. He stretches to be able to caress Yoongi’s jaw. “You’re so good,” he whispers. Yoongi is hard and he squeezes his legs at the praise. “Want me to help you with that, baby?”
Yoongi nods. He’s gotten shy, sometimes he gets shy after sex and Jimin thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. “Come here, baby,” Jimin orders once he sits up and Yoongi moves towards him, until they’re sitting next to the other on the backseats. Yoongi is hard and flushed.
Jimin circles his hand around Yoongi’s cock and squeezes making the man shiver. “Is that okay?” “Yeah,” Yoongi moans. He pumps slowly at first and then he quickens the pace. He flicks his wrist faster because Yoongi is already sensitive, and soon Yoongi cums all over his hand.
Since there’s nothing in the car Jimin can clean his hand with he only licks the cum on his palm. Tastes all of it, while looking at Yoongi who stares back at him with drowsy eyes. Jimin smirks at him. “Fuck, Jimin,” Yoongi moans, the back of his head hits the seat. "Fuck, babe.”
It takes them a while to recover, but it’s Yoongi who sighs. “No one came around,” he mumbles. Panting tightly. “That’s fine,” Jimin mewls. He really didn’t notice, he was too busy focusing on how good being with Yoongi felt. But there still was risk of someone who might appear.
Jimin worries about Yoongi. “Did you like it, hyung?” Jimin asks to make sure. Yoongi is quiet. “Being outside?” “I came twice, Jimin,” Yoongi mumbles his answer, embarrassed. “I think it’s obvious I liked it,” he adds. Jimin has to giggle at him, he liked it a lot too.
“I think this went more than fine," Jimin sighs, content. "Do you think we can do it again?” Jimin knows he sounds way too eager but he doesn’t mind. He wants more, in a crowded place. “Hey, take it easy Jimin,” Yoongi laughs. “I’m just recovering from this one.” Jimin pouts.
“You know what I mean, hyung!” Jimin whines. "Some other time, try somewhere else, maybe not even in the car but somewhere with people." Yoongi notices Yoongi blushing and stops himself from rambling. “I’ll let you know,” Yoongi whispers before catching Jimin’s lips with his.
The next time it happens, Yoongi is actually the one who starts it. Which, even if Yoongi had said he was going to let Jimin know and that he was going to be the one starting it, takes Jimin as a big surprise. Because it's a move that is unlike Yoongi, but Jimin is pleased.
The elder must have considered their time on the car as a really good one, otherwise he wouldn’t be taking the lead. They hadn't really talked about it again, about Jimin's interest for sex when other people are around that is, but Yoongi had been into it the first time.
And this time, they are at a party at Hoseok’s. As usual everyone from Jimin’s and Hoseok’s dance year is there and Yoongi agreed to go because Jimin had said he had a surprise for him if he behaved nicely. Yoongi had squints his eyes but then said he'd be glad to go party.
Jimin is tired from dancing and everyone is drunk already so they're being too loud and he misses his boyfriend -whom he couldn't convince to dance with him- so he eventually leaves his friends and ends up just clinging to his boyfriend in a corner of the room, demanding hugs.
Yoongi gives him all the hugs he wants and they stay there for the rest of the party, whispering to each other about people they see, their backs pressed to the wall. Jimin explains some gossip and Yoongi acts interested, throws funny comments here and there that make Jimin smile
And in the middle of the night, while they watch Hoseok’s and Namjoon’s dumb drunk antics, as Hoseok tries to teach Namjoon a complicated step, Yoongi starts to grope Jimin’s ass. Which Jimin knows might not be much to anyone in this party but in Yoongi-logic is incredibly bold.
Jimin is surprised, Yoongi doesn’t do things like this often. He tenses only for a second but then relaxes and keeps his attention on Hoseok. He likes that his boyfriend is touching a lot but he doesn’t want his reaction to be obvious to the elder because Yoongi might stop.
He thinks Yoongi must be okay with groping him like this right here on the corner of the room because their backs are pressed to the wall. And technically no one can see it. To anyone, it must just seem like Yoongi’s hand is on his lower back, so they don’t look suspicious.
And also, everyone is very drunk, so even if they do see them, no one would say anything or possibly even remember. Which has Jimin thinking. The car seemed like a good idea to Yoongi, and he liked it, because the highway was far away and around them there were only empty cars.
The chances of someone seeing them there were slim to none which allowed Yoongi to be comfortable. And here, everyone is shit-faced or on their way there, so their chances of noticing or remembering are once again, slim to none. Which would explain why Yoongi feels comfortable.
Jimin finally twists around, with what he hopes looks like a sweet smile. Judging by how Yoongi faces lights up the smile was sweet enough. He leans over to kiss behind Yoongi’s ear but doesn't move back. “Hey hyung, what if we fuck right now?” Jimin whispers to him.
He was planning on getting home to fuck, he even had his surprise for the elder ready but he thinks he should push his luck. “Huh?” Yoongi startles a little, he even stops groping Jimin to the younger’s distaste. Jimin leans closer. “In the bathroom… or in Joon’s room.”
Yoongi nods but then he stops. He seems to be thinking. Jimin knows usually Yoongi would be opposed to the idea of having sex with so many people around or even in a place that isn’t one of theirs but maybe what happened in the car made him change his opinion now.
He looks around and then back to Jimin. “Okay, okay. Let’s go. But it has to be in Namjoon’s room. There are more chances someone will need the bathroom during the night,” he gulps. Nervous. “And I don’t want people knocking while we’re inside,” Yoongi grimaces when he speaks.
“That was exactly what I liked about the bathroom,” Jimin smiles slyly. Yoongi’s eyes widen and then he scoffs, shaking his head. “You’re a menace,” his boyfriend mumbles and Jimin beams at him. Yoongi circles his hand around Jimin’s wrist and pulls him towards the hall.
Jimin is excited when they walk into Namjoon’s room. He closes the door and hurries to push an amused Yoongi to the bed without turning the lights on. “Namjoon hyung is so going to kill us,” Jimin giggles. “I’m so horny.” Yoongi laughs at how both comments sound together.
“What turns you on from this?” Yoongi wonders as Jimin climbs on his lap. “That there are people outside,” Jimin starts. “What if they hear us?” Jimin gasps when he sits on Yoongi’s crotch. His boyfriend is half hard already. “You want to be heard?” Yoongi's voice goes lower.
Jimin nods curtly, with a faint pout only because Yoongi's voice sounds really good. His boyfriends smiles up at him. “Then be loud, pretty,” he mumbles when he gets a hold of Jimin's hips to pull against him. “Yes,” Jimin moans, slowly rubbing himself against Yoongi.
Jimin stops kissing his boyfriend to get rid of his shirt because he wants to feel Yoongi's touch on his skin. As usual, Yoongi gets distracted with Jimin's tattoo, his hand going up to trace Jimin's rib. Jimin smiles when he leaves a peck on his lips before standing up.
"It's your surprise," Jimin murmurs from where he stands on the edge of the bed, pushing his jeans off. He doesn't stop looking at Yoongi. He got the reaction he wanted. Yoongi's mouth falls slightly open and his eyes downwards. He reveals the simple black lingerie he’s wearing.
“I need to fuck you right now,” Yoongi sighs and he sounds really turned on, Jimin loves it. He leans forward to pull Jimin by the wrist back to the bed, Jimin stumbles on top of him giggling. Yoongi is kissing his neck and his hands move back to trace the lace from the lingerie.
"Is this why your ass looked so good in those jeans?" he wonders while groping Jimin. It makes Jimin chuckle. "Maybe?" Yoongi grabs at him a little roughly but it's because he knows Jimin likes it like that. “He has lube around here, right?” Yoongi impatiently looks around.
“Of course, otherwise how he’d fuck Hoseok?” Yoongi snorts as soon as Jimin finishes speaking. Jimin moves to the bedside table and fumbles with what Namjoon keeps on the drawer until he finds it. Yoongi is shaking his head but he turns to him when Jimin squeals, “Bingo!”
Jimin tries to open the bottle to squeeze the substance on his fingers as soon as he can to stretch himself so he can ride Yoongi, but his boyfriend suddenly stops him. “Wait, we need to put something on his bed, or we’re going to dirty it with lube,” Yoongi mumbles, worried.
Jimin knows that if he were here with someone else sneaking in a friend's room he would be fucking them already, something fast, but Yoongi is attentive to details like this one. Yoongi worries about Namjoon’s reaction tomorrow, and Jimin thinks it’s actually kind of cute.
He stands up to the closet and quickly searches for one. “Here, a towel.” “Good.” Yoongi places it really carefully and even if he's the cutest man alive Jimin start to grow impatient. “Can we fuck now hyung?” Jimin whines when Yoongi finishes spreading the towel. “Yeah, yeah”
Jimin kneels in front of Yoongi on the bed, where he had put the towel, and pours lube on his fingers. Some of it falls to the blue towel, wetting it. Yoongi was right, if he hadn’t laid it out the bed would have gotten dirty. Jimin looks up with a smile, “look at me, okay?”
Yoongi is staring dumbfounded at him, and as usual, he nods. He likes watching Jimin, but this time he speaks up before Jimin gets to it. “Ah! don’t take the umh… don't take the panties off.” Jimin has to smirk at his blushing boyfriend. “Okay I won’t, baby,” he promises.
Jimin is on his knees, legs stretched and he reaches behind himself, with his dry hand he pushes the panties to a side and with the other he teases at his rim. He winces a little and then he starts stretching himself. First, only finger circling the entrance and pressing slightly
Once he gets used to his middle finger he adds his pointer but it burns a little. “Hyung, more lube.” Jimin speaking brings Yoongi out of the small trance he was in while watching and the man quickly moves to pour more lube to Jimin’s fingers. “Thank you,” Jimin mumbles.
It doesn't take too long for him to feel like he’s ready, he doesn't want to do it properly either way because he likes it a lot more when Yoongi stretches him when he presses inside. So he looks up to tell Yoongi he's done and he find the man hard and pumping himself.
Jimin crawls towards him to climb his lap but Yoongi stops him. “Condoms,” Yoongi reminds him. Jimin whines. This is taking too long and he needs to get fucked right now. “I don’t wanna.” “Be considerate with Namjoon. You’ll leak on his bed if we don’t use one.” Jimin pouts.
Jimin had seen the condoms on the bedside table next to the lube. He stretches to take them out, throwing the box Yoongi’s way. The man doesn’t scold Jimin for being bratty but he shakes his head, he only puts the condom on his cock, against Jimin’s weak protests.
“Can I now?” Jimin whines once Yoongi’s back is against the mattress and he has the condom on. Yoongi nods slowly. Jimin would be annoyed at him for taking so long with the towel and the condom but he always looks so pretty when he’s underneath Jimin, the younger can’t be mad.
Jimin gets on his lap again, holds Yoongi from the base and quickly sinks himself on his cock. Yoongi contains his moan. Jimin, on the contrary, doesn’t try to contain them nor he bites Yoongi to keep them down, he lets himself mewl loudly because someone might hear from outside.
When Yoongi is inside him, he forgets how infuriating the man is when it comes to details because he feels really good. He feels full and stretched, and it’s even better because he looks down and he sees Yoongi’s frowning face, and how cute he looks when he’s turned on.
“You’re tight,” Yoongi moans helplessly, spreading Jimin wider with his hands to push his cock further inside. Jimin had done a sloppy work preparing beforehand and the stretch of Yoongi’s cock inside him burn. He likes it like this. Yoongi distracts himself with the panties.
"This is pretty," he mumbles while toying with them. It does feel nice to have Yoongi's cock pushing against the panties. It feels really good how he's moving them aside to be able to be inside him. "It suits you," he whispers Jimin starts rolling his hips, to feel Yoongi deeper
He wants to hit the right spot soon because he’s frustrated with how long this is taking them and he wants to come soon “Fuck,” Yoongi tries to hold Jimin’s hips to slow him down but he gives up eventually, closing his eyes. Jimin knows he likes it when Jimin fucks himself fast.
And then someone knocks on the door after a choked moan from Yoongi. “Hey, Jimin, Yoongi, hurry the fuck up! I need the lube,” it’s Namjoon. And he sounds pissed. Both Yoongi and Jimin go quiet all of a sudden, Jimin stops moving up and down. They stare at each other, blushing.
“And If you didn’t put a towel on my bed, I’ll kill you both!” Namjoon knocks one last time. Jimin finds this situation completely ridiculous. Of course he mentioned the stupid towel. He looks down to find that Yoongi is the brightest shade of pink and it drives Jimin crazy.
Yoongi looks the prettiest when he's shy and now it takes Jimin's breath away. He leans down to kiss his neck, because he’s flushed all the way there but when he’s doing it Yoongi lets out an embarrassed whine. Jimin straightens again and looks down at a mortified looking Yoongi.
Jimin would want to keep fucking him with how pretty he looks, if he didn’t actually know how nervous his boyfriend is. Yoongi taps his thigh, gesturing Jimin to move away from his cock. Now, Jimin feels kind of bad too. “Are you going to answer to him?” Yoongi hisses lowly.
Jimin shakes his head. He looks at the door from where he crawled once he lifted himself off Yoongi. Its silent so Namjoon must have left already but he made Yoongi nervous. Jimin is upset. This was supposed to be sexy, he wanted someone catching them but it went the opposite way
And Hoseok is also going to kill Jimin once he sees him for using Namjoon’s lube when he must be needing it.
“He’s gone?” Yoongi asks, after a moment. He's still staring at the door. He looks back to Jimin once it’s quiet and he pouts. He looks very embarrassed and like he wants to tell Jimin something, however his eyes move away from Jimin's eyes and “you’re soft,” Yoongi notices.
Jimin knows! and he is whining. “It’s because I’m so frustrated!” He frowns when he adds, “I dressed up for you and I was so excited about doing it here! but it went the complete opposite way of what I wanted.” Yoongi smiles at him as he rants, tenderly, like he usually does.
“Now, that sounds a lot like us,” Yoongi says softly. Jimin pouts at him. He's sexually frustrated, it's not time for Yoongi to tease. “What are you talking about?” Yoongi smiles. “When you get the opposite of what you wanted?” “Oh shut up! you're a sap!” Jimin accuses.
"You’re being bratty,” Yoongi finally scolds. Jimin knows. “I am! I’m tired too! I just wanted to cum already!” And at that Yoongi flips them over, he pushes Jimin against the mattress and lifts Jimin’s legs to wrap them around him. “Okay, let’s make you cum then,” he whispers.
Jimin gasps at the sudden movement and he moans once Yoongi presses back inside him. His boyfriend can't look at him in the eye, so he hides in Jimin's neck but he fucks into him fast. It catches Jimin so off guard, he ends up digging his nails into Yoongi’s back.
But the slight pain that Jimin's nails must have done doesn’t discourage Yoongi at all, in fact, it only makes him thrust harder and harder until Jimin is trembling under him. Jimin moans loudly, manages to whine Yoongi's name. Yoongi grabs Jimin's thighs a little too tight.
He does it to move them to a side so he can press his palm against Jimin’s cock. The touch makes the lace from the panties brush against Jimin. It feels as good as he expected when he picked up that pair, and that added stimulation brings Jimin closer. "Hyung, hyung," he moans.
"Mclose," Jimin warns. Yoongi keeps rubbing him on top of the panties while he fucks into him until Jimin cums, soiling the black lingerie. Yoongi cums shortly after Jimin, since he started to fuck faster during Jimin’s orgasm, probably because seeing Jimin orgasm gets him going
He moans right into Jimin’s ear as he fills the condom. It was the fast fuck Jimin had wanted since the start but it ended up being even better. For a moment they stay tangled together panting against the other until Yoongi pulls out making Jimin wince. Yoongi kisses him.
Yoongi plops down next to him. They remain side to side on the bed staring at the ceiling for a moment, catching their breath. “Let’s go to my place for round two,” Jimin decides. “Yes, please. But let’s leave fast. I can’t look at Namjoon’s face right now” Jimin snorts. “Fine”
After their encounter in Hoseok’s apartment, even if failed and with all it setbacks, Yoongi must have started to like the thrill of Jimin's kink a little more because he is the one who brings up movie night and trying it again. At least that’s what Jimin thinks at first.
They’re in Jimin’s room. Yoongi came over after work and he’s staying to sleep over so Jimin is happy. He’s in front of the mirror, getting ready for bed while Yoongi scrolls though his phone, already sleepy and laying on the right side, his favorite side of the bed.
“Hey, pretty," Yoongi suddenly speaks, Jimin doesn't turn to see him, he's removing his eye make up so he only hums. Yoongi takes a moment before asking, "remember what you said your biggest fantasy was?” Jimin goes still. "Your biggest sexual fantasy," his boyfriend specifies.
“Yeah?” Jimin is a suddenly very distracted and he forgets about removing the make up from his face, he looks away from the mirror to focus on his boyfriend. Yoongi is blushing cutely from where he lays, he borrowed a red shirt from Jimin to sleep with and it suits him a lot.
Yoongi's phone is long forgotten on the bed but he's looking at the comforter instead of looking at Jimin's face. “When we talked about umh this thing you like while having sex. You said you had a big recurring fantasy. A really specific scenario you fantasized about...”
“Oh.” Jimin knows what he’s talking about, because he often fantasies about it. Now that Yoongi has been trying stuff out with him, even more, because he thought they could do it someday. “Movie night with the boys?” Yoongi finally looks up at him. “Yeah…” he nods.
“So?” Jimin lets go of the make up removal to properly turn all of his body towards Yoongi. He settles his hands on his hips, studying his boyfriend's expression. “You want to try it?” “I think we can. I like how you get when there are other people around… it’s really sexy.”
Jimin has to giggle at that. “I want to try it out too, of course. But you don't seem so convinced," Jimin presses. This time he walks to the edge of the bed and supports himself on only one knee. "I want to do it if you don’t get nervous like last time,” Jimin says carefully.
Yoongi frowns at that. “I won’t,” he says curtly. Now, Jimin knows Yoongi doesn’t like getting things wrong, he doesn't like being bad at things. He gets grumpy when he doesn’t play the piano like he wanted or when he’s not satisfied with lyrics he’s written. He replies curtly.
Jimin thinks he must be a little grumpy about how things went down in Namjoon’s room, because Jimin complained about it going the opposite way of what he wanted and he got frustrated and Yoongi got nervous once the door was knocked. But even then, it was great! Jimin loved it!
“I'm not complaining about you getting nervous last time by the way!" Jimin amends just in case. "You fucked me really well, hyungie,” Jimin whines cutely and he watches how Yoongi flushes all shades of red, like the memory is enough to embarras him deeply. It makes Jimin laugh.
Yoongi pouts though and Jimin has to climb the bed to crawl towards him until he sits next to him. "What is it?" Jimin presses. "You still have make up on," Yoongi reminds him, he's avoiding talking about it. "I know! You interrupted me!" Jimin crosses his arms over his chest.
They stare at each other and Yoongi finally sighs. "I want to get it right. Again. like in the car, that went fine." "More than fine," Jimin wiggles his eyebrows to tease him but it only makes Yoongi roll his eyes "And at Hoseok's it didn't work out like you wanted," he mumbles
Jimin smiles at him. "I get that you want to try again so it goes the way I want... and I'm thankful." He's so in love with Yoongi, he knows he's smiling like a fool. "But, are you sure you want to try it there? With our friends? Wouldn't that make you nervous?" Jimin worries.
Yoongi quickly shakes his head. "No, no. I've been thinking about it," he admits. "Oh?" Jimin moves his head to a side, interested by what has Yoongi been thinking about. "Can you explain?" "Yes!" Yoongi sits up properly, so he and Jimin are looking into each other's eyes.
"I got nervous when Joon knocked on the door, because if he somehow, I don't know how, opened the door. There was nothing I could do, you were on top of me and if I moved I could have hurt you," he explains. "So hearing him knock, made me think of that and I got embarrassed..."
"Okay," Jimin understands. "So, how does movie night changes?" "That I'm going to be touching you," Yoongi explains calmly. "In case I sense something I don't like, I can stop touching you. And I've thought about that too, okay?" Jimin finds him endearing. "About what?"
"If I stop abruptly, I thought... maybe Jimin won't like that?" Jimin scoots closer to Yoongi. "But if I'm touching you all night," he whispers. "Just keeping you on edge constantly, stopping abruptly could even be a... relief? or maybe it could also be to stop you from..."
Jimin is thinking about it already. "Like what you do to me when I'm really close and you stop," Yoongi mumbles quickly. "That." Jimin nods eagerly. "But for it to work I have to be playing with you all night, is that okay?" Yoongi smiles faintly when he whispers.
"That's more than okay," Jimin decides. He's leaning forward. "I'd like it a lot if you do that, baby," he confesses. Yoongi looks at him, for a moment too long. "You're horny, right now?" Jimin nods. "Really? Just because I was talking about it." Jimin keeps nodding.
"Go remove your make up, and then come back," Yoongi gestures to the mirror and Jimin leans over to give him a peck on the lips. "Okay!" He smiles brightly and before he goes Yoongi pulls him in for another kiss. His boyfriend really loves spoiling him and making him happy.
Jimin is excited when the day arrives. They always try to get together in Jimin’s, Jungkook’s and Taehyung’s apartment at least on a weekend of the month. There are days where all of them can’t make it but this is one of the weekends the seven of them will see each other.
Seokjin is the last one to get there and he’s brings take out food which makes everyone loose composure. Jimin doesn’t even remember how the seven of them ended up hanging together, considering how different they all are, but he’s grateful. Yoongi feels more at ease with them.
Once they are all together they’re having so much fun Jimin forgets what he and Yoongi had discussed about doing earlier about what they were planning on doing later. It’s only when they sit around in the living room couches to finally watch the movie that Jimin remembers.
Taehyung and Jungkook are cuddled together in the floor, excited because it’s a movie they choose to watch and everyone just went along with them. They are in front of Hoseok and Namjoon, who are tangled together in the couch, using every excuse they have to act like a couple.
Seokjin sits still next to them, reading about the movie on his phone because apart from Jungkook and Taehyung, he’s the only one actually interested. And Yoongi and Jimin curl together in the armchair, their usual spot because only the two of them can fit together there.
Jungkook and Taehyung don't fit because they're too big, and even Jimin can't share with any of them because it would be uncomfortable. Maybe he'd fit with Hoseok but actually the armchair is Yoongi's and Jimin's usual spot for another reason entirely different from size.
Jimin likes when they share this one armchair because this is where he was sitting when he met Yoongi last year. The first time they had a real conversation Jimin was on the armchair and Yoongi across the room in the other couch. So the armchair is their spot.
And for tonight's purposes, they needed to sit together. Yoongi brought a blanket this time and he puts it on top of them before the movie starts playing. Taehyung’s eyes are on them all the time, but there’s no way he knows what Yoongi and Jimin are planning on doing.
“Can hyung bring me a blanket too?” Taehyung whines, pouting at Yoongi “I’m cold!” Jimin knew his suspicious weren't true, but he doesn’t like the outcome either. He doesn't want Yoongi to go, they're already comfortable. “You live here, bring your own blankets,” Jimin complains
“Hyung basically lives here,” Taehyung moans. "Please!" Jimin squints his eyes but Yoongi smiles amused, muttering a soft "okay, Taehyungie." He’s whipped for Taehyung, so he stands up to go get it. Jimin thinks his boyfriend is cute but they better not get interrupted later.
When Yoongi returns Jimin uses his short absence to moan about missing him while hugging the man. And after that, they stay cuddled that way: Jimin pressed against Yoongi’s chest and Yoongi’s arms around him. It’s quiet except for the movie and Jungkook loudly eating pop corn.
It starts when Yoongi kisses the back of Jimin’s neck. It’s barely a touch, just a small peck near his moles. Nothing that could make their friends raise an eyebrow. It’s usual for Yoongi to be clingy and leave kisses all over Jimin. Their friends are used to it.
But it’s not really just a peck, Yoongi’s hands are under the blanket too. First touching Jimin’s waist, as if he’s doing it only to get comfortable, likes he’s doing it to keep Jimin on place but Jimin knows better. It looks like a simple kiss on his neck but not really.
And Jimin likes that a lot. Likes that their friends could think Yoongi is just being his usual sappy self when in fact he’s touching Jimin where they can't see. Jimin curls into his boyfriend, to give him more access to touch and for it not to be obvious from under the blanket.
Once they're in that position Jimin knew it was coming but he wasn’t prepared when Yoongi palms him over his shorts. He tries not to look at his friends, he only hides against Yoongi’s neck. They could probably think Jimin is just napping or tired. Or being clingy as usual.
And Yoongi keeps that up. Just palming him over the fabric, adding slight pressure after a moment and then not so much. It lasts for a while but he only does it until it’s clear Jimin is painfully hard And then Yoongi stops touching him suddenly, neglecting him for some minutes.
Jimin feels like it's an eternity until Yoongi gets his hand under Jimin’s shorts. He tenses because Yoongi's fingers are under his boxers, and it was with no warning. Jimin bites his moan, thankfully the movie is loud and he bit his lower lip as soon as Yoongi touched him.
The touch is barely there though, just Yoongi’s thumb pressing against the head of his cum, spreading the precum there. And he presses his fingers around it tightly. It’s not even jerking off, just Yoongi squeezing the head of Jimin’s cock between his fingers and it's good.
He drags it out and keeps playing with Jimin without adding the pressure Jimin needs. It’s not faint enough for him to brush it off and pretend Yoongi’s not doing it, it’s not hard enough to actually rile Jimin up. It’s just a present pleasure, a constant buzz making Jimin dizzy.
Usually Jimin loves playing with Yoongi until the elder is oversensitive, and now it’s the first time Yoongi is doing it with him instead. And he’s doing it really good. Jimin shouldn’t be surprised Yoongi is so good at it, he’s a diligent student and a fast learner.
Yoongi never flicks his wrist, nor pumps up. He just wraps his hand around the head and adds pressure, moves his fingers to brush Jimin in a way that it's almost cruel and after some minutes he lowers his hand to the base but only to grip it. Jimin tries focusing on the movie.
Yoongi doesn’t touch more than that and it’s way worse than if he would properly jerk Jimin off. Jimin knows he’s touching lightly because their friends are next, and if he would move his fist it would be obvious what they're doing. Jimin glances towards his friends.
They’re watching the movie. Jungkook, Jin and Namjoon are concentrated. Taehyung is falling asleep on Jungkook's shoulders and Hoseok is whispering something to Namjoon, who seems unfazed. Jimin wonders what Hoseok is whispering about. Yoongi squeezes harder and Jimin looks away
Jimin thinks they haven’t noticed what Yoongi is doing, they don’t know Yoongi is driving him crazy. Yoongi was smart to move his fingers in such small movements, he’s getting away with it. It’s smart but this feather like touches are way more infuriating than anything.
But also, it’s exactly the kind of touch Jimin likes. Because it keeps him right on edge. He likes it because that’s how Yoongi usually touches him when they’re lazily making out. That’s how he touches Jimin on a sunday morning when they wake up and feel like having morning sex.
And thinking about that makes him wonder about fucking Yoongi and he's thinking about it while his friends are just ten steps away watching a movie, not knowing Yoongi is playing with him just right, and suddenly the slight touch on his cock it too much and he feels hot.
“I’m going to the bathroom,” Jimin mumbles. Yoongi searches his eyes and nods after noticing Jimin’s blush and quickly gives him space to stand up, taking his hand away. Jimin tucks himself back into his shorts. He pushes his sweater down, it was a good idea to wear it.
Jungkook is the only one to look up once Jimin is on his feet. “I’m going to the bathroom,” Jimin explains before anyone asks. “You want me to pause the movie?” Jungkook wonders. And now more attention is on Jimin and he’s hard under his sweater. And he thinks he likes it.
Jimin doesn’t look at Namjoon or Hoseok but he feels their eyes on him after Jungkook's question. And he thinks they probably know because they know Jimin more than anyone, and they know what Jimin likes. Jimin won't take long in the bathroom. “Nope, don’t worry. Keep watching!”
He is quick about it. He needs to cum fast and he only needs a couple of strokes because Yoongi did really good out there and pushed him close so many times, he's just there, he just needs something faster. He’s close already when he pumps himself a couple of times.
He has to keep quiet, he bites his lower lip even if it’s going to get swollen. He doesn’t pump as fast as he’d like because then the slap sound would be loud but he likes the idea of jerking off when everyone is outside as much as Yoongi touching him in front of everyone
“You took long,” Hoseok accuses when he returns because even if it was fast for jerking off, he took more time than what would be normal. Jimin wonders if he knows what Jimin was doing and he feels himself blushing. If anyone in the room would find out it would be Hoseok for sure
He should just say something disgusting to brush Hoseok off. “Seokjin hyung brought spoiled food, that’s what took me long,” he grimaces. Hoseok laughs loudly while looking at Jimin and Namjoon scoffs. “No, I did not!” Yoongi’s best friend complains when he’s accused.
When Jimin sits again, Yoongi smiles faintly and then his hands are back on him Jimin’s eyes widen, he thought that what he did a while ago would be it but apparently not. When Yoongi rests his hand on Jimin’s thigh the man looks at him, he’s asking for permission to start again
Jimin knows it’s not a good idea but he nods. It’s going to be too much, he just came and Yoongi’s touch will rile him up quickly. When Yoongi’s hand is under his boxers again he feels like he is going to moan but he can’t do it in front of everyone, so he tries to calm down.
He curls closer to Yoongi and closes his eyes, pretends to be falling asleep. He only listens to the dialogues of the movie and tries not to focus on how good Yoongi’s hand feels and how hard he’s growing again. Yoongi wanted to redeem himself from last time but this is too much
Jimin doesn’t notice when the movie is finally ending because Yoongi has kept him on edge for almost half an hour now and Jimin feels dizzy. He can’t believe his boyfriend really took it this far and in front of everyone. He has kept a straight face all during it.
Jimin tucks himself back into his shorts, a little painfully, considering he’s hard and he has to press it in order to hide it. He thinks he does a pretty good job saying goodbye to his friends afterwards, even though he needs to take Yoongi to his room as soon as possible.
When they all leave and Jungkook carries a sleeping Taehyung to his room, Jimin drags Yoongi to his room. He closes the door. “You’re the best and I need to blow you right now.” Yoongi chuckles. “Was that good?” “More than good,” Jimin is kissing him, arms around his neck.
“I think Hoseok noticed,” Yoongi murmurs before Jimin gets down on his knees. “Good then,” Jimin shrugs and giggles at Yoongi's mortified expression. "He noticed and you didn't stop?" This time Jimin does kneel in front of where Yoongi sits on the edge of the bed. Legs spread.
Yoongi blushes. "I- I'm not sure if he did notice, I thought I could push it more. If I was sure he'd noticed I would have stopped!" he's nervous and Jimin laughs. He lays his head on Yoongi's thigh, lookin up at him. "You liked it?" His boyfriend nods. "Yeah, a lot." "Good."
❀ the end ❀


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