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Dec 16, 2019
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a #misana au | twice au ✨ • mina, the most sought after lawyer in Japan and sana, a high regarded supermodel has been keeping their marriage a secret for six years. and no, it hasn't been pretty. mina tries everything to keep their marriage intact but sana just don't care.

i assume you know the rules but in case you don't, here's some: • please don't reply, quote instead here's things you need to know: • timestamps don't matter • updates are going to be inconsistent • there's going to be grammar errors last but not least: • enjoy
• profiles ✨ mina and sana found themselves tangled in a marriage - which both have no say to - at a young age. both didn't complain and everything seems fine. as time goes by, mina realises it's nowhere near fine.
• profiles ✨ mina's friends dahyun and jihyo are friends with mina since college. both are legal consultants; dahyun specialised in assets whereas jihyo manages most of their divorce cases. commitment scares them.
• profiles ✨ sana's friends tzuyu and jeongyeon became friends with sana through a commercial shooting. both started out at a young age; tzuyu remained on top over the years whereas jeongyeon makes a comeback after a three years hiatus
who runs the world? GIRLS.
meanwhile in Japan,
home for holidays
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