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Dec 25, 2019
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[ Vampire Jungkook x Omega Taehyung ] Taehyung's erratic breathing has just calmed down. He's laying on the strewn white sheets, limbs tangled in them. His bare body exposed to the slightly cool air. Sweats drying at his hairline and strands messy.

The heat under his skin has subsided for a while. He stretches his hands over his shoulder in a cat like manner and almost purrs at the pleasant ache in his joints. His lower body is however weighed by a certain full grown vampire who has positioned himself between his long
outstretched legs. Jungkook has already licked the mess of sweat and cum on the omega's tummy clean and now has taken to nuzzle at the soft flesh, occasionally nipping at the rim of his naval. "How are you so good at this in spite of being a vampire?", Taehyung decides to
break the blissful post coitus silence to ask this question. Jungkook noses at the light trail of hair down his abdomen and hums against the cool skin. "What can I say? I'm a pro", he throws a cocky smile on the omega's way.
Taehyung swats at his shoulder, "No really, tell me how it is? You seem to know a lot about what to do for a omega in heat" "Omegas in heat or alphas on rut, all of it is in the palm of my hand sweetheart, experience you see", he says nonchalantly while tracing patterns at the
Older's silky smooth thighs with his fingertips. "Is that so?", Taehyung shudders through his words when the vampire presses a wet kiss at his inner thigh. "Mmm. As for how it feels, well obviously it's not the same as any other wolf, specially alphas would feel",he continues.
"When omegas are in heat, they let out strong pheromones that trigger other alphas both physically and emotionally. By emotionally I mean their instincts. It's a very primal nature as you must know. An instinct to protect and take care. The physical part is very strong too.
Omega hormones arouse alphas a lot. And if it's a mate then all these reactions are ten folds" Taehyung listens carefully as the vampire glides up so now he can wrap his strong arms around his slim waist and Jungkook keeps going without any further nudging.
"So evidently different for me cuz I don't have such instincts. But I have a strong nose", he chuckles. "And what does that strong nose do?", Taehyung teases. "Pheromones are pheromones, no matter what. Their main function is to seduce. And anyone with a good sense of smell can
can get affected by it. So for me, a vampire it becomes very alluring since we have very strong smelling ability. And that is what drives me to act on it properly. In short, my reaction to your heat will be the same as another alpha, minus the instinct part"
Taehyung snorts,"Wow Wolf Biology Class 101 with vampire Professor Jungkook" "Hey!", Jungkook says offended,"It's you who asked me" "I didn't ask you to give a lecture on it" "Shut up"
Taehyung laughs again,"Okay okay, but you're very good at the 'taking care' part of it too. How is than not instinct?" Jungkook rolls his eyes, sassy as always,"That's basic human decency?" Duh! Except they're not humans.
"As I said I'm experienced. So I'm pretty attuned with my partners needs. And an omega heat has some special requirements other than the sexual part of it",he says pinching the omega in question at his side.
Taehyung yelps but still manages to coo,"Aww what a gentleman. Would you cuddle me too cuz that falls under my special requirements?" "I'll cuddle you but only because you're cute",Now Jungkook fully comes up to meet Taehyung's lips while the omega's hand come to circle around
his neck. He savours the older's pillowy lips between his in a wet embrace. The heat of the other's body slowly returning. Jungkook glides up his right thigh to pin the omega in place and the other's half chub brushes against his skin. The vampire smirks against his lips.
"All the Biology talk got you hard, Kim?" Taehyung let's out a slight grunt and pushes Jungkook down my his shoulder,"Shut up and go back to sucking my dick you smartass" 🌸🌸🌸
It's more of a Biology class than an au lol I'm sorry
Naz 🍁

Naz 🍁

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