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Jan 25, 2020
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yoonmin au— 🔞 since yoongi likes it so much when jimin wears skirts and jimin likes so much to wear them, he decides to surprise his boyfriend with a different outfit from usual, something fancier, but it seems like their idea of what makes a dress sexy is not exactly the same.

commission for smut and fluff in my halloween au > 🔞 this a nsfw au with an explicit sex scene 🔞 > just like the original au, jimin wears skirts and dresses. they're into feminization and exhibitionism during sex. if you don't like that, don't read!…


NSFW YOONMIN HALLOWEEN AU 🔞 Jimin shouldn’t have let his friends pick up his costume for this halloween party, he isn’t exactly the biggest fan of the high school girl attire. But maybe he will discover its appeal (it’s only a plus that Yoongi, his boyfriend, secretly loves it)
Yoongi and Jimin’s couple life took a small turn ever since the last Halloween they spent together. It’s not a groundbreaking turn, it’s more like an addition to their relationship but it’s there. Their sex life and even their daily life have taken this small change.
Because of a game Jimin found, or rather, he established something new about himself and his boyfriend is more than willing to try anything with him. So for the last six months they’ve been growing used to Jimin’s new interests. His fashion interests, like Yoongi calls them.
“You like this one?” Yoongi asks, lifting a pink skirt up. They’re in a big department store and Jimin is trying to lay low, as he does when buying clothes now. Jimin blushes. “Hyung!” He walks up to him to push the skirt down. “Don’t say that so loudly,” he whispers.
Yoongi looks up at him with surprised big eyes, he doesn't like saying things that could displease Jimin. “I asked because I thought you’d look pretty,” Yoongi mumbles, low voice, looking at the skirt in his hands. Jimin stares at his boyfriend. He really likes looking pretty.
Jimin snatches it from him. It’s a bright shade of pink, bubblegum pink like he dyed his hair not long ago. It reminds him of the one skirt he used when he dressed up as a high school girl for Halloween last year, only that this one is a different color and it’s a lot smaller.
Jimin huffs at Yoongi and turns around to go to the dressing room with the skirt the man chose nonetheless. Buying clothes with Yoongi is something that recently started because Jimin likes doing things to his own pace and alone, but he likes having Yoongi with him too.
He doesn't own that many skirts, he doesn't wear them that often and he can't afford to get new clothes whenever he wants to. But in the last months he's gone to enough stores to know which ones aren't rude about taking clothes from the female section to the male dressing rooms.
It's usually the ones with big dressing rooms with staff too tired to even raise an eyebrow at him. Yoongi snatches a shirt or anything he sees on their way to the dressing rooms to be able to walk inside them with Jimin. They go early in the morning because there are less people
“Can I see?” Yoongi asks impatiently from the dressing room next to Jimin's. Jimin rolls his eyes. They don't only come early to avoid curious and sometimes mean stares, they also come early because the dressing rooms are usually empty at this hour and they can talk freely.
"You're ready?" Yoongi presses and Jimin knows he wants to be supportive but Jimin also knows his lack of patience and eagerness has to do with how much Yoongi likes seeing him with skirts. Looking at the mirror, Jimin thinks he looks cute but, “I think it’s too short, hyung...”
“Maybe you’re being self conscious,” Yoongi knows Jimin too well. “Let me see.” Jimin takes a deep breath before he looks outside through the curtain of the dressing room. He stares to the right where the staff is bored and then to the left. "Okay hurry!" he whisper yells.
Jimin notices Yoongi is not wearing the black shirt he wore in the morning, instead he's wearing the floral shirt he grabbed as excuse. Jimin has to muffle a laughter, but he thinks his boyfriend looks good. "You tried it on," he says but Yoongi ignores him. He's staring at him.
Inside the small dressing room, Jimin thought his boyfriend was staring at him but after a moment he realized Yoongi wasn't looking at Jimin in front of him, but at the mirror behind Jimin. Where he can most likely see Jimin’s ass, barely covered by the small pink skirt.
“Fuck,” Yoongi hisses and Jimin can tell how affected he is. But his boyfriend regains composure, he tries to seem serious about it because shopping with Jimin is about supporting Jimin not getting horny. “It is a really small skirt… do you want me to get you a size bigger?”
“A size bigger won’t fit my waist,” Jimin pouts. He pulls the fabric, it’s just the exact size around the waist but that’s because he has a small waist. Yoongi gulps, eyes trailed down on Jimin’s waist. He has said many times before how much he likes how tiny Jimin's waist is.
Jimin looks up at him. “But maybe I can buy this for…” Jimin starts, he doesn’t want to say out loud because he doesn’t want to sound like a pervert but it doesn’t matter, Yoongi understand quickly. There are skirts for him to wear around the house and there are others for sex.
The difference is just that there are ones Jimin likes a lot and he doesn't want Yoongi to ruin them nor he wants to ruin them with his own cum. So they are strictly off limits. But the other ones, usually ones a little more tacky... Yoongi can do whatever he wants with them.
“Ah fuck, Jimin,” Yoongi surges forward. His hands are first on Jimin’s ass, scrunching the skirt up a little. They start kissing and it turns heated in a blink of an eye. “I think you’re right, this one is better for our room,” Yoongi pants before smacking Jimin’s ass lightly.
“You need to get out of here,” Jimin whines, but he puts his arms around Yoongi's neck and his hands on his hair. Soon Yoongi is pressing him against the wall of the room, deepening the kiss. Yoongi is groping him and they can get caught but Jimin can’t stop kissing him.
They don’t always have sex when Jimin wears skirts. At first, he thought wearing what he considered traditionally female clothing was sexual but with time he realized it’s not. Because clothes don’t have gender and he can put whatever he wants to. But he likes moments like this.
And he just likes wearing them around home because they’re comfortable and make him feel small and pretty and he likes that. There’s nothing wrong with that.
At the end Yoongi has to leave the dressing room. They hear someone else walking in and even though they like the risk of making out and grinding with other people around, they can get in a lot of trouble. Jimin pushes Yoongi out. They buy the skirt though and use it that night.
Since he uses skirts to be at home and for the bedroom with Yoongi, no one has even seen him wear a skirt or a dress, only his boyfriend. His Halloween costume doesn’t count because it was intended to be a costume, and when everyone saw him that day it was because of the game.
Now, he wears skirts not as costumes nor a game, but as daily clothes. Now Jimin wants to take a step further so he is going to wear a skirt when their friends come over, casually, he won't make a fuzz about it, because it's any piece of clothing that makes him look good.
But he must admit he’s a little worried about it, not because their friends are mean but because he wants to look cute, and he wants them to think Jimin doesn’t look ridiculous wearing those clothes. “Which one should I choose?” Jimin asks, nervousness laced on his voice.
Yoongi studies everything Jimin had thrown on the bed. Jimin has put his favorite four, the pretty ones that are off limits for Yoongi and are not for sex. There's a mustard one and a really fluffy one with blue stripes. Yoongi hums, and then he points to a red tight one.
That one was actually Jimin’s last option. It’s kind of like a pencil skirt but shorter. A miniskirt. And it’s really tight. “Really hyung?” Jimin thinks it’s too bold because of the color and the size. Yoongi leans over to pick it up. “I like this one a lot, Min.”
“Why do you like it?” Jimin fishes for compliments. “Your ass looks great when you wear it.” Yoongi says bluntly. Not what Jimin was looking for but he still blushes. “I’d fuck the hell out of—“ “I’m not trying to look sexy, I want to look cute,” Jimin pouts at his boyfriend.
“If you want to look cute wear it with that beige sweather…” Yoongi starts looking for it in their closet. Jimin watches him a little amused. “This one,” Yoongi pulls out an oversized beige sweater, the v neck is red, the same shade as the skirt. Jimin likes that one a lot.
He thinks Yoongi’s sense of fashion is really good because once he sees the sweater and the skirt on the bed, the look is well put together. Jimin thinks he's going to look cute with that. "It's cute," Yoongi decides but he's looking at Jimin when he speaks. Jimin smiles at him.
“Should I wear tights with it?” Jimin wonders. He's already imagining the outfit on him. “Yeah…” Yoongi murmurs, he’s blushing so Jimin knows he’s thinking about the outcome already too. He also knows Yoongi likes how Jimin’s legs look with thighs, he's said it several times.
“I’ll wear tights and black high socks on top, that looks cute doesn’t it?” Jimin wonders only to tease his boyfriend because Yoongi loves fucking Jimin when he’s wearing high socks. “Yeah…” Yoongi nods. He’s looking down and Jimin knows he’s picturing it already.
“Okay! Thank you hyung! Now you can go!” Jimin exclaims cheekily and he starts to pick up the clothes. That brings Yoongi out of his daydream. “What? I can’t stay and look?” “No! Outside! Outside!” Jimin pushes him outside. “You can see me only when it’s finished!”
Jimin takes his sweet time getting ready only to make Yoongi suffer more because the elder gets impatient. It’s after almost twenty minutes that he walks to the door to open it slightly. Through the small gap he finds Yoongi on the couch, reading something from his phone.
“You can come see me!” Jimin shrieks and he laughs when he sees how fast Yoongi whips his head towards their room. Yoongi moves faster than usual. He’s so whipped for Jimin it’s funny sometimes Jimin waits standing on their room. Yoongi stops once he sees him and remains staring
“You look gorgeous,” Yoongi blurts out. Jimin laughs at his expression. He walks to the bed and plops down there. “You always say the same, hyung.” “You do!” Yoongi closes the door and walks over to sit next to him on the edge of the bed, he leaves his hand on Jimin’s thigh.
“Doesn’t it look… costume like?” Jimin asks carefully. He looks down at his thighs, to the black high socks. Maybe it's too much Yoongi shakes his head. “You look perfect,” he murmurs, he leans over to kiss Jimin’s neck. "It's cute," Yoongi plays with the sleeves of the sweater
"It's cute and sexy like you," Yoongi explains to make Jimin smile. "It's you," he repeats to emphasize why it doesn't look like a costume. He trails his hand up Jimin's inner thigh and then grips tight. “You look really good…” “Stop being horny!” Jimin complains but he laughs.
"I'm not!" Yoongi takes his hands away to squeeze Jimin’s face and have his boyfriend face him to get his point across. “You don’t look ridiculous.” Yoongi whispers to him. “If that’s what’s bothering you, it will go fine,” Yoongi assures him. “You look perfect, just like you.”
Yoongi's words do calm him. Jimin thinks it will go fine. He would be afraid about other people seeing him wearing this outfit but he isn’t really afraid of his friends because he knows they’re all very supportive, like his boyfriend is so he can wait for them to come at ease.
Taehyung doesn’t say anything, he acts as if Jimin isn’t wearing anything different from what he usually wears. He greets him with his usual hug and then walks in the apartment to start demanding Yoongi for food. He kind of knew already about Jimin’s liking for skirts. It's nice.
It’s Hoseok who hugs Jimin tightly. He’s usually clingy but this time he's squealing, “you look so cute, oh my god!” he exclaims while squeezing Jimin's middle. “I might have to steal you from Yoongi hyung.” Jimin giggles. “Hoseok hyung!” “Don’t,” Yoongi deadpans from behind.
Namjoon’s reaction is the one from all of his friends Jimin is most surprised about even though he probably shouldn’t be considering what Namjoon wore last Halloween. Namjoon seems to really like Jimin’s skirt, but he doesn't say anything, he just looks. Even Yoongi notices.
They don't say anything, Yoongi only whispers to Jimin that Namjoon must like it. The man approaches Jimin at some point, when Jimin is struggling to take all the cups filled with their respective drinks to the living room. He offers to help and Jimin hands him some cups.
“Jimin, you look very pretty,” Namjoon mentions while he takes another cup from Jimin's hands. Jimin blushes. “Thank you hyung!” It’s quiet and they haven’t moved from the kitchen door. “I want to tell you something,” Namjoon says. And Jimin finally tenses. “Yeah? What is it?”
Namjoon seems nervous but he sighs. “Maybe, you know this already but, I like wearing dressing like that too,” he confesses. “So it’s nice seeing you like this in front of us, because... I don't know, it makes me feel at ease.” Jimin has to admit he's more than excited.
“Hyung, we should go shopping together! Because I'm so tired of taking hyungie with me, he wants to make out instead of helping me choose!” Jimin giggles. This is the best idea. Namjoon blushes. “We could go together sometime, Jiminie.” “Okay! I'll take your word for it!”
The rest of the night goes by quietly after that, like any other of their nights together. They watch a movie like usual and through the whole film Yoongi’s hands are on Jimin’s knees and waist, as usual of him as well. They start to drink more as soon as the movie is over.
Jimin stands up to the kitchen once he sees his friends are getting tipsy. “I’m going to bring more snacks.” He doesn’t want them drinking on empty stomachs. When he hasn’t even reached the door of the kitchen he hears Yoongi saying he’ll help him and then Yoongi is after him.
Yoongi pushes him against the kitchen counter as soon as he can. Jimin isn’t surprised, he knows his boyfriend, knows why he was so clingy a moment ago They can hear their friends laughing and talking outside. “You're so hot,” Yoongi whispers as he trails kisses up Jimin’s neck.
Jimin knew Yoongi found this red skirt sexy, he knew Yoongi liked it. His boyfriend had said he looked "cute and sexy" but he can't pretend he isn't flattered by his desperation right now. Yoongi's hands are on his hips, keeping him in place. "I wanna fuck you," he mumbles.
Jimin rolls his eyes but he stretches his neck so Yoongi has more space to kiss. “I haven’t worn a skirt in two weeks? Look how you’re getting. You missed it that much?” “I’m weak for skirts you know it,” Yoongi tries explaining. “And for this,” he says while groping Jimin’s ass
“Yoongi!” Jimin scolds but he’s laughing against Yoongi’s neck. He likes the attention a lot. “When they leave? Can we?” Yoongi bites the skin between Jimin’s shoulder and neck. Jimin almost whines and he pulls Yoongi up so they can kiss on the lips. The kiss is messy and wet.
"I don't know," Jimin plays aloof. "This is not a skirt for ruining, hyungie," Jimin pouts. He treasures the pieces of clothing that makes him look pretty. "But it's so sexy," Yoongi complains. Their unspoken rule is that cute skirts are not for sex, whereas sexy skirts...
He does have to admit the red tight pencil skirt leans more to sexy than cute, and Yoongi fucking him while he wears it sounds very nice. The fabric is so snug against him, he wants Yoongi to lift it only enough to push inside and then leave it on, restraining his hips with it.
He didn't need much convincing. “Okay, we can,” Jimin mumbles into their kiss. He likes making Yoongi this horny. They keep kissing until they remember their friends are still outside. They go back to the living room a little breathless but their friends are more than used to.
Later that night Jimin is laughing in bed because Yoongi can't stop kissing him while playing with the end of his skirt. He's happy because his boyfriend is really weak to skirts, or this skirt in particular has gotten to him. “Is this one really that good?” Jimin wonders.
“I don't know," Yoongi shrugs, he's busy leaving marks on JImin's neck, the sweater's neck wide enough for him to do so. "I think it also hits differently seeing you in a skirt with our friends. Just walking around wearing it.” “Mmmh…” Jimin hums to get him to explain.
Yoongi detaches himself from Jimin's neck but he's still laying on top of him, their chests pressed together and his face close. “Like, you usually wear them to fuck or when only you and I are around, right now, you were wearing it in the house with other people. It was nice.”
“And this one makes you look best,” he squeezes Jimin’s ass to get his point across, he does it roughly but it's playful so Jimin laughs. Yoongi's hands slip under the snug skirt and Jimin is not amused by now. He'll probably want to rip the tights Jimin is wearing later.
"Plus, it's a skirt you didn't buy for sex, it's off limits," Yoongi explains and it's true. "You like it more because we're not supposed to play with it!" Jimin understands that very easily. "You're so simple. Something is forbidden and you want it." Yoongi has to pout.
But then Yoongi starts pulling Jimin's thighs down. “I like anything you wear, and that's it. I like skirts, they are easy access, that drives me crazy.” He catches Jimin's attention with that. "I had to fight off the urge of just grab you back then and lift the skirt up."
Jimin thinks of his boyfriend's words while lifting his hips up to help with getting undressed. “Easy access. I like that,” Jimin giggles not to blush. “I like that about skirts too… How you only need to lift them up and… it makes everything faster in case you want to...”
He doesn’t finish because he’s getting embarrassed. “I know what you mean,” Yoongi hums. “Grabbing you and lifting the skirt up to just take you whenever I want…” Yoongi wonders and then he blushes madly, shaking his head. “I sound like a pervert now, but that’s really nice.”
“You’re a pervert,” Jimin counters and Yoongi rolls his eyes. Jimin laughs but then when he notices Yoongi is still covering his blush with his hands, Jimin stills. He likes what Yoongi said a lot too. “I like that too,” he admits. “What you said about the skirts.” “Yeah?”
Jimin pulls Yoongi down to kiss him and then he whispers against his lips, “I’d like it, if you’d take me whenever.” Yoongi seems affected by the comment, judging by the faint thrust against Jimin's crotch. He rolls the tight red skirt up to Jimin's hips. “Yeah?” Jimin nods.
“I'd like it if you just grab me without warning to pull my skirt up and fuck me,” Jimin whispers. "Whenever you want, at any place." At that Yoongi flips them over and Jimin has to laugh at the sudden display of strength. “Right now?” Yoongi asks while kissing Jimin’s neck.
“Can I take you right now?” He’s already searching for a tube of lube. “Right now is good.” Jimin spreads his legs wider for Yoongi to settle between them. Jimin lets Yoongi manhandle him until he's facing down, chest pressed to the mattress and the elders takes him from behind.
Afterwards, he keeps thinking about the words Yoongi had used, about being easy access for his boyfriend. He likes wearing skirts for himself but he also likes wearing them for sex with Yoongi. This past months, he's come to realize it makes sex even more fun than it already is.
Because when he's wearing something that makes him feel pretty and small, it somehow makes him behave a certain way. And they also have an effect on his boyfriend. It’s as if when he looks cuter and consequently acts more coy, Yoongi gets rougher. Overall, Jimin thinks it’s sexy.
He likes how being easy access sounds like, what they said about it. He knows Yoongi will do something to have Jimin shaking from pleasure. He wants to be of easy access for Yoongi so he comes up with something. He needs new clothes though, something to surprise the elder.
Jimin decides to call Namjoon because he'd like to have a different shopping partner for once and Namjoon said he'd like to accompany Jimin. Plus, Namjoon has a good sense of fashion. As soon as the man picks up, Jimin blurts out, “hyung, do you want to try on clothes with me?”
Maybe Jimin was too straight forward with his greeting. Namjoon is quiet on the other side of the phone. “Clothes?” “Skirts,” Jimin specifies. “I want to surprise Yoongi so I can't go shopping with him, and you said we could go together some day!” Namjoon snorts a laughter.
“You're eager,” Namjoon comments. “It'll be fun!” Jimin wants to try out clothes with Namjoon. He knows his hyung is going to look pretty because he's so tall. He hears Namjoon hum. “I’d like to go with you.” Namjoon sounds slightly nervous though. “But not in a big store.”
Jimin has only bought his skirts in big stores in the mall. They are the easiest option because there's always a lot to choose from. “Somewhere else?” "Yeah, the few things I own I've gotten them from an independent store I like. I'll send you the address." Jimin is excited.
If Namjoon has a place he likes Jimin is sure the clothes there are going to be different. A good surprise. Jimin goes buying clothes with Namjoon in a couple of days. They go to a building with small stands, libraries, plants shops and antique stores. It's all very Namjoon.
The girl working on the store Namjoon goes to doesn’t raise an eyebrow at them, instead she smiles at Namjoon and greets him as if know each other. "We know each other," Namjoon explains to Jimin later. "I got the black dress I wore for Halloween last year here."
"Since I'm tall and buff," Namjoon says carefully as they check the racks on the store, "it was difficult to find, but this place has really pretty maxi skirts." "Oh!" Jimin would want one but a maxi skirt won't help him in how he wants to surprise Yoongi. It has to be small.
"You looked really good in the black dress last year, with the long skirt," Jimin compliments. Namjoon blushes once again and then as if he read Jimin's mind he points to the end of the store. "There are mini skirts there. For Yoongi's surprise" Jimin smiles and goes see them.
“You see anything you like?” He asks to Namjoon while checking the skirts, he sees a couple he likes. Since it's an alternative store the designs are a lot different from the simple ones Jimin owns. Jimin thinks he can describe them as artsy, the pattern in the fabric unique.
“I think I'm going to try on a dress…” Namjoon confesses, eyeing to a different side of the store. "There's a purple one there." Jimin follows Namjoon's gaze and perks up. “I’ve actually never worn a dress before!” At that Namjoon doesn't answer only drags Jimin towards them.
"Those are short," Namjoon once again snorts when he notices Jimin searching for ones with short skirts while he takes the purple out of the rack. "Thank you," Jimin has the decency to blush at his comment this time. He picks different dresses but there’s one he likes the most.
It’s all white and it has a deep v open chest that ends in the waist, where the dress gets tight to make the skirt look fuller. He thinks what decors the neck is crochet but he's not sure, but the same pattern is at the end of the frilly sleeves and at the end of the skirt.
“It looks like something a bride would wear,” Namjoon laughs next to him. But Jimin isn't discouraged by that. “You think so?” “Yeah.” Namjoon lifts the fabric to touch the small details the skirt has. “You’d look cute in it.” Jimin doesn’t need to hear more. “I’ll try it on.”
By now, after some months of easing himself into it, Jimin is used to trying out clothes he’s been told all his life not to wear. He likes them and he likes this dress a lot. He likes what he sees in the mirror. The way he looks. It’s really soft and he likes looking soft.
When he walks out of the small dressing room, Namjoon is quickly showering him with praises. “Wow Jimin, you look so pretty!” Jimin giggles because he likes the praise. “Your body fits those clothes very well,” Namjoon is being objective. It's different from anything Jimin owns.
It's nothing like the skirts Jimin and Yoongi buy for them to have sex. It's not tacky nor sensual. It's more similar to the cute skirts Jimin owns, but a lot more fancier and prettier, since it's a dress. Yoongi liked Jimin's skirt the last time so he will probably like this one
Namjoon said Jimin looks cute, so Yoongi will probably think it's a dress forbidden and not to ruin, which will make him want Jimin more. “I think Yoongi hyung will like it.” Jimin blushes. He hopes it has the same effect on Yoongi than last time. “Duh, of course he will.”
Jimin usually gets earlier from work than Yoongi so next Friday, he takes that extra hour he has before Yoongi gets home to prepare himself. He's going to surprise his boyfriend an be easy access for him, surprise him with the new dress he got last week which is carefully hidden.
Before changing clothes, he makes sure to get ready but not to get off. He needs to get stretched enough to use a plug and be messy with the lube. They're not going to lose time in prepping so if Yoongi feels like fucking him whenever, like he had said, he can just go for it.
The dress is pretty, Jimin likes it a lot. It reaches his mid tight, which keeps the white boy shorts he wears underneath hidden, but if he stretches Yoongi might catch a glimpse of them. Jimin is in their room, staring at himself in the mirror when he hears Yoongi getting home.
He thinks he's ready so he goes to say hi, he’s going to act casually, as if he hadn’t prepared for his boyfriend because that makes it more interesting for him. Because then Yoongi's reaction to him is going to be sincere. Unsurprisingly, Yoongi freezes when he sees him.
Yoongi smiles after a moment. He closes the door and while he takes his shoes off he looks at Jimin, “that one is new... You look pretty, baby." Jimin waits for more but Yoongi doesn't say anything else. Instead Yoongi closes the distance between them, pulls him into a small hug.
It's his usual greeting because Yoongi is affectionate but this time he doesn’t take a step back, remains close to play with the fabric of Jimin's dress. The detail on the skirt catches his attention. “I like it a lot, really fancy... Is there any... special occasion?” he mumbles
By the way Yoongi's voice falters Jimin knows his boyfriend might be thinking he forgot about their anniversary (which is impossible because the man is a romantic), or that he forgot his own birthday (but that one was weeks ago) “No... I just went for clothes with Namjoon hyung."
Yoongi visibly relaxes, letting go of Jimin. “Really? I thought you two went for lunch.” Jimin notices Yoongi looks tired but he still manages to smile brightly at him. Jimin nods. "He took me to a store he likes, and I saw this," Jimin sways where he stands to shake the skirt.
“Namjoon helped you pick?" Yoongi wonders, he sounds endeared. "Yes," Jimin admits. He wouldn't have found it if it weren't for Namjoon. "It’s very cute,” Yoongi hugs him briefly again and leaves a soft kiss on his neck. "You look like a princess," he murmurs and Jimin tenses.
He really likes it when Yoongi calls him that. He doesn't say it that much outside of bed, when they have sex while Jimin dresses like this he does call him all kind of cute names so Jimin thinks this is going where he wants to. However Yoongi sighs. “I’m tired,” he admits.
“Wanna cuddle. Let’s go to bed,” he whines and Jimin would usually find him adorable but right now he's a little disappointed. Jimin had prepped himself so Yoongi could fuck him. He thought he’d want to as soon as he saw him. Maybe he didn’t like the dress because it isn't sexy
He thought Yoongi was going to take him anywhere, like he had said he wanted the day they had their friends over. Maybe push him against the table from the living room or the couch, but it's nothing like that. Instead Yoongi yawns and starts walking towards their bedroom.
He follows Yoongi to the room nonetheless and maybe while he’s cuddling Yoongi the man will take a hint, or will probably notice Jimin is wearing a plug and is ready. But Jimin doesn't want to tell him, because then the point of the surprise is going to be even more ruined.
Jimin sits on the border of their bed. He thinks he looks really good, his legs are shaved the way he likes and the dress is tight around his waist. “Why are you pouting?” Yoongi asks once he starts taking his clothes off. Jimin hadn't even noticed he was pouting.
“It’s nothing,” he says too quickly. Jimin has a tendency to keep stuff to himself and it always brings a little trouble to their relationship. But Yoongi knows his way around Jimin. “Mmmh, did you prepare something for me? Is that why you’re dressed so nicely?” He looks around.
Jimin blushes. Yoongi is close to what is it, but he probably means prepare dinner not preparing for his boyfriend to fuck him as soon as he opened the door. “It’s not that.” “Then what is it?” Yoongi hasn't taken his shirt off just his pants, but he stops undressing to stare.
Jimin remains quiet so Yoongi has to guess. It's not the first time something like this happens. "It didn't smell like food so I'm not sure about preparing dinner." Jimin knows him too well, of course that was first impression. "But you're so pouty, there must be something."
When he says that, he crawls on the bed to get closer to Jimin. He looks funny with his white dress shirt and tight black boxers but Jimin doesn't tease him, he's too needy to be brat right now. Yoongi grabs Jimin's face to squish his face, he's being the opposite of sexy.
"Why is my baby upset?" Yoongi says and he says it with his cute voice and under any other circumstance Jimin would laugh and play along or kiss him silly but right now he's starting to get frustrated because Yoongi is being too sweet and not fucking him, like he should be.
“Last time you got so horny when I wore that red skirt and the pink one too! but this dress," Jimin pulls at it, "which I like very much, is not having the same effect," Jimin rants quickly, and he knows he's whiney but he blames it on the clothes and Yoongi calling him princess.
“Oh.” Yoongi only manages that. A simple oh with his eyes a little wide and his lips pursed in his usual pout which Jimin loves but now, at this very moment, only finds annoying. He's using a plug and it's pressing because he's sitting down and Yoongi is not doing anything!
Yoongi lets go of his face to put one hand on the small of Jimin's back and another one in his thigh, right under where the dress ends. “Baby, it’s cause you look so cute,” Yoongi explains. "I didn't know you wanted to... seduce me?" he smiles amused and Jimin huffs. He hates him
“I didn't think you would want me to ruin such a pretty dress,” Yoongi's voice is low. This is finally going somewhere. Yoongi is toying with the end of the skirt, with the crochet there. "I got it because you said you liked the skirts that were off limits," he confesses.
Yoongi smiles. "Really? That's cute," he mumbles and that's the opposite of what Jimin wants. He's easy access like Yoongi said he liked, why is he taking so long to push him down on the bed? Jimin looks up at him, with what he hopes it’s an effective glare. Yoongi smiles wider.
“I don't know if I want to ruin this dress though, it's so pretty," Yoongi is teasing at this point. He's doing it on purpose because he knows Jimin is frustrated. "Unless you want me to ruin it,” he emphasises with tightening his grip on Jimin's waist. Jimin nods. “Sure?" "Yes"
That was all Yoongi needed to hear to push Jimin down on the bed. Jimin's back to the mattress and Yoongi on top. Jimin hurries to get him out of his shirt but he gives up while he's unbuttoning it. He kisses roughly while he trails his hands up Jimin’s thighs, under the dress.
"You like it?" Jimin wants compliments and Yoongi is quiet because he's busy kissing Jimin's neck. "You look beautiful," Yoongi manages before detaching himself from Jimin's neck to find his lips again. He lifts one of Jimin's legs so he can wrap it around Yoongi's middle.
That way Yoongi's hand can go even higher, until he's gripping Jimin's ass tightly. "You look innocent," he whispers. Jimin squirms under him, because of his words and because the position is pushing the plug deeper inside him. Yoongi stops once he reaches Jimin's boy shorts.
Jimin hadn’t been too careful with the lube and some of it is still dampening his underwear, Yoongi easily catches what was going on. "Aw," he coos but he does it so different to the sweet tone he was using earlier, now it's almost mocking. "You dress so innocently and for what?"
"If you're going to be playing with yourself before I get here?" He hadn't noticed Jimin is wearing a plug, he slaps Jimin's ass lightly, gesturing him to get on his fours. Jimin does, but he doesn't support himself on his hands, he falls to his chest so the dress riles up.
Yoongi laughs lightly at that and Jimin knows what he's thinking, that Jimin is desperate, that he's slutty, but he doesn't need to say it, the small laughter is enough to have Jimin gripping the blanket under him. "You're cute," Yoongi says instead "With your pretty white dress"
He is cute and Yoongi wants him. Jimin doesn't answer, he only grasps at his dress to pull it higher so Yoongi can see Jimin is ready for him. Once again, he hears a mocking coo. "You had prepared something, baby." Jimin closes his eyes, hears Yoongi's shirt fall on the floor.
Without warning, Yoongi pushes the plug with his fingers. It must be clear Jimin is wearing one under his boy shorts and, so clear Yoongi can easily spot it to press it and have Jimin moaning. "You prepared yourself for me, that's so cute." Yoongi calls him cute again but now-
Jimin whines. A moment ago he wanted Yoongi to stop calling him cute because he was trying to be sexy for him and seduce him, but now the way Yoongi calls him "cute" is a lot more different to when Yoongi was hugging him. Now it makes Jimin tense a little, getting more worked up.
And this is already going the way Jimin wants it, to how they usually play when he dresses like this in bed. So he just goes for it, “I’m wet like a girl,” Jimin murmurs, looking over his shoulder at Yoongi. His boyfriend is flushed, his ears, his neck all the way to his chest.
"Take this off," Yoongi pulls at Jimin's boy shorts and watches him struggle to drag them down his legs. Yoongi only helps him once he has them under his knees. He returns his hands to Jimin's ankles though, he tugs at them and have Jimin tensing, squeezing his legs together.
"Wanna see if you did a good job," Yoongi lets him know. And Jimin knows he did, he got himself really wet like a girl would be. “Spread your legs, okay?” Yoongi asks but it sounds more like an order, his hold around Jimin’s ankles loose and Jimin quickly misses it.
Jimin spreads his legs and he reaches back with his own hands to grip his ass and spread himself. Yoongi hums, "of course you choose the pretty pink one." He leans forward to leave a kiss on Jimin’s nape before he's reaching towards Jimin’s entrance to pull out the plug.
“Fuck. You did a really good job, princess,” Yoongi mumbles and the endearment has Jimin content, “so wet." Jimin had done it on purpose, using more lube than necessary, leaving his ass covered in the substance. "Ah, I get it," Yoongi says when he presses one finger against him-
He doesn't push his finger in, he just presses it. His thumb, and it's so wet if he could only lean closer it would slip inside but he's dragging it on purpose. “It's because of what you said last time? Want me to take you anywhere?" "Whenever," Jimin adds eagerly
“That's why you made yourself this wet, so I could slip right in your pussy?" Jimin thinks he'll get used to it one day, but every time Yoongi talks to him like that in bed, he reacts the same. Blushing, letting a weak whimper escape his lips. He nods, unable to speak.
"Ah," Yoongi is caressing Jimin's inner thighs, deciding to neglect him longer. But it's also wet there, the closer he gets to his crotch and Yoongi is rubbing the skin there. "Oppa is so mean, he didn't know you wanted to get fucked." Jimin shuts his eyes, he needs him to hurry.
"You were so wet since I got home, I should have taken you out there," he laments and Jimin nods because that was what he wanted! But Yoongi is dumb and he didn't get it! "On the table," Jimin suggests and Yoongi leans down one more time to kiss his nape again. "Next time?"
Jimin nods but he wants it right now, they can talk about next time later. “Oppa, hurry,” he whines, arching his back in an attempt to get Yoongi to just fuck him already. His boyfriend might tease him a lot but he's also very weak for Jimin, like he's always proved to be.
So in a matter of seconds Yoongi is sliding his cock between Jimin's cheeks, not pushing inside yet, just getting it all wet with how messy Jimin stretched himself with all the lube he used. They both moan at the feeling and it's no long before he's finally slipping inside.
Jimin is so wet and stretched that Yoongi can push all the way in, until his front makes a loud sound against Jimin's skin. Sex between them is most of the time, really loud. Because they're noisy and because Yoongi fucks him hard. He does take a moment before thrusting again.
He lets Jimin adjust to the feeling of Yoongi inside him before getting to it. And he does it hard, so hard Jimin's hands return to the blanket to twist the fabric under him. It sounds loud because of the bed creaking and their pants and Yoongi's grip on his hips is tight.
He's scrunching the material of the dress and fucking rough into Jimin. But he's too far away, and Jimin wants to feel him closer. He looks at him over his shoulder, catches how his hair falls on his forehead and the way he lets go of Jimin to push his black hair back.
Their eyes meet and months of dating and months of being friends with benefits before that assure Jimin that Yoongi knows what he wants. He soon feels Yoongi's chest against his back as the elder plops down on top him. He doesn't stop fucking him, only that slightly slower now.
Yoongi moves his hands from Jimin's hips to his chest, in search of his chest to play with his nipples like he usually does because Jimin is sensitive there. Jimin closes his eyes before he feels the touch, but it never comes. Instead Yoongi is distracted by the neck of the dress
The deep neck has crochet details all over it and it's beautiful, Jimin thinks. It's delicate and pretty. "I wanna see this," Yoongi announces before pulling out. Jimin whines because it's too soon. He needed Yoongi to keep going a little longer. "Oppa, no," he complains.
"Good girls behave," comes the sharp and effective scold and after that Jimin keeps quiet. Yoongi kisses his shoulder, and then moves to whisper to Jimin. “Ride me, okay? You look so pretty, it's a waste I'm not seeing you.” Jimin nods, because the words he used were pretty.
He straddles Yoongi now, and the elder sits with his back to the headboard. Since they're already wet, Jimin just aligns himself with Yoongi's cock and sinks on it. With Yoongi deep inside him, he needs a moment. He doesn’t move until he adjustes to having him inside.
Adjusting is quick because his body is more than used to Yoongi, so he starts rolling his hips. Slow at first and then reaches a good rhythm, one that has Yoongi closing his eyes and stretching his neck back. Hands on Jimin's hip gripping tightly. "Am I good?" Jimin huffs.
"Good, you're good baby," Yoongi lets out a moan that has Jimin quickening his pace. Finally he lifts his hands to Jimin's chest -the whole reason why he wanted to change positions- "This is very pretty," he comments pulling at the crochet design on the neck of the dress.
He pushes the fabric until it's close to Jimin's nipples. And he rubs on them over his dress. Jimin squirms and moans, faltering on the roll of his hips. The sensation of the crochet on his nipples, the way the fabric scrapes them makes him squeeze his legs. Yoongi rubs harder.
"My baby girl is so sensitive," his boyfriend murmurs next to his ear while Jimin squirms at the stimulation on his chest and inside him. Jimin just loses his composure at the comment, he lets himself flop against him and Yoongi knows that means he has to thrust up now.
And he does, he thrusts up sharp and hard and fast, Jimin can't contain the moans that slip out of his lips but they only courage Yoongi. He's searching for his own release, fucking Jimin sloppily. Jimin has his arms around Yoongi's neck and Yoongi's hands are back on his ass.
Spreading him so whenever he fucks into him he can go deeper, hitting Jimin right where he needs it. Jimin can tell Yoongi is close, his movement erratic and his moaning getting louder. But Yoongi hates coming before Jimin, he likes to cum once Jimin is already post orgasm.
He moves a hand in front of Jimin, to where his cock is hard and leaking against his stomach. But Yoongi doesn't wrap his hand around it because during this time he ignores Jimin's cock, since part of the role play is calling Jimin his girl, and he has to act accordingly to that.
He rubs his hand against the head, plays with the head with his fingers, pushing three of them against and rubbing up and down. One time Yoongi told Jimin he did it because it was his clit and ever since, whenever Yoongi does it again, it just brings him over the edge quickly.
He stains the inside of his dress with cum. He is panting for breath next to Yoongi's ear but Yoongi doesn't stop, rubbing his front not fucking him from behind. Jimin can only whine harder, but he knows Yoongi is close too and he wants to reach his orgasm to ruin Jimin's dress.
Once he lets go of Jimin's cock to focus on thrusting up, and only on that, he cums. His moans loud against Jimin's neck and he manages to pull out just before, so his cum falls on the end of Jimin's dress. Now he has come everywhere on his dress, the fabric wrinkled and stained.
They remain on that position, Jimin sitting on top of Yoongi holding him close, as they rest on the headboard. Jimin's dress is a mess and Yoongi is spreading the cum on the fabric with his thumb, making it even a bigger mess. Once they catch their breath, Yoongi speaks.
“This is really floofy," he tries but he grimaces because it might not be the right word. Jimin is still recovering from his orgasm, doesn't know what his boyfriend is talking about. “Mmh?” Jimin looks down at him. Yoongi is blushing, his usual after sex glow. “Your dress.”
Yoongi looks content. “So you do like it?” Jimin hums, he wants Yoongi to admit he liked the dress. “I never said I didn’t.” “But do you think it’s sexy?” Jimin whines. He thought it was sexy but Yoongi said it was cute, but either way afterwards he fucked the hell out of him.
“I think it’s sexy that you could sit on me, and it covers your ass so no one could see I’m fucking you even if we're in front of other people.” Jimin’s eyes widen. He shouldn't be surprised by his boyfriend's kinks anymore. "Oh, taking me anywhere even with people in front?"
Yoongi is smiling, showing his gums, he looks really tired now. "You would like that, wouldn't you?" "In a pretty dress like this one... I'd consider it." Yoongi laughs. He plays with the crochet on Jimin's chest again, but this time he does it softly. "You know what's sexy?"
"What?" he wants to know. "How you act when you wear something pretty like this, you get all bratty and whiney and squirm so cutely and behave like such a good girl," he mumbles the last part and Jimin squeezes his legs, brings his hands up to his face hide behind them.
Yoongi removes his hand to be able to lean forward to leave a small peck on Jimin's lips. Jimin returns the kiss, smacks him loudly so Yoongi has to smile once again. "Just wear whatever the fuck you want, Jimin," Yoongi says lastly, closing his eyes. "That's the sexiest thing."
👗 the end 👗
okay this had zero plot but the commissioner only asked me for as much fluff and smut i could give with these characters and i think i got that, i think i did. msdjsdjn if you're reading this tweet i'm sorry about my smut writing skills, thank u for enduring it up to here.


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