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Feb 9, 2020
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Just read a very interesting article on the Butterfly metaphor. How the transformation from the caterpillar to the butterfly is actually very hard for the caterpillar, that it actually dies for the transformation to take place. There is no growth without pain... @방탄소년단

The original article is in French and here is the link to read the full article. I'll try translate part of the article that I find very interesting (Google translate is not that bad to be honest...😅) and add some of my ideas 😉 @방탄소년단…
The caterpillar that used to live a quiet caterpillar life suddenly has an urge to eat. It eats so much that it's unable to move anymore and suddenly has that urge to sleep and weaves a protective cocoon around it... It becomes the pupa. @방탄소년단
This is similar to someone on a spiritual path who reads and learns everything they can find until they feel like it's time to meditate on all the knowledge accumulated to digest it. @방탄소년단
The urge to sleep in the pupa is translated into extreme fatigue in the person. Jung noticed that when the unconscious needs energy, it takes it to the conscious, and this has one advantage, it weakens the conscious defenses. @방탄소년단
While the caterpillar sleeps, new stem cells appear within. These cells are foreign to the caterpillar, they belong to the butterfly, so the immune system of the caterpillar fights them... until exhaustion, until it is submerged. @방탄소년단
The caterpillar is actually the food for the butterfly growing within the chrysalis. Nature is not romantic but it is good because the caterpillar does not suffer, it dies, still unconscious. @방탄소년단
Inner transformation is not a pleasure for our ego but a death and a rebirth. On the spiritual path, to be "twice born", one must "die before dying". Black Swan quote and song "A dancer dies twice - once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful" @방탄소년단
Once the butterfly has eaten and digested the caterpillar, it starts feeling cramped inside and struggles to get out. If the butterfly does not have the strength to get out, it will not have the strength to fly away and it will die... Again Nature has no pity!😶 @방탄소년단
The author of the blog says that he believes it is the same for the human butterfly: "There comes a time when, when it comes to blossoming to our most fundamental freedom, we are irremediably alone with ourselves and what we do with our life." @방탄소년단
The metaphor of the transformation of the caterpillar is simply a reminder that the path is THIS way, that it is in darkness that we will find light, that in accepted death, nests the new life. Namjoon lyrics in Lights matches these words... @방탄소년단
Jung explains: "the experience of the self is always a defeat for the ego" - it cannot happen under the control of the ego. The caterpillar does not decide when and how it will become a butterfly, it is a process that goes beyond it and to which it must abandon itself. @방탄소년단
The Ego suffers because its limits are stretched and end up exploding under internal pressure; the Self also suffers from restricting its limitless nature to our small being. In this tension between opposites, consciousness emerges to encompass and bring them together. @방탄소년단
The author says : "If love is born in the middle of it all, we are saved. If there is no love, but only the desire to get somewhere, to get a result, everything is in vain and the work that turns the lead of life into gold has failed miserably." @방탄소년단
When we are in the dark and that nothing is clear, then we are the pupa, nearly born. We tend to go towards lights, some that we already know shared by others, instead of looking at the light inside of our own soul. Sounds like Mikrokosmos... @방탄소년단…
“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” - Carl Jung So we have no choice but to face sooner or later what scares us the most, that is, the unknown and our full responsibility for creating our own life. @방탄소년단
Basically, the caterpillar can wake up to its butterfly-like nature at any time, but then it must finally pass through the door of the "I don't know". It is The Way that brings us back to ourselves. Wherever my way Just trust myself @방탄소년단…
ne translating and thinking at the same time...😅 I hope you like it! Can't wait for the album to come out!!! @BTS_tw@방탄소년단
You are a bubbly, lively young woman with a fresh mind of her own! �


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