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Feb 14, 2020
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#Kaisoo #kaisoo au ♥The apple of my eye ♥ It was all jongin,jongin was the one who followed kyungsoo all the time. Their story is like just like a fantasy movie because Jongin,a rich boy who got everything right from the looks,money,power...everything followed

kyungsoo,a poor,but a brainy scholarship student. Kyungsoo was apple of his eye,but it was not as easy as how other girls fall for Jongin. Kyungsoo was different,stubborn and it made Jongin to get attracted more towards kyungsoo.
It took literally like 6 months for jongin to made kyungsoo agree for a date and it took 1 year for kyungsoo to believe jongin completely.
A famous and handsome person like jongin following him and asked for a date was all made kyungsoo scared but jongin was all opposite he was so down-to-earth,he was loyal and he made sure that kyungsoo was all comfortable and on top of that he was hard-working.
Kyungsoo was near jongin when they launched his first youtube channel,basically it was kyungsoo’s idea because if jongin asked his fathe he could arrange a seperate dance-concert for his son but jongin wants to create his own name not something he gets because of his money and
power but because of his talent. They both completed eachother and always there for one another to support each other but mainly kyungsoo was all there for jongin...there were many downs than ups when the channel was launched first.
Lot of people mocked him because of money and feared him because of his power and it literally took people sometime to acknowladge his was not a bed of roses...but all these time kyungsoo was all there near jongin,comforted him,cried with him and mainly shared his
shoulder for jongin to lean on.
Three no four’s been four years they both have been together,happily in a relationship. Jongin,now a world famous dancer,choreographer and a well-loved person and kyungsoo,head chef in a top-tier hotel.
It is a important day in jongin’s life because today he will be giving press conference to reproters from all around the globe. It is not easy at all because it all happens because of his talent not because of his money.
“Everythings ready,6 more minutes you should be there.” his assistant notified jongin. “where is he?why is he not here yet?” Jongin asked his friends-Chanyeol and his fiance,baekyun.
“He will be here just wait,the shift must have ended an hour before but because of the traffic it may get late.” chanyeol replied with an emotionless eyes. “Hmm...but what happened to you both.why you guys feel life-less?” jongin noticed something is bad with them both.
“4 more minutes” jongin got the timing. “why is he still not here?” jongin is so nervous not because of the press conference but because he gon- “Jongin!” kyungsoo is all sweaty with a beautiful bouquet his hands.
“Okay,don’t worry.” jongin said and he continues “Soo,baby,hey...listen,i know it is not a correct time but all i want to say is ‘I Love You’ to the extent that i want to share,spend my life with you.Please,will you marry me?”Jongin said in a one breath.
“Jongin...what...jongin...” kyungsoo hushed. “sir,it’s time let’s go.please this way.” the staff member usheres him towards the main stage.
“Please,wait and i alreadyknow your answer,i love uuuh.” Jongin is all happy before he steps into the main stage but what he all doesn’t know is that the last time he sees kyungsoo and no one knows where he went.
The love of his life left him that night...,the night he proposed him,the night he asked kyungsoo to spend his eternity with him. He not only takes jongin’s love but also all of jongin’s happeiness,strength with him.
The End.
Should i write an epilogue!?
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