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Mini Twin Au Fic because I’m in the mood to write fluff! 🌸🌸🌸 Where Jiyong meets Taeyeol for the first time and CRIES because his “Dada” just kissed another man

Earlier that morning
Jaehyun got his dramas from his friends
Wouldn’t be hard to watch over him,, unless,,,
This is why you shouldn’t kiss in front of the kids
Uh oh 😂
Everyone in the house is basically crying
Press f to send help
He’s innocent 🤡
Help me out here hhdhdhdhhd
TAEYEOL SWEETIE,,,, you deserve that 😂
Taeyong’s sweet revenge
I wuv you Jiyong 🥺💕
So it was Uncle Dada!
A very good combination of jaeyong 😌
Deserved 👏
[End] Ngbhnngngngngn I just wanna write them being domestic because it’s what they deserve after all those angst 😭😭😭💕💕
Wait I need to add a little something Just Jaehyun finally coming home from work. An idea from @🍑🌹
Idk why it was cut but…
Jiyong has an idea 💡
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