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Mar 20, 2020
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Jungkook knows how fake the greeting is but he still smile at Taehyung. "Hi Tae, do you mind if I give this to Yanna? Mom said she likes cheese pops and fried chicken." he waves the bag in front of the male who's still blocking him by the door. Heaven knows Taehyung doesn't

want to accept the food but he knows Yanna is watching him from the back so he forced a smile and thanked hi boss but he still didn't invite the other inside. Jungkook immediately sense that the other isn't going to invite him in so he just say a short goodbye and about to leave
when Yanna's voice suddenly startled the two of them. "Papa, is that uncle JJ?" she asks running towards the door. Tae glares at his boss first before turning to tell his daughter that he already left but Yanna is quicker than him. The little girl pushes her papa on the side
while Jk immediately kneel down with an open arms to welcome the girl's power hug. "Uncle JJ, you're here!" she squeals before diving into his arms. "Hello princess, yup! I just drop by to give you some cheese pops and fried chicken since mamita said you love them." he replied
while pushing away the hair that's covering the girl's tiny cute face. "Woooow! Do you want to eat them with me pwease? Yanna is upset with papa now uncle JJ, pwease come eat with Yanna pwease?" she begs as she tightens her arms around Jungkook's neck. Taehyung sighs.
The pretty designer opens their door wide to welcome the unwanted visitor. "Yanna, uncle JJ might have work to do at home too, why dont you just thank him for the cheese pops and papa wil eat with you?" Tae suggested again but Yanna just gave him a look again before running back
to her room. Jk is surprised to see the child throw a tantrum like that because he knows according to his mom that the girl behaves well. "Im sorry Tae, guess I came at the wrong time." he sincerely apologize when he noticed Taehyung's upset face. "It's okay, its my fault."
"What happened?" Jk asks as he dusted his pants from kneeling. Tae guides him to their living room and showed him the piece of paper that upsets his daughter. Jk smiles at him fondly. "Let me guess, you called her dragon a lizard or insect?" he said while staring at Taehyung.
Tae on the other hand is dumbfounded. "H-how did you know that? How did you figure out it's a dragon??!" Tae even took the paper & stare at it again trying to figure out the drawing again. Jk wants to congratulate himself. His previous research about common mistakes of men
who's trying to court single parents is very effective! But of course, Taehyung doesnt need to know that now. "Of course Tae, I'm an architect. I majored in fine arts too." he reason out before taking the paper from him again and look towards the room. "Can I try?" he asks too.
Taehyung doesnt want to give Jungkook more access on his and daughter's life but now that Yanna's upset with him, he cant help but just nods at the man who immediately removes his shoes and walks towards Yanna's room. "Princess, can I come in your pretty room?" Jk starts hoping
that the little girl will allow him to enter her room. Yanna slowly peeks from under ger blanket and when she saw Jk waving her paper, she immediately frowns at him. "I didn't know you can draw a mighty dragon! Wow!" jk exaggerates as he looks at the paper. Yanna gasps!
The little girl slowly removes her blanket covering her as her eyes is focus on Jk's face as if she can't believe a grown up man like him really identified her masterpiece as dragon. "Uncle JJ, h-how did you know it's a dwagon?" she asks cautiously while climbing on Jk's lap.
"Hmmmmn, come here princess. See here? aren't these his strong mighty wings? and these are his long sharp claws and right here is his mouth that can spit fire!" JK animatedly point at every detail of the messy drawing. Yanna's eyes widens because her uncle JJ got it all right!
"Woah! yes uncle JJ, these are his scaysh." she points at the multicolored scales of the dragon too. Jk even claps his hand to show the little girl that he's really impressed by her drawing. "But Yanna, why did you draw a dragon instead of a princess?" he asks out of genuine
curiosity. Yanna tilted her head to meet the man's eyes. "Ms. Lee asked us to dwaw our something we want to give to our pawents and I want to give papa a dwagon." she replied silently as if she doesn't want anyone to hear it except them. JK might be smart but this time he's
really clueless why would a little girl want to give her papa a dragon? Why not pup or kitten? "Uhm, princess why do you like to give your papa a dragon?" he asks instead of making a mistake offending the child. Yanna sighs dramatically again while fidgeting her tiny fingers.
"Papa is awwaysh busy with wowk. I want to give her a pwincess too but he said he no likey a pwincess so I want to give him a dwagon that will twansfowm into a pwince." she pouts while talking and at that moment Jungkook knows he'll be a willing slave of this adorable princess!
The CEO knows he shouldn't be fueling the baby's impossible imagination but sue him, he grabs the chance to fit into the story of the little pwincess with her papa who likes a pwince too. "Princess how about we give your papa a prince instead of a dragon?" he suggests without
knowing there's a pair of eyes and ears who's watching nd listening to their secret conversation. Taehyung is smiling by himself while watching the two especially when his Yanna explains why she drew a dragon. But he almost choke on his water when Jk suddenly suggested that.
Yanna turns to see Jungkook's face again. "We can give papa a pwince?" she asks excitedly only to frown again when she seems to remember something. JK noticed that so he took the girl's hand on his. "Yes princess. Or how about we give your papa the King instead of a prince?"
Yanna's eyes widens again. "A king? like a powewful king with very big big biiiig castle?" she asks again while Jk himself is thinking of House of Jeon as his castle. "Yes princess. Maybe we can give papa his own King who will take care of him and you too but for now, what do
you think of eating fried chicken and cheese pops first?" he tries to divert the little girl's attention because he saw at the corner of his eyes that someone is eavesdropping them already and he doesn't want to be kick out of the house immediately again. Yanna agrees to him!
Jungkook's still holding Yanna's hand when they emerged from the girl's room. The CEO meets Tae's judging eyes so he tried to ignore him and concentrate on the little girl. The three of them went into the dining room where the food is already served. "Uhmmm do you want tea?"
Jk is surprise to hear the other male asking him so he quickly replied. "Can I have coffee please?" he asks hoping Tae won't think of him as opportunist. Tae knows Jk is being nice to them because of Jia, but what he doesn't understand is the CEO's obsession of getting close
with Yanna. He wants to ask him but since Yanna looks happier now he tries to push the questions at the back of his mind. Tae made Jk's coffee while the CEO is busy cutting Yanna's food to make it easier for her to eat. "Ahm, Guk she can eat by herself now." Tae informs him.
Jungkook nods and smile upon hearing the other calling him by his nickname. "I know, but I still wanna do it for her. It's not everyday that I get to eat with this little princess." JK replied not even looking at him. Yanna beams upon hearing that. "Uncle JJ is the bwest!"
Taehyung wants to say something about that but he just bites his tongue not wanting to be the ugly wicked witch on his own daughter's story. HE knows Yanna too well and by this time, he knows that his daughter is already looking at Jungkook as the Prince charming.
The three of them finished dinner together and as much as Jk wants to stay with the two since he doesn't have anything to do at his own apartment, he knows he needs to leave before Taehyung totally bans him from entering their house again. He thanked the designer for letting
him join them for dinner while he carries the little girl one more time. "Thank you for letting meeat with you princess." he said smiling while nuzzling her tiny pointed nose. Yanna cups her uncle JJ's face and leans to kiss him on his cheeks. "See you tomorrow your higness."
Jk smiled at the little girl upon hearing that. He carefully put down Yanna and ruffles her hair once more before heading the door. Tae follows his boss while Yanna is now busy with her toys. The two pause by the door. "Thank you for--" "Thank you" They look at each other.
"You don't have to thank me Tae. You know I live alone and eating with Yanna is a good change for me." he said trying his best not to over step again beause he kows how Taehyung is too defensive when it comes to his daughter so he didn't expect the designer's reply to him.
"It's actually funny to watch you clench your draw every time Yanna makes a mess on the table. I wonder when are you gonna snap at her." Tae chuckles when he remembers the scene he just witnessed a while ago. Jk scratch the back of his neck because Tae's right about that.
He is not fan of any mess but because of Yanna, he now understands that parents should be more patient when it comes to their kids because that's how the children learn. "Well, there's always a first time Tae besides I really had fun eating with her." he replied.
"Then how about I'll make a dinner tomorrow and you can eat with us again." Tae blurted out without thinking. SILENCE. Still silence. "Uncle JJ would you come and eat with us again?" Yanna intercedes when no one dared to talk between them. "I mean only if you have no--"
"Yes princess, uncle JJ will come!" Jk eagerly replied cutting Taehyung off. The two men are both embarrassed after that so they decided to call it a night and Jk hurriedly left. Tae can't help but smile after that. He's still grinning when he saw his daughter watching him.
"Papa, uncle JJ make you smile." she said before going back to her toys. Tae froze on his feet upon hearing that simple statement. He knows it's only been few days since they met Jk but the CEO managed to find his way into their lives unconsciously. "Papa likes uncle JJ."
Taehyung immediately panics when he heard that. He crouches down and sit in front of his daughter. "Yanna baby, don't get papa wrong okay? But I dont like uncle JJ. He's just papa's boss." he tries to explain hoping that his daughter won't say those words when Jk is around.
Yanna pouts and lifts her eyes to meet her papa's. "You mean uncle JJ has very big big big castle?" she asks, her curiosity suddenly worries her own father. Tae thinks for a second and nods when he considers the House of Jeons as Jk's castle. "Uhmm, yes, you can say that baby.
Why do you ask?" Yanna smiled at him before she leans in closer. "Papa, I think uncle JJ has a secret." she whispers. Tae furrows his brows upon hearing that, but he pretends to be on it so he asks, "What is his secret baby?" Yanna leans closer again. "I think he's a king."
Taehyung can't help but burst out laughing before hugging his daughter tight. "I guess he is baby, so we better be in our best behaviour when he's around, right?" he pretends to agree with her to avoid further argument but Yanna didn't laugh with him. She just remains silent as
if she's thinking of something. Taehyung didn't bother to ask her again as he carries her to the bathroom already. "Time for cleaning up baby. We don't wanna be late to school tomorrow." he announced while his daughter is clinging to him. Meanwhile Jk arrives at his own flat.
He sighs when he's welcomed of silence. He even wants to hit his head on the wall when he realized what he's thinking. "What do you mean you're lonely being alone Jungkook, you've been living your life alone. You only had one dinner with them and you already want to be greedy!"
Jk even shakes his head when he realized he's talking to himself again. He drops his things on the table before flopping himself on the couch. He can't help but to smile to himself when he realized he just scored himself another dinner with the Kims tomorrow. He can't wait!
***Unfortunately the dinner didn't happen because Jungkook has to fly back to Japan because of a horrible accident that happened to their branch there. The House of Jeon got into a fire that sent some of their employees to the hospital so as the CEO he has to deal with it.
Jungkook doesn't want his mom nor Taehyung to get worried about it so he went there alone hoping he could give the assistance he can to their injured employees. It was chaos because the fire happened during the day when there are still customers inside the branch. So the CEO has
to stay in Japan for almost 2 weeks to cover everything. Good thing that their building is under insurance & all the employees has their medical insurance too. Well, to be honest money isn't a problem about the fire, it's the reputation of their brand, good thing that JK is good
at handling it. He faced the press and the people alone. He didn't hide anything. He worked day and night just to make sure everything would go back to normal just fine. He only talked to Taehyung through phone just once because the designer was really worried back then.
But since Tae has nothing to do with the investigation and all, he tried his best not to bother Jk anymore. He only hears the news thru their employees and Jia too. So when Jk finally announced that he's going back to Seoul, the designer found himself a little bit excited.
He knows how tired Jungkook is so that day, he went home earlier than usual. He even asked his Jin hyung to fetch Yana from school so he could prepare a healthy dinner. Of course he wouldn't admit it but he was so worried for Jungkook and he's now relieved that his boss is back!
Taehyung knows he's not the friendliest staff to Jungkook. He also knows he has been so cold and rude to the CEO in the past. But he saw how Jungkook worked hard for the House of Jeon, he saw how he made a lot of effort just to make sure that all the employees affected by the
fire is well compensated and that tells Tae what kind of person Jk is. He might look tough and strict in the outside but the CEO is very kind & soft in the inside. So when his Jin hyung drops his daughter int he afternoon, he took Yanna with him and went to JK's flat.
He wants to invite the CEO personally instead of just calling him so with a nervous hands, he pressed the door bell. Yanna is just quietly watching her papa too. The truth is the little girl kept asking her father about her uncle JJ who suddenly vanished for two weeks.
Taehyung explained it to her that Jk needs to go somewhere to help other people who needs him and that only fuels the girl's idea about Jk being a real king. So the girl is now excited to be reunited with her uncle JJ. The father and daughter duo keep fidgeting while waiting.
Now, the problem is Jk isnt alone when he came back from Japan. Jihyo his bestfriend followed him there to deal with their clients who were also victim of the fire. So imagine Yanna's surprise when she saw Jihyo for the first time when the designer opened the door of Jk's place.
Taehyung froze when he recognized Jihyo but he tried his best not to show the disappointment on his face. Jihyo ont he other hand immediately beams upon seeing them. "Hi little girl, you must be Gukkie's princess Yanna!" she greets the girl first before she smiles at Tae.
Yanna is delighted to hear that the pretty lady knows her name. "Hi, you know my uncle JJ?" yanna asks immediately. Jihyo nods. "Yes, and he's been talking about you all the time." Jihyo adds before turning to Taehyung. "It's nice to see you again Taehyungshi."
Tae was about to reply when a half naked Jungkook emerged from the bathroom. "Jojo who's---" he wasn't able to finish his words when the little girl cuts him off with a loud scream! "Uncle JJ!!!!" Yanna excitedly runs towards him, but since Jungkook is still just on towel,
Jihyo caught the little girl and hold her on her hands first. "Baby, why don't you let uncle JJ change first then let me show you the presents he bought for you when we were in Japan." Jhyo distarcts the girl from running towards Jk while Tae remains standing by the door.
Jihyo knows she should have ask Tae to get inside first, but since he wants the two to have time alone, she decided to be rude, besides she knows her best friend's body might actually catch Tae's attention so she immediately took Yanna with her and brings her inside the room.
The moment Jihyo and Yanna are out of sight, both Tae & Guk doesn't know what to do so Tae of course blurted out the first thing that went into his mind. "We also have pastel version of those." he blurted out while pointing at the towel wrapped around Jk's waist. SILENCE.
Both of them immediately got flustered when they realized that Taehyung is referring about the towel. So to save himself for further embarrassment, Tae planned to retreat and just go hide inside his own flat. "I'm sorry I didn't know you're with someone, Yanna just-"
"Jihyo is my best friend and she's getting married with my business partner in my firm in LA." Jungkook cut him off immediately because he doesn't wanna repeat the same mistake he has done in the office. Taehyung has to bite his lower lips upon hearing that. CUTE!
"I guess it's better if you go and put on some clothes first before you catch a cold and i'll invite myself in since it seems like you have no plans of inviting me in." Taehyung bravely uttered since he feels like he already embarrassed himself enough tonight. "Oh, I'm sorry Tae
please come in." Jk hurriedly walks towards the door to open it wide for the designer who immediately blush again when the CEO is now merely few inches away from him. Jungkook seems to realized what he just did so he crosses his arms on top of his bare chest and apologize again.
Look, Taehyung isn't a perv! But he isn't a hypocrite too so if his eyes linger a little on the TOWEL up to the part that is not covered by the towel, don't sue him! He just knows how to appreciate a perfectly chiseled abs. So when Jk left to get dressed, Tae almost screamed!
'How on earth does he manage to have that perfect body?! Why am I suddenly feeling hot? Is this the effect of not getting laid for a while now? OMG, what ma I thinking?!' Tae looks calm in the outside but he's alreasy exploding in the inside! He decided to sit on the couch!
It's only less than 5 minutes when Jungkook went out of his room wearing a great sweatpants and a blank tank top that exposes his muscular and full of veins arms. Taehyung gulps. 'How could his boss torture him like this?!' Good thing that Jihyo & Yanna seems to finally finished
with their business inside Jk's study room. Yanna is even running when she saw that Jk is finally dressed properly. "Uncle JJ! pwincess Jihyo showed me my pwesents. I weally weally love them!" she beams as she climbs at Jungkook's lap as if it's very normal to them.
JK of course took the chance of getting extra good points from Yanna again. "I heard that you've been a good girl so I thought of giving you a present princess." he coos not even noticing how Taehyung is melting while watching them. "Thank you uncle JJ, papa cooks dinner for
you too because he said you've been a good boy too." Yanna suddenly blurted out making her papa wishes the ground to swallow him at the moment. Jk's gaze turns to Tae and he only smiles when he saw how red Tae's face is. "Really? I guess your papa has been a good boy too."
Jihyo rolls her eyes upon watching the flirting of his best friend with the father of the oblivious little girl. She knows Jk's flirting game is obsolete already but witnessing how Tae reacts to it tells her that the two are just on the same page. They are both dumb!
And since she promised her bestfriend that she would help him woo Taehyung, she took that chance to leave already, using the excuse that her fiance is also waiting for her. "Nice to meet you again princess." she waves goodbye before she finally left.
Jungkook & Taehyung look awkwardly to each other while Yanna is still busy with her toy. "So, the dinner?" Jk breaks the silence when he noticed that the pretty designer in front of him keeps blushing. "Uhmm yes i-i cook dinner." "Then let's go." Jk smirks at him.
Taehyung doesnt need to be told twice. He hurriedly help Yanna tidy the toys Jungkook just bought for her before they all went back to their own flat. Jk might not admit it but being invited to a dinner with the father & daughter duo makes all his tiredness from the previous
day all worth it. Tae opens the door for them while Yanna cant stop singing, obviously enjoying the free ride from the CEOs neck. "You dont have to carry her like that tho, she's too big for that already." Tae uttered. "Not too big to be my little princess tho." Jk replied.
Taehyung's hand froze on the door knob upon hearing that. He knows Jungkook doesn't mean anything deep about calling Yanna his princess but for him as a single parent that pinch his heart a little because aside from him, he knows that Yanna has necer been claimed by anyone.
Even Jimin, Jin, Namjoon, Jia & Hoseok calls his daughter an angel but no one ever called her their princess. "Papa, open the door. Uncle JJ must be hungwy now." Yanna brings him back to the present. Tae nods & apologizes before they finally all went inside.
Jungkook & Yanna went straight to the living room while Tae prepares the table. But few minutes later, the designer almost jumps off when a voice startles him. "Anything i can help you with?" Jk asks while leaning on the counter that divides the dining area & the living room.
Tae smiles when he turns to see that Jk looks so cozy inside his house. But his smile immediately vanish when he realized that he's imagining too much already. "Nope, actually i was about to call you both. Dinner is ready." he informs him while walking towards the living room to
get Yanna. "Uncle JJ's gonna eat with us again." the little girl sing songs while clinging at the CEO's neck again since Jungkook beat Tae in carrying Yanna again. "Yes princess, let's see what papa cooks for us." Jk replies that made Taehyung blushed again!
"Woooow stweak!!!" Yanna gasps when she saw the food her father prepared for them. Taehyung cant help but feel guilty because he rarely cook their food lately. Jk on the other hand seems very delighted because he really missed home cooked meals. "Thank you for the food Tae."
Taehyung knows it's a simple dinner compare to what Jungkook used to have at their mansion, but the way his boss eats all his food in his plate makes him smile because the younger looks like he's really enjoying his food in between of helping Yanna with her own utensils.
Tae still remembers how Jk fed Yanna for the first time when they had dinner at their mansion but now, the CEO almost look like someone who's really used around children because aside from cutting the meat to tiny bits, Jk would now let Yanna use her own spoon.
"Little princess should be independent so Yanna will eat her steak alone now right princess?"Jk smiled at Yanna who just shows them a thumbs up since her mouth is still full. They all finish their dinner happily. Jk volunteers to tidy up but Tae just pushed him back with Yanna.
"You already cook and all, let me at least help tidy--" "It's the purpose of this dinner Guk, for you to rest. You worked hard in the past two weeks so go, shoo! play with your little princess!" he imitates how Jk calls Yanna. Jk knows there's no use for him to argue so he just
agreed to play with Yanna who's still busy with her new toys. The CEO is happy to see her enjoy her presents. The two of them keeps playing until JK finally felt the weight of all his hard work in the previous days. He lean into the couch and just like that, he fell asleep!
"Uncle Jj why aren't you--" the little girl wasnt able to finish his sentence when she noticed that the man has already fallen asleep on their couch. And since she's a smart girl, she just let him rest because she also noticed that the 'king' looks tired. Tae on the other hand
is still clueless of what's going on with the two so instead of hurrying up to finish his task in the kitchen, he just takes his sweet time. He even prepared some tea for their guests. "I know you'll want coffee but this tea is very good with---" "Papa, sssssh!"
"Papa uncle JJ fall asweep while we're pwaying. Do you think he's sick?" the girl asks in whispers not wanting to wake up the sleeping man in their living room. Tae carefully put down the tray of hot drinks on the table before slowly getting the cushion to put under JK's head.
When he finally made sure that Jungkook is sleeping comfortably on their couch, he turns to his daughter and whispers back to her. "Uncle JJ isn't sick baby, but he's very tired. Let's not wake him up for now so he can rest a little, okay? Let's go take a shower so you can also
sleep now baby. Remember we still have to wake up early tomorrow." he explains. Thankfully Yanna obeys him without more questions as if she's really afraid to disturb their visitor. They're already on their bedroom changing to their pajamas when she speaks again.
"Papa, why dont you cawwy uncle JJ so he can sweep in your room too? The king doesn't sweep on the couch." she whispers as if she's afraid that someone might hear their conversation. Taehyung laughs when he heard it. "Don't worry angel, uncle JJ would be fine in the couch."
Yanna looks at her papa with a judging eyes, but since she saw Jungkook sleeping comfortable enough in their couch, she didn't argue anymore. But when Tae's about to tuck her in, she suddenly remembers something. She gets off the bed & opens her closet where her Elsa blanket is.
She took the blanket & went out of her room without talking and Taehyung cant help but smile to himself when he realized what his daughter is up too. He follows her & watches her quietly as she tries her best to drape the blanket over the sleeping man. "Papa, hewp me!"
Yanna's voice startles Jungkook. The CEO was about to open his eyes & apologize to the little girl because he has fallen asleep when he realized what's going on. He pretends to be asleep again. "Ssssh, Yanna dont scream baby. You'll wake him up" Tae whispers as he helps his baby
drape the blanket on top of Jk. "I thought this is your favorite blanket and no one is allowed to use it?" Tae teases his daughter. "Yes papa it's my favowite bwanket but we cant leave the king without bwanket, he will gets cowd." She whispers back before pulling her papa.
Taehyung smiled at his daughter. In times like this when he feels the proudest of being Yanna's single parent. Her kindness to others tells him that he's on the right track on raising his daughter. That night, Tae tucks Yanna in with a smile. He kisses her a lot before he went
in his own bedroom just next to his daughter's so he could also rest now. But sleep refused to visit him that night knowing there's a perfectly gorgeous man sleeping in their couch. Taehyung even condemn himself for thinking something that isn't pure because let's face it,
he has never invited anyone inside his house since he had Yanna. He was too scared to let anyone else in except his brother and his close friends because he wants to protect his daughter. It's also been a while since he had "fun" because he already dedicated all his time to his
daughter and work. So please don't think weirdly of him now that he's feeling a little bit hot thinking that there's an attractive man inside his house. "Goddamn it! Why is this aircon not working properly!" he blurted out when he feels something at the pit of his tummy.
Meanwhile, Jk is so embarrassed of himself! He knows he should've left the house already but here he is pretending to be asleep so he could stay here where the father and daughter duo is. It's childish and selfish on his part but then again he convinced himself that its okay.
"Only for tonight, then I'll leave early tomorrow." he whispers to himself before burying his face on the soft blanket Yanna just gave him. The CEO is still enjoying the floral and fruity smell of the blanket when he heard the door opening. He holds his breathe & tried his best
not to move. It's probably Tae because he heard the footsteps. Tae went to the kitchen to drink cold water cause he really is feeling something not good while laying on his bed. He even thought of 'playing with his toys' but he felt guilty thinking that it's really a bad idea!
The moment the cold water touches his mouth, he can't help but imagine a certain someone running his finger over his---CRASSSSSSH! and there goes the tiny pieces of the broken glass that slipped from his hand! Jk of course bolted from the couch to check on Tae in the kitchen!
"Tae, are you okay?" he asks immediately when he saw the startled state of Yanna's papa. Taehyung's eyes widens when the person starring on his wet dream that caused him to break the glass is standing right in front of him with worried eyes. "S-satan, go away!" he whispers.
Jungkook furrows his brows. "Huh?! Tae are you okay? What did you say?" he asks unsure if he heard him right. Tae tries his best to hide his blushing face from the other. He quickly crouches down to pick up the broken pieces of the glass. "Ahh, Guk I'm sorry if I wake you up."
"Hey, what are you doing? Don't touch those you might-" "Ouch!" JK clicks his tongue as he grabs Taehyung's hand. He wasn't even able to finish his sentence when the other managed to get himself a tiny cut from the broken glass. "I told you not to touch it." Jk snapped when
he saw a blood coming out of the wound. Taehyung hissed when Jungkook put his hand under the tap and wash it with the cold water. Thankfully, the wound is not too deep, but the bleeding won't stop so of course, Jk used his own method of stopping the bleeding.
Without any hint of hesitation or disgust, Jk pulled Tae's wounded hand and bring his pointing finger to his mouth. "Yah!!!! W-what are y-you doing?!" Tae asks as his eyes widens when he saw his boss started to suck his finger! Jk just glared at him before he finally stops.
"There you go. See, that's effective." Jk nonchalantly replied while showing Tae his own finger that finally stopped from bleeding. Tae is still on daze when Jk grabs his hand again & guides him to sit on one of the stools in the kitchen. "Now where's your brush & dustpan?
WE need to make sure there are no broken glass left here. We dont wanna hurt little princess." Jk continues to mumble while looking around for the cleaning equipment he needs. Taehyung is too shocked to speak but when he saw Jk starting to sweep the floor he finally snap out of
his daydream. "OMG! Jungkook, I'm really so sorry, geez I'm--" "Ssssh Tae, your voice. Yanna is still sleeping. And please, don't move around yet, there are still broken glass on the floor." JK warns him while he continues to make sure that the floor is clean & safe to step in.
It's been few minutes passed when the two of them decided to leave the kitchen but the two of them are just there in the living room staring at each other as if they both don't know what to do next. "Jungkook" "Taehyung" They look at each other again. Then they both smile.
"I guess it's my cue to leave. I'm sorry for falling asleep on you Tae. I'm sure the little princess isn't happy with me now." Jk then uttered when Tae remained silent. "Oh no, of course she understands. She knows you were fighting with the fire dragon when you were gone. She
was really worried but then you came back with her presents. Look she even let you use her favorite blanket. She wouldn't even let her uncle Chim to use it." Tae points at the blanket on Jk's lap. The two of them laughs at that. "She's still young but she has a heart of gold."
Taehyung feels like his heart did a tiny flip when he heard that, but Jk continues. "Mom said you're used to give her everything and yet I can see how generous she is. She's your only daughter but she shares her things & her food." Jk looks so smitten while talking about Yanna.
"She's like that because she likes you." Tae supplied but Jk just shakes his head off. "Even when we were at the convenient store when I first met her. She let me pay for a cup noodles for a grandpa sitting outside the store." Jk recalls that day when he first met Yanna.
Taehyung's eyes widens upon hearing that. It wasn't the first time his daughter did that and he can't help but be so proud of her. "I can't believe you're a victim of my angel too." he giggles and Jk looks at him. "V-victim? Yeah, I guess I am." he replied while staring at him.
Taehyung swallowed an invisible lump in his throat. The two of them stared at each other, Jungkook's eyes is on Taehyung's lips and Tae isn't any better. They're sitting next to each other so they both know that one move closer and they'll cross the line. "Tae" Jk uttered.
Taehyung is holding his breathe when he saw Jungkook moves closer to him. They're now few inches from each other. Jk's one arm is resting at the back of the couch and he knows that one last move and he'll be closing the gap of their lips. 'J-jungkook" Tae stuttered.
The two of them finally found each other's eyes. They were not born yesterday and they both feel the tension around them so Jk gulps one last time before he lifts his hand to cup Tae's face. He's leaning closer when Taehyung closes his eyes too, they're holding their breathes.
Jungkook knows this is his chance to finally get Taehyung's attention while Tae might never admit this but he's too eager to be kissed by his boss. So imagine their surprise when both of them blurted out something. "You should go." "I should go." They even pulled away from
other. Tae is biting his lower lip while Jk is pinching his nose. Both of them cant look at each other after that, then they started to giggle. "Oh gosh, this is embarrassing" jk was the first one to address their state. Taehyung agrees to him with a fond smile.
"I guess you have to take a rest now Mr. Jeon" he teases him while trying to calm himself too. Both of them stood up and head towards the door. They're still smiling like idiots but not as awkward as before now. They stop when they reached the door. "Tae" "Hmmmn?"
"Thank you for tonight." the CEO sincerely thanked him. "It's just a dinner, no big deal Guk. Besides, thank you for Yanna's presents even if you didn't have to." Tae is now leaning on the door while Jk is standing outside just in front of him. "Not just the dinner Tae. I mean
thank you for giving me a chance to let in." Jk said while staring at him. This time, both of them knows what that statement really means and Taehyung just nods at him. "Yanna has never been comfortable with anyone just how she's comfortable to you and that means a lot to me."
Jungkook knows he has to say goodnight and leave now since it's past midnight already but Taehyung is there leaning on the door while he's waiting for him to finally leave so he tried to shoot his shot since he knows he might not get this chance again. "Uhmm, Tae about the---"
"Oh Guk, please that's embarrassing don't even--" "Can I take you out for a date?" Jk purposely cuts the other off when he noticed how red Taehyung's face is when he's about to talk about their pending kiss on the couch. Taehyung's eyes widens again upon hearing his boss.
He knows he needs to remind himself his promise he made since he got Yanna. He knows he wants this but he isn't sure of Jungkook's intention of dating him. There are many what ifs and how ifs that crosses his mind and at that moment, Jungkook knows Taehyung is hesitant because
of the little princess. And when the CEO saw Tae's fallen face when he looks at hima agin, he can't help but to use his King card once again hoping that it will work. "We can bring Yanna with us!" he immediately blurted out even before Tae manage to answer. Taehyung gasps!
'How do you always managed to know the right words to say Jungkook. How will I be able to stop myself from falling for you if you always makes me feel that you would really take care of us?' Taehyung is screaming in his head and when JK is about to speak again, he wasn't able to
stop his own hands grabbing the collar of Jk's shirt! Jk can't is just about to convince the designer to agree with the date when Tae suddenly pulled him closer and smashes their lips together! It was just a quick but deep kiss but they're both breathless when they ended it.
"Tae--" "Goodnight guk!" Taehyung mumbles before slamming the door on his boss' face. Jungkook is dumbfounded because what the fvck just happned?! And when he realized that Taehyung just kissed him, he hurriedly knocks on the door again. Knock Knock Knock Silence!
"Tae, baby you can't just do that and expect me to go home." he uttered knowing that the other is just behind the door. So when Tae replied to him, Jk almost jumps out of happiness. "Yes I can do that. Now go home Guk. See you at the office tomorrow." Tae replied while smiling.
Jungkook smiled to himself upon hearing Taehyung's happy voice. He knows he wants more of that sweet kiss but it's past midnight already and he doesn't want to wake up the little princess so with one last knock on the door, he said his goodnight to the prettiest designer.
"I'll see you and Yanna tomorrow, Tae. Goodnight." he uttered before finally leaving with the biggest smile on his lips. That night, needless to say both Jungkook and Taehyung fell asleep with sweet smiles on their lips! Both of them excited for the morning to come=)
The next morning, Taehyung woke up early to prepare their breakfast and to cook & pack Yanna's food. They took a shower and prepared for the day while singing random songs. In short, the father & daughter duo are both in a good mood after Tae explained to his baby that Jungkook
left earlier but the 'king' promised to pick them up for dinner this evening. Tae knows he didn't give a 'yes' for an answer the previous night but he's hoping that the (OMG!!!) the kiss they shared is more than enough for the other male to understand that he agreed to the date.
The Kims are still both singing happily when Taehyung opens the door for his daughter. He's holding their bags and he's looking around his house to check if they are forgetting something so he wasn't able to see the man standing outside their door. It is only when Yanna starts to
squeal excitedly when he notices Jungkook holding a long stemmed red rose in front of their door. "Uncle JJ!!! Good mowning!" Yanna greets the man before jumping into Jk's already open arms. "Good morning beautiful princess." he greets back before giving her the tiny clip he
bought along with the rose just a while ago. Good thing that their building has a 24 hours gift shop. Of course he didn't waste a chance to show how the Kims really meant for him. At first, he was thinking of buying a bouquet for Taehyung but he settled with the single rose!
"Is that for papa?" Yanna asks while pointing at the rose after giving Jk many little kisses. Taehyung blushes immediately when Jungkook's eyes landed on him. "Yes princess, this is my little thank you for letting me sleep in your house last night." Jk teases the other.
"Yaaay! Papa wook! Uncle JJ bought you a wose!" Yanna took the flower from Jungkook & gave it to her father. The two men laugh at her cuteness. Tae accepted the flower with a smile. "Thank you baby." "Ha? Papa you should thank uncle JJ!" Yanna furrows her brows to that.
Taehyung smells the rose once more before thanking Jungkook again. The three of them are still laughing when they entered the elevator going to the parking area of their building. But since Jungkook really made an effort to wake up early so he could drive for the Kims, he tried
to volunteer again despite of his fear of rejection since Tae already blasted him before. "Uhm, Tae since we're both going tot he office why not let me drive today? I mean we can drop Yanna to her school then we could go to-" "Guk." Tae interrupts his boss who looks so nervous.
"I know you mean well and I really appreciate your offer but let me drive my daughter to her school alone. Besides, I don't want the people in the office to start gossiping about our new CEO. We'll see you tonight at the dinner, yeah?" Tae tries his best to be polite because he
doesn't wanna offend the other. Jungkook stares at him for a few seconds before he turns to Yanna then he nods. The CEO crouches down so his face will be at the same level with the little girl again. "See you later princess. Have fun in the school." he said before planting
a light kiss on the tip of her nose. Yanna giggles before she kisses back her uncle JJ. "See you later uncle JJ. You also behave in the office!" she said before climbing inside the car. Taehyung smiled at his boss once more before he get inside his car too.
***Tae & Guk saw each other at the office that morning, but since Jungkook just came back from Japan he has to stay in his office the whole day to revise and sign some papers. Tae on the other hand remains in his office because his creativity juice is flowing. Hs's inspired so
he took that chance to create a new collection they could launch this coming winter. Beomgyu is very happy to see his boss works with enthusiasm again because Taehyung has been a monster for the past two weeks. He thinks it's because of a certain handsome CEO too.
Tae even ordered lunch for the whole staff after he heard that Jungkook is still in his office. Everyone were thankful of the free food and if someone noticed anything about their bosses, no one dared to speak. Everything is going on just fine inside the office when Tae suddenly
received a phone call from Yanna's school. He even furrowed his brows because he's not expecting anything from Ms. Lee today. He checks the time and it's just 3PM and it only means emergency! He suddenly grabs the phone and answer the call. "Hello Ms. Lee." he greets only to
hear his daughter sobbing on the other line of the phone. He immediately grabs his car keys and without asking anything more, he runs towards the elevator. "Mr. Kim, I'm sorry to inform you but Yanna suddenly got a fever. The school nurse already checked on her and she said that
Yanna is growing her teeth that's why she suddenly---" Taehyung didn't even finished the teacher on the line. "Ms. Lee thank you for calling, I'll be there in 15 minutes." he informs her before ending the call. He's already inside the elevator when he calls Beomgyu next.
"Vshi, why are you--" "Beom, I'm out. Yanna has an emergency. Anything urgent, just email them to me." He informs his secretary who didn't even know that hes already on his way to his daughter. Beoumgyu didn't ask anything anymore when he heard that. "Okay sir, take care."
Taehyung ended the call with a sigh. He knows it's normal for his daughter to get a little fever when she's growing her teeth but that doesn't make him less worried. He can still remembers how he was crying the first time his baby got sick when she was barely a year old.
That time, his brother was out of country while Jimin has a photo shoot. It was Jia who helped him. The woman took him and Yanna to her pediatrician and since then Dr. Yuna has been Yanna's pedia. Finally Tae arrives at the school after reminiscing some of his epic parenthood
memories. He was welcome by the receptionist and guides him to the school clinic where Yanna is now sleeping peacefully at the pink tiny bed. The nurse immediately recognizes him and explains to him what happened. He thanked her after and finally carried Yanna to his car.
At times like this when Taehyung wishes that Yanna's mom is still alive. He knows that no matter how much he loves her, he couldn't take care of her just like a normal mom could. The pretty designer carefully strapped on his daughter on her seat before he get inside the car.
Taehyung sighs, he knows that if Jia or Jimin could hear his thoughts now, they'll probably scold him again. The two has been his fans for being a parent to Yanna. Heaven knows he's trying his best but there are still times when he feels like his best isn't good enough.
The designer tried his best not to cry in times like this, thankfully, he managed to drive home safely. He carried Yanna inside their flat but the moment he lay her down on her bed, the child starts to cry again. "Sssssh, baby papa is here." he immediately tried to pacify her.
Yanna momentarily opens her eyes just to check if it's really him before she clings to his neck again. This is the problem whenever Yanna is not feeling well, she is literally very clingy. It's as if she's very afraid to be left behind again just like how her mother left her!
So Taehyung didn't let go of her, instead he hugs her closer reassuring her that he's already with her now and that he will never leave her. Tae decided to go back in their living room instead of sitting in their bed with his working clothes still on. He's still carrying her.
Taehyung knows he just have to make sure Yanna is in deep sleep before he cpuld finally put her down to prepare their dinner. But the moment he thought of dinner, he remembers a sudden man with a raven hair! "Damn it! I forgot to inform him." he mutters, when he remembers that
he left his phone on the car too. He tried to lay Yanna down again but the child just buries her face in his chest more. Taehyung sighs, he cant believe that his very chance to finally date again is now cancelled! Worst thing is, he couldn't even inform Jungkook about it now.
Taehyung just hopes Jungkook wouldn't take it personal at their work place after he ditch him on their first date! He took another deep breathe when he feels Yanna's warm breath on his chest. Good thing that she's not as hot now since the nurse gave her paracetamol already.
And since Tae knows that his baby wont be waking up anytime soon, he just tried his best to make himself comfortable in his position too while still carrying Yanna. He knows he could put her down later but for now he wants to give her comfort he could give her.
Few minutes later Taehyung himself started to fall asleep on the couch while hugging his baby on his arms. ***Meanwhile at the office, Jungkook looks at the time. It's almost 5 o'clock and he only realized that he hasn't done any reservations for his dinner with the Kims yet.
Good thing that he's JEON JUNGKOOK, so he dialed the number of a famous restaurant at Namsan Tower to make a reservation for 3 including his little princess. He's even smiling while talking to the manager of the resto since the receptionist forwarded his call to her boss.
"I thought I could finally see you with someone Gukkah, but it seems like this is another business meeting." Yugyeom the manager teases him but Jungkook immediately corrects him. "I'll be with someone Yuggy. It's definitely not a meeting." he uttered while smiling.
"Oh, but why need a table for 3 if it's a date?" the manager asks, a little confused. Jk just laughs at him. "You'll see why later bro. I'm hanging up now, and thank you so much for doing this to me. I know your policy." "No problem bro, I'll be happy to see you with someone."
Jungkook thanked his friend one more time before he finally ended the call. He knows he still has lots of papers to sign so he went back on reading them again. He's in the middle of reading one proposal when Hyuka enters his office with another cup of coffee. He thanked him.
"You're welcome sir but aren't you going home yet? It's alreay 5." the assistant reminds him. If he didn't make a reservation for dinner tonight, he would probably stay at the office to finish everything before going home but since he knows he'll see the Kims, he smiled at Kai.
"Did Tae-- i mean, how about the designers team? Did they leave already?" he pretends to ask nonchalantly hoping to know if Taehyung is still in his office too. He didn't even manage to thank the older man for his lunch a while ago because he was too busy the whole day.
Hyuka smiled back at his boss. "Beomgyu is still here sir since we're leaving together but I heard Vshi already left a couple of hours ago." he informs him and Jk almost drops his pen when he heard that. "Huh?! A couple of hours ago? Does he have a meeting outside?" he asks
since he knows Tae will never leave early without an official trip outside the company. "No sir, I heard he has an emergency at home." Hyuka didnt have to say more because Jungkook immediately sprang from his seat upon hearing that! There's only one thing Taehyung would consider
as an emergency! Jungkook didnt even manage to say goodbye at his startled assistant as he grabs his jacket and car key and runs towards the elevator. He knows he still has no right of asking Taehyung about his personal problema if the man isn't ready to share it yet but he
wants to be there for him and his daughter too. He's already driving on his way back to their apartment building when he dialed the designer's number. Unfortunately, he's not answering and it only made Jk worried more. He just hopes that the father & daughter are safe.
Jk almost run towards the elevator when he arrives at the building. He immediately pressed the Kim's floor number as he fidgets with his phone. He only slows down when he's finally in front of the Kim's door. He pressed the door bell but no one is answering nor opening the door.
He pressed it again one more time hoping that nothing bad happens to the father and daughter duo. He was about to leave and just leave a message at Taehyung's phone when the door finally opens. His eyes widens when he saw Taehyung's sleepy face while still carrying Yanna.
"Tae" he blurted out as he enter the house before taking the little girl from Taehyung who looks like about to drop his baby. "She won't let go of--" Tae wasn't even finish with his sentence when Yanna finally let go of his neck and cling to Jungkook's chest.
Taehyung feels like his arms are numb because of carrying the little girl for quite some time. He went to close the door and leads Jungkook to Yanna's room. "Why didn't you call me" Jk asks when they're already inside the room. The designer furrows his brows in confusion.
"Why would I call you? It's a personal emergency and it's on my contract that I can--" he's trying to reason out when Jungkook interrupts him again. "Tae, I'm not asking because of the company. I mean, why didn't you call me that Yanna is sick?" he asks more clearly now.
Taehyung froze while fixing Yanna's bed. He turns to look at Jungkook because it's the first time he heard his boss calling his daughter in her proper name. He also didn't expect the genuine concern laced in the younger man's voice. He suddenly feels like something is blocking
the air in his chest because when he looks at Jungkook, his boss is already carefully laying Yanna down on her bed. He even softly brush away the little girl's fringes that are sticking on her face. It looks natural and sincere. Taehyung gulps. He's still staring at his boss
when Jk suddenly turns to look at him when he didn't hear any answer. "Are you okay?" JK asks when he notices that Tae suddenly becomes speechless. Tae just nods at hi because he feels like he's about to cry once he opens his mouth. JK grabs his hand & pulls him closer.
"Hey, Tae you're making me worried, are you okay? What happened? Do we need to bring her to the hospital? She feels a little warm." JK squeezes his hand and for the first time since Yanna came into Taehyung's life, someone has finally asked him the questions he's longing to hear!
So instead of saying anything, he decided to throw himself at Jungkook and hugs him. He wraps his arms around the CEO's neck while Jk quickly pulled his waist closer. JK wants to ask if the other is okay again but since Tae remains quiet, he just decided to give him more space.
Taehyung didn't cry nor break down in front of Jungkook. The other's warm embrace is enough for him to be comforted. Besides, he knows he's strong enough now since he already got 4 years of practice being a solo parent. But Jk's presence at this moment is really appreciated.
He slowly let go and pulled away when he thinks he's ready to face Jk's gaze only to be burned again. He has never seen anyone else look at him with the same manner as Jk stares at him. Jk lifts his hand to cup Tae's face. "I'm here now, you can call me anytime if you need me."
Tae feels the warmth spreading feom his cheeks to his heart. He only met Jk less than a month ago, they only had dinner twice but here he is believing the sincerity of the younger's words. He smiles & nods at him. He's tired of pushing people who wants to take care of him too.
He knows it will be a big step for him & definitely a huge risk for Yanna but one look on Jungkook's beautiful brown eyes and Taehyung knows that he's now ready to trust again. Maybe not with his whole heart, but at least he can now let Jk inside their lives.
"Be careful with what you promise Mr. Jeon, I might accept that offer." Tae chose to voice out to lighten the mood between them. Jk only pulls him closer again, just enough to hold him better. "I mean it Tae, Im here not only for you but for Yanna too." Jk declares one more.
Taehyung has to bite his lower lip upon hearing that again, Jk's gaze lowers to his lips too. The two of them stares at each other with a playful smile on their lips & blushes on their cheeks. "I might have grew up in states but my mom taught me to be a gentleman, so stop
biting your lips like that Mr. Kim." Jk suddenly blurted out when he feels like he might lose control and just devour the pretty designer in front of him. Taehyung chuckles upon hearing that. "And what if I won't stop Mr.Jeon?" he teases him as he bites his lips again.
Jungkook leans closer. "Tae baby, I--" "Uncle JJ?" Yanna's tiny voice startles the two! Taehyung immediately checks on his daughter, quickly ignoring Jk beside him. "Angel, thank God you're awake now." he whispers as he peck her on her forehead. Yanna is still warm & weak,
so she just smiled at her papa. Then her eyes focus on Jk's hand that are still on Taehyung's waist. The two quickly pulled away from each other but Yanna seems not to care to see her papa being cozy with her uncle JJ. She smiled at Jk to before she closes her eyes again.
Tae & Jk look at each other when they made sure Yanna is sleeping again. Then Jk's eyes focus back on the little girl again. "I cant believe she's calling my name even when she's sleeping." he said, genuinely amazed when Yanna called out to him. "She was awake, maybe she heard
your voice." Tae corrects him but Jk is already too happy to care. Taehyung faces him again, he cant believe how Jk really found a spot on his heart for his daughter. He's about to tease his boss again when Jk suddenly shoot up from the bed. "Im going to get food, do you need
me to buy anything? How about her medicine? You didn't even tell me what's wrong with her?" Jk suddenly blurts out when he realized that Tae didn't tell him what happened yet. Taehyung smiled & pulles him back to sit on the bed. "She's growing her fangs so she could bite you."
Jk cant help but smile after hearing that. If Tae could joke around about it, that means Yanna is alright, right!? "Those teeth better come out peacefully or else, my princess doesn't deserve to get hurt by them." Jk mumbles as he caresses Yanna's face. Tae almost tears up.
When Jk is done cooing at the sleeping little girl he turns to face on Tae again, he took his hands and play with them before he speaks again. "I'm sorry if I have to cancel our date tonight, the little princess isn't allowed to go out on this weather." Jk apologizes and Tae
cant help but feel his heart flip again, this time not just a little but a full somersault! "Yah, am i not supposed to be the one cancelling on you?" he replies while smiling at Jk's thoughtfulness. Jungkook chuckles. "Alright, let's just say you're the one who ditch me on
our first date Tae, besides I wouldn't have to tell that to my little princess anymore coz she knows the truth." Jk teases him more and they both laugh to that. "I'll just cook something & you can join us here again." Tae suggests but Jk shakes his head off.
"You're already tired and you'll have to look for her tonight too. I'll just go & grab some food at the restaurant, what do you want to have?" Jk asks. "How about you?" Tae replies without thinking. "M-me? Tae I'm sorry baby but I dont think it's the right time for us to---"
"Yah!!!! Jeon Jungkook!" Tae interrupts him while playfully pushing him away after the designer realized what he was talking about. Jungkook laughs a little louder when he saw how red Taehyung's face is. "Sorry baby, i was just kidding." he said, pulling him closer again.
The two of them almost jumps put of bed when Yanna suddenly rolls on top of the bed again. Tae laughs at his daughter while Jk is smiling fondly at the little girl. "Gonna go & buy something soft she could eat. What do you suggest?" Jk asks again and Taehyung finally sighs.
"Why are you so obsessed of buying food for us. I told you I could cook Gukkie." he whines but Jk just pulled him out of the bed so they're both standing now. "When I told you I'm already here, I mean it. And I know you can do that, you can take care of yourself & your angel.
I know you can provide for her too. I don't doubt that all Tae coz you're a very strong person. But I want to do this. I also want to take care of you two not because you cant,but it's because I can. So please,let me do this, okay? Stay here & make sure the princess sleeps well."
Taehyung has to press his lips into a thin line while Jungkook is speaking because heaven knows how he wanted to bend on his one knee & propose himself to his boss. He cant believe how lucky he is to have met a wonderful person like him when he already thought that he would
never find love again. Taehyung's eyes widens when he realized what he's thinking. The P word & the L word are too early to think about,so he tried his best to push them back at the back of his head. "She loves chicken noodle soup whenever she's sick." he blurted out instead.
Jungkook chuckles when he heard Taehyung's response, he wasn't even able to stop himself from nuzzling the other's nose because he really found him cute at that moment. "Let me buy food then, I'll come back soon." he uttered before planting a light peck on Taehyung's lips.
Taehyung feels like he's about to explode at that moment. He doesn't know how he get so lucky to have this perfect man in front of him. So instead of saying a word to express his gratitude, he just pull Jk once more and kiss him properly on the lips. It was deep, passionate kiss.
They are both breathless after sharing their first proper kiss. Taehyung's nervous when he realized that it's him again who initiate the kiss, but the smirk on Jk's lips tells him that the man isn't complaining. "I better leave now or else, we're eating something else tonight."
Tae tried to hide his smile but he's just too happy to have this man right now. JK left after few more light kisses he gave to Taehyung. When Jk left, Tae decided to go back to his car & get their belongings. He also checked his phone & informed Chim about Yanna's condition.
He also turn on his pc inside his study room and started to write an email, informing his assistant that he'll be absent for the next two days because of course he has to take care of Yanna. He doesn't want Yanna to be in school when he knows that it will take few days
fro her to totally get better. The designer is still busy with his computer when he heard his daughter calling out to him. He hurriedly closed his pc and ran towards her room. "Angel, papa is here. Do you need anything?" he asks while kneeling on the edge of her bed.
Yanna yawns before answering. "Papa, where is uncle JJ? I thought he's here?" she asks with a pout while her eyes are roaming around the room as if searching for the man mentioned. Taehyung is taken a back when he realized that Yanna's looking for someone else & not him.
It's the first time that his daughter got sick that she looked for someone else that's not her own father. "Uhmm, yes angel. Uncle JJ was here but he went out to buy us some food." he explains after checking her temperature again. Yanna nods as if she understands.
Since Taehyung checked Yanna's temp already, he has decided that it would be better for his angel to wash up now before Jk comes back. So he helped her out of her bed and took a quick warm bath before changing her into her pajama. He even put the cold compress patch on her.
Taehyung also changed into his pajamas after making sure that Yanna is comfortably laying on her bed with her favorite unicorn stuffed toy. He's about to go back to his daughter's room when he heard someone ringing their door bell. He immediately smile knowing it's Jungkook.
JK was only gone for more than an hour but when he comes back, he looks like he bought a whole shop because he's not only holding the bags of food but the security guard at the lobby is also holding few more paper bags from a luxury store near their building. Taehyung thanked
the other man before letting Jk in. He remains quiet and just observes his boss as he went straight int he kitchen to put the bags of food before washing his hands in the sink. "Is she awake already? I bought something for her." JK asks as if everything is so natural for him.
Taehyung squinted his eyes before pointing at the paper bags on the floor left by the security guard. "You said, you're going to grab food. Since when they're selling food in Louis Vuitoon?! For goodness sake Jeon Jungkook you don't have to buy a goddamn expensive bear!"
Jungkook almost jumps out when he saw Taehyung's reaction. He was waiting for the food he ordered at the restaurant nearby when he saw the bear displayed at the shop so he went to buy it thinking that Yanna will love it. He never expected Tae to freak out like that. He knows
the bear is a bit expensive, but it's for his princess so he didn't think too much about it. But when he saw Tae's mad face, he knows he made a wrong decision buying it. The last thing he wants is to pissed Tae off and be kicked out from the house of Kims so he remains quiet.
Taehyung sighs when he looks at Jungkook's face. 'How could he look so cute and hot at the same time?! goddamn it! Geta grip on yourself Kim Taehyung!' the designer yells mentally at himself before turning to pick up the bear from the box. "You can buy hundreds of bear like
this is if you just went to the department store nearby." he said while giving the box to Jk who remains frozen in the middle of their living room. "But I want to give my princess something only her could have tho." he mumbles to himself not wanting to annoy Taehyung more.
Tae has to bite the inside of his cheeks when he heard that. He knows Jk purposely lowers his voice so he couldn't hear that but since there are only two of them in the living room, he heard it clearly and it really warms his heart. He pushed the other towards Yanna's room.
"Go check on her and I'll prepare the food." Tae uttered before leaving Jungkook in front of Yanna's room. JK smiled to himself when Tae's gone. He really got nervous a little when he saw angry reaction a while ago. He hides the bear behind him before entering Yanna's room.
Yanna immedeiately perks up the moment he saw her uncle JJ. "Uncle JJ!" she calls out with her tiny voice and JK's heart breaks upon seeing the usual bubbly princess looking like this. "Hello there princess! How are you?" he asks while kneeling on the edge of the bed so their
faces are in the same level. Yanna pouts & remains silent for a while as if thinking if she'll tell Jungkook the truth. "Hmmmn, I guess the princess isn't feeling well today. Good thing I brought a friend." JK pretends not to be bothered by Yanna's silence.
Yanna immediately sit up upon hearing that only to squint again when she feels the pain of her growing teeth, there are at least 3 of them this time. JK saw her reaction so he quickly joins her in her bed, totally forgetting about the surprise. "Hey princess come here."
He put down thee bear in front of him before he pulls the little girl into his lap. "Ah beaaaw!!" Yanna excaied when she finally saw the bear and Jk can't help but feel a bit proud when he saw the smile on the girl's still pale face. "Oh yeah, he's a friend of mine and I'm
letting him stay with you since uncle JJ would not be here all the time." Jk explains as he passes the huge bear to Yanna. The little girl immediately hugs the bear with her two small arms, burying her face on the bear's fury chest. "Thank you uncle JJ! I wuvv it!" she said!
Jk hugs the little girl with the bear upon hearing that. "You're welcome princess." he whispers in her ears before kissing her strawberry scent hair. He even smiled at the realization that the father and duo are probably sharing the same shampoo because they smell the same!
"So what's his name?" Yanna suddenly asks. Jk is not prepared so he scratches the back of his neck & smile sheepishly at the little girl. "Uhm, he doesn't have a name yet princess, why don't you name him?" he said smiling at her. Yanna pauses a while as if thinking deeply.
Jungkook wants to help the little girl come up with a cute name but damn, his brilliant mind isn't functioning well right now. The only names that comes to his mind is John, Dan, Eunwoo, and other names of his employess and he wouldn't ever name the bear he has given to Yanna
with those names! No! It should be cute one, like ..uhmm, maybe ...damn! He really cant think of any! "Guk-kie" Yanna blurted out all of a sudden. She even slides down her bed & turns to face Jk to show him the bear. "Uncle JJ, his name is Guk-kie" she said proudly!
Jungkook furrows his brows when he heard the name that sounds like his name. "Princess, but w-why Guk-kie?" he asks, wanting to know why the little girl chose that name. Yanna climbs back on Jk's lap while still carrying the bear. Then she turns to face Jk & cups his face.
"Becosh uncle JJ, papa has Guuuuk" she leans closer to him nuzzling his tiny nose to Jk's bigger nose "so Yanna got Guk-kie!" she grins at him while showing off the bear. That moment both Jungkook & Taehyung who's now standing by the door feels like they're about to explode.
The two adults didn't even talk about what kind of relationship they have now that they've been constantly sneaking kisses behind Yanna but here's the little girl labeling them already. Jk notices Tae standing by the door but he chose to focus on Yanna at that moment.
"Oh, then from now on, let's name him Guk-kie so he could look after my little princess!" he declares while carrying her up so they could join Taehyung for dinner now. "Yes uncle JJ, and you will be papa's big Guk!" she repeats it and this time Tae is standing beside them.
Taehyung tries his best not to tear up while watching the two. The heaven knows how he already given up of having this, but here they are acting all domestic just because of an expensive bear Jk bought for his daughter. And Tae might not want to admit it, but he's loving this!
The three of them went into the kitchen and have dinner together. And as much as Tae won't admit it, he's really amazed on how Jk went from 0 knowledge from parenting to 98% now that he could feed Yanna without making a mess. He even managed to trick Yanna into drinking her
syrup that really tastes awful. "Come on princess, open up the cave...ngrrrrrr the plane is comiiing" Jk even make some twirls of the spoon he uses to make Yanna drink her medicine. And since Yanna is too excited to gobble up the plane, she opens her mouth without refusing!
Tae is beyond surprise! "Woah, I think I might learn some tricks from you now." he clicks his tongue when he saw how Jk immediately give the banana milk to Yanna so she wont taste the bitter taste of the syrup. JK just winks at him, not telling him that he was googling it
a while ago while waiting for the food he ordered. Yes, call him whipped but that's how Jeon Jungkook works when he really wants to achieve something. This time, heaven knows how he's trying his best just to make sure that he'll be able to enter the father & daughter's lives.
The three of them finished their dinner in silence. Yanna obviously tried her best to eat, thanks to her uncle JJ. "Papa, is uncle JJ going to sweep in the couch again?" the girl suddenly asks when the two adults started to clean up their table. Tae looks at Jk & gives him a
warning look. He knows that if he'll answer that, Yanna might just convince him to let Jk stay again. Jk seems to get the message so he replies to the little girl. "I'm sorry baby, but uncle JJ has to go home tonight. But don't worry, I'll let you sleep first before I leave."
Yanna looks at her silent papa first before looking back at her uncle JJ. "It's otei uncle JJ, Guk-kie will sweep with me." she replies before leaning to him. Taehyung smiled at the two of them. "Yanna, show uncle JJ your toothbrush now baby. I'll clean us here." he said.
Jk accompanies the little girl to the bathroom adjacent to her own bedroom. And he smiles to himself when he noticed the collection of body wash & shampoo inside. He just confirms that the two share the same scent because everything is in red bottles. They're using strawberry
scent products. JJ took Yanna's purple toothbrush & squeezes a pea sized of her toothpaste too. "Papa said Princess can brush her teeth alone now, can you show it to uncle JJ?" he gives her the toothbrush but Yanna is hesitant to accept it. Then it only downs on him about
the cruel teethies that are hurting his princess. Jungkook sighs, he's not prepare for this. "Uhmm, okay princess just open your mouth & uncle JJ will carefully brush your teeth." he tries but Yanna just take one step back from him again. "Huwts.. my tweeth huwts uncle jj."
Jungkook wants to square up with those teethies at the moment, bit he knows he csnt do anything about it anymore. He wants to brush her teeth but he doesnt want to upset her more. Then an idea suddenly pops in his mind. "Okay princess, just sit here for a moment. Uncle Jj will
just get something." he said making her sit on the little stool inside the bathroom. Yanna obeys him & remains still while still covering her mouth as if she's afraid someone might touch her teeth. Jk ran towards the kitchen & asks Tae for a clean softer towel.
Tae frowns upon hearing that but still gave him one of the soft towels. Jk went back inside & saw Yanna in the same position. He wets the cloth & put a tiny bit of toothpaste on it. "Come here princess, say AAA" he said, showing his own teerh to the little girl.
Yanna leans closer despite of hesitating, and with tears in her eyes, she opens her mouth for uncle JJ. JJ quickly but carefully wipes her tiny teeth using the cloth before giving her the warm water to rinse her mouth. Yanna's still teary eyed when they're finish so Jk pulls
her closer so he could hug her. The girl immediately buries her face on the crook of Jk's neck. "Well done little princess. You did a great job tonight. Now let uncle JJ tucks you in so your tiny teeth would stop bothering you already, okay?" Jk utters but Yanna remains quiet.
By the time Taehyung finished tidying up everything in the kitchen, both Jungkook & Yanna had fallen asleep already. Tae sighs while watching how Yanna curled into Jungkook's chest and as much as he doesn't want to bother the two, he just couldnt let his daughter sleep with Jk!
He trusts the man, he likes him and there's no doubt Jungkook genuinely cares for them but still, Taehyung's parental instinct kicks in. His baby needs to rest and Jk needs to go to his office tomorrow so he steps closer to Jk's side to wake him up. He was about to touch Jk
when his boss suddenly opens his eyes. "Im sorry if I've fallen asleep again Tae, i swear---" "Ssssh, she'll wake up." he points at the sleeping little girl & Jk immeidately keepa quiet. He slowly untangled himself from Yanna. He took Guk-kie & replace himself by it
Jk plant one last kiss on Yanna's chubby cheeks before he turns to face Tae. The pretty designer didn't speak at all as he leads him outside Yanna's room. They let the door open so they could hear if Yanna needs something. "Guk, thank you for tonight. I really appreciate it."
Jungkook pulled Taehyung closer before wrapping his arms around the designer's tiny waist. He knows that they have to sit down and talk but it's already past 9 o'clock and he wanted the other to rest so he would have enough strength to deal with Yanna, besides he knows that they
have all the time in the world to talk. JK lifted his other hand to tuck in Tae's hair behind his ear. "I told you, I wanna take care of you and Yanna. So stop thanking me because ---" Jk's words are suddenly cuts off by a soft lips again. The CEO smiles thinking that Taehyung
is developing a habit of interrupting him talk with a kiss. So he pulled the older closer and started to deepen the kiss. He heard the pretty designer moans softly and Jk knows that if he won't stop now, he might not stop himself later. He pulled away only to be pulled again.
Taehyung knows he's being selfish for interrupting Jungkook speak again. It's not that he's afraid to hear what the other is about to say, but he's more afraid of what would be his answer. He knows Jungkook really cares for him and his daughter, but he isn't sure if he's really
ready to jump into a commitment involving his angel. But when Jungkook tried to pull away and stop the kiss, he realized that he doesn't want to let go. He pulled him closer again, but this time he knows that at the back of his mind, there will be no letting go.
They only end the kiss when they're both breathless, their lips swollen & their hair a mess. Tae is blushing hard when he saw his reflection at the mirror in their living room while JK is just staring fondly at him. "If that's how you say thank you everytime, then I dont mind."
Tae playfully hits the other's chest upon hearing that & Jk just catch his hands and bring it to his lips. "Now I'd rather go home before I do something. I dont want to worn you out because you have to take care of my princess." he teases Tae again. "Yah! W-what??! Who told you
I will even let you w-worn me out?" Tae stutters while pretending to pull away but Jungkook just laughs at him. "Tae, baby this is the 3rd time you---" "Yaaah! Stop!!! Jeon Jungkook, istg stoppp!" Tae covers his mouth as he pushes him towards the door. Jk cant stop laughing.
Taehyung only removes his hand covering Jk's mouth when they're already by the door. "Goodnight Tae" JK stole one more kiss on Taehyung's lips before he let go of the other. "Goodnight Guk." Tae replied as he opens the door. The two of them are still smiling idiots when Tae
suddenly remembers to inform his boss that he'll be absent for 2 days. Jungkook steps back closer to him upon hearing that. "And that's what I am expecting to hear from you. Take care of princess and yourself baby." Jk said again before kissing his forehead fort the last time.
Tae can't help but blush upon hearing the endearment again. "Goodnight Guk." he said one more time before finally closing the door. Jk is still smiling until he arrives at his own flat. He almost immediately want to go back to the Kim's flat when he realized he's alone again.
***The next morning, Jungkook has to force himself not to press the number of the Kims floor when he's inside the elevator, It's only 7 o'clock in the morning and as much as he wants to see them before he goes to work first, he doesn't want to disturb them especially Taehyung
who's surely still sleeping. He's already at the office when he sent a text to the beautiful designer but it's already lunch time when Tae finally replied to him. JJK: Good morning Tae, how are you & my little princess? I hope you're both rested well.
KTH: G'morning Guk. Thank you for the flowers. Yanna loved them. She doesn't have a fever now but her teeth is still hurting her. She ate the left over chicken noodle soup for lunch. JK furrows his brows after reading Tae's reply, and it is only when he remembers what he has
written on the card when he finally realized why Tae said Yanna loves the flowers. He's smiling while remembering how he drop by at the shop on the lobby of their building a while ago. He wrote, "HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY BABY, SEE U LATER." He can't wait to go home & see them.
Meanwhile, Taehyung is smiling to himself when he sent the message to Jungkook. Of course he knows that the flowers are his and the fruits are for Yanna, but he likes teasing Jk that's why he sent that. He's still smiling while smelling the flowers when Yanna saw him.
"Papa, did uncle Hobi get rid of his sshunfwowesh? Those are woses now." she points at the flowers on her papa's hands. Taehyung can't help but laugh when he heard his daughter's comment. He steps closer to her and show her the bouquet. "No angel, these are not from Hobi."
Yanna gasps dramatically. She even covers her mouth with her tiny hands before looking back at Tae. "You mean to say, papa you have a new swutow? But uncle JJ said he will bwing you the king!" she blurted out only to cover her mouth again as she realized what she said.
Tae froze upon hearing what his daughter just said. He knows Yanna loves to tell tales but he is also aware how his daughter regard Jk as a king. He clears his throat and stares at her. "Angel, what do you mean by uncle JJ bringing papa the king?" he tries to ask but Yanna just
remains still, obviously thinking how she'll get out of the situation. Taehyung knows his daughter is up to something so he tries again. "Okay angel, forget that. But can I just ask, why do you like uncle JJ so much?" he asks again and this time Yanna's face brightens up.
"I wike uncle JJ sooo much becosh papa wikes uncle Jj and he cawwy Yanna many times." the little girl blurted out. Taehyung is taken a back upon hearing that. He remembers now how Yanna loves Hoseok too but she seems reserve around him when he's watching them. Tae suddenly feels
guilty because he knows that his daughter could have loved Hoseok more but because of him, she restrained herself. With that realization he pulled his daughter & let her sit on his lap. He hugs her tight not knowing what to say after that. That moment, Tae realized that being
a single parent is really not an easy task coz every word and action he makes will have an effect to his child. He didn't even realized he's already crying when Yanna suddenly lifts her hand to wipe away his papa's tears. "Papa, why are you cwying? You have bad teethies too?"
Tae smiles softly at his baby's innocence. "No baby,papa is just so happy that you're well now and you dont have fever now." he lies because he knows it's too early for him to talk about life with his daughter. Yanna smiles sweetly at him. "Stop cwying now papa" she kisses him.
Taehyung hugs his daughter once more before cupping her chubby cheeks. "Yanna, angel who told you like uncle JJ?" he asks, trying to fish information again since he knows his daughter loves to keep secrets with Jungkook. The little girl crosses her arms in front of her chest.
"You smile to him like this ow the time." Yanna even copied his smile. Tae laughs at her antics. He cant believe that his daughter is clowning her just because of a man he met just less than a month ago! "You also let him kiss you." she adds & Tae feels like wanted to die.
"OMG, baby no! Who told you that?" Taehyung tried his best not to stutter nor to blush but he feels like someone just throw him in a freezing lake. But Yanna just fidgets with her finger. "But papa, i saw uncle JJ kith you wast night." she said with her tiny voice .
Tae wanted to die at that moment or maybe migrate somewhere far away where he doesn't need to explain to his daughter that yes, he already shared a lot of kisses with Jungkook! Tae looks calm in the outside while his daughter is looking at him but deep inside he's screaming.
His main reason why he doesn't want to date is because of Yanna. He wants to protect her at all cost. And now that he just heard her talk about suitors, kings and kisses just because of him bravely flirting with Jungkook thinking that his daughter is asleep, he wanted to die!
No, okay that's exaggeration. He doesnt want to die but he's beyind embarrassed! "Uhmm Yanna angel, maybe you're just dreaming? Because uncle JJ didn't kiss papa." he hates lying but at this point he's desperate to save his face in front of his daughter. Yanna frownsa at him.
"Papa, Yanna wasn't dweaming. I awso heard uncle jj said you're pwetty." she said as if she's teasing him and Tae just knows that he's defeated already. There's no point of lying to her, besides he realized that if he really wants this to work with Jungkook, Yanna must know too.
Tae smiles fondly at Yanna. Then he carries her again while she's holding the bear Jk gave her. "Angel, a-are you not mad that Uncle JJ kissed papa?" he asks, hoping for a good response. "Are you mad papa?" she asks back & Tae shakes his head. "Then yanna is not mad too."
That's the only words Taehyung wanted to hear before he lets her go and play inside her room while he went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Its almost 5 o'clock already and as much as he wants to deny it, a part of him is hoping that someone with a bunny smile would knock on
their door later to join them for dinner again. Taehyung is already washing the vegetables in the sink when he heard a knock on their door. He glances at the wall clock and smiled brightly at himself thinking that Jungkook must have left the company earlier today to see them.
He even quickly fix himself in front of the mirror before he walks towards the door. Another knock! "Yah, im coming can you--" he cuts himself off when he saw who's outside their door. "Yaaah??? Kim Taehyung, why didn't you call me & why aren't you answering my call?"
"Mrs. Jeon? What are you doing here?" he blurted out upon seeing his previous boss! Jia scowls at his reaction. "My angel got sick & you're still asking me what am I doing here? Take this, where's Yanna?" the older woman asks, whila marching inside their flat. Taehyung smiled.
He now remembers where Jungkook took his dominant traits. "She's at her room playing. You can go see her and I'll prepare the food." he replies knowing that Jia will probably stay for dinner. Tae continues to prepare the veggies. Few more minutes passed & he heard another
knock. He smiled at first, only to get nervous when he realized that Jia is still here. He isn't ready to tell anyone else about his budding relationship with Jungkook yet. He's also somewhat scared of Jia's reaction because no matter how kind the woman to him & his daughter, he
knows how Jia wants Jungkook to get married and have children ao she could have grand children too. Taehyung sighs. It's not as if he can just ignore the knocking on the door now. So with a heavy heart, he went to open the door. "Tae, omg! I'm sorry I just read your message
and I just arrived too. Where's my Yanna? Are you alright?" Jimin blabbered when he saw the reaction of his bestfriend. Tae sighs upon seeing Jimin. He immediately throw himself at the other & they end up hugging each other. "Yanna's fine now, Mrs. Jeon is with her inside."
Jimin smiles upon hearing that the father & daughter duo are not alone. "If Yanna's okay now, then why do you have that face?" Chin asks while squishing his best friend's bread cheeks. Taehyung sighs. He knows he cant just tell Chim everything now because Jia is also there.
So he forces himself to smile. "Im fine Chim, I am just confused, i want to cook Yoongi hyung's Kimchi Stew but I cant remember how." he lies and Jimin bought it immediately upon hearing his boyfriend's name. "Ahh, come on let me help you. But first, let me give my angel a hug."
Taehyung proceeds to the kitchen while Jimin went to Yanna's room where he found the little girl sitting on Mrs. Jeon's lap. They greet each other first and after Yanna gave him a lot of tiny kisses on his face, he went back to help Taehyung in the kitchen.
"It's been 4 years now but I still can't get used to seeing Mrs. Jeon baby sitting your daughter. I mean, I know Yanna is an angel and Jia is really kind but she is a business tycoon, a fashion icon!" Jimin whispers to his bestfriend when he's sure Jia wont hear them.
Taehyung laughs upon hearing that from his best friend. "Look who's talking?!" Chim, you're one of the highest paid models in Asia but you are Yanna's nanny and driver at times too." he blurted out while putting the chicken inside the oven. Jimin sighs upon realizing that.
"I think, at this point even the president will be whipped for her. She's just so adorable and she's loved even the 4 readers of this au." Chim sighs as he sits on the stool while watching his best friend who's now preparing the dessert. "What can I say, like papa like Yanna."
They are still laughing when Jimin notice something on the counter. It's packets of coffee. The model raises his eyebrows when he confirms that it's one of the expensive brands, so it means it's not just one of those give aways. "So, when did you start drinking coffee?" he asks.
"Huh?! Chim you know that I don't drink coffee." Tae replied not noticing the coffee sachet on Jimin's hands. "Tae are you sure? You know that coffee won't let you sleep." Jimin reiterate but Tae just furrows his brows again. "Why would I lie to you about a coffee?" he sighs.
Jimin decides to show what he saw on the counter top. "Then who's coffee are these? No one visits you here aside myself and Mrs. Jeon." he said with a straight face. Taehyung's eyes widens when he recognized that it's Jk's coffee. The younger bought it the other night too.
He was about to make another excuse when they hear another knock on the door. Jimin points a finger on him. "We're going to talk about this later." he warns him before he walks towards the door. Taehyung fell into deep thinking because how could he tell Jimin that he's now
kissing the same man he just punched the last time they saw him. NO, Tae will need more time to tell his best friend about Jk. He's still thinking when he heard Jimin calls out his name. "Taeee, someone's here." he said with a stern voice and it is only then when he remembers
that it's almost 6 o'clock and that must have been Jungkook! The beautiful designer suddenly want to vanish. Good thing that Jia and Yanna decided to come out of the room. Tae saw Jk holding lots of paper bags outside their flat again. Jimin is blocking the door.
Taehyung knows Jungkook will probably hate him for what he's about to do, but he isn't ready to be confronted by both Jimin and Jia yet so he did what he think could save him from his present predicament. "Hello Mr. Jeon, are those the things I asked Beomgyu to send to me?"
Jungkook furrows his brows upon hearing Taehyung's words, he's beyond confused because they both know that he didn't ask Beomgyu to send anything for them. Then Jk follows Tae's eyes on Jimin. The CEO sighs when he realized what's going on. So as much as he wants to see Yanna,
he just pretends and go along with Taehyung's drama. "Ah, yes Mr. Kim. He sent you the food you ordered. He also bought this for prince--I mean for your daughter." Jk said while giving the paper bags to Taehyung. Jimin is just silently watching the exchange of the two.
Jungkook was about to leave when Mrs. Jeon and Yanna finally notice that it's Jungkook who's standing outside the door. "Tae, is that Jungkookie?" she asks and Taehyung nods at the older woman. Of course, Yanna's ears perks up the moment she heard Jk's name. "Uncle JJ?"
Jk doesn't want to put Tae in a difficult situation in front of his best friend, but he's just a weak human being who's whipped for Yanna, so the moment he heard the little girl calling out his name, he just enters the flat totally ignoring the two who are blocking the door.
"Hello princess! How are you doing?" JK asks completely ignoring everyone is the room. Yanna runs towards him, wrapping her tiny arms around Jungkook's neck. "Yanna didn't cry today uncle JJ! Wook,mamita bought me a pwesent." she said waving her new toy. Jk praises her again.
"Wow, that's really pretty princess. I'm glad your teeth arent bothering you now. Does it mean you can eat what uncle JJ brought you now?" he asks while tucking the little girl's hair behind her ears. Yanna nods excitedly while Jia and Jimin are both confused of what's going on.
Tae knows Jimin will ask a lot of questions cause of that exchange so he still tries to save himself out of the situation. "Ah,Mr. Jeon since you're already here why don't you join us for dinner? I'm sure Beomyu sent a lot of food." he invites his boss who's now staring at him.
Jungkook knows that Taehyung is just trying to look normal in front of Jia & Jimin but he also knows that if he stay longer, the two would eventually know what's going on between them. And since he knows that Tae isn't ready for it yet, he knows he has to decline the offer.
He was about to thank and reject Tae's invitation when Jia answers for him. "Thank you Tae. It would be nice Jungkookie if you'll join us. It seems like Yanna is very fond of you." the older women said while silently watching Tae's reaction. "Yes uncle JJ, eat with us."
Jimin raises his brows when he saw Taehyung's soft expression when Yanna invited Jungkook. He might think that he's just over analyzing things just like those Tkers in youtube but this time he can definitely sense that something is going on between the Kims and the Jeons!
But since Tae isn't telling him anything yet, he tries his best to ignore the nagging feeling. He will just keep quiet & observe tonight and maybe he can talk with his best friend later. At the end of the conversation, Jungkook of course end up agreeing to eat with them.
Now the thing is, both Yanna & JK is so familiar with each other already. Jia noticed how Yanna found a permanent place on Jk's lap since her son arrived a while ago. She also noticed how Jk confidently went to the kitchen to get some water for the child a while ago.
Jimin on the other hand becomes more suspicious when Tae starts to prepare the food in the dining table because if he really orders the food Beomgyu sent him,why did he look so surprise seeing what's inside the paper bag?! Jia & Jimin continues their observation when they're all
in the table for dinner. Jungkook chose to sit beside Yanna so the little girl is in between the two while Jia & Jimin are seated at the opposite of the 3 of them. At first, Jimin thought Jk is just being gentleman putting food on Yanna's plate, but when the CEO started to cut
the meat and feed Yanna by himself, he feels something is really off. His suspicion becomes deeper when Taehyung started to cough & Jk quickly took a glass from the cupboard without difficulty of finding them as if he knows the kitchen too well. Jia is also thinking the same.
The last time she saw the two, they were bickering. But now, something is really off. It's as if Jk & Tae is moving like the Earth and the Gravity. That every time Tae moves, Jk moves too. They are not looking at each other but it seems like they're connected to each other in a
way only two of them knows. It's as if Tae's calculated moves are based on Jk's measured reactions. They don't even touch each other but it feels like Jk already knows what Tae needs,it's really odd. And Yanna, the shy little girl around everyone is so at home with Jungkook too!
Both Jimin and Jia didn't even realized they haven't touched their food until Yanna pointed it out. "Papa, why is mamita and uncle Chim didn't eat their food?" the little girl asks and Tae is beyond surprise to see the other's plates. "Chim, Jia what's wrong with the food?"
Now it's Jimin & Jia's turn to blush when they realized that they indeed haven't touch their food. They both came up with their own excuses before they both hurriedly eat their food. Tae laughs at them, believing their own lame excuses. They all finished their dinner in peace.
Now the thing is, Jimin already decided to let his observation go thinking that he might be over thinking again. But then Yanna suddenly asks Jungkook to help her brush her teeth and Jimin's suspicion is back. 'Why would Yanna asked the CEO to brush her teeth?!' he thought.
Taehyung's eyes widens upon hearing that so of course he came to the rescue. "Yanna baby, uncle Chim will help you brush your teeth okay?" he said hoping that his baby wont refuse it this time. Jungkook looks at Tae but he chose to remain quiet. Yanna agrees & went to Jimin.
Now the thing is, Jia is left with the two and she's beyond surprise when Tae & JK started to clean up together. At first, she thought that was normal to see her son helping Taehyung clean up since he ate with them but when Tae started to tell Jk what to do and her son just obeys
him without a complain, she started to be more suspicious again. She noticed how Jk knows which cupboard is for what. She even saw how her son knew where the garbage bin was. It didn't also skip her vigilant eyes when Jk subtly wipes away the sweat on Tae's forehead while the
other is washing the dishes. The two looks so comfortable around each other like they have known each other for so long. But what really shocked the woman is when the two started to play with the bubbles thinking that nobody is watching them since she told them a while ago that
she's going to watch Jimin help Yanna in the bathroom. Jia smiled to herself when she realized something. The two will probably tell her when they're ready so now, she decided to pretend that she didn't see anything. She went back to the living room and patiently wait for them.
Taehyung & Jungkook are almost finished with tidying up the kitchen when they heard Yanna crying from her bedroom. They both ran inside to check on her only to find Jimin crouching down on the floor while Yanna is still crying under the bed. "Chim what happened?" Tae asked.
Jimin looks like he's about to cry while holding the puprle toothbrush. "Tae, I'm sorry I didn't know it's her teeth. I think I touched the one that's causing her pain and now she can't stop crying." Chim explained with almost teary eyes. Tae smiled at his best friend.
"Hey it's okay. You didn't know." he said hugging him. The two of them just let go when they noticed that Yanna isn't crying anymore. Jimin is even beyond surprised to see the little girl buried on Jungkook's chest. "I got her, don't worry." the CEO said before carrying Yanna
back inside the bathroom. But instead of taking the toothbrush from Jimin, he took the white soft clothe from the bedside table of the little girl. Taehyung just follows the two with her fond gaze and Jimin might not want to admit it but it feels like he's suddenly an intruder!
The model still feels bad about him hurting Yanna accidentally so instead of following Jk and Yanna, he just decided to join Mrs. Jeon waiting in the living room. Surprisingly, Tae leaves Yanna with Jk alone too and offers them some tea. Jia agrees & jimin requested one too.
They are enjoying the tea when Jk finally came out of the room with a fond smile. "Where's my angel?" Jia asks her son who looks really at home inside the Kim's house. "She falls asleep after the crying spree mom, I guess her teeth are still giving her a hard time."
Jimin was about to apologize again when he got interrupted by Taehyung's voice. "Do you want coffee?" he asks, his eyes focus on the CEO who's now sitting beside his mom on the couch. Jk smiled at him. Yes please." Jimin & Jia looked at each other when they saw that.
If Jia has decided to let Tae & Jk take their time before telling her what's going on between them,Jimin is the opposite. He immediately follows his best friend in the kitchen to confront him. There are many instances that happened tonight and he can't wait to know the real deal.
Taehyung is getting a mug from the cupboard when Jimin breaks the silence in the kitchen. "So, those coffee are from Jungkook." he starts and he noticed how Tae's hand froze mid air. "They're probably from Namjoon hyung when they came over last time Chim.' he lied, not looking.
Jimin sighs and counts 1-10 in his head before he continues. "Tae, I saw how he looks at you the whole night! What was that about Yanna? Your daughter doesn't just cling to anyone unless they like them. And she will only like them if she spend some time with them." he paused.
"I'm not blind and I'm definitely not blind Kim Taehyung. What is going on between you and Jeon Jungkook?" he asks with a stern voice. Taehyung sighs. He hasn't talked about it with Jk yet and here's his best friend asking him too many questions already. NO, he's not ready yet.
"Chim, you saw how Yanna clings to him when they first met. We also had dinner at the Jeon's already so you can't blame my daughter if she likes the man. Also, what is it you want me to say? He's my boss at the office and you know how Jia treats us like her family." he sighs.
Jimin stares at his best friend. He realized the other was right, Yanna has already met Jungkook before and he was there and saw it with his own eyes how the little girl likes Jk even before. He sighs, maybe he's just really imagining things. Then he remembers the glass.
"Then, how did he know about your glass in the cupboard?" he blurted out hoping to fish for information but Taehyung just shakes his head. "Chim, he lives in the same building. He probably has the same kitchen design with ours." Tae replied still not looking at him.
Jimin sighs in defeat. He stares at Taehyung again trying to gauge what's going on his mind. "Alright, I'm sorry for being pushy tonight Tae. Maybe I'm just too excited to think that you'll finally get the D." he uttered and Taehyung almost choke with his own saliva!
"Yah! Park Jimin!" he whisper yelled hoping that the Jeons in the living room didn't hear that. "What?" I was just telling the truth. Jungkook is hot and Yanna likes him. It's a win win for everyone." he said, now smiling at his friend who's blushing so hard.
"ISTG, Chim if you won't shut up I'll pour this coffee in your head until you get bald!" Tae hissed before they both went back in the living room. Taehyung is still so red when Jk thanked him for the coffee. "Tae, are you alright" Jia asks him. Tae just nods & smiles at her.
It's odd to see the four adults in the room enjoying their drink without talking, and Tae feels like he's about to explode because he doesn't know how he'll ask them all to go home. It was Jimin who finally say goodnight first, telling them he still has a shoot the next day.
Jia smiles to herself when she finally has the chance to corner the two. But since both of them are pretending that everything between them is professionalism, she thought something that might stir them both. "Tae I'm glad Yanna looks fine now, I was worried when I saw Beomgyu's
message about you getting absent because my angel got sick" she starts. "I'm sorry for not telling you Jia. It slipped my mind. But don't worry she's fine now. I only asked her school for a few days leave just in case she needs more rest." he explains not getting any hint from
what's going on Jia's mind. "I'm glad to hear that Taehyungie. You know how much you and Yanna means to me. She is like my grand daughter now, I'm wondering when is my Jungkookie will give me my own granddaughter too." she said while looking at them both. Tae bows his head
upon hearing that while Jungkook furrows his brows because first of all, Jia knows he likes man, well he likes one man only. "Mom! Why are we suddenly discussing that here" he said, worrying that Taehyung might misunderstood it. "Well, I was just thinking, I'm old now and
I also want to have my grand daughter to play with." she said nonchalantly. Jungkook wants nothing but to cover his mom's mouth when he saw how Taehyung curled in the couch opposite him. "MOm, I guess you're sleepy already, let's get you home." JK stands up to guide his mom.
But since Jia is set to torment the two for not telling her the truth, she pressed again. "Alright, my driver is waiting outside so you dont have to drive me home son." she replies to Jk before turning to look at Tae again who's now looking back at her with those beautiful eyes.
"Tae, before I leave. Can you do me a favor?" she asks with her extra sweet voice. "Anything Jia, what is it?" Tae replies eagerly despite the ugly feeling he's feeling since the mention of a grandchild a while ago. Jia steps closer to him with a mysterious smile.
"Can you find my son a date? You see, you have a lot of wonderful friends and I was thinking if you could set him up with--" "Mrs. Jeon!!!" Jk suddenly cuts her off when the CEO realized what his mom was asking from Taehyung. Tae on the other hand feels like he's about to cry.
Jia saw the expression on their faces and she even almost feel sorry about them if she didn't know about hos her son really feels about Tae. "Jungkook, I'm not even talking to you. If only you can find someone to date then I wouldn't have to ask Tae to help you." she replied.
Jungkook's eyes widens uon hearing his mom, he can't believe of all people his own mother will betray him like this. He even feels like someone is squeezing his heart when he saw Taehyung's reaction. But since Tae isn't saying something, he decided to remain silent too.
"D-don't worry Jia, I'll inform you once I found the perfect match for M-Mr. Jeon" Tae forces himself to reply. Jk on the other hand, frowns upon hearing his reply! He can't wait to send his mom off so he could talk to Tae alone already. "That's great! Thank you Taehyungie"
And just like that, Jia finally left with Jungkook. Taehyung hurriedly closed the door and started to cry when he's sure no one can see him. He knows Jia has always been wishing to have her own grand children. She even often tells him that she'll love to have Yanna as her own.
But now that the woman told him about wanting grandchildren from Jk, he feels like his heart is ripped off from his chest! Why does he needs to fall for someone who's out of his league?! Tae curled himself on the couch while thinking how will he explain everything to Yanna.
Meanwhile, instead of taking his mom to her car, Jk leads Jia back to his own flat. He's very furious and he can't wait to confront her. "Mom! What was that all about?!" Jungkook can't help but to raise his voice when they're inside his house. Jia knows what is he talking about
but she pretends to be innocent. "Jeon Jungkook! I didn't raise you to be this disrespectful! And what is it that you want?! Why bring me here in your cold apartment if we could have just went home?!" she scolds him while crossing her arms in front of her chest. Jk sighs.
"I like Taehyung." he utters exasperatedly. Jia tried her best to contain her excitement and smile. "What is that? I didn't hear you young man." Jungkook closed his eyes before opening them again to face his mother. He knows Jia knows about his sexuality already and he's
not worried about confessing to his mom about his feelings for Tae. "I said I like Taehyung mom, and what you just did there wont help me to get him like me too." he said before flopping himself in the couch. Jia bites her lips and joins her son in the couch with a smile.
"I knew it!" she even claps her hand upon hearing her son's confession. Jk turns to look at his mother. "What do you mean, you knew it? You were asking Tae to find someone to date me just a while ago mom!" he whines thinking of Tae's reaction again. "I saw you in the kitchen.
And I thought you two are already secretly dating behind my back. So I thought of teasing you both." she admits when she realized that Jungkook & Taehyung aren't dating yet. "Mom, we ate dinner couple of times but I haven't told him how much I like him yet. I mean, mom we
aren't officially dating yet. And now that you gave him a wrong idea about who I like to date, I guess my little chance of having him to date me is gone now." Jk sighs again. Jia feels guilty upon hearing that. But then again she turns to face her son. "You like him?" she asks.
Jungkook turns to look at his mother upon hearing the question. "I like him since the first time I laid my eyes on him." he replied while sti thinking how he'll explain to Taehyung about his mom's failed antics! Jia smiled fondly at his son when he heard his answer.
"That was 5 years ago when Taehyung went to LA with me!" she blurted out. "I was asking about him before but you were too busy with your work. Then the next time you talk about him, he already has Yanna. I thought he got married. You didn't tell me he just adopted Yanna. "
Jia cant believe the turn of events unraveling in front of her. The two most precious men in her life seems to be fated with each other. And yet, she asks Jk another question because she has to be sure about this first. Jk might be his son, but she doesnt want Tae to get hurt.
"How did you know you like him then? I mean are you sure you really want to date him Guk? Because Taehyung deserves someone who will accept not only him but Yanna too. You are my son, but Tae is special to me too Gukkie." she said in her softest voice. Jk turns to face her.
"I never thought I'll say this but mom, ever since I went to eat dinner with them, I cant imagine a life without seeing them. I want to take care not only Tae but also my princess. They, they just makes me feel at home whenever I'm with their presence." he confessed.
Mrs. Jeon is beyond surprise upon hearing her own son's reply. She might have a tiny clue that Jk is really attracted to Tae but her heir is definitely not just infatuated with him when he regards them as home now. "Jungkook!" "I know, I'm being a sap now mom but I mean it."
"OMG! Tae must be upset by now then. But son, how are you even so sure that you're ready to have this life? Taehyung has Yanna. Those two are both precious to me and it will really break my heart if you hurt them. Guk, you have to be so sure son. Loving Tae will not be easy."
Jungkook smiled fondly at his mom. He is happy to hear that from her because it only tells him that aside from himself, there's one more person who truly cares for the Kims. "I was not looking for an easy love mom. I want something I can call mine. I want someone who will hold
me down. I am not saying that I don't appreciate all the things you and dad have given me. But I was 14 when I left home to study abroad to secure my future. I was always far from home cause you're the one who always visits me wherever I was. Tae & Yanna makes me wanna go home."
Jungkook doesn't know why, he didn't even realized that his mom is already crying while listening to him. "I thought I was doing the right thing when I sent you away. I didn't know you feel that way. I'm so sorry son." Jia hugs her son tight. She never thought that her simple
plan of teasing him would result to this. The two of them opening the dam of emotions they were hiding for years. "You don't have to apologize to me mom. You did what you thought is best for me and I'll forever be thankful to that. You raised me alone when dad left us. You are
the best mom anyone could ever ask for. So what I'm saying is, now that I have experienced a life with Taehyung and Yanna, I'm thinking of coming home." Jia suddenly got confused. "Huh?! I thought you like a privacy that's why you bought this flat?" she asks. JK smiled at her.
"It was fate who brought me here mom. I was already planning to go home & just stay with you when I learned that Tae lives in the same building. So I promised myself that I will only move back to our family house when I can bring them with me." Jia gasps upon hearing that.
Jk smile at his mom's reaction. "Why do you look so surprise mom? Didn't I tell you I wanna protect and take care of them?How will I do that if I won't bring them home?" he said smiling. "OMG! The renovations you're doing at the mansion is not for your office!" she blurted out!
Jia can't believe what she's hearing. Actually, the renovation at their mansion started before Jungkook went to Japan. It was a sudden decision from his son but since it's Jungkook, she didn't mind it. She didn't even look at the plan since the room being renovated is the guest
room beside his own room at the second floor of their house. Now that she's thinking about it, she remembers one of their maids receiving furniture deliveries that looks like princess bed and other smaller furniture for a girl's room. She was just pre occupied that time so
she just ignored them. Now that she heard it from her son himself, she cant help to feel more guilty thinking of Taehyung's fallen face a while ago. "Son, I guess this is my cue to leave. Im so sorry but you got to explain everything to Taehyung. But knowing that boy, he'll
probably won't let you in now. Promise me you'll talk to him soon." Jia said. Jungkook's eyes widens. "But mom! You also have to tell him that you were just pranking him. What if he wont believe me?" he whines but Jia is already by the door. "You can do it son. Goodnight."
Jia is smiling to herself when she finally got inside her car. She took her phone & type something before she mentally claps for herself. She knows Tae more than anyone in this world. He would probably crying by now and she truly feels sorry for being the reason of those tears.
But thinking about her son makes her less guilty too. If she knows Tae by heart, she also knows her son so well. She told Jungkook to give Taehyung some time because the designer would probably mad at him for now, but knowing Jk, he'll probably at the Kim's door by now.
Jia isn't wrong with her thoughts of the two! If Taehyung is still sulking inside his living room, Jungkook is on his way to the Kims flat too. "I cant believe he just leaft like that?! He already knows I'm upset and all but he didn't even explain himself?!" Tae is sulking.
Meanwhile, outside his door is the CEO who looks so nervous. Jk is a brave powerful man. He is always full of confidence but ever since he met Taehyung & Yanna, he became so soft that sometimes he's too scared because he doesnt wanna lose them. Still, he knocks on the door.
Now here's the thing. It only takes less than 10 seconds when Taehyung is already standing by his door, knowing fully that it's Jungkook on the other side of the door. He looks at his phone one more time before taking a deep breathe. Knock Knock Taehyung opens the door.
"Tae" "What do you want?! I haven't found your date yet!" Jungkook sighs. If he didnt know that his own mom framed him up just a while ago, he would've immediately kiss the pretty designer in front of him because a soft Tae is a cute Tae but a sassy Taehyung is so damn hot!
Jungkook knows that one wrong word and he's out. So he gulps before replying to Tae. "I-i forgot to give my princess her goodnight kisses." he blurted out when he saw Tae purse his lips. Taehyung almost lose control over himself when he heard that so he immediately went inside.
Jk punches the air out of happiness when Tae leaves the door open for him. "She's inside and already sleeping. Close the door later when you leave. I'm going tk bed now." Tae announced and about to head towards his room when Jk suddenly grabs his wrist and pulls him closer.
"I dont wanna date anyone if it's not you." Jungkook confessed without beating around the bush and maybe that is all what Taehyung wants to hear. "Y-your mom wants you to date someone who can---" and this time for the first time, its Jk who shuts him off with a kiss.
Taehyung smiles into their kiss, thinking the message he received from Mrs. Jeon right before he heard the knock on his door a while ago. Jia purposely made him jealous because she wanted them to confess. She also gave him a hint that Jungkook might confess to him now and even
threatened him that if he wont accept Jungkook's love confession, Jia will go back as his CEO and fire him. Tae giggles on how the mother and son work their ways into his life. They are both stubborn and he loves it. Jk pulls him even closer, rubbing their bodies together.
Jk initially planned to confess his feelings to Taehyung and formally ask him to be hia boyfriend. But the way Tae moans and whispers through their kisses makes Jk feels something else. He pushes the older to the couch only to join him with another passionate heated kiss.
The confession could wait. He promises himself to tell Tae how he truly feels for him but right now all he wants to do is devour the beautiful man under him. His hands start to roam around Tae's body while his lips starts to travel from his lips to Tae's jaw down to his neck.
"G-guk" Tae breaths when he feels Jungkook's harden c*ck brushed to his own. They're both filled with lust towards each other. Taehyung's hand find its way inside Jungkook's shirt while Jk's hand starts to knead Tae's thicc ass. "Tae, you're beautiful like this baby."
"G-guk please" he moans when Jk starts to rub his thighs over Tae's clothed c*ck. They are both so into the moment that they haven't noticed that the dim light on Yanna's room is suddenly lit up. Jk is too busy making Tae feel good so they didn't hear the tiny foot steps too.
"Baby, f*ck I really want you." Jk whisper when Tae starts to touch his nipples under his shirt. "Then take me Guk, sh*t take me now." Tae whispers back while enjoying every single touch from Jk's warm hands. They're still all over each other when the light floods the room.
Tae automatically pushes Jk away from him. Jk fell into the carpeted floor with a thud! Good thing that the couch is positioned where Yanna didn't see what horrible things they were doing. The little girl even thought no one is there until Jk grunts on the floor. "Uncle JJ?"
Jungkook hurriedly fix himself. Good thing that he is fully clothed and still looks presentable minus his pained hips that bumped into the center table before he rolled on the floor. "Y-yanna princess why are you still awake?" he asks as he opens his arms for the little girl.
Taehyung wanna hit his head on the wall when he saw his daughter climbs into Jk's arms. He almost lose control knowing fully that Yanna is in the same house! He cant believe he almost scarred his daughter's innocence just because he cant keep his d*ck under his pants!
"Uncle JJ cawwy me to bed" yanna replies as she yawns, completely ignoring his papa who's silently sitting on the couch. Jk cant help but feels sorry for their carelessness when he saw Tae's state. He knows they will really have to talk things through after he get Yanna to bed.
"Let's get back to bed princess." Jk whispers to the little girl's ear before he carries him back to her room. Taehyung follows them quietly. He watched how jk carefully lay his daughter on her bed, how he planted a kiss on her forehead before switching off the light leaving only
the lamp over Yanna's bed. They silently watch until she fell asleep again. Jk is still holding Yanna little hand when he reaches for Taehyung's hand. "Come here." he said while pulling the other & let him sit on his lap. Tae sighs but obeys and sit on Jk's lap.
"I'm sorry if I keep putting you into a tight spot without telling you how I really feel." Jk starts while trying to gauge Tae's reaction. Jk let's go of Yanna's hand for a while & repositions Tae on his lap. The older is sitting on his right thigh, while facing Yanna.
"We only met for a short period of time ago but Tae I dont know about you but I have never felt so at home with anyone until I met you and this little girl right here." Jk suddenly feels so emotional when he realized how Taehyung & Yanna suddenly changed everything in his life.
Its only a few weeks ago when he was googling how to feed a child properly and now he can tell everyone how he's great at it without making a mess in the table! Tae himself suddenly feels like everything that is missing in his life is finally filling in with Jk's presence.
Jungkook swallows down the invincible lump in his throat before he continues. "I know it will probably looks weird and unreal to other people who don't know anything about us, I know Yoongi hyung and even your best friend Jiminie will surely make fun of us, but Tae I also know
that I want to be a part of you and your daughter's lives. I know this, whatever you wanna call this between us will really make a sudde huge change in Yanna's life but baby I am willing to wait and be patient until you & my little princess is ready to accept me in your lives."
Taehyung knows, Jungkook doesn't have to give him a long ass wonderful speech that will make him cry, he knows that the younger man in front of him who didn't have any idea how to handle shit about children a month ago but now is an expert when it comes to Yanna has already
paved his own way to his & his daughter's lives. But as a single parent who went through aot of hardships including emotional & mental abuse from his previous partner, Tae let Jungkook speak. He let the younger makes him feel complete again. So he just listena there beside him.
Jungkook lifts his hand & starts to trace the perfect details on Taehyung's ethereal face. He traces the outline of his lips, the perfect slope of his nose, his perfectly chiselled jaw, his thick eye brows, before cupping his face again. "I know you've been through a lot, i know
you're worried about Yanna, but Tae baby, I promise to take care of you two. In fact, just give me at least another week before the renovation of Yanna's room is completed so I could fully take care of you both." Jk smiles at him now when he saw a familiat emotion on Tae's eyes.
"R-renovation of Y-yanna's room? G-guk what do you mean by that?" Tae speaks for the first time because heaven knows how he feels like his heart is about to explode when he heard that. Jk suddenly got nervous, he isnt sure if Tae will be happy about him doing all that without
asking him first but he follows and trusts his heart. "I renovated one of the guest rooms beside my own room at the mansion. I, well I was hoping that if.. well if only you would agree to be my boyfriend, I would like you & Yanna to come home with me so we could finally live
with mom already. You also know how she loves you both so I was thinking it would also good for my princess if we could all live together like.. you know like a real family." Jk stutters, he knows he's blabbering but Taehyung remains speechless and there's tears in his eyes.
"Oh geez, I fvcked it up, didn't i?" he asks but Tae is still not talking while staring at him. "Tae, baby please say something. Y-you don't have to agree or you may reject me now but please say something." Jk feels like he's about to cry now too when the little girl starts to
stir in her bed. "Papa," she calls out and the two of them immediately look at the sleepy girl. Tae wants to cry harder when he realized they have been disturbing his daughter's sleeping pattern too. What kind of parent he is for doing this?! Then Yanna sit up from her bed.
Tae cries harder when Yanna crawls to his lap this time. And he just realized that this is the first time his daughter chose him over jk ever since the man entered their lives. He even starts to sob when the little girl took a tissue from the bed side table & wipes his tears.
"Papa stop cwying now. Im sure uncle JJ also built a woom for you or maybe mamita can share her huge woom with you." Yanna consoles her papa and Jk almost laugh out loud when Tae suddenly stops crying upon hearing his daughter's words. "H-huh? Baby what did you say?" he asks.
"I heard uncle Guk, tewwing you that he buiwt a woom for me at mamita's house. Aw you cwying becosh uncle Guk didn't buiwt one fo you papa? Dont wowwy, you can sweep in my woom too." she asks innocently. This time, Tae & Jk froze on their seats when they realized what she just
told her father. Jungkook was the first one who got out of his daze. "Yanna princess, does it mean you agree to move in with uncle G-guk?" he asks excitedly, hoping that he understands the child's words a while ago. Even Taehyung got nervous of what would Yanna's reply.
Yanna turns to look at Jungkook then back to Taehyung again before she finalmy speaks. "You pwomise me you'll buiwt a castle for papa too but now you made him cwy becosh you only bjiwt Yanna's woom." she huffs as she purse her cute tiny lips. Jk hurriedly moves closer to her.
"Yanna, princess remember our secret?"he asks with a spark in his eyes. Yanna gasps dramatically when she remembers something and Tae has never been eager to know what the two are talking about. "What is your secret baby?" he asks his daughter but Yanna just moves closer to Jk.
Then as if Tae wouldn't hear her, Yanna leans closer to Jk's ear. "Are we going to tell papa now that you're the King and im your pwincess?" she asks. Jk nods smiling wide. His eyes now on Tae because he knows the older heard it too. Yanna gasps again when she saw Jk's nod.
"You mean I can call you daddy now?" she asks again, this time with her loud excited voice. Jungkook isn't a drama king. He is not a softy & he is not someone who will cry just because a little girl is suddenly claiming him to be his daddy. But at that moment, Jk's heart
flips so high that he feels like it's not coming back into his chest because for the first time since he confessed, he found Taehyung's eye on him, this time Yanna's papa is smiling wide at him while mouthing the word "YES". Jk then turns to Yanna & kneel down in front of her.
"Of course yes my princess. I cant wait to hear you call me daddy." he said with tears in his eyes while pulling the little girl close to him. Tae immediately melts upon hearing Yanna screams "daddy" before jumping on Jk's arms. Jk carries her & pull Tar with his other hand.
With a screaming princess in his hand, Jungkook leans closer to Taehyung & kiss him on the lips. "I love you Tae, thank you for letting me join you and Yanna's journey. I promise to take care both of you baby." he said before planting kisses on Tae's lips & Yanna's forehead.
"I love you too Guk, thank you for accepting me and my daughter. I promise to make you happy, making sure you have a family to come home to every single day from now on." he whispers back before hugging him & his baby. Yanna claps her tiny hands before hugging the two of them.
"I love you papa, i love you too daddy!" she said once more before yawning. The three of them ended to lay down on the tiny bed. And since Yanna's bed is so small, they cuddle up together, squishing Yanna in the middle. That night Yanna, Tae & Guk gor their happily ever after.
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