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Mar 22, 2020
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🔥Jaeyong au🔥 Where Taeyong’s spoiled ass finally gets the punishment of his lifetime after pulling the last trigger of his father’s patience. Left in a house arrest alone in their villa, he is stuck with his new cold hearted, but also maybe hot bodyguard, Jung Jaehyun.

🔥idk what i’m doing i’m just vibing okay 🔥I DON’T HAVE A SPECIFIC PLAN FOR THIS except for the plotline, so if you ask me what goes on idk either 🔥Rated M but maybe in a way you don’t expect 👀 🔥I’m probably gonna touch sensitive or violent topics so ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
[Jung Jaehyun] •mysterious, quiet, heartless •Would annihilate your entire clan if ordered to •always in a 😐 •ALSO!! easily flustered bc he has NO love experience 🥺 [Lee Taeyong] •You’ll probably find him in every party in Seoul •BRAT •ALSO!! A lonely babie 🥺💕
Tyongfs [Doyoung] •always stressed •Where taeyong gets most scolding •Secretary life [Yuta] •loves doyoung •a major shareholder in Taeyong’s company so they’ve been friends for a while now [Ten] •BLOCKED at first bc he puts cereal before the milk •Always in a trip away
Jaehyun’s friends aka my twin au trio 🥺 •works in secret •Jaehyun’s only friends •Just.... 🤫 •conspiracy
And there he goes...
This bithchdhhss
Taeyong blocking Ten
He just hehe-ed
Talk of the town
You can’t stop him
Doyoung is stressed STRESSED
In his defense,,
True Yuta, true
He babie
Taeyong stop hanging out with your “friends”
Thank goodness taeyong is still alive
The T in trouble stands for Taeyong
His dad is stressed af too
A deal
Poor yongie
Yes I’m using the same private acc as my other au what about itghdysg
He’s just a lonely baby okay ☹️
Something baffles him.
Jaehyun’s background? 🤔👀
No words
Our lonely babie 🥺
Taeyong stfu
Dotae bffs yes
Taeyong I thought you were going to behave??
Haha 🙃
He’s bored sigh
That’s what you get you brat
Taeyong almost d words and he still has time to flirt around. Amazing.
His brain short circuits
get dy preggie
Taeten hdhdhshs
Doie just hang in there
They do!
The plan™️
Oh Mr. Jung?
You can do it friend
Spare him hdhdhshhshs
Yes we all do
I think the thread got cut off 🙃…
conspiracy 👀🤫
#TAEYONG: Jaehyun and I are always be a good team
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