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yell 🦚

Apr 9, 2020
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ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ᴍᴇ She was intimidating. He was fine with it. She was amused that he could tolerate her. He didn’t notice but she was being drawn to him. #HwanRene #Jinhwan #Irene #KonVelvet #JazeJem au

MM 1 Meet Ruesio Francisco, Jem’s cousin. A professor.
MM 2
MM 3
MM 4 Note: This will be a bit different than my other aus. The characters won’t be the one who will send the message but they’re the ones who will receive it. Thank you.
MM 5 You won’t understand the story unless you read Tambay Series. But if you still want to read it, then go. HAHA
MM 6 Demonyo
MM note: Laterz — ❤️ Share your thoughts here:
MM 7
MM 8
MM 9 Mind the time.
MM 10 Ano ba gcash mo ha jaze
MM 11
MM 12
MM 13
MM 14
MM 15
MM 16 Rueso Francisco is Jazen Jay’s thesis adviser.
MM 17
MM 19 Ay may number— HAHAHAHA
MM 21 Uhm—
MM 22
MM 23 Ay oh— speed
MM 24 Last update for now. Mwahz
MM 25
MM 26
MM 27
MM 28
MM 29
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