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Apr 17, 2020
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Yoonmin AU -- TW: Violence/Chaos, death (no MCD), graphic descriptions of blood Blood thirsty monsters come and reak havoc, destroying the world. The creatures are sensitive/attracted to certain pitches of sound. Which is going to be challenging with a baby now in Jimin's care.

He was walking on his way home from getting his daily caffeine fix at the local cafe when he heard the first bang. Plumes of black smoke rose in the air a block from where he stood on the sidewalk.
Large groups of people were running frantically down the street, their heads constantly whipping around to look back behind them as they did. His own head turned to follow the direction of what caused their fright.
Hovering above the buildings in front of him crouched massive creatures as tall as a city tower destroying everything in their path. Men, women, and anyone near were being ripped apart by black finger like claws the thing possessed and tossed to the side like insects.
Coffee cup in a now shaking hand he remained frozen in fear, unable to move a muscle. A few feet away stood a young woman with an empty stroller by her side. Jimin could see the look of pure panic in the woman's wide eyes when they met his own petrified gaze.
Breaking the contact, her attention casts down to the baby cradled in her arms. All Jimin could make out from the dust was the tufts of dark hair poking out of the blanket. The grip she held around the infant tightens at a nearby explosion.
It booms loudly, vibrating deep within Jimin's chest that quickly rises and falls with his labored breathing. Shrill screams fill their ringing ears reminding them of the horrors taking place surrounding them.
Out of the corner of his eye Jimin could see one of the large beasts getting closer to where the two of them stand. It's black monstrous body becoming bigger with every gallop it's four limbs took, shortening the distance between it and the woman holding her child.
At that moment everything around Jimin slowed.
The cries of people begging the murderous creatures to be spared, the crashes of drivers in their cars barreling fast into buildings not wanting to be killed by something not of their own free will, and the soft noises coming from the bundled blanket. It all became muffled.
The woman lept toward Jimin, closing the gap between them and it was as if he suddenly dunked his head into a pool of water. He saw sharp claws slither it's way around the waist of the woman, piercing her stomach.
The nails dripped with dark crimson from the previous people they tore through and now the woman's blood. Streams of tears cascaded down the woman's dirt covered face making wet lines down her cheeks. Desperation. That's what was written across her face as she looked at Jimin.
Eyes speaking thousands of all the words she wanted to say but doesn't have the time for. Her voice was only a soft whisper but seemed loud enough to echo over the chaos. "Jungkook." With just one word, a name. Shared between her and Jimin, the two understood one another.
The child is pushed into his arms as he sees the mother being dragged away. While the beast is distracted he has time to make an escape. Legs act on instinct and adrenaline. Running from the scene as quickly as they can with his arms tightly clutching the baby boy to his chest.
Regrettably, he glances over his shoulder to see the woman being flung like a rag doll by the monster. A stranger, a mother, who entrusted her child to Jimin in hopes of one thing. To live.
This is a little thing that has been in my drafts for a while 😊 Come tell me what you think about it! 💞 Yoongi comes in during the next update 😜
Mimi ⁷

Mimi ⁷

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