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Apr 19, 2020
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Yoonmin 🏛 Ancient Greece AU Jimin is a high priest. Yoongi is a war general. A sacred vow of chastity broken by love and lust. #yoonminau 🔞🔞🔞

Reminders: Please quote the tweet so the thread won’t break! Thank you. Tags: - Romance - Smut 🔞 - Blasphemy - Slight angst - A bit of action This is a completed AU. I’ll update the thread in a while. :)
“High priest, the general is here.” Jimin paused and lowered the scroll down on the table. “Please let the general know that I will meet him in the bathing hall in a while.” The disciple bowed to Jimin and exited the room.
With a sigh, he stood up from the chair and ran a hand down his white toga, attempting to make it appear more presentable. This was usually the one he wore in bathing ceremonies, thin and light and almost translucent, +
+ showing off the length of his throat and the sharp cut of his collarbones. The magnificent, golden necklace hugged his slim neck perfectly, the sapphire pendant sitting on the dip between his collarbones.
The general said once how beautiful the necklace looked on him, how it matched the high priest’s rare beauty, and that memory alone caused a warm flush to bloom and spread across his face. /Get a hold of yourself. General Yoongi is a dangerous man./
Pushing away uninviting thoughts, Jimin walked out of the room and made his way towards the bathing hall. Jimin hated himself for feeling anxious, for having his heart beat rapidly in his chest as if it was the first time that he would anoint the esteemed general.
He’d done so a few times in the past, to bless him for the battles to come, but this was the first time that the general had specifically asked for them to be alone together in the temple, with no prying eyes of the disciples, just the two of them breathing in the same air.
After steeling himself for the hundredth time, the high priest pushed the gilded doors open and instantly saw the general already submerged in the bathing pool, leaning against the opposite end and holding a cup of wine in one hand.
Jimin swallowed and stepped out of his leather sandals, the silky white long garment hanging from his elbows sliding along the marbled floor with every step.
He dipped his foot into the water, shivering slightly from the cold, and descended the humble steps to eventually let himself soak up to the hips. He kept his eyes on the rippling surface of the water as he waded through it, approaching the awaiting general closer and closer.
When he reached the edge of the pool, he finally lifted his eyes to gaze at the man, only to have his breath hitch in his throat when he saw the general’s dark eyes trained on him under inky, black lashes.
Jimin tried not to mind the loud pounding in his chest when he bowed to the general and said, “I graciously welcome you to the temple, my lord. I am pleased that you had a safe arrival.”
Yoongi hummed and sipped on the silver goblet, afterwards putting it down on the marbled floor and stepping closer to the priest. There was something peculiar about the general today, an indiscernible look flickering behind those dark irises which Jimin could not seem to place.
The air suddenly felt heavy around them and the high priest had to gather all of his remaining sanity to not combust in front of the mighty lord. Yoongi pulled at the laces of his black robe, showing off his pale chest marred with faint battle scars.
Jimin lips parted and then averted his eyes briefly before he uttered, “Please lower yourself, my lord.” Yoongi did as asked, bowing his head to the high priest as an act of submission to the goddess of healing, submerging himself further into the water.
“May the goddess heal all your wounds,” Jimin spoke as he started the ceremony, scooping some of the water with both hands and letting it drip down on the general’s dark hair.
“May you bear all your scars with pride in the battlefield and fight with the goddess’ light shining on your back.” Jimin held the man by the shoulders, ushering him back to his feet. His lips pressed together briefly before he slowly reached up to touch the general’s +
+ forehead with his index and middle fingers, sliding them down to the bridge of his nose, on his lips and then down to his chin, leaving a wet trail of blessed water, all the while saying, “Rise, brave warrior. May you leave this city as a man and return as a hero.”
Silence dawned between them as Jimin’s hand remained suspended in the air, unable to shy his eyes away from the general’s piercing, dark ones. The man gripped Jimin by the wrist and his heart suddenly leapt up to his throat.
“Your gods and goddesses know nothing of battles, high priest.” Jimin’s lashes fluttered, bitter offense creeping into his chest. “Pardon me, my lord—” “They sit there in the heavens, watching mortals kill each other. Nothing but mere entertainment for them.”
The high priest’s jaws clenched and he tried to seize his hand from the lord’s strong hold but to no avail. “Please let me go, my lord. You cannot utter such blasphemy in the temple—” “I am no fool, high priest. I am aware of what lies beneath your stares.”
Jimin’s lips parted as he watched Yoongi step closer to him, holding his hand still and rooting him to the ground with that dark, heady gaze of his.
“You may wear white robes all day, a symbol of purity for it’s what your goddess requires of you, but you are the furthest from innocent from what I see.” “I-I don’t understand—”
Something dangerous flashed behind Yoongi’s eyes and he briskly wrapped his arms around the high priest’s torso, trapping his arms between their chests as Jimin let out a startled gasp when the general pressed his lips against the angle of his jaw. “M-My lord—”
Yoongi sucked on the skin below Jimin’s ear and a high-pitched /moan/ was suddenly ripped out of his throat. Dread filled Jimin’s chest as he berated himself for letting such a sinful sound echo within the walls of the holy temple. This... this could not happen here—
“You see?” The general smirked. “You are not as innocent and pure as you claim to be.” Something hot and wrenching coiled in Jimin’s gut, firing up his skin with prickles of heat.
Before the high priest could say another word, he found himself being shoved against the wet marbled floor, gasping in shock as the general hovered behind him, pinning him down with his weight and leaving their lower half submerged in the water.
“I know you want this,” he whispered near Jimin’s ear and the high priest trembled. “No, you’re wrong, my lord. P-Please—” “Do not resist it. You are only fooling no one but yourself.”
The moment his toga and loincloth were pushed away, curdling heat flooded into Jimin’s veins and he whimpered at the mere touch of the general’s middle finger sliding between his cheeks, rubbing at his hole back and forth teasingly.
“My lord—” Jimin gasped when he felt the pad press against his rim. “—W-We can’t defile the holy grounds of the temple like this!” Yoongi was pouring a liberal amount of oil onto his fingers, contained by a small jar beside the wine bottle. The general had anticipated this?
Then, he positioned his fingers again against Jimin’s hole. “Fuck the temple,” Yoongi whispered, breaths harsh to Jimin’s ear. “Fuck the gods.” Jimin uttered out a cry when the general’s fingers began to penetrate him, +
+ stretching and opening him up so nicely that the high priest could not contain the pitiful whines and moans falling past his plush lips. “You can fight back if you want to.”
Jimin keened when the general’s fingers grazed against his prostate, blunt nails digging crescents on his palms. “But we both know that you desire this as much as I do, /Jimin/. Stop holding yourself back.”
The high priest’s name falling down from the general’s mouth for the first time caused a shudder to run down Jimin’s spine. He whimpered at the loss of that delicious pressure inside him when Yoongi pulled his fingers out, the man’s eyes glinting and looking pleased +
+ at the high priest’s soft protest. “G-General, please...” Jimin’s head was hanging between his shoulders, arms shaking beneath him as he kept himself propped up by the elbows. He could feel his resolve quickly ebbing away.
“What is it?” Yoongi muttered, voice dangerously low. “What is it that you want, Jimin?” Jimin’s lips parted when he felt the man’s erection pressing against the valley between his cheeks, tantalizingly hard and slick with oil that it made Jimin’s head spin with carnal desire.
“I-I want—” The high priest’s heart was beating wildly inside his chest, pumping hot blood throughout his body. “—You.” “Want me /how/?”
The general’s cock ground against him slowly and Jimin let his forehead thump on the marbled floor, teeth clenching and eyes slipping shut tightly. “I w-want you inside me.” Jimin’s voice was strained, thick with /lust/. “Please, general. /Fuck/ me.”
A harsh growl sounded from Yoongi’s throat and he eased his cock slowly into Jimin’s awaiting hole, stretching the first ring of muscle widely as a breathy gasp fell from the high priest’s mouth.
He bit gently on Jimin’s earlobe as his hips finally pressed flush against the high priest’s backside. “A-Ah—” Jimin’s breaths trembled. “Such filthy words coming out of your mouth,” Yoongi gritted, starting to grind his hips. “Makes me want to wreck you until you scream.”
The obscene slapping noises of skin against skin and the slick sounds of oil soon filled the bathing hall, permeating the air with thick scents of sweat and come.
Yoongi held Jimin’s throat and pulled him up to rest against him, the high priest’s sweaty back pressed deliciously against his chest as he panted near his ear.
Jimin moaned at the sudden change of angle, shuddering as the blunt head of the general’s cock hit his prostate sharply with each thrust. “Ah!—G-General, please—” The knots in Jimin’s groin continued to pull taut, slowly unraveling him from the inside out.
When a particularly hard thrust caused Jimin to see stars, his eyes slipped shut as a wanton moan resounded deep within his throat. “Open your eyes,” the general commanded gruffly, holding the high priest by the throat and lifting up his face to stare right in front of him.
Jimin did as told, and through the blur of tears in his vision, he saw the white statue of his goddess staring right back at him, marbled, blank eyes witnessing each sinful sound that came out of his mouth.
“Let your goddess see your face, Jimin,” the general gritted. “Let her see how much you want this.” Hot, molten shame coursed through Jimin’s veins at the man’s words. His goddess to whom he had prayed to ever since he was little was now witnessing Jimin +
+ defiling her holy temple with such sinful acts, painting her walls and pillars with profane sounds coming from her own loyal disciple. “Ngh—ah!” Jimin let out a deep moan when Yoongi hit him right where he should, head tilting back against the general’s shoulder. “Y-Yoongi—I—”
“Yes,” the general growled, snapping his hips faster. “Call my name, Jimin.” Jimin let out a loud gasp when Yoongi lifted his right leg onto the marbled floor, water dripping from his limb as he let the high priest support himself once again with his elbows.
Yoongi held his waist with large hands, causing Jimin’s cock to twitch when the man’s strength pinned him down so easily. A harsh, loud moan fell past his lips when Yoongi thrust his hips sharply, jolting him forward against the wet floor.
Jimin flexed his knee higher, giving the general more space to work with and enabling him to hit him in a way which he desired most.
“Ah—Yoongi—r-right there—ah!” Jimin mewled as Yoongi continued to ram the head of his cock against his prostate, dragging his shaft along the clenching walls that made Jimin cry out and tears to spill down his cheeks.
“Jimin.” The general picked up his pace and groaned when he felt Jimin clenching hard around him. Jimin was delirious, moans and whines falling freely from his mouth as the gratifying sensation of being pumped full of pleasure caused his mind to shut down.
He had never felt pleasure as intense as this before, had never heard his heart pound so hard and rapidly like this. “I—I can’t, Yoongi...” “It’s alright.” The general embraced his waist and pressed a kiss against his glistening back. “Let go, Jimin.”
With a long, harsh cry, Jimin spilled his seed beneath him as Yoongi continued to pound his cock inside him to help him through the nerve-wracking pleasure currently liquifying his whole body.
The general’s thrusts were relentless, aiming to extract whatever he could from the high priest, fucking him for all he was worth until the edges of his vision turned white.
It was only a matter of time before Yoongi’s thrusts became sloppier and he pumped his release inside of Jimin with a low groan on his back, arms wrapping tighter around the other’s waist as he buried his face on glistening, golden skin.
The sounds of their pants and heavy breaths echoed inside the bathing hall, their rapid heartbeats slowly calming down within their chests. Jimin felt the general plant a tender kiss on the bare skin of his left shoulder and he shuddered at the mere gentleness of the act.
“I don’t believe in the power of the gods,” Yoongi spoke, capturing Jimin’s eyes when the latter looked over his shoulder. “I believe in my strength and the people around me. We will win this battle by ourselves and not because of any god’s intercession or blessing.”
Jimin pressed his lips tightly for a moment and then he uttered, “The gods created you and I. And if we seek for their mercy, then mercy shall be granted to us.”
“Perhaps.” Yoongi rested his chin on Jimin’s shoulder, looking at him with such softness in his eyes that Jimin’s heart thundered once again in his chest. “But what I believe in is what I see now.”
The high priest’s long lashes fluttered as his throat suddenly swelled up with a warm, tumultuous emotion. “What do you see now?” he whispered.
The general’s lids fell heavier as he gazed at Jimin with hauntingly, dark eyes. His thumb caressed the bare skin of Jimin’s waist and then he uttered lowly, “I see you.” Jimin suddenly forgot how to breathe. * * *
Jimin received visits from the general more frequently after that day, some of them spent in long walks in the magnificent temple gardens, just talking about each other’s day and anything under the heat of the scorching sun.
But most of those visits, perhaps /every/ one of them, resulted to Jimin falling between the sheets at night, with Yoongi buried deeply inside him and fucking him into oblivion until Jimin’s throat went raw with screams and moans, +
+ his whole body writhing with tremendous pleasure beneath the general as the man continued to strip every fiber of his being.
The other disciples might have been hearing them—perhaps. But Jimin had stopped caring about matters like that, not when Yoongi was with him and showering him with heated touches, kisses and heart-fluttering love confessions. Whenever they were together, nothing else mattered.
Jimin slowly rolled his hips back and forth, straddling the general’s narrow hips. His white toga had long since fallen down his torso, pooling around his hips and hanging on the crook of his arms, revealing a wide expanse of golden skin which he knew the general loved so much.
He reveled in the way how Yoongi touched his bare chest, how he flicked his dusty brown nipples with both thumbs, eliciting a high-pitched whimper from the high priest as he threw his head back in pleasure.
The flames of the burning candles cast soft orange glows on their sweaty skin, making the general look more ethereal than before.
Jimin snapped his hips forward and moaned at the sudden force of pleasure that shot up his spine when Yoongi’s shaft ground hard against his prostate. “A-Ah—” he moaned out brokenly, hips circling faster.
Yoongi gripped his rear, fingers bruising the round flesh at how hard he was holding him. “Just like that—yes—you are being so good right now, Jimin.”
The high priest’s mouth parted open with a moan, eyes slipped shut and head tilted back, just savouring the feeling of untethered pleasure pricking on his skin.
The corners of Jimin’s eyes prickled with tears and he braced his hands on the general’s chest to lift himself up on his knees. Without another word, the high priest began spearing himself down on Yoongi’s cock, +
+ ruthless whines and moans spilling down his lips as the thick hardness inside him hit him in all the right places. “Y-Yoongi...”
“I am here, my love.” Yoongi pulled Jimin down on him and captured his lips into a passionate, loving kiss. Jimin keened under his lover’s affection and he tried his hardest to keep his pace and rhythm steady.
When Yoongi noticed the strain in Jimin’s thighs, he flexed his knees up and planted his feet on the sheets, bucking up into Jimin hard and fast that the high priest’s back arched beautifully as he screamed with raw, unbridled pleasure.
Jimin’s hands were propped on the sheets on both sides of Yoongi’s head, steadying himself as much as his trembling arms would allow him to. The general leaned forward and took a bud into his mouth, +
+ nipping on the sensitive flesh with his teeth and rubbing it with a velvety tongue. The high priest mewled at the sensation and he felt his gut clench with his impending release. “I-I’m going to come, Yoongi...”
“Come, my love,” the general rasped as he pulled Jimin down on him once again, drowning the high priest’s cries of pleasure in his mouth as he spilled all over their chests, thick ribbons of white come spurting from Jimin’s cock.
After Yoongi came inside him and their heartbeats had slowed down into quiet, low hums, the general wiped a fallen tear off Jimin’s cheek and said, “You cannot be this beautiful and expect me to stay sane, Jimin.”
The high priest flushed deeply and he buried his face into the crook of the man’s neck, running a hand tenderly over the other’s bare, sweat-covered chest. “And you cannot say such affectionate words and expect me to not fall in love with you, General Yoongi.”
A quiet laugh bubbled inside Yoongi’s throat and he kissed his lover’s forehead through damp, dark locks. “I shall be leaving tomorrow at dawn for battle. I don’t know how long it will take this time, but will you promise to wait for me, my love?”
“Of course.” Jimin pulled himself up to press a kiss against the general’s warm lips. “It needs not to be said. I will always wait for you.” A small smile tugged at the corners of Yoongi’s lips and something intense and flaming burned behind his dark irises.
“The emperor is an evil man, and I had to kill innocents for him because it was what he wanted, what I had to do as a warrior of this city.” Jimin’s heart ached at the pain lacing his lover’s voice.
Yoongi had told him once before that he loathed how much of a monster he had become, how fiery and unmerciful he had been to other people because of his duty to the emperor. But to Jimin’s eyes, he was nothing but a strong and righteous man worthy of so much love.
As the city’s high priest, Jimin was forbidden to raise a family of his own, marry someone he desired, or even fall in love. He was bound by an oath to his goddess, to always serve her unconditionally until the last moments of his life.
And this, this dangerous thing between him and Yoongi was the worst thing he could have done, and yet it also felt like the most rightful one he’d ever done in his life.
Jimin held his lover’s face and stared right into his eyes. “No matter how other people see you, or what others say about you, I want you to remember this moment where I am gazing right into your eyes and seeing nothing but the wonderful man who has captured my heart.”
Yoongi’s lashes fluttered and he pressed a kiss against the high priest’s lips, uttering a silent ‘thank you’ as he bared his heart out for Jimin’s hands to hold.
“I love you, Jimin.” Yoongi murmured, pressing their foreheads together. “And I will burn cities to the ground for you.” * * *
There were talks around city about how the whole army was annihilated by the enemy, how they got swarmed on all sides and slayed like butchered cattles in a pen.
The moment Jimin had heard of it, he collapsed to his knees and retched on the marbled floors of the temple so hard that tears glided down his face in fast streams.
No, Yoongi wasn’t dead. He asked Jimin to wait for him and the high priest intended to keep that promise. The general would come back to him. He knew it in his heart. A few weeks passed and Jimin’s anxiety turned up a notch.
He barely ate or slept, had abandoned praying because he was too frail to kneel and keep himself up. He knew that the other disciples were worried about him, had talks behind his back about his replacement, how the high priest had suddenly fallen ill +
+ and became incapable of conducting his duties. Then, a fateful night came when one of the king’s ministers together with a group of soldiers marched into the sacred grounds of the temple.
A disciple of his, Hoseok, was helping Jimin up to his feet, the latter staring at the visitors with questioning, tired eyes. “I welcome you to the temple, minister,” he uttered, voice sounding a bit hoarse.
The minister grimaced as he raked his eyes all over Jimin’s frail body. “The words spoken were nothing but the truth, as I see it. High priest, you have indeed fallen ill.” “I am fine,” Jimin uttered indignantly.
The elder man huffed and lifted his chin. “And there were also... /disturbing/ news that had reached my ears.” He narrowed his eyes at Jimin. “High priest, is it true that you have been engaged in sexual acts with General Min Yoongi?”
Jimin’s breath hitched as his whole body trembled with fear. Hoseok threw him a worried glance, lips pressing into a thin line as he kept Jimin’s arm propped over his shoulders.
When Jimin did not speak, the minister continued, “Such irreverent acts to the gods done by none other than yourself when you swore an oath to remain chaste for the rest of your life.”
He shook his head. “It is the highest crime that you could have ever committed to the gods, and the emperor sees fit for you to be punished.” Jimin let out a shuddering breath as tears fell down his eyes.
He knew this would happen, and yet he could not bring himself to regret a single thing. His love for Yoongi was real, as pure and unconditional as it could be.
“In addition to your sacrilege—” the minister spoke. “—You will be captured for conspiracy against the crown together with the former general, Min Yoongi.” Jimin’s head shot up to this, eyes widening with shock. “W-What? I—I don’t...” Conspiracy? Yoongi? Was he alive?
“There have been reports of the traitorous general fighting for the enemies as we speak. He was the reason why the whole army was annihilated.” The minister’s eyes glazed over with fury. “He conspired with the enemy to lay a trap for our troops.”
Jimin could not believe it. Yoongi would not do such a thing! “No, minister! That—that must have been a false report—” /The emperor is an evil man./
Jimin’s speech died in his throat as Yoongi’s voice echoed inside his mind. He knew how much the general loathed the emperor for the inhumane acts he was commanded to do before, for the monarch’s sick and twisted ways to keep his reign.
It was not impossible for the general to shift sides and fight with the rebels. The minister saw the dawn of realization in Jimin’s face and he whipped a hand towards his direction, shouting, “Seize him!”
The high priest found himself being chained and restrained, Hoseok uttering pleas to the minister to release Jimin, only to fall on deaf ears.
“You will be sentenced to death with treason and desecration of the holy gods. There will be no trial, as ordered by the emperor himself.”
Jimin let out ragged breaths as he was dragged out of the temple, barely holding himself up as the vice-like grip on both of his arms hurt like dull blades of a rusty knife. * * *
Jimin was standing on top of the wooden platform, tied against the post with thick ropes, wrists and ankles bound by heavy metal shackles. The sharp edges of dried branches and hay bit on his bare soles, but Jimin kept his eyes trained on the sky.
It was barely dawn and the darkness was still prominent in the sky, just a slit of blue light from the horizon to signify the break of another day — a day which Jimin would not be able to see.
There was a total of twenty soldiers in the execution grounds, watching Jimin with contempt, hatred and disgust in their eyes. “All men are breathed out of fire,” the executioner spoke, holding a flaming torch in one hand. “Hence all men shall turn to ash with fire.”
A bitter smile tugged at the corners of Jimin’s lips, a heavy pang of regret lodging into his chest at the fact that he wouldn’t be able to see Yoongi again, that he had broken his promise to his lover. /I hope you’re well wherever you are now./
Jimin closed his eyes, a few tears gliding down his face as he waited for the fire to consume him. /I am sorry, Yoongi./ “Captain!”
One soldier came rushing in, eyes frantic. “The gates have been breached and now the city is invaded by the enemies!” “What?!” The captain exclaimed. Jimin’s heart stopped beating in his chest. Enemies?
The panicking soldier continued, “The whole city is burning, sir! Rebels are now flocking into the—/ugh!/” An arrow pierced through the man’s chest and he fell on the ground with a loud thump.
Soon, there were rebels rushing into the execution grounds, arrows flying towards the soldiers as well as the executioner’s direction who groaned in pain and fell down the platform.
Through the haziness of his tears, Jimin’s eyes were wide as he saw a familiar figure fighting his way towards the platform, sword slashing through flesh as easily as breathing, +
+ punching and kicking so powerfully that the high priest’s chest felt so much lighter upon seeing him again — well and full of life.
Explosions rang around them as Yoongi cut the ropes binding Jimin to the post, weakened knees instantly buckling beneath him once he was released from his restraints.
The general caught him in his arms and stared at Jimin as if he couldn’t believe that the high priest was indeed there in front of him. “Jimin,” he muttered, voice heavy with labored breaths.
“I-I thought I wouldn’t see you again.” Tears brimmed in Jimin’s eyes and he buried his face into the crook of the general’s neck, inhaling his scent as his whole body trembled with so much relief.
“We need to go, general!” one of the rebels called at Yoongi once the fight was over. Yoongi nodded to him and shifted his gaze back to Jimin. “I will take you somewhere safe.” “I am so glad you’re back,” Jimin uttered shakily, warm tears flowing down his cheeks.
“You kept your promise, Jimin.” A small smile tugged at the corners of Yoongi’s mouth as he cupped the high priest’s face to press a firm kiss against his forehead, dark eyes slipping shut as he basked in the welcoming warmth of his lover after weeks of separation.
Fire, explosions and shrill cries echoed around them but Jimin couldn’t hear anything but the rapid beating of both of their hearts. Yoongi was here. He was /alive/. Jimin wouldn’t let go of him ever again.
“I’ve told you before, haven’t I, Jimin?” Yoongi muttered, pressing another kiss against Jimin’s lips. “I will burn cities to the ground for you.” * * *
After that one fateful moment, as the entire city burned for days and nights, the fire roaring and stretching up to the heavens and reaching for the gods, an entire empire fell, and history had changed forever.
— The End 🏛
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