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May 7, 2020
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♡ markhyuck au? where exes mark and donghyuck are featured in the cut series video “exes play truth or drink”.

important! ⤷ this au is really inspired by cut’s truth or drink series on yt! you might find similar conversations while checking on their videos :]
⤷ it’s my first time making this, so it might be suck ⤷ sorry for any future typos & grammar errors ⤷ please be nice 🥺 ⤷ please quote don’t reply
— truth or drink: the rules
— introduction
— still introduction
— mark picks the 1st card
#1 how did we meet?
— attractive
#2 if you could erase every thought of me, would you?
— would you?
#3 am i a better lover than who you currently with?
— which guy, mark 💀
#4 did you ever love me? or do you still love me?
— always
#5 when do you know it was really over between us?
— slowly falling apart
— silly and devastating
— broke up
#6 how long did it take for you to get over us and what did you do to help yourself get over it?
#7 are you happy with our current relationship?
— are you happy now?
— yep. allow me to quote kim hanbin's legendary speech here
— involved my absence
that's it for tonight! how is this going so far guys? please let me hear your thoughts. 🥺 also!! i genuinely appreciate all the qts, rts & ❤s huhu thank u so much!!🥺💘
#8 how did we break up?
— hurtful things
— unwritten promise
— crystal clear
— right, more sighs, i'm sorry
— ??
— late at night
— spill it, hyuck
— sure
— on purpose
— didn't hate it
— the only time we were quiet
— stealing glances
— there's still more
— like usual
— very slow
— it was over
— strangers
— after the break up
— whatever, canada
#9 would you go out with me again?
— does he really know tho
#10 what do you think i should change about myself for my next relationship?
— take a shot
it's me again!🤧💖 shsjsk how do you think so far? please hit me up on cc & let me know your feedback! thanku so much for the qts, rts & ❤s i swear you guys at the sweetest! goodnight!✨
#11 what would it take for us to get back together?
— a chance
— what if
— right person for each other
— not ready
— unblock me
— what is it
#12 i dare you to kiss me, or take two shots to get out of it.
— just give him the kith :c
— shall we
— yes way >:(
— with you
— watermelon juice
#13 do you ever regret breaking up with me?
— good thing
— yes, goodbye road enthu
(you can skip this if you want) <//3 goodbye road lyrics the lyrics was just.... fitted well so yea im sorRY
— until it wasn't
— last question
#14 did you always know that we wouldn't last?
hehehe hola! we are reaching the final question here🤧 uwu if there's any question/feedback my cc is always open😆 as usual i'm grateful for the qts, rts & ❤s! your warm words are always making me smile🥺 goodnight!🌛
— remember?
— future
— officially
— why cats
— immature
— closure
— (ex) couples
— really last question
— final words towards each other
— serious
— so fine
— indeed happier apart
— not hurting each other
— appreciate you
— amazing person
— were together
— nothing but wellness
— thank you
— my turn
— hyuckie
— never
— couple times
— at least you knew
— lovely
— all this time
— inspiration
— okay
— all in the past
— i forgive you
— it would be nice
— i am alright
— stop feeling hurt
— radiant
— like a sun
— as much as you pray for mine
— better and happier
— he's speechless, your honor
— a lot to take in
— some alcohol
— to the happier version of ourselves
— ok cut!
alright that's the end for the video series!😽 idk what am i doing please tell me what you think🤧 oh and there'll be lil more chapters shsjsj if you dont mind all the qts, rts & ❤s are always highly appreciated🥺 thank you💝
BONUS CHAPTERS 🤪 • please ignore timestamps • idk what am i doing i hope u enjoyyy
— their video is uploaded on yt
— relatives’ reaction! (ft. nomin & dotae)
— some viewers’ reaction lol
— several days later
— unblocked
— replied
— fyi
— boo boo the fool 😔
— the end 👋
— yeah lol
— no, you listen
— see you when i see you
— so considerate
— later
— *timeskips*
— hey
— not even text but ok
— excuse me
— much better
— am i?
— i dont knoww
— my battery is lit rally dying
— too long
— dude with ❤
— no rushing things
— kiiiinda
— look at my timeskip (yes they already met on sunday)
— what have u done
— what did u do
— that kind of person
— still confused but ok
— puppies, remember
— another baby... pup is baby’s dog... right...
— unfortunately do
— our baby
— flexing his pup
— the sun is back
— just them being uwu
— *pup growing up* timeskip ft. dotae just because🤧
— another pup
— more sweets🤢
— throwback
author's note ♡
i'm leaving my cc here for the last time hehe🤧 it would an honoured for me if you could share your last thoughts/feedback abt my au🥰 thanku so much once again!! p.s: oh btw i use @/lumberjacklabs' pups photos on ig for Tuna 😊
*it would be😅


uhm since there is my Vietnamese fellow who promoted my au, this au is also available in vietnamese language, you could find it here:… thanks @wonderstruck1010🧡💙 for translating this<3


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