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May 16, 2020
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#kaisoo au “What is this?” jongin receives the reply instantly,usually it would take sometime to receive a reply from his husband,kyungsoo but today he gets the reply instantly instead of reply back he calls him.

“What is it,Jongin? Why are you calling me now,it’s already late!” Kyungsoo answers the call and these are the first words jongin gets to hear. “i miss you...” jongin whines instead of answering to the questions. “Why did you lied to me” jongin keeps on whining.
Kyungsoo could say that jongin must be pouting right now,he didn’t mean to do this, not visiting jongin on his holidays from the service,he had promised his hyung-squad for a meet up but what he didn’t expect is to spend his three days of holidays with them.
“I didn’t lied,they just compelled me and you too said it’s okay when i called you back then,right, then what happens to you now?” Kyungsoo aruged. “I was just lying,you asked for me a one day thing but you spent all your three days if holiday with them...”
“Could you please stop whinning and i could say your pouting like a baby just from here” kyungsoo laughs airily. “i am not pouting and i hate youuuu” jongin strches the ‘you’. “No,you don’t. You don’t hate me jongin.”
“Now could you please move your ass from the bed and open the door” kyungsoo asks him. “Stop speaking nonsense,hyung.Don’t let me get hopes high and finally to say it was a prank!” jongin speaks in a irritated tone.
“If you don’t open in next ten seconds,i will leave!” kyungsoo warns. To make jongin to believe it,he even rings the door bell continuously. It doesn’t even take five seconds when jongin opens the door with heavy breathings,he could tell his husband must ran a marathon from
their bedroom to the main door. “ baby...” kyungsoo hugged his half-naked husband. Jongin returns a tight hug taht speaks a tons of words.
“i missed you too,jongin” kyungsoo says. Jongin dragged kyungsoo straight to bedroom,kyungsoo knows where this going to end. He quitely makes kyungsoo sit on the bed and starts to undress his shirt. “Wait,did you eat?” jongin stops in the middle. “I did,thank u for asking”
kyungsoo speaks in a mocking tone. “What is this? what were you doing?” kyungsoo asks as he points the used tissues near a bottle of lube. “This...” jongin skaes the lube in front of kyungsoo’s face “i’ll show you what this is used for” he
Kyungsoo gulps at the reply. It is normal,if he irritates jongin he will be geeting punished like this way only but this time he could say that jongin really missed so he thinks he could much this time and he is not complaining tho,he loves this side of jongin a bit much.
He loved it,loves it hiw jongin was with him the last night,they laughed and jongin kept on saying how he missed kyungsoo in between his deep thrusts but kyungsoo couldn’t even able to give a reply,he was all high from the sensations that jongin was giving to him.
But looking at jongin now,who is still sleeping like a babiest of all babies with a little pout adorn his face,kyungsoo feels like he is falling in love with jongin...again and again. Kyungsoo checks the clock,he thinks it is already late and should make some breakfast before
jongin wakes up. Kyungsoo quickly makes egg benedicts and some waffles. Kyungsoo is setting the tables “Baby...” he hears as the owner of the voice is hugging him from the back. “Good morning to you too,hubby” he greets him instead. “Now,Sit down. Let’s have some food!” he
orders him. “Roger that,sir” jongin says as he sits in the beside kyungsoo. “Wow,for a breakfast,this is much,soo” he says. “Shh...dig in!” “shh shh” jongin mimics.
“i never had heavy breakfast like this in recent times,thank you bby” jongin says as he opens his arms asking kyungsoo a hug. “You should eat well,jongin. You have already lost some weights” kyungsoo sighs in jongin’s chest. “Stop worrying about me,just finish your service
quickly,i miss my husband much these days.” “i could say that...” kyungsoo says as he feels his husband’s hand in the waistband of his sweat pant.He thinks he should tease jongin some more.
“Babe,stop. I should leave by one in the afternoon and it’s already nearing twelve” kyungsoo says as jongin stips his action. Jongin frowns at kyungsoo,kyungsoo could say jongin is sad just by that face.He couldn’t watch this,tho he wants to tease his husband he couldn’t stand
this face jongin is showing right now. “Hey,jongin, i was just teasing. I lied to you.They have given me the leave for a week!” kyungsoo exclaims. “They what?” jongin beams. “Yep,we still have four more days in our hand,bby” Kyungsoo informs.
“I love you,i love you the most,you know that right,hyung!” jongin confesses. “i know,i know” kyungsoo rolls his eyes at his husband,this is like the nth time he is hearing these words from jongin yet it still always gives him a shiver down the spine.
The end. ❇️(Author’s note- I hate myself for writing this even before compeleting the other works but anyways i hope y’all liked it and Thank you so much for ur constant support,everyone!🤗♥️ p.s: Comments are much appreciated for author’s motivation to write further.😅🙈)
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