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CEO Jongin thinks he doesn't time to date until he finds himself curious about his secretary's friend he only sees through video call at lunch. College student Kyungsoo gave up on dating since no one really asks him out until his best friend tells him someone wants to meet him.

Jongin learned a few things about Kyungsoo from Baekhyun, his secretary. The young man is 21 years old, living alone in an apartment near the university and his parents are abroad. He was a member of the drama club and played a role in a musical during his freshman year
where he met Baekhyun who was a graduating student then. He got his new secretary 5 months ago but the video calls during lunch only started recently. According to his observations, the two have met after a club reunion last month and are catching up with each other's lives.
The other day he got so curious, he sneaked a peek at behind his secretary to see the stranger's face to which Baekhyun gave him a sly smile. He admits he's pretty surprised to see a face not really matching the deep voice he had been accustomed to for the past few weeks.
He made sure his face wasn't exposed and the two friends continued on their conversation as he makes his way back to his desk. "Your friends ditched you for their dates?" His secretary asked, preparing for the resumption of their work since lunch was going to end in ten minutes.
"Are you still surprised?" "Not really. I'm just going to tell you it's about time you go out there and find yourself a man. It's almost Valentine's Day." "I've prayed to every god I know. There's no one for me. I've already accepted that. Do you think I'm weird?"
"You have a jar of glass eyeballs in your night table. You're not weird, you're creepy." "Thank you for your honesty." "But man, these guys don't know they're missing a lot of things not being your boyfriend. Maybe if I wasn't dating Chanyeol when we met, I would have dated you
right away. Oh, can I come over to your place and maybe have some of your food? I've been craving for your seolleongtang. Also, please don't tell my boyfriend. I like his cooking but I like yours more." Another thing he learned, Kyungsoo can cook and most importantly, single.
๐Ÿ”น Jongin has always wanted to have someone by his side but his job has taken all the opportunities away to meet someone. He doesn't have time and his life has been a routine of unhealthy lifestyle and brewed stress. It would be really nice to wake up next to someone, eat real
food for breakfast and someone to cuddle with when he comes home after a long day at work. "Hi, Sir," his secretary approaches him in the middle of a quiet coffee break, handing him another cup of coffee. "Do you have plans for Valentine's Day? You're free the whole day."
"That's fine. It's not a legal holiday, there's still lots of work to do." "No dates?" He bitterly smiles at the thought. "The last time I went to see someone was 3 years ago. Ever since I took my seat here, the idea was tossed behind me." "Oh. But it's not too late! If you
don't mind, I can ask my boyfriend if he knows someone you might like. V-day's this Friday and you can prepare all day for a dinner date." Maybe, he can but he's sure he won't. It's been a long time since he met someone new outside work. "Or, I can ask my friends if they know
someone. Ah," his secretary snaps his fingers, "I have a friend who owns a bar. He's single and very ready to mingle. The way his secretary raise eyebrows at him with a knowing smile makes him want to laugh. Instead, he contains it and just shakes his head.
"Is Kyungsoo available?" His question must be strange for his secretary's face falls in a second and becomes quiet for a moment. When he doesn't get a reply, he dismisses the idea. "Nevermind. It's a silly idea." "WHAT?! NO!" Baekhyun is frantically waving his hands on his
face. "It's a brilliant idea! Kyungsoo is my dearest friend and you and my dearest boss, both of you are single and I AM SO EXCITED! I'm going over to his place later and I'm going to ask him if he wants to!" He can only nod. At least there's already a few things he knows
about the younger. It would be more comfortable on his part, at least. The only question that remains is if the student wants to go and meet him too.
๐Ÿ”น๐Ÿ”น Kyungsoo runs to the door the second the doorbell rings. "You know, Chanyeol still won't believe me when I tell him you're my best friend." Baekhyun says as soon as he opens the door. "You have a lot of friends and you consider the one who's years younger," he points out.
"Friendship has no age. I have told you more things than my friends since high school." The older enters with a huff and he closes the door behind them. He hurries back to his small kitchen to finish cooking, Baekhyun following him. "By the way, I have good news for you."
"For me?" He takes the lid off the pot and carefully stirs. Baekhyun rests on his side against his fridge with a big grin. "I found you a date for Valentine's Day." He's in disbelief. "You better not be joking or I'm having this food for myself alone." Kyungsoo is sensitive to
dating talk. He had been praying for someone to ask him out but no one did. He doesn't understand why. He can sing, he can cook, he's smart and he's probably good in bed (he's still to prove that). He guesses it's because he's not attractive. He's short, has big eyes, thick
eyebrows and he looks like he glares at people because of his astigmatism. But they always say the real beauty lies within, right? "I'm not joking, my dear. Actually, he specifically asked for you after I suggest someone else." "What?" It's too good to be true. He's dreaming.
He must be dreaming. "Who is he?" "My boss." "What?" Right, too good to be true. Some old and desperate man asking for him is a valid reason. "Ew. No." The older looks confused. "Why not?" "No way I'll date a man in his late 30s. That's disgusting." "Whaใ…กWho said he's
old? He's years away to being 30 and some men in their 30s are hot. My boss is younger and a lot hotter. You technically hit the jackpot here!" He's not up to it. It's clearly a lie. "Not falling for that. No one's a CEO in their 20s." "Uh, except my boss."
On the other hand, he believes in his best friend. He trusts that Baekhyun will never ask him to do something that he wouldn't like. "Come on, just for a night. Better than no date at all in hearts day, right?" He gives in with a huff. "Fine." "I swear you won't regret it."
๐Ÿ”น๐Ÿ”น Enjoying his homecooked seolleongtang with Baekhyun, he asks the older a few questions. He learned that the name is Jongin, took over the family business as soon as he received his master's degree and the only child which explains his position at a young age.
He also learned the man is tall, a little tanned and generally attractive. Baekhyun sucks at describing but he lets him off. His best friend said it shouldn't be spoiled. "How did he know about me?" He asks, important to know. "We video chat. He often listens since we go back
to the office early most of the time. One time he got too curious he went behind me to see who I'm talking to. I don't think you noticed." He shakes his head, not remembering he ever noticed someone behind the older since Baekhyun's face occupies most of the screen.
๐Ÿ”น๐Ÿ”น It's nerve-wrecking to be sitting and waiting in probably the fanciest restaurant in town. Jongin's running a little late, Baekhyun informed and it's pretty obvious why. The man's a busy person and the traffic doesn't help. He's already getting a few looks his way.
It's been a while since he sat there and the waiter have approached him twice, offering a drink which he both rejected. Just then a man arrives, pulling the chair across him and the only thing he thinks is how Baekhyun lied to him. He knows his best friend gave a bad description
but this man's far from any of the mentioned. Not tall, pale as death and just not attractive at all. "Excuse me, that's my seat," someone else says from behind the man. "You're on the wrong table." The first man to arrive looks at him in surprise and gives an apology.
He returns an awkward smile, internally relieved it was just a mistake. The man leaves, uncovering the most gorgeous sight of a young man, tall, a little tanned like Baekhyun said and most importantly, perfectly defined jawline. "Hi, I'm sorry I'm late. I couldn't find a
parking spot." This is Jongin. He looks so perfect with that smile. There's no way this man's real. He's a god. "The traffic's quite heavy too," the man adds and he can just nod. He just hopes he's not drooling. "It's okay." "I'm Jongin." The older offers him a hand and he
might have been too excited to receive the handshake he knocks over the candle holder off the table. It's embarrassing. A waiter quickly comes over to fix his mess and Jongin finally takes his seat. "I know your name and I'm sure you know mine. I'm very clumsy, I apologize."
The ground could open up and he'll willingly jump on it in embarrassment. "I sure do and I think that's charming." Charming? This man finds his clumsiness charming. This is too unreal. It's been days since he was invited and everything just feels surreal.
Some when the duration of walking from the university and Baekhyun arriving in his apartment, he must have been in an accident and still in a coma. He watch the older ask for a waiter's attention to get a menu. Oh man, how can one be so attractive just snapping his fingers?
They make their orders, Jongin suggesting he tries a dish which he didn't argue with. The menu books handed back, they quietly sit and watch the waiter walk away with the list of the orders. "I almost forgot," the older fishes something out of his blazer. "I haven't been on a
date for years and I'm rusty about the things to do. I'm sorry." A flat jewelry box is pushed across the table to him. Wait, was he supposed to buy a gift too? "Uhm, thanks. I don't have anything to give. I didn't know I have to. This is," he pauses, "my first ever date."
The CEO ponders to himself before releasing a chuckle. "Well, I take your presence here already a gift. If you didn't agree to see me, I would be at home, alone and still working." He swears if this man says he should get on his knees and do sinful things, he won't hesitate
to comply right here, right now. Not only there's fluttering feeling in his heart but also a something else on the lower region. Everything about this man is just perfect, even his chuckle sounds heavenly to his ears. Ah, he wishes this night won't end.
๐Ÿ”น Jongin can't help but notice little details about Kyungsoo. It's been a while since he last paid attention to someone this much. He likes how the younger's eyebrows furrow unconsciously and the way he scrunches his nose out of nowhere while listening. He noticed how
Kyungsoo tends to smell the food before taking a bite and the wine before a sip. It's a proof that the other is a foodie like he noted from his secretary. "Is this really your first date?" He asks, earning a nod right away. "I'm curious." "Uhm, you can't tell?"
Kyungsoo makes a circle with his finger around his face. "It's obvious. This is surely my first and last date." If the younger's referring to his face, he still don't see it. He finds him cute. "Big eyes, thick eyebrows, bad eyesight, thick lips," the student points out.
"If you list it that way, maybe you're right but when they're put together, I think it makes you look cute. Pretty, even." He knows he may sound like he's just saying it to make the other feel better but he's being honest. "Though your voice doesn't really match a pretty face."
"You say." He nods, noticing the pinkish tint on the younger's cheeks. Adorable. "Surprisingly, I think I'm surrounded by honest people." "That's a good thing." "I only believe half of what you said." Is it bad to wish for this night not to end? He's enjoying this too much.
๐Ÿ”น It's been a nice evening overall. He had fun, realizing he had been missing this kind of social activity but he's also a little disappointed they're near parting ways. Kyungsoo may have been clumsy a few times tonight and he thinks it made the night enjoyable.
He drove the younger home, now both of them walking up the second floor of the apartment building where Kyungsoo's unit is located. He can tell the rooms aren't huge but everything in place is neat. They walk all the way to the end of the hallway, to the last door.
"Would you like to come in and have some tea?" The student offers and no matter how much he wants to stay, he politely rejects the idea. "It's just, I have a meeting with a few people online in an hour," he explains and he only gets a nod. He feels bad not just for Kyungsoo but
also for himself. "To make up for that, how about you ask me a favor?" "A favor?" "Think of it as a wish I could grant for you right now." He waits for a response, watching the younger deep in thought by the way the eyebrows furrow. It's a fascinating sight.
"Okay, got one. Since this is my first date and probably my last, I won't have this chance again." He cocks his head to the side, waiting for the younger to continue. "Kiss me." Oh, he'd love to do that but, "Are you sure?" He asks, may or may not be referring to the request
alone. Would this really just be the last time they'd spend time together? "Yeah." With a heavy heart, he bitterly smiles at the thought as he leans down to press his lips on the younger's. Soft, plump lips. He loves that. He wants more but Kyungsoo pulls away shortly.
"Thanks for tonight. I really enjoyed the time with you," the younger says, unlocking his door. "I won't hold you back anymore. You should go and prepare for your meeting." Honestly, only if he knew he would want to stay after the date, he would have cancelled the meeting
hours ago but it's too late to do that now. "Yes," he flashes his mastered business smile, one he often does when he's covering up what he usually feel inside. "I should go. Thank you for coming to see me tonight, Kyungsoo. I really appreciate that."
Kyungsoo nods and smiles at him, entering through the door before looking back at him. "Me too. Good night." And the door is shut. Just like that. Everything went fine until this minute. Before turning to leave, he glances at the unit number on the door. "214. That's today."
๐Ÿ”น๐Ÿ”น The second he shuts the door, he wallows in self pity. He shouldn't have asked for that stupid request. He stepped beyond the line in desperation and Jongin clearly didn't want to kiss him. He saw that smile. It's everything but a happy one. One he is so used to see.
He doesn't even make it past his shoe rack when he falls onto his knees, tears streaming down his cheeks. He's a pathetic sore loser. No one likes him. Not even Jongin, not with a stupid made-up excuse to leave right away. Typical rich man looking for a pastime.
That expensive bracelet is nothing but a brag. He was aware everything was just too good to be true. He forgot that for a whole hour until now. It's time he accepts his fate. He's going to be alone and he's going to adopt fifty cats because that's what he's meant to do.
๐Ÿ”น "... for a meeting, Sir?" Jongin snaps back to his senses, surprised to see his secretary waving a hand in front of his face. This is the third time today and he's never been this distracted. "What is it?" "I was saying, Mr. Choi of SWC Electronics is asking to meet
with you next week so I'm trying to confirm if you want it for Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. Also, what is wrong with you? Are you sick?" "Uh, Wednesday," he answers. "I'm fine. Just haven't slept enough last night." It's true and for a reason.
He can't stop thinking about Kyungsoo. Is it because he found it relieving to see someone after years of just work or is it because of the younger? There's no way he'll hastily make a decision whether to pursue Kyungsoo if he's unsure. He can hurt the young man if he finds
himself realizing otherwise. Besides, seems like the younger only thinks of the date as a one-time thing. He'd look desperate if he pushes further after that goodbye. He literally had the door shut on him. Also, earlier this lunch there was no video call.
Earlier today his secretary mentioned that Kyungsoo didn't want to share facts to him about the date and he didn't plan to share either. He only told Baekhyun it wasn't bad and he had fun. That was it. His secretary didn't pry more on the topic.
๐Ÿ”น๐Ÿ”น "Ugh, Junmyeon, stop," he begs. His friend had been bothering him with stories about his new boyfriend last Friday. "You already mentioned that." All the way from the university to his apartment, Junmyeon talked non-stop. He goes straight to his mailbox, his friend
checking out other unlocked mailboxes out of boredom. He got his rental bill and it's the only thing he receives in his mailbox ever since so he never locked it. Nobody sends him stuff that can be stolen anyway but he'll be glad if someone steals his bills and pay them for him.
But now there are three books in it. Someone must have mistakenly placed them in the wrong box. He pulls them out and there's a sticky note attached on the book with a handwritten note. Doh Kyungsoo. Unit 214. I heard you like poems. "Hey, this is for you," Junmyeon
says from the other side of the mail room. "Look! There's even a sealed letter. This is so old school. No one writes handwritten letters anymore." With unsure steps, he comes closer to where his friend is standing next to the table where packages are left. There's a bouquet
next to a huge teddy bear. The bear's head is even bigger than theirs. "Are you sure?" He asks, looking over to what his friend is holding. Junmyeon flips the sealed envelope and only sees the receiver's name, not the sender's.
Doh Kyungsoo. 214. Please take the bouquet and teddy bear with you too. "Hey, did you meet someone?" his friend asks, nudging his ribs. "Ouch! Stop that." He ignores the question on purpose. "Just take it." Speaking of someone, he now has an idea who sent him these.
๐Ÿ”น๐Ÿ”น Kyungsoo had been avoiding his best friend. He knows he's being unreasonable but he had been making excuses not to have a video call with the other. So far he succeeded for five days. He doesn't usually drink buy Jongdae insisted they should since he had been cranky the
whole week. He's letting off steam and because it's Junmyeon's treat. No one says no when that guy offers to pay. He always drinks responsibly. He knows he has to come home sober or he'll be found passed out on a ditch the next morning. "You're home late," someone says
as he turns to the entrance of his apartment building. He halts on his steps and turns back, hands tightly gripping on his messenger bag's strap. He can't see clearly in the dark but he knows who he's talking to. "What are you doing here?" "I waited for your response. I just
want a clear answer so I came by to get that in person." The CEO approaches him in a safe distance. "Response to what?" It takes a moment before the older replies. "You didn't read the letter." "Correct. It's still where it was since it arrived here."
"Kyungsoo," Jongin takes a step closer, hands fumbling with his car key. "I've been thinking about you all week, day and night. When I didn't receive a response from you the next day like I expected, I was restless. I-I was distracted from work." "Is that my fault?"
๐Ÿ”น๐Ÿ”น How is this his fault? Isn't he the victim here? He was played. "Yes," the CEO answers and he internally gasps in offense. How dare he? "I haven't enjoyed a company like you for a long time. I wanted to see and talk to you again. Hell, I even want to kiss you right now."
You know what, he must be really drunk right now he's hallucinating. This happened before he was so intoxicates he thought he saw Junmyeon walk through the wall like a ghost. He turns and ignores what he's seeing that's not there, having his main mission to get to his
unit without tripping on the stairs. He laughs to himself, thinking he must be even wasted to imagine Jongin wanting to kiss him again. There's just no way. The gods maybe drunk too to grant his prayers.
๐Ÿ”น๐Ÿ”น Kyungsoo wakes up to the smell of coffee with a throbbing head. He's still wearing his clothes from last night and socks still on. The only things he discarded from him were his shoes and bag before passing out on his bed. Now there's Baekhyun on his tiny kitchen, brewing
coffee. Did he forget to lock the door last night? How did his best friend get inside? "My god," he groans as he sits up, feeling his whole body aching. Did he drink that much? He was pretty sober, he believes. "Someone's awake," the older sings and the next thing he knows
is a big fluffy thing is thrown his way, easily knocking him back down. When he pushes it aside, he realizes it's the teddy bear he left downstairs. "What is this thing doing here?" "It's yours. It has to be here. I threw away the bouquet since it's technically a corpse now."
He stares at it, glare if he can but his head is aching. "I'm taking a shower." When he comes out of the bathroom, there's a bowl of ramyun and a cup of coffee ready for him to consume. His best friend is busy on his phone, giggling. He eats in silence, feeling a bit better
now and once he's done, Baekhyun pulls him to the bed to sit next to each other. He even spots the teddy bear sitting on his one and only arm chair, the books on its lap, still with the sticky note on it. "So, what the hell is your problem?" His best friend snaps him back to
focus his attention to the question. Instead of answering, he redirects the topic. "Don't you have to be somewhere else? It's Saturday." "I do and it's right here," Baekhyun gives him a sarcastic smile. "Answer my question now that I answered yours."
"I don't have a problem," he huffs, standing up to rearrange his closet just to keep himself busy. There's nothing much to do in his apartment but he doesn't want to look at the older right now. Baekhyun can read through him like an open book. "I'm just busy with my papers."
"I'm not talking about why you're avoiding to talk to me." Baekhyun joins him, picking out his hanged clothes and removing them off the hangers. "What are you doing?" He asks as he watch two more clothes being removed and tossed to the bed. "Helping you make a mess since you're
just trying to make yourself look busy with already neatly arranged closet." "Stop that," he whines, slapping the older's hands away from his clothes. "Kyungsoo, I am not stupid. I know what's going on between you and my boss though I don't exactly know what it is about."
"I don't know what you're talking about," he denies. He doesn't see the point of bringing up the topic. It was just a one-time thing. He'd be stupid if he wants to see that man again. It was clear, that was it. No strings attached. It was just two lonely people eating
dinner on Valentine's Day because it's pathetic not to have someone on such a special day. "You were asking for it, for someone to ask you out, take you on a date and when he finds his way back to you again, you just flat out rejected him?" "Who?" Baekhyun purses his lips,
frustration visible. The older walks over to the teddy bear, picks up the first book of top and pulls out a familiar envelope from between the pages. "Okay. My boss had been distracted the whole week and I can only conclude one thing and it has something to do with you."
The envelope is waved in front of him, still sealed. "Read it. I don't care if you're going to respond on whatever is in it but please, it's so close within reach. Grab the opportunity or at least give it a chance. My boss doesn't just go out on a date but guess what, after years
of not seeing anyone he's suddenly interested because of you. If you think he's just playing game, no he's not. He's very persuasive when he sets his goal on something. He's not your typical rich man, fucking here and there. He'sใ…ก." "Alright, fine," he huffs, snatching the
stationery. "If I read this, would you leave this topic alone?" "I swear I won't bring it up ever again but let me just tell you, I think you're perfect for each other." Whatever. He's only going to read this to end his misery. "And, I should leave now. Chanyeol's waiting."
๐Ÿ”น "Fancy seeing you here. How long has it been?" Sehun, an old friend and a bar owner, greets him as he takes his usual spot on the bar counter. "Almost a year?" He mentally computes. "It's not like I don't drink, I just do it alone in private." His friend takes
the stool next to him, motioning for a bartender to tend his guest. "Then what brings you here?" "Just winding off, change of view and environment. My mind's been quite occupied by some thoughts I don't usually have." "Hmm," Sehun nods with a knowing smile. "Who is it?"
Knowing this friend of his, he knows there's no point on not telling. Sehun knows how to make him talk. "I met him recently and after a date, I was hoping we would see each other more but he's shutting me out. I gave it much thought if I really wanted to pursue him and I tried."
"He rejected you?" "He didn't exactly say that but I get nothing. I came to see him to ask for a clear answer but nothing. Just nothing. I don't know what's wrong. Is it because he's 5 years younger than me? Did I offend him? He can just tell me."
A glass is slid his way, Sehun saying it's on the house. "I may know why," his friend says as he takes a sip of his drink. "You know I used to date an older guy back in college too? We lasted over a year but as the younger one in the relationship, I was intimidated.
I mean, he was rich, independent, smart. It didn't matter how kind he was to me I felt small. We started rough in the relationship too because I had trust issues with him. I was stereotyping him as this kind of man we see in movies without even trying to know him better."
"Then it's your problem, not his." His friend cocks his head on the side. "You can say that." "How did you end up together?" "Well, he eventually showed me who he really is. He did things to prove he was serious about me." "Like what?" "Listen," Sehun leans closer to him,
"if you really want him, spare him a lot of your time. Break the idea that you're just all work and you just want him to be there when you want him. That's what we want. It's simple. Just your time." Time? It is indeed the most precious thing in this world.
He can do that, right? But after what happened last night, he thinks it's better to take action in a few more days. Kyungsoo must need time to clear his head. He'll start over again.
๐Ÿ”น It's Wednesday. There's a scheduled meeting first thing in the morning and it took longer than he thought. He hasn't even had breakfast but good thing he was offered a simple snack during the meeting. It's about lunch time when they get out of the room, his secretary
not even trying to contain his dislike, expressing it a long groan. "Oh my god, that took hours for a simple deal." He nods when he makes sure it's safe to agree and no one's looking at them as they head back to the office. "I'm starving." "Me too, Sir."
They often have lunch together except when sometimes has more work to do, he doesn't hold back his secretary from having a good meal. They arrive at the office and he takes a seat instead of just grabbing his wallet. "You can go ahead," he tells his secretary and
Baekhyun doesn't even ask why before leaving. Hunger changes people, he thinks and laughs to himself. He needs to sit back for a while and maybe take a nap. His back is hurting from the uncomfortable chair in the meeting room. A knock comes and he assumes it hasn't even been
five minutes and he sees a man peek inside to see if someone's inside. "Come in," he calls, sitting up properly. "Good noon, Sir. Someone asked to deliver this to you. I didn't get his name. He left as soon as he handed this to me." The man lifts a black lunch bag and places it
on his desk. "It's okay. Thank you for bringing this here," he smiles at the man and watch him leave the room. A lunch bag? From whom? The answer is found on a piece of paper inside the bag, on top of the lunch box. It doesn't say the name but he knows.
The note is like an imitation of what he gave. Kim Jongin. CEO or whatever. If you want more on the following days, send back my lunch wares. Offer is forfeited when there's even a single leftover. Buy your own drink. I'm broke.
๐Ÿ”น๐Ÿ”น Kyungsoo has read the letter enough times he can memorize it word by word. At first he regrets reading it. He was supposed to move on from Jongin, not fall deeper into him. The CEO has his own way with words. They're straightforward and still can be sweet.
The older has left his phone number at the bottom of the page, hinting what he was supposed to do. It was the answer Jongin had been waiting for. In the letter, the CEO has stated that he enjoyed the date. He didn't want to end the night like it did and was willing to stay a
little more if only he hasn't made appointments beforehand. It was also stated how the older finds him pretty and every clumsy thing is adorable. There was a list of things Jongin learned about him and the letter ends with, If you let me, I would like to get to know you better.
Junmyeon was right though, there are barely people who write handwritten letters anymore. Receiving one makes him feel special. It's the sweetest thing anyone has done to him. Baekhyun was right too. This is his chance. He's going to give it a go so he won't have regrets
even if this doesn't end well. A knock snaps him out of his trance. In the middle of doing his paper, he zoned out and realized he hasn't done much. The knock comes again and he's unsure if it's on his door. He doesn't have visitors this late. He waits for the third series of
knocks to confirm. It is on his door. He scrambles to his feet, slightly tripping on his own oversized pajamas because Jongdae thought it would be funny to give him that as a birthday present. He isn't prepared when he opens the door to Jongin. For god's sake he's a mess.
"What are you doing here?" He asks, decreasing the gap on the door. "It's almost 10." The older raises the lunch bag. "I'm returning this." "Yeah. You could have just sent it. You didn't have to go here." "I wanted to see you too," Jongin smiles and his heart flutters.
"Are you busy?" He shakes his head. He was done being busy when he zoned out. "Come in," he invites, pulling the door wide, feeling embarrassed he's looking like this, far from his everyday outside look. Jongin comes in, kicking his shoes off by the door and volunteers to
close it behind him. While the older is looking around, Kyungsoo hurriedly tidies his mess, especially his laptop that's still displaying his draft. He offers his only arm chair but the CEO says it's fine and sits on the floor next to his small coffee table which also
serves as his dining table. "The bear already looks comfortable in it," Jongin comments as he takes the bag away. He checks the lunch boxes, sparing the older a look to which he receives a confident smile in return. They're all empty. "Did you like it?" "Like it? I loved it."
He's dying inside with the words he's hearing. This is how it feels coming from someone he's romantically interested with. "Good." "Did you have dinner already?" He soaks the lunch boxes on the sink. "I did." It's quiet for a moment and turns to the older who's expectantly
looking at him. "Did you really just some here to see me or you want free dinner?" "I love your food." It's not even 24 hours and he's being taken advantage already. He opens his almost empty fridge to show the older he has nothing to offer. All he has is a pack of
ramyun and an egg for tomorrow's breakfast before he goes to shop for groceries. "I'm a broke 3rd year college student with no part-time job." "I saw a shop downstairs." "That's a convenience store. Everything is instant food." "I know."
๐Ÿ”น๐Ÿ”น He didn't agree to this but he ends up sitting on a stool in 7eleven next to a hungry businessman. They gain a fee looks from the passerbys mostly because Jongin's still in his office suit while he's still in his oversized clothes. The older's halfway through a sandwich,
microwave rice meal and a large cup of coffee. It's a weird combination, especially on a late night dinner. He's sipping on his slurpee, watching the view outside. It's funny to think their date drastically shifted from a fancy restaurant to a convenience store.
He flinches when the older burps loudly, not expecting such sound to come from a classy man. "Excuse me," Jongin chuckles. "You have a taste for cheap food for a rich man." He watch the other drink down the coffee like it's water. "Do you even sleep?" "I have money, right? But
I eat more stuff like this than what you eat for sure. You can cook, I can't. Coffee runs in my blood now. I'll still be snoring as soon as I get to bed." The food's completely consumed faster than he finished his slurpee. "Let's go," the older leaves his stool and helps him
get off his. Jongin's such a gentleman. The older adjusts to his pace since he's really uncomfortable with his pajamas. It's a good thing he doesn't suffer long enough since it's just next to his apartment building but going up the stairs is a real trouble.
"When are you going home?" He can hear the older sigh next to him as they reach his unit. "It's already late." "Can I come by again tomorrow?" He looks up to see if Jongin's serious. "Why? Don't you have work?" "After work, of course." "Fine." He steps inside the room but
the older stays behind. "You're going now?" Jongin nods at him. "Oh, okay. Good night then." The taller doesn't move an inch even when he tries to close the door. "What?" Jongin finally steps closer, a little too close that the man is leaning against the doorframe.
The door is pushed open, making him step back a little. "Thank you for the lunch. I'd love to eat them often." "I'll send them to you whenever I can." He loves cooking as much as he loves eating. He'd love to cook for Jongin. "Any favor to ask before I go?" Favor?
Only one thing comes to mind when he hears that word. He avoids the CEO's gaze, peeking his head out to check if someone's around the hallway. When he confirms there's no one in sight, he gives a shy nod. "Do I need to ask what?" He shakes his head. What he wants is obvious.
What happened on their first date happens for the second time. Jongin leans in like he did the other week but this time, things have taken a step forward. The older snakes an arm around his waist to pull him closer and his hands rest on Jongin's shoulders. He pulls away after
a chaste kiss that lingers for more than he expected. The taller tried to get past just the innocent lips but he hasn't really tried kissing someone to be brave enough. Jongin has taken his first kiss and now this. His heart skips a beat at the sudden action and takes a big step
back. He can still taste the coffee that Jongin drank minutes ago. "Uhm," he licks his lips, pushing the taller away. "Okay, good night." It's like deja vu. He hears the older chuckle as he closes the door but unlike the first time, he's on his knees, silently screaming in
unsure feelings. He's excited, happy yet he's frustrated. Is this how it feels to be dating someone? He feels like he's floating on cloud nine. This is so unreal. It's just like the first time but also different. He needs to sleep now. He has to shop early so he can cook lunch.
๐Ÿ”น๐Ÿ”น 4 months later. The new semester has began. Many things have changed for Kyungsoo but he shared only a few things. For one reason, he want to keep things private. "My brother lent me this DVD during vacation," Junmyeon says as they make their way out the campus. "Whose
place are we staying to watch this?" "Soo's? He doesn't have a roommate," Jongdae suggests. "We can do it today? We still don't have assignments to do yet." "Well," he hints it's not the same as they think anymore. "I moved out a month ago." "Oh, so you have a roommate now?"
"No, not a roommate. More of a," he trails, eyes spotting a familiar car across the street, the owner leaning on the hood and busy on his phone. "A partner?" "Wait. WHAT?" Both his friends asked the same question and words. He thinks it's too funny it sounded scripted.
"Since when?" Jongdae inquires, blocking his way and holds on his shoulders to force him to speak. "Why are we knowing about this just now? Who is it?" Junmyeon judges him up and down. "Kyungsoo, we know you're desperate to have a boyfriend but it's bad to lie."
"Why are you talking to me like I'm a kid?" He laughs, understanding why his friends think this way. "I'm not lying. We just became official a week before our endterm exams last semester." "We won't believe you until we meet him," Jongdae says with a raised eyebrow.
"Well, uhm," he can see Jongin coming their way, his two friends oblivious. It's about time they have the shock of their lives. "He's right behind you." Both of his friends turn and are met with the god that is now his boyfriend. "Hi," the older greets them with a smile.
He watch the two exchange looks and nods before looking back at his boyfriend. "How much did he pay you?" Junmyeon asks. He scoffs at the question and Jongin just laughs it off. "I spent more money on him than he did on me," his boyfriend brags and he's quite offended.
"Yeah, I work for him. I cook him real food to extend his life 50 more years," he goes along. Jongdae looks at him, all serious. "Honestly, though. Are you two together?" "Yes," he admits. "You can ask Baekhyun. He's the main reason behind all this."
"So what does this guy do? Is he running the black market or something?" He shakes his head and moves his friends aside. "He's Baekhyun's boss at work." He circles his arm around his boyfriend's and looks up at the taller. "But I'm his boss at home so you, guys, can come with
us. Let's watch that movie." Jongin's about to protest but he assures the man it will be fine with a pat on his chest. "We talked about this and you said yes. I stand by your rules." "Okay." It's not like Jongin doesn't want his friends over but the older isn't used to guests.
It's one factor Kyungsoo hesitated to move in with the CEO. The taller said he understands that eventually he has to choose between Kyungsoo having guests over or Kyungsoo staying at another place just to do projects. Of course, Jongin wants him at home most of the time.
Though they both agreed that if Jongin isn't comfortable after a trial, he won't force it. After all, the doesn't own the place. There's still a lot to consider along the way but he hopes they overcome it together as a couple. As long as he has Jongin, everything will be fine.
๐Ÿ”น Coming home has never been worth looking forward to until Kyungsoo moved in two months ago. He comes home to the smell of dinner being cooked, sometimes the younger meets him half-way as soon as he enters to help him with his blazer and what he loves the most about it
is his penthouse felt a lot cozy. His place doesn't have the showcase-like atmosphere to it anymore. Since he allowed Kyungsoo to experiment on anything, especially the furnitures, things have been a lot homey and warm unlike the uniform black and white ones he used to have.
His secretary has mentioned he may have been spoiling his boyfriend too much but it doesn't matter how much he gives because Kyungsoo brings him back things that he cannot simply buy with his money. He wins in life. Everything he asked for came in complete package in one person.
But for the first time since this new chapter in their lives, he comes home very anxious. It's not new that they sometimes bicker here and there but it was never as serious like earlier today. With a bouquet in his hands, he enters his now shared home and is met with another
salivating smell of food. He can still hear the younger in the kitchen, oblivious to his presence. He clears his throat. "I'm home." Kyungsoo glances at him, "I'm almost done." He's given a second look, more specifically, to what he has on his hands. "What's the occasion?"
"Nothing," he answers, taking careful steps closer to the younger. "About this morning," he trails, earning a look, "I'm sorry about that." He's being looked at like he grew two heads, Kyungsoo turning the stove off. "About how we argued over the most stupid thing?"
"You seemed really mad, I took it seriously. I mean, you walked out on me," he explains. "We argued over a tissue paper, Jongin." "Yeah. So I apologize for causing that. I was the last one to use the last roll and didn't replace it right away." He admits it was his fault.
Kyungsoo takes the bouquet from him, gives it a sniff and look to appreciate it. "It was a small thing, Jongin. I walked out on you because I was running late. I had a presentation to give and you were still ordering tissue papers to be delivered." "You're not upset?"
He may seem childish but he only wants things clarified. Communication is the key to a great relationship. The younger sets his present aside and gives him a hug. "I was never upset. If there's one thing I have to be upset about, it's you. You're always making me
feel things I sometimes don't know how to respond." "What things?" He asks, returning the embrace im relief. "Good things." They stay like that for a moment, indulging the silence and innocent intimacy. Jongin likes this. In fact, he likes all the little things they do
together, even if they're just in his home office and Kyungsoo just sitting next to him, reading a book. It doesn't matter what they do or where they are. Everything is different as long as the love of his life is with him. "Dinner smells so good," he comments out of nowhere
and the younger pulls away with a laugh. "Was there ever a day you thought otherwise?" "You wish." He leans down to peck on his boyfriend's cheek before leaving the room to change his clothes. In the walk-in closet, he stands in front of a specific drawer. It's the only
drawer his boyfriend isn't interested to dig through. He pulls it out, his collection of expensive watches greets him but he has another purpose for opening it. He fishes out a small velvet box from his blazer's inside pocket. But first, he makes sure Kyungsoo isn't anywhere
near before he opens it, admiring a pretty silver band, with the numbers 214 engraved in it. The said number has a special meaning to him now since aside from that being the younger's previous unit number, it's the date when they first met in person.
He can't wait for that special day to come when he's finally getting on one knee to ask for his boyfriend's hand, one step closer to the exchange of vows. It may take years but they will get there. He will make sure they do.
He hears the younger call him for dinner and he quickly yet carefully hides the small box at the farthest side of the drawer where it won't be easily spotted unless it's pulled away on force. "I'm coming!" He changes his clothes fast as to not arouse suspicion.
He comes to the dining room, food served and Kyungsoo waiting for him. This is now a sight he is used to see but never gets tired of witnessing. He takes his seat, the younger helping him put food on his plate. "Jonginnie," his boyfriend starts as they settle down. "Next
Friday night there will be a concert. Maybe we could go and see it?" "In two weeks?" The younger nods. "Only if you can make it. I don't want to go alone. It's okay if we can't watch anyway." He can sense that Kyungsoo really wants to see it. "Okay. I'll free my schedule after
lunch." He sees the twinkle in the younger's eyes. "Really?" "Yeah. I'll go with you." Because that's what the love of his life wants. Like his friend told him. Time is the most precious thing he can give. His hand is held tightly, his boyfriend looking the happiest.
"Thank you." He raises their hands to his lips, pressing a kiss on the younger's knuckles. "Anything for my baby." Jongin realizes, it's not that he had no time to date. He just didn't try and had no motivation to keep it going until fate gave him a push.
He met the right person at the right time. "I love you," he says with sincerity and the love of his life breaks into a big, heart-shaped smile he loves seeing the most. "I love you too, Jongin." ใ…ก THE END ใ…ก
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