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Jun 14, 2020
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#Taekook au Alpha idol!Jungkook is secretly married to omega Tae and they are expecting their first pup. Life takes a drastic turn when one day a fan announces that she’s pregnant with kook's pup,claiming that she even has proof. Tae is heartbroken & kook finds himself in a fix

A special thanks to @feralfics for helping me out to create the prompt ❤️
𝙁𝙚𝙬 𝙧𝙚𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙨 - I'm no professional writer so please bare with me 🥺 - I have work, so I'll be inactive sometimes, but I will try - Don't mind the time stamps. - Please do not reply on the thread. - I would like to hear your comments and suggestions. - Enjoy ♡
Might be short/long au (still undecided)(♡) - angst (?) - Happy Ending(?) - mpreg - age swap -Side ship (??)
Do y’all want side ships?
If so which ones? (Top 2)
Character Profile Jeon Jungkook - 24 yrs old - International Idol - Started dating Taehyung during his trainee days - Loves Taehyung with all his heart
Kim Taehyung - 22 yrs old - Works part time at Jin’s cafe - Jimin’s Soulmate - Loves Jungkook very much
The day Jungkook married Taehyung will remain as the best and most beautiful memories of his. During his trainee days when he saw the young omega for the first time he knew that he was the one for him. He felt this special connection that he hadn’t felt with anyone else.
As time went by and both wolves got to know each other better, he couldn’t help himself but to fall in love. As for the beautiful omega, when he first saw 17 year old Jungkook, he thought the older was handsome and so he naturally gained a small crush on the alpha.
He knew meeting him that day was fate, because he couldn’t describe this unknown familiarity of comfort that washed over him upon seeing the cute boy. He just knew he had to be close to the Alpha.
During the start of their friendship, they instantly felt close to one another like their souls were destined to meet once again. Their friends noticed the way they would look at each other as if they were each other’s world.
The first one to confess was Jungkook, he took Taehyung to their favorite hideout and confessed his heart out to the younger and as the omega listened his heart swelled with love. After that day, they both saw the world in a different light.
Taehyung knew that dating Jungkook was gonna be tough since his dream was to become an idol and so Taehyung respected his dreams and goals because he just knew it was gonna be worth it. A month later of dating one another, Jungkook debuted as a soloist and quickly rose to fame.
Through all of Jungkook’s career Taehyung has always been their supporting him, he was their at his first win in a music show, his first win at an award show, his first fan meeting, his first concert, and most importantly he has remained as Jungkook’s first and only love.
It was after Jungkook finished his third world tour when he took Taehyung to their hideout spot and proposed to him at the age of 22. Their wedding wasn’t anything extravagant and that’s why Taehyung loved it.
Only close friends and family were invited and they were glad everything was kept on the low. Jungkook was surprised when Taehyung performed a song for him on their honeymoon and since then has always asked him to sing whenever he has some time off.
Being married and waking up next to each other everyday has and will always remain as a beautiful blessing from the moon to the two wolves. For 7 years they have successfully kept their relationship a secret but no one can avoid what fate has in store for them.
Ok this is it for today, please tell me what you think of the story so far as this is my first time writing and thank you for reading 💜
It been 3 months since the start of Jungkook’s world tour and lately the older has been ignoring Taehyung’s calls and messages but in reality the company has prohibited the alpha from using his phone to not cause any stress or any unwanted distractions.
The company also knows that Jungkook’s husband is expecting a pup and have assured him that if an emergency were to happen they would immediately inform him which is why he accepted to have his phone taken away.
He only wants to focus on giving his everything to all of his performances and to have his fans enjoy all of his shows. He doesn’t want to let anyone down, not his fans and not his agency.
Between the agency and Jungkook there hasn’t been any major problems so far. When they figured out Jungkook was dating without their permission they let it slide and made him and Tae promise that they wouldn’t get caught.
When Jungkook told them he was getting married they helped him keep the wedding on the low even though they didn’t think it was such a good idea. Through out his contract there hasn’t been any reason not to trust the company so Jungkook believes in them.
He knows that the company wouldn’t try to ruin his private life and the person he loves because they have trusted and worked with each other for 7 years.
On the other hand, Taehyung has been feeling neglected. The company failed to inform him that they were taking Jungkook’s phone away so the young omega is feeling distressed.
He feels like Jungkook doesn’t want him anymore. His insecurities are slowly staring to get at him, and it doesn’t help that his body is starting to change bit by bit and without Jungkook by his side to call him pretty he doesn’t feel beautiful anymore.
He still remembers the day Jungkook called him all excited to confirm if what he had seen on Twitter was true, that they were expecting a baby. Taehyung felt embarrassed because that’s not how he wanted his Jungkookie to find out.
But once he confirmed it to be true the alpha started screaming of joy telling his team and manager that he was gonna be a father soon. He showered Taehyung with lots of compliments and started thanking him for being his lover and partner for life.
After Tae ended the call with Kook all of their close friends called him to congratulate them and promised to throw a party once Jungkook’s tour was done.
That day was one of the happiest moments for Taehyung because he felt like everything was gonna be alright and he knew his pup was gonna have the best and the most caring and loving father in the world.
That’s it for today 😣 thank you for reading 🥺
And it starts…
“Hey Jimin, Have you seen what’s trending on twitter right now?” Yoongi asks the young male omega who is currently laying comfortably on his couch. “Not yet hyung, what is it this time? Please don’t tell me it’s about Jungkook’s tattoos again” he says followed by an eye roll.
“I wished it was that Jimin” Yoongi kindly replies. This perks up Jimin’s attention as he quickly sits up and looks at Alpha with worry on his face. “Did something happen to Jungkook?” He asks.
“No Jungkook is fine but I don’t know how Taehyung is going to react to this news if he finds out about it” he states.
Both males know that Jungkook hasn’t been answering lately as they themselves have tried multiple times to reach him, but they get no replies back. They know Tae has been feeling down lately and as his soulmate, Jimin has to be there for him whenever he needs to rely on someone.
In Jimin’s opinion, Jungkook is being an a** and he wants nothing more than to beat up the alpha for making his Taetae sad so he needs to know what this news is about since Yoongi is looking serious.
“Hyung please just tell me what’s it about this time, I wanna prepare myself to be their for Taehyung if I have too” Jimin says while pouting. “Well this article states that Jungkook is expecting a baby…”
“Did someone leak information about Kook and Tae’s relationship!?” Jimin suddenly screams interrupting Yoongi, and the older just shakes his head. “You didn’t let me finish Jimin” he says,
“As I was saying, this article says the Jungkook is expecting a baby with one of his fans… it’s a female omega and she apparently has proof to back up her statements” Yoongi angrily says. He than proceeds to finish reading the rest of the article while Jimin listens.
Once he finishes reading the last sentence they are both angry and confused. Jimin starts thinking if this is the reason Kook has been ignoring them, especially his pregnant husband.
“Yoongi hyung, do you think Jungkook doesn’t love Taehyung anymore? Did he get bored of our Taetae? Before he left for tour, it seemed like he didn’t want to leave Taehyung behind but recently he hasn’t acknowledged us and I just don’t know what to think anymore.” he says sadly.
“Jimin, let’s not just jump into conclusions right now. We don’t know why Kook has been ignoring us lately but let’s have a little faith in him. As his friends we should trust him and we should also protect Taehyung right now.”
“We shouldn’t let baby bear see this for now as it may affect his mental health and we wouldn’t want him to get sick right? It’s for his and his pup’s own good, ok?” Yoongi calmly says.
“Ok hyung, i guess you’re right, let me just text Taehyung to see if he’s awake and that he shouldn’t check his feed today” Jimin mumbles.
Poor Taetae 🥺
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Taehyung had barely woken up when he quickly ran to the bathroom to throw up all of the food from the previous night. His morning sicknesses are getting worse as the days pass by and being by himself isn’t helping.
As soon as he finished his business, he washed up for the day and went to check his phone for any missed calls or text from his Kookie but as always there’s nothing. He puts his phone down and let out a long sight wondering if Jungkook even cares about him at all.
At the moment his phone pinged with a new message notification but he knew not to have his hopes up. And he was right, It was Jimin who had texted him. The only person he could fully rely on right now.
They messaged each other for a while and once finished he started wondering why Jimin told him not to check his Twitter today. He really wanted to listen but his curiosity was getting the best of him and so he decided to take a look, it’s not like it would hurt anyone right?
He opened up twitter and decided to check the trending section first and once he saw the words Jungkook and Pregnant together it felt like someone had splashed cold water onto him.
He clearly remembers how both he and Jungkook had promised the agency not to get caught by anyone and how they had been doing fine all these years. The omega suddenly became too afraid to click on the trending words incase he were to see his face there.
He hadn’t really put much thought in how people would react if they came to know that they’re favorite idol was married and was expected to be a father soon. He didn’t want to read any comments or articles regarding that so he quickly closed his twitter and turned his phone off.
He patiently waited for Jimin and Yoongi to arrive so in the mean time he decided to make himself some breakfast. As soon as he was finished eating the door to his house opened and Jimin and Yoongi walked in.
Jimin quickly went and hugged Tae who looked so emotional and they started crying together. Taehyung has been feeling so useless lately and without anyone to wake up next to him he feels lonesome. He also believes that Jungkook’s career is over because of their broken promise.
“Aww baby, please don’t cry. You know it makes me feel sad knowing that you’re in pain and I can’t do anything to take it away.” Jimin says while rocking Taehyung back and forth in his arms.
“You probably didn’t listen to me and checked the trends didn’t you? I’m so sorry I couldn’t be here earlier, I didn’t want you to be alone. There’s gotta be an explanation as to how that fan got those pictures of Jungkook…
“I mean he wouldn’t cheat on you and get someone else pregnant right?” Jimin questions. Taehyung slowly lets go of his best friend and asks “Wait, what did you say?”
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Jungkook had just finished a show when he saw how the staff were staring at him. People were whispering behind their hands and some stopped talking as soon as he passed by.
Jungkook couldn’t understand what was happening, he thought that they were probably judging him about tonight’s show when he messed up in one song so he decided to ignore it.
Once he was in his dressing room, he wanted nothing more than to call Taehyung and ask him how he’s been and how’s the pregnancy going. He wanted to tell him how much he misses him and loves him but he remembered his stupid decision on giving up his phone.
He only agreed it to it because some number started messaging and calling him randomly and he was getting stressed out about it. It was a pattern that had started, he would block the caller, and a new message would come in from a different number.
He wanted to switch phone numbers but he remembered he was in America at the moment and not in South Korea. Jungkook also didn’t want to tell Taehyung anything about it as to not get the omega stressed or to have him worry for nothing.
So for now, he was phone less and he had no way to contact his husband. As for his social medias, his manager was in charge of all of it.
“Hey guys, where’s manager Han at? I haven’t seen him since the show ended.” Jungkook asked randomly to all the people who were in the room. “There was an emergency phone call with the company so he stepped outside to talk with them” replied the makeup artist.
Something major must’ve happened with one of the artists from the company if they also called his manager Jungkook though to himself.
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After Jungkook was done dressing himself in comfortable clothes, manager Han came back as if nothing had happened. During the phone call, the whole team decided not to inform Jungkook about the scandal and everyone who was in the staff team was prohibited on talking about it.
Every single staff received the messages on their phones so that they could all be updated. The company knew that what they were doing is wrong but they didn’t want Jungkook to cancel the remaining shows.
After all he is their most successful artist. They had all agreed to try to solve this scandal before the end of the tour.
“Jimin can you explain to me what you just said” Taehyung calmly asked. “Well, Yoongi hyung and I had agreed not to tell you anything just yet because we didn’t want to cause you any problems but I feel like you have the right to know of what’s going on” Jimin explained.
“Hey Jimin, we had that talk for nothing than? I should’ve known you were going to do this, good thing I came prepared and brought Taehyung his favorite movies and snacks” Yoongi said. “I’ll be right back, I’m just gonna go get the stuff while you guys talk.”
As soon as Yoongi left, Taehyung turned to Jimin waiting patiently for his friend to speak up. “Where do I start? Ok… well you see me and Yoongi hyung we’re hanging out at his house this morning when he asked me if I had checked the news yet.”
“I didn’t think much of it, I thought that it was probably another useless information but it’s was actually the opposite. I know you trust Jungkook and so do I and anything can happen right?” “Jimin, just get to the point please” Taehyung interrupted.
“Ok fine, so there’s this account from a female fan that posted some stuff and uploaded a few pictures which looks very real” Jimin said. “Here I’ll show you.”
Her story + her pictures 🤭
It’s currently 2:22 am so good night 😴 and thanks for keeping up with this au 💜
As Taehyung read the posts, he felt his heart break. ”Jimin, what is this? I thought this whole scandal was my fault.”
“I.. I....I thought people had found out about us, that they had somehow figured out that Jungkook was married to me and that I was pregnant but this is the complete opposite of what I was expecting.”
“I was even getting myself prepared to receive all the hate that was gonna come my way for taking their precious idol from them. Jimin, I thought he knew me and how I felt about him but I guess I wasn’t enough.”
We’ve been married for 2 years Jimin, 2 years and I am so happy, I felt loved but I guess it was all my imagination. Jimin what am I supposed to do? Please help me Jimin” was all Taehyung could say before he became a sobbing mess.
Jimin’s heart broke at the sight of his best friend suffering like this. Taehyung has been nothing but an angel sent from the heavens to everyone. “Taehyung, I know you don’t feel it right now but Jungkook loves you very much.”
“Maybe we should try contacting him again, we need to hear his side of the story. What do you say? Just think about it, what if it’s all a big misunderstanding and we’re jumping to conclusions.”
“I don’t want your heart to ache anymore and if you feel like his explanation doesn’t seem genuine than we can take some time away from here and think things through together.”
“Jimin I love him so much and I don’t want to lose him but I’m scared of what he might say if we do call him. I know he loves me but what if my love isn’t enough for him anymore?” Jimin nods his head at Taehyung’s question.
“Your love for him is what made me believe in love Tae, if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t believe in love and you know it, so please don’t think you are not enough because you are more than enough, you are worth it, plus I’ll be here by your side so let’s call him.”
“Jungkook, I have a call for you. It’s very important” manager Han says to the idol who is currently laying on his bed. “Who is it? I just wanna rest right now, this past shows have been tiring me lately”
“Just answer it and you’ll know” says his manager as he hands him the phone and sits on the couch across the bed. Jungkook begrudgingly answers the phone with a “Hello?” Once he hears the voice on the other side his heart rate picks up.
“Are you sure we should call him right now? I’m pretty sure he’s busy trying to rest, it is night right now in America you know” the young male says.
“Taehyung stop trying to delay this, we’re gonna have to call him sooner or later and it’s better to do it now” says an angry Jimin. At that exact moment, Yoongi enters with the snacks and a few dvds. “What are you guys up to?” he asks.
“Hyung, don’t you think it’s a good idea to call Jungkook right now? Just answer yes or no.” “Jimin, we shouldn’t try to force Taehyung to do anything right now, we have to respect his choices.”
“I know you care for him as do I but we also have to consider his feelings and how he thinks it’s best to handle this situation. We just have to support him no matter what, ok?” Yoongi says to Jimin who is currently pouting for not being sided with.
“What do you want to do Taehyung?” Yoongi suddenly asks the omega. “Let’s watch the movies so I can clear my head out for a bit before I make any drastic decisions, I don’t want to delay this either but I need to think of myself and the baby first.”
During the first two movies, it seemed like Taehyung was fine. They ate all the popcorn and all the junk food Yoongi had brought. Jimin was cuddling Taehyung throughout that time too but what they didn’t know was that Taehyung was feeling sick.
He just wanted to know what was going on with his husband and why it seemed like he was actually their with that girl. He knows his husband the best, but those pictures were clearly not photoshopped and they seemed too real.
His head was a mess and he couldn’t take it anymore. “I need to use the restroom for a second so please excuse me” he tells his friends. Jimin quietly gets off from him and lays down next to Yoongi on the other couch.
Taehyung goes to his room instead and try to call Jungkook, and as it has been happening for the last couple days, he gets the voicemail inbox and no response.
He tries 3 more time but gets the same results. He starts to sob quietly as to not disturb his friends. After a while he calms down and goes back to finish the movie.
Once Evening arrives, he calls Jungkook one more time and of course he still gets no answer. It should be morning in America so he decides to text Jungkook instead.
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Hello, I don’t know if anyone is still waiting for updates but I will for sure update tomorrow, so please look forward to it ☺️
She’s back
It’s been 1 week since the Jungkook scandal. Taehyung couldn’t get in contact with Jungkook but he decided to trust him and to take some time off from all his social media’s. He didn’t want to read anything that had to do with the girl.
In order to support Taehyung during this times, his 4 best friends and soulmate decided to go camping. They didn’t know or understand why Jungkook had suddenly cut them all off but they wanted to be their for Taehyung.
It was Jin who came up with the idea. Jimin and Yoongi had to convince Tae to go. Hobi and Namjoon were in charge of gathering all the supplies that they would need and in less than 5 hours they were ready to go.
That night they all slept at Taehyung’s house so that they could leave early in the morning. Yoongi, Jimin and Hobi shared a room while Namjoon and Jin shared the other. Taehyung stayed wide awake missing Jungkook.
It was 6am when Jin woke all of them up. Since Taehyung is pregnant they let him sleep a little longer and in the meantime Jin and Yoongi cooked some breakfast for all of them. Jimin was the one who heard Taehyung vomiting and quickly went to aid him.
After he cleaned himself up, he joined the others at the table and they started planning all the activities they would do at the camping site. They left at 7:30 am and since they wanted to disconnect from the world for a while, they left all their phones behind except for Jin.
“Hey, Jungkook.” “President Jang? Why are you calling me sir?” Jungkook asks the president of his company. “I just wanted to check up on you, and to see how you are doing.” “Oh I’m doing fine sir.”
“That’s good anyways I just wanted to remind you how strict we are about relationships and how you have to make sure no one finds out.” “Sir, me and my husband have been very cautious of our actions and I don’t know if you’ve heard but we’re expecting our first pup.”
“Oh yes I’ve heard, congratulations by the way” “Thank you, like I was saying I wouldn’t want to risk my family and put them in danger. I wouldn’t want peopel following my mate around so be assured that nobody will find out about us until we are ready to tell the world.”
“I’m so glad you are trying to stick to our agreement. Anyways I have a different question.” “Oh, please ask away” “Have you noticed anything weird recently? Like anyone following you around or trying to call you? or have you met any person recently?”
“I’m not sure if they’ve told you sir, but my phones been blowing up recently with calls so manger Han took my phone away for the time being.” “I’m sorry to hear that. Anyways it was nice talking to you but I have some things to attend to.” “Thank you sir…uhm goodbye”
The company finally speaks out
I forgot to mention that the company did speak out but a week later after the call lol
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One week had passed since the call with the president and Jungkook still had no idea of what was going on in the news. Even though he has two weeks left of touring he has been busy practicing his choreography and writing new lyrics for his upcoming album.
The morning after his concert in Texas, when he woke up, he wanted to hear Taehyung’s voice so badly because he started missing him like crazy. Lately, he’s been feeling so guilty for not calling sooner.
He just didn’t want Taehyung to worry about him and his safety if he were to find out about the anonymous calls that he has been receiving, he could just stay quiet and not talk about it but Taehyung is the only person that knows him the best.
He would instantly tell that Jungkook is hiding something from him. Since Taehyung is all Jungkook can think about lately, he finally decided to contact his husband and shower him with love.
Since he was in America, he thought it would be best to call Tae in the afternoon because of the time zones. So after finally getting ready for the day, Jungkook went to do his usual schedule which is practicing dance, vocal lessons, lunch and then song writing.
Today he finished a little earlier than the usual so he decided to go shopping for a bit. The first store to catch his eye was the baby department.
He wanted to surprise Taehyung with some gifts so he bought white and yellow baby clothes since they don’t know the gender of their pup yet. He continued shopping for more gifts for his friends and when he was done he happily went back to his hotel.
One thing Jungkook and the rest of the staff who accompanied him didn’t notice was that their was a person who was secretly following them around and taking pictures.
Once in his room, it was almost 6:00pm which was the time he decided he was gonna call Taehyung. As the clock hit 6, he called his manager in a rush to let him borrow his phone so he can finally make the call.
He eagerly dialed his lovers number which he knew by heart and waited patiently for the other to answer.
Back in Korea in Taehyung’s house, their laid 5 phones in the kitchen drawer with no one around. They had all left early in order to be able to put up the tents in broad daylight.
Since everyone in their circle of friends had good paying jobs, they were able to rent out a camping minivan and a spot that was less populated at the camping site.
Three hours later of driving, they finally arrived and they were able to breathe in the fresh air that nature had to offer them. Taehyung loved the scenery so much that he took out his camera and started taking pictures that he later on wanted to show Jungkook.
Everyone got busy with their assigned tasks so they were able to set up their equipments quickly.
“Hey Taetae, you wanna join us? We’re going on a walk to explore the site” Jimin asked as he, Yoongi and Hoseok got ready. “Sorry Chimchim, maybe tomorrow or later, I’m kinda tired right now so I’m gonna take a quick nap if that’s ok with you all” Taehyung said.
Yoongi and Hobi started walking and Namjoon and Jin were by the table they had set up. Jimin took Taehyung to their tent and helped him lay down. “You sure you don’t want me to stay with you? I’m sure the guys will understand” Jimin asked for the fifth time.
“No, It’s alright. Just go enjoy and spend some time with your boyfriends” Taehyung responded with a cheeky smile. Taehyung’s comment made Jimin blush like crazy. “They’re not my boyfriends yet” Jimin teased back.
It was 8pm already and Jungkook was still trying to contact Taehyung. At first when Tae didn’t answer he didn’t think much of it, he thought that he was still sleeping since it should’ve been 10am over there.
He tried once again a few minutes later but still no response. He didn’t want to wake Taehyung up so he decided to write some lyrics while he waited for the clock to strike 7:00pm.
Once it did he called again and same as before no response, he was starting to get worried but he didn’t want to be dramatic and think of the worst possible scenarios. At exactly 7:30pm he tried for the last time and that’s when he knew something must’ve happened.
This time he tried calling Jimin, Yoongi, Hobi, and Namjoon but none of them would answer. He didn’t know what was going on and why everyone was ignoring his calls.
His only hope left was his Jin hyung and as he started dialing the number and the phone started ringing he prayed that he would at least answer.
Taehyung had just fallen asleep when when Jin’s phone started ringing. The number on the screen was from an unknown caller and Jin debated whether he should answer it or not.
Just as he was about to press the answer button, the call ended and so he just shrugged it off. Once again his phone started ringing with the same number so he answered and waited for the person on the other line to speak up.
“Hello, is this Kim Seokjin?” The person asked. “Depends on who’s asking” “Right, my name is Kim Jae-Bong.” “Wait, your THE Kim Jae-Bong as the one who directed the movie Dawn??”
“Yes, that’s me. Anyways I called to ask if you would be interested in becoming the main lead for my upcoming film?”
Jungkook could tell the line was busy so he decided to wait ten more minutes before trying to call his hyung again.
On the other hand, Jin couldn’t believe he had somehow just landed himself a role with Kim Jae-Bong as the director. He was so happy that the first person he wanted to tell the news to was his husband Namjoon.
In his rush to tell Joon he forgot his phone inside Taehyung’s tent. As soon as he left, his phone started ringing again but Jin was long gone.
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This will determine what will happen next in the story
Taehyung was a awoken by the sound of a ringing phone. He was annoyed that the sound had disrupted his sleep since it hadn’t been long since he had laid down.
He just wanted the sound to die down so in his annoyed state, he got up and started to look for the phone. Just as he got the phone, the ringing stopped abruptly. He got ready to lay down when the ringing of the phone started again.
He didn’t know what to do, he could either go out and look for his Jin hyung or he can just simply answer the call but since he has manners he didn’t want to invade Jin’s privacy so he decided to just go look for Jin and give him his phone back.
The phone had stopped ringing but incase it started ringing again he didn’t want to deal with it. He got out of the tent and noticed that none of his friends were in sight. “I guess they all left to take a walk” he thought to himself.
The camping site felt empty and he did feel a bit lonely so he decided to go look for the guys. One of the reasons they came here was to look around and explore what nature had to offer. He was a bit sleepy so taking a walk may help him wake up.
As he was walking, he came across a small path and being the curious person that he is, he decided to just follow it no matter what was at the end of it. What he didn’t know though was that he was going in too deep into the forest.
It wasn’t dark yet so their was still some light and he could see where he was going. At the end of the path he came to a small field that was filled with different kinds of flowers. He wanted to take a picture so badly but he had forgotten to bring his camera with him.
He did have Jin’s phone with him and just as he was about to press on the camera icon the phone started ringing once again and he pressed on the answer button accidentally.
He started panicking a little because what had he just done? “This is invading Jin’s privacy” he thought to himself.
Their was a faint sound of someone on the line calling Jin’s name so he just went with it and answered back.
“Hello?” “ Can.....hear.....are...guys?” “Sorry, Can you speak up a little I can’t really hear you.” “I’m sorry what did you say?.” “Hello? Hello.... Can you hear me?”
Taehyung looked at the phone just see that the he had one bar, meaning he had pretty bad signal here. He tried his best to listen to the other but it was really hard considering the voice kept getting cut off. After a while the call disconnected itself.
Jungkook on the other hand was pretty sure he had heard Taehyung speaking. He didn’t know how but he knew Taehyung had answered the phone. His eyes filled with tears when he heard his Tae speaking.
He hadn’t realized how much he missed him but by just hearing Tae his whole body felt alive again. He’s not sure why Taehyung didn’t answer his phone or why his with Jin right now but he was hapoy he at least had the chance to hear his voice and to know that he was fine.
Just that one second of hearing him made his heart flutter. The phone call had disconnected already so he tried calling once more but this time the call wouldn’t go through.
He didn’t talk to Taehyung like he wanted too but he at least got to hear his voice so that was all he needed to make him happy.
It was already 8:20pm and he did have some interviews in the morning so he went to sleep and in his sleep he dreamt of Taehyung and his unborn baby.
Once the call disconnected, Taehyung didn’t think much of it, he could barely hear the other person on the line anyway. This time he was able to take pictures peacefully and he may or may not have taken a few selcas as well.
Before he headed back to the camping site, he picked out a few flowers to give to his friends. The way back wasn’t that long and from a distance he could hear his name being called out.
Once he was close enough he could see all of them panicking, Jimin was in the brink of tears with Hobi on his side. The sight made his heart flutter because he could honestly tell how his friends worried and cared for him.
So as to not have them panicking anymore he started running to where they were. “Guys!!! I’m back” he yelled. Jimin was the first to see him and started running up to him.
“Taehyung I’m so glad you’re fine. Please don’t scare us like that” Jimin sobbed as he hugged his best friend. “We were worried something had happened to you” Hobi said as he came next to them.
“I left for a while and when I came back you were gone” Jin said as he went in for a hug as well. “Where were you Taehyung?” Yoongi questioned him.
“Well I woke up because Jin hung’s phone was ringing too much and I wanted to bring him his phone but when I came out nobody was here so I decided to go look for you all”
“Taehyung something dangerous could’ve happened to you, you could have gotten lost or you could have encountered a wild animal, next time please wait for one us” Namjoon said.
“I’m sorry guys, I’ll promise to wait for you guys next time” Taehyung said with a pout. Just as Jin was about to speak up about who called, Taehyung’s stomach grumbled and so everyone decided to eat lunch or might as well say dinner since the sun was starting to set down.
They ate in a happy mood and afterwards they talked about their future plans. All Taehyung could say was that he wanted to be happy with Jungkook and their baby.
Jungkook woke up super early the next day because of his interview with XY Magazine. They had been waiting a while to be able to have an interview with them and the time had finally come.
Jungkook’s agency had gone over the questions with the magazine company so that no inappropriate questions could be asked or more specifically nothing related to the rumors of the pregnancy.
He was getting his hair and make up done for the photo shoot first and than he was gonna get asked questions. The photo shoot took only 3 hours but they managed and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Than they had their lunch break and finally it was time to be interviewed.
Ok I have some fan questions, you don’t mind me asking right?” “Oh no please go ahead”
“So Jungkook, How has life been since you started your world tour?” “It’s actually been pretty amazing, I love seeing all the people who support and are there for me and I’m grateful that they love to listen to my music.”
“What inspires you to write all those lyrics?” “Well just thinking about my fans or my loved ones is what inspires me the most. Sometimes I can just be sitting their listening to someone talk and their words bring out this special side of me.”
“Wow I wished I could be inspired like that hahaha. Ok question number three. When do you think will be the right time to find that special someone?“ “Love can be found at any age. One could either be young or old but it’s never too late.”
“What a way to avoid that question. Ok fourth question, “At what age or when do you think it will be the right time to retire?”
“Well for now I still love making music, but when I feel like the right time has come or I can’t get inspired anymore you guys will be the first to know but for now it’s not the time hasn’t come yet.”
“Fifth question looks interesting. “Do you think you have changed artistically from when you debuted to how you are right now?”
“I like to believe that my intentions of making music are still genuine my voice has obviously changed but I love songwriting and producing and preforming in-front of all my fans.”
“That’s good, ok next question. What is one of the things you miss most about South Korea?”
“Honestly I miss the food and my loved ones. It’s not easy being here by myself yes I have my fans and that makes me happy but I also get homesick sometimes and not being close to the one I love is honestly upsetting.”
“Wait you just said “to the one I love” does that mean that you have a lover like a girlfriend in particular?” “Oh no trust me, I don’t have a girlfriend.” “So do you not know a person named Park Eun Ri? Or are you just putting up an act?”
“I’m sorry but WHO?” “This is not what we agreed too!” manager Han speaks out. “Sir with all due respect but you wanted us to have a hit here, our magazine can’t have that if we don’t get any scoop out of this interview” the interviewer says.
He than turns to Jungkook and asks “What are your thoughts on Park Eun Ri and how did you guys meet?” “If you don’t stop with this nonsense questions, we will be leaving immediately as in right now!” manager Han says angrily.
“He will have to speak out about it sooner or later so I say that he might as well do it right now” the interviewer speaks. Jungkook has never been more confused than ever. ‘Who are they talking about and what does that person have to do with him?’ he thought to himself.
“Jungkook get up, we are done here, let’s go.” As they were nearing the door, manager Han than turned around and said, ”We will come back tomorrow and we will be expecting a new interviewer who can actually do their job right.”
Manager Han was furious because those were not the questions they had agreed to, to be asked. On the way to the car all the staff members who were assigned to Jungkook were dead silent.
They were all observing Jungkook since he hadn’t asked any questions yet regarding of what had just happened inside. Once the car left the building Jungkook finally spoke up. “What was the interviewer talking about? Why did he say it would be a huge scoop if I talked about it?”
“Jungkook, you know how it is. It’s just some senseless rumors going on. The company is in the process of clearing it up as we know that it’s not true. It’s not that important.” manager Han voices out.
“What do you mean it’s not important? He was basically trying to harass an answer out of me.” “Don’t stress out about it. It’ll all be fixed pretty soon so just rest up, okay”
Jungkook ignores manager Han and instead asks the staff, “Can anyone tell me exactly what this rumor is about or do I have to find out myself somehow?” Again everyone was silent, none of them wanted to loose their job since the company had told them not to say anything.
The ride back to the hotel was awkward. As soon as Jungkook got inside his room, he ordered manager Han to either bring him his phone or a laptop or else he would borrow one from the hotel.
Manager Han didn’t want to bring either item but knew he had no choice since the young artist was pacing in his room back and forth. “Sir, I’m sorry to say this but Jungkook has found out.” “Manager Han, what do you mean?”
“It was at the magazine interview Sir, we had gone over the questions with them but thier interviewer didn’t stick to the script and started asking about Miss. Park Eun Ri” “Since it looks like thier isn’t much we can do, let’s just tell the kid everything than.”
“As you wish sir” Manager Han quickly took Jungkook a laptop since his phone was still of no use. Every time they turned it on, there was always an incoming call.
Meanwhile Jimin and Taehyung were sitting close to the river while Jin was teaching everyone else how to catch some fish. “Taehyung when we go back, what’s the first thing you wanna do?” “I’m not sure yet but I do want to visit our favorite restaurant.”
“What about Jungkook?” “What do you mean? He’s still my husband and I will trust but I still have to get my thoughts together. I’m not expecting anything but I do wish to at least have a call from him.” “Wow, you really do love him don’t you.”
“Jimin he’s my other half, yes you’re my soulmate but he’s the one who completes me and understands me in different ways. I still love you though.” “Of course you do, I mean we are soulmates for a reason you know! I love you too Taetae.”
— “I first wanna say that we are extremely sorry. The agency acted irrationally because they thought this would be best for you. We always want to have our artists physical and mental health in great shape so they didn’t want to worry or stress you out.”
“I think not knowing and figuring it out by oneself is much more stressful than finding out by your agency.” Jungkook responds. “Yes and for that we are regretful, we didn’t handle this situation well as we thought that everything would be solved pretty quickly.”
“But here, we’re not going to interfere anymore so you can click or search up as much as you want” with that said, manager Han hands Jungkook the laptop and leaves the room.
Jungkook didn’t know what to expect when he started typing out his name on the search bar but once he saw the first article he didn’t know what to do. The first article was titled “Korea’s It Idol Jeon Jungkook to be a Father Soon?!”
The next article read, “Idol Jeon Jungkook’s Mystery Lover!” All the articles had almost the same title. Jungkook didn’t mind any of them since he knew it was not true but the first person he could think about as he read the articles was Taehyung.
Just imagine it’s a real link lol
❗️* This is the article *❗️
Top star idol Jungkook to be a dad soon? There has been serious accusations against idol Jungkook to have been in a secret relationship this past few months.
This person claims to have been in a romantic relationship which sadly ended due to this mysterious lover turning out to be pregnant. We have identified this person to be Park Eun Ri.
A young female who has been a fan of idol Jungkook since the beginning. We have interviewed Ms. Park and here’s what she told us.
Question 1. How did you guys meet? P.E.R- This may sound cliche but we met at one of his concerts. I went with my friend and yeah we had fun but at the end of the show I went to the restroom and when I came out almost everyone was gone.
I went around looking for my friend but I got lost. That’s when I noticed someone walking towards me and when they got closer it was Jeon Jungkook himself. I was surprised because I had just seen him performing and so yeah he helped me out.
Question 2. When did you guys start dating? P.E.R- After we met we didn’t exchange numbers or anything but a few days later I went shopping and we met again.
That’s when he said he wanted to get to know me better and so we became friends. So yes we we’re friends before we started dating. It was what a month later when we started dating each other.
Question 3. How were you guys able to keep this a secret for so long? P.E.R- As you may all know, Drumstick Agency doesn’t allow dating, so we had to secretly meet without being noticed.
It was exhausting but since we were in love it didn’t matter to me. I don’t if people remember but for his concerts I have always been present.
Question 4. How serious was your relationship? P.E.R- We were both serious about it. I know he stills loves me like I love him but he’s just scared right now.
Question 5. What made you want to go public? P.E.R- I didn’t want to out ourselves like this but I know he’s scared of what might happen in the future, of how everyone will react so I decided to be brave and just go for it.
Hopefully this helps us out to be together again. I know he needs this little push to be able to be honest with everyone and himself.
Question 6. What was his reaction when you told him about your pregnancy? P.E.R- He was pretty shocked and I wasn’t gonna say anything but he had just finished a show and he seemed a little bummed out and I wanted to make him happy so I decided to tell him.
Question 7. Why did you guys breakup? P.E.R- I honestly thought he was gonna be happy. Instead he got scared so that’s why he ended things with me but I’m here to tell him that’s it’s all going to be ok. That we can make it work so we can have that family he has always wanted.
Question 8. What are your upcoming plans? P.E.R- Well hopefully Jungkook can see that I’m still here waiting for him and that I’m gonna have our child wether he wants to support me or not.
I also hope that when he’s finally honest with himself we can marry each other for the sake of the baby. So if your reading this interview, please know that Jungkook is a taken man and a soon to be father.
Jungkook closed the tab and decided to look at the comments instead. No way did people actually believe her right? Everything she said sounded like a fanfic to him. Like was she serious, how would anyone get lost for that long when there are securities everywhere.
Also, did she not know that he doesn’t really go out shopping. If he gets any shopping done, which is rare, it is either because Taehyung did it for him or he did it online. Jungkook couldn’t believe that the company hadn’t resolved this issue yet.
He saw some positive and some negative comments but as long as his fans believed in him that’s all that mattered.
Some comments...
After he was done reading through he than laid down on the bed and realized that he just needed to wait one more week and he could finally go back to his Taetae and his pup.
“ I sincerely want to thank everyone who came to my shows and supported me throughout this tour. It makes me so happy to see that you are all here still with me and are walking with me through this journey! I hope everyone had a blast today!! Until next time! I Love You all!!”
Jungkook had finally finished his last show from his world tour. Even tough it was tiring at some points, seeing all his fans showing up and enjoying their time made up for all the exhaustion he felt. Now he can finally go back home without any worries.
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That night he felt stressed free, he was happy about going back home. He missed the food and how he would spend his time with Taehyung. They would either go out to take a walk or just hang out in their house. He missed it all.
What could it be? 🤔
The next day, he was up and ready to head to the airport but first they had eat something to stay healthy. He knew if Taehyung were to find out that he hasn’t been eating properly, he would surely be in lots of trouble.
He was created to be perfect 😭
As they were getting closer to the airport, he could see many of his fans waiting for him to say goodbye to him. He didn’t really mind since he doesn’t really get to spend some time with his international fans. He got out the car and started waving at everyone.
They’re was someone else who was also leaving back to Korea at that exact time too.
Should’ve known 😒
It was time to start getting on the plane but before they left, Jungkook asked Manager Han to let him borrow his phone.
My phone’s about to die, I’m super sleepy and Jungkook misses Taehyung so good night 😴
Ok so I was writing and I came up with two different plots.... it’s up to y’all to choose how the story continues 😉
Jungkook could finally see his house at a distance. All these months of being alone without Taehyung had been torture for him and now he was finally gonna be reunited with him.
He couldn’t wait to give Taehyung the flowers and vanilla cake he had picked up on his way home and to finally be able to hold him again. The car parked in front of his drive way and he quickly got out and took all his luggage with him.
He had missed his home dearly, he missed it when he would arrive home from the company or any schedule he had that day and how Taehyung would be their waiting for him with some dinner ready or with a movie ready to play because he loved to have his movie dates with him.
Jungkook entered with a bright smile but it soon dropped once he noticed the suitcases in the living room, specifically Taehyung’s suitcases. He also noticed that the house was eerily quiet which was weird because at this time, Taehyung would barely be waking up.
He mind and heart became a mess because he didn’t want to believe that Taehyung was planning on leaving him. He started to regret not coming sooner like he had wanted.
The company had denied his requests of canceling the tour saying he was gonna have to pay a big sum of money for failing to complete his tour contract. He grabbed the house phone and dialed Taehyung’s number but he got no response whatsoever.
He tried dialing Jimin, Yoongi and Namjoon as well but he also got no answer from them. Jungkook than wondered if the company had contacted Taehyung at all when the scandal broke out so he decided to call manager Han.
“Hello? Manager Han? It’s me JK, I was just wondering if the agency contacted my husband once the scandal broke out?” “Oh my god, I’m so sorry Jungkook, I just realized we were all so busy trying to see how the news had broke out that we totally forgot to contact Taehyung.”
“What do you mean you forgot?” “We weren’t really thinking about your personal life, we just wanted to clear your image.” “You know what, I’ll just talk to you guys later than, bye.” Jungkook was frustrated not only with the company but with himself as well.
How could they all forget to tell Taehyung. He realized that not wanting to stress Taehyung out with his problems might had actually stressed him out even more since he had to find out by the media instead of talking with each other.
He didn’t want Taehyung to leave him especially now that they were expecting their very first pup. Jungkook had promised Taehyung that they would grow old with each other and that he would always put him first. Now he noticed how wrong he was to have neglected Taehyung.
Just with the thought of his Taehyungie feeling sad and alone made Jungkook tear up. He had probably pushed Tae away from him and now he was gone. Jungkook stayed in the living room crying and trying to figure out how he was gonna get Taehyung to come back to him.
What he failed to notice tough was the camping equipment laying in the kitchen floor along with his friend’s luggage. It was clearly visible but the heartbroken idol was too much in his emotional thoughts.
Twenty minutes had passed since Jungkook had arrived home when he suddenly heard commotion outside. He could clearly hear Hobi’s laughter so he got up as fast as he could and went outside.
He noticed Jin and Namjoon holding hands while Hobi, Yoongi and Jimin were a few steps back their was no Taehyung in sight. To say he was disappointed was an understatement. He felt heartbroken once again because now it was sinking in that Taehyung had in fact left him.
The guys all stopped walking once they noticed Jungkook, who was in front of the door just staring at them with red puffy eyes. They were surprised to see him their because they didn’t know he was coming back already.
The last thing they heard from him before the scandal happened was that it was a possibility that they were gonna add more dates to his tour. They were surprised to see him just standing their after he hadn’t contacted them for a while.
“Ya Jungkook, when did you get here? Weren’t you gonna be on tour for a few more weeks?” Jin asked the young idol. “ I decided not to go through with it” he answered.
“Anyways have any on you seen or heard from Taehyung? I can’t reach him and I really, really need to speak with him.” Jungkook asked. “ I have a feeling that he hates my guts right now and I want to explain everything to him.”
At that exact moment Taehyung appeared behind Jimin with a milkshake and cookies in his hand. He looked up and saw Jungkook in front of him but he couldn’t believe it. “Kookie is that you?”
In a flash, Jungkook was by Taehyung’s side. He still gets overwhelmed when he stands in front of him because of how beautiful the younger is. He couldn’t wait any more so he gently grabbed Taehyung and kissed him with so much passion and sincerity.
He just wanted to express how much he loves and how much he had missed his lover. He also wanted to show how sorry he felt towards the other for not being a good husband the past couple of weeks. He knows what he did is unforgivable but he wanted to be selfish one last time.
He didn’t know what would happen to them after they talked with one another or if the younger would believe him but he just wanted to have Taehyung for himself along with their baby.
Jungkook didn’t notice when he started crying in between the kiss but he didn’t want to let go of Taehyung just yet. The others just looked away trying to let the two lovers have a moment to themselves before they interrupted them.
Even if they were mad at Jungkook, they wanted to at least let Taehyung hug his husband who he hadn’t seen for a while. Just than, Jimin started feeling a little uneasy since they were out in public where anyone could pass by so he cleared his throat to gain their attention.
“Sorry to interrupt you guys but we should head inside and talk. We don’t want anyone noticing that we are all here especially you five “ he said as he pointed towards Jin, Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok and Jungkook.
With Jin being a successful actor, Jungkook an idol and Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hoseok being in a group they would easily bring some attention to themselves. They all headed inside the house to discuss what has been going on in everyone’s lives.
“We recently went camping and we just got back home today in the morning” Taehyung said as soon as he noticed how Jungkook was staring at the luggage. “So your not planning to leave me?” Jungkook asked as he stared at Taehyung with his beautiful doe eyes.
“Never in a million years would I ever leave your side. We were meant for each other. I love you as much as you love me” Taehyung responded with a smile on his face. “You guys make me sick” Jin said as he stared at them both.
“Babe, you are the same way as them when we are alone” Namjoon butted in as he wrapped his hand around Jin. Everyone laughed at Jin’s reaction. “How can you betray me like this!” Jin said with a pout. “Sorry babe but it’s the truth” Namjoon said.
After they were all done laughing Yoongi spoke up. “We should really talk about what has been happening recently, especially you Jungkook, you have some explaining to do mister” he said as everyone else nodded their heads.
“We don’t want to seem like we are invading your privacy but we have been worried for you nonstop” Hoseok said next. “We have also been taking care of Taehyung since it has been said that pregnant people tend to have emotional breakdowns” Jimin stared as he hugged Taehyung.
Jungkook felt guilty because he didn’t think of how Taehyung would react or how he would feel to see the news being all over the tabloids. He knows not to blame his company because some of that responsibility goes to him as well.
If only he had been more thoughtful of the way he had handled things, like that no misunderstandings would have happened. The only thing he could do now is explain everything the everyone. He just hoped that his friends would believe him.
“First of all, I wanna say that I’m really sorry guys for making everyone worry about me which was something I wanted to avoid but I see that the ways me and the company handled things were wrong.” “I didn’t want to Taehyung to stress himself over my problems”
“Jungkook, whatever problems you come across with we have to face them together because the day we married we became one so please trust me” Taehyung said as he grabbed both of Jungkook’s hand.
“ I love you so much no words could describe how much you mean to me” he said as he looked at the younger in the eyes. “ We get it you love each other very much but we can talk about that later. Let’s talk about what has been happening recently to Jungkook” Yoongi interrupted.
“ Ok first of all I wanna say that I’m sincerely sorry for not answering none of your calls. I had to turn in my phone because the company ordered me too. Also it was turned off the whole time so I didn’t know if any of you had called.”
“ I know it’s not a good excuse and I know that I was being selfish on my part because I didn’t think of any of guys especially of Taehyung who I’m supposed to care for” Jungkook said.
“During the last few weeks that I had left of tour, I had been receiving random calls nonstop and it didn’t matter if I would block the number because they would call again with a different one. It was seriously stressing me out and manager Han noticed it.”
“He was the one who suggested to me into turning off my phone and turning it in to them so that I can focus on the shows, it totally slipped my mind to inform you guys.”
“I’m not gonna lie, it totally helped me get focused once again in my job and I didn’t want to worry anyone with my small problems.” “ I just have one question.” Jin spoke up.
“Why didn’t your agency inform Taehyung about any of this? Like they could have left the whole calling you information out but they could have at least told him that you were fine and that you weren’t going to have your phone for a while, you know.”
“ I don’t really know what to say, of course I believed they would inform Tae since they have done so in the past but I don’t really know what was different about it this time.” “You don’t think it’s because he’s pregnant now do you?” Hoseok asked.
Everyone stayed silent as to think if that was the reason. “I don’t think so, shouldn’t that have motivated them more into calling?” Jimin answered. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Hobi replied.
“For right now we don’t know the reason and we are gonna have to find out later” Namjoon said. “Shouldn’t we try to figure out why Jungkook was being called for?” He than asked. “Jungkook did you ever pick up any of the calls?” Yoongi asked.
“I did. Twice.” Jungkook answered. “Was there anything weird about them or anything suspicious?” Jin asked.
“From what I remember the first time I answered it was a voice of a girl and it was honestly creepy. I know I shouldn’t answer unknown numbers but for some reason I did, and I regret it.” “Do you remember what they said?” Jimin asked.
“All I remember is some weird noises in the background and them saying, “You’re mine”, so I just turned off the call.” “What about the second time?” Namjoon asked.
“Since it was a different number, I thoughtlessly answered and it turned out to be a guy this time. He clearly told me to be careful and to watch my back because something major was gonna happen soon but I didn’t take it seriously since people this days like to make prank calls.”
“So was this before or after the scandal?” Jin asked. “Before” he answered. Jungkook looked around and saw that all his friends were staring at him thoroughly but ever since they started talking he also noticed that Taehyung hadn’t said anything just yet.
A week had gone by since JK had come back and everyday he would wake up and be able to see his favorite person next to him. It thankfully worked out well between him and Taehyung, which he himself had doubted about it, and now they had a doctors appointment today.
Also regarding the fake scandal, him and his company hadn’t heard anything else and they were also trying to contact Miss. Park Eun Ri but they had no luck as of yet.
His company were also preparing themselves to take some legal actions against Park Eun Ri for Defamation of a Character. He was just happy that everything would quickly get it’s self sorted and he and Taehyung would have a proper peaceful pregnancy.
That’s why when he saw the news that morning, it shocked him because that is not the way he wanted to tell his fans his secret. He imagined it would be done in a way where his fans can understand him and trust him. Not like this.
The shocking news 😟
Hello 😭 I'm currently trying to gather my notes so I'll probably update by next week!! 😭😭 Thank you to everyone who has read and sorry for making ya'll wait ♥
The first thing that Jungkook thought of after reading the news was Taehyung. His beloved was still asleep and he didn’t know how he was going to react to this. All he knew is that he didn’t want to lose Taehyung and that they need each other more than ever now.
The doctor’s appointment couldn’t be canceled so he decided to wake Taehyung up, but first he was gonna make him a healthy breakfast. While doing so he wondered if he should tell Taehyung about it now or later.
He didn’t want to stress him first thing in the morning so he decided on doing it after their appointment. Just as he was finished cooking, his phone started ringing. It was his manager so he decided to take the call in his study.
“ Hello?” Jungkook answered. “ Jungkook I’m sorry if I woke you, but I need you to stay away from all social media and please do not watch the news today.” “ It’s too late, I already saw it.”Jungkook responded
“ You did? Don’t worry about it, we’re gonna try to fix this as soon as possible.” “ I know hyung.” “ But as you can see, you can’t be hiding your relationship with Taehyung anymore.” “Yeah, so what do you suggest we do now?”
“ It’s best if you and Taehyung record yourselves telling your story to the world.” replied Manger Han. “ Are you sure that’s a good idea? Cause I’ve been thinking and what if we release the video, than what’s gonna happen to Taehyung?” “What do you mean Jungkook?“
“ You know with the whole other scandal, I don’t want people to backlash at Taehyung.” “ Ahhh I see,” “ Taehyung means the world to me and I don’t want him suffering because of this.”
“ I’m sorry this is happening now Jungkook but we’re trying our best to sort everything out. Hopefully we can find out the person behind all of this and make them pay for it.” “ I know and I’m sorry for causing trouble.”
“ It’s not your fault Jungkook, and we’ll think of another way to reveal the truth of your marriage. Like you said we don’t want any negativity to go towards Taehyung.” “ Thank you for understanding hyung.” Jungkook replied
“ Their’s nothing to thank me for. We’ll keep on talking later but for now rest up and make sure that Taehyung is doing well.. Bye” and the line went dead. Jungkook put the phone back in his pocket and went back to the kitchen to start serving the food.
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