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Jun 17, 2020
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#taekookau #kookvau title: Something about Mr. Kim "name?" "Jeon Jeongguk" "age?" "22" "rank?" ' it is…asking about ranks already…bet they won't hire me again once i say it..' jeongguk thoughts. "*****" he says.. "then,you're hired..Mr. Kim shall see you now.."

au where jeongguk a jobless 22 year old who's applications has been rejected for 14 times already, just got accepted at K entertainment, the biggest entertainment company in the country,as the CEO's secretary, why?..because of the biggest lie he had ever said his entire life.
… tags🏷 - A/B/O ( omegaverse ) - ceo x secretary - office romance - slow burn- ish? - nsfw 🔞🔞🔞 - angst - additional tags will be presented as needed
… characters: Jeon Jeongguk *RANK - ???* - fresh graduate from yonsei - 22 years old - smart - broke
Kim Taehyung *RANK - ???* - young CEO of K entertainment - 24 years old - strict - insanely rich - a little arrogant
Jung Hoseok *RANK - alpha* - one of the top idols at K entertainment - kim taehyung's college buddy - popular
Park Jimin *RANK - beta* - idol at K entertainment - kind - charming - friendly
Kim Seokjin *RANK - beta* - doctor - kim namjoon's best friend - rest will be revealed as the story progress
Kim Namjoon *RANK - alpha* - kim taehyung's brother - ceo of K group of companies - strict - dominant - smart
Min Yoongi *RANK - alpha* - jeon jeongguk's best friend - music producer/song writer at K entertainment - the one who urged jeongguk to apply at the company he's working for, after knowing that their ceo has yet again fired his secretary.
…. author's note: hi! it's me again, i'm really quite nervous in starting this au since this is going to be my first A/B/O , though i hope you could show it some love… likes and rt's will be well appreciated.
before i start this i would like to humbly ask for you to censor the names of of our dear members and use their emoji's instead when quoting… also remember all of this is just FICTION, none of it is true..
… "i swear to god jeongguk if you're late on your first day i'll beat up your a*s !" yoongi hissed at his bestfriend on the phone,
jeongguk his buddy just got hired as their company ceo's secretary, after being rejected by other companies for 14 times in a row, and now he's running late on his first day. great.
"i'm almost there hyung.. Mr. Kim hasn't arrived yet right?" jeongguk asks, panting out of breath, he's running now and he can already see their building.. his official new work place.. K entertainment.
"no not yet.. thankfully.. so you better hurry, that guy has a thing for punctuality.." "on it hyung…" "ah! by the way… your suppressants?" yoongi asks.
"check." jeongguk says, still running. "scent blocker?" "check as well.. don't worry hyung… you know i can handle myself.." jeongguk says smugly despite chasing his breath..
"tch.. as if i'm worried about you.." yoongi scoffed, "hmm.. you know you are hyung… ah.. i'm here.. i'll go now hyung!wish me luck! thanks!" jeongguk says, dropping the call upon arriving at the building, squeezing himself inside the lift going to the top floor.
'new work.. new life… fvcking finally…' he smirked in his thoughts, as the lift slowly goes up…
… "so.. this will be your desk… please note that you should be here at least 20 minutes before Mr. Kim arrives… no coffee for his morning drink, hot chocolate will do, add two donuts of your choice as well since Mr. Kim isn't that picky when it comes to that,
jajangmyeon for his lunch 2-3 servings, depending on his appetite so make sure to ask him, if he's not in the mood for noodles then burgers or pizza will do, soda is a must, ice cold, he often stay up late here,
it'll be quite tough but you'll have to wait for him to go home before you can end your shift, but don't worry you'll be well compensated from day one which is now… with complete benefits,
ah! and straighten up your tie… he's a bit sensitive about appearance, so as his secretary you must always.. always be presentable… then.. never talk back, be attentive, be on call, be alert and... please.. *sigh* .. please have patience.." min-ah says,
a beta from the H.R department, the one who interviewed him yesterday as well, judging for how quick they hired him, it seems like the ceo kim taehyung, really is in dire need for a secretary right now,
which works better for jeongguk who's bills aren't gonna wait, he just graduated a few months ago and has been on the hunt for a job ever since, but due to his damn rank which he hates he can't seem to land a job.. well until now…
min yoongi his best friend took pity on him seeing that jeongguk is in bad state, having his rent and other bills due, yoongi has been treating him his meals for some time now, but his other means of living is a different story,
so to sum it up.. he's quite desperate for a job now… that's why when yoongi informed him that their company ceo is hiring for a new secretary, he didn't think twice to apply…
and to prevent being rejected again… him and yoongi decided to orchestrate the first and the biggest lie jeongguk has ever done his entire life… yup… he lied about his damn rank…
which is by the way subjects to immediate termination say he gets found out… but that is 'if' he get found out… and right now, he has no intentions of risking it, given how desperate he is to keep his precious job.
"noted minah-ssi… by the way.. what time does Mr. Kim usually arrives?" jeongguk asks, placing his notes and pen down the desk after jotting down minah's reminders.
"hmm.. let me see… about… right now.." *ding*
jeongguk straightened his posture once the lift swung open, revealing the poised yet somewhat enigmatic ceo… kim taehyung all dressed up in his crisp suit, leather shoes and flawlessly styled hair as everyone in the office stood up and bowed, greeting him good morning.
'hmm… typical alpha' jeongguk scoffed in his thoughts, back still bent to a bow as the 'great' ceo walked inside his office without even paying him any mind.
alpha he says, but jeongguk cannot actually smell anything off kim taehyung.. he's guessing that the latter might be on scent blockers and suppressants given that the company supports a diverse rank environment,
so maybe he's taking those just to be safe... well he's not one to criticize anyway, since he's taking the meds as well.. however not for a noble cause… but for a totally different reason… yes.. still to keep his job.
"c'mon… get his donuts and drink… here's his schedule by the way… uhm.. good luck?" minah says scratching the back of her neck as she hands the tablet containing Mr. Kim's schedule for the day before finally leaving jeongguk alone in his desk in front of Kim Taehyung's office,
"yeah good luck to me indeed… good luck to me…" jeongguk says, taking a deep breath all determined not to mess everything up.
… "good morning Mr. Kim…" , jeongguk says, bowing politely before placing the hot chocolate and donuts he brought from the pantry over mr. kim's desk.
"what's my schedule?" taehyung asks, eyes glued on his phone, not even spaeing his new secretary a glance.
" 10 am interview with **** news portal, 12pm meeting with the artists, 1pm photo shoot for **** magazine, 3 pm appointment with Dr. Kim, 7 pm meeting about new trainees,
then the rest are blank for now Mr. Kim.." jeongguk says, he already memorized mr. kim's schedule so he managed to narrate it with no mistake.
"i see.. what time is it now?" taehyung asks, 'isn't there any clock on his phone?' jeongguk scoffed in his thoughts, since the intimidating man has been glued on his phone this whole time,
"9 am Mr. Kim.." he says politely after checking his 5 year old wrist watch. "okay.. you can leave now.." taehyung says, flicking his fingers out, as if shooing jeongguk away..
'damn, it hasn't been an hour yet i can already see why his previous secretaries either resigned or fired.", he thoughts, bowing politely again before exiting the ceo's office.
well jeongguk had already met Mr. Kim briefly yesterday after he got hired, he scanned him like a product from head to toe, asked him to turn around then asked him to leave soon after,
no 'hi's nor hello's' no greetings, no introductions, he just shooed him away just like what he did now… jeongguk would be lying if he says that it doesn't offend him for it does, big time actually,
but of course it's not like he has any rights to complain right? he's just a secretary at the bottom of this dog eats dog food chain.. which is exactly why he ended up lying about his rank.
he sat on his desk arranging the files minah left earlier for him to familiarize, org charts, department floors, who's who, mr. kim's pet peeves, his allergies,
his favorite food, drinks, restaurant, brands and all that sh*t as if he's reading the damn bible on how to please the damn devil in his gucci suit.
call him judgemental but jeongguk has this thing of knowing whether he would like a person or not, and to be honest mr. kim did not make it to his 'i like you' list,
why? first he seems arrogant, he never once addressed him by his name, and lastly.. he's rich… which is the number one factor by the way, since jeongguk hates the rich.
he used to be one… well before both of his parents d*ed from a car accident supposedly on their way home to busan, luckily..
or unluckily jeongguk wasn't there with them, for during that time he was busy with uni and decided to just stay at their home in seoul instead of spending the weekend in busan with his parents,
and up to now he can't seem to tell whether to call himself fortunate for not being in the accident, or unfortunate for having to live without his parents before he could even sort his sh*t together…
guess the odds were still in his favor when the only alpha he could tolerate min yoongi, also his best friend helped him out during those hard times,
they even lived together before jeongguk managed to save up enough to get his own apartment by working two part time jobs all while attending uni,
he could honestly still continue working on those part time jobs at the cafe and the convenience store if he just wanted a job.. but he has a degree now..
a degree he worked so hard for to attain.. and it'll be a shame to put it to waste without even experiencing how to wear a tie in a corporate world.. so he decided to quit his part time jobs and went job hunting,
which by the way ended up with him drowning on cheap soju almost every night after being rejected 14 fvcking times in a row… with the said rejection damaging his pride and self esteen to the point that he ended up being someone else's secretary.
that's the thing about being born with money… you'll grow up without thinking about anything else.. there's food on the table, great, you'll think that it'll always be there served in a silver platter, there's money in your bank account, you'll think that it'll never run out,
holding a black card? you'll think that you can fvcking buy anything you want… living on a high rise suite? four sports cars in your garage? you'll think that you're a fvcking god.. that no one and nothing could bring you down,
but the truth is… it'll only take one unfortunate event for everything to crumble down at your feet… just one unfortunate event then it'll fall down burying you deep into a pit of fallen dominoes…
food gone, bank account zeroed, black cards cancelled, suite and cars sold in just a matter of months, to pay for his parents debt, for his school and for just simply breathing and living everyday…
the friends his parents thought they have in the company all ganged up and ousted him in their own family business, buying out his shares..
taking advantage of his lack of knowledge regarding the company, milking him up to his last penny until he was left homeless, car less and broke beyond belief.
a huge contrast from his previous life pampered in rich hood.. wild parties, alcohol, women, money… even his so called friends all left him when they saw that he's no longer the great jeon jeongguk they once knew, all except one of course his best buddy up to now, min yoongi.
it's been two years… and this is the only time he managed to wear one of his designer suits, gathering dust inside his small closet in his cramped up apartment, not for an interview but for a real fvcking job this time.
'it's alright… everything starts at the bottom anyway… humans can do it so why can't i right?', he mumbled to himself as he start up his computer, organizing his tasks for the week.
… so far so good, he managed to get past half a day without committing a single mistake, mr. kim is still ignoring him, only asking a few dry questions here and there, right now he's on standby watching the ceo's business magazine photoshoot.
"aigoo… you're sassy kim's new secretary?" one of the make up artists asks, "ah.. yes ma'am.. it's my first day today.." jeongguk says politely. "how's your ears?"
" what ma'am?" jeongguk "your ears? wait.. don't tell me the beast isn't out yet? i mean he hasn't lashed out yet?…" she asks, looking somewhat amused and baffled at the same time.
"uhm.. n..not yet?.. i mean.. he ignores me ma'am.. so no.. not yet.." jeongguk says, still not getting what the lady means.
"hmm.. interesting… you're the first… i mean.. uhm.. nothing… mr. kim might like you.. i guess?", she says, before walking away to retouch his boss 's make up.
'like me? what the actual fvck?… if that's him liking me, then how much of an a*shole would he be if he doesn't then?', jeongguk scoffed in his thoughts, scanning his boss who seems to be doing well with the photo shoot..
Kim Taehyung… age 24, probably one if not the youngest ceo in the country… came from one of the most prominent families in seoul.. the Kim's.. known for their chain of businesses, like malls, banks, hotels , and yes.. entertainment…
jeongguk took his time in assessing his boss 's physique, he's tall, wearing a somewhat baggy suit, probably a size or two bigger, maybe not to intimidate his employees if he's really muscular underneath,
man has a good posture, he carries himself well with grace and poise… reminds him of his old self when he's still in rich hood… then his eyes went up to kim taehyung's face…
strong eyebrows, sharp feline eyes.. sculpted nose.. plump flushed lips, sharp jaws.. man really is handsome no doubt … 'even without his scent you could tell that he's an alpha,' jeongguk thoughts, averting his gaze before he get awkwardly caught.
after another 30 minutes the photo shoot is done, they still have around an hour for lunch before the next appointment at 3pm, remembering minah's words earlier jeongguk recalled that he needs to ask what mr. kim wants for lunch.
"excuse me Mr. Kim, what do you prefer for your lunch? is it jajangmyeon, burgers or pizza?" jeongguk asks. "i see.. minah had taught you well huh?" taehyung says.
"i'm sorry sir?" "nothing… anyway are you hungry?" taehyung asks, as they walk through the hallways, going back to his office. well jeongguk was about to say no,
but his damn stomach just decided to do the talking for him, grumbling as if he hasn't eaten for days.. making his cheeks flush red due to embarrassment.
"pfft… fine.. jajangmyeon for me 2 servings, get some for yourself as well…Jeon..." taehyung snorts, finally addressing jeongguk at least by his last name.
'tch.. so he knows how to smile huh..' jeongguk says in his thoughts, somehow thanking his stomach for making a sound, at least he wouldn't have to say that he's really so damn hungry with his own mouth.
… "'s your lunch Mr. Kim, eat well…" jeongguk says, placing the bowl on top of taehyung's desk, bowing before he turned aiming to head out, "where's yours?" , taehyung asks, making jeongguk halt on his steps.
"huh?.. uh.. outside Mr. Kim.. on my desk.." jeongguk says, quite confused as to why the infamous sassy ceo's concerning himself with his secretary's meal.
"get it… just eat here… it's boring eating alone." taehyung says nonchalantly before taking a big bite from his bowl of noodles, as jeongguk shrugged still confused but ended up doing what he's told anyway.
… "so… how's work so far? .. you think you can handle it?" taehyung asks as they eat, "ah..'s okay Mr. Kim.. it's just my first day after all.." jeongguk says, awkwardly twisting his noodles with his chopsticks.
"hmm.. i see.. i must say i'm surprised that you applied here.. you know… given your rank…", taehyung says.
"i.. i have no choice sir, our bills aren't classified by ranks… sad to say it's the same for everyone, given that the job opportunities aren't the //same/ for everyone."
"point taken… well since you'll be working for me.. and since you seem to be doing good so far… i'll be a bit generous… so if ever you need anything.. just let me know…" taehyung says, which surprised the latter so much that he almost choked on his noodles.
"*cough.. cough..* .. uhm.. t..thank you Mr. Kim.." he says, gulping a mouthful of water before he embarrass himself more.
//no way… he doesn't really like me right? what the fvck?!/, jeongguk cursed in his thoughts after receiving an unexpected warmth from his infamously cold boss.
… the two then continue finishing their noodles, with taehyung throwing in random questions to his new secretary here and there, like…
'are you living alone?' 'how do you manage your scent?' 'was uni hard?' 'aren't you scared?' 'how is it like to be an …'
'god… for fvck's sake… give me a break... am i being hit on by my on boss? on my first day of work? seriously?' jeongguk scoffed in his thoughts, eating up quickly so he could head out already and escape Mr. Kim's barrage of questions.. and his own barrage of lies…
"ah.. i'm done eating now Mr. Kim.. i shall head out now.. thank you for the meal.." jeongguk says, bowing politely after scoffing down his last bites of noodles before he head out.
//safe./ he thought as soon as he shvt the door close. "hmm… i think he's really shy…" taehyung says, taking another bite of noodles since he's not done eating yet..
… it's almost 3pm and jeongguk already finished setting up his desk and organizing his files,he's just answering some business emails with the fixed template minah had provided him, mostly just proposals,with him replying with 'Mr. Kim will get back to you.' like a 50 times now.
"uhm.. excuse me sir.. do you have an appointment?" jeongguk asks, quickly getting on his feet when another tall and handsome man arrived, aiming to go straight at the ceo's office.
"uh.. yes? and you are?" the man says, scanning jeongguk from head to toe, brow raised tauntingly. //damn even rich beta's aren't any good./ jeongguk hissed in his thoughts, yet keeping a straight face towards the stranger.
"sorry if i came off rude sir, my name is jeon jeongguk, Mr. Kim's new secretary..can i have your name please so i can check your appointment?.." jeongguk says after bowing politely.
"hmm… a new guy.. i see.. kim seokjin... i have an appointment with taehyung at 3.. and.. it's 3 now.. so can i go in mr. secretary?" jin asks in sass, which made jeongguk almost roll his eyes.. //almost../ because no.. he can't possibly do that.
"ah.. yes sir.. i see your name here now… thank you… Mr. Kim 's currently inside, waiting…" jeongguk says with a smile as he opened up the door for seokjin to enter.
"great. " jin says, sounding bored, not minding the new secretary as he got inside taehyung's office, locking the door close.
… "hyung… hi.." taehyung says, greeting seokjin who just arrived. "i thought you'll be the one to go at my clinic today tae... ugh.. you really had to make me drive all the way here.." jin scoffed, collapsing on one of the swivel chairs in taehyung's office.
"can't hyung.. i still have a meeting after this… you know if i go there, we'll spend more time talking about a lot of nonsense and i would have to cancel out my meeting again." taehyung says in a matter of fact tone.
"tch.. right… by the way.. you didn't tell me that you hired a new secretary.. and a male one huh?"
"well.. that previous b*tch who was working for me just two days ago had to mix up my schedule so bad that i missed most of my appointments… of course i had to fire her.. duuh.." taehyung scoffed.
"tae… aren't your mood getting worse and worse?" jin asks. "but i've always been like this hyung.. what are you talking about?"
"you know what i'm talking about kim taehyung… how long are you gonna keep this up?" jin asks worriedly sliding up a small paper bag over taehyung's desk.
"*sigh*.. for as long as i can hyung... for as long as i fvcking can.." taehyung says.. leaning his head back against his swivel chair, staring at the ceiling.
"that's a new one.. the previous ones you're taking might not work anymore, since you've been taking them for so long.. your body might've had developed an immunity to it.." jin says, pertaining to the meds he brought for taehyung.
"thanks hyung… i owe you one…" taehyung says. "no tae.. you owe me a fvcking lot.."
"pfft… yeah.. yeah.. you know i'm not good with words hyung… i'm an //alpha/ after all…" taehyung says, sporting a somewhat bitter smile as he stared at his new set of pills.
… after seokjin left, jeongguk then asked Mr. Kim if he could take his break, which the latter allowed him to, gramted that it's only 30 minutes, so jeongguk hurriedly went down to meet yoongi at his studio located at the floor below.
"pfft.. wow… you really outdid yourself jeon jeongguk… man you really do…" yoongi scoffed, laughing his a*s off the moment jeongguk entered his studio.
"tch… i don't see anything funny hyung…" jeongguk says, rolling his eyes at yoongi who's still laughing at him. "pfft.. man.. you need a mirror?" yoongi snorts.
"quit it hyung… i dropped by to say hi.. not for you to fvcking laugh at me.." "fine.. fine… i'll stop.. by the way.. how's work? i see that your clothes are fine.. no spilled coffee nor juice.. you don't look like you have a bruise.. so i guess it's okay, yeah?"
"what do you mean hyung? you talk as if Mr. Kim will fvcking attack me." jeongguk asks. "well… yes?… man is a beast to be honest... i just didn't tell you so you won't chicken out, given that you desperately need a job right now." yoongi says.
"yeah… desperate… you can never go more accurate than that.. but that's odd hyung, well, Mr. Kim did ignored me the first half of the day, then he went off all nice during lunch time, even asking me to eat lunch with him in his office..
he doesn't seem as wild as i heard he's supposed to be." jeongguk says, now really confused because not only did the make up artist earlier said the same thing, but even his yoongi hyung seems to have the same impression towards his infamous boss.
"w..wait what?! who asked you to eat lunch with who?!" yoongi asks, looking so shocked that he even got on his feet. "Mr. Kim.. who else hyung?"
"what the fvck?! seriously? sassy kim? monster kim? mr. 'needs anger management' Kim?? asked you to eat lunch with him inside his office???!" yoongi asks again in so much disbelief.
"guk.. all his previous secretaries hates the man to their core!.. he threw papers at them, coffee, juice, water, folders, food.. i'm actually quite surprised that he hasn't committed m*rder yet..
and you ate your lunch with him? with you being still in one piece? wow… is it the power of that damn gloss? lend me that sometimes i might need it." yoongi says, amused to even diss his cheap lip gloss.
"tch.. it's not a gloss hyung.. it's a lip balm.. f.y.i .." "pffft.. man.. i'm cringing so hard right now.. i think my nails are gonna fall off… but seriously… i think you might be able to keep the job longer than i expected you to be." yoongi says.


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