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Jun 21, 2020
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yoonmin au where yoongi is known as “undead min”, the head of seoul’s most notorious mafia gang. just the whisper of his name strikes fear. until he meets hardworking and passionate interior designer park jimin now, he’s a house husband and listen, he’s trying his Best

⛓ tags: domestic fluff — ⛓ i will be winging this. additional tags may be included. warnings will be put before updates — ⛓ will explore yoongi’s journey to being the best house husband — ⛓ enjoy! — ⛓ tip jar:
i have no self control
⛓ this is heavily inspired by the manga “Way of the House Husband” check it out it’s very cute — ⛓ updates will be done in mini chapters. with each chapter featuring yoongi trying to be the best house husband — ⛓ purely self indulgent — ⛓ starts tomorrow :D
chapter one — sugar baby vs house husband
seokjin is the new mafia gang leader and jungkook is a baby mafia who looks up to yoongi
yoongi wants to give back
thirst traps
yoonmin married
⛓ additonal tag: slice of life
chapter two — finding the right baby
go broom
this is short
chapter three — bring home the baby !!!! (this does NOT contain mpreg)
**she doesnt get in the way of my business sjsksjsk
i hate it here
love is a scam
u might notice that i use gang instead of mafia,, i had to change it bcs somebody said it might be triggering to some so please understand 🙇🏻‍♀️
new twitter profile 🌟
so many typos i hate it here
yoonfi lowkey talkting to himself
papa min uwu
a change of heart
chapter four — first meetings (note: this took place 6 years ago)
old profiles 🌟
this will have a lot of pining yoongi
yoon gi is cute but he still did bad gang things
and this is the story of why jin runs the gang now
i too would like to poke jimin’s cheeks
hobi hobi i love you
good morning messages </3
yoonmin married
yes yoongi quit before they even got together
— someday 💭
chapter five — away
meme supplier jeon jk
spongebob reference
suji pics ?
i miss jimin jimin come home
day three
this is just me self projecting how much i miss jimin and want him to come home
— home
chapter six — min park family trip
thank you user xjamaisvuxx for voting for sunoo. everyone be like xjamaisvuxx
everytime someone says they voted for sunoo, i get motivated
cc anon who mentioned namkook are you reading this
the amount of yoonmin pics on the internet is so sad
vote for sunoo 🔪
jimin’s thoughts are my thoughts while looking at bv4 yoongi pics
tw // ily
— end of trip
last chapter — bring home the baby 2 ‼️ this DOES NOT contain mpreg ‼️ NO mpreg
i hate kids
not a cat
stream intro persona
little flower 🌸
godfather number one
god father two (?)
min park suji said vote for sunoo
i love this meme
stream intro persona
min park eunjoo said stream intro persona
last reminder but please vote for sunoo!!!!!!
time flies so fast 😿
— and scene.
⛓ hi! the house husband au ends here!! thank you for watching as yoongi tries to be the best house husband ever and for loving the characters 🤍 send feedback on my cc! if you liked the story, you can buy me a kofi 🤍
bi⁷ 🕊

bi⁷ 🕊

yoongi has his favorites and it’s mostly jimin • #TheWaterGod on line webtoon
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