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Jul 18, 2020
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Baekhyun walks in a hurried pace, feet races, struggling to quiet down the wailing toddler in his arms. "Sssh, we're nearing the restaurant baby, we'll get to fill your little tummy in a few seconds, hold on okay?" Panicky, Baekhyun could only hug the three year old and

muffles the roaring cries emitting from his mouth, afraid that the cry could attract attention or worst, irk some passerbyes. "Baekhyun hyung?" A familiar happy voice calls out from behind the latter. Unconsciously, Baekhyun's foot stops midway until the man reaches him.
"Baekhyun hyung! It's really you! I'm surprise to see you and your-" The man pauses, eyes glancing at the crying little boy and ruffles his hair. "your son? Uhm, I didn't know you had one?" immediately, the man's expression transitioned from being excited unto serious curiosity.
"You were gone for the past three years Jongin. Why are you even here?" Baekhyun deadpans, showing his irritation at the other guy, grip tightening against the baby's coat. "Aigoo, you still can't even quiet down a sad baby? You're terrible with kids." Jongin chuckles, reaching
his arms to take the toddler but Baekhyun started to walk. "Go away Jongin." "Let me help you out. I'm good with kids." "No." Baekhyun firmly stated, brows meeting hinting Jongin how much he hates the interaction and started walking away. "C'mon!" Yet, the cries grows louder
the farther the three year old gets from the stranger. "Look, he wants to go with me." Baekhyun rolls his eyes and handed the crying toddler to Jongin. "Okay fine. I'm going with him in a restaurant for lunch. You can hold him but make sure to silence the whiny one."
Jongin smiles and tails Baekhyun, the baby on the other hand is finally calming down while resting his cheek against Jongin's chest, probably the gentle hand running softly across his face soothes him. "Ah, you're really hungry little one." Jongin chuckles, seeing that the
baby is peacefully thumbsucking. The kid blinks as they share an eye contact. On their way to the restaurant, Jongin initiated a chat with Baekhyun but the older boy deprives him of a proper answer. Jongin sighs mentally, Baekhyun has every reason to be mad at him.
Jongin ignored him instead and made cute interactions with Baekhyun's son. He's so adorable and Jongin is glad seeing that the baby didn't inherited his dad's cranky attitude. Three minutes into the walk, the toddler wishes to be placed into the ground. Jongin gladly complied.
The two are walking hand in hand but it didn't last long until they reached their destination. Baekhyun is having a small talk with the waiter, probably looking for an empty table where he and the baby could occupy, Jongin isn't joining them anyway. He and Baekhyun agreed he'll
go his own way when the two has finally settled in a restaurant. "daddy! Daddy!" The three year old happily tells Jongin, pointing his adorable finger on Baekhyun. "Yes. Daddy is there, talking." Jongin answers in a soft voice, squatting down to level his face with the child's.
But the kid frowns impatiently and hastily shakes his head. "Noooo! Daddy!" He repeats before running away and passing through Baekhyun. "Hey little one!" Jongin calls out and Baekhyun curiously cranes his neck, reacting too late and already spotting the three year old dashing
across the restaurant. "Daddy!" The baby calls happily and before Jongin could reach the toddler, a pair of hand scoops the baby up. Like a cliche movie scene where time ticks tortorously slow, Jongin's eyes wanders north, from the pair of hand, slowly to his arms, to his
familiar shoulder, to the person's neck to his heart shaped lips- that's when Jongin's heart started racing, driven by nothing but mixture of excitement and nervousness. And then his eyes travels on his own, exploring, searching for that round orbs he imagined the man to have.
The toddler is giggling happily as the other person peppers his face with gentle kisses. "Daddy tickwes!" And when the person's face came into Jongin's view he was ecstatic. It is indeed Kyungsoo. The man he divorced three years ago. The man he supposed to forget but
could not. The man he should stop loving but failed. The man he wanted back. But the bliss doesn't last long when the toddler calls him daddy once again. Kyungsoo doesn't see him yet, he's to enamoured with the three year old and that's when a train of thought hits him.
"K-kyungsoo.." Jongin's voice betrayed him, shaken by his realizations. "Jongin?" Kyungsoo answers pulling his son to his side, as if he's trying to hide him form ex husband's sight. And that is enough gesture to end Jongin's suspicions. "Why didn't you tell me that I got you
pregnant?" He asks weakly. "I- we- have a kid. We made him?" Knowing Kyungsoo for thirteen years, the way he avoids Jongin's eyes is enough answer for him. "We have a kid Kyungsoo.."
The end Hahahaha
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