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Jul 19, 2020
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Hours had passed and the sunrays are slowly peeking out of the horizon, the world is starting to wake up to welcome a new day. Unlike a certain man in the middle of the city, in the middle of his bed to be precise. "Shit." The man sighs, lazily dragging his weary frame until

his legs are dangling over the edge of his bed. Lengthy arm reaches for the alarm clock standing on top of the dresser. 05:06 it says. The man knew he's doomed, he'll probably skip work for the day, not trusting his restless and sleep deprived brain to perfectly function.
The man defeatedly springs up, takes his coat and drape it all around his shoulder as he dial a number on his phone. It took minutes before the other answers his call at such an ungodly hour. "You better have an emergency for waking me up Jongin." A deep and husky voice
says on the other line. "I can't sleep." Jongin answers. "You have insomnia to remind you. Did you take your pills?" "I dont want my body to be melatonin dependent so I skipped." "Just close your eyes.." And the phone call ended just like that. Jongin sighs, stuffing his
device on the pocket of his coat and unlocks his car, starts the engine and drives away. Jongin used to sleep normally, immediately snores as soon as his back hits the mattress and sleeps comfortably like every normal person does. Until a week ago after divorcing his husband.
Shortly, Jongin reaches his destination. He rides the elevator and hops off, walk the hallway unto the farthest familiar door, Jongin punches in the security code, praying that the pass code was unchanged. Luckily, it opened. "Ah, I told him to change it.." Jongin whispers to
himself. He steps inside and just what he expected, his husband- ex husband is already up and already on the kitchen counter. Right then, Jongin realized what causes his insomnia and sleepless nights. This is it, the sweet scent of the coffee his lover would prepare for him,
the graceful sound of their love song playing from their home speaker, his home, his husband, his- Jongin wastes no second and softly walks tp the kitchen and with utmost tenderness, the insomniac circles his arms around his ex husband's waist. The man flinches at the body
contact and Jongin immediately presses their bodies, his plump lips grazing against his ex husband's mole. "Kyungsoo.. Babe.." He says gently, longingness lacing his voice. "Jongin?" Kyungsoo quickly turns around and faces Jongin. "Are you okay?" Jongin shakes his head before
pulling their bodies together. "I'm not. I can't sleep because the bed feels cold without you next to me." Kyungsoo thinks it's so wrong being civil with the man who promised you rainbows but gave you twilight instead. Yet his heart longs for him. "hmm. What else?" Kyungsoo
asks and hugs Jongin nonetheless. "I'm not okay because I divorced you. Because I still love you.. So fucking much.." Kyungsoo doesn't asks more, quickly trusting Jongin's words because Jongin never lied to him. Not even once while they're falling apart. "You haven't been
sleeping you say?" "hmm." Kyungsoo doesn't asks any longer and walks to their once shared bedroom, Jongin back hugging him like a leech. He brings his husband to their bed and untangles his arms. "Sssh, I'll sleep with you." Kyungsoo babies his sleepless husband after whining
at Kyungsoo's attempt. "You're not going to push me away?" Jongin searches for assurance. "Im not. I want you to sleep and talk about how to cure your insomnia after." Kyungsoo smiles at Jongin and the now sleepy man nods. He looks at Kyungsoo's lips stretched into a smile and
helplessly planted a smooch at it. It's still soft and Jongin wanted to kiss them for the rest of his life. Despite of his begging eyelids, Jongin fights off the drowsiness and watches until Kyungsoo joins him underneath the sheet. He's smiling sweetly and Jongin was brought
to the memory of their first meeting. Kyungsoo is the most beautiful and he's stupid for divorcing him. He's a total idiot. Kyungsoo rolls to his side until theyre face to face, Jongin inches closer to him and drapes an arm on his waist. "Kyungsoo?" "Hmmm?" "This isn't a
dream isnt it?" He asks. Kyungsoo smiles innocently, bringing his face closer to Jongin's and kisses him on the forehead. "Sleep now my baby.." And as if Kyungsoo's words are magic, Jongin feels his eyes slowly shutting close.
Jongin woke up all alone. He sits up after rubbing his blurry eyes and to his horror, he found nothing in the room but the bed that is left. That's when his emotions are hit by the reality. He didn't divorced Kyungsoo, no such thing had happened. Chanyeol just forced him to
move out of the apartment for his own sake. In order for him to move on and free himself from misery. For him to stop hoping for someone who is gone to come back. Kyungsoo isn't coming back. Not anymore when they're separated not by the divorced paper but by the heaven and
earth. Jongin brought his legs to his chest, buries his face on his knees and cry. "Kyungsoo.." He calls his husband's name. "Come back my love.." He prays an impossible. The end. šŸ‘
back on track

back on track

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