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K is a DREAMER☕︎ 🖤🤍

K is a DREAMER☕︎ 🖤🤍

Aug 16, 2020
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#TAEKOOKAU CEO Alpha ××× Omega RIVALS JEON Jungkook of Apple Co. KIM Taehyung of Samsung The catch, they're soulmates who both doesn't want to be together when they're in human form, but their wolves always end up together💜 Just kidding..unless😅

Taehyung's Jungkook's
Then...accidentally,..their wolf forms went wild.. causing the Omega to carry his twin pups🥰🥰🥰 Are their human forms ready to become parents? Mates? Partners? Husbands? Again, just kidding unless...😅
The Parents & The Twins💜💜💜
REMINDER: -do not reply on the thread to avoid breaking the au -censor the foul words when you're reacting -be kind to EVERYONE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS AU IS FAKE, BUT TAEKOOK IS REAL😎 ---ᵛᵉʳʸ ˢˡᵒʷ ᵘᵖᵈᵃᵗᵉ💕
PRESENT TIME: SEOUL "So are you telling me that arrogant alpha booked the venue first? Namjoon I already told you months ago I want to do the launching of our latest product at Lotte!" Taehyung is so frustrated knowing that his rival Jeon Jungkook beat him to his prospect
venue for his company's launching date. "I'm sorry Mr. Kim. I've heard Min Yoongi helped him to secure the place." Namjoon's really embarrassed not to accomplish the given task to him by his boss. "Min Yoongi? You mean, my best friend Jimin's mate? Is he working for Jeon?"
Taehyung furrowed his brows because he only knows one Min Yoongi in the Techno World inside the realm of wolves. And as far as he knows, Min Yoongi is a genius freelancer who creates the latest software for mobile phones & other communication gadgets! "He's a freelancer sir."
Namjoon can't even look up at his boss, still embarrassed of the unfortunate deal he failed to seal. "Then why did he help Jeon?" Taehyung asked again, this time he feels like he wanted to bare his fangs and ripped his rival's head already. "Uhmmm, Min Yoongi is Jeon Jungkook's
bestfriend, Mr. Kim." Namjoon informs his angry boss. The CEO's knitted brows slowly relaxed upon hearing the information. "Ah, so he's doing favors for his best friend ha? Let's see what Yoongi will do when his boyfriend asks him the same favor." Taehyung smirks triumphantly.
***2 DAYS LATER*** "Jin, what do you mean Yoongi cancelled? I thought you both managed to deal with the venue already? We only have 3 weeks for our conference!" Jeon Jungkook's alpha voice boomed inside his office making his omega assistant flinched. "I'm sorry sir, Yoongi said
he will explain to you once he landed tonight." Seokjin tried his best to remain calm. He's been Jungkook's assistant for 2 years already and he already knows that no matter how angry or stress the younger Alpha is, he would never hurt nor harm him. "Landed in Seoul? Why? Where
did he go? We just met at his Lab few days ago!" the CEO asked, as he rubs his temples with his own fingers. "He went to Paris to watch his boyfriend's show, Mr. Jeon." Seokjin informed him since he also already asked Yoongi about it. "Boyfriend? You mean he went to see Jimin?"
Seokjin nodded. He knows Jungkook & Yoongi are best friends and he also knows Yoongi & Jimin are boy friends. He isn't sure yet if the two are fated mates too just like him and his mate but he knows the small genius Alpha is so whipped when it comes to the beta model.
Jungkook pinched the bridge of his nose as closed his eyes too. He rested his head at the back of his luxurious swivel chair as he tried to think of a better solution. He doesn't need to hear Yoongi's explanation anymore. He has an inkling that a bratty omega is behind all of
the unfortunate events. Seokjin remained standing in front of his boss' table. He knows Jungkook will dismiss him when he's not needed already, but since the young alpha didn't ask him to leave yet, he decided to stay. "Seokjin, book Four Seasons then. I'll deal with Yoongi
later but I don't want any other flaws regarding the conference. The Tech World will be all eyes on us after that bitc--I mean after Samsung launched their latest product. We'll let the world forget about them, as soon as we launch our own!" Jungkook smiled wickedly.
𝗖𝗛𝗔𝗥𝗔𝗖𝗧𝗘𝗥𝗦: KIM NAMJOON: Beta, 30 y/o KIM SEOKJIN: Omega, 34 y/o Fated Couple, Married💜
MIN YOONGI: Alpha, 33 y/o Freelance Software Developer PARK JIMIN: Beta, 30 y/o Samsung Brand Ambassador Boyfriends but not mated nor married yet💜
THE MOTHER & SON SUPERSTARS JUNG JESSI: Female Pure Alpha Age Undefined JUNG HOSEOK: Alpha, 30 y/o The worldwide Superstars who are JEON & KIM's next target to be their own brand's ambassadors!
KIM TAEHYUNG Pure Blood Omega 30 y/o CEO of Samsung Corp
JEON JUNGKOOK Pure Blood Alpha 31 y/o CEO of Apple Inc
***LUNA DE SELENA, the Realm of Wolves where Alpha, Beta & Omega are harmoniously living together without the restraint of the traditional hierarchy made by the elders hundreds of years ago. Nowadays, rank is not as important as it was years ago since there are many laws that
restrict the abuse of it. Alphas are still powerful and can make ordinary Omegas & Betas submit to them at the sound of their alpha voices but that would be enough to put them in jail and rip off their rights to live inside the realm. So there's no Alpha using their ranks to
overpower other ranks anymore. Beta are still as neutral as they were many years back, but they are now allowed to build their own family unlike before. As per Omegas, a LOT of things changed on their rank. The laws of realm are now protecting them & made it possible for them
to stand on the same ground as Alphas & Betas. The realm is now peaceful thanks to the ELDERS, the most powerful wolves who fixed the laws of their realm, JEON JUNGHYUK & KIM SOOHYUN; the Alpha Best Friends who are now leaders of the whole Luna De Selena Realm.
Pure Alpha Blood Jeon Junghyuk is fated to his mate Pure Omega Blood Jeon Seri while Pure Alpha Blood Kim Soohyun is also lucky to have found his fated mate, Alpha Kim Moonyoung. Everyone in the Realm knows the two fated couples may be the most powerful wolves, but they're
also the softest ones. They are loved by every single wolf in the Luna De Selena. Ever since Junghyuk & Soohyun made sure that the realm is at peace, they both settled with their own home packs, the Jeons in Busan & the Kims in Daegu. They built their own families there.
Jeon Junghyuk & Jeon Seri were blessed with 2 Alpha sons, Jungkook as their eldest & Taehyun as their youngest. Kim Soohyun & Moonyoung were lucky to have their Omega male eldest, Taehyung and their twins Beomgyu & Yeonjun who are both Alphas. The Jeons & Kims are families.
Junghyuk & Soohyun are bestest friends since their late fathers were also best of friends. The two families are both loved by their fellow wolves and so when Junghyuk & Seri had their first born son, everyone expected Soohyun & Moonyoung to bear one too. But to everyone's
surprise, it took the latter couple another year before they had Taehyung, an Omega male. The whole realm of Luna celebrated the lives of the two little pups when the two families reunited in Seoul for the first time. Everyone is expecting Jeon Jungkook & Kim Taehyung to be the
bestest of friends too to continue the legacy of their fathers. But those expectations all crumbled to the ground when during one of the gatherings, little Alpha Jungkook ran to his parents while crying. He was 5 back then while little omega Taehyung was 4. It was the start!
"Hey sweetheart, why are you crying?" Seri asked her son who wouldn't stop crying when she saw a droplet of blood on his tuxedo. They are in Seoul to attend Jessi's birthday celebration so she made sure her alpha son looks as dazzling as his father. Little Jungkook looks at his
mom with those beautiful doe eyes. "Mom, Apple won't let me sniff his hair!" he sniffs before he continued to report to his mother. "Then Jungkookie bit him and now he's cwying." Jungkook cried harder when he remembers that Taehyung is probably still crying because of him.
Seri's eyes widened when she realized something. Her son calls little Taehyung, Apple because of his scent but what made her nervous is the fact that Jungkook bit the omega son of their best friends. She quickly carried her own son to find her husband so they could check on
the other child. Junghyuk immediately heard his wife's voice through their link so he quickly went to her. "Seri, sweetheart what happened?" the alpha asked when he noticed the blood on his son's clothes and tiny lips. "Oh geez, I hope he didn't mark Apple because Soohyun
going to kill me if he did!" Junghyuk blurted out but instead of worry, a fond smile is plastered on his face. Seri smiled back at her husband too. She knows that her mate and his best friend Soohyun has always been wishing to see their own children mated to each other.
The Jeon family found the Kims at the garden where Moonyoung is trying to pacify her own son. Both Seri & Junghyuk halted on their track when they finally saw little Taehyungie's state. "OMG!" Seri blurted out when she saw the proud but tiny mark of his son on Taehyung's neck.
Soohyun & Moonyoung look at the newly arrived family. The Omega who's cradling her son focuses his eyes on little Jungkookie who looks so worried. She passed Taehyung on to her mate before he stepped closer to little Jungkookie. "Moonyoung, I'm sorry I--" Seri wasn't able to
finish her sentence when Taehyung's mom leans closer and gave little Jungkookie a light peck on his forehead. "From now on, you promise me you're going to take care of our Taehyungie. He would be needing you at some point so you should always be there for him." Moonyoung said
while she's still cupping the little alpha's chubby face. "Yes auntwie Moonyie. I will take care of Apple, but is he okay now?" Jungkook's eyes are still on the little omega who's now hiding his face on the crook of his alpha father. "Yes he's okay now Jungkookie. You don't
have to worry." she replied before he stepped back to join her own family. Soohyun's the first one to talk this time as he guides his own family closer to the Jeons. "I only ask one thing from you Hyuk." Soohyun address his best friend. "Ask anything Hyun." Junghyuk replied.
"Can we keep this a secret between our families for now. I don't want my son growing up under your son's shadow. I still want him to find what he wants in life before he submits to his Alpha." Soohyun said with a fond smile at the little alpha who just claimed his soulmate.
Junghyuk nodded with a smile. "Of course Hyun, I would love to see your son grow up beautifully too. I'm sure they'll still be together even when they grow up." the Jeon alpha replied. And that's the start of the tangled fate of Alpha Jeon Jungkook & Omega Kim Taehyung.
****SAMSUNG HEAD OFFICE "Mr. Kim, the organizer called and wanted to meet with you for final details of the event tomorrow." Namjoon informed his boss who's eyes are focus on the huge TV inside his office. The assistant courageously took a glance at what he is watching and
saw their rival's logo on the side. An interviewer is asking Apple's young & new CEO Jeon Jungkook about their upcoming event too. Taehyung grabbed the remote & turned off the TV when he couldn't stand the arrogant look of the man. "Come again?" he turned to his assistant.
"Ah, the organizer wants to meet you for final details sir." Namjoon repeated. "Namjoon hyung please, stop calling me sir when it's just the two of us here. I still hate your mate for choosing to work in the other company but please, drop the sir already." Taehyung said before
he sits on the couch. He didn't even realized he was standing the whole time while he was watching Jungkook's interview. Namjoon smiled at his boss again. He knows Taehyung didn't really mean it when he said he hates his mate because he knows his boss loves his cousin Seokjin.
He's just a little salty when Seokjin chose to work with Jungkook instead of him. "I'm sure my Jinnie misses you too Taehyung. I'm looking forward to have Friday night dinner with you again." Namjoon replied when he figured that Taehyung is not really in a bad mood. He just
looks irritated because of the interview he just watched. "I'm too busy hyung, you know that too. Also, please tell the organizer to settle everything with you. Im sure you can handle that already. My family arrived from Daegu already, I'm going home early today so I'll see you
at the event tomorrow. And Namjoon hyung, please don't forget the theme, please wear something Retro!" Taehyung said before he stands up to grab his phone. He's really excited to be with his family again. He missed them so much already. He walked out of his office & went home.
****The CEO of the leading telecommunications in Seoul is so excited when his driver pulled over in front of the Kim mansion. He grabbed the flowers he bought for his mom before he finally entered the house. "Mooom!" he called out when he smells the familiar cinnamon scent of
his mother. Moonyoung who's busy baking for their dinner grinned at her mate before she went to check on their newly arrived son. "Don't push him too much, love." Soohyun grins back at her because he knows what she's about to do. "Apple, you're finally home." she greets him.
Taehyung's excited smile immediately vanished upon hearing the familiar nickname. He knows thay there's only one person who calls him that aside from his mom and he despises that person. "I dont even smell like apples mom! Strawberries! My scent is strawberry!" Taehyung whines.
Moonyoung smiled to herself when she saw the reaction of her son. Of course, Taehyung doesn't know how he used to smell like apples because he already grew up with his mated scent. When Jungkook accidentally marked him when he was 5, his apple scent was changed into strawberries.
"I know you smell like the sweetest stawberry, son. Okay, i won't call you apple anymore but why didn't you invite Jungkook to your launch?" Moonyoung asked. Taehyung tilted his head to the side when he couldn't think of a right word to reply. "Mom he's literally the CEO of
our rival company! Why would I invite him?" Taehyung asked now he's really cursing the man in his head. "But he never failed to invite you during his events and you know events like this are the only chance we can bond with their family." Moonyoung said. "I invited his family,
besides how did you even know I didn't invite him mom? Did he report to you again?" Taehyung isn't really happy with how their conversation is going. He hates how his own parents love and adore that arrogant alpha. As much as he wanted to make him the bad guy in front of
everyone, they seem not to believe him because his own family loves Jeon fxcking Jungkook as if he's part of the family too. It is annoying him! "Then invite him." "No." "Call him now." "Mom!" "Kim Taehyung!" the alpha voice. Taehyung is astounded when he looks at his mom.
"Sweetheart, I'm sure your son will call Jungkook without you raising your voice to him." Soohyun finally intervened before the two snap at each other. Taehyung is pouting. He knows his mom knows that alpha voice doesn't work with him & yet she still tried to use it.
Moonyoung stared at her son, she knows no alpha voice can make Taehyung submit when he's already carrying a Pure Blood Alpha's mark. She just wants her son to start asking questions already. He's old enough and yet he seems like not interested in mating! "Fine, I'll call him."
Taehyung fished out his phone from his pocket & scrolled down from his contacts. His insides are grumbling when he found what he's looking for. SPAWN OF SATAN🐰 He pressed the dial number. The owner of the number answered almost immediately as if he's waiting for the call.
Jungkook smirks upon seeing the caller ID flashing on his phone while he's in the middle of his important meeting. He raised his hand, signifying the one talking to shut up so he could answer the call. "Hello Apple, what a surprise--" "Cut the crap Jeon! Attend the launch
tomorrow or else I'm going to destroy you." Taehyung gritted his teeth because he knows that the Alpha is surely smirking on the other end of the line. Jungkook can't help but smile when he heard the irritated voice of the Omega who's obviously just forced to invite him.
"Oh, but I haven't received an invitation yet, I thought---" "I said cut the crap Jungkook! You know they'll let you in even without the invitation so make sure to show up tomorrow!" Taehyung blurted out because his mom is still looking at him. "You called me Jungkook..why do I
feel like I'm just being used here? Did aunt Moon found out that you didn't invite me? Do they even know that you stole the venue of my event too?" Jungkook knows it's unnecessary to say that but he just loves riling up the bratty omega in every chance he gets. Taehyung looks
at his parents & mentally curse Jeon Jungkook again when he saw his mom raising her eyebrow. She obviously heard what Jungkook just told him. "It's not my fault your hired incompetent staff Jeon! Anyway, just make sure you'll show up tomorrow." Taehyung said before he ended
the call. Moonyoung & Soohyun are still staring at their son when Taehyung turned to face them. "I invited him already. Now can I get my hugs?" the omega pouts. His parents pulled him closer & squished him between them. He might be one tough CEO but he's still their baby.
Meanwhile inside Apple's conference hall, all the other wolves are looking at Jungkook as if he has grown another head. They didn't understand the context of his conversation with the one who called him but they're surprise to see the strict Alpha smiling & smirking while
talking to "Apple". Everyone assumes that the person who called him is someone important or maybe the most important one to the CEO since he called him Apple. "S-sir, shall I continue?" the presenter asked their boss who's still smirking at his phone. JK nods at him. "Yes."
After the meeting, Jungkook asked his assistant to stay with him. "Anything you need Mr. Jeon?" Seokjin asked, his fingers ready to type on his ipad. "Hyung, I told you to stop calling me Mr. Jeon when no one's around. I feel so old when you're calling me that." Jungkook
corrected him first. Seokjin just offered him a polite smile. "Anyway, we have a luanching to attend tomorrow. I'm sure you're aware of it since your mate would probably dying because of his bratty boss." Jungkook said. "But Mr.--Jungkook, we haven't received an invitation,
are we going to crash their event? I'm sure Taehyung will--" "He called me & invited me, himself." Jungkook informed the other. Seokjin's lips formed into an "o" when he realized that the one who called his boss in the middle of his very important meeting is no other than his
very own cousin, Kim Taehyung. "Oh, okay then Jungkook. I'll see you at the event tomorrow." Seokjin chose to say because to be honest, he's still so confused of the relationship of the two. Jungkook smiled at him before he also finally left too.
****SAMSUNG EVENT**** There are two parts of the launching event of Taehyung's company that evening, first is the part where they'll introduce their new product in front of the press and other celebrities while the second & fun part is the celebration where his friends & chosen
member of the press are invited. Namjoon is very happy & excited because his own mate is sitting beside him while their guests arriving inside the venue. As the assistant of the CEO, he doesn't have to guide the guests anymore because Taehyung made sure there are people who'll
do that for them. Few more minutes and Yoongi & Jimin arrived too. The press taking photos of the two because there are only few instances that the power couple are being seen in public together. Yoongi wants his relationship with the model to be private, but since Jimin asked
him to escort him tonight, of course he agreed to him. Few more minutes before the launch when the Jeon & Kim fated mates arrived at the venue. This time, Namjoon welcomed his boss' parents & ushered them to their designated seats. "Where's Taehyung?" Mr. Jeon asked him.
Namjoon looks at his wristwatch before he answered. "He was already here sir but he excused himself a while ago. You know Taehyungie, he wans everything to be perfect. He might be backstage checking everything." Namjoon said that makes all the 4 older wolves nod. They all know
how attentive Taehyung is when it comes to details so they're not even surprise anymore. But then, Moonyoung suddenly froze on her seat when she realized something. Using their links, he turned to her mate beside her. "Hyunie, it's the time of the year again!" she uttered.
Soohyun's eyes widened. "No sweetheart. Your son is smart enough to know when is his heat coming. He wouldn't set the launch of his new product if he knows he'll be in trouble." the alpha replied through their links but Junghyuk who knows his bestfriend too well looked at him.
"Is there any problem?" Junghyuk asked. "Uhmm, we're not sure yet but I guess it's the time of the year again." Soohyun whispered back to his fellow alpha, not wanting to alarm everyone around them. "Oh, I guess that explains why Jungkook nearly broke the glass in his bathroom
a while ago when I went to check on him." Seri informed them. Moonyoung smiled at her friend before he called on Namjoon again. "I guess you'll have to facilitate the even Namjoon. Your boss might be in bigger event." Moonyoung informed the smart assistant.
Namjoon doesn't have to ask what it means. Of course he knows that his boss is an Omega and as a male Omega, they only have their heats once a year. He knows everything about it because of his mate. Namjoon was about to stand up & start the event when he saw Taehyung.
"Taehyung! Are you okay?" Namjoon asked his boss immediately when he saw his usually black hair turned to blonde. He knows the Omega's wolf is trying to overpower his human already. "I'm fine Namjoon, but we got to start the event now. I can't stay longer." Taehyung replied.
Namjoon nodded before he walks towards the host for the evening. Taehyung keeps looking at his wrist watch. He hates hiw his own wolf betrayed him. As far as he knows, his heat isn't due yet until next week that's why he set the event that evening. But a while ago, while he's
preparing for the event, he felt symptoms of his heat already. He took a calming pill that might help him for a couple of hours only. Taehyung has never taken a suppressant nor scent blocker because his parents has always been reminding him that he doesn't need it.
You see, Male Omega in Luna de Selena undergoes heat only once a year. And they also have two choices on how to spend it, first is the usual! When they're in their human form, then they'll get really sensual & horny. They wouldn't regret throwing themselves to anyone else unless
they're already mated. Because even in their human forms, Male Omegas will only be satisfied with their mates. The second way to spend their heat is through their natural form (wolf form) where they could satiate their needs through hunting in the forest mindlessly.
Taehyung has been doing that since he turned 18. His parents guided him through it. They showed him the proper way of hunting when he's on his wolf form so he wouldn't hurt himself. The Jeons & Kims bought a forest in Gotjawal to make sure he has a safe space to stay in during
his heat period. The said forest is exclusive only for the two families and since Taehyung spent their first heat in there, he never had any encounter with another wolf except the caretaker alpha who's been guarding him during his heat period. "Taehyung!" Soohyun nudge his son
when the host called the CEO of Samsung on stage. The Omega is too dazed to focus on the event but since his father is already standing in front of him, he also stands up and hold on to his father's arm. The older alpha escorted his son until he's on stage holding the mic.
Taehyung forced himself to focus on the event. He knows how his staff worked really hard on it so he delivered his speech flawlessly. Soohyun & Moonyoung are so proud watching how their Omega son wrapped everyone in his fingers. They know how every wolf inside the event place
wants a piece of their son. "I guess it's a good idea that Jungkook didn't show up." Seri whispered to Moonyoung with a fond smile. The two mothers know that it would be a total disaster when Jungkook saw how the men & women are eyeing Taehyung on stage at the moment.
Junghyuk heard the two women and smirks at them. "Do you really believe he won't show up? He's here, probably trying his best not to burst in while Taehyung on stage. My son knows it's the time of the year again." the alpha said while his eyes are focus on Taehyung who's now
waving at the audience. Soohyun smiled back at his best friend. "Until when do we have to wait? Now i almost wanna regret of not telling everything to my son." he said in a hush voice. "We all agreed to it, if they want each other then it will happen one way or another."
The launch of event is beyond successful based on the reviews and write ups made by the attendees. The VIPS and the chosen ones proceed at the adjacent hall for the party. Taehyung invited singers and other celebrities to perform at the event too. The male Omega is busy
entertaining their other VIP guests when he felt his father's presence beside him. "Dad?" he looks at him although he knows that Kim Soohyun is just being protective to him again around the alphas and other wolves around him. "Your mom won't let me sit still knowing you're
walking around unmated wolves here." Soohyun whispered to his son. Taehyung grins at his father, loving the attention and the warmth feeling from him. "Thanks dad. Don't worry, I'm always done greeting the VIPs, I'm leaving as soon as I informed Namjoon." Taehyung informs him.
Taehyung is just talking to Namjoon when a familiar strong scent infiltrated his nostrils. He doesn't even need to look at the new comer to know who the owner of the strawberry & caramel scent, the same scent he has. "Hyung, the devil has arrived. I'm leaving!" Taehyung said.
Namjoon followed his boss' gaze and found Jungkook standing by the entrance. The press and other guests are all eyes on the gorgeous Alpha but his eyes are only on one male Omega who's now glaring back at him. "Hello there App--" "Don't you dare!" Taehyung cuts him off.
Jungkook smirks at the male Omega who's now glaring at him. People thinks that the Pure Blood alpha loves riling up his rival CEO but the truth is, in Jungkook's head, he just loves getting Taehyung's undivided attention. "Going somewhere, Kim Taehyung-ssi?" Jungkook asked
with an obvious mirth in his eyes. And since Taehyung is never one to back down, he put down his coat again as he grins back at Jungkook. "And let you star in my own party? I guess the fxck not Jungkook-ssi." Taehyung replied while internally screaming at the arrogant Alpha.
Jungkook smirks at the Omega before he walked towards their parents who are watching them. Moonyoung pulled the younger alpha for a tight hug. "Did you come to fetch him?" she asked with a sparkle in her eyes but Jungkook shakes his head off. "You know that's impossible
Mrs. Kim. I only came for free food tonight." Jungkook winks at the beautiful woman that made everyone else laugh at him because the 4 older wolves know better. "Then go grab some food son, you won't be eating for the next few days again." Soohyun winks at Jungkook too.
Jungkook thanked the mated couple before he went to the buffet table where he spotted Min Yoongi and his traitor boyfriend. "Looks who's enjoying the party after they betrayed me." Jungkook shaded the couple who only laughed at him too. "Come on Guk, you know I couldn't say
no to Taehyungie." Jimin defended himself immediately. "Don't worry Mini, I'm sure you're not the only one who can't say no to Tae. I know some pure blood alpha who's more than whipped than you when it comes to Taehyung." Yoongi smugly look at Jungkook who just glared at him.
"Shut up Yoon!" Jk said while popping a caviar into his mouth. The three of them are having a good conversation regarding the event when one female omega reported approached Jungkook. "Mr. Jeon can I have a short interview with you?" the female is releasing sex pheromones too.
Jimin automatically wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's arm beside him as he glared into the flirty reporter. Yoongi remains unbothered too but Jungkook takes time to see the name written on the reporters ID. She's pretty but not as pretty as the star of the event this
evening. "I'm sorry Jie...eun, but I'm just a merely guest here and I don't want to disrespect the person who invited me. Also, please don't do that again next time. My Omega won't appreciate your scent lingering to mine." Jungkook said before he excuse himself.
Jimin and Yoongi's eyes widened upon hearing their friend's words. "Did he just say 'MY OMEGA'?" Jimin whispered scream at his boyfriend. Yoongi grins at his boyfriend. "You misheard that sweetheart. Come on, let's get some food." he said before guiding him to the food again.
Meanwhile, Taehyung finally managed to exit the party without anyone noticing him. He's changed into his jeans and plain black shirt with his black hoodie and about to get into his car when he realized that his key was left inside the pocket of his coat. "Goddamn it!
The male omega can feel his wolf howling inside him already. His heat starting to hit him slowly because he could feel his body shaking a little. He looks at his watch and saw that he barely has enough time to drive safely towards the forest but he'd rather do that than to spend
his heat in human form. NO, he doesn't want to act all horny with someone who isn't his mate! He's about to go back inside when another wave of heat washed over his whole body, almost knocking him down when two strong arms caught him before he fell into the ground. Fxck no!
"Why does it always have to be you catching me during my MOMENTS!" Taehyung groaned when he felt the alpha helping him stand up. Jungkook clenched his heart upon hearing that, his wolf is not happy with the thought that there are other wolves Taehyung prefers over him.
"Why? Do you wish someone else to see you like this?" Jungkook didn't mean to be harsh but his stupid possessive wolf is slowly getting into his human form too. Taehyung paused for a while. Surprisingly his wolf feels so safe with the alpha around him. "You know what, you're
right. It's better that it's you who'll see me like this. Even my wolf thinks you can't harm me!" Taehyung uttered as he tried to step away from the alpha who is smiling dumbly upon hearing him. "Why are you even here? Aren't you supposed to be inside?" Jungkook tried to divert
his own wolf's attention because he doesn't want to be too excited. They're still in their human forms and the alpha knows how dangerous it is for them. "I'm going to Gotjawal but I left my key inside." Taehyung doesn't even know why he keeps replying to the annoying alpha.
Jungkook fished out his own key from his pocket. "Let's go then, I'll bring you there." he said as if it's the mors normal thing to say. "What? NO!" Taehyung blurted out, his eyes turning to blue already, his heat hitting him from the inside again. Jungkook on the other hand
has to closed his eyes when he felt it turning to red too. One strength of a pure blood alpha is to make sure their mate is safe and at that moment, Jungkook knows his priority is making Taehyung comfortable. "You barely have few minutes before you lose control & you know
transforming to our natural form in the City is prohibited by law. So unless you have someone else who would help you with your heat in your human form here then--" "Fine! Bring me to Gotjawal please!" Taehyung finally agreed because his wolf can't bear the pain anymore.
Jungkook was trying to convince the Omega to go with him but the truth is he wasn't expecting him to agree so when Taehyung almost fell on the ground when he tried to walk with his shaky legs, he almost hit himself. "Oh, I'm, get inside." JK guides him in his car.
The two CEO of rival companies are sitting inside the Alpha's car already. Taehyung's so scared that he might snap and suddenly jumped on the alpha but surprisingly, his wolf feels so shy??? Like he suddenly feels so timid when there's only the two of them inside the small space
of Jungkook's two seater black Audi. The Alpha even removed his own jacket and draped it over the Omega who's now leaning on his seat. "The drive going to Gotjawal will take almost an hour so you can just sleep that off for now." Jungkook said, before finally starting the car.
Taehyung didn't even say a word anymore, he just clenches the alpha's jacket and buried his nose on it as he curled on his seat. He's too embarrassed to act soft and needy in front of the Alpha but he knows Jungkook isn't that jerk to made fun of him since his parents surely
raised him to be a good alpha, except of course when they're talking about business! Jungkook's eyes are already red when he saw the Omega silently sniffing his jacket beside him. He can also barely control himself from taking Taehyung right there and then but his will to make
sure that the Omega is safe and comfortable is his priority so he just concentrated on his driving until they arrived at the entrance of Gotjawal. The forest is well protected and in the middle of it are two cabins for the Jeons & Kims family. He stopped in front of the Kim's.
"Apple, where here." Jungkook tried to wake up the sleeping Omega beside him. The moment Taehyung opened his eyes, he saw the familiar cabin in the middle of the woods. He smiled thinking he really made it to the forest, safe without him begging the alpha to knot him.
"Thanks Jungkook. You can leave me here." Taehyung said before opening the door of the car, leaving Jungkook's jacket & his own hoodie inside. The Alpha wasn't even able to say anything when Taehyung suddenly shifted right in front of his eyes, ripping his remaining clothes.
Taehyung looked back just to see the Alpha staring back at him. But since he's not interested with any human form at the moment, he just grinned at the stunned alpha before he ran towards the forest, hoping to see the Alpha wolf who's been accompanying him during his hunt.
Taehyung remebers his very first heat spent in Gotjawal with his parents. It was both scary & amazing. It was scary at first because he was so scared to fail his parents but then he met the alpha who immediately nuzzled him back then. The male omega told his parents about the
black Alpha in the woods and at first, he even thought that Soohyun & Moonyoung has no idea about it based on their surprise reaction. Then he also remembers when his uncle Junghyuk suddenly appeared to inform them that he probably met the CARE TAKER of Gotjawal.
Taehyung in his while wolf form keeps running until he reached the waterfall, his favorite spot in the woods. He found himself staring at his own reflection at the crystal clear water illuminated by the moon. 'Why isn't he here yet?' Taehyung thought to himself when he couldn't
see any sign of the Alpha wolf. Meanwhile, Jungkook just left the Gotjawal with his car. He's about a mile away when he finally reached the gas station where he usually leaves his luxury car. He parked his Audi on it's parking space before he went out & finally shifted into
his natural form too. It only took him a few minutes when he finally arrived at the waterfall where he usually finds the most beautiful Omega he has ever see. Taehyung who's resting on top of the huge rock suddenly perched up when he felt someone joining him. "Alpha!"
Jungkook's heart melts immediately upon hearing the omega's excited voice through the link. But what makes him smile even more is the fact that he could smell Taehyung's natural scent again. His sweet apple in his natural form that exudes his natural scent makes him so happy.
You see, unmated wolves could still communicate with each other through their links, but unlike to mated wolves, it is only limited to certain distance. Also, unmated wolves couldn't hear each other's thoughts without the permission of the other wolf unlike the mated ones.
Taehyung almost slipped from the huge rock when he runs towards the Alpha who remains quiet while staring at him. The mere scent of the Alpha makes him feel safe & warm. His scent reveals an unusual sweet & smooth woody aroma that blends with floral nectar that smells like
burnt caramel. He always thought of the alpha's scent as something distinguished that will make any wolf submit to him. 'Maybe that's why it's so hard for me to find someone as good as him.' He thought to himself not knowing the Alpha could hear him clearly through their links.
CLARIFICATION: MATED WOLVES can hear each other's thoughts even without PERMISSION from the one thinking. But Pure Blood Alpha can silence their thoughts, it's their ability to protect their mates just like Soohyun , Junghyuk & Jungkook. WOLVES comminicate through mind links.
Jungkook almost let go of his own excited thoughts when he heard Taehyung's thoughts. He knows the Omega is always excited & happy to see him whenever they're together but it's the first time he heard Taehyung considering him as a possible mate. He cleared his throat before he
moves closer to the omega who's waiting for him to nuzzle him too. When they're finally pressed next to each other, Jungkook smiled to himself when the other wolf buried his snout under his neck. "Are you ready to hunt pup?" Jungkook asked, purposely lowering his pitch
through their links. Taehyung moves away from the Alpha and found him staring back at him. He is always drawn with his beautiful eyes but tonight, someone's red eyes suddenly flashed on his head too. 'That annoying alpha really wants to bother me huh?!' he thought again.
Taehyung tried his best not to think of the other Alpha who just left and focus on the Alpha who just called him 'pup' again. "Alpha, it's been years...when are you going to tell me your name?" Taehyung suddenly asked the alpha who suddenly becomes so quiet again.
Jungkook froze to his four feet. Taehyung only asked his name twice ever since they met because the Omega seems to be contented spending time with him in the wild so he's a bit taken aback now that he asked him again. "Does it bother you not knowing who I am?" the alpha asked.
"Not know, never mind. Let's go hunt!" Taehyung said before throwing himself to the surprised black wolf. Jk grins when he heard the excitement of the Omega so the two of them started their fun! They ran around like there's no tomorrow while catching their preys.
It's breaking dawn when Taehyung finally felt a little exhausted. Jungkook knows the Omega is tired already because instead of hunting for food, Taehyung ended up playing with the other animals in the forest. "Pup, you wouldn't have anything to eat if you keep letting them go!"
Taehyung whimpers at the Alpha's scolding. "Why don't we just shift and make breakfast in the cabin? You know, for a change." Taehyung suggested while he rested his head on the Alpha's body. Jungkook groaned upon hearing the Omega's suggestion. He knows he cant.
"You know your human form would search for something my wolf form couldn't give you pup. You're still in heat." Jungkook said while nuzzling the Omega's white fur. Taehyung stiffened. He suddenly remembers Jungkook again. He remembers how the alpha took care of him. The omega
slowly feels something inside him. He lifted his gaze towards the alpha and saw him staring at him already. And its only then when he saw the resemblance of the two alpha, their glowing eyes are the holding the same stars. And that same moment, Taehyung wasn't able to control
himself as he shifted back to his human form. "Jungkook." he uttered as his body melted into the alpha's strong human arms. Since Taehyung is too tired & already consumed by his heat, he lost consciousness on his alpha's arms. "Apple" Jungkook smiled as he carried his mate.
***The Pure Blood Alpha carried his mate back to the Jeon's Cabin instead of bringing him to their own loft. The real care taker of the Gotjawal forest appeared the moment he saw the fated couple walking while naked. "Jungkook" he averted his gaze because he knows looking
at the pure blood's mate while he's on heat will bring him death. "Sejin hyung, i don't want anyone near the cabin for the next 3 days." Jungkook informed the older Beta wolf who is still not looking at them. "Will you finally claim your mate?" Sejin bravely asked when he saw
how Jungkook stared at his Omega. Jungkook turned his head towards the older wolf once more. "Only if he'll allow me hyung. I've waited for years, I'm not forcing my mate to submit to me." he replied before he finally entered the luxury cabin while the sun is starting to rise.
Jungkook can feel Taehyung's warm skin pressed to his own. And now that they're both in their human forms, Taehyung smells like him too. The pure blood alpha smiled to himself thinking how their scents combined and produced the sweetest yet a really powerful scent that keeps
other wolves away from his mate. The truth is, Jungkook is longing too. Hell, he is dying to feel his omega next to him too but since they're both spending their heats and ruts together in their natural form, it all made up all those times they're not together.
The Alpha covered Taehyung's naked body before he went to the bathroom to get a washcloth to clean him. He knows that for wolves, being naked and covered with grass is normal but knowing the Omega male, he still wants to clean him because he knows how clean freak Taehyung is.
Here's the thing. Wolves in their natural form doesn't have any sexual feeling in them when they're in their heats and ruts. But wolves, especially fated & mated ones are horny as hell when they're on their human forms. Good thing that Pure Blood Alphas has one thing to control
themselves, their Omega's will. Jungkook knows that's one thing that's keeping him sane at the moment even after carrying his naked mate for minutes when they're on their way to the cabin. He isn't just like the other alphas who'll jump into anyone when they're on their ruts.
It's one trivial thing about mated pure blood alphas too, their ruts will only be triggered with their Omega's heats. So imagine how Jungkook's mind suddenly short circuited when he went back inside his bedroom and saw Kim Taehyung, his mate, his omega sitting on his bed.
" a-alpha." Taehyung moaned his alpha's name the moment he finally laid his eyes on Jk who's now frozen by the door of the bathroom. Unlike the pure blood alpha, Omegas on full heat in their human form is a little..wilder. "H-help me..please." Taehyung whispered.
Jungkook's wolf is growling inside him! He knows Taehyung doesn't need to say it twice and he's ready to help him but the Pure Blood alpha take a step back just to give Taehyung some time to think clearly. "Apple..I mean,'re in heat." he said as if it's not obvious.
Taehyung bites his lower lip. Of course, he's on fxcking heat and he feels like his whole body is on fire. He knows he has another choice, he knows he could just shift back in his natural form but his fxcking wolf won't cooperate. It's as if the wolf has been waiting for this!
"G-gukkie.." Taehyung's voice sounds so hot while his hands are already underneath the blanket and Jungkook doesn't need to see to know what are those hands doing already because he can smell his mate's scent all over the room. "Tae, you're not thinking clearly. Don't you want
to shift?" Jungkook tried again, his hands clenching on the side of the door as if the whole house will collapse once he let go. Taehyung's eyes turned blue again, his hands climbed up to his now harden nub as he stared at his alpha. "A-alpha...please..hurts." he whimpered.
Taehyung knows what he's doing. He knows how Jungkook is trying his best not to jump on him. He knows the moment he begs, the alpha will give in to his inner carnal desire...and yet, he did! "J-jungkookie..please I need you my alpha." "'ll regret this." Jk replied.
Taehyung can see Jungkook's hard on covered with the white towel around his waist. He could see hia blazing red eyes and he could definitely smell the lust in his familiar scent! He knows Jungkook wants him too so he doesn't understand why would the Alpha refuse him.
"Goddamn it Jeon Jungkook, id you dont wanna fxck me then I'll find a good alpha who could help me now!" Taehyung suddenly blurted out when another rush wave of heat hits his lower body. Jungkook's growled upon hearing that. With a blink of an eye, the pure blood alpha is now
pinning the omega's hands above his own head. "No one..there's absolutely no one could touch what is mine!" Jungkook gritted his teeth before he finally claims Taehyung's awaiting lips! Jungkook's whole body is shaking of excitement while Taehyung is full of anticipation!
"I've been waiting for years to do this to you." Jungkook whispered after that breathtaking kiss but Taehyung is far too gone to pay attention now. All he wanted is to lessen the pain on his lower region and he can't wait for Jungkook to help him with that so instead of
replying to him with the same sweetness, he just wrapped his arms around the alpha's neck and pulled him to another heated kiss as if he's too thirsty and Jungkook's lips are the only ones that can quench his thirst. "Please...Jungkook...take me now." the omega whispered.
Jungkook knows there might be a war after that morning. There would be a lot of possibilities that could happen between him and his mate but seeing Taehyung's hooded eyes while begging for him is doing something in his inside. His lips began to travel from the Omega's lips down
to his perfectly sharp jaws to his luscious neck. He keeps sucking and leaving small love marks in every inch of his omega's skin while the younger keeps trying to grind his lower body with the alpha's thicc thighs. "Gukkie..please I want you now." Taehyung whimpers again.
Jungkook smiled to himself thinking how the bratty Omega turned to a needy one, writhing and whimpering under him. He loves how Taehyung calls out his name while he's loving an worshiping every single part of his body. "Be patient, apple..I wanna taste every part of you."
Taehyung's eyes snapped open upon hearing the name of his rival's company again. "ISTG, Jeon Jungkook if you keep calling me...oh fxck!" Taehyung forgot what he's about to say when Jungkook's tongue found the entrance to his sweet spot. The alpha pokes his pinkish hole with his
tongue, tasting it's sweetness as he pushed his legs apart to have better access to it. "What were you saying apple?" Jungkook teased the Omega more before he dives in again, licking & sucking that particular spot between Taehyung's legs. "Fxck you Guk! Ah..." Taehyung moans.
Jungkook chuckles upon hearing his mate cursing him only to pushed his head closer to his entrance. "Come on Jeon, stop teasing.." Taehyung breathes when he feels like he's about to explode soon. Jungkook knows it's Taehyung's first time so he ignored the younger as he
continues to carefully prepare him by using his middle finger first. "Oh..geez!! More.. Jungkook put more!" Taehyung almost screamed when Jungkook finally inserted his finger inside him. The alpha smirks while watching how the Omega trashes on the bed. He already looks so
wrecked underneath him. When the alpha made sure Taehyung already adjusted with his single finger, he added one more as he carefully curled and stretch the younger's entrance. Taehyung is almost delirious. Why did no one told him that spending his heat with someone is as
delicious as his favorite, even delectable than any other food or wine he has tasted all his life. Jungkook grins again when he heard the Omega's thoughts on him. It's the first time Taehyung finally submitted to him and he's so sure that the younger isn't aware that
he could actually hear his thoughts now. "Why the fxck are you grinning like that? Come on Jeon, move faster please." Taehyung mumbles again when he saw Jungkook's smug face. "I don't wanna hurt you Tae." Jungkook replied as he continues to finger him. "I'm ready...gosh I'm
so ready now." Taehyung almost wanted to cry just so Jungkook could finally fxck him already. When the alpha finally made sure his mate is ready for him, he positioned himself between his flawless tanned legs. "Shouldn't I be on my fours?" Taehyung asked all of a sudden.
"No baby, I want to see you when I finally make you mine." Jungkook replied as he slowly aligned himself on top of his Omega. Taehyung was about to close his eyes to feel the pleasure of being fxck for the first time but Jungkook takes his hands to his own. "Look at me Tae,
just look at me." Jungkook said as he finally take his Omega for the very first time. Taehyung's wolf and human self almost howled in celebration when his ALpha finally claimed him. He can feel Jungkook thrusting inside him while their lips are still attached to each other.
The two remained in that position until Taehyung can feel his alpha's knot growing inside him. His eyes widened when he realized what Jk's about to do but then his fxcking wolf just whimpered inside him and as an Omega who loves nothing but to please his alpha, he stayed still.
Jungkook keeps kissing Taehyung's lips and neck while his knot is growing inside the Omega. He loves the fact that Taehyung didn't pull away or push him when he realized that he's knotting him. He even smiled to their kiss while the alpha is still inside of him.
When Jungkook finally pulled out from his mate and when Taehyung's heat finally calms down, the two pulled away from each other. Jungkook lay beside his mate while Taehyung curled on his alpha's side. Jungkook leans to kiss Taehyung's forehead and when he pulled away, the two
of them almost jump out of the bed when they saw each other's eyes. "Your eyes..." Taehyung blurted out when he saw Jungkook's red eyes turned to purple. "You have the most beautiful eyes." Jungkook uttered too when he saw Taehyung's blue eyes turned to purple.
"The legends are true! You'll know the mated wolves are fated when the colors of their eyes combined! Mom & dad's are orange because my mom is gold while my dad's red like you!" Taehyung knows he's blabbering but he just can't help it. Then another memory starts to flood on
his mind. "Come on apple, just wanna sniff pwease." a little it's little Jungkook who's begging him to sniff his hair and when he refused to give in, the alpha suddenly pulled him & bit his neck! "OMG!!!! You've marked me when I was just a kid!" Taehyung suddenly
blurted out when everything finally clicked in his head. Jungkook's eyes widened when he realized Taehyung could finally remember him. He saw how the Omega squinted his eyes upon turning on him again and of course, the alpha can't help but panic and without meaning it, he snaps
and turned to his mate. "Taehyung!" he blurted out not thinking he's already using his alpha voice. "Did you just use your...OMG! You did!" Taehyung replied with horror in his eyes when he realized Jungkook used his alpha voice on him. "Tae, no...I didn't mean that."
Taehyung glared at the Alpha. He can feel the sincerity on Jungkook's voice but still, he's not happy to hear the alpha using his dominant voice towards him when they just finished making love.. NO! not making love! after they had sex! Taehyung corrected himself.
"That's just a sex to you?" Jungkook blurted out again only to regret it immediately when Taehyung's eyes widened again. "Oh right, you can also eavesdrop to my thoughts now!" Taehyung blurted out as he pushed himself up only to be pulled back by the alpha again.
"Geez, I'm sorry! I don't even plan to eavesdrop on your thoughts. Apple.. please, don't..." "I said stop calling me Apple as if I'm one of your products!" Taehyung pushed away the alpha before he grabbed a pillow & throw it to his face. Then he froze again when he realized
something! "Oh my fxcking---you named your company after my original scent after marking me without my consent?!" Taehyung's eyes are now dark purple and he meant to be mad but for Jungkook he just looks so beautiful & glowing. The alpha didn't even realized he's smiling
again because, well...Taehyung's right. He named his company after his original scent. "Taehyung even if I didn't mark you when we were kids, baby I'll still end up marking you because we're fated mates." Jungkook tried to explain but the Omega is too focus on fighting him.
Taehyung knows Jungkook is right on that part. He knows that no matter what they do, no matter how the world calls them RIVAL, they'll end up together just like how they both end up together every single year when they're spending the most vulnerable time of their lives.
But then again, this is Taehyung still on heat we are talking about. And since now that he knows Jungkook knows everything about the two of them, he chose to give him a hard time just like how he had his hard times when he was growing up! He suddenly remembers everything he's
been through since the day he got rejected by his first crush because according to Hyungshik, he smelled weird. "Well, of course you'll smell weird to him because you're already mine baby." Jungkook can't help but defend himself again. "Stop listening to my thoughts!"
"But baby I can't help it.. you are screaming and I--" "Shut up!" Taehyung throws another pillow on the alpha's direction before he tried to get off the bed to clean himself when he realized that he's stinking of Jungkook's you know..body liquids. The alpha is fast enough to
catch him when Taehyung's legs betrayed him. "Let go of me. I'll just clean myself on the ---" "Let me clean you first then I'll leave you alone." Jungkook cuts him off before carrying him, bridal style towards the bathroom. Taehyung tried to squirm but Jk holds him still.
The two end up making love in the bathroom too the moment Jungkook start to clean his mate. Taehyung hates how his body betrays him but since Jungkook isn't saying anything, he just enjoyed the moment while the Alpha is making him feel so good. They spent a lot of time in the
shower only to end up pressed next to each other inside the bathtub. Taehyung's too tired to argue already when his alpha finally wrapped him in a fluffy soft towel before he carried him back inside the bedroom. Jungkook is screaming inside but he's trying to block his
thoughts to avoid another argument with his Omega. He grabbed fresh pair of clothes and helped Taehyung put them on before he let him sit on the couch inside the bedroom while he's changing the soiled bed sheets. Taehyung silently watched on the side this time.
Jungkook's hands froze when he heard the Omega's thoughts again. Even Taehyung almost squealed when he realized what he was thinking. "ISTG if you say a word Jeon Jungkook!" Taehyung threatened him hoping the alpha won't say anything. Thankfully, Jungkook just smirks at him!
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When the alpha finally fixed rheir bed, he turned to check on his mate only to find him already sleeping on the couch. Jungkook's heart melts upon seeing Taehyung hugging the pillow covered with his own scent. He smiled as he carried him back to their bed before he joins him.
Sejin knows that Jungkook asked him to make sure no one enters the Jeon cabin within three days but it's almost midnight already and the couple hasn't eaten anything yet so he carefully entered the kitchen to bring food his own mate cooked a while ago. He's about to leave when
he heard silent footsteps going his way. "Sejin hyung?!" Jk called out when he finally recognized the scent of the intruder. "Jungkook, I'm sorry for barging in.. my mate was just worried about you two not eating anything yet that's why I came to bring food." Sejin explained.
The alpha doesn't need to check if their caretaker is saying the truth because he could smell the roasted chicken and baked sweet potatoes coming from the basket on top of the island. "Thank you so much hyung. Apple's still sleeping but I really appreciate this." Jk uttered.
Sejin smiled fondly at the younger wolf. "Congratulations Jungkook, you finally claimed your mate. I'm sure you'll be a wonderful couple just like your parents." Sejin said with a dreamy eyes. The pure blood alpha almost chokes on the water he's drinking upon hearing that but
he chose to thank the older. "Thank you hyung." he said before he took the basket and went back to the bedroom to feed his Omega. Jungkook freezes on his feet when he reached the door. The Omega is already awake and mumbling in his head again. "I didn't leave, I went to take
some food because you haven't eaten anything since last night." Jungkook uttered to the Omega's surprise. "I don't care even if you left. As if I won't survive without you." Taehyung denied even though he knows it's futile especially now that Jungkook can hear his thoughts.
Jungkook knows Taehyung doesn't mean any of it but he still felt a pang in his chest when he heard the omega said it. But instead of dwelling on it, he just chose to ignore it as he set up the food on his small table inside the room. Taehyung almost drools when he saw the food.
Jungkook carried the younger and helped him settle on the couch before he settled on the carpet right on Taehyung's feet. "Why are you sitting there?" Taehyung asked when he saw the older putting some chicken on one plate. "Wanna be close to you." Jungkook replied nonchalantly.
Maybe it's part of the heat or maybe Taehyung was really taken aback with those simple gesture of his alpha so he wasn't able to control his face when he started to blush. Jungkook smiled fondly at him before he gave him the plate with food. "I wanna feed you with my own hands
since I missed a lot of times doing that to you but I know you won't let me so here, take the first bite." Jungkook said while giving him the fork with the piece of chicken. Taehyung wanted to reject it just for the sake of rejecting it but the look on Jungkook's eyes tells him
to just accept the food so he silently took it from the alpha & slowly eats it. 'Thank you.' Taehyung thought not wanting to say it out loud but for Jungkook, that's more than enough for a new start with his Omega. "You're welcome." he replied before he starts eating too.
***The fated couple finished their food almost immediately because they both are hungry. Jungkook assisted the omega to wash his hands & brush his teeth inside the bathroom again since he noticed how Taehyung is still having difficulty of standing alone. The two are looking at
the mirror when Taehyung thought of IT again. Jungkook almost swallowed the bubbles in his mouth when he heard it. The omega glared at him again, trying to warn him not to say a word again. The alpha nodded before he rinsed his mouth. Jungkook smiled fondly at the omega before
he wrapped his arms around his tiny waist from behind. "What do you think are you doing?!" Taehyung asked at the alpha who's now resting his chin on the omega's shoulder. "I just want you to know that I like it too..the thing you were just thinking." Jungkook uttered that made
the omega blushed again. "I said don't say a thing about it!" Taehyung whines before he tried to push the alpha behind him since he's done cleaning up himself again. Jk laughs when Taehyung elbowed his torso because the omega ended up hurting himself because of his muscles.
The two end up in bed again after they cleaned up themselves. At first Taehyung was about to shift and maybe take a walk around the foresg just like how they used to do during their heats, but when he saw Jungkook staring at him with those purple eyes, he just knows that he
would rather stay and spend more time with his alpha in bed. So that's what they do in the remaining 3 days. Sejin just made sure to bring them enough food too. The caretaker of the house didn't even try to get inside the kitchen anymore when he's bringing food because Jungkook
almsot ripped off his head when he once went inside while Taehyung is drinking juice in the kitchen. It is only then that the omega male realized how possessive his alpha is. It's their last day in the cabin when the Omega decided to call his parents to inform them about what
he has discovered. "Mom, remember that cute Minho guy I had a crush before? Now I know why he was so scared to even look at me! That beta was scared of Gukkie!" Taehyung told his mom on the phone. Moonyoung laughs as she patiently listens to her son's rambling about how on
Earth many wolves are crushing on him but no one else tried to court him. "All those years I thought they were all afraid of dad, only to find out that no one wanted to court me because I'm actually mated already!" he said again while his hand is grazing over his scar, his mark.
Moonyoung smiled fondly even when her son can't see her. "Don't be mad at your mate sweetheart. He was just keeping his promise to me & to your dad. He was taking care of you from a far even when you haven't even acknowledged him as your mate." she explained to her son.
Taehyung's heart swell with fondness upon hearing that from his mom. He thanked her one more time before he finally ended the call. He turned to face the sleeping Alpha beside him. "Still, you deserve to have a hard didn't even court me!" Taehyung smiled to himself.
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***Since the Omega is still tired of their love making, he has decided to lay down beside his sleeping mate. It only took him few minutes before he's falling into dark oblivion again so he wasn't able to see when the Alpha finally let go of the smile he's trying to hold back.
"Don't worry love, I'll make it up to you." Jk whispered as he left a light peck on the Omega's forehead before he pulled him closer again. That night, the fated mates fell asleep in peace for the first time, not knowing that it's the beginning of the new chapter of their lives.
***The next morning, Jeon Jungkook woke up earlier than the Omega again. He finally feels so normal yet still so special knowing that for the first time, he finally managed to take care of his mate during his heat. The Pure Blood Alpha cant help but to feel a little warm while
staring at his mate, but since he knows that Taehyung is already done with his heat...he knows that it's almost impossible for him to make love with the younger without them fighting first. He still found himself smiling at the thought that Taehyung already submitted to him.
Jungkook grabs his phone and dialled Sejin's number. He asked the caretaker to take his car from the gasoline station so they would have car to go back to Seoul. When he's sure that the Omega is not waking up anytime soon, he took a quick shower before he went to the kitchen
to prepare their breakfast. The pure blood alpha is too focus on his task that he didn't even noticed when Taehyung's already standing at the base of the stairs. "What are you doing?!" Taehyung blurted out when he saw the Alpha in the kitchen! The truth is, he was sulking a
while ago to wake up alone in the bed! He really thought Jungkook has already left him since the Alpha is done with his rut too. With that thought, Jungkook's head snap towards his mate. "Do you really think I'll leave you alone here? Come here, i made us breakfast." Jk said.
Taehyung wanted to refuse just for the sake of refusing but the smell of food ia inviting him so he settled on the chair opposite the alpha's side. He's about to comment on Jungkook's apron when he saw the date written on his phone. "What the h--what day is it now?" he asked.
Jungkook furrowed his brows upon hearing his surprised voice. "Tuesday!" the alpha replied as he put down the platter of food in front of his mate. "T-tuesday?? Jeon it's already Tuesday!" Taehyung repeated as if the day will change. The alpha looks at him with a small smile.
He knows exactly why Taehyung is freaking out. They're supposed to stay in the Cabin for only 3 days but it's already been 6 days since they arrived at Gotjawal. They lost track with day & night because they were busy taking care of each other's heat & rut. "Tae.." "Omg!"
Taehyung still can't believe how did he literally forget everything when he was with his alpha! "Namjoon hyung is aware so you have nothing to worry about, besides Mr. Kim is tmin Seoul too. Can we eat our breakfast now?" Jungkook tried to release more calming scent so that
Taehyung could relax too. The omega looked at him before he nodded. "O-okay...I'm hungry." Taehyung mumbled when he saw the food in front of him. He's almost drooling already when Jungkook finally gave him his spoon & fork so they could start to eat together too.
The fated couple finished their food without talking to each other. Jungkook's wolf is celebrating inside him knowing how Taehyung is loving the food so much. And since the Omega knows Jungkook can eavesdrop on his thoughts now, he keeps humming Dynamite to himself so that the
Alpha could stop listening to him. It is then when they're finished when the alpha turned to his mate again. "Are you ready to go back in the City?" Jungkook asked, a little hesitant too. If only they could stay there a bit longer, he would love to stay too.
"I don't have car." Taehyung pouts and Jungkook almost jumped into him right at that moment to kiss away his mate's pouty lips. "You know I'll drive you home Apple." Jungkook replied before guiding the omega outside the cabin. Taehyung glared at his mate when he heard the
nickname again. "ISTG, JEon when are you gonna stop calling me that ridiculous fruit name?" Taehyung said while getting in the car after Jungkook opened it for him. "Why are you so pissed of it? It's your original scent Tae." Jungkook finally asked the question he's been dying
to know the answer. The Omega crossed his arms in front of his chest again and he can't help but gasped when Jungkook leans closer to him only to put on his seatbelt. "Safety first baby." Jungkook uttered before he started the car. Taehyung won't admit it ever, but he finds
out he likes that endearment better than the fruit name! Jungkook grins upon hearing that thought. "Okay then baby, but why do you hate it so much?" Jungkook asked again when they're on the road already. "It's your product's name! Whenever you calls me Apple i feel like I'm
for sale!" Taehyung doesn't even know why he's being honest to the alpha but he can't see any wrong telling him what he really felt about the nickname. Jungkook has to keep his thoughts to himself upon hearing the idea that someone would buy his mate. NO, Taehyung is only his!
"I named the company, Apple because obviously I can't name it Kim Taehyung when I was still starting it. I want my mate and my future pups to be a part of my success." Jungkook uttered, his voice so low but clear enough for Taehyung to hear. The Omega can't stop blushing upon
hearing him. "Yah! Why are you so straight forward!? J-just stop calling me Apple then!" Tae stammered before he tried to focus on the view outside of the car. Jungkook chuckled upon seeing his reaction. He loves the fact that he's the only one who could make his omega blush.
The two were too focused on sniffing each other's scent that they didn't even noticed that they're already back in the City. The pure blood alpha brought Taehyung to the Kim's mansion first since he also intend to let Taehyung's parents know that he finally claimed him.
Jungkook pulled over at the driveway right in front of the huge door of the Kims when Taehyung removed his seatbelt. The Omega was about to get off the car when Jungkook suddenly grabbed his wrist making him freeze on his seat. "What now?!" Taehyung asked as he looks at his
mate's hand on his wrist. Jungkook gulps because he's nervous but his wolf is already howling inside him. "When are you moving in with me?!" he blurted out all of a sudden. Taehyung opened his mouth only to close it again upon hearing the alpha. He knows that as mates, they're
supposed to be together already especially that his traitor wolf has wholeheartedly submitted to Jungkook already. "ISTG Jeon! Will you at least slow down! Geez, don't act as if your house isn't just across the street!" Taehyung chose to reply because to be honest, he really
isn't sure what to do yet. They even haven't spoken about their new set up yet, hell! Jungkook didn't even told him he wants him! Jk frowns upon hearing the Omega yelling in his head but since he knows Taehyung will just snap at him again if he force him, he just kept quiet.
"Alright, let me just say hi to your mom & dad then before I go home." Jungkook said as he also get off the car. Taehyung wanted to protest but his mom is already by the door welcoming the two of them. "Of fxcking course!" he mumbled to himself when he also noticed Jungkook's
parents are already in their house probably waiting for them too. "Taehyungie!" Seri's bright smile pushed the negative thoughts away from the omega's head. "I'm so glad you two finally sealed your marks. I am so happy that you could officially call me mom too!" the woman said.
Taehyung doesn't know why he forgot that Jungkook is there watching him intently when he throws himself to Jeon Seri. "T-thanks m-mom." the male omega hugged back his mate's mother. Moonyoung did the same with Jungkook before they all went inside the Kim's mansion.
They're already inside when Taehyung noticed his twin Alpha brothers getting inside their father's office. He turned to look at his mother to ask her a question but Moonyoung & Seri are both busy preparing lunch already so he just shrugged his shoulders. He's about to go in
his room when he realized that Jungkook is watching him. "I thought you're just going to say hi to them?" he raised his eyebrow on him. The alpha stepped closer to him and without hesitation, he wrapped his arms around the Omega's waist before he nuzzled his nose on his neck.
Taehyung gasped and was about to push the alpha when he felt his lips grazing over his mark, Jungkook's mark on the side of his neck and it's only then when Taehyung realized that Jungkook is scenting him. He just closed his eyes and let the alpha do his ministrations because he
knows that being a pure blood like the older, it's really hard for his to just leave him alone when he just newly claimed him. Jungkook smiled to himself when he felt Taehyung melted in his arms. He left one more peck on his mark on Taehyung's skin before he finally pulled away.
Taehyung suddenly panicked when he felt Jungkook letting him go this time. "Where are you going?" he asked, unaware that he's pouting again. "Across the my house." Jungkook replied, a little confused. "Your parents are here." Taehyung replied, hating himself for
acting like the real omega that he is now. "Yeah, I'm aware of that Tae..but..oh!" Jungkook's smile widened when he realized Taehyung's sudden change of behaviour. "Don't say it!" Taehyung suddenly blurted out when he saw the alpha smirking at him. Jungkook scrunches his
nose as he smile this time. His Omega is just so adorable and he can't help but find it so endearing. "I'll stay for lunch then...I'll just call Seokjin hyung that I'm going back to the office tomorrow." Jungkook informed the younger. Taehyung nodded before he walked towards
his room, giving Jungkook enough time to talk to his assistant. When the omega male finally reached his room, he can't help but smile to himself and at the same time worry a little. He has many thoughts running in his head and some of them are really scaring him a little.
The omega is too lost in his own thoughts when he heard a knock on his door. "Jungkook?" he asked when he saw the alpha standing outside his door. "I thought you're---" Taehyung wasn't able to finish his sentence when Jungkook smashed his lips into his own, effectively
shutting him up. The alpha carefully pulled away after their short but deep kiss. His hands are still cupping the omega's face when he leaned closer to pressed their foreheads together. "I would never force you to do things you're not comfortable with & I promise to be always
available for you so stop overthinking baby. I know we're doing it the other way around but let me make it up to you, okay?" Jungkook tried his best to choose his words carefully because he doesn't want Taehyung to get the wrong idea again. Fortunately, the omega nods at him.
"But Guk...we have to talk., I mean proper talk." Taehyung said when Jungkook pressed another soft kiss on his forehead. "Of course baby, do you wanna talk now or do you need more time?" Jungkook said when he suddenly gets nervous. "Now." "Oh..okay. Here?" "Yes, h-here."
The newly claimed couple decided to sit on the edge of Taehyung's King size bed. Jungkook made sure to give the omega enough space to make him feel that he can always make a choice and he is there to respect the choice he'll make. "Tae...I'm sorry if--" "Can I talk first?"
Jungkook gave the younger an encouraging smile. "Of course baby, I'm listening." he said. The omega suddenly feels so nervous under Jungkook's gaze. "Can you like..not eavesdrop on my thoughts? I know we both learned that Alpha coule block their thoughts but us omegas can't, is there a way you can tune out from mine?" Taehyung asked that one thing that keeps bothering him. It's not that he doesn't trust his mate, but sometime there are thoughts running in his head that he's not proud to share. Jungkook nods at him. "There is..."
"There really is a way you can block it? As in you can't hear me at all?" Taehyung suddenly asked, his eyes full of curiosity. "Yes Tae, I don't know how it works for you but my dad told me before that pure blood alphas can filter what they hear. So if you want me out of your
head, of course I'll do that baby. I guess I was just too excited to listen to your voice through our link." Jungkook admitted that made Taehyung's heart flipped a little. "I mean, we can still use our links though..but can we like just use it when we both want to say something
to each other?" Taehyung asked again. "Of course Tae..let's do that." Jungkook agreed almost immediately. The omega beams to that before he finally let go his thoughts about his alpha mate. He trusts Jungkook and he knows that the alpha won't break that trust he gave him.
"Now..about us.. I mean, Jungkook the realm knows how we despises each other." Taehyung started with the major predicament they're both facing. "Tae, you despised me." Jungkook corrected his mate, though he doesn't wanna use that word between them already. The omega fidgets on
his fingers when he heard the alpha's voice. "Well, in my used to annoy me & it's as if you made it your life mission to irritate me every fxcking time!" Taehyung whines when he remembers how Jungkook is always constant in his life may it be in business or private!
"It's the only way I can make sure to be in your life baby." Jungkook confessed again & this time Taehyung is speechless. The memories of them growing up are flashing right in front of his eyes & it's slowly sinking in to his system how Jungkook was really there for him all
those years! "Y-you...omg! Jungkook...why didn't you just approach me like a normal alpha would do to their mate?!" Taehyung blurted out all of a sudden because he's starting to get overwhelm about the facts bekng unfolded in front of him. "Because you are not just an ordinary
omega Tae & I promise your parents that I would let you explore the realm on your own in exchange of my recklessness when I marked you." Jungkook said with his soothing voice before he took the omega's hand to his own. "I'm a pure blood Tae & I know that the moment I get a
taste of you, it would be physically painful for me to let you go so I kept my distance from you. I don't wanna break my first promise as your alpha mate." Jungkook explained. Taehyung can't help but be proud of his mate upon hearing him. He realized how Jungkook is right about
him being possessive if they claimed each other earlier. They might've failed to achieve what they have now if they chose to be together when they were younger. Taehyung nods with understanding. "C-can you give me more time then? You know, at least to let the people around us
accept the fact that I'm already mated. Uhmm.. we don't have to dent it, but can we not announce it yet?" Taehyung asked when he saw Jungkook's worried reaction. The alpha wants to reject the idea of hiding their bond, but since his priority is his mate's wellness, he agreed.
Jungkook pulled the omega closer to him once more. "If that would make you feel safer and at peace, we can do that." Jungkook uttered again. "Thank you...uhmmm, about the nest..i mean, the house..can we also wait some time too?" Taehyung bites his lower lip hoping the alpha
would also understand. Jungkook has to take a deep breathe before he pulled away from the omega so that he could see Taehyung's pretty face first before he answers. "Only if we could at least eat a meal everyday. Doesn't matter if it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, i just want
to share a meal with you everyday." Jungkook tried to negotiate & to his surprise, Taehyung smiled brightly at him. "Okay then. Thank you Jungkook, this really means so much to me." Taehyung said as he absentmindedly nuzzled his nose at the alpha's perfectly sharp jaw.
The fated mates are still on that position when Moonyoung suddenly pops in the room. "Ooops...look at you being cozy here. I'm sorry to interrupt your nuzzling session my lovey dovey pups, but it's lunch time now and your fathers want you both to join us." she said with a smile.
Taehyung detached himself from the alpha before the two of them stood up from the bed. Moonyoung is so happy to see his son glowing despite how hard he tries his best to suppress his excitement. The 3 of them went into the dining room where everyone's already waiting for them.
Junghyuk & Soohyun are both so happy to see their sons getting along well. The two alphas can't help but teased them too as they congratulated them because for the first time since they both went to the university, they finally stopped bickering over the tiniest things.
Jungkook even pulled the chair for Taehyung before he settled on the next chair right beside him. "Woah! I didn't know that being mated is that scary hyung!" Yeonjun blurted out while staring at Jungkook & his own male omega hyung. Everyone in the table laughed at his reaction.
Jungkook grins at the younger wolf. "It's scary if you'll be mated with someone who isn't for you Yeonnie., but not for your hyung & me." he said that made his mate blushed even more. The two families start to enjoy their lunch since Moonyoung & Seri prepared a feast!
But to Moonyoung's surprise, Taehyung only wanted to eat the sushi she made. Her male omega son also ignored the hotpot he usually liked. Jungkook on the other hand just keeps feeding Taehyung the food he likes without noticing how their moms are observing them.
****That day, it was really hard for Jungkook to leave his mate at the Kims Mansion. He only managed to left when Taehyung has fallen asleep inside his room. He's already at the gate when Soohyun called him back. "Yes Mr. Kim?" "Can we talk?" Soohyun asked the younger.
Soohyun lead Jungkook in their garden. The younger alpha's parents has long gone so the older pure blood knows no one can interrupt them there. Jungkook settled on the wooden bench so the older chose the ine across him. "You finally claimed your mate." Soohyun stated.
"Yes sir, I was planning to claim him in a more romantic way but I guess the Luna's already too tired of waiting for us too." Jungkook replied with a proud smile on his lips. "I agree to her though. You're both old enough to have your own nest, not that I want to kick my son
out of our home. I was just thinking to see little versions of you two. My Moonyoung and your mother are getting bored lately, they obviously want their grandchildren too." Soohyun said that made Jungkook blush. He knows that for wolves, it's only natural for the parent wolves
to talk to their pups about procreation but Jungkook didn't expect Soohyun to do it as soon as now. "Mr. Kim, I guess that could wait. I mean, Apple--Tae just asked me to keep our bond to ourselves yet so having pup isn't on the plan right now." he politely informed the older.
Soohyun nods in understanding. "Of course, both of your supporters will be surprised to see you both together when all you did was bicker for years." Soohyun grins at the younger alpha who's guilty of the bickering part. "Can't help it sir, he looks prettier when he's angry."
Soohyun can't help but laugh when he heard the young alpha's remarks about his own son. He can't blame Jungkook, he knows exactly what he's talking about because he felt exactly the same way towards his own Moonyoung. "I'm glad you finally claimes him Guk, just let me know if
you need help with convincing him to move in to your nest. I know it would be harder for you because it is in our nature to be protective to them. But in your case, I guess Taehyung would have a harder time since his wolf just submitted to you. He would always long for you."
Jk can't help but feel warm upon hearing that. He knows Soohyun is right. He's been studying the dynamics of wolves in order to be good alpha to his mate. And since his wolf has been whipped for his mate since he was just a kid, he knows that Taehyung would be clingier to him.
"I'll make sure that I'm available for him whenever he needs me. We also kinda talk about our links too." Jungkook excitedly informed his mate's father. Soohyun smiled brightly at the younger wolf. "My son has a very...well, colorful mind. You don't have to listen to him
everytime." he suggested. Jungkook nods with a smile. "Don't worry sir, I would never take an advantage of his brilliant mind." Jungkook replied when he realized that Soohyun was talking about their own businesses. "I don't doubt that and please Jungkook it's about time you
should learn to address me finally...son. I wouldn't want my son's mate calling me Mr. Kim when we're already a family." Soohyun gave him a fond smile before the two of them hugged tightly. "Thank you for the trust & support all these" Jk whispered thru the hug.
***That evening, Jungkook busied himself with all his pending works Seokjin has sent him through emails. He was too busy inside his room that he didnt even noticed the time. You see, the Jeon's mansion are full of Alphas that's why the rooms are created especially for their
needs. All bedroom in the Jeon's are sound & scent proof for their privacy. So Jungkook is surprise when his mom barged in his bedroom without even knocking. "Mom?" he furrowed his brows towards her. "It's dinner time, aren't you going to eat with us?" she asked with a smile.
It is only then when Jungkook realized that his mom's scent has a faint mixture of his favorite scent in the world. "He's here?" he stands up immediately before he walks out of his room, his eyes searching for his mate. Seri laughs at how whipped her son is when it comes to
his mate. "They are all here for dinner sweetheart, why don't you wear a shirt first? We'll wait for you." Seri said before she pushed her son back inside his room. Jungkook silently obeyed her before he quickly went down to their dining room where his mateis silently waiting.
***Jungkook breaks into a fond smile the moment he laid eyes on his mate. "Apple!" he blurted out only to regret it the moment he saw the omega frowns at him. He quickly went to pull Taehyung into a tight hug as he nuzzles his nose on the omega's expose neck.
Taehyung would never admit it but he's so thankful that Jungkook is so showy when it comes to his affection towards him. He doesn't care if Jungkook really wants him as a human & his mate or it's just his wolf talking but he loves how the alpha nuzzles him.
He lowkey buries his face on the crook of his alpha's neck too hoping that Jungkook wont make fun of him. They're getting cozy on that position when Taehyun, Jungkook's younger brother appears from his room too. "Wow! Finally, Taehyungie hyung you can finally help me beat
Jungkookie hyung in overwatch. Maybe you should join us next time we play. Tell me his strategies." the younger wolf grins at his brother's mate who's now smiling at him. "Sure Hyunie, let's do that one time." he snickered before they all went to the dining room to eat.
If Kims are known for their delicious sushi, Jeons are famous with their steaks & lamb skewers! But Seri prepares food Taehyung & Moonyoun likes the most since they're their guest. Jungkook of course is so quick to grab & slice the steak before he put it on his mate's plate.
This time, Taehyung didn't rejecr any of the food given to him by his mate. Seri & Moonyoung gave each other a knowing look when the younger male omega finally looks more normal that earlier. The two moms got worried but seeing him happily eating the food given to him, they
both finally relaxed on their seats. Jungkook on the other hand is almost bouncing while watching Taehyung eats beside him. Taehyung noticed the older staring at him but he's too embarrased to call him out in front of their families so hehas decided to yell at him through
their links. "ISTG Jeon Jungkook! Stop staring at me and eat your food! I thought lamb skewers are your favorite?!" Taehyung pretends not to look at the alpha when he's screaming at him already. Jungkook cant help but giggles when he heard his mate. "I want to kiss your pout
away baby. How are you so cute when you're just eating?" Jungkook blurted out through their links too. The alpha wasn't planning to say those words but since Taehyung already heard it, he just smirks at him when he saw the omega's face turned to red. "OMG! Can you not!?"
Everyone turned their heads on Taehyung who's now blushing so hard. He hates how he's not used to the link thingy yet and now all eyes are on him. "I'm just messing with him, uhmmm..let's enjoy the food everyone." Jungkook tried to divert everyone's attention on him.
Seri & Moonyoung found the exchanged of the two adorable while Soohyun & Junghyuk can't help but wink at Jungkook who's obviously just wanting to protect his mate from more embarrassment afyer the outburst. The two family finished the dinner with happy chattering & called it
a night after a cup of tea in the garden. Taehyung's about to go home with his parents when Jungkook grabbed his hand. "D-do you perhaps want to stay tonight?" Jungkook asked hoping the Omega would agree to him but Taehyung just glared at him. "Yah, my house is just across
the street. Good night Jungkook." he said before he pulled away from the alpha. Junghyuk saw the two so he approached his son. "Believe me son, he'll call you as soon as he's home. Your mom used to be hardheaded too." the older alpha whispered to his son. Jk smiled at him.
***Jungkook is thinking that his father is wrong when it's been 3 hours since Taehyung left but he hasn't heard anything from him. He even put his phone beside him while he's working just to make sure he won't miss it if Taehyung reach out to him. It's almost midnight when he
checks the time and he's about to switch off the light in his room when he finally heard the familiar deep voice in his head. "Yah, Jeon Jungkook are you really sleeping already? Why can't I hear you whenever I want?" Taehyung's voice sounds a little annoyed but Jungkook
doesn't need to see him to know that the male Omega is probably pouting. "Hello to you too, app--baby. Why are you still awake?" he chose to ask as he dives in his bed. Taehyung covered his face with a pillow even when he knows that Jungkook can't see his blushing face.
Jungkook cant stop smiling while imagining his mate's probably shy face. "Tae..." he called out again when the omega remained quiet. "Hmmmm?" Taehyung hums. "The door at your verranda next to the mango tree, open it." JK said through their link before he grabs his phone and
walked out of his room. The omega's eyes widened upon hearing that. He knows Jungkook knew about his secret using the door at their verranda when he used to sneak out from his parents when he was still high school. He can't help but to smile & get excited when he realized that
Jungkook, his mate is on his way going to their house. It only took the alpha 3 minutes before his omega found him standing by the verranda door. "Omg, what are you--" Taehyung wasn't able to finish his sentence when Jungkook pulled him into a deep but slow kiss.
At first, Taehyung didn't respond at the kiss but when he felt Jk's one hand at the back of his neck guiding him to tilt his head a little for more access, the omega can't help but melt into his alpha's lips..he began to kiss back as he wraps his hand around Jungkook's neck.
The two continues to devour each other's lips while the alpha's hand suddenly yanks Taehyung up to his hips. The omega's legs automatically wraps around his alpha's torso too as Jungkook carried him back to his bed. Jungkook is sitting on the edge of the bed while Taehyung is
straddling him when they finally ended the kiss. "Jungkook, what are you doing here?" Taehyung asked when he doesn't know what to say anymore. "Can't sleep thinking of you baby." Jk replied, his eyes sparkling with excitement. "Then..why don't you just sleep here?"
The fated mate looked at each other the moment Taehyung said that. The omega wanted to hit his head when he realized that he just invited Jeon Jungkook to spend a night with him in his own bed. And it's only then when he realized what he's wearing! He quickly pulled his blanket
to cover his almost naked body when Jungkook grabbed his hand and stopped him from moving. "Istg Jeon jung---" "You're so beautiful like this pretty." Jungkook cuts him off with his bedroom voice that made Taehyung's wolf howl in excitement. The omega cant help but
leans in when Jungkook lifted his hand to caress the side of his face. 'Maybe Junghyuk & Soohyun were omega really longs for my touch as I long to his.' Jungkook thought to himself before leaning closer to devour the most beautiful wolf he has laid his eyes upon.
Needless to say, the fated mate spent another round of making love on the omega's bed. They might never admit it out loud, but they both know how much they want to be together too. It's almost past midnight when Taehyung finally fall asleep using Jungkook's arm as his pillow.
***The next morning, Moonyoung is passing by her eldest son's bedroom when she suddenly felt so strange. She was about to open her son's door when her mate stopped her. "Love, I feel something weird---" "Sssssh, Guk is inside." "He is? But he---" "The verranda." Soohyun
whispered before guiding his mate to the kitchen so they could finally prepare breakfast for their children. It's one thing Moonyoung loves the most whenever they're in Seoul. Her mate & herself are the ones taking csre of their sons even though they have a lot of maids in the
mansion. Meanwhile, Jungkook wakes up earlier than the omega again. He loves how Taehyung's thinner body is that's now littered with his love marks is pressed to his own. The alpha can't help but pull him even closer until Taehyung starts to stir from his sleep too.
"G-gukkie? Why are you still here?" Taehyung suddenly blurted out when he realized that the warm feeling surrounding him is from the alpha who's arms are still wrapped around him. Jungkook frowns only to smile too when he realized what his omega meant about him being there.
"Do you really think your parents would still mind? Tae, just in case you don't remember baby...we're mates, fated at that too." Jungkook said as he pulled away to see his mate's pretty face. "I know, but they would ask how did you come to my room and I'm not ready to tell them
that I let you kn through the verranda because mom would then figure out how I snuck out before." Taehyung whines while unconsciously nuzzling his nose at Jungkook's bare chest. The alpha chuckles upon hearing him. "Do you really believe that they don't know? Tae, your mom
and dad knows how many times you almost fell on the ground everytime you met with Jimin." Jungkook can't help but laugh again, this time Taehyung's the one to pull away to see his face. "Wait..h-how did you even know that?!" Taehyung blurted out again because he was really
convinced that he was being discreet before. Jungkook just pulled him closer before he replied. "The first time your dad caught you, he texted me to check on you. Geez, I can't believe you would sneak out at night just to listen to Jimin crushing over Yoongi hyung." Jk said.
"OMG! You're the creep who kept following me before?!" Taehyung's eyes widened when he remembered how Jimin called him weird when he kept insisting that someone was following him. Jungkook burst into laughter as he confessed to his mate. "HOw could I let you out at night alone?
You might have been marked but you were obviously not claimed yet baby. I just wanna make sure you're safe." Jungkook said after his loud laughter. "Geez! I cannot with you! Anyway, I have to go to work today Mr. Alpha so you better go home too." Taehyung uttered because he
feels like his wolf is too overwhelmed with the fact that Jungkook might have been annoying him in the past, only to turned out that he was just protecting him. Jungkook left another kiss on the Omega's expose neck before he finally pulled away and got up from the bed.
Taehyung almost regret pushing the alpha away when he was left on the bed alone but he tried his best not to show that to Jungkook. "I'll pick you up later so I could drop you to--" "OMG, no. Jungkook we talked about this already." Taehyung said when he realized what the alpha
is planning. Jungkook frowns but still nods at the end. "Okay then, I'll just see you at lunch." he said with finality. Taehyung was a little hesitant but he still nods at him. "Okay then, I'll see you later Jungkook." he said with a smile that looks more like a grimace.
****Jungkook left the Kims mansion through the veranda since Taehyung still refused to let him go out through his door. The Omega knows that his parents would understand their situation but he's not ready to face his twin brother's teasing. When he's sure the alpha reached his
own house, he finally decided to clean himself and change into his usual designer's clothes. He was about to spray his favorite perfume too when a smile appeared on his face. "I smell nice even without the perfume." he mumbled before he finally gets out of his room.
****The thing is, Kim Taehyung has been marked since he was just a kid so his scent didn't really changed and he's aware of that. But the moment he stepped in inside their company building, he can't help but overthink whenever he see people looking towards his direction.
"I knew it, the people will start to talk behind my back now." he mumbled to himself when he got in his private elevator going to his office. "Hyungie, they are not talking behind your back." Yeonjun tried to pacify his older brother since Taehyung is already emitting a
not so pleasant pheromones. "They're looking at me, Yeonnie." the male omega sulks on the corner of the elevator. "Hyung, you're the CEO of the company, of course your employees will look at you. Besides, why are you even worried about them looking at you when you're used to it
already? Relax hyung, you wouldn't want Jungkook hyung barging in here today right? That would really be a showtime if he does." Yeonjun grins at him. Taehyung suddenly realized that his younger is right. Knowing how protective Jungkook is to him in the past week they're
together, he can just imagine the CEO of their rival company showing up to comfort him. Fortunately, just the thought of his mate immediately comfort the male omega. Yeonjun smiled at him when he realized it too. "Woah, it's really scary to find your mate huh?!" he mumbled.
***The moment Taehyung entered his office, his assistant Namjoon followed him for the reports. The older man recited everything while Taehyung remained quiet. He only speaks when he want to clarify something. Over all, the company did fine without him. "Beomgyu really did
an excellent job while you're away Taehyung. Even the investors are really impressed when they met him." Namjoon praised the younger brother of his boss. "Of course hyung, he's my baby brother and an alpha one. I was surprised tho, i thought Yeonnie will do better since he's
been training in the company ahead of Beomie." Taehyung said with a fond smile while he's talking about his younger brothers. "Well, Yeonjun also managed to close the contract with JHOPE. He finally agreed to be an exclusive ambassador of your brand." Namjoon informed him.
"Really?! Fxcking finally hyung! How about Jessi? Did she sign?" Taehyung asked, his voice hopeful but Namjoon shakes his head. "Unfortunately, she still refused to agree until you talk to her Taehyung." the assistant informed him the condition Jessi asked from the company.
Taehyung remained quiet for a minute before he turned to Namjoon again. "Set a meeting with her hyung, it would be better if you could set a lunch before this week ends. Also, please dont ever accept dinner meeting already unless it's really important." Taehyung uttered.
Namjoon's hand froze midair when he heard his boss. Taehyung never had a problem with dinner meeting despite his rank since he knows he's safe so he's surprise with the sudden order. But since he's a professional, he just kept quiet about it. "Anything else sir?" "That's all."
Namjoon left his boss and went back to hiw own desk just outside. Taehyung busied himself with the documents on his desk and he's in the middle of revising one document when a scent of distress alpha suddenly filled his nose as the door of his office burst open. "Yeonjun?!"
The younger wolf looked at his hyung guilty. "Hi, hyungie...m-mind if I stay here for a while. I...i just need to read some docs here." Yeonjun tried to act normal in front of his brother but Taehyung isn't buying it. "What's going on? Why would you like to read here if you
have your own cubicle in your department?" Taehyung asked him again, his eyes trying to read his younger brother. "It's loud in there and the interns from SNU already arrived hyung." Yeonjun chose to tell him the half truth. "And so? You are still an intern too! Also, why are
you complaining about the noise when all your colleagues are saying that you're the loudest there." the male omega crossed his arms in front of his chest when the alpha remained quiet. "Now tell me, what really made you come all the way up here?!" Taehyung tried to convince him.
Yeonjun knows there's no way he could get away from his hyung so he put the paper he's holding down. "Uhmm...the new interns kinda scared me hyung. There's one tall omega there who keeps smiling at me and it's really kinda creepy." he finally confessed. "Omg, Yeonnie!!! You
are an alpha! Why are you...omg! Beomgyu will not let you hear the end of this once he learned that you got scared because of an omega!" Taehyung can't help but coo at his younger brother. "But hyung he---" Yeonjun wasn't able to finish his sentence when Namjoon opened the door.
"Yes hyung?" Taehyung asked with furrowed brows. "Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Kim but someone is looking for Mr. Kim Yeonjun." the assistent replied. "Who?" Yeonjun & Taehyung blurted out at the same time. Namjoon side stepped to reveal the person who's looking for Yeonjun.
"I'm sorry for bothering you both Mr. Kim, but Beomgyu sent me here to inform Yeonjun that the orientation for the interns is about to start." the tall male omega said with a small smile. Taehyung saw the reaction of his brother too. "What's your name?" "I'm Choi Soobin, sir."
Taehyung smile fondly at the male omega standing in front of him before he leans closer to whisper in his ears. "Please, be a little understanding with my little brother. He's been scared of marking his mate because of his dumb belief that he might not recognize his own mate."
Soobin's face turned red upon hearing the CEO, but deep inside him...he's happy that Yeonjun's family members seem to be fond of him. "Don't worry sir, I was born patient & understanding." he replied before he smiled to Yeonjun again who's now staring at him too.
***The rest of the day was uneventful for Taehyung. It's only when it's lunchtime already when he heard his phone beeps so without looking he reached for it. He was drinking water when he opened the text only to almost choke when he saw the screen of his phone. SPAWN OF SATAN
Taehyung grabs a tissue to wipe his lips before he open the text from his mate. HEY APPLE, HOW'S YOUR DAY? WANNA GRAB LUNCH TOGETHER?--JJK The male Omega smiled to himself when he read the text. He quickly typed in his reply too. I'M NOT APPLE, THIS MUST'VE BEEN WRONG SENT.-T
Jungkook who's in the middle of briefing with his assistant can't stop smiling when he saw the reply of his mate. He stole a glance from Seokjin first and when he saw that the Omega isn't looking at him, he quickly shoots his reply too.
I'M SURE I GOT THE RIGHT NUMBER BECAUSE THERE'S ONLY ONE ANGEL SAVED ON MY CONTACTS AND THAT'S YOU.--JJK Taehyung immediately blushed when he saw the reply of the pure blood. "OMG! Why is he such a sap?!" he mumbled to himself before he started to type in his response again.
Jungkook quickly fish out his phone from his pocket again when he felt the vibration of it. LUNCH @ PAU-PAU's AT 30 THEN. I'LL SEE YOU THERE.-T The pure blood alpha was about to reply when Seokjin's voice startled him. "Sir, with all due respect but are you still listening?"
Jungkook felt guilty when he saw his assistant. "I'm sorry hyung, but can we continue this later after lunch? I just...uhmm, i just want to have lunch first." Jungkook said while he lowkey pocketed his phone. The older wolf raised his eyebrow on his boss. "Okay, what do you
want for lunch today? I'll order now sir." Seokjin said while fishing oit his own phone. "No! I mean, don't have to order hyung. I'm going out." the young alpha informed his assistant again hoping that Seokjin wont ask him any questions again because he doesn't want
to break his promise to his mate. "You don't have a meeting with anyone today Jungkook." Seokjin uttered again because he cant believe that the workaholic Jeon Jungkook is now asking for a lunch break when they're in the middle of a meeting. Jungkook was about to reply to
Seokjin when he heard his Omega's voice through their link. "Ya! Why didn't you reply anymore? Are you coming for lunch or what?!" Taehyung's yelling on his head but Jungkook refrains from showing any indication that his attention is not on Seokjin again. "Want me to fetch you
from your office, Apple?" he replied while his eyes are on his assistant who's staring at him. "I'm not going to meet anyone Seokjin hyung. I just really want to have a nice lunch. Go ahead and I'll meet you after 2 hours." Jungkook said before he grabbed his jacket & keys.
****Taehyung is already walking out of his company's building when a heavily tinted unfamiliar car stopped in front of him. "Hi apple, hop in. I'm sorry I couldn't get the door for you." Jungkook voice is in his head again. The male omega look around him first and when he's
sure no one's looking, he walked towards the car and get in to it. "Hi!" Jungkook greeted the beautiful omega as if they weren't just together the morning before. "Where's your car?" Taehyung asked instead as the alpha starts the car again. Jungkook smiled at him.
"This is my car." he replied to the omega who's obviously sniffing the air inside the vehicle. "Oh..but where's your Audi? And why do you have a bulletproof car? Do you have an underground business o something Jeon?" Taehyung asked again because he's trying to distract himself
from wanting to nuzzle the alpha. Jk chuckled when he heard the omega beside him. He carefully took Taehyung's hand and bring it to his lips. "I don't have an underground business Tae..I was just thinking of a way I could get to you without drawing attention from others."
The male omega would never admit how his heart melt at that gesture but his wolf is betraying him once again when he unconsciously lean towards his alpha to give him a kiss on the side of Jungkook's neck. The kiss was light and quick but it both made them both feeling content.
The two arrived at the restaurant but since they still dont want to draw attention, Taehyung chose the table on the far corner where no one would notice them. Jungkook just followed him behind. "So what do you want to eat?" Jungkook asked when the waiter ask for their orders.
"I want burger and chicken." Taehyung replied without even looking at the menu. "Tae that's not even--" "You asked me what I want Jungkook." Taehyung cuts the alpha off so Jungkook just nods & inform the smiling waiter. It's really odd to see a pure blood alpha who's scared
of a male omega because it's always the other way around. The waiter left so the two starts to talk about their day. Taehyung even recalled how he thinks his younger brother Yeonjun already found his mate but he's scared of him. Jungkook just listened to him the whole time.
The Omega only stopped blabbering when their food arrived. He is practically drooling with the sight of burgers he ordered and to Jungkook's surprised, he doesn't even wanna share the it with him when its clearly ab order for two. The waiter smiled awkwardly at Jungkook when
he saw the exchanged of the two. "Sir would you like me to add another order for you?" the polite waiter asked. "Yes please, can you also add carbonarra and buffalo wings too." the alpha said when he noticed Taehyung loves the chicken too. The waiter nods & left again.
Taehyung is happily eating when he saw Jungkook staring at him. "Don't you know that staring when someone is eating is rude?" the omega asked but the alpha just smiled fondly at him. "Not when I'm staring at my pretty mate." he just replied that made Taehyung blush again.
When Jungkook's food arrived, Taehyung can't help but drool while staring at the food again. He hates how he feels like he hasn't eaten anything yet when he kept eating in between snacks when he's at the office. Jungkook has to bit his lower lip to stop himself from grinning
when he saw his mate staring at his food. "Here, you can have it." Jungkook said as he put down the plate of pasta in front of the omega. Taehyung smiled brightly at him but when he's about to dig in, the smell of the pasta hits his nose and it made him a little nauseous.
Jungkook frowned as he took away the pasta from his mate. "Tae, are you okay?" he asked, his brows knitted together as he's already kneeling beside the male omega who suddenly looks so pale. "I guess I'm over fed Gukkie. I ate a lot." Taehyung said in his little voice.
Jungkook stands up behind the male omega and slowly rub circles at his back. "Okay then, don't eat the pasta." he said when he made sure Taehyung is okay. Taehyung nods, but his eyes are still focus on the fxcking pasta that looks really good in front of him. He wants to eat
it but he feels like he's going to vomit if he eats more until he thought of something. "Jungkook, I'm okay now. Why don't you eat the pasta now?" he suggested hoping the alpha would eat the tempting pasta. The alpha is a little taken aback but since he hasn't eaten anything
yet, he just obeyed the omega's request. HE started to eat the pasta in front of the staring omega. "Are you sure you're okay Tae? Looks like you want it too?" he uttered in between his chewing. Taehyung just shakes his head. "No, I'm full already. You can eat it all."
The two finished their lunch in silence but the pasta won't leave Taehyung's mind. They're already inside Jungkook's newly setup Palisade when he noticed Taehyung's silence. "Hey, Apple are you okay?" he asked when he sensed the bothered scent of his mate. "I'm okay."
Jungkook isn't convinced that his mate is okay but he doesn't want to force Taehyung to tell him what's bothering him. He's already pulling over in front of the Samsung building when Namjoon is just getting in the building too. He spotted his boss getting off the unfamiliar car.
Jungkook waves at his mate one last time before he left while Taehyung forced himself to smile at Namjoon. "I didn't know you have a lunch meeting Taehyung." Namjoon uttered when they're both inside the private elevator. "Ah, it was an..old friend. We saw each other at the
restaurant so he volunteered to drop me here at the office." Taehyung lied despite the fact that he knows he could've just told him the truth. "Oh, you didn't bring your car? HOw did you go at the resto then?" Namjoon asked when he noticed his boss is acting strange.
Taehyung pressed his lips together before he snapped his head towards Namjoon. "Namjoon hyung..." "Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Kim. I didn't mean to pry. I'm really sorry." the assistant politely apologized when he notice his boss glaring at him already.
The two gentlemen entered their offices in silence but the younger of the two is still bothered with a certain pasta that's still clear in his mind. It's almost home time when Taehyung can't help it anymore and went to Namjoon. "Hyung, do you want to eat?" he asked with a
poker face but his assistant still gave him a judging look. "NO, I'm fine Mr. Kim. Do YOU want to eat?" Namjoon asked back to his boss who even flinched with the question. "N-no hyung.. I..I was just thinking if you're starving." he replied before he went back to his own desk.
Kim Taehyung endured the pain in his temple when he went back to his work. He tried his best not to think of the fxcking pasta while he's signing pertinent documents. It's already home time when Yeonjun entered his office so they could go home together. The young alpha noticed
his older brother's pale skin. "Hyungie, are you okay?" Yeonjun asked, his brows knitted. AS an alpha, he's also as protective as their parents. He immediately wrapped his arms around his brother and to his surprise, Taehyung just pushed him away. "You smell..different."
Yeonjun opened his mouth only to close it again when Taehyung moved away from him. "ISTG Yeonie, you smell weird. I'm going home with Beomie today." the eldest of the 3 siblings walked out in a hurry because he can't bear Yeonjun's scent. "Did he smell Binnie on me?" Yeonjun
whispered to himself. He's still confused of his brother's action but instead of thinking too much about it, he just ignored it. He's getting out of his brother's office when he saw his twin brother. "Beomgyu! Hyungie is waiting for you at the lobby already!" he informed him.
"What? I thought you're going to drive him home? He hates the scent of my car." BEomgyu said but Yeonjun just shrug his shoulders. "DOn't know but you better hurry up, he's already out and he doesn't look okay. Maybe he's tired." Yeonjun uttered before they both walk out to
check on their older brother. Taehyung saw his twin brother approaching and he doesn't understand why he feels so happy watching the twins walk together at that moment. He's smiling ear to ear when they finally stopped in front of him. "You two should always walk together like
that.. you both look adorable babies." he said giggling while ruffling their hairs. Both Beomgyu & Yeonjun didn't think so much of it until they finally arrived home. Taehyung is already dizzy because he has to endure the scent inside Beomgyu's car. He doesn't wanna be called
ungrateful so he just kept quiet during the whole drive. The moment the male omega reached his bedroom, he immediately dives into his bed. He's still thinking of the pasta but he refused to admit it to himself so he he just curled himself in the middle of his bed until he fell
asleep. The male omega is sleeping soundly when Jungkook finally entered the mansion of the Kims. He's been sending his mate a message but Taehyung didn't reply to him since his phone is drained already. The alpha found his mate on his bed still with his office clothes too.
Jungkook carefully removed his mate's shoes and socks before he grabbed one pillow and make him more comfortable on the bed but the moment he lifted Taehyung's head with his hand, the Omega opened his eyes too. "Gukkie!" Taehyung pouts when he saw the alpha. Jungkook wasn't
even able to say anything when his mate wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled him towards the bed. Since Taehyung is already lying on the bed, it's only natural for Jungkook to lay on top of the omega but for an unknown reason, the alpha immediately pulled away because
of the fear of hurting the younger. "Hey baby, come here." he mumbled as he pulled the omega in his lap instead. It's strange, to see two powerful CEO still wearing their suits in that position where Taehyung is straddling the alpha but who cares? They both missed each other.
"I was calling you." "Yeah, I heard you too but I was so sleepy Gukkie." Taehyung replied as he bask on the scent of his mate. Taehyung doesn't even know why he suddenly feels so tired. Maybe his head got tired because of the papers he finished the whole day.
"Do you want me to bring food here or--" "NO!" Taehyung suddenly blurted out when he imagined the food in his head again. "Apple? Are you okay? I just asked you if you want me to bring food here." Jungkook asked, still confused of his mate's actions. Taehyung on the other
hand feels so embarrassed when he realized how he just yelled at his alpha. He moved away from him. "Why are you even here? Don't you have your own house Jeon?" Taehyung asked since he's too embarrassed to admit that there's a war with a pasta going on in his head.
Jungkook is deeply offended when his mate suddenly pulled away. He gets up from the bed and was about to leave when Taehyung suddenly throw him one of his pillows. "What was that for?" "Where are you going?!" The alpha has to take a deep breath before he replied to his mate.
"You obviously don't want me to be here so I'm going home." he replied with his lower than usual voice. Taehyung pouts. He fxcking pouts while looking at the alpha so Jungkook just got knocked out again. "What do you want apple?" he asked, while taking a step back but the
omega just rolled his eyes. "I said stop calling me apple!" "But you are MY APPLE!" Jungkook replied, this time he has no plans of listening to the omega because he knows Taehyung loves to be called his apple. He used to giggle when they were kids whenever he calls him that.
Taehyung rolled his eyes as he lay back down on his bed to hide his smile when Jungkook said that. "WHatever, I'm going to sleep now!" Taehyung mumbles as he covers his face with the soft pillow. Jungkook can't believe he's looking at his brat & fearless rival!
Taehyung is very aware that Jk is still inside his room but he has no courage to face him because of the weird things he kept spewing a while ago. He's also a little annoyed at himself for acting like a brat in front of his mate, but heaven knows...he would never admit that.
Meanwhile, Jungkook is thorn between leaving the Omega to rest alone or just stay there until Taehyung falls asleep. At the end, he chose to sit on the couch and watch the Omega pretend to sleep on his bed. They were on that position for almost an hour when Taehyung suddenly
sit up on his bed. "Jungkook!" "Yes baby?" Jungkook's startled but he quickly went over his mate. Taehyung's face is so red. He's too embarrassed to say what's bugging him but he knows he needs to say it or else he'll feel like he's dying. "I want the pasta!"
Jk has to bite the inside of his cheeks when he heard the reason why his mate is extra "brat" today. He wants to tease him but with Tae's line of thinking, he doesn't wanna push it so he just looks at him. "Of course, you want that pasta. We're going to get that pasta baby."
Taehyung & Jungkook went back to Pau-Pau's restaurant that evening. The alpha ordered the pasta Taehyung wanted to eat but the moment the waiter serves the food, the omega scrunches his nose. "Gukkie, eat that pasta. I want steak." Taehyung said without batting his eyelashes.
Jungkook is beyond surprise but he didn't say anything as he exchange his steak with the Omega's pasta. "Are you aure you dont wanna eat this?" Jungkook asked again just in case his mate has a change of heart again but Taehyung is already droing over the steak.
"Nope! That's all yours! I want this!" Taehyung replied while munching on his food. The alpha chuckles as he watched his mate eat the steak with a pout on his lips. There's something on Taehyung's way of eating that makes Jungkook's heart melt. He's too adorable!
When the two are done with the dinner and Jungkook was about to pay the bill, Taehyung stopped him for a while. "Can you maybe order another oasta for take out?" Taehyung asked a little ashamed when he saw the frown on Jungkook's face. "Tae, I asked you a while ago if you
want the pasta and you said no. Why are you--" "Fine! Then don't!" I can order it myself!" Taehyung cuts him off. "It's cheap, i can pay my own food anyway!" the omega added, so offended of the alpha's comment regarding the pasta. Jungkook frowns deeper. He can't believe his
mate would really raise his voice on him when they're in the restaurant. Even the waiter is a little taken aback of his actions. Jungkook remained calm though his wolf seems more agitated. He's not just sure if the alpha is mad at Taehyung's bratty actions or at him for not
giving the omega's pasta immediately. Jungkook sighs before he looked at the waiter again. "One more pasta for take out please." he said before he gave him his black card for their bill. Taehyung rolled his eyes when he heard him gave in. "Apple are you really okay?" Jk asked.
Taehyung glared at the alpha. "What makes you think I'm not okay?!" "You seem..a little off? I mean you--" "Omg! Jeon Jungkook are you that affected that I made you order extra pasta? I can wire you the money if that's bothering you." Taehyung cuts him off again and this time
Jungkook is now 100% sure that something is wrong his his mate. He is dying to peek at his mind but he already gave him his word, that he would never use their links on his advantage so he just did his best to control himself. "You know what, nevermind. Let's just wait for that
fu--pasta so I could bring you home and you can rest." Jungkook said not wanting to argue more. Taehyung seems delighted upon hearing that so the two of them fell into silence until they arrived in front of the Kims mansion. Jungkook pulled over but he didn't get off the car
anymore. Taehyung is surprise when Jungkook didn't move on his seat. "A-aren't you coming in?" he asked in his small voice but Jungkook just shake his head. "You clearly need to rest. Goodnight Taehyung." JK said before he left, leaving the omega speechless with his pasta.
Taehyung went inside sulking. He wanted Jungkook to stay because his presence is calming him but his pride won't let him tell that of course. So the moment he wntered his bedroom, he stripped out of his clothes and soak his tired body in his bathtub. He doesn't even understand m
why is he so feeling tired when he was just sitting the whole day reading documents in his office. He's enjoying the warm water soothing his skin when the fxcking pasta flashes in his mind. He quickly stands up and wrap himself with hia bathrobe before he went to check the
pasta. He's sitting in front of his dresser with a chopsticks in his hand ready to devour the pasta when suddenly, his stomach started to churn again. "What the heck is wrong with me?!" Taehyung uttered to himself before drinking water to calm his stomach again.
That night, the male omega curled himself to sleep without having a single bite from the forgotten pasta. Meanwhile, Jeon Jungkook couldn't sleep while thinking of his mate. He doesn't know what to feel both for himself and for the omega. "He's just such a brat!" he mumbled
to himself before he tried his best to fall asleep. The fated mates fall asleep separately that night. Little did they know, it's just the starting of their new journey as fated mates because in Taehyung's tummy are two hearts starting to beat.
****The next morning, Taehyung wakes up with upset stomach again. He spotted the probably spoiled pasta in front of his dresser and he automatically ran towards his bathroom to vomit. Yeonjun was on his way to fetch hia hyung too when he heard Taehyung inside his bathroom.
The younger wolf barge in and saw his hyungie vomitting on the bathroom but the moment he stepped in, Taehyung just growled at him. "Istg, Yeonjun your scent stinks..get out!" Taehyung managed to voice out in between his vomitting. Yeonjun is too mortified to argue so he just
get out of the room to call their parents to check on his brother. Moonyoung quickly came to the rescue of her eldest. "Oh my moon! Taehyungie what happened sweetheart?" she's so worried about her son because it's the first time that this happened to Taehyung too. "Mom...
please get out." Taehyung said before he throws up again. "But I have to--" "Mom.. please just get out. Your scent isn't helping." Taehyung cried when Moonyoung's scent spikes up again. Moonyoung and her twin sons hurriedly get out of the room to give Taehyung some space.
The woman is too worried and was about to call their family physician when a troubled pure blood alpha appeared on their doorstep. "Where is he?" Jungkook asked bit Moonyoung hasn't even replied when Jungkook is already on his way to Taehyung's bedroom. "Apple? Oh..Tae!!!"
Jungkook's eyes widened upon seeing his mate slumping on the floor while his arms and head are resting on the bowl. If it's another person with a different circumstance, he would be so grossed out but it's Taehyung so he quickly joins him and pull him into his arms. "Baby."
Taehyung opens his eyes to see if his mate is finally there. He would never say it out loud but he feels like his body suddenly feels a lot better the moment Jungkook hold him on his arms. "Jungkook, why are you here? Gosh, I'm gross...get out." Taehyung tried to push him away.
"I'm not going anywhere baby. Come here, lets get you clean up." Jungkook ignored the other and pull him closer to him as they both stand up in front of the bathroom mirror of the male omega. Jungkook open the tap and was about to wash Taehyung's face on his own when the younger
pushed him a little. "I can do it Gukkie, just wait outside please." Taehyung said firmly. "Fine, do it yourself but I'm not going anywhere." Jungkook replied before he just lean on the wall while watching his mate clean up.
When Taehyung finally cleaned up himself, he turned to look at Jungkook and noticed that the other is already wearing his suit. "Did my mom calles you?" he asked while wiping his face with his towel. "No." "Then how did--" "Ffs, you're my mate Taehyung. Of course I would
know if something's happening to you. So you better change your clothes and we're going to the doctor right at this instant." Jungkook said with a firm voice but the sound of doctor doesn't sit right on Taehyung again. "Hell no! I'm not going near any hospital Jungkook!"
The pure blood alpha gritted his teeth. He hates how stubborn his mate is but he knows better than to argue with him. He doesn't want to upset him more now that he looks paler than usual. He's about to convince him again when he spotted the pasta on top of Taehyung's dresser.
He squinted his eyes when he realized something. "Did you eat the spoiled pasta that's why you're vomiting? Geez, you could've told me so I would've bought or cooked you a new one Tae!" Jungkook is now pissed off with the pasta. It's been annoying him since the previous day.
Taehyung's head snapped towards the alpha's direction. "I didn't eat that!" "Then why are you throwing up? Let's see the doctor now Apple." Jungkook's voice soften when he saw the omega closes his eyes as if something just hits his tummy again. "I said I don't need to se a
doctor Jungkook. I think I just need to rest today. I'll just call Namjoon hyung to inform him." Taehyung replied before he curled in his bed again. Jungkook sighed. He knows he can't force Taehyung to go to the nearest hospital. The alpha just decided to walk towards his mate.
"Come here." Jungkook soft voice makes Taehyung obeys his alpha. He slowly shifted on his bed until he's sitting on his alpha's lap already. Taehyung might never admit it but he loves it when Jungkook cuddles him like that. He even buries his face on the crook of Jk's neck.
"Apple I know how you hate doctors since our grade school when they tricked you for our vaccine but we have to see one now so we'll know what upsets your tummy." Jungkook tried his best to convince his mate to see a doctor but Taehyung firmly shakes his head. "No! They lied to
me when I was a kid Gukkie. They told me the needle wouldn't hurt but it did hurt! I got bullied for it!" Taehyung pouts when he remembers the incident that made him allergic to doctors & nurses. Jungkook could still remember how he scare off those who bullied Taehyung before.
"But that was years ago Tae, besides we need to know the cause of your upset stomach. Please let's just---" "I'm okay now Jungkook. Maybe I was just adjusting into this whole mating/claiming thingy. I'm perfectly fine now that you're here." Taehyung said absentmindedly.
Jungkook's wolf almost howl in happiness when he heard that, even Taehyung wants to hit himself when he realized whag he just said so he quickly thinks of something to distract the alpha. "I mean, your scent must be calming my wolf, not that I really want you to stay here."
Jungkook smiled to himself before tightening his arms around the omega. He knows how Taehyung is trying hard to look so unaffected by his presence but the alpha knows better. "Right. My scent is enough but apple, I guess you forgot...we have the same scent." he smirks at him.
Taehyung really wants to throw himself out the window when he realizes how stupid he sounded. "Whatever! Why are you even still here? Don't you have work today Mr. Jeon?" he asked when he couldn't think of a rebuttal anymore. "I do, but I know you need me that's why I'm here."
Taehyung has to hide his face from the alpha when he heard that because he knows he's blushing but Jungkook just cups his face again before he planted a light kiss on his forehead. "Fine, we're not going to the hospital now but please tell me immediately when something hurts.
I have a meeting at 10 but if you want me to stay here I could cancel the--" "No! I mean, come on Jungkook I said I'm fine already. Please don't cancel any of your appointments because of me. I'm fine now." Taehyung said forcing himself to smile so his alpha won't worry anymore.
Jungkook nods before he slowly release his omega on the bed. "Okay then, promise to call me when something happened." Jungkook said. "Okay. Enjoy your day Jeon." Taehyung replied with a smile even when the truth is he wants the alpha to stay.
****The moment Jungkook left the Kims mansion, Taehyung immediately fell asleep. He knows Jungkook was right when he said they're already wearing the same scent but the alpha still left his jacket just to make sure Taehyung's wolf will calm down. Moonyoung checked on her son
when Taehyung didn't come out of the room. Her instinct is telling her that Taehyung needs to get checked but she also knows how the male omega hates hospitals so she can't help but get worried about him. But the moment the woman saw Taehyung sleeping on his bed, she can't
help but smile to herself. She's about to get out of the room when she noticed the spoiled pasta. "Oh goodness, so this is the suapect why he's throwing up early in the morning." she mumbles as she took the pasta out with her so the smell won't upset Taehyung more.
***Meanwhile in Samsung main office, Namjoon is having a meeting with Kim Soohyun and the twin brothers. "What? But dad, I'm still just an intern." Beomgyu said after their father's announcement. "I know son, that's why I told you to learn directly from Namjoon. Your brother
was already claimed by his mate and the board would get worried having the omega CEO to lead the company if his alpha mate is the CEO of the competitor. Don't worry, I'm sure you still have enough time to learn before Taehyung & Jungkook decided to have their own pups."
Namjoon's eyes widened when he heard that. He knows he's supposed to just take down the minutes of their meeting but he can't help but speak. "S-sir excuse me but..did you just say Jungkook and Taehyung?" he asked just to verify. Soohyun smiled at Namjoon, he knows his son
haven't said anything yet but since he trusts Namjoon, he nods at the younger wolf. "I know Taehyung should be the one telling you this but yes Namjoon. His alpha has finally claimed him. Jungkook is Taehyung's fated mate." Soohyun informed his son's assistant.
"Oh." Namjoon can't believe his mate was right all along! Seokjin has been telling him that their bosses are fishy, that something is up to them but he used to dismiss the topic because he knows how Taehyung 'hates' Jungkook. "But don't worry Namjoon, nothing will change in your
position. Once Beomgyu learned and eventually take over the company, then we'll be glad if you'll choose to stay." Soohyun uttered. Namjoon smiled at the older alpha. Of course he would love to work with the younger alpha too but his mind is still wondering about his current
boss. "Thank you Mr. Kim, don't worry because I really love my job so I'm going to stay." he replied. "That's great then Namjoon-ssi, I'm looking forward to see my younger son's improvement under your care." Soohyun said before he dismissed them all. "Thank you Mr. Kim."
***Kim Taehyung spent the whole day sleeping in his room. Moonyoung even brought him his lunch in his room because he doesn't wanna move from his bed. It's almost 6 in the evening when the Omega finally got up from his bed. 'Yah, Jeon Jungkook aren't you home yet?' he can't help
but use their link to communicate with his alpha mate since he doesn't want to use his phone to text him. It was torturous day for him since he really wanna text Jungkook and ask him to come home but his pride won't let him do it. But when he felt the alpha is closer to him now,
he failed to stop himself from whining using their links. Jungkook on the other hand is smiling ear to ear when he finally heard his Omega whining using their links. He was busy the whole day and he feels so guilty for not taking care of him too but since Taehyung told him to
just carry on with his day, he grabbed the chance to attend to all his meetings too. He's planning to take another day off so he could convince Taehyung to visit the doctor just in case he would still be feeling sick too. 'Yah! Jeon Jungkook, are you really ignoring me?'
Jungkook has to bite his lips when he heard the omega's voice in his head again. HE doesn't need to see him to know how Taehyung is getting annoyed at him already. But instead of getting worried that his mate is mad at him, the alpha has decided to tease him more.
'Why are you screaming? Did you miss me that much?' he replied knowing that Taehyung would never admit the fact that he's longing for him too. 'Woah! me? Why the hell would I miss you Jeon? I just thought you died already!' Taehyung replied because he's a little guilty about
the missing Jungkook part. Jk can't help but poke the inside of his cheeks when he heard the Omega's reply. Of fxcking course, Tae would say that. 'Right, of course you didn't miss me. Now you know that your mate is still alive, you can relax in peace. Goodnight Taehyung.'
Jungkook hates it whenever Taehyung is uncomfortable but there are times that he also wants to teach the Omega a lesson. He promised himself that he would never let his Alpha voice nor his rank to let the omega submit to him but that doesn't mean he can't be hard on him.
He knows Taehyung is probably cursing him on his head right now but he also wants to get rid of the different scent on his body before he meet his mate so he went straight to his bathroom to take a shower. Taehyung is sitting on the edge of his bed. HE can't believe Jungkook
just ignored him like that. His wolf is so upset but he's too stubborn to admit that he wants to see Jungkook too. No, he would never let the alpha knows how much he wants him all the time, that would be so embarrassing! 'I hope you slip on your bathroom floor!' he told him.
Jungkook heard that and he was actually surprised to know that Taehyung could even sense that now. He knows that they're fated mate but he didn't expect that he'll have that strong bond already when the omega is still stubborn. He just ignored him thinking to just visit the other
after he took a shower. Meanwhile, Taehyung is now livid thinking that Jungkook really ignored him. He grabbed the alpha's jacket and went out of his room while still pouting. "Hyungie,, where are---" "WTF? Yeonie, where have you been? You smell like a dead rat!" Taehyung cut
him off. The younger alpha twins looked at their brother. "Hyung but--" Yeonjun wasn't even able to finish his sentence when Taehyung already walked out of their home. "Do I really smell like a dead rat?" Yeonjun asked Beomgyu who witnessed what just happened between the two.
"No! You smell the same! Why would he say that? Is he still sick?" Beomgyu asked after sniffing his twin brother to check if he really smell like a dead rat. Yoenjun frowns when he confirmed that he doesn't smell stinky. "Hyung's being weird lately." he mumbles before he went
inside his own room trying to forget how Taehyung's face looks like when he saw him. Meanwhile at the Jeon's mansion, Seri is all smile when she opened the door and found her son's mate there. "What a lovely surprise Taehyungie. Jungkook just arrived too, he's in his room."
Taehyung forced himself to smile at the older woman before he invited himself inside the Jeon's mansion. "Mom can I go to his room? HE forgot his jacket this morning, I'll just give it back to him." Taehyung said without thinking how he naturally called Jungkook's mom.
"Oh, of course Taehyungie. He's in his room." Seri replied with the sweetest smile. She loves how the two are falling closer with each other ever since they came back from the forest. The male omega thanked Seri before he marched towards Jungkook's room. He entered without even
knocking. For mated wolves, it's natural to be possessive in everything so Taehyung feels like the room is his already. He frowns when he saw the room is empty. He's about to leave when he heard Jk's voice humming a song inside the bathroom. He has decided to wait for him.
"The nerve to enjoy his shower after leaving me just like that?" Taehyung mumbled to himself as he settle on Jungkook's bed. He remembers how they used to play in that room when they were younger. He can't help but melt on the soft pillow with Jungkook's natural scent blended
with his perfume. The male omega found comfort in the bed, forgetting the reason why he's there in the first place. He even grabbed one of the pillows and buried his face into it. Taehyung's in that position when Jungkook finally came out of his bathroom. "Apple?"
Taehyung suddenly froze on the bed when he heard the alpha's voice. He slowly remove the pillow covering his face and saw the wet haired Jungkook who's fresh from the bathroom. His eyes lingered on the alpha's naked upper body since Jungkook is only wearing the towel around his
waist. The alpha's about to say something to tease his mate again when Taehyung suddenly throw him one of his own pillows. "Why are you naked? Geez don't you have any clothes Jeon?!" Taehyung blurted out to hide the embarrassment and blush painted all over his face.
"WTF? You're the one who barged in my bedroom Taehyung! What do you expect me to wear right after shower? Tuxedo?" Jungkook replied while picking up the pillow to put it back on the bed. The male omega knows Jungkook has the point but he's not a loser to just accept his defeat
so he rolled his eyes on him. "Whatever! Go put on some clothes Jeon! I have something to tell you." Taehyung said trying not to enjoy the vie in front of him but his eyes are still focus on the exposed torso of his mate. Jungkook smirks this time when he noticed that too.
"Why? Can't you tell me now? Are you both---" "ISTG Jeon Jungkook! Put some clothes on!" Tae cuts him off before he lose himself from his wolf again because damn, he could feel his own wolf getting excited by the mere view of his mate in front of him. Jungkook laughs at him.
"Fine, give me a minute." he uttered before he walked inside his closet. The alpha almost jumps off his feet when he turned to see his mate behind him. "What?" "Hmmm, your closet looks so boring. All I can see is black & white. It screams Jeon Jungkook!" Taehyung mumbles as
his eyes wonders around the alpha's closet. Jungkook just let his mate open and close the drawers, checking everything. When the alpha's done wearing another plain white shirt and his gray sweatpants, he turned to look at the younger who's now staring at a small box.
Taehyung opened the box & saw the familiar small plastic ring. He picked it up and showed it to Jungkook who's still quietly watching him. "Y-you still have this?" Taehyung suddenly cried when Jungkook nods at him with a fond smile. "Of course I still have it. It was your first
gift to me after I marked you." Jk said with a small smile. Taehyung cried harder when he remembers how he begged his mom to buy the cheap plastic ring when they were on a field trip. He already hates Jungkook back then but the ring has the alpha's birht stone so he bought it.
"Do you know that I gave you that because I want you to look stupid wearing a cheap ring?!" Taehyung managed to say in between his sobs. Jungkook can't help but smile when he heard his mate because he already know the real story behind that ring, that's why he kept it!
For those of you who don't know about the importance of birth stone for the wolves, it's actually like the symbol of every single wolf. So when someone gave you a jewelry or any present with your birth stone on it, it means you're precious to that person. Every single wolf is
given their own birthstone at birth. "Come here Apple." Jungkook said as he pulled the omega closer. He hates seeing Taehyung cry and it really worries him now. "Why are you even crying?" he asked when he finally wrapped his arms around Tae's waist. "Because you're stupid!"
Jungkook should be offended. HE is a CEO of a multi million company and yet an omega just called him stupid right in his face but here he is cooing at his offender. "Okay, i'm stupid...but why are you still crying?" Jk asked again as he wipes the omega's tears with his thumb.
Taehyung tried to stop himself from crying when he realized he's really crying over a stupid ring. He pulled away from the alpha but Jungkook didn't let him go. "NOw tell me, why are you really crying?" Jungkook asked, this time he's really worried already since he knows his
mate is definitely not a cry baby. Kim Taehyung is the bravest and strongest wolf he has ever seen since they were kids and seeing him cry over this trivial things really makes him anxious. Taehyung pouts when he heard Jk's soft voice. He suddenly forgot that he's supposed to
argue and fight with him. "I'm starving and I guess my fxcking wolf wants to eat dinner with you." Taehyung admits with a pout. Jungkook's lips broke into a genuine smile. He knows how hard for Taehyung it is to admit that and he's just so happy that his omega did.
"Okay, let's eat dinner then. What do you want to eat Apple?" Jk asked as he pulled the omega closer again. He loves to sniff the smell of his hair. "I want curry, I know an Indian restaurant just few miles from here." Taehyung replied with smile as he wipes his tears away.
Jungkook froze on his feet. "Tae, you don't eat anything with curry." he said as if he's reminding him something Taehyung totally forgot. The omega frowns too. "I said I like to it curry Jeon!" he replied to him. "O-okay, c-curry it is then." Jk agreed to avoid a fight.
Jungkook brought his mate to the nearest Indian restaurant near their village. He knows it's kinda weird for the male omega to ask him for a curry because he knows Taehyung isn't a fan of spicy food nor anything with curry. But since Taehyung looks so excited, he just kept quiet.
The restaurant is so pretty! The interior is cozy & colorful, showing off the vibrant & lively culture of Indians in the middle of Seoul. Jungkook smiled happily when he saw Taehyung appreciating every art pieces hanging on the wall of the restaurant. "I didn't know this place
exists here." Jungkook uttered when his mate finally settled on the corner table. "Because you're boring Jeon, you're too busy building your empire." Tae commented as he accepted the menu from the waiter. "Of course, I want to give my pups a bright future." the alpha replied.
Both wolves froze when they mentioned about pups. They know they are not ready for that talk yet so they both pretended that they didnt hear that. Taehyung concentrated on the menu while Jungkook browse on his phone too. The alpha is very sure that Taehyung won't eat the food!
Jungkook is lowkey searching for another near restaurant just in case Taehyung won't eat the food he ordered, but his surprise the omega is almost jumping on his seat when he saw the food in front of them. "Which one do you like Jeon?" Taehyung even let him choose.
"You know I can eat whatever Tae." Jk replied so the male omega took the one on the left. Taehyung grabbed his spoon and starts to eat only to frown when he almost burn his tongue. "Jeon, it's hot." he pouts. The alpha scooped from his curry & carefully blows it for him."
After making sure that the food is cool enough for his mate, Jungkook put it down in front of Taehyung. He's almost so sure that the omega won't eat it but to his surprised again, Taehyung even hums in excitement when he starts to devour the food. "This is so tasty!"
"Yeah?" Jungkook grimaced because he isn t sure if Taehyung's telling the truth or he's just clowning him. "I love their sweet curry Gukkie! Here have a taste." Taehyung even used his own spoon to feed his alpha. Jungkook smiled as he open his mouth because he loves the fact
that Taehyung called him with his nickname again while he's feeding him. The fated mate are enjoying the food together so they didn't even realized that they already finished the two platter of food. "Do you want to try their Gulab Jamon here? I heard it's nice too." Jk asked.
Taehyung nods in excitement. At first they both planned to order only one sweet but end up trying others too. "What's that?" Jk asked pointing at Taehyung's food. "It's Gajar Ka Halwa! It's an indian carrot pudding Gukkie. Here have a taste!" Taehyung fed his mate again.
Taehyung and Jungkook finished their dinner with satisfied smiles on their faces. The alpha even gave the waiter a generous tip before they left. They're inside the car already when Jungkook realized that Taehyung is wearing his jacket. They're near the Kims mansion when he
heard a soft snore coming from the omega. He smiled fondly when he realized that his mate has fallen asleep already. Jungkook carefully carried his mate inside the house. "Jungkook, what happened?" Moonyoung immediately welcomed them with a worried expression in her face.
"Nothing mom, he's full and fell asleep on our way here. Just gonna put him to bed." Jungkook replied to Taehyung's mother. Moonyoung nods and smile at the younger alpha. "Thanks mom." JK replied before he carried Taehyung to his room.
That night, Jungkook didn't plan to stay over. He was just going to drop Taehyung into his room and leave after but then the Omega's gripped in his wrist is too tight so he just decided to lay down beside him. The fated mate fell asleep together in Taehyung's bed that evening.
****The next day, the fated mate woke up as if it's normal for them to wake up in each other's arms. Taehyung feels a lot better compared the previous day. "G'morning Apple." Jungkook mumbles as he buries his face on the Omega's fluffy hair. "Morning Gukkie." the omega replied.
The two of them nuzzled at each other to their hearts content until Taehyung realized that they both need to go to the office again. "Jeon, go home..I can't afford to missed work today. Namjoon hyung wouldn't be happy anymore." Taehyung mumbled but his nose is still sniffing
his mate's scent on Jungkook's neck. "I'll bring you to work today then. I'll be back after 30." Jungkook said before planting a light kiss on his mate's temple. Taehyung nods without arguing with the older this time. "See you later Jeon." Taehyung replied.
****The fated mate reached Taehyung's company first. The omega thanked the older before he gets off the car. "Don't bother taking me home later, I'll go with my brothers." Taehyung said before he finally walked towards the entrance of his own company. 'Take care Apple.'
***Taehyung entered his office without greeting anyone this time. He doesn't know why but he feels weird, all he wants to do is stay home and sleep but he knows he has a lot of responsibility so he dragged his feet to his luxurious office. Namjoon who already knew his new status
keeps sending him strange look as well. "Namjoon hyung! Why the fxck do you keep sending me that look!?" Taehyung snapped when they're in the middle of briefing. "Oh, I'm sorry for making you uncomfortable Mr. Kim. It's just that, you really look...pre--pretty." the assistant
replied. Taehyung glared at him for a while before he broke into a wide smile. "I know that already hyung. Now, did you set the lunch with Jessi?" Taehyung asked when he remembers the superstar he's about to meet today. "Oh yes, you'll meet her in less than an hour."
Taehyung nods at his assistant. He actually wants to cancel the appointment already since his urge to make her their brand ambassador isn't as strong as before. Ever since he was claimed by his mate, a.k.a. the CEO of their rival company, Taehyung doesn't feel like dragging
Jungkook just like how he used to do. And of course he has to blame that to his wolf again. "Okay hyung, can you tell the driver to drive me to the restaurant today. I don't feel like driving." Taehyung ordered his assistant who gave him another questioning look.
Namjoon knows something is off about his boss. Taehyung is so quiet and the fact that the young CEO keeps asking for different food while they're working is really odd. 'Must be an effect by his alpha to him.' he thought to himself before leaving his boss to notify the driver.
****Taehyung arrived at the restaurant just a minute after Jessi. Good thing that Namjoon chose a high end restaurant so that fans cant bother them. The superstat spotted him immediately. "Taehyungie!" Jessi waved at his direction. "Jessi!" Taehyung greeted her back.
The two settled on the table after they hugged each other. "Holy fxck, Taehyungie you look even more beautiful now than the last time we saw each other and that's not even a month! How are you always so ethereal?" Jessi blurted out after they gave their order to the waiter.
The male omega loves the praises but he still cant help but blush upon hearing them. "Oh come on noona, you look even younger now too! How are you aging backwards? Everyone must think that you're a vampire & not a wolf." he commented too. They both laugh at the compliments.
The two talked about the previous launch of the new Samsung galaxy products. Jessi likes the idea of Taehyung to take her and Hoseok as their brand ambassadors, but the singer's lips twitch when the male omega mentioned her only son. "Come on noona, you're not thinking what I
think you're thinking right?" Taehyung asked when he noticed the hint of mirth on Jessi's eyes. "Come on Taehyung, when are you going to give my son a chance? Just one date and I'll sign any contract you want from me." Jessi insisted with a smile on her lips.
Taehyung already knows that Jessi really likes him to be Hoseok's mate and he feels sorry for her because he knows that it's already impossible since he's already mated. The male omega thought for a second before he replied to her and he was about to speak when the waiter arrived
with their food. Taehyung almost immediately drools upon seeing the food. He momentarily forgot about what they were talking about until the smell of wine infiltrates his nose. The male omega scrunches his nose. He is sure he ordered Petrus Pomerol but when he take a whiff of
it from his wine glass, it almost made him vomit. Jessi looked at the CEO in front of him when she noticed how Taehyung moved away the glass of wine. "Is everything okay Taehyungie?" the singer asked, a little worried wheb she also noticed how Taehyung's face turns pale.
Taehyung forced himself to smile at the older wolf. "Yes noona, I guess it's just been a while since I drink alcohol again. It smell...a little weird to me." Taehyung grimaced when he saw the wine again. Jessi saw it too so she called the waiter again to take it off their table.
Taehyung thanked the singer when the waiter left with the wine. "Please give him a fresh strawberry juice." Jessi said when the waiter asked for a replacement. "Thanks noona." Taehyung timidly uttered before he finally starts to eat without noticing how Jessi stared at him.
The two eat in silence after the weird incident. Jessi keeps stealing a glance from the CEO who's too focus on his steak. They're already enjoying their desserts when Jessi spoke again. "Taehyungie..." "Yes noona?" "I'm sorry for not noticing earlier, well in my defense...
I didn't know you're mated because last time I checked the news, there's no one talking about the youngest CEO of one of the biggest company in Seoul being mated already." Jessi apologized sincerely when she finally saw the mark on Taehyung's neck when he moved to his other side.
"Oh!" Taehyung doesn't know what to say. "Wait... does it mean you haven't publicized it yet?" Jessi leans closer before she covers her mouth with her own hand when she realized that Taehyung wasn't supposed to tell her that. "Well, uhmmm we don't intend to hide it noona it's
just that it's a little complicated for now." Taehyung said with a tiny smile painting his lips. "Holy sh*t, Taehyung this is a big news! I'm sure alphas and betas are going to cry once they've learned that you're already mated. But wait... why did you say it's complicated?"
Taehyung scratches the back of his neck the moment she started to ask questions. "Uhmm, noona you'll learn about--" "Oh fxck, I'm sorry for making you uncomfortable Taehyungie. Of course, you don't have to tell me darling. I'm just so embarrassed to ask you for a date when you
are already mated and....oh fxck! please don't tell your mate that I even tried to ask you that or else he'll probably kill me." Jessi suddenly blurted out when she realized that he asked a mated wolf, a pregnant at that to date someone else who's not his mate. That's an immortal
sin to the wolves. Taehyung smiled fondly at the singer who is obviously still shaken upon knowing that he's already mated. "Of course noona, I won't tell my mate about that. But about our proposal, would you consider--" "Yes! Of course Taehyungie, I would like to be the face
of your company." Jessi immediately accepted the CEO's proposal now knowing that she's not allowed to stress the male omega if she wants to live a peaceful life. Taehyung beams upon hearing her without knowing what made Jessi changed her mind all of a sudden.
"Wow, thank you for agreeing to do the project noona. I'll send Namjoon to your agency to finalize everything." Taehyung smiled at the singer who is still staring at him. "Thank you for inviting me to join your company Taehyungie and I would love to meet your mate too."
Taehyung got a lot of pending work at his office so he asked Jessi if he could go ahead already since the singer seems to be enjoying her wine too. "Of course Taehyungie, no worries. Please take care of yourself." Jessi said when they hugged before the omega finally left.
The CEO of Samsung went back to his office after lunch even all he wanted to do is go home already. He thought of bothering Jungkook for a while but since he's too prideful to admit that he's thinking of his alpha all throughout the day, he decided to sulk in his office.
Meanwhile back at the restaurant, Jessi dialed her son's number to ask something. "Hey baby, are you busy?" the woman asked she knows that Hoseok is as busy as herself. "A little, but I could spare few minutes mom. What's up?" Hoseok replied as he minimize the volume of his
speaker inside his dance studio where he's currently rehearsing. "Hobi, did you know that Taehyung's already mated?" she asked immediately since beating around the bush is not on their dictionary. The idol paused for a while, he knows his mom loves Taehyung to be his mate.
"Yup! Since he's a kid mom. I already told you about that." Hoseok replied when he remembers how his friend Jeon Jungkook rubbed that in his face the moment he mentioned Taehyung's name to him few years ago. "WTf?! So you mean to say, that story is real?" Jessi still asked.
"I already told you about that a hundred of times mom. Why don't you just give up on thinking that I would court Taehyung?" Hoseok laughs when he felt his mom's sighed from the other side of the phone. "No baby, don't worry I believe you now already. But wait..." Jessi's eyes
widened when she realized something again. "Does it mean that Taehyung's mate is Jeon Jungkook?" she asked when she remembered how she asked Tae to date her son. Hoseok felt the worry on his mom's voice. "OMG! Mom, please don't tell me you really asked Taehyung to date me?"
"Listen HOseok, in my defense...I really fxcking didn't know!" Jessi replied with wide eyes. Hoseok laughs at his mother's reaction. "Don't worry mom, Jk knows how you adore Taehyung. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if--" "Jung Hoseok,'s different if Taehyung is already
carrying his pup. I'm sure the pure blood alpha would literally rip my head off once he learned that I asked his mate to--" "Wait! Mom what are you talking about now? Who the hell is carrying pup of who?" Hoseok interrupted his mother. "Taehyung..he's pregnant." Jessi replied.
Hoseok fell into silence in the other side of the phone. He doesn't even bother to ask his mom how did she know about it because well, Jessi's ability to feel someone else's heartbeat never failed him even once. "Mom, are you sure about it?" Hoseok asked just to verify it.
"Yes darling. But there's also something weird about the heartbeat of his pup." Jessi honestly replied. "What's w-weird about it mom" Hoseok asked, now a little nervous too. "The heartbeats are too loud & it's as if there are more than one pup in that omega's womb."
Hoseok's mind feels like it's about to explode. At first, he also thought of it as weird until he realized something. "It's not weird mom...especially when Taehyung ia carrying twin pups. Remember, he has twin brothers runs in their blood." Hoseok said with a smile.
****Back in Taehyung's office, the male omega feels like his head is going to explode. He grabs his phone and about to call Jungkook just to ask him anything but thinking that the alpha would think that he misses him stopped him from doing it. He even threw his phone on the couch
so that he could avoid him. He's beyond bored but he's not in the mood to work! His eyes caught the intercom so he pressed it. "Namjoon hyung?" "Yes Mr. Kim?" "What are you doing hyung?" he asked while he rested his chin on his palm. "Ah, I'm about to join the interns now
Mr. Kim, do you need anything?" Namjoon asked though he's sure that he already gave his boss everything he needs for the day. "Ahhh, nothing hyung. But can I go with you? I also want to meet the interns." Taehyung said when he has the sudden urge to see Yeonjun again.
Namjoon frowns when he heard his boss but since Taehyung has been acting weird lately, he just agreed to wait for him. The two older men went to the 3rd floor of the building to join the interns. Taehyung is all smile to everyone who welcomed and greeted him until he saw his own
brother fooling around with the familiar intern. "Kim Yeonjun!" his deep voice boomed all over the office. Everyone in the room looked at him with surprised. Even Beomgyu frowns upon hearing him raised his voice. Yeonjun turned to look at his hyung wearing a poker face.
"Hyu--I mean Mr. Kim, do you need anything?" Yeonjun asked his brother who is still glaring at him. "Why are you wasting your time flirting with that omega when you're supposed to be working here?" Taehyung snapped at his brother but his eyes are already on Soobin who looks so
scared! The whole office fell into silence! Namjoon os already dialing Jungkook's number while Beomgyu already has his dad on the other line because his own brothers are already challenging each other in front of everyone. Alpha's are always dominant over Omegas but Taehyung
has already marked & claimed by a pure blood that protects him from any other wolf making him immune on Yeonjun's wolf. "Taehyung hyung." Yeonjun gritted his teeth not because he was embarrassed by his own brother but his wolf is unhappy with his brother calling out his mate!
Taehyung wasn't able to reply yet when crying Soobin decided to run away from the scene. The younger male omega is too embarrassed being called a flirt on front of everyone by no other than his possible mate's big brother. Yeonjun's eyes widened when he saw Soobin running away
do he quickly followed him only to stopped by Taehyung. "You're not going anywhere! That boy's just being over dramatic!" Taehyung said but Yeonjun just glared at him. "Istg hyung if Soobin rejects me as---" "You're not even sure if he's your mate!" Taehyung blurted out but
Yeonjun just shove him on the side. "Yeonjun!" Taehyung starts to scream when his younger brother chose to follow the other intern. Beomgyu can't help but join his now crying hyung while Hoseok ordered everyone to vacate the room to give their CEO some privacy. The assistant
also bribed everyone to be quiet promising each one of them a spot in the company. "Hyungie." Beomgyu hesitantly walks towards his hyung because he's really so confused of what's going on. "Beomie, Yeonie just left me and did you see how he shove me just like that?"
Beomgyu hates how little Taehyung looks like when he's saying that but when he remembers how their older brother literally embarrassed Yeonjun and Soobin in front of everyone, he can't blame his twin brother for doing what he did to their hyung. "Hyungie, I'm sure Yeonie will
come back to apologize to you later but you also have to apologize to him. As an alpha, it really hard for him not to feel that way especially when he's courting the omega you just humiliate in front of everyone." Beomgyu explained to his brother who's still crying.
"Wait! What???! He's already courting that other omega?" Taehyung asked when he realized the depth of what he just did. "Yes hyung. You were absent yesterday and you kept saying how Yeonie smells like rotten rat so he wasn't able to tell you about it." Beomgyu informs him.
Taehyung suddenly feels so guilty when he realized it too. He cried even harder when he thought of his younger brother must have been so hurt too. "Oh gosh Beomie...Yeonie hates me now." he dramatically cried while burying his face on his younger brother's chest.
Beomgyu starts to rub his palm at the back of his older brother not knowing what to say anymore because he really isn't good with words! The brothers are still in that position when they suddenly heard commotion outside the interns' office. "Oh my fxking moon!" Hoseok screamed.
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Hoseok rushed in to Samsung head office to talk to Taehyung regarding the mistake of his mom but he's just getting off his car when he saw Jungkook entering the building. Everyone in the company knows the pure blood alpha as a rival so the security guards tried to block him.
"Mr. Jeon you---" "Get the fxck out of my way if you want to keep your head on your neck." Jungkook gritted his teeth as he flashes his red eyes on the stunned guards who immediately let him in the building. He doesn't need to ask anyone where Taehyung is when he could sense
his upset mate from where he is. He entered the elevator and pressed the number 3 button while clenching his fist. He's in the middle of an important meeting when Namjoon called him. His mate's assistant doesn't even have to say something becaus the moment he heard Taehyung's
crying voice in the background, he quickly excused himself from his own company. He doesn't know what happened but he hopes whoever made his mate upset already left the building because he's not sure if he could control himself. Jungkook arrived at the floor where Taehyung is.
Namjoon froze on his feet the moment he saw the CEO of their most powerful rival but what made him still is the powerful awra of the pure blood. He's just thankful than Yeonjun is already gone because he's not sure what could've happen when Jungkook found out that his mate's
little brother is the reason why the male omega is upset. "Apple!" Namjoon thinks that the whole floor heard how Jungkook called their own CEO with their rival's company name. Taehyung on the other hand let go of Beomgyu to see if he really heard his mate's voice. "Gukkie!"
Everyone in the Samsung's 3rd floor is beyond shocked when they saw their sassy CEO ran towards the alpha CEO of their rival. Namjoon already knows about the two but seeing Taehyung melt into Jungkook's arms still feels so weird! He gave the two a few moment to nuzzle & scent
each other before he suggested to Jk to bring his mate on his own office to avoid unnecessary rumors and issues. And since Taehyung feels so upset and tired all of a sudden, he let the alpha carries him bridal style when they're finally inside the elevator going to his office.
Namjoon feels like he's intruding something when he saw how Jungkook keeps pressing light kisses on Taehyung's forehead when they're walking towards the CEO's office. The assistant can't help but smile to himself thinking how the two used to throw daggers with their eyes before
and now, Jungkook only has sweet galnces towards his omega mate. "Do you want anything to drink Mr. Jeon?" Namjoon asked when they're inside Taehyung's office already. "No, thank you Namjoon hyung. You can leave us alone now." Jungkook replied to the assistant before he focus
on his mate again who's now straddling him on the couch. Namjoon didn't even reply anymore as he hurriedly went out. When Jungkook heard the door closed, he pulled away a little from his mate just so he could cup his face. He frowns when he saw the now dried tears on Taehyung's
cheeks. "Who made you cry like this?" he asked, trying to calm his growling wolf. Taehyung understands why Jungkook is unhappy so he shakes his head off. "Not his fault Gukkie, I was mean to them." the omega started to explain. "Hmmm, them? Who are they and what happened?"
Jungkook is trying his best to calm down when alk he wants to do is to track down whoever made his mate cry! Taehyung pouts upon remembering what happened. Then he looks up at his mate to make sure Jungkook would listen to him first. "I made my brother upset with me when I
called his future mate, flirt." Taehyung confessed what he did. Jungkook stills for a moment. He has heard about Yeonjun finding his mate already so he knows that it's him Taehyung is talking about. "Did you apologize to him already?" he asked. "No, he left even before I say
something. Besides, everyone in the office saw when he shoved me just so he coule follow the omega!" Taehyung pouts again and this time, Jk frowns upon hearing what happened. "He shoved you? Like he pushed you--" "Oh, Gukkie istg i wasn't hurt." Taehyung corrected himself
when he realized that he just put his own brother in trouble because Jungkook might love Yeonjun too but his wolf won't surely accept any reasons! Jungkook has to take a deep breathe and bask into his mate's scent just so he could calm down. He understands Taehyung now.
The two remains on their position teying to calm each other after that until Taehyung suddenly needs to use the toilet. Jungkook used that chance to check on Namjoon right outside the office when he saw Hoseok chatting with him. "Hoseok hyung?" Jungkook blurted out.
Namjoon & Hoseok's eyes widened when they saw the younger pure blood alpha standing by the door of Taehyung's office. They both thought the two will stay longer inside. "Hey, Jk! Fancy seeing you here." the idol greets him as if he didnt just see him at the lobby a while ago.
Jungkook closed the door and joined the two outside Taehyung's office. "Oh, yes hyung. I eas just discussing something with App--Mr. Kim." Jungkook replied when he suddenly realized he's in his rival's territory. Hoseok grins at him because he already knows who Apple is!
Meanwhile Taehyung is feeling dizzy again! He went to the bathroom to pee but end up throwing up again. He tried his best to wash his face and brush his teeth inside his luxurious office bathroom when he suddenly feels something weird again. He tried to push the feeling at the
back of his head as he went put of the bathroom only to see the empty couch. "G-Gukkie?" he panics! He didn't even know why is he fxcking panicking but the thought that Jungkook left without telling him makes his even more dizzy until he feels like he's about to pass out!
Jungkook on the other hand suddenly rans back towards Taehyung's office when he felt a tug in their links! The alpha's eyes widened when he saw Taehyung slowly falling down into the carpeted floor so he immediately catch his mate to save him from hitting the floor! "Apple!"
Jungkook knows he needs to calm down but seeing your mate so pale and limp in your own hands makes him lose his mind. "Namjoon!!! Call an ambulance!" Jungkook screamed as he carried his mate to lay him down on the couch. Namjoon and Hoseok already joined them too.
"Goddamn it Namjoon! I said call a fxcking ambulance!" Jungkook yelled again, this time his alpha voice can be heard inside the whole building already. Namjoon is about to call an ambulance too when Moonyoung and Soohyun arrived in the office. "What's going on?" Moonyoung
asked but her eyes are already on Taehyung. "Namjoon, don't call an ambulance. Call Dr. Lee instead, we don't want my son waking up to a numerous scandal." Soohyun calmy inform him. Jungkook wants to argue but Soohyun is releasing a calming pheromones that helps him too.
Moonyoung & Soohyun gave each other a knowing look after the woman checked on their son's pulse. "M-mom what's going on with Tae? Istg, he's making me worried for couple of days now." Jungkook feels helpless because he really is worried but Moonyoung just smiled at him.
"Let's just wait for Dr. Lee Jungkook-ah, I'm sure our Taehyungie will be alright." Moonyoung replied to the obviously worried alpha. Jungkook nods but still unconvinced. Hoseok keeps fidgeting too. But since Dr. Lee is taking a lot of time, Jungkook is getting anxious again!
Jeon Jungkook is very patient kind of man. He knows he can always wait when it comes to Taehyung. But waiting for his mate to open his eyes at that moment ia tormenting him already so when Dr. Lee is still nowhere to be seen inside Taehyung's office, he suddenly carried his
mate again. "Jungkook!" Soohyun stopped him. "I'm not going to wait for that fxcking doctor from nowhere when my mate is here getting paler! Im going to bring him to the hospital." Jungkook said with a stern voice. "Come on Jungkook, can we all calm down. Dr. Lee is on his
way already." Moonyoung tried to convince the younger wolf but the protective side of an alpha is unfazed. "No mom, we've been waiting for an hour already! What if something happens to Tae? No! I'll just bring him to the hospital." Jungkook insisted again. "Jk!" "Hyung?"
"Can you put down Taehyungie again? His body needs to rest and I assure you, he doesn't need to go to the hospital now because this...this is normal in with his condition." Hoseok finally butted in when he noticed that the pure blood alpha would keep insisting to bring Taehyung
in the hospital. "C-condition? Hyung what the fxck do you mean by that?" Jungkook is starting to panic so Moonyoung and Soohyun moves closer to him too. "Jungkook, its normal for Taehyung's body to adjust." the older woman tried to explain. "Mom what's going on?" Jk asked.
Hoseok clicks his tongue before he finally drops the bomb when be saw Moonyoung hesitates for a while. "Oh JK, your mate...I mean your apple, Taehyung is carrying your pups." Hoseok said with a proud smile. Jungkook froze while Mr. & Mrs.Kim looked at Hoseok.
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Jungkook looks at Hoseok before he turned to stare at his mate who's still unconscious on the couch. "Hoseok, h-how did you know about our Taehyungie, young man?" Soohyun asked when Jk remains frozen. "He met my mom for lunch a couple of hours ago Mr. Kim." Hoseok replied.
Soohyun was about to ask more when Jungkook finally moved from his seat only to kneel beside his sleeping mate. "H-he...Apple is carrying our pup? He...he is. Oh gosh! I'm going to be a father soon!" Jk blurted out with tears in his eyes while carefully caressing his mate's
beautiful face. Jungkook can't help but feel so proud now that he knows about it. He is still not 100% sure but his wolf is telling him that yeah, his mate is now pregnant with their pup! "Oh, now it makes sense! His mood swings, his food cravings!! Mom, the fxcking pasta!"
Moonyoung & Soohyun can't help but smile at the young alpha when they saw his reaction. "Yes Jungkook, that must be the reason why he's a little weird lately." Moonyoung agreed to their son-in-law. Jk looked at Hoseok again. "Hyung, I'm gonna be a father to our first pup!"
Hoseok gave the expecting father an awkward smile. "Uhmm, Jk...bro.. uhmmm I said, p-pups. My mom said, your Apple might be carrying your pups. Taehyung might be having twins." Hoseok finally voiced out that made everyone in the room quiet again. "G-gukkie?"
Soohyun's eyes landed to his son who's now finally awake. "Tae, baby!" Jungkook immediately joined his mate to help him sit up from the couch. "W-what happened? Mom? Dad? Why are you here?" Taehyung asked, so confused but Jungkook's hand is calming him down.
"You passed out baby but good thing that Jungkook-ah was here to take care of you. Dr. Lee is on his way to check on you since you don't wanna go to the hospital." Moonyoung explained with a smile on her son. Taehyung nods before he leans on Jungkook's touch again. He doesn't
know why but he feels like his whole body just wants to be glued to Jungkook! "Apple.." "Hmmm?" "How are you feeling? Do you want something to eat? Is there something you want? Tell me if---" "You, just want you here Gukkie."
Everyone in the room fell into another awkward silence when they saw the bratty omega being a baby in his alpha's arms. Jungkook on the other hand is loving all the attention from his mate. He even carried Taehyung and placed him in his lap as he draws tiny circles on his back.
"Can we just forget about Dr. Lee and let's just go home? I wanna sleep on my bed already! Geez I'm sorry dad, I just dont feel like working today." Taehyung said with a tiny pout. He knows his parents are the most hardworking wolves in the realm but he also knows that they
would always understand and prioritize their health over the company. "Yes sweetie, you're going home right after Dr. Lee checked you up. I'm sure your father wouldn't mind." Moonyoung replied when Soohyun doesn't know what to say since he's still too shocked to hear the good
news that he's going to be a grandfather soon! Taehyung smiled at his parents. "I'm sure Dr. Lee will just prescribed some anti fatigue medicines. But okay, let's wait for him." Taehyung agreed so Jungkook almost panicked immediately. "No! I mean, you're not allowed to take
any medicine Apple!" the pure blood alpha blurted out. Taehyung is shocked so he pulled away a little to see his mate's reaction. "W-why am I not allowed to take medicine when I need them Jeon?!" he raised his eyebrow, clearly irritated again because he feels like he's being
depeived of something. Hoseok and the older couple almost laugh at the exchanged of the two but even before Jungkook managed to answer, the door burst open showing Namjoon and Dr. Lee. "Finally, Dr. Lee what took you so long!?" Jk blurted out again upon seeing the doctor.
Dr. Lee almost roll his eyes upon hearing the alpha's annoyed voice. He throws a glance towards the older Kims before he turned to Jungkook again. "I'm not talking to arrogant alpha Jeon, move! I have a patient to check." Dr. Lee snapped at the younger pure blood.
Jungkook growled. He hates how Dr. Lee is unbothered of their ranks. "Can you not check him while I'm here?" Jungkook asked again but the doctor ignored him again. "Mr. Kim, can you please give me and my patient some privacy. Please take this alpha with you too."
"Istg, you are not touching my mate with that attitude!" Jk growled again, his arms automatically tightened around Taehyung's waist. Taemin sighed as he rolled his eyes this time. "Do you want me to call uncle Junghyuk to drag you out? Get out Jungkook!" Taemin growled back.
Soohyun looked at the cousins and almost regret his decision to call Taemin when he knows that Jungkook hates his cousin so much since Taemin called Taehyung his tiny crush when they were kids. "I'm not going anywhere Beta!" "Istg you're the most insufferable alpha!"
"Shut the fxck up! You both are giving me a headache!" Taehyung suddenly yelled at the cousins who are bickering. Taemin keeps quiet while Jungkook is in the verge of ripping his cousin's head off! "Get out so--" "Fxck off!" "Oh gosh, Dr. Lee just..can we start?"
Taemin glared at Jungkook before he nods at Taehyung. "I don't even know why your mate is acting as if I'm gonna do something to you when he already knows I'm mated too! Taehyungie, can you send him out?" Taemin insisted while preparing his tools. Jungkook growled again.
"It's true that you're mated but that doesn't mean you dont like Apple. As far as I remember, you also wanna bite him that day!" Jungkook replied when he remembers the day he marked Taehyung. "Woah! I like him when he didn't smell like you Jungkook! Now get the fxck out so I
could check YOUR MATE!" Taemin replied again. This time, Jungkook can't help but smile when he realized how Taemin hated him because of that. His cousin used to tell him that he contaminated Taehyung's scent of his own. "Oh that's right, you dont like his scent now. But still,
I'm not going anywhere Doc! Now do your thing, I won't say a word." Jk said as he moved to the opposite couch to give his cousin some space close to Taehyung. The male omega can't believe that the feud between the cousins is actually because of him! He just discovered it now.
Soohyun, Moonyoung, Hoseok & Namjoon went outside while Jungkook insisted to be inside. Taemin was about to start when Taehyung looked at his mate. "Gukkie, can you wait outside?" Jungkook was about to argue but Taehyung looks at him with his puppy eyes. "Please?"
With a heavy heart, Jungkook nods at his mate. The last thing he wanted is to stress out Taehyung so he stood up and glared at his cousin once more. "I'll forget that you're my blood if something bad happens to my mate." he threatened but Taemin just poke out his tongue on him.
"Whatever Jeon, out!" Taemin even had the audacity to annoy him even more before he took out his stethoscope to check Taehyung's blood pressure and heart beat first. Everything is normal and Taehyung is already smiling until Taemin gave him a familiat kit. "W-What's that doc?"
"It's pregnancy kit Taehyungie. You have to p---" "No!" Taehyung immediately blurted out, horror written all over his face. "Taeh--" "Doc no! It's impossible! Why would I even use that if I'm---oh!" Taehyung gulps when he remembers the nights & days he spent with his mate!
"Yes Tae, you have to check it though in my opinion you are really positively carrying yours & Jungkook's pups." Taemin said with a fond smile while still holding the kit. Taehyung's face got paler when he heard what Taemin just said. "P-pups?? Doc...h-how did you even know?"
"I've been with pregnant wolves for years Taehyungie, and with all the symptoms you've been showing after your heat, I'm very positive that you're indeed preggo! But just in case, I'm wrong...please use this so we could verify it now." Taemin explained with a sincere smile.
Taehyung couldn't hide his nervousness when he took the kit from the doctor. He even looked back at him before he finally gets inside the bathroom while holding the kit in his hand. "Just let me know if you need help Taehyungie." Taemin called out from the couch.
The male omega slowly opened the kit before he finally did what he has to do. When he's sure he has done all the steps written in the kit, he carefully put down the pregnancy kit on top of the sink. "Relax Taehyungie, relax." he mumbles to himself as he waits for the result.
The male omega is sitting on the bowl so he obviously cant see the pregnancy kit lying on top of his sink. He is just sitting there not knowing what to feel or do until he heard his mate's familiar voice. 'Hey, apple...' 'Gukkie!' he straighten on his seat. 'Are you okay?'
Taehyung doesn't know why but he suddenly feels so emotional upon hearing his mate's voice in his head. 'Gukkie.. I.. I might...' Taehyung wasn't able to finish his sentence when the door to his bathroom suddenly burst open showing the excited and worried face of his alpha.
"Apple!" "Gukkie!" The male omega runs towards the open arms of his mate. Jungkook immediately wrapped his arms around his omega. Taehyung buried his face on Jungkook's chest as the alpha keeps kissing his head. "I'm here now baby, don't be scared." Jungkook whispered.
"Gukkie...I think Doc is right. What if I'm carrying...OMG!" Taehyung couldn't even say it because he's too nervous of Jungkook's reaction too. What if the alpha doesn't want them? What if Jungkook gets mad at him for not using any birth control pill? What if---
"I promise to be the best father I could be for our pups Tae. I will love and take care of them as long as I live." Jungkook suddenly interrupted Taehyung's negative thoughts. The male omega pulled away to see Jungkook's reaction. He wants to see it with his own eyes if the
alpha meant what he just said. "Y-you love them?" This time, it's Jungkook's turn to pull away just so he could cup his mate's beautiful face. "I would love them just how as how much I love you baby." he suddenly confessed right there inside the bathroom!
CORRECTION: FXCK, I AM EATING, SORRY! "I would love them just as how I love you baby." he suddenly confessed right there inside the bathroom!
Taehyung is already crying when Jungkook finally closed the gap between their lips. The fated mates kiss as if it's the first time again. Jungkook is so gentle while Taehyung feels like he's melting on his alpha's touch. When they finally ended the kiss, Jungkook pulled away.
"Shall we check it?" Jungkook asked, the excitement laced in his voice makes Taehyung smile too. The male omega nods because he feels like he's just gonna cry again if he tries to speak. Jungkook wraps his one arm around his mate's waist as he picks up the kit with the other.
"Baby, Apple...we're gonna be parents soon!" Jungkook suddenly blurted out upon seeing the double red line of the pregnancy kit. "Oh my gosh, G-gukkie...I'm gonna be..omg! There's a pup in my tummy!" Taehyung blurted out too. "Pups baby, we're having twin pups." Jk announced!
Taehyung's eyes widened when he heard what the alpha just said. "T-twins? H-how did you even know that?" the male omega asked his mate. Jungkook smiled before he leans closer to leave a light kiss on Taehyung's forehead. "I just know baby, but I guess we still have to go to
the hospital to make sure about it too." Jungkook said. Taehyung wants to argue about going to the hospital again but when he realized that he's carrying their pups already, he just nods and agreed to Jungkook. "O-okay. But you'll be with me there right?" "Of course baby."
Heaven knows how Taemin and the other wolves are waiting patiently for the result though they're already positive that Taehyung is carrying their pups, but when the fated mates are taking so much time inside the bathroom, the doctor can't wait any longer. "Yah! Jungkook!"
Jungkook grins at his mate first before he opened the door to see his cousin and his mate's parents. "So?" Soohyun asked with expecting look at his face. "Mom, dad!" Taehyung smiled at his parents before he pulled away from his mate to hug Soohyun and Moonyoung who are both
so happy to see their eldest happy too. "I'm going to be a father already!" Jungkook snickers to Taemin who can't help but smile at his cousin too. "I know mf, so you better treat Taehyungie well!" Taemin said before he pull the younger alpha into a tight hug.
Before the day ends, Taehyung, Jungkook and their family found themselves inside Luna's Hospital to check whether they'll have a pup or twin pups! Taemin and Taehyung entered the ultrasound room but Jungkook didn't let go of his mate this time. He was holding Taehyung's hand
all throughout the process. "What's that?" Jungkook grabbed Taemin's hand when he saw the doctor scooping some cream. "OMG! Jeon will you fxcking shut up and let me do my job if you wanna know how many pups you'll have!" Taemin growled at his cousin again. Jungkook backs away.
Taemin smiled to himself when he saw Jungkook back off. Taehyung on the other hand can't help but smile when he saw Jungkook glared at Taemin. The alpha moved away but his hand remains on the male omega's hand too. The fated mates are both excited and nervous at the same time.
"Oops, OMG...Taehyungie!" Taemin squealed when he saw the two beating hearts in the monitor. "What?" Jungkook asked with wide eyes while Taehyung remains quiet. The male omega's eyes are focus on the monitor even when he can't even understand what he's seeing.
"ISTG, Taemin! What now?" Jungkook growled again when the doctor remains smiling at them. "Congratulations MF! you'll have twin pups!" Taemin announced. Jungkook looks at the doctor before he stared at the monitor again. "Apple...did you hear that? We'll gonna have twins."
Taehyung suddenly starts to cry again when he finally heard the confirmation from Jungkook himself. HE can't believe that there are really two hearts beating inside his tummy. "Gukkie... we're really gonna have twins!" Taehyung said with a shaky voice. "Yes apple. We're gonna
be the bestest parents ever." Jungkook said as he wipes away the tears on Taehyung's face. The fated mates are still emotional when Taemin saw their state. The doctor can't help but smile fondly when he noticed that even Jungkook has tears on his eyes too.
"Congratulations Taehyungie. I'm sure you'll have beautiful pups too." Taemin said softly to the male omega but Taehyung's too focus on his own mate this time too. "Gukkie, you're crying too." Taehyung uttered when he saw the tears on his mate's beautiful doe eyes.
"I'm just so happy baby. I can't wait to meet them. We're gonna call them Jeon Kiev and Jeon Kyrvee." Jungkook said with a small smile on his face. "Wait..what?! Why are you even expecting two boys immediately?!" Taehyung suddenly blurted out when he realized Jungkook has
already prepared two names for boys. "I..well, I just feel like we'll have two alpha pups! they'll be the strongest and---" "Jungkook no! We'll have one boy and one girl!" Taehyung even raised his voice when he said that. "O-okay then..." Jk just agreed to avoid war!
Dr. Lee let the fated mate stare at the monitor for quite sometime before he finally grabbed a clean cloth to wipe away the excess cream on Taehyung's tummy. He's about to wipe it off when Jungkook caught his wrist again. "What are you doing?" the alpha growled.
Taemin rolled his eyes but he totally understand his cousin already so instead of arguing to him, he just throw the towel on the alpha. "Wipe away his tummy then if you don't want me to touch him." Taemin ordered him. Jungkook was about to argue again when he realized what
he's about to do. He glared at his rude cousin before he smiled softly at his mate who's now looking and waiting for him. "Gukkie, I can do it myself alr--" "NO! I mean, no Apple.. let me do it." Jungkook replied before he carefully wiped off the cream on his mate's tummy.
Taehyung doesn't usually gets tickled easily but the texture of the cloth that Jungkook is using to wipe his tummy makes him giggle. "Gukkie, stop! That tickles." Taehyung said again before he sit ups from the testing bed. The alpha immediately assisted his mate too.
"Woah! Jungkook, your mate is just 4 weeks pregnant. He can still act and do physical activities like normal wolves. And just in case you forgot, there's no miscarriage among wolves so you have nothing to worry about." Taemin inform the couple since Jungkook is already acting as
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