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Aug 19, 2020
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<NOWHERE> Yoonkook au (NSFW😳) Sniper Jungkook x Bombay blood Yoongi Jungkook is 20 kills away from paying off his debt owed to a gang that owns him when he crosses path with mysterious Yoongi who has spent his entire life in the hospital against his will.

I just want to say hi to everyone who is loving and generous enough to open this thread and think of giving this thread fic a read! I'm new to this whole thing and this is technically the first fanfic that I've completed.
(there is a Yoonmin one that I started first but haven't finished writing as I unintentionally made the plot too complicated. Haha..😳) And as per my bio, I write to indulge myself. I'm not a professional writer. I probably have the baddest grammar-less English that you've seen.
So... you have been warned! As said in earlier tweets, I've completed this fic already so what I'll be doing is posting it here regularly. I'll keep doing more editing in between updates. 👩‍💻🔥 I'll go on to add hashtags and tw below.
Hashtags / warnings / tw ⚠️ - Top JK - Bottom YG - Dark themes: violence, blood, gun use, false imprisonment, gangsters, killing, physical and mental abuse, hospital - Some action scenes (not too much as I'm too bad at writing them) - OT7 + Namjin - Soft JK and YG
- JK and YG have interesting sense of humor (?) - Some fluff and angst (?) - Smut / NSFW 😳(I'm struggling to open a second account so I can block the boys on this. I'll try to get it done before the smut kicks in) - Most importantly (for me): happy ending! 🥺
If I've missed anything, I'll try to add them before each update! Another disclaimer - I'm no expert in guns, mafia, hospital etc. I've tried my best to make it as realistic as possible. But this is a fic at the end of the day so, please don't get mad and bear with me 🙇‍♀️
Thank you for the attention and stay safe!! 🙋‍♀️💜 The first update will start soon (after I've managed all tech issues here urghhh 😭)! Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yoonkook au #yoonkookau The room is dark and Jungkook’s head is heavy from the lack of sleep last night. It takes multiple tapping on his thigh from Taehyung who sits right next to him to draw his focus back to the briefing session currently given by his team head.
“As usual, besides Jeon Jungkook, Song Arin and Kim Taehyung, everyone else including me will accompany Pops and protect him closely throughout the arbitration.” The skinhead announces.
His name is Han. He is the lefthand man of Pops, head of the gang that owns Jungkook’s life. He is flipping a pile of papers in his hand which has detailed the security arrangements for Pops during the 12-party arbitration reserved for seven days.
It is about a construction project invested by some of the largest mob groups in South Korea. Something went wrong with project which resulted in numerous violence clashes among the groups. When the loss began to get alarming, one of the investors,
the Kims which is also the most powerful and dangerous amongst them all as well as in the entire South Korea, proposed to adhere to what had been agreed on their paper contract and resolve the disputes in a more civil manner by way of arbitration.
All parties agreed, though reluctantly. And here they are. The arbitration will kick start tomorrow. Han hands out several pieces of paper to Jungkook. They are the maps and plans of the Min’s Hospital and a commercial building,
both of which have a good view over the arbitration centre. The papers have also pinpointed the locations of surveillance cameras within those buildings. “Jeon Jungkook. You will stand by in either of these two hideouts.” He instructs
and hands out another pile of papers to Song Arin, another sniper of the gang. “Song Arin, these are your locations.” “We’ve taken care of the surveillance cameras around those areas.” Han adds, meaning the snipers don’t have to do it themselves.
Han ends the briefing by instructing Kim Taehyung to as usual stand by at the headquarter with the rest of the people in the gang as back up in case of emergency.
“I thought you will be more excited.” Taehyung asks as he walks into Jungkook’s bedroom within the headquarter after the security meeting. “If the arbitration goes wrong, you can get your last 20 kills in one go. And you will be free.”
Jungkook places his huge duffle bag on his bed and starts packing his gears into it, refusing to spare his best friend a glance. “What’s wrong, Kookie?” Taehyung is sitting on Jungkook’s bed. “Pops said something to you, didn’t he?” He looks worried.
Jungkook lets out a long sigh and finally gives Taehyung a quick glance before checking his rifle. “Not really. He is actually the one who reminded me of my last 20 kills. He even congratulated me in advance.”
Jungkook recalls that conversation with Pops two days ago. It has never been comfortable speaking with Pops, especially when doing it alone. He always has that creepy and know-it-all smile on his face when he talks. And it is disgusting.
That’s what Pops likes to do, Jungkook has realised after spending almost half of his life working for him. It’s a mask he wears to cover up the violent and brutal side of himself. Jungkook experienced this side of Pops a lot when he was at a much younger age
but not anymore ever since he made a name for himself and became the best sniper slash gunman not just within the gang but in the entire mob world, even better than those working for the other much bigger and more notorious mob groups.
“You’re worried that he’ll go back on his words?” Taehyung carefully asks. Jungkook didn’t end up as a gangster because he wanted to. He was sold into this world.
By his parents. His stupid parents who had borrowed a huge debt from Pops. A debt that was so huge that no reasonable man would have deemed it repayable at all. Predictably, they fucked up. They got themselves killed. Jungkook was brought to repay it for his parents. He was 10
3000 kills. Every man that he kills, barehandedly or with a gun, shall count. This is what Pops had asked for him. His debt. And it has taken him 10 years to become now this close to paying it off. When other kids are playing video games and killing in the virtual world,
he’s out there at the filthiest and darkest corner of the city doing the real thing, murdering and soaking his hands in fresh blood. “If he backtracks, I don’t think I can hold back. I’ll kill him. Or get killed before getting to do it. Either way.” Jungkook finally answers,
quietly though. It’s not wise to talk about murdering your own boss within his property. Taehyung scoffs and makes a few slow but firm nods. He is not surprised at all by Jungkook’s answer.
Jungkook collapses on his bed next to Taehyung when he is done with packing his gears. He circles his hands around Taehyung’s waist from behind and leans his chin on his shoulder. “I’ve spoken to Namjoon hyung. I’ll go stay with him. If I’m really getting my freedom this time.”
“You mean them. I heard him and Jin hyung are adopting a boy from Busan. They will come back and finalise things next month. The rural life as farmers is probably too boring to them.” Taehyung chuckles, still keeping his voice as low as possible.
“I want to bring you with me.” Jungkook whines as he presses his face into the crook of Taehyung’s shoulders.
Taehyung pauses for a moment before replying, “I can go back soon. I can’t be freed from this world. But I’m not as chained as you are. I ain’t called ‘prince’ for nothing.” He shows Jungkook his boxy grin. Indeed. Taehyung is different. He has blue blood.
He’s the son of Pops’ sister who was married off to the leader of one of the oldest gangs in Japan. Another typical political marriage but with a plot twist this time as his mother did fall madly in love with her husband and Taehyung is the precious walking evidence of their love
He is taking refuge in South Korea with his uncle as the younger Taehyung did something bad, really bad, back in Japan. It was so bad that he was forced to flee the country that had raised him to his mother’s home country.
Jungkook hums and hugs Taehyung tighter as he begins to feel the excitement within his body for the freedom that he has desired for nearly a decade. But there is still this knot around his gut that refuses to go down, a feeling that things will not go as smoothly as he prefers.
Jungkook fixes the earpiece by pushing it further into his left ear to hear better the updates and orders given by Han from time to time. As instructed, at 4pm sharp Jungkook sets foot on the empty second highest floor of one of his assigned locations, the commercial building,
and has his gears and sniper rifle well set up and positioned against a window pointing at the conference room in which the arbitration will be held when Han’s voice flows from the earpiece to confirm that they are three seconds away from entering the conference room.
The first day of the arbitration is quiet. All Jungkook has to do is stand by his rifle and wait for Han’s instructions. It is now nine at night. Han gives no signal to retreat as the arbitration is still going on as far as Jungkook is able to see from the scope of his rifle.
The night is quiet and serene. Just as Jungkook is enjoying the peacefulness of the quiet night, a short and soft yelp enters his ear.
Jungkook is trained to have sharp ears and he immediately sways his head to his right accurately towards the source of the strange sound. It comes from the rooftop of the adjacent hospital which, as far as Jungkook can recall, is called the Min’s Hospital.
The hospital is about one or two storeys shorter than the building Jungkook is at. From his location, he has a pretty clear view of almost half of rooftop of the hospital without exposing himself. That’s how he is able to see the owner of the earlier yelp.
He is all alone, kneeling on the ground next to a wheelchair, shaking. With the loose patient gown that he is wearing and the bandaged right ankle that he is currently covering his hands on to,
Jungkook naturally guesses the man is hospitalised for his foot injury, he is practising to walking properly so he can get rid of the wheelchair, and he yelped a moment ago as he lost his balance and fell.
Case closed. Just a random person in another building. Not some unknown danger or threat that he has to take care of. That’s it. He should avert his gaze but he finds himself failing to do so.
The patient gown is obviously too big for the small man and the strings at the back of the gown have loosened exposing a large piece of skin of his narrow shoulders and upper back.
His skin is as pale as snow under the moonlight. The man is bony and even Jungkook being some distance away can tell he must be underweight. But it doesn’t make the scene any less sensational,
especially when a light breeze passes by and brushes the tiny man’s raven locks away from his forehead to expose his side profile. Sharp jawline, small button nose, pink thin lips which are trembling, and dark eyes which are glossy with… tears?
Jungkook swallows the lump at this throat deeply, eyes still fixed on the tiny but beautiful man who now pushes himself up from the ground with the help of the railings next to him. He tries to walk again, his hands just hovering above the railings refusing to lean on it
unless he is about to fall, which is exactly what he does again now, falling. But this time he catches the railings in time and he doesn’t slump onto the ground like he did minutes ago.
The second fall makes his gown slip a little more and his entire right shoulder is showing. Jungkook has this unexplainable urge to fix the gown for the man to cover up those perfect skin so no one can lay an eye on it.
Before he is aware, he is sucking his bottom lip between his front teeth. Something that he always does when he is nervous, which is also something that he doesn’t do often.
Just as he allows himself to be further mesmerised by the scene of a beautiful man striving to walk, Han’s voice creeps in from the earpiece asking him and Arin to retreat as Pops is taking off.
The arbitration will resume at noon tomorrow and the snipers are to report duty an hour before that. Jungkook rogers that before putting his rifle down to dissemble it while letting his eyes travel to the hospital’s rooftop again at the same time.
He is back on his wheelchair, now pushed by another man in blue uniform, probably a nurse. Jungkook cannot get the image of the man out of his head that night. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Day two of the arbitration. Today is even quieter. As a sniper, Jungkook is used to staying focus for hours and waiting for the right moment to strike when he has to.
But he can’t help but spaces out a bit today to the thought that it is unlikely he can get 20 kills by the end of the arbitration. It will probably take him another job or two to complete the number. He is almost there so he asks himself to be patient.
Throughout the afternoon, Jungkook has on and off and unconsciously been flicking gazes towards the rooftop of the adjacent hospital, secretly in hope to see the beautiful man again. He doesn’t show up.
Just as Jungkook loses hope and considers yesterday’s one-sided encounter was only coincidental and the tiny man will remain anonymous, just like every stranger that he has brushed pass in his life, the man shows up again at the rooftop. It is now seven at night.
Jungkook feels warmth near his chest as his heart races. The man is as pale and as beautiful as yesterday. He is alone and he rolls himself towards the edge where the railings are. He doesn’t stand to resume practising walking.
He just sits there, looking at the sky which is now all orange and purple as the sun has just set moments ago. He wears no expression on his face. He is not smiling either. He just sits there like a porcelain doll, soulless and aimless, breakable by a simple flick of a finger.
And that’s all it needs to take Jungkook’s breath away, an artistic sky and a mysterious but stunning looking man. The man stays still and unmoving for hours. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yoonkook au #yoonkookau 10pm. Jungkook has been watching the beautiful man for hours now and he is not a tiny bit bored of it. He feels like he can do that all day.
But his attention is forced to be drawn away from the tiny man almost instantly when he notices from the corner of his eye some movements of a black object in a building at his northwest about hundreds of meters away.
Jungkook immediately knows what that is. Another sniper. From another gang. From his position, Jungkook is sure the unknown sniper is aiming at those sitting at the right side of the conference room, which include Pops.
He hence makes an instant report to Han to seek for directions. Before Han’s reply can reach him, the window right next to Jungkook’s rifle is shot broken.
That fucker fired. At him. Jungkook curses. In a situation like this, he doesn’t need a green light from Han or whatsoever. He has the authority to fire back and take him down.
He has already positioned himself behind his rifle and he expects it will take him less than two seconds to aim at the motherfucker and finish him off with one shot. However, before these two seconds can take place as planned, a lot have happened.
The sound of that gunshot as well as the breaking of that window had knocked the tiny man off his hours of deep thoughts. He was shaking when he struggled to stand to get a better view of what’s going on. But his legs were too weak to function properly after hours of sitting
and he fell off from his wheelchair which flipped with him onto the ground after colliding with the metal railings creating a noise that is loud enough to alarm that sniper who then fired his second shot of the night, this time towards the tiny man.
The bullet hit the concrete wall just centimetres below the railings.
It’s only after all of these happened Jungkook’s planned two seconds come back into play, quite differently this time than planned as there is rage and worry in his chest, all of which are stirred by the one person who is now lying dead on the rooftop of the hospital.
He aims at that sniper, he shoots and he kills. Headshot. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Jungkook finds himself panting when he reports to Han who cuts him off and orders him to stay in position as the scene that now dead sniper caused has caught their attention and the Kims propose to end today’s session early, and they are escorting Pops out.
While physically he is putting every one of his senses out to detect any potential danger coming after Pops, mentally he just wishes Han’s retreat order can come as soon as possible
so he can rush over to tend the man who is still knocked out on the ground. Gladly no blood is spotted around him.
Jungkook leaves his hideout in light speed when Han’s voice rings again calling it a night for them and ordering them to return to their respective spots at noon tomorrow.
He quickly throws his bag of weapons back into his car before sneaking into the hospital via its backdoor. He has no time to change and his black leather jacket and black cap definitely make him look much more suspicious than he already is,
especially when it has well passed the hospital’s visiting hours. So the first thing he does when he is in, is to grab the janitorial cart with him as he marches down the aisle towards the employees only elevator.
Luckily he bumps into no one in his journey to the rooftop. He quietly opens the door to the rooftop in fear that someone has discovered the fainted man before he arrives. He makes several careful inspections to make sure the ground is clear before running towards him.
Jungkook gently pulls the passed out man up into his arms and tries to wake him by tapping his soft cheeks. At the same time he roams his hands around the skinny body to check if he has sustained any physical injury.
He is relieved when he finds none except a small bump at the back of his head. He must have hit his head when he fell off the wheelchair. Just as Jungkook is checking the bump, he feels the tiny body stir and the man slowly opens his eyes.
“…what happened…?” He slurs weakly as he moves his eyes around in attempt to take the situation in, in particular the stranger who is carefully holding him and looking at him with so much care and a hint of relief.
“Who are you…?” He asks as he locks eyes with Jungkook. His body stiffens as his consciousness is slowly coming back to him.
“I-I work here and I just got off duty and saw you fainted here.” Jungkook is trying his best to explain about his suspicious apparels. “Let me get you back to your ward? What’s your ward number?” He hopes the man is not aware of the little sweat that gathers around his forehead.
The man doesn’t respond. His skeptical gaze remains fixed on Jungkook. Only after a good few seconds he hesitantly raises and shows Jungkook his left wrist encircled by a white ID tag
which however, in Jungkook’s opinion, looks a little too old and worn out for a patient with a mere ankle injury.
“Min Yoongi - Ward 3801” is printed on the tag.
So his name is Min Yoongi. Jungkook saves that piece of information in his head when lifting the tiny man up like he weighs nothing because he really doesn’t. He is much lighter than Jungkook has imagined.
But what Jungkook feels when he brings the man into his arms is not sharp bones but softness and warmth, which is everything that he hasn’t felt for in a long time. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
The man didn’t struggle despite still having his guards up against Jungkook. He lets Jungkook gently places him back on the wheelchair and pushes him away from the rooftop to his ward.
Yoongi’s ward is not hard to find. It’s on the 38th floor, right below the rooftop. And Jungkook wonders if he is a chaebol or something. His ward is spacious, like the hospital version of a presidential suite in hotel.
Jungkook lifts Yoongi up from his wheelchair as they are near his bed and settles him carefully down onto the mattress. No one says a single word during the process.
Jungkook really wants to say something to check if Yoongi is fine and if he’s not, he should get all necessary medical attention he needs after he leaves. But he couldn’t bring himself to say anything.
To his surprise, Yoongi is the first to speak.
“You don’t work here.” He begins, voice cold. “Everyone who works here knows the protocol.” He sounds calm, too calm for a person who is exposing another person.
“If they find me injured, or fainted like what just happened, step number one is always to contact head nurse Jung Hoseok. And in any circumstances, no one should touch me, not even to check if I still breathe.”
He stares right into the eyes of Jungkook who doesn’t back off and stares back. “So tell me. Who are you?” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
It might be inappropriate but Jungkook can’t help but find Yoongi’s death glare cute. He is not worried about being exposed, to be frank. One thing is always true, he was the first who came to rescue.
Yoongi seems to be an important patient and he wouldn’t have been left undiscovered on the rooftop for long. Someone else would have come for him. But what happened was, Jungkook was the first. This can no longer be changed.
“I’m someone who saved your ass.” Jungkook is trying not to sound as cocky as he intends to. “I would appreciate some gratitude from you instead.”
Yoongi scoffs to Jungkook’s surprise. “I’d appreciate it and thank you if you leave me there to die.”
“You won’t die. You just hit your head and passed out for some minutes.” Jungkook argues, because that’s what happened. This Min Yoongi is way wilder than he looks. Jungkook is amused.
“Well, maybe if I lie there long enough another bullet will fly towards me this time to kill me. Who knows.” Yoongi talks back. There are sparkles in his eyes that Jungkook can see. He looks even wilder and more alive now when he is raising his voice to argue.
“It won’t! I’ve fucking killed the person who fired that first bullet!” Jungkook snaps at how ridiculous Yoongi has just sounded and it turns out he spills too much information.
“What?” Yoongi frowns and yelps a little too loud this time it has attracted some unneeded attention when both begin to hear some footsteps approaching his ward.
Yoongi is the first to react. He points at the bathroom right opposite his bed. And as if on cue Jungkook lifts the physically impaired Yoongi up back into his arms and runs towards the bathroom and locks it.
Jungkook doesn’t have the leisure to wonder why Yoongi gestured to hide with him in the bathroom though.
Notwithstanding how equally spacious the bathroom is, they trap themselves in each other’s arms right next to the door while panicking over the footsteps which have now arrived right outside of the bathroom.
“Yoongi hyung? Are you ok? Did you slip or something? I heard you scream?”
Jungkook can see Yoongi relaxes a little and then he clears his throat inaudibly before he replies, “no! Hoseok-ah. There’s just... this bug flying around my head when I’m taking a dump. It’s gone! Don’t worry!”
“A bug?? Fuck I won’t be able to save you from that. I better go before it comes out from somewhere and attack me next.” Hoseok spits fire. Jungkook is convinced how genuinely this man despises bugs.
“I’ll come check on you a hour later during the regular round.” He takes off before Yoongi can say another word. The duo let out a relieved sigh at the same time upon hearing the door of his ward shut and Hoseok has walked away.
Only at this moment when the two have their attention back onto each other do they realise how close they are. Their chests are pressed to each other, Jungkook’s hands are tightly snaked around Yoongi’s tiny waist and Yoongi’s hands firmly clutching Jungkook’s shoulders.
Now with sufficient lighting and proximity, Jungkook finally is enabled to look at Yoongi clearly. Every facial feature of this man is small and soft. Small eyes roofed by long and thick lashes. Small nose with a beauty mole right next to it on his left cheek.
His thin lips are sticking out into a cute pout. His skin is flawless despite the dark purple hanging right under his eyes. Cheeks are still full despite how sharp his jawline is. Jungkook can feel Yoongi’s breaths from this distance. He even smells superb. #yoonkookau
The proximity seems to have startled the tiny man as he pushes Jungkook away, detaching himself from the bigger man completely.
“You really killed that guy, didn’t you?” Yoongi asks cautiously. “Now we’re this close I can smell gunpowder on you, Mr…?” But no fear in his tone.
“My name is Jungkook.” He answers, hopefully not as shyly as it sounds. “Why didn’t you turn me in? I mean, you could have asked that guy to call security and take me down.
Yoongi shrugs after having paused for some moments without saying a word. Jungkook can see the smaller man is confused too, as to whether he didn’t turn him in.
“I... I should go.” Jungkook says after another long moment of silence.
Yoongi nods and turns around to unlock the bathroom door. He slowly limps over to his bed which is just a few meters away so he can manage. Jungkook did not reach out to help. He walks behind him and keeps staring at his scapula poking out sharply under his bare and exposed skin.
The room is dark but with light flowing from the bathroom, they can still look at each other quite clearly for the farewell.
“Thanks, Jungkook-ssi. I did owe you that.” Yoongi smiles with some sincerity to thank him for the rescue. “And bye.” The sparkles in Yoongi’s eyes then vanish instantly. Like he has shut himself off.
And the man is back to the person who had sat and spaced out on the rooftop for the entire evening. He looks blank and dull again.
And that expression concerns Jungkook. The nothingness in those eyes scares him.
The following words slip out of his mouth before he knows. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Yoongi-ssi.” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yoonkook au #yoonkookau “Hey, can you finally tell me what’s wrong?” Hoseok plops down onto the chair next to Yoongi’s bed after he is done with checking and recording Yoongi’s blood pressure. “You’ve been spacing out this whole time.”
Yoongi feels confused and stuck. He wants to understand what that mysterious stranger called Jungkook meant by saying he’d see him again tomorrow. But simultaneously he wants to wipe the good looking man off his head so this weird feeling around his chest can go away.
Yoongi is not ready to share this with Hoseok yet however, notwithstanding this awesome man who wears a sunshine smile on his face all the time is the only person on earth that he calls a friend. The only person that he trusts.
He shakes his head and changes the topic. “Are you here also to remind me of our regular phlebotomy session tomorrow?” Hoseok nods, the light on his face dims a little. “Yes. As usual. I’ll come right after lunch.”
“When’s that blood sucker’s surgery again?” “In a month. It’s just a small surgery. I doubt if they need to draw so much blood from you.”
“Agree. And they will have me stand by during the surgery anyway. So they can take as much blood they need from my body in case the blood sucker is dying from blood loss.” Yoongi’s voice is low. “Not that I care though.” Almost inaudible.
Yoongi lost hope when he was young. Or maybe it’s hope that’d lost him. He doesn’t like either of the sayings, since both sound as if hope has ever entered into his life in any form but in reality it never has.
Yoongi’s life has been simple, dully simple. He was born. He was confirmed a Bombay phenotype.
He was sold to the wealthiest family in South Korea and lives his entire life as the private blood bank of the family’s youngest son of the same blood type, who was born sickly and valetudinarian. That’s basically the life story of Min Yoongi, 25. 25 years chained in a cage.
There are some boring details to it, though. Just to name a few. He almost never leaves the hospital. Not allowed to. He is not schooled. Again, too risky to let him run free in the open world.
So he basically educates himself from the books his owner is kind enough to send him so he won’t get bored to death. That’s the last thing they want. At the end of the day, it is not easy to find another Bombay phenotype to imprison.
He was given a laptop at a point in time. But they took it away from himself very quickly after he was found googling how to make poison. They thought he was trying to kill himself. But his plan was actually to kill the bloodsucker.
Since Hoseok began working as his nurse five years ago, he became another bridge between Yoongi and the outside world. He learns most of what’s going on outside of his ward through Hoseok and he couldn’t thank him enough for it. He literally keeps him alive.
“Dr. Song will come to check your ankle tomorrow too. Oh! And also the technicians. The system was hacked or something, they can’t see or record anything from the cameras outside your ward.”
Hoseok pats Yoongi’s head before he stands up to leave. “Get some sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I’ll see you tomorrow. Hoseok used to be the only who’d have the mind to say it to Yoongi.
And today a second person did that. A stranger. It’s been a while since Yoongi looks forward to things. It’s an odd emotion that he is not used to. But at this moment, he doesn’t seem quite able to push such emotion away.
What is he looking forward to? He asks himself. To see the man again? Or to get disappointed? For the first time in forever, he thinks disappointment from that good looking stranger is something worth looking forward to as well. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yoonkook au #yoonkookau The phlebotomy session on the next day feels like hell for Yoongi.
He appreciates Hoseok’s effort in confronting the management on their decision to draw 500ml from Yoongi while that could be dangerous considering Yoongi’s overall physical conditions lately on top of his underweight problem and the last session was just less than a month ago,
but he is too dizzy and unwell to thank him and ask him to not take the rejection so seriously. It took him a three hour nap to feel better. But he is still much paler and weaker than usual.
The mysterious man invades his mind again when he is eating some boring and tasteless hospital food. He wouldn’t have touched them if Hoseok hadn’t insisted. It’s 5pm. The day is ending. And the man is no where to be seen.
Before Yoongi is aware, he has climbed himself off bed and is limping over to his wheelchair and slowly driving himself to the rooftop.
Third day of the arbitration. Another quiet day. As far as Jungkook has heard from Han, the sloppy sniper Jungkook killed last night was from a new and small gang based near the east of Seoul who had beef with another small gang from Busan.
Both gangs are one of the parties to the arbitration. And the dead sniper mistook Jungkook as being part of the said Busan gang. Not that he cared about the context as long as he is now down to 19 kills away from freedom.
As his location yesterday was kind of compromised, Jungkook moves to the rooftop of the Min’s Hospital today. He sets his gears at a blind spot right behind the air conditioner ventilation system.
5pm. The arbitration is adjourned and will resume tomorrow. But Pops is not good to go yet. He is on the move to the basement of the building for a private meeting with the head of the Kims, according to Han. That means a tiny short break for him.
Just as he relaxes his shoulders a bit and moves away from his rifle, he hears someone sets foot on the rooftop. He immediately pulls out his handgun from his waist and moves around to get a better view of the intruder while getting covered by the huge ventilation machines.
It took him only a few moves to see the raven hair man driving himself towards the railings next to which he fainted last night. He looks paler than ever and he sways his head left and right, looking for something.
He only manages to move slowly as his thin wrists are shaking every time he wheels himself forward. It must have taken him a lot of time to travel from his ward up to the rooftop, Jungkook ducks his head and thinks to himself as he recalls the route in his mind.
When he snaps his head up again, what he sees is the tiny man turning his head around to his direction and their gazes instantly lock.
Jungkook grins a little when he is finally standing in front of Yoongi after that five seconds walk which felt like forever for him. “What I meant last night was I’m gonna go and see you. Not the other round.” He secretly hopes he doesn’t sound smugger than he already is.
His opening line startles Yoongi a little. “…why?” He asks with his weak and deep voice. He doesn’t answer. He silently walks behind Yoongi and begins to push him towards his hideout place.
“So… you’re a hitman or something?” Yoongi seems to have let his earlier first question slide the moment he sees Jungkook’s rifle. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Jungkook has no plan to hide his identity from Yoongi. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
The moment he first laid his eyes on Yoongi, his gut feelings tell him that a mere gun and the amount of blood that have splashed on his hands won’t scare the tiny man away as he appears to have experienced something far worse.
That’s one of the few things Jungkook gets out of the nothingness in Yoongi’s eyes.
“Kind of.”
“Do you kill?” Still, Jungkook smells no fear from Yoongi’s voice and tone. “I do. All the time.”
Yoongi hums before relaxing into his wheelchair and looking up into the orange sky. “I never killed. I have only… saved lives?” He is uncertain if it is the right antonym for the word “kill”.
But he isn’t lying. All he’s ever done is saving the blood sucker’s life, despite involuntarily.
“Then you are a greater person than I am.” Jungkook decides not to dig deeper into what Yoongi meant by saving lives for now.
“So greatness is defined by how much we’ve actually killed and how much we’ve actually saved?” Yoongi smirks faintly as he finds the conversation getting interesting. “What if I want everyone on earth killed and no one saved, but I’m just too weak to execute it?”
“Then you’ll only be worse than me after you get strong enough to have actually executed your Thanos plan.”
Yoongi giggles at the Marvel reference. He watched every one of the Marvel movies. With Hoseok. On his phone. “I’m worse. I want everyone dead, he just wants half.”
Jungkook rolls his eyes playfully. “Ok. Fine. You get to play the villain. I’ll pick another kid to play the hero.” He mocks the voice of a kindergarten teacher as he shakes his head and raises his hands over his head to surrender and Yoongi laughs all gummy and tears.
He hasn’t done that for a long time. “So that’s the first thing I know about you.” Jungkook looks fondly at Yoongi who is wiping a drop of tear away from the corner of his eye. “Never argue with you.”
Yoongi chuckles quietly and shrugs. “Probably the only and the last thing you need to know about me.”
“What’s wrong with your ankle?” Jungkook asks. “Oh. The only thing you need to know about me, in case you have wondered, is I don’t give shit what people say. So I decide this is the next thing I want to know about you.”
Yoongi raises his eyebrows and widens his eyes before bursting into some low-pitched giggles. He grows to think this man is more than the good look and the muscles. He is interesting and fun to talk to.
“Ok.” He clears his throat before proceeding. “It’s broken? But I’m recovering well.”
“How did you break it?” “I was… careless I guess?” “What do you mean? You fell or something? Car accident?” “Car accident? I’ve never ridden in anything other than an ambulance. But no.”
“So you fell? But I won’t buy it. I don’t see other parts of your body injured.” Jungkook points at Yoongi’s exposed forearms and collarbones. His comments and glare at his body make Yoongi conscious of how loose his patient gown has again fallen.
He fixes them and hugs his arms around his middle with a pink blush across his cheeks before he continues. “I was careless as in… I didn’t observe my boundaries? And worst I went against it. So here comes the natural outcome.”
Jungkook pauses to digest Yoongi words. It only took him less than seconds to understand it.
“Someone broke it on purpose. Who? And why?” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
There is a debate going on inside Yoongi’s head as to whether he should open himself up to a man that he’s met for less than 24 hours, although he really doesn’t see the harm of doing so.
And he has been feeling a want visibly building inside his heart since last night, a want to pour his heart out for Jungkook unconditionally, not hiding a thing. He couldn’t quite explain the feeling yet.
“Who. My owner. Why. Because I broke the rule. I’m not supposed to travel to other floors of the hospital but I did.” “Why?” Jungkook frowns.
Yoongi lets out a long and heavy sigh. “Because I overheard some nurses saying a new vending machine is installed at the ground floor and it’s selling some new flavours of my favourite ice cream brand.”
It sounds stupid but yes he did risk it all for some ice cream. He should have asked Hoseok to help instead when he’s back from his vacation.
Jungkook laughs and his bunny teeth are showing. “That’s adorable. Thanks for that piece of information. I’ll keep that in mind. But what I was asking was why aren’t you allowed to travel out of your ward?”
Yoongi looks into his eyes for some seconds before spilling plainly.
“Well. Long story short. I’m a Bombay phenotype. The Mins own me. I’m the blood bank for his youngest son of the same blood type. They can’t afford me escaping or getting injured. So they chain me down in my ward. I’m allowed access to the rooftop though.”
“And they broke your ankle because you broke a rule?” Jungkook is on his knees now in front of Yoongi to take a closer look at the patched ankle.
“Yes, to also limit my mobility.” Yoongi tries hard to forget the pain when Min Taewon mercilessly ordered his bodyguard to hold him down and broke the ankle himself. They are just getting really sensitive lately as the surgery is coming up.
He has grown used to all kinds of abuse, physical or mental. And it is not the first time for them to break a bone on him. “They like breaking bones. No blood loss.”
Jungkook has heard and seen (or might have done it himself) more brutal things than that. But hearing the testimony of a surviver of such brutality makes his blood boil, especially at how emotionless that every word of Yoongi sounds.
“They’ll go to hell for what they’ve done to you.” Jungkook hopes he is doing an acceptable job at keeping his rage and sorrow at bay.
Yoongi says nothing. He just gives him a bitter smile.
When Jungkook gets back to his bedroom at the headquarter that night, it has passed midnight already.
The two went on to chitchat more on some lighter topics for some hours until duty called and Jungkook had to head back to work. In between topics Jungkook told him about his mission would last till the end of the week.
So Yoongi naturally said he would see him the next day when they said goodbye at the rooftop. Those words were enough to make Jungkook feel tingles all over his skin and look forward to tomorrow.
When he’s on bed that night, he finds himself unable to stop thinking about what Yoongi told him about himself. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
📣no update tmr stream dynamite🧨💜
Yoonkook au #yoonkookau “Jesus fucking christ, these are delicious!” Jungkook is munching on the tuna gimbap that Yoongi gave him minutes ago.
“Did you just curse and praise hospital food?” Yoongi giggles at Jungkook’s positive comments. He requested for the extra roll of gimbap from the nurse during lunch as the sniper talked about it being one of his favourite food last night.
Yoongi looks much more energetic and less pale today. He is still in his usual white patient gown, which is as usual as loose as it can get. Jungkook tries not to pay too much attention to that.
He is able to walk a little better today. While Jungkook is devouring the gimbap, Yoongi is practising his walk next to the huge ventilation units. He is mostly hobbling still but he can now walk longer distances without falling.
Jungkook enjoys what he sees. A Yoongi that has something in his eyes again, not just nothing.
When Yoongi slowly walks up to him, he naturally reaches out his hands, palms up, to welcome him. The gesture however surprises Yoongi who is stoned, staring at his palms.
Jungkook is fast to spot that and he immediately remembers how Yoongi pushed himself out of his arms in the bathroom on the first night. “Good job.” That’s all he says as he smoothly puts his hands in his pockets and a quick smile on his face.
Yoongi returns the younger a quick and awkward smile before slumping on his wheelchair.
The awkwardness in the air leaves rather quickly and they fall into a comfortable silence. They exchange glances and small smiles from time to time throughout the afternoon as Jungkook goes back to stand next to his rifle.
Jungkook didn’t expect Yoongi would go back to talk about that awkward moment between them minutes ago.
“Hey. I’m sorry about earlier.” Yoongi is kneading his nape, his head down with a hint of pink on his cheeks. “No one is allowed to come near me or touch me, you know. Except for medical purposes. They think they’re gonna break me or something.”
His head is low, as well as his voice. He is embarrassed. Jungkook likes the idea of a barely touched Yoongi. “So you didn’t tell them?” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yoongi snaps his head up to show Jungkook his confused face. “...tell them what?”
Jungkook chuckles after a short pause. “That you’re Thanos and it takes Thor’s Stormbreaker to break you?”
Yoongi blinks thrice before bursting into giggles. His gums are showing again. It takes him a good minute to compose himself. “You forgot I’m no Thanos. I’m more mischievous, you remember? I want every one dead, not just half.”
Jungkook nods as his nose crunches. “Yes. You’re stronger than Thanos. How would I forget that.” He adds after several moments of silence. “You know it’s all bullshit right? Everything that they said and did to you.”
Yoongi just nods without answering him directly. “I like how your brain works. Fun and bright.” He passes him a soft gaze and then withdraws it quickly. “You’re definitely a glass half full kind of person.”
“Nope. I’m that kind of person who’d ask if that’s Sprite in the glass and if it is then the glass is half full ‘cause it looks as if it has gone flat and I don’t want to drink it.” It almost sounds like he is rapping his thoughts out. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yoongi can’t hold back anymore and he laughs out loud with both hands on his belly. “It doesn’t make any fucking sense!” His hysterical laugher continues.
Yoongi tries again when he is finally down from the high. “Ok. When you see the word ’n-o-w-h-e-r-e’ what do you see? No-where or now-here.” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“I’d probably have misread it as ‘now-whore’.” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
And then there is a new round of guffaw. This time Jungkook joins Yoongi as he finds his instant response ridiculous too.
“You’re amazingly impossible, Jungkook-ah.” Yoongi has only one thought in his mind at this moment. That Jungkook is such a bright person, especially when compared to him who absolutely can only see “no-where” from the word.
And the realisation is almost like a bucket of ice water that splashes right onto his face. “So different from me.” Jungkook can sense the change in Yoongi’s mood. “I don’t agree. I think we are very similar.”
Yoongi huffs. “Like how?” He seems ready to rebut anything Jungkook is going to say.
Jungkook crosses his arms in front of his chest. “Like, how we are both… enslaved?”
“You? A slave? I guess we have very different definition for being enslaved.” Yoongi is a little agitated, just a little. He is the perfect example of enslavement. No one can argue him out of that.
“Well, not all cages and chains are visible.” Jungkook speaks slowly. Yoongi secretly agrees. “What cages and chains aren’t visible?” “Those around me?” “What’s around you?” Yoongi is aware he is holding his breath.
Jungkook pokes his lips out into an obvious pout before he continues. “A debt, you can say? Not mine though. My parents’. They died when it’s still outstanding. I’m their son so I get to keep the payment up.”
“ much did they owe?”
“Something that worth 3000 kills. That’s how he wants me to pay off the debt. Working for his gang as a sniper, hitman or killer, however you like to call it. That’s how much my parents owed him.” He tries to make it short and succinct, like Yoongi did for his story. “I guess.”
“How old were you?” “10.” Jungkook knows intuitively Yoongi is asking about his first kill.
Yoongi is aware he’s stopped breathing for a handful of seconds.
“Your cage isn’t invisible.” Yoongi keeps his head down. “I can see it now. It is perfectly visible.” Because he is shy about what he is doing right now. Extending his hand out to hold Jungkook’s within his.
His hand is cold but Jungkook’s is warm. And he decides that he likes the contrast the moment he feels Jungkook holding his back naturally.
“I told you. Those are all bullshit. You won’t break.” He says when intertwining their fingers to make the grip even tighter. “‘Cause you’re too strong to break.”
“Bring your Stormbreaker next time.” Yoongi teases, while not letting go the warmth that lingers around his chest when Jungkook calls him strong. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Jungkook can only giggle at Yoongi’s tease and their never ending Marvel references.
In the next two days, they fall into a small routine. They meet at Jungkook’s hideout spot on the rooftop at around noon. They talk, they laugh, they make fun of each other.
It was in between those conversations that Yoongi told Jungkook about the bloodsucker’s upcoming surgery. About his friendship with Hoseok and how well he thought the two would get along if they had a chance to meet. About what he imagined himself doing if he wasn’t imprisoned.
About how much he wished the bloodsucker would die on the surgical table one day so he wouldn’t be needed anymore. About how that would just mean the Mins would then sell him off to another owner since he’s such a valuable asset.
It was also between those conversations that Jungkook told Yoongi about his best friend Taehyung and how much funnier he was than Jungkook himself.
About his closest to death experience which was when Pops punched him like a sandbag while calling it his mandatory martial training but what actually happened was Pops lost a large chunk of his territory to another gang that day. About he was 19 kills away from breaking free.
He thought it would have hurt Yoongi’s feelings since at least he had a chance to break free and it’s something that Yoongi would almost never have.
But all he got was the gentlest and most genuine smile from Yoongi telling him that he’s glad. He’s glad that Jungkook could be freed soon. That made his heart ache tremendously.
“Namjoon hyung is like my Captain America. And Seokjin hyung… Ironman I guess? He is way cockier and harder to handle in a general sense. They bicker a lot. But there’s also so much love between them.” Jungkook can’t stop smiling when speaking of his closest hyungs.
“I can’t wait to see them. As well as their son, Jimin. They are coming back soon, for a week to finalise the paperworks for the adoption and collect Jimin from Busan.”
“I still can’t quite imagine you living as a farmer growing vegetables and rice and whatever.” Yoongi is covering his grin behind his fist. “Oh and I can’t imagine you speaking Japanese too.”
Namjoon and Seokjin live in almost the most rural part of Japan. This is why he wants to stay with them after he can quit from the mob world. They live in one of the quietest places on earth away from Seoul.
Quietness is always one of the things Jungkook enjoys the most. Or maybe he just wants to get away from Seoul and conceal himself in a place that no one knows who he was.
Yoongi nods to himself a moment later with a serene smile on his face. “I’m honestly jealous. I think I’d love that kind of life too.” Jungkook smells despair in his words.
Then come with me. Jungkook is not too surprised how this idea pops up in his head so promptly and naturally. He knows his feelings. He is clear about what he wants. But he can’t bring himself to say it out just yet.
He says nothing when he caresses Yoongi’s warm cheek with his knuckles. The smaller man jolts slightly at first but then he relaxes into the touch, the only consolation that Jungkook can afford giving at the moment. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Before the next update I just wish to thank all readers!! The idea that this is actually having readers is making me 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯!! (Below is a poor drawing of my current state)
Yoonkook au #yoonkookau Day 6. 10pm. Yoongi has spent his whole day on the rooftop. Alone.
Jungkook didn’t show up today.
Well, technically he didn’t spend every second on the rooftop. He spent some unpleasant time at Min Taewon’s office as well.
Yoongi is looking at the night view of Seoul. It is this moment Yoongi realises the distance between them. In the blink of an eye the man is removed from his world entirely leaving no trace whatsoever. Like he’s never been there.
They might have known everything about each other in the past few days. But they knew nothing about existing in each other’s world. They haven’t figured that out yet.
He doesn’t need his wheelchair today. He walks better now. He was all excited this morning about surprising Jungkook with a him needing no wheelchair. Now the excitement has faded completely and the wind gets stronger as every minute passes. He decides to return to his ward.
Day 7. 2am. Jungkook knows he shouldn’t be doing this, not when it’s two in the morning. But he is driving to the Min’s Hospital.
His knuckles are bleeding. There is blood all over the white t-shirt underneath his black leather jacket. There are some minor cuts and bruises on his face but they are unimportant.
He is holding a plastic bag in his hand, some groceries he had the mind of doing before dashing to the hospital right after completing the mission an hour ago.
Today (day 6) was supposed to be another ordinary day for the sniper where he’d stay at his hideout at the rooftop, with Yoongi of course, and they could talk more or enjoy the comfortable silence between them.
But there was a change of plan as he was put on an ad hoc mission to join the Kims to clear out the base of a Chinese mob group near Incheon.
As a sniper he wasn’t supposed to fight at the frontline but due to some miscommunications he ended up hitting the ground and making several kills barehandedly, which explained his knuckles, the blood on his shirt and the minor wounds on his face.
It was already half past one in the morning when he got back to Seoul. He goes straight to Yoongi’s ward.
He expected himself to see a sleeping Yoongi given how late time is. But when he pushes the door soundlessly, all he sees is a slim figure sitting at the window sill at the far end of the room with his legs hugged within his arms and head resting between his knees.
The lights are off with only moonlight spilling all over Yoongi making him the only thing glowing and visible in the dark.
Yoongi snaps his head over when he hears the door being locked. And he sees the man that he has been thinking of the entire day. He lets out a shaking sigh as he hops off from where he is sitting to face Jungkook who is now standing in front of him.
“What happened to your face?” “What happened to you?” They exclaim at the same time as they are close enough now to look at each other properly.
“You first. Tell me, Yoongi. What happened?” Jungkook urges as he drops the plastic bag and surges forward to cup Yoongi’s cheeks which are all bruised in brown and red. The corner of his lips is broken too, covered with some dry blood.
Yoongi has no time or mind to take in Jungkook’s question or to answer it. He reaches his hands out and roams around Jungkook’s biceps and shoulders. “No. You tell me. You have blood all over you.” His eyes are traveling all over Jungkook’s body in worry and fear.
“He hit you, didn’t he.” Jungkook refuses to let Yoongi take over. He curses when Yoongi looks over his shoulder to avoid his eyes.
“Hey. Listen. It’s fine. It happens every time I talk back at him. I… I was just not patient enough today to hold back. I’m ok.” His voice is croaky. He gulps before urging Jungkook to answer him properly this time. “Tell me, now. What happened? Are you hurt?”
Jungkook tries his best to keep his rage at bay before telling him about the sudden mission today. “Ok… ok.” Yoongi nods as he takes in the information.
“I have some old t-shirt that you can change into. Also, let me patch you up.” He points at Jungkook’s bloody knuckles before backing off to grab the first-aid supplies from the medical station at a corner of his ward.
When he returns with his hands full of supplies, Jungkook has taken his jacket and ruined t-shirt off showing his perfectly ribbed body, sitting on the bed and waiting to be treated.
Yoongi swallows audibly before he settles next to the bigger man. He tries hard not to look but in vain as he keeps stealing glances at that hot bod when his hands and mind are busy at patching the man up.
“Like what you see?” Jungkook teases as he strokes his bandaged knuckles. His words make Yoongi blush madly. “I-I’ll go get you the shirt” is all he manages to say.
Jungkook refuses to let Yoongi escape from the scene. He grabs Yoongi’s wrist with his uninjured hand. “Later maybe. I brought you something.” He bends down to pick the neglected plastic bag up and pull a tub of ice cream out of it.
Yoongi is paler than a second ago. “So you managed to stop by the vending machine on the ground floor covered in blood and with a broken knuckle.” Jungkook chuckles and pulls Yoongi to sit closely next to him, thigh to thigh. “I bought it somewhere else. Hope it hasn’t melted.”
It hasn’t. Yoongi scoops a spoonful with the plastic spoon that comes with the package and pops it into his mouth. “So this is what a birthday cake tastes like.” Yoongi nods as he holds it up and inspects the package like a curious kid.
Jungkook bought Yoongi the new flavour that he has been craving to try and that got him a broken ankle. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yoongi scoops another spoonful, this time trying to feed Jungkook with it. Yoongi is then taken aback by how comfortable he has become around Jungkook to make him feel right to feed the younger.
The sniper slowly opens his mouth, eyes locked with Yoongi’s as he lets him put the cold substance into his mouth. He can see Yoongi’s lashes tremble.
Yoongi feels hot again but he couldn’t quite manage to withdraw his gaze which has now traveled to the taller man’s tongue which is darted out to clean his lips. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“It’s not bad. I like sweet things.” Jungkook declares quietly, eyes still firmly fixed on Yoongi’s. He then leans in to cup Yoongi’s neck, thumb gently drawing circles at his jaw. And it is Yoongi who then closes the proximity further by pressing his forehead against Jungkook’s
They both close their eyes and let out a comfortable and relieved sigh at the moment their foreheads collide. Like they are meant to be this close to each other. “How many kills?” Yoongi whispers.
Jungkook stops for a second to do the math. “4.” “15 kills away from freedom.” Yoongi remembers everything Jungkook said and it warms Jungkook’s heart. “And tomorrow is the last day of the arbitration.”
Jungkook can feel Yoongi’s pulse from his hand. It is pounding fast. Jungkook smells sorrow in the smaller man. He pulls away and then surges forward again, pressing a firm kiss on his forehead, and then his bruised cheeks.
From the way Yoongi reacts, he knows no one has ever done that to him. He is the first. And he likes that. “Can I come see you again? After tomorrow?” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“Yes. Please.”
Yoonkook au #yoonkookau Day 7. Yoongi didn’t know farewell could be sad and difficult to handle. Simply because he has never had any meaningful encounter with anyone, hence no farewell.
The first time of anything is always the hardest. But Yoongi thinks he is coping better than he expected. No doubt he is sad. So he asks himself to think of these things: He is used to living without Jungkook, for 25 damn years. Jungkook has promised to come back and see him.
Jungkook is still 15 kills away from freedom, meaning he has the time of 15 kills to enjoy Jungkook’s company before he moves to Japan for good.
The bloodsucker’s surgery is close, meaning they will get more demanding and exhaust him to the point where his brain can’t work properly to miss Jungkook.
Yoongi is now sitting on the rooftop next to Jungkook with all of these thoughts running in his head. Jungkook is less talkative today. But the silence is not awkward. The silence between them is as usual as cozy as home.
Yoongi is peeling off a tangerine when Jungkook speaks. “You know my offer forever stands right?” “Even after you’ve moved to join the Avengers in Japan?” Yoongi smiles as he carefully places peeled slices of tangerines onto Jungkook’s hand.
Jungkook nods. “Yes. It’s just an hour flight. Don’t worry, I won’t charge you for that.”
Jungkook offered to kill Min Taewon for him last night. Yoongi thought it was a joke at first. Then he saw the anger and seriousness in Jungkook’s eyes and how he moved his fingers to caress each bruise and mark on his face with so much care and emotions.
Yoongi thought it was the sweetest thing that anyone had ever offered to him, if he had been offered anything special by anyone at all. So much as he wanted the man dead, he rejected the offer.
He is owned by the family. Min Taewon is just its leader. He dies, someone else will take his place. And he remains the property of the family. As simple as that.
Jungkook knows well his offer won’t change anything for Yoongi. The offer is probably just his way of showing how much he cares and how heartbroken he was when Yoongi was hurt.
Yoongi knows too, the meaning behind that offer. It’s more than a promise to kill. It’s Jungkook saying he hates everything that has happened on Yoongi. That’s another thing that no one has ever done to him. Well, Hoseok kind of did. But he feels something more in Jungkook’s care
It is his care, and only his care that makes Yoongi’s heart full. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Before he is aware, he is scooting closer to Jungkook who is devouring the tangerine slides that he peeled earlier, and reaching out his hand to tuck several strings of his curly hair behind his ear. “Thanks, Jungkook-ah.” He figures he hasn’t thanked him yet.
Just as he puts his hand away from his hair, Jungkook’s faster hand stops him from doing so. “It’s your third time touching me.” On your own initiative. But Jungkook didn’t say the second part out loud. He pulls Yoongi’s hand down to cup his own cheek.
Unlike last night when Jungkook kissed his forehead and cheeks, Yoongi didn’t flinch this time. “I... I feel like you like touches?” He asks, voice low and almost inaudible.
“Yes, I do.” He smiles smugly. “So it’s perfect you’re Thanos. I mean stronger than Thanos. You don’t break easily so I can touch as much as I want.”
The Marvel references never fail to make Yoongi laugh, his hand still palming Jungkook’s smooth cheek.
So much as Yoongi doesn’t want the day to end so soon since starting from the next day, he won’t be able to see the sniper regularly on an almost daily basis, times flies and it is now midnight.
Jungkook is confirmed by Han that the arbitration comes to an end and the parties are able to settle amicably. His job is done and he can retreat and leave for good.
Jungkook sends him back to his ward. They stand in the middle of the dark room, not quite knowing what to do, not knowing how to say goodbye.
They’ve been standing for a good few minutes, face to face, occasionally exchanging glances and awkward smiles. But they still can’t quite figure what to do next. Neither of them have experience in dealing with this kind of situation that contains so much tension and emotions.
Yoongi is the one who broke the tension. “Um... a goodbye hug, perhaps?” He recalls what Jungkook said in the afternoon about he likes touches. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Jungkook sucks his lips between his teeth and nods. His shallow dimples are showing. He swings his huge duffle bag holding his rifle and other gears off his shoulder onto the floor.
Notwithstanding how careful Yoongi tries to not step on Jungkook’s bag when he moves to give him the hug, fate has other plans for them and he trips over the duffle bag and falls all over onto Jungkook.
While Jungkook’s excellent reflex has made it possible for him to make sure Yoongi is to fall right into his arms but not out of it, it fails to make the duffle bag magically smaller so it won’t also trip Jungkook when Yoongi lands on him.
What fate wants, fate gets. The duo sloppily flip onto the ground in a bundle.
Jungkook lands on his back with Yoongi on him, chest to chest. Yoongi pulls himself away a little by pushing a hand against the floor. Now here comes one more plan fate has made for the night.
As Yoongi hovers over Jungkook, due to his patient gown which has been loose since day one they met, his entire white chest now lays bare for Jungkook to consume freely through the collar.
And Jungkook does not hesitate to take his chance to thoroughly scan over it like it belongs to him. He gulps the moment he sets eyes on those pink nipples that have turned hard and those two vague vertical lines running along his abdomen.
The whole situation makes Yoongi’s heart race and his cheeks bright pink. He brings his hands around his chest to stop the exposure of his bare front and sits back up on Jungkook’s lap, unhurriedly though. Jungkook follows his action and sits up as well.
He sends his hands over to tie the strings hanging at the back of Yoongi’s gown properly when making a heavy sigh. “Can you promise me you’ll wear this properly from now on?”
Yoongi nods faintly as he presses the back of his hand against his cheeks, trying to cool down the heat on his face.
“No human being can fucking resist wanting to come close and touch these goddamn beautiful skin if you keep showing it around.” Jungkook groans, his teeth gritted. He has been wanting to scold Yoongi for it but he failed to catch the right timing to do it.
“... so suddenly you’re from Asgard? You resist pretty well.” Yoongi feels his head spins and is only aware that he has thought aloud when Jungkook gasps in shock and slowly snakes an arm around his tiny waist to bring him closer and cups his chin with another in a strong grip.
He is staring right into his eyes with wants and it mesmerises Yoongi. He never knew he could draw so much emotion from this man who is capable of drawing much more emotions from him.
“Then tell me. What you want me to do?” He whispers less than an inch away from Yoongi’s lips. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yoongi might have taken Jungkook’s words too literally. He swallows and twitches a side his shoulder a little. “I want you to miss spending time with me.” The mistaken Yoongi is being honest, reading his mind out loud. “I want you to miss the touches with me.”
He slowly brings his shaking hands around Jungkook’s broad and strong shoulders. “Just like I’d miss doing all that with you.” His eyes are turning a little glossy.
“I want you to remember me and will only forget me a long time later. Because I’ve decided to keep you in my mind for a long time too.” He only needs him to remember him. His is fine with existing only in this man’s memories. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
The next thing they know is Jungkook slowly closing the distance until his hot lips are pressed firmly on Yoongi’s. They stay still until Yoongi lets out a choked sigh and Jungkook takes the short moment when Yoongi parts his lips to invade it gently with his hot and wet tongue.
The virgin kisser doesn’t know what to do. He can only follow the flow and replicate what Jungkook is doing to his mouth. Licking and sucking at his lips. Chasing his tongue with his. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Letting excessive droll flow free from their mouths dripping off the corners of their swollen lips. Moaning every time their heads turn to fit one pair lips better against the other pair.
Jungkook only reluctantly detaches his lips from Yoongi’s when he starts tasting bitter - Yoongi’s tears. He gently rubs them off his blushed cheeks and touches his wet and shiny lips with his thumb before embracing the sobbing man with a tight hug.
“Fuck, I’m gonna miss you so bad. I promise I’ll come back to see you. I promise.” Yoongi nods as he buries his face in the sniper’s neck.
Yoongi used to pride himself on how well he had managed to get along with solitude. He thought no one could beat him on that, since at some point in life, he had become solitude himself.
But that’s because he was never given to know what’s outside of solitude. And once he has had a taste of it, of what solitude is not, there is no turning back. Solitude won’t stand a chance. Solitude won’t be missed. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Jungkook never shows up after that day. It’s been almost three weeks. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
A pale Yoongi is lying on his bed, drained from the last round of phlebotomy session before the blood sucker’s surgery tomorrow. He has got skinnier in these few weeks without Jungkook.
He has no access to the outside world. He has no way to get hold of Jungkook. So all he can do is wait.
When Hoseok asked about a small hickey that Jungkook planted subtly at the end of his jaw close to the back of his ear, he couldn’t hold back but spilled the tea and told him about their encounter.
Hoseok genuinely made the happiest face Yoongi had ever seen on him when he was done with telling the story. And Yoongi knew he didn’t regret sharing it with his best friend.
Yoongi knows what that is between them despite none of them said it out loud that night after those endless rounds of passionate make outs. He never experienced it, never had it, never gave it, was never given it, but he still knew what it was and how it ought to feel like.
But what he knows even better is, this thing between them will not blossom. It leads to nothing. Then why bother to name it, to say it when it isn’t meant to last and is only meant to wither? Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Jungkook walks out of his bathroom, shirtless with water still dripping off his dark wavy hair. He flops onto his bed right next to the equally shirtless Taehyung. “What? You’re staying for the night?” He asks as he watches Taehyung playing his Nintendo Switch.
“Yes. My back and legs are so sore.” He whines, his focus still pinned on his Switch. “Wanna help massage my back?” “Nope.” Jungkook says as he grabs and puts on a black hoodie. “I wasn’t the one who made them sore.” Pops did.
It appears that Pops had entered into some kind of strategic alliance with the Kims during the arbitration. The next morning, Pops got him, Taehyung and a couple of members who had worked closely with Han on board on
another joint mission with the Kims at Busan to get rid of some traitors. Jungkook wasn’t given more context about the job. He was not interested in knowing more than he needed either. He just went and did his thing professionally. 4 kills. 11 more to go.
He simply had no time to stop by the hospital to let Yoongi know his departure. And tonight, after almost three weeks, he is finally back from Busan.
“Hey? Where are you going? It’s two in the morning, man.” Taehyung finally looks up from his Switch at Jungkook who is putting on his boots. “Oh. Yes. Got it. Your porcelain doll. Have fun.”
Yes, Jungkook told his best friend about Yoongi as well. The first thing Taehyung said was “so you’re taking him to Japan with you?” Jungkook didn’t answer to that, he didn’t know how to. “Don’t tell me you’re staying for him?” was the second and last thing Taehyung said.
Jungkook didn’t know the answer to any of those questions. Taehyung wasn’t asking if he wanted to bring Yoongi with him to Japan. He was asking if he would.
That’s why he didn’t say those words to Yoongi that night when they kissed for the first time like there’s no tomorrow, notwithstanding he was certain of what he felt towards the beautiful man.
He still is, if not more, after being separated from him for weeks. But he is sure too he won’t be able to bring himself to confess. It feels wrong to promise him love if he lacks the determination and courage to take real action to break Yoongi free.
He departs, leaving a worried Taehyung on bed.
The ward is empty when Jungkook arrives. After the arbitration, Han removed their control over the hospital surveillance cameras. So Jungkook now takes a new route to Yoongi’s ward.
He jumps over to hospital rooftop from an adjacent building. There is an exterior ladder that can lead him from the rooftop to the windows of Yoongi’s ward.
It is the sound of water being shut off coming from the bathroom that makes him realise the ward is not empty. Yoongi is in the bathroom.
He wants to surprise Yoongi and as he is looking around for a good hideout spot where he can conceal himself, the bathroom door is swinged open right in front of his face and a completely naked and wet Yoongi walks out of it. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
The presence of Jungkook in his ward at this hour per se gives enough surprise to Yoongi who gasps when he sees him, eyes all wide and pink lips parting. Jungkook waves his hand awkwardly as he checks him out.
Paler and skinnier than weeks ago. He needs to interrogate him on that. The bruises on his face are all gone now. Good, very nice. Nipples still small and pink. Skin still smooth. Oh fucking hell, his cock is pink too, and he is almost hairless down there. That’s some new info.
If he could, he would have punched himself so he’d stop looking. It’s simply not decent to pop a boner at this moment which is supposed to be romantic and touching as they finally reunite after being weeks apart.
To his surprise, it is Yoongi who lunges forward and literally jumps onto him to hug him tightly. He hugs back instantly, arms around his middle, lifting the naked man up so he doesn’t have to tip his toes.
“I missed you.” They sigh at the same time as they bury their own faces in the other’s neck and take a deep, deep breath.
Yoongi is overwhelmed by the joy of seeing Jungkook and the embarrassment about him being totally naked before Jungkook for the first time only creeps in when Jungkook passes him the clean pair of briefs that he has earlier set on his bed when he is drying himself with a towel.
The duo is now sitting next to each other on Yoongi’s bed, their backs against the headboard, as Jungkook tells him why it took him weeks to show up again. “I’m not mad. Stop pouting.” Yoongi smiles as he attempts to press that pout away gently with his index finger.
“I still feel bad for letting you wait.” Jungkook sighs and leans his head on Yoongi’s shoulder. He presses tiny kisses on each of Yoongi’s fingers. “That’s probably the only thing I can do for you.” Yoongi turns his head to kiss the top of Jungkook’s head.
“That’s not true.” Jungkook counters. “There are many things you can do for me.” “Hold on. I feel like you’re about to say something weird.” Yoongi is showing his gums again as he giggles.
“You can take care of yourself for me.” Jungkook proudly suggests. “What else were you thinking…” He giggles as he sees the mortified Yoongi looking away to avoid Jungkook’s eyes. “…in that dirty little mind?”
Yoongi’s neck and the tips of his ears are glowing in pink. Jungkook can also see he is pressing down a smile. He then heaves the smaller man onto his lap, hand gripping his nape and forehead pressing at his.
“That’s the first and the most important thing you can do for me. I’m serious. I mean what I said.” He says as firmly and seriously as he can while trailing his eyes down at those pink and thin pair of lips. Yoongi is staring back at his too.
“…and I think you know perfectly well what’s the second thing you can do for—” Yoongi didn’t wait this time. He leans in, closes the distance and collides their lips. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yoonkook au #yoonkookau The following week is heaven to Yoongi. The bloodsucker’s surgery went well so they didn’t bother him further. Jungkook comes to see him every day, always after midnight. He was allowed a short break after that Busan mission.
He usually stays for hours and leaves right before dawn. They talk a lot and they make out even more every night. The days have never been more perfect for both of them.
Jungkook and Hoseok met in one of those nights. They hit it off and get along just as well as Yoongi has expected and he is more than grateful about it.
Hoseok has just finished his night shift and is eating his late dinner at Yoongi’s ward when Jungkook sneaks in to join the two, bringing with him Yoongi’s favourite ice cream.
“Kookie! You are late!” The two greet each other with a fist bump before Jungkook sits on the edge of the bed next to Yoongi and gives the older man a peck on his cheek.
“Yeah, killed some people before I came.” He says nonchalantly. Hoseok raises his eyebrows, putting his curry udon aside. “How many this time?”
He steals a quick glance at Yoongi. “6.” That means 5 more to go. “6 at one night? Fortune did smile on you tonight.” Hoseok goes back to his food.
Yoongi nods to agree. “That’s great news. It’ll probably just take you another job to get the remaining 5?” Jungkook can tell how unenthusiastic the smile on Yoongi’s face is but he says nothing.
“What’ll you do after you get your last kill? I know you’ve planned to leave for good, but I mean instantly how you plan to celebrate?” Hoseok asks as he finishes off the udon and is fetching some tissues from Yoongi’s nightstand.
Jungkook shrugs like he doesn’t care. “What? No celebration? No cake cutting? No partying? We’re talking about completing 3000 kills man!” Hoseok exclaims but not too loudly. It still amazes Yoongi how well Hoseok lives with the fact that Jungkook kills people for a living.
Jungkook chuckles at the excited Hoseok. “I don’t party. But cutting a cake to celebrate I slaughtered 3000 men? Sounds respectful.” He is used to being misunderstood all the time. But he is more an introvert than an extrovert.
His social life before Yoongi was rather boring. Most of the time when he was off duty, he either hit the gym or hid in his room to binge play Overwatch. He hung out with Taehyung too and he still does. They love some adventures in the mountain or the breach.
The trio talk about other things for some minutes before Jungkook pulls his phone out to show Hoseok pictures of his rifles. Hoseok has been asking to see them since the first day Yoongi let them meet. Yoongi scoots closer to them so his eyes can have access to the screen too.
While Jungkook is swiping on his phone showing Hoseok all the guns that he has used and giving him detailed reviews for each of the weapons, the next photo he swipes to freezes the three of them.
It is a properly suit up Jungkook. White dress shirt under a black suit and a little bowtie around his neck. One of his hand is in the pocket, whereas the other, well it’s on someone’s hip.
A gorgeous girl with perfect tan skin in an all white night gown which is tight enough to highlight her tiny waist and has a perfect high slit to show off her smooth and super long legs. She is also wearing a dangling pair of diamond earrings to match the grandness of the gown.
It takes Jungkook a good two seconds to collect himself. He clears his throat before he mumbles. “… she’s my coworker. Another sniper. We were working.” He swipes left to get rid of the scandalous photo from his screen. But well, the next photo is worse. Way worse.
It is a selfie, with two people in it. One of them, Jungkook. His eyes are closed, likely sleeping, on a bed, shirtless. His muscular arms and broad chest are showing.
And then there is the same girl, that coworker of his, being the one taking the selfie, who is, well, shirtless too. Her shoulders are showing, as well as her boobs, which are half covered by some white sheets. She is still wearing those dangling diamond earrings.
There is no room for debate. That is fucking obviously a right-after-work-after-sex selfie. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Well, he is an introvert but he is not abstinent.
“Wow! Jungkook-ssi! That’s wild, Jungkook-ssi!” Hoseok sneers and teases as he starts swatting Jungkook’s thigh, making fun of him. “You looked underage there! Did she know she dated and fucked a minor?”
Jungkook whines while locking his phone and trying to get Hoseok to shut up. “Hyung! We weren’t dating! It… it’s just a hook up. And it was a long time ago.”
Yoongi listens to none of what Jungkook is saying notwithstanding all of that are actually meant for him only. Jungkook dating someone? Not hard to imagine, really. He is hot, handsome, funny, gorgeous. He can have anyone he wants. No one will reject such a great man.
It doesn’t matter to Yoongi if the girl is someone Jungkook is dating now or used to date, or if it’s a one time thing or a friends with benefit arrangement. It really is none of his business.
Unlike him, he is a free man. As free as a man that has no commitment to him. He can do whatever he wants.
Yoongi subconsciously looks down to check his own body out, his skinny, pale and weak body while recalling the image of that sexy coworker of Jungkook. He hugs his arms around his middle, trying to cover himself up.
“I’m just teasing you, Jungkook-ah.” Hoseok is still grinning. “As long as that’s before you started dating Yoongi-hyung.”
“We aren’t dating, Hoseok-ah.” Yoongi replies in light speed but in a calm tone. “Kookie is not a baby. He can do whatever he wants.” He hopes he doesn’t sound bitter. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Hoseok curses and slaps his mouth several times as he passes an apologetic glance at Yoongi who just shakes his head and smiles. Jungkook takes everything in. Every reaction of Yoongi since the first picture.
Hoseok tries to remove the awkwardness in the air by changing the topic and saying some other random stuff and they are back to normal again very soon.
Jungkook didn’t show up after that night. Yoongi can only assume the sniper is caught up in another job, hopefully a final job that earns him freedom.
Or maybe he is caught up in that girl. Who knows. Yoongi rubs a hand over his face, trying to get that thought out of his head, get that jealousy out of his system. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“Hey, hyung.” Hoseok speaks as he is removing the cuff of the blood pressure monitor from Yoongi’s upper arm. “I’m sorry about the other night. I thought it’s official between you guys?”
“There can be nothing official between us, Hoseok-ah. You know perfectly well.” Yoongi is massaging his sore upper arm. “We can’t cross that line. We both know.” There is no turning back if they cross it. The moment they do, he will becomes desperate of getting rid of this cage.
He will beg Jungkook to save him, to take him away, despite knowing how much of a burden he will be to Jungkook. Everything will change. And this cage will become nothing but worse than hell that drives him straight to insanity.
Hoseok gives his hand a firm grip as he says sorry again.
“Hoseok-ah. Can you do me a favour?”
Yoonkook au #yoonkookau Jungkook pulls the last trigger of the night. He has outdone it. 3003 kills.
He tilts his head to look at the sky as Han’s voice creeps into the earpiece that he is wearing ordering him to retreat as the job is done. The sky is dark and starless. The only thing that he has in mind is Yoongi.
Taehyung barges in and jumps on him as he is washing his hands in his bathroom. He leaves a wet kiss on Jungkook’s cheek. “Congratulations, man!”
“Thanks, Tae.” Jungkook smiles at his best friend. “I still need to finalise things with Pops though.” He pulls Taehyung away from him as he walks out of the bathroom to put on some new clothes.
“Well, Pops should be back from Bangkok next week. Just a short wait.” Jungkook just nods, saying nothing.
“What’s wrong, Kook?” Taehyung knows something is wrong. He can see distress written all over the sniper’s face. “Talk to me.”
Jungkook makes a mess of his hair and takes a deep breath after a long moment of silence. “I… I’m taking him with me.”
Taehyung is stoned. He find himself in this weird state between surprised and not surprised. In gritted teeth and his usual deep voice, he fires at Jungkook. “What the fuck? Are you out of your mind? How the fuck are you gonna get him out of that shithole?”
“I don’t know how. I don’t know it yet but I will figure something out.” Jungkook snaps as he nervously paces in front of Taehyung. Taehyung sighs helplessly, eyes full of disbelief and worry now. “You’ve redeemed a new life and you decide to gamble it away.”
“That’s because I’d rather not live that life if he is not in it.” He mumbles immediately but almost inaudibly, hands running over his face. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Jungkook couldn’t explain it himself too, how he got from falling in love with Yoongi and wanting to take Yoongi with him to Japan,
to making up his mind that, for whatever it takes, he will get Yoongi out of that cage so the beautiful man can forever exist in his life, physically and actually, right next to him.
Years later when he looks back, he realises what gave him the last push and closed the deal was the emptiness that he instantly felt the moment he finished the promised number of kills, that emptiness which was obliterated and cleared out in no time when he thought of Yoongi.
It is just past midnight when he sneaks into Yoongi’s ward. Yoongi is pacing near the window with a book in his hand. He likes reading but he is not sure if he really does since it’s the only hobby that he is allowed to cultivate over the years. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yoongi has so much to explore about himself and about the world outside the cage.
Jungkook will never get tired of seeing how the man’s face glows and brightens up into a beautiful smile every time he sees him.
“I missed you.” Jungkook exhales as they are finally seamlessly pressed together in a solid hug. Yoongi hums in reply.
Neither one of them want to let go until Jungkook whispers into the smaller man’s ear to announce the good news. “I’m done. I’m free.” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yoongi immediately pulls away and cups the younger’s cheeks delicately. “Really?” He has only softness and delight in his widened eyes. Jungkook nods and turns to kiss each of his palms, his bunny teeth are showing.
“I’m so happy for you. So so happy for you, Jungkook-ah.”
Jungkook just wants to kiss the man till both of their heads spin. But he is stopped from doing so as Yoongi withdraws from the hug and takes a few steps backwards. “I…I prepared something. For you. Can you wait for a minute in the bathroom?” He is nervously picking his fingers.
Jungkook is overwhelmed with the idea of Yoongi having planned him a surprise. He nods eagerly as he walks backwards to the bathroom. It is the longest then minutes he has ever lived. His heart is racing and he keeps smiling as he waits while sitting on the toilet bowl.
Yoongi gently knocks at the door, a signal that he is allowed to come out now. And Jungkook had no idea what he’s about to see would be engraved on his mind forever.
Yoongi is holding a cake in his hands. Chocolate cake with countless of strawberries on top and a small white chocolate tag with “Congratulations, Kookie!” written on it.
What’s better is Yoongi is wearing a white dress shirt in silk which is tugged inside a just fit pair of white slacks with a pair of white sneakers. His pink lips are shining. Is that some lip gloss that he’s put on? Several silver dangling earrings are hanging at his earlobes.
He looks nervous and self conscious about his look and his hands are shaking mildly. This is the favour that he had asked Hoseok for, to help him smuggle all these to his ward. “…what the heck?” Jungkook asks weakly as he isn’t quite able to believe what he is seeing.
“Well, you talked about cutting a cake when you’re done so.” The astonished Jungkook makes Yoongi a little at loss. Are these too much? “And what about all these…?” Jungkook gestures his hand up and down at Yoongi’s outfit.
Yoongi bites his bottom lip. “I… I just thought I should dress up a bit for an important celebration like this…” He swallows harshly. “And I thought you like people wearing all white? And pretty earrings?”
Oh no. Hell no. That’s why. Those photos which were never meant to be shown to anyone, especially Yoongi. They goddamn made him believe this was what attractiveness meant to Jungkook and he is wrong. So wrong.
Yoongi adds as Jungkook makes no response at all. “Well, I know I’m still all skins and bones in these… but at least better than the patient gown that I wear everyday?” Jungkook remains silent, expression unreadable. That’s when Yoongi confirms himself that these are too much.
He’s done too much. He shouldn’t have asked Hoseok to help prepare all these for him. Hoseok even borrowed these from his high schooler nephew as Hoseok’s own clothes just wouldn’t fit Yoongi.
As the silence in the air gets heavier to bear second by second, Yoongi puts the cake down on the over bed table and retreats to stand as far away from Jungkook as possible.
“Sorry, I thought that’s how a celebration should look like. You know, I’ve no experience with this kind of thing.” He smiles dryly, full of embarrassment. He juts a thumb towards the bathroom. “Let me get changed and we can eat the cake—“
Jungkook lunges forward and pulls him into his arms before he can finish the sentence. “Why are you so perfect.” Jungkook finally speaks, arms still tightly around the smaller man. “Why are you so perfect for me.” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yoongi who has his face buried in Jungkook’s chest murmurs. “…does that mean you like the surprise?” Yoongi doesn’t have sufficient experience with people to fully understand each of Jungkook’s responses tonight.
“Yes, I like it so much. Thank you.” Jungkook whispers into Yoongi’s ear. “You’re perfect.”
Yoongi who now regains some confidence tilts his head up and looks at Jungkook. “I… I like it too. I’ve never dressed up for anything, for anyone.” He looks a little mortified as he confesses.
“Never ever do this for anyone. You look so hot in these.” Yoongi can feel Jungkook’s breath from the distance. “Too fucking hot.” “So I made a right guess. You like all white and these earrings?” Yoongi knows how to make him nervous, despite it is all done unintentionally.
“I know it’s a weird moment to say this… but Arin— it was just a hook up. We weren’t dating. She’s just another sniper in the gang. There’s nothing between us.” He regrets almost instantly. He shouldn’t have mentioned another girl’s name. Yoongi looks uncomfortable.
“It’s fine. I don’t mind doing what others have already done, as long as it has the same effects on you. Similar effects, I mean. I’m glad these make you happy too.” Yoongi shrugs like he doesn’t care,
but little does he know his expression and the bitterness in his tone betray him. “You know… I don’t know how to do it right. So all I can do is copy.” He grimaces before dropping his head as low as possible. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“No. Yoongi. No. Listen. When I said you’re hot I didn’t just mean what you’re wearing’s hot. I meant YOU are hot.” Jungkook’s grip on Yoongi’s chin is strong, forcing the smaller man to look up into his eyes. He needs to make himself clear as possible.
And he needs Yoongi to take in every word he is saying. “When I said you’re perfect I didn’t just mean what you’re wearing or what you’ve done’s perfect. I meant YOU are perfect. It’s always about YOU. Just YOU. I’m not allowing—” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“Kiss me already. Please.” Yoongi cuts him off. He needs that physical contact with Jungkook right now. The only reassurance he needs. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Jungkook doesn’t need to be asked twice and he presses his hot and open mouth onto Yoongi’s. The kiss is perfectly wet, perfectly loving and perfectly all tongue and teeth.
“Fuck, you didn’t wear anything underneath??” Jungkook groans as he gropes his ass and feels it. He is all panting but he can’t bring himself to stop abusing Yoongi’s lips as he whisperyelps in between kisses.
“I… I only have black briefs and these pants are too thin.” Yoongi manages to reply in between kisses. He cares about the aesthetics. He is a perfectionist as much as Jungkook also is.
Jungkook growls deeply as he deepens the kiss and continues to draw out short and light moans from the smaller man, hands still dangerously kneading his ass cheeks.
Jungkook warns in between kisses. “Don’t ever again think you aren’t attractive to me. I leave your ward with a hard-on every fucking single time.” And the honesty earns him a sharp and high-pitched moan from Yoongi.
Yoongi knows about the hard-on. But having that admitted by Jungkook explicitly just makes him feel complacent.
It is only when Jungkook begins to feel that both of them are grinding against each other’s erection that he regains enough self control to stop the kiss reluctantly. That’s dangerous. They are so close to crossing that line. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“Too bad the cake isn’t as fresh as it should be.” They have collected themselves and are sitting next to each other on the edge of the bed devouring the cake. “It has sat in my fridge for almost two days.” This was the second last thing that he asked Hoseok to help him prepare
He’d probably have devoured the cake with Hoseok if Jungkook didn’t show up today and then asked Hoseok to sit a new cake in his fridge tomorrow, as he had a feeling that Jungkook would get his last kill as soon as this week.
“No, it’s great. Greatest thing ever. I’m gonna finish it.” Jungkook is cutting the third slice out of the cake. Yoongi is glad. He puts his empty paper plate and fork away before turning his body to face Jungkook. He then pulls something out of his pocket.
“Well. This is the last thing for tonight.” He presses an object into Jungkook’s palm. “Your farewell gift.” Jungkook puts his unfinished slice of cake away as well and looks down at the object. It’s a small keychain of Thanos’ glove.
“I’m really happy for you, Jungkook-ah. I understand you want to cut ties with everything here in Seoul.” They talked about it in one of the nights. “You should. You deserve to be free from your past. I’m glad that you can do it now.”
“But a selfish part of me still wants you to remember me.” Yoongi bitter smiles but continues with so much love and sincerity in his voice. “Hope this reminds you of your little Thanos here who wishes you all the best with everything you do in the future.”
He then reaches out to ruffle the bigger man’s soft and wavy long hair. This time it is Jungkook whose eyes have become glassy and breath has turned shaky.
“Hey. I have something to say too.” He clears his throat as he cups his own face with Yoongi’s hand. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, actually. I think about it so much that I even start seeing it in my dreams.”
Yoongi knows intuitively what he is going to hear will change things forever. He shakes his head as he holds his breath. Jungkook pauses to swallow before he continues, ignoring how loud Taehyung’s earlier questions are ringing in his head right now.
“I see myself working at the farm in a hot summer day, all sweaty and dusty. And there is you, sitting at the engawa of our house looking at me, smiling at me, and petting some stray cats around you.”
“… Kook-ah... please stop.” He pleads lowly, voice deep and face still serene with a silent tear escaping his eye. “You’re always there in my dreams, never absent.” Jungkook’s eyes begin to grow wet again. “And then I want more. I want them also in the reality.”
“Please don’t say it… please...” He is crossing the line. They are crossing the line. Now. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“I fell in love with you, Yoongi. I can’t live without you. I’m bringing you with me to Japan.” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yoongi hears every single word Jungkook said clearly. But he is not able to utter a word. All he can do is sob and finally let those endless drops of tears run free on his cheeks.
He has never hated himself so much, never hated his life so much. He wonders if things would be easier for him, for both of them, in an alternate universe where he is finally born normal, so he doesn’t have to hesitate in front of such loving confession, so he can say yes easily.
He takes both of Yoongi’s hands into his. His voice trembles too. “Listen. That’s not a question. I’m not asking for your opinion. I’ll figure out a way to steal you away. I promise. I’m not leaving you here. I can’t. Not anymore.” He says with so much authority and determination
Yoongi shakes his head vigorously. He is panting, his nose is stuffed. “No… please Kook-ah. I’ll ruin you life… I’m ruining it…”
“Ruin it. A life without you is not a life I will live. Go ahead and ruin it.” Jungkook grins, finally letting those tears wet his face. “I’m a selfish man. I don’t allow you to live a life without me either.” They have no turning back now. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“I love you, Jungkook-ah.” Yoongi blinks and more tears slide on his cheeks. “I love you too.”
NSFW 😳 Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
NSFW 😳 Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yoonkook au #yoonkookau The days after that feel surreal for Yoongi. Not just because of the overwhelming sex that they are having almost every night but the fact that Jungkook is literally planning out their big escape.
He asks him about his medical routines, about the shift patterns of the nurses who work around him and on this floor, about how often the Mins visit or need him, about the microchip implant between his thumb and index finger.
Yoongi feels like Jungkook is really getting him out of this place, for good. But none of these feel real for him, strangely. He feels the hype and his heart pounding with every progress that Jungkook has made.
But that’s it. He feels it. Then the feeling goes away. Like he never owns them, they aren’t for him to retain.
He trusts Jungkook with all his heart. He never doubts his love, his determination nor his ability in accomplishing what he sets his mind to. His plan sounds perfect, too. Only a few days later, Yoongi understands why he felt the way he did.
Jungkook is a constant. Whereas Yoongi. He is always a variable. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yoonkook au #yoonkookau 1am. Jungkook is in a good mood. Pops has returned from Bangkok and he plans to speak with him the first tomorrow morning. As he lands on the hospital rooftop, he sees Hoseok waiting for him. Not the usual sunshine Hoseok. But a worn out Hoseok.
“What’s wrong, hyung?” Jungkook knows he sounds more intimidating than he intends to but he couldn’t care less about it now as he is sure if something is wrong, it is about Yoongi.
Hoseok grimaces. “No. Kook-ah. Nothing’s wrong. It’s just that Yoongi hyung doesn’t feel well today. So he asked me to make you leave if you come by tonight.” “What do you mean? He caught a flu or something? Or the bloodsucker needs blood again?”
Hoseok nods rapidly but a little too awkwardly. “Yes, yes. It’s flu season.” He is avoiding Jungkook’s eyes. “He asks you to come next week. He should feel better by then.”
Jungkook knows almost instantly he is lying. Hoseok is displaying all traits of a liar. “Stop bullshitting me, hyung.” He pushes Hoseok out of his way and dashes to the external ladder.
Hoseok curses quietly as he chases behind Jungkook, trying to stop the man from getting close to the ward. He didn’t succeed.
The man is fast and when Hoseok reaches him, Jungkook is already standing right next to the bed, overlooking a pale figure sleeping soundly but with a frown tightly formed in between his brows. Jungkook is stoned when he sees it.
Hoseok hisses before pushing the shocked man into the bathroom and locking the door. Jungkook takes several deep breaths before turning to stare right into Hoseok’s eyes.
“Who did it?” He groans in between his gritted teeth. “Tell me. Who fucking did it?” Hoseok doesn’t answer. His breath as well as his hands are shaking.
“Tell me who fucking broke his legs??” Not just one leg. But both. Both of his legs. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“You know who did it, Jungkook-ah! You know better!” The two are panting as they stare each other down. Jungkook is the first to avert his gaze.
“What did he accuse Yoongi of doing this time?” Jungkook knows something is different this time. This is more than a punishment, or a warning. They are intentionally disabling him, possibly forever.
He can tell from Hoseok’s crumpled face that he knows it all but he can’t bring himself to tell him. Then Jungkook knows.
“It’s about me, isn’t it.” Hoseok’s lip twitches. He looks over his shoulder and sighs.
Three hours ago.
“Do you know why you are here?” Min Taewon asked slowly, sitting leisurely behind his huge desk in his office with two husky bodyguards standing right next to him.
Yoongi stood only inches away from the desk, looking at the older man fearlessly. It was rare for Min Taewon to summons him at such late hours. Something had to be up. But he couldn’t quite figure out what it was.
“You know, this is what I always like about you. You are quiet. As quiet as a ghost. So no one can see you or know about your existence.” He was holding a hardcover book, inspecting it like one of his precious antique vases. “Thanks. I thought you only like my blood.”
And then the next thing he knew was the book flying right onto his face, a corner of it jabbed at one of his cheekbones and a purple mark was emerging from his pale skin. He didn’t flinch, though.
“Your mouth just never learnt to be as quiet as your existence.” Min Taewon smirked, looking satisfied with the purple mark on Yoongi’s face.
Yoongi wanted to talk back so badly. But he asks himself not to. He was going to see Jungkook tonight. He didn’t want to worry him with more than one bruise on his face.
The older man continued. “Tell me. When have you grown tired of being quiet?” Yoongi kept his composure when he was processing his question. Min Taewon had never been a patient man. He didn’t wait for a response and slid a photograph across the desk to Yoongi.
His eyes quaked unnoticeably the moment he saw Jungkook in it, wearing a black cap and a facemark but exposing those doe and familiar eyes. Still, Yoongi didn’t flinch. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Min Taewon stood from his chair slowly and leaned closer to Yoongi with both of his fists pressed on the desk. Their faces are only inches away when his whispered, “I don’t care where you piece of shit found this Noah’s arch of yours—“
“If I’m a piece of shit, then so is your lovely son. My blood runs in him. His life depends on it.”
Then a backslap landed on his face. He felt blood in his mouth and his precious blood tasted disgusting. He hoped he didn’t twist his neck from the blow.
Min Taewon put his hand back on the desk. He didn’t look as offended as Yoongi had thought he would be. “I’m not done yet.” He warned before resuming. “That’s what I’ll do to that Noah’s arch. I’ll either sink it, or stop you from boarding it.”
“I’ve never tried running away. Not even once.” Yoongi snapped. He was staring right back at the older man’s eyes. He is not letting a finger of him to lay on Jungkook. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“Then prove it.” He gestured for his bodyguards to come forward.
Yoongi didn’t shake when he rolled up to expose his bony left shin. “The other one too.”
He paused for a second and during which, he realised that for the first time of the night he is shaking and he felt sweat building around his forehead and his neck.
When the familiar sound of bone cracking hit his ears and the familiar feeling of tears washing over his face as the pain was never bearable notwithstanding how hard he tried to hide it every time,
all that he had in mind was the image of a happy Jungkook looking at him in his farmer outfit slowly dimming and fading out like some smoke vanishing.
Still, Yoongi didn’t flinch. He didn’t make any noise either. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Jungkook is nipping his lower lip with his fingers, looking at Yoongi meters away near the medical station as Hoseok is patching up his bloody knuckles. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
He threw punches at the concrete wall of the bathroom until he saw red after Hoseok had told him what happened. Hoseok has warned him against visiting Yoongi these days. He can’t bear seeing another bone on Yoongi break.
He skips the part about Min Taewon planning to move Yoongi to the wards in the basement. He isn’t sure if Yoongi wants Jungkook to know about it yet. As soon as Hoseok is done and Jungkook’s hand is now wrapped in white, the younger’s phone buzzes.
It is a message from Han. It says Pops requests to see him now.
There is such a contrast between Pops and Jungkook at this moment. Pops is looking all fresh as if the Bangkok trip wasn’t for work but a vacation, whereas Jungkook is looking more tense and dangerous than usual and his veins are fiercely bulging across his forehead.
It is impossible for Pops to not notice the rage sitting under that muscular body of Jungkook which will erupt with the slightest provocation. But it doesn’t bother him. He squeezes Jungkook’s thighs as soon as the younger plops down on the armchair right next to him.
“Congrats, kid. I received Han’s report when I was getting the best foot massage I’ve ever had in my life.” Pops crosses his arms in front of his chest. “3003 kills in ten years. You’re the best sniper any Mafia could have asked for.” He looks proud.
“I’ve paid my parents’ debts. I’m leaving.” Jungkook announces firmly. “Don’t worry, kid. The debt’s settled. You owe me nothing from now on.” He smiles. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
It’s that smile again. Jungkook never feels comfortable with that smile. He wants to leave. But before he can do that, Pops continues. “Now that you’re a free man, we can talk about business. I have an opportunity for you.”
Jungkook huffs. He knows Pops will never make it easy for him. Never. “No.” He rejects. He doesn’t even need to hear about it. Pops is playing tricks again he needs to get out of here before he starts.
He presses Jungkook down on his shoulders and soothes him. “Hey, kid. Listen. It’s all just offer and acceptance. I offer you a job. I let you know my terms. You like it, you take it. You don’t like it, you walk away. No pressure. No hard feelings. As simple as that.”
He is still wearing that hideous smile on his face and it is as disgusting as ever. “You’re the best sniper in the underground. Give the old man a chance to scout you.” Jungkook looks away in annoyance to let Pops carry on.
“1% of our annual net profits. Plus my apartment at Gangnam. We can take it slow with a two years contract.” Pops grins. He looks proud with how generous and promising his package is.
“I’ll also raise you to a higher rank. You’ll have more authorities and men under you if you want. But in essence nothing changes in respect of your job duties. You’ll still work as a sniper. How’s that?”
“Thanks.” Jungkook says with a blank face. “But no.” This has never been what he wants. All he wants is what this mob world is not.
“Oh I nearly forget. There is another bonus that comes with this package. And I’m sure you’ll like it.”
Pops fishes a photograph from his pocket and flashes it to Jungkook. “If you accept my offer, this boy lives.”
Jungkook feels a bomb exploded within his chest when he sees the pale man in the the photo, as beautiful as always.
Before he realises, he stomps at the side table in front of him, letting every item on it free falls onto the floor violently, and surges forward to grab at Pop’s collar like he really isn’t his boss, or creditor if to be precise, anymore.
“I’ll fucking end you, your gang and everything you own if you lay a finger on him.” Jungkook’s eyes are red when he utters every word out clearly and calmly between his clutched teeth. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Pops holds his hand up to stop his other men in the room who have rushed over and encircled them.
“Easy. Kid. Easy.” He keeps wearing that smile on his face. “You take the offer, the boy lives. I didn’t say I’ll kill him if you drop the offer. I’ll just go meet him myself, personally. And have a touch of that beautiful skin myself.”
Jungkook knew Pops wouldn’t let him go easily. But blackmailing him with Yoongi? Jungkook only has himself to blame. He should have stolen and hidden him away the moment he called him his.
“You know pretty well that I love beautiful thing, don’t you? He looks perfect. Too bad he is a cripple.” He shrugs.
A cripple? How did he know Yoongi— Oh fucking hell. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“You’re the one who exposed me to the Mins.” His eyes have never been bigger. His lips are shivering. You are the reason why they broke his legs, both of them.
“Well, yes. And no, you made yourself exposable in the first place.” He states matter-of-factly.
Yes, Pops is right, Jungkook realises. He is the reason, the sole reason. He is the cause of the sufferings Yoongi is enduring now and will have to endure and live with for the rest of his life.
A cripple. Permanent disability. Because of him. Because he found him first and approached him on the rooftop. Because he then fell madly in love with him. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
It’s me. I destroyed him. I destroyed the love of my life. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“It’s great seeing you again, hyung. I missed you two.” Taehyung pouts as he takes a sip from his cup of hot chocolate. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“You should come visit us when your time is due and you can come back to Japan.” Seokjin says as he pats the head of the little boy napping on his lap in a soothingly slow rhythm. The trip from Busan to Seoul has exhausted the ten-year-old.
“I should be able to come back next year. My first stop would definitely be you guys!” Taehyung shows them his signature boxy grin. “By the way, I thought you guys are heading back right after you get your things done in Busan. How come you’re now stopping by Seoul?”
Namjoon lets out a long sigh. “Well, my mom tricked us. She told me my dad was unwell.” “Your dad? He’s perfectly fine! He was even at the frontline with us during our joint mission in Busan a few weeks ago. Your hyung was there too.” Taehyung is finishing off his drink.
Namjoon is the youngest son of the legendary leader of the Kims, the largest mafia group in South Korea.
Seokjin doesn’t look as bothered. “They just wanted to see their estranged son.” “I wasn’t estranged. We had a deal.” Namjoon says. “And correction. It is their son-in-law and their new grandson that they wanted to see. I’m just the plus one that no one cares about.”
“Why would they want to see their ex-secretary slash ex-private duty nurse?” Seokjin counters, eyes rolling. “‘Cause that’s what you were, baby. But now you are their son’s husband. You—“
“Ok! Stop! Stop!” Taehyung can’t take it anymore. “Don’t remind me how hard I’m third wheeling right now.” He pouts and steals Seokjin’s drink away from his hand and takes a huge gulp. The couple looks at each other with a grin before trailing their attention back to Taehyung.
“So how’s Jungkook? Has he recovered yet?” Namjoon carefully begins the topic about the younger. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Taehyung shuts his eyes the moment he hears the name. “Jeon Jungkook? He’s worse than ever.”
It’s been a week since that blow with Pops. “He basically locks himself in his room punching sandbag all day till he passes out.” His room has a small open area with some gears for him to workout.
“He scared the shit out of me that night when he called.” Namjoon recalls that phone call from a week ago. The younger cried quietly but with so much sorrow. Seokjin nods. “I took us hours to soothe him.”
“And it took me dozens of banana milk and countless snacks to get him open his fucking door and let me in so I’d know if he’s dead yet.” Taehyung rolls his eyes, ready to start a competition on who had done more in the past week in making sure Jungkook was fine.
“They need to talk.” Seokjin suggests and the rest agree. “Do you know anything about how’s that Min Yoongi? How is he recovering?”
“I’m about to learn that.” Taehyung finishes Seokjin’s drink too. “I’ve asked his nurse out tonight. Wanna join?” Namjoon thinks for a second before nodding. “I’ll be there.”
In a darker corner of the 24-hour cafe, there sits an antsy Hoseok who is holding a cup of hot coffee to warm his icy-cold hands and looking around nervously. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
He freaked out when he got Taehyung’s call last night claiming he was Jungkook’s friend and asking for a quick meet up to talk about Yoongi.
To be frank, Hoseok is worried about Jungkook too. He never came back after that night and the fact that Yoongi had got both of his legs broken because of him seemed to have literally torn him apart.
When Hoseok is still deep in his thoughts, two figures approach and hover over him blocking lights.
“So pretty Yoongi’s friend is pretty too.” Taehyung is the first to speak. He takes a seat at the couch right across Hoseok. Taehyung’s greeting draws Hoseok out of his headspace as he snaps his head up he meets a pair of sharp eyes and a boxy smile.
Intimidated by the man’s beauty and firm glare, Hoseok takes a good few seconds to compose himself. “You’re one to say. Handsome Jungkook’s friend is apparently handsome too.”
Taehyung chuckles faintly. “I’m Taehyung. This is Namjoon. We are Jungkook’s closest hyungs.” Seokjin didn’t make it tonight as he had to take care of Jimin. Namjoon greets Hoseok with a smile showing his dimples.
“... how’s Jungkook?” Hoseok opens the conversation with what concerns him the most. “He wasn’t taking it well that night. He even hurt himself.” Guilt is written all over his face. He still feels bad for not being able to stop Jungkook from breaking his knuckles that night.
The bigger men seem to be taken a back a little by how much care Hoseok is displaying towards Jungkook. That’s how the two immediately take a liking to Hoseok. They go ahead to fill him in and update him how bad Jungkook has been coping.
“It wasn’t his fault at all! What the fuck is that brat thinking?” Hoseok ruffles his hair in disbelief as Taehyung filled him in about what Pops had done to the lovers. “Is that why he isn’t visiting Yoongi anymore?”
“I guess so. He’s frustrated he doesn’t know what to do and how to fulfill his promises to Yoongi.” Taehyung sighs. “How about Yoongi? How’s his legs?”
Hoseok gives Taehyung a tired glare. “I won’t give you the details about how the bad the injury is but I can assure you it’s way worse than it looks.”
“And the damage is permanent. He needs loads of regular and proper physical therapy sessions after that just to get him back on his feet. And it’s certain that he won’t be able to do anything heavy duty with his legs in the future.”
It’s not like Yoongi is a sporty or outgoing person, or he has ever had a chance to know if he is one or not. The thought that Yoongi is many options short in his future alone is enough to distress Hoseok.
Those words makes the air heavy among them. None of them knows how to continue with the conversation. After some minutes of them drinking from their own beverages silently, Namjoon is the one who has the courage to move on to the next burning question.
“So what does Yoongi think about Jungkook now?” He asks carefully. Hoseok scratches his neck. “Yoongi hyung was never a dreamer. He’s spent his entire life in that cage, so it’s natural for him to be that way. But I think Jungkook is slowly changing him in that respect.”
He continues after a short pause. “He is stuck in this dilemma where he wants Jungkook to come back to honour the promises but he is also in constantly fear that he is a burden to him and the great escape will just kill them both because of him.”
“They are silly.” Taehyung concludes. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Hoseok grimaces. “A lot of things are going on in Yoongi hyung’s head and I understand that. It’s not as simple as whether there is love between them. And whether the big escape will work or not.”
“We’re also talking about Jungkook having to take care of a person with permanent disability for the rest of his life. Who also happens to have one of the rarest blood types in the world.” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Namjoon agrees. He jolts his chin out a little as he proposes. “I think first thing first we need to get them to meet and talk. They need to decide if they still want to be with each other.”
“If no, case close. Brace ourselves as we get to be the supportive friends that we have been to help them through the breakup.” Namjoon is looking at Hoseok too. “If they are not ready to let go, then we help them figure out what to do next.”
Namjoon is a practical person. He likes to get things done and see things get done. The other two nods and they go on to come up with a plan to set the lovers up.
“How are you feeling, hyung?” “Hey, Hoseok-ah.” Yoongi greets the man walking towards him, holding something behind his back. “I’m alright. Dr. Song is never gentle when examining me but I’m fine.” He tries to sit up on his bed. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Hoseok helps by moving his pillow to his lower back so he can sit more comfortably. “My shift just ended. Wanna join me in the rooftop for some food?” He grins and flashes the box of pizza out of his back.
Yoongi is actually tired, it’s half past midnight after all. But he figures it’d be nice to get some fresh air. He hasn’t left his ward since that night.
Yoongi holds Hoseok’s box of pizza on his lap as the younger drives him to the rooftop. He takes a deep breath once he hits the rooftop and only then he realises how much he has missed being outdoor.
He looks at the railings next to which Jungkook found him on the first night they met and feels nostalgia washing all over his body. He has missed the sniper but he didn’t know he missed him this much.
Yoongi leads Hoseok to the hideout spot behind the ventilation machines. Memories wash over him again like a flood.
He remembers how they spent hours talking about random stuffs, enjoying Seoul’s sunset and night view, bickering and arguing over the most trivial and unimportant things. Those were some good times, in fact the best times in his life.
Yoongi is forced to withdraw from his deep thoughts the moment he hears footsteps and whisperings approaching them. He is not worried about being exposed as the hideout is rather safe but he is curious about the owners of those sounds.
Before he is given the chance to brace himself, he sees him. His head is low, gaze fixed on his boots. His hair is much longer than before but it’s still as fluffy as ever. He also looks, more ripped under that black oversized t-shirt?
Yoongi tries to take in as many details as he can. It’s been too long. He wants to study every change that he has missed. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
It is only when someone clears his throat audibly and awkwardly after a good minute has passed does Yoongi realise they are not alone.
Each of Jungkook’s arms is held firmly by a person. To his left is a young and good looking man wearing the prettiest boxy grin he has ever seen. And to his right is a taller and more muscular man smiling with a pair of sharp dimples. It looks as if they are holding him hostage.
Yoongi also sees two other figures standing a meter away behind the trio. Another beautiful man with broad shoulders and a tiny waist. There is a smaller figure hiding behind him. A kid, whose curious and innocent eyes are traveling around the six adults in front of him.
Hoseok is the one who breaks the silence. “Yoongi hyung. I’m sorry for setting you up. These are Jungkook’s closest friends. And we all think you two should talk.”
“It has taken us hours to drag this big baby out of his room.” Taehyung is the next one who talks. “I’m Taehyung by the way. And this Namjoon hyung and Seokjin Hyung. That little baby is Jiminie.”
“Jiminie is not a baby!” Jimin yells. He still hasn’t learnt to treat Taehyung as his hyung yet. Seokjin immediately shushes him and covers his mouth with his large hands. They don’t need any extra and unneeded attention to interrupt Yoongi and Jungkook’s reunion.
But Jimin’s outburst seems to have loosened everyone up a little, especially Jungkook. Namjoon raises a hand to ask Seokjin to relax as Jimin wasn’t actually that loud. He turns back to Yoongi. “We’ll leave this kid to you. Is that alright?”
Yoongi nods slowly and drives himself a little closer to the bigger man who still refuses to look at him. A Jungkook that avoids him is definitely something new and also something that Yoongi is not used to and does not enjoy.
“So it only took you a week to get as ripped as Thor? That’s impressive.” Yoongi speaks after taking some seconds to gather enough courage. He hopes the Marvel reference will relax the man and it does. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
The sniper finally raises his head to look at Yoongi so Yoongi can look properly at him too. Namjoon and Taehyung consider it a right timing to let go of Jungkook’s arms. The five of them walk away quietly, giving them the privacy they need.
Tears are slowly gathering around Yoongi’s eyes. Jungkook looks much older just in a week’s time. He has lost his cockiness and confidence. His lips are pale and dry. He looks so fucked up.
But Yoongi doesn’t look any better in Jungkook’s eyes. He looks bonier and paler than ever. His full cheeks are gone. His veins at the back of his hands are fiercely visible like some ugly branches.
“Look at us. We’re so fucked.” Yoongi grins as he blinks away the tears which are now falling slowing from the corners of those tired eyes.
Jungkook bobs his head slowly. “Yes, we are. But you’re still the most beautiful person in this entire world. This hasn’t changed.” His voice is deep and rough.
“You’re still mine right. Or has that changed too?” Yoongi asks weakly after a moment of silence and noticing the hint of coldness in Jungkook’s tone.
Jungkook’s voice trembles. “Not sure if you’ve been told. It was me. Your legs… it’s all because of me.”
Yoongi knew. From Min Taewon who checked on him a few nights ago. “You didn’t answer me, Jungkook.”
“Does that even matter anymore?” Jungkook huffs.
This love, the ownership over each other. They won’t change what happened. They won’t change the fact of how unworthy he is. He had sworn to protect, to get him out of hell. But what he did instead was creating another hell for Yoongi, and worst of all, pushing him right into it.
He will never forget the last thing Pops said to him that night - “You turned him into a handicap.”
Yoongi freezes. Jungkook’s words are icy-cold and they hurt so bad, worse than his legs, worse than any pain that has ever been inflicted on him. So it doesn’t matter to Jungkook anymore. Yoongi thinks to himself as his heart sinks.
“It… it’s ok that it doesn’t matter to you anymore. I get that. But I just want to tell you why it still matters to me.” He coughs to clear his throat.
“If you’re still mine, I’d be able to hug you in my arms, tight enough to let you know it’s never your fault and you did nothing wrong. You won’t believe me, I know it.”
“But if you’re still mine, I’d be able to repeat telling you the same thing day after day, until you’re convinced that there is nothing to be forgiven because you were never wrong in the first place.”
“And if you’re still mine, I can shamelessly ask you to promise me the world again, even though I’ll regret asking for that afterwards.”
Jungkook is playing back all the conversations he has had with Yoongi in his head. He thinks about every word that Yoongi has said to him since the night they met. Then Jungkook remembers how generous Yoongi has always been in sharing his deepest feelings about them with him.
Yoongi has a serious lack of confidence in himself, but he is never uncertain about his feelings. And most important of all, he shares them with all honesty.
On that night of their first kiss as well as the night of their first sex, Yoongi was the first to uncover his feelings with no disguise. He gave speeches about them.
Even tonight. Yoongi still manages to be the one taking the first step. Even after what was done to him, what was said to him.
“Why regret?” Jungkook asks. His face is now wet with tears and his eyes are red.
“Because I have nothing to give back in return. I’ll always be the one who keeps receiving from you.” Yoongi’s fists are clenching his knees, eyes boring into his casted legs.
But Yoongi isn’t stopping there. He inhales deeply before he continues, tone firm and unyielding, holding his breath, his tears, his trembles. “But I’ll suck it up.”
“I’ll suck the regret up. I’ll live with it. Let it consume me. I’ll feel guilty everyday after this to see you having to carry me around because my fucking legs are as good as dead.”
“I’ll fucking eat that guilt up, I’ll swallow it, let it fuck me up, haunt me every night, if that means I can keep you. That’s how much I care, how much it still matters to me.” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Oh boy. Yoongi isn’t here for the tip off only. Tonight, he’s here to end the game and close the deal too. He’s here to take into his own hands what Jungkook has become too coward and uncertain to do.
He moves towards Yoongi for the first time tonight, dropping on his knees in front of him. He opens his mouth but his hiccups and trembling voice cause him to pause to compose himself.
He swallows loudly, twice, and takes a deep shaky breath before he says every word carefully, one by one.
“The chance to take care of you, to cherish you, is the best thing that you can give to me. I’m the receiver, Yoongi. I’ve always been the only one who keeps receiving.” Even tonight, I’m the receiver of your love and fortitude, my strong strong Yoongi.
Every muscle on Yoongi’s face is quivering and twitching as he continues to listen to the younger. “I have so much guilt on my plate too. Seems that’s what we’ll be eating for every meal from now on. So I guess we won’t be having any ice cream or gimbap for some time.”
Yoongi barks a breathy laugh and shakes his head. “We’re fucked. We’re so fucked.” “Yes, we are. We’re exactly that.” Jungkook sniffs and returns him a bright grin before he leans in to claim his lips.
His mouth is hot and his lips are dry. Yoongi moisturises those dry lips by sucking and licking them and Jungkook returns the favour. They have missed every single inch of what they are tasting.
They apologize and confess their love to each other in between kisses but none of these feel enough. The void of their own doing has become too big to fill. They need more proximity and assuring words to get rid of it. They will get there, they will overcome this.
A train of thoughts is present in both of their minds— This is not their last stop. Tonight is just one of the many stops along the journey.
There’s so much more ahead of them. So many battles to fight, against the world, against injuries and sickness, against the monsters in their hearts.
They might lose. They might fail in breaking free from their destinies. They might never win against the guilt in their hearts and have it eaten them alive. They might fuck things up again. Again. And again.
But they have to do all of these together.
Together they can afford and survive every defeat on their way. And only together will they rise as one. Together.
Weeks ago, they vowed to love each other, they vowed to belong to each other. It turned out love had flaws. Love was imperfect. Love was not their ultimate answer or salvation. And love drifted them apart, and almost destroyed them.
Tonight, they are renewing their vows. This time they are promising to overcome the weakness of love. Love is strong. But together, they are stronger.
“Alright guys! Stop what you’re doing! We have a baby here.” Taehyung barges back into the hideout spot when situation has got a little out of control as Jungkook begins to plant wet kisses over Yoongi’s exposed neck and quiet moans begin to leak from the elder’s swollen lips.
“Jiminie is not a baby!” Jimin runs after Taehyung and begins swatting him at his arms. “How many times do I have to say it, Kim Taehyung!”
“Yah! Call me hyung, you brat!” Taehyung turns around to chase after Jimin, trying to catch him but in vain as the rest of the group has slowly marched in and Jimin immediately hides behind Seokjin and pokes his tongue out.
“Alright, baby number one, Kim Taehyung, please stop yelling at baby number two, Park Jimin.” Namjoon is stopping Taehyung from getting closer to Seokjin and Jimin.
Seokjin adds firmly while squeezing Jimin’s chubby and soft cheeks, “and baby number two, please apologise to Taehyung and call him hyung. Where’re you manners?” Jimin pauses for a moment then reluctantly says as he pouts, “sorry, Taehyungie hyung.”
Someone is then heard bursting into giggles. It is Yoongi. Jungkook is cleaning the spits on Yoongi’s lips with his knuckles and he is also surprised by the giggles like everyone else is. Now all eyes are on Yoongi.
“So Captain America and Ironman are now working together to solve a bicker? I like that.” Yoongi grins. “Sorry, that’s how Jungkook describes you two.” He points at Namjoon and Seokjin. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Seokjin smiles back. “Well, that’s still way better than him calling us ‘Dads’ like he used to.” “‘Daddies’. I used to call you two my ‘Daddies’.” Jungkook corrects him playfully. He sounds proud. His cockiness is returning.
“Fuck you, Jeon Jungkook! How many time do I have to tell you? Don’t you dare calling Namjoon ‘daddy’ again. That’s his reserved name in bed when we have se—“
“Yah!” Hoseok, Taehyung, Jungkook and Namjoon all yell at the same time to stop Seokjin from finishing the sentence.
Two seconds of silence. Then everyone bursts into laughter including Jimin, even though he is too young to understand what that incomplete sentence means. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“So.” Namjoon clears his throat and asks while munching his pizza, cold but still delicious. “Can we assume things are as good as before between you two?” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
They are devouring the pizza that Hoseok has brought with him to the rooftop. Jungkook takes a deep breath and locks eyes with Yoongi before he replies, “yes, hyung. We are.”
Confidence and determination are slowing returning to Jungkook, Yoongi thinks to himself and he is glad. He gives their clasped hands a firm grip.
“Hyung.” He continues after a long pause. “We’ll need your help to get out of here. It’s a huge favour to ask for but you are the only one who—“ “Anything for you, Kook-ah.” Namjoon cuts him off with a dimple smile.
“Yes, Kook. Order him around. It’s time for him to put that old and lame title of ‘strongest brain of the underworld’ into good use again.” Seokjin says nonchalantly while feeding Jimin with the last piece of pizza and ignoring the whining Taehyung who wants the last slice too.
“You have the best people around, Jungkook-ah.” Yoongi is touched by how supportive his friends are. “Thank you so much, Namjoon-ssi.” “Namjoon is fine, future neighbour.” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
It has taken Namjoon and Jungkook a few days to come up with a plan and they need two weeks to prepare everything for the big escape.
They can’t afford to wait for the full recovery of Yoongi’s leg in light of Min Taewon’s plan to move Yoongi to a more highly secured ward in the basement of the hospital. They need to get out before that.
Jungkook has given Yoongi his old phone to make communication easier. They have a group chat with everyone, and Hoseok and Taehyung remain the most active members in it. Jimin got himself in the group chat too by throwing a two-hour tantrum. It was Namjoon who gave in.
The plan sounds solid. But the only thing that worries him is the involvement of Hoseok. He plays an important role in the plan.
Hoseok however is more excited than worried. If things are smooth, the worst scenario for Hoseok is him losing his job. He has planned to quit anyway as soon as Yoongi is gone so it doesn’t bother him. But what if things go wrong? Yoongi doesn’t dare think about it.
But it is too late to talk Hoseok out of it now when the man, just like him, has already developed a bond with the other five men. There is no way he would allow himself to be left out of this adventure notwithstanding how dangerous it is. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
They are now five days away from the d-day. Namjoon calls for a final briefing at the rooftop tonight to go through the plan and make sure everyone is on top of their roles. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Hoseok and Yoongi are the last to arrive. Jungkook gives Yoongi a deep kiss right in front of the group as the duo hasn’t met since the reunion weeks ago.
They did text each other during the period but only occasionally as Yoongi was being extra cautious and he couldn’t afford getting caught again.
“Yah! Kim Taehyung! Get your hands off my eyes!” Jimin yells as he peels Taehyung’s hands off him. “I’ve seen Dads kiss too. It’s no big deal.” He shrugs showing everyone what a big boy he is.
“Yah! It’s hyung!” Taehyung grabs Jimin onto his lap and starts spanking him playfully. Jimin is all giggles. “Alright guys. Let’s get down to business.” Namjoon snaps his fingers a couple of times to draw everyone’s attention on him.
Namjoon calls the plan a five-step plan. Step one: Get Yoongi out of the hospital to the van.
Jungkook is responsible for this since Yoongi isn’t able to walk yet so they need a man strong enough to carry Yoongi on him to escape from the hospital. No one here can do a better job than the muscular bunny. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Jungkook looks at Yoongi as he explains the route that they will take. “We will take the exterior ladder right outside of the window of your ward up to the rooftop which has a bridge connecting to the west wing of the hospital.
And we will escape from there to the parking lot. The rest will wait for us in a white van.” Namjoon adds, “I’ll have some men go take care of the surveillance cameras around the route as well as the locked gate to give you access to the bridge.”
Step two: Remove the microchip implant from Yoongi’s hand. Once Yoongi and Jungkook have boarded the van, Hoseok and Seokjin will work on the microchip implant.
“We’ll get you anaesthetic. So don’t worry.” Hoseok tries to sound as firm as he can be. “I estimate it’ll take me 5 minutes to get it out.”
Namjoon adds, “so before your implant is out and destroyed, we’ll drive south to mislead them. Only after it’s done, we’ll detour towards the west. Our next stop is Incheon.” “And hyung, remember what we’ve agreed?” Jungkook shoots Namjoon a glare.
He nods. “Yes, I do. You’ll drive. I’ll sit shotgun. Everyone will wear black and a face mask. The windows are tinted anyway. But we play it safe.” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
The arrangement is specifically requested by Jungkook. He doesn’t want any one of his friends identified subsequently. He has put them in enough danger already.
Step three: Get on board the vessel to Taiwan. Given Yoongi’s conditions and for the sake of safety, the vessel that Namjoon decides to arrange is one that allows their van to roll right on it so they don’t have to exit the van and expose themselves throughout the escape.
The vessel will sail to Taiwan first. This is to play safe in case they are followed.
Step four: Drop Taehyung and Hoseok off. Namjoon will have a speedboat ready at Deokjeokdo and that’s where they will drop Taehyung and Hoseok off. The speedboat will take them back to Ansan and two cars will be ready to drive them back to Seoul separately.
Step five: Board another vessel to Japan. They will hide in Taiwan for some days first before boarding another vessel to their final destination, Japan. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“Is everyone clear?” Namjoon asks, ready to call it a night. Yoongi has a question. “So Jiminie will be with us the whole time? Why not fly him and Seokjin hyung back to Japan first? This is too dangerous for him.”
He doesn’t feel like risking a kid’s life for some selfish ends of his, not to mention he isn’t just some kid. He is their son, as well as the precious baby of the group.
Seokjin gives Yoongi’s shoulder a firm squeeze. “We stay next to each other no matter what. Some stupid rule that Namjoon set long time ago. It applies even now we have Jimin.” Namjoon concurs. “We are each other’s safest place.”
Safest place. Yoongi turns to look at Jungkook. And he thinks about what a safe place means to him. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Two days later. Three days away from d-day.
Yoongi is panting and nervously typing up a text with Jungkook’s old phone in his bathroom. He keeps making typos as his hands are shaking and they are disgustingly sweaty. He puts the phone down on his lap after sending out the text and he closes his eyes shut.
“They are moving me to the basement tomorrow.”
Someone knocks on his door after he didn’t know how many minutes or hours have passed. It is Hoseok. He kneels before a panic-stricken Yoongi and holds his hands into his. “Listen, hyung. My shift will end in an hour. I’ll meet the guys and we will get you out of here tonight.”
He isn’t any better. His voice trembles as well as his breaths. Yoongi is shaking but he manages to follow Hoseok’s instructions to take a few deep breaths and to stay focused. “1am right?” His voice is weak.
“Yes. 1am. Keep it together and text us if anything is wrong. Ok?” Yoongi nods. Hoseok storms off leaving a scared Yoongi alone in the bathroom. Everything was perfect. The plan was perfect. Until that motherfucker Min Taewon got in the way. Yoongi curses quietly to himself.
He then gets a voice message from Jungkook, sent not to the group chat but their private chat. “Hey babe, it’s me. I know you’re going through a lot of things in your head right now. It’s ok to freak out. That’s fine. Go nap a bit if that makes you feel better.”
“Do whatever you want that will make you feel better. But keep me in mind no matter what you do. Think of me, think of us. And the countryside that is waiting for us. I’m coming for you tonight. And we’re getting out of our cages together.”
“Please believe in me and the rest of the team. After tonight, nothing can tear us apart.” Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Jungkook’s voice slowly soothes him, as if he is right there with him embracing him in his strong arms telling him that everything will be alright. A safe place. This is what a safe place feel like. He is his safe place.
He shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath. When he opens them again a few minutes later, fear and frustration have been erased from his eyes. What remains is focus and determination. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
1am sharp. Step one. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
A black object is making small movements right outside the window of Yoongi’s ward. It disappears after it has made a quick scan of what’s happening inside the ward. Yoongi sees him but immediately averts his gaze away from the window.
“Are you guys done? Can’t you motherfuckers finish it tomorrow? I need to sleep.” He scolds at the two familiar faces who are now busying around in his ward.
The two husky bodyguards of Min Taewon are packing Yoongi’s minimal possessions made up of some books and notebooks into some paper boxes. One of them replies blankly but with so much authority in his tone. “It is Mr. Min’s order to move your things down to basement tonight.”
Yoongi gulps. He hopes the next thing that this man will tell him, isn’t they have changed their mind and are moving him to the basement tonight as well.
He holds his breath as he watches the bulky men pick those boxes up and marches out of his ward after giving him a nonchalant glare. They have the manner to help Yoongi turn the lights off before leaving.
Yoongi patiently waits until the footsteps vanishes in the elevator of his floor before he drives himself to the windows to search for Jungkook. He reaches his arms out as he watches the younger hop down from the open windows and land in his ward steadily and smoothly.
Jungkook immediately lunges forward to let himself trapped between those arms. He takes a deep breath from Yoongi’s neck before leaving a quick peck on his ear shell. His safe place. Our safe place.
Yoongi nudges his nose against Jungkook’s before they give each other one last kiss. “We need to go.” Jungkook grins. He turns his back towards the older man and wraps Yoongi’s arms firmly around his shoulders. “I need you to hold on to me. Don’t let go.”
Yoongi nods as he scoots to the edge of the wheelchair to let Jungkook carry him in piggyback style. Although it hurts, Yoongi still tries to move his casted calves a little to secure them around Jungkook’s middle.
Yoongi gives Jungkook’s head a quick peck before the younger climbs out of the window and they flee. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
The trip from Yoongi’s ward to their van is easier than they have imagined. Jungkook turns his head and checks in with Yoongi almost every few seconds to make sure he is fine.
The moment he sees the white van and the faces of the people waiting for them in it, Yoongi feels safe and relieved as they are close to getting step one done.
Jungkook places Yoongi carefully into the arms of Hoseok and Seokjin. Just as he is sliding the door close, a black shadow emerges from nowhere and blows Jungkook onto the ground.
The Mins are way faster than he has expected, Jungkook thinks to himself. He gets up swiftly pressing down the urge to pull his gun out to get rid of the man with one swift pull of trigger. Namjoon has made him promise no shooting unless absolutely required by the situation.
He throws a punch right across the man’s face before adding another jab to his abdomen. A perfect knockout. But the passed out man apparently is not alone. Another guy appears behind a nearby bush in no time. And he is smarter, he is holding out a dagger.
“Kook! Get in and start the car! I’ll take care of him.” Taehyung breaks out from the backseats and yells. Jungkook rogers that and throws himself into the drivers seat.
Then it almost happens at the same time, Jungkook pressing his foot on the accelerator, his hand hovering over the hand break, and Taehyung giving a double high kick to first knock the dagger off the man’s hand and breaking his nose with the second kick.
Taehyung lands gracefully before dashing back into the van. Jungkook releases the hand break in no time and gets them out of the parking lot without wasting a second. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Step two. Hoseok is laying down the supplies needed to remove the microchip implant on his lap.
His voice trembles. “I’m sorry, Yoongi hyung. We don’t have anaesthetics.” Those ordered by Seokjin will only arrive tomorrow. Yoongi gulps and takes in a shaking breath. “It’s alright. I can do it.” He is experienced with pain. He can bear it. Let the last be the worst.
Jungkook checks Yoongi out through the rear view mirror, brows twisted with worry. They can only eat what’s on the table now.
Seokjin and Hoseok have both gloved up. Hoseok has the scalpel in hand, Seokjin is holding some gauze pads, ready to assist Hoseok with the operation and Namjoon is pointing a flashlight at Yoongi’s hand.
Yoongi knows they have no time to lose, given the Mins has already caught sight of his prison break. He bobs his head rapidly to hurry Hoseok to begin. He also gives Taehyung an eye to remind him of hiding Jimin away from the scene which is going to be hella bloody.
As soon as Hoseok looks around and confirms that everyone is ready, especially that Jimin’s eyes are securely covered by Taehyung’s big hands, he cuts open between Yoongi’s index finger and thumb with his scalpel right on the implant.
Yoongi isn’t making any noise, not even a hiss. He keeps his breath steady while bearing the tremendous pain.
Seokjin fetches more gauze pads from his lap to get rid of the blood flowing from Yoongi’s hand so as to give Hoseok a better view. He is now diving inside the cut with a tweezer searching for the metal object.
He has found it. But it has been in Yoongi’s body for so long that it has almost become part of it. It takes him a several yanks and more blood to pull it out completely. A deep and long groan slips out of Yoongi’s mouth the moment the metal is detached from his hand.
Once it’s out, Seokjin takes over to stop the bleeding and patch Yoongi up as Hoseok passes the object to Namjoon.
Namjoon cleans up the blood stain on it before wrapping it up with a piece of tissue. At the next red light, he rolls his side of the window down and accurately tosses it into the back of a nearby truck like it is a piece of trash.
“How’s he, Seokjin hyung?” Jungkook asks after he has made a few turns which finally bring them all on the highway towards Incheon. Seokjin has let Yoongi lean on him in a comfortable position, head pressing right on his broad shoulder and his wounded hand resting on his lap.
His eyes are closed as he is still recovering from the pain which is strong enough to force him to stay awake despite against his will. “He should be fine. I’ve given him some painkiller.” He pushes a few damped strings of hair away from Yoongi’s sweaty forehead.
Jungkook bobs his head several times before shifting his focus back on the road. They are almost there. Keep it together. He tells himself. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Step three. Jungkook smiles for the first time in the night when he sees their escape vessel. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
They have now stopped a few meters away from the port, waiting the roll on vessel to sail closer to the edge and lower its tailboard so they can drive the van right onto it.
As they wait, Jungkook turns his head to lock eyes with Yoongi. His lips are pale and he looks exhausted. But his eyes sparkles, just like Jungkook’s.
We are almost there. The younger gives him a few firm nods before turning back to check on the vessel.
And then what happens next is quite chaotic. And it traumatises Jungkook for the rest of his life.
Gunshots. Several gunshots. And then the windows next to Jungkook and Namjoon are shattered. Everyone is looking for places to hide. But they are on a van. Their only option is to squat down and hide between the seats.
Jimin was back with Seokjin some minutes before they arrived at the port. They sit at the far back of the van. As soon as the blow hits them, he presses the youngest into his chest and hovers over him to give him as much protection as possible.
Hoseok is doing almost the same thing to Yoongi. He yanks Yoongi down with him to hide between the small space between the backseat and the passengers seat.
He gives Yoongi an apologetic look when he sees blood spilling from his wound turning the bandage on his hand bright red. Yoongi shakes his head to assure him that he is fine.
Taehyung who is sitting right next to Hoseok and Yoongi is the first to pull out his gun, even faster than Jungkook and Namjoon.
Like a warrior that he is, Taehyung makes a few quick shots through the broken window next to Jungkook while hiding behind the drivers seat’s headrest.
The shots aren’t hitting any of their enemies as they have all taken shelters and are hiding behind them. But it is effective enough to stop them from firing, at least in the next couple of seconds.
Taehyung, Jungkook and Namjoon take that short break to gather their heads around the armrest at the middle. There shouldn’t be more than five gunmen around them. There might be more coming if they do not take them down and board the vessel before that.
They are three second away from executing the counterattack. But then Yoongi sees it. In fact, he is the only who sees it. A tiny red dot landing at the back of Jungkook’s head. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
His body moves faster than his brain which keeps yelling at him trying to stop him from doing anything reckless. It is his instinct to protect that has overthrown his rationality.
Two seconds away from the planned counterattack. Yoongi struggles out of Hoseok’s grip and surges forward to Jungkook.
One second away from the planned counterattack. Another gunshot. Then blood. Shitloads of blood. Yoongi’s.
Many years later Jungkook can still vividly remember how his heart stopped the second he saw blood, endless amount of blood pouring out of Yoongi’s body dunking right on to his face,
how he could taste rust on his tastebuds, how hard he gasped so air could continue to flow into his lungs, and how vigorously his hands shook when he touched him, those cold and hard skin all covered in a thick layer of red.
It still haunts him many years later as he is constantly reminded of it, he thinks of it daily if not every moment. This is some pain that he has to and is ready to endure for the rest of his life.
He has come to terms with it when he witnessed that night how Yoongi’s eyes shut slowly after giving him a serene and final smile. Because he was the one who gave Yoongi false hope by telling him nothing could tear them apart. The reality was, tearing them apart was easy.
Two and a half years later. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Jungkook is unloading boxes of fresh and pretty cabbages off his truck when Jimin runs towards him. “Hyung!”
“Hey, buddy.” He places the last box of goods on the ground before ruffling the messy hair of the boy who now has beautiful tan skin after spending the past two years running wild and working outdoor in the countryside with Namjoon. “Where’re dads?”
“Jungkook ah! That’s too many cabbages for us!” Seokjin exclaims in shock as he walks out of his house and sees what Jungkook has for them.
Jungkook whines back at his dramatic hyung. “You’re the one who said you wanna make kimchi for every kid at Jimin’s school!” He is walking into their house like it is his with two boxes of cabbages in hand. Jimin who is strong enough to hold the reminding box follows behind him.
Jungkook has been adapting pretty well since he arrived at one of the most rural part of Japan, which is also home to his two beloved hyungs and Jimin, roughly two years ago.
He had stayed in Namjoon’s minka for several months before the elder found him another one nearby. By nearby, it means a 15-minute ride.
Namjoon had lent him the money he needed to purchase that house together with the large piece of agricultural land in front of it. Its previous owner was a pair of old local couple. They passed away and their children put the house and the land up for sale.
Jungkook’s minka is a little smaller than Namjoon’s. But like Namjoon’s, its interior is fully lined with tatami and it is surrounded by a comfortable wooden engawa which is perfect for afternoon naps.
Jungkook used to think he had exhausted all his talents when he found that he was good with guns. But it turns out that besides being a talented sniper, he is a pretty talented farmer as well.
Cabbage and radish are the only two things he grows on his land. He has gradually made a name for himself in the closest city market since his cabbage and radish are always the freshest and the best. So they are often sold at pretty good prices.
“What time are Taehyung and Hoseok landing tomorrow again?” Seokjin asks as he is pouring Jungkook a glass of homemade honey lemon at the kitchen. Jimin is holding out the glass filled with ice cubes for him. It is August. The hottest time of the year in Japan.
“No. They are landing the day after tomorrow at 3pm. I’m picking them up from the airport.” Jungkook corrects Seokjin after devouring the drink in seconds. “They is staying with you, right?” He cleans his lips with his forearm.
“Yes. That’s ‘cause you refused to let them stay at your house.” Seokjin rolls his eyes as he combs the younger’s thick bangs away from his forehead so he can release some heat.
Jungkook’s hair is way shorter now, which makes him look much younger. Seokjin and Jimin always joke that he is wearing a coconut on his head. But he doesn’t mind. Jungkook chuckles before letting out a long sigh. “I’m glad Taehyung is finally able to come back for good.”
Taehyung was forced into exile as he had killed the heir of a rival gangster group almost ten years ago. It took his parents ten years to wipe out the group completely to make sure their son can return home safely.
Seokjin lingers his gaze on Jungkook for a good few seconds before saying, “let’s talk about you. Are you still having those nightmares?” Nightmares about that night.
Jungkook bobs his head several times with a smile. “Not as much as before.” He is getting there. He asks himself to be more patient. Seokjin nods and gives his bicep a quick squeeze. “You’re not alone, you know that right? You can always talk to me, us.” He knows.
It is noon when Jungkook returns to his minka. He has got most of the work in the field done in the morning before he headed to Seokjin’s. So he has some time for himself now before his afternoon duties. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
He heads straight to the kitchen for some ice water. The days are getting too hot to bear. He’s glad he had saved up enough to have air conditionings installed across his house before this year’s summer kicked in full force.
As he bottoms up his glass of water, he notices the wooden cutting board is being laid on one of the countertops with some radish slices on it. Next to it is several mason jars. He then smiles to himself and exits the kitchen for his bedroom.
Although his house is fully lined with tatami, he still puts in his bedroom a wooden four poster bed surrounded by some sheer curtains. He has always wanted one since he was young.
On top of the white sheets and cover sleeps a man with a head of fluffy and soft baby blonde hair who has curled himself into a tiny snowball. Jungkook pushes the curtains away and hovers over the sleeping beauty.
The man unhurriedly opens his eyes the moment he feels the dip on the bed. He smiles at Jungkook who is leaving little pecks on his cheek.
“My ears ring again. It came back this morning when I was working in the kitchen.” Yoongi says with his raspy and sleepy voice. It made his head hurt so he decided to take an early nap.
Jungkook is worried but he is trying his best not to show it. “Close your eyes. I’ll take care of it.” He whispers. “We’ll tell the doc about it at our appointment next week.”
Yoongi nods. He reaches his right hand out to caress Jungkook’s cheek with his thumb before closing his eyes again. Jungkook holds it and kisses each of his remaining three fingers and the red scar next to them.
The night of the great escape took away Yoongi’s ring finger and pinky from his right hand, permanently. The bullet fired by the sniper who was targeting at Jungkook’s head had blown those two fingers into pieces almost instantly when Yoongi surged forward to protect Jungkook.
Yoongi’s blood was splashed all over Jungkook’s face. Before anyone could have stopped him, Jungkook had gone wild as he recklessly threw himself out of the van with two handguns,
one on each of his hands, and swiftly took down all the enemy gunmen singlehandedly in a minute and uninjured, leaving the rest of them shocked, especially Hoseok. It was his first time witnessing Jungkook doing what he was the best at.
Yoongi had lost so much blood during their trip to Taiwan. There was a point all of them thought Yoongi wouldn’t make it. But he hung in there with his strong will to live, to live a new life with Jungkook.
Things continued to be chaotic after they arrived at Taiwan. Jungkook and Namjoon went into their first but worst fight over how they should secure blood supply for Yoongi’s hand surgery to be performed by an retired surgeon they had recruited through Seokjin’s connections.
It ended up with Jungkook going against Namjoon’s advice and secretly breaking into the blood bank of a private hospital one night and returning with what they needed unharmed and unnoticed.
A huge and awful scar in an ugly hibiscus red was left on him, covering almost half of his right hand.
Yoongi has developed a habit of hiding his right hand in his pocket, not because he minds the scar, but he doesn’t want it to constantly remind Jungkook of that night. That night has been given him enough nightmares even up till today, after two years.
In his nightmares, Jungkook sees in slow motion how Yoongi’s fingers detach from his body and are shattered into tiny pieces of flesh. He sees how endless amount of blood slaps on his face. He sees a lifeless, dying and cold Yoongi in his arms in that shabby hotel in Taiwan.
Basically the replay of all the bad things in the escape. They show up repeatedly in those nightmares. They are actual footages of those horrible days where he was in constantly fear of losing Yoongi in the next second.
How ironic. He killed 3003 men and had never experienced a night sleepless. Now having seen his lover’s blood exploded before his eyes, he spent endless numbers of nights fighting off sleep so as not to have it replayed again and again in his nightmares.
There isn’t much Yoongi can do. Like he said on the night they renewed their vows, he just stays by his man’s side and whispers all loving words to remind him that nothing was his fault and he had done all he could have to protect him.
That the bad days are gone. And that he is here to endure all the pain with him. They are in this together.
Yoongi wakes up to some really nice smell from the kitchen. Kimchi jjigae. Jungkook is walking out of the kitchen with the pot of hot soup when Yoongi is cleaning his face with a wet towel. He places it on the short table in the middle of the living area.
“Hey, baby. Come sit. I’ll get the utensils.” Jungkook raises his voice when Yoongi limps past him towards the kitchen.
Yoongi’s right leg recovered well but not his left one. He already walks better than a year ago. And if he walks slow enough, he looks no different from other people. That’s why he is not allowed to work in the field, he is forbidden there by Jungkook.
He works in the kitchen instead. The two has invented a secret recipe pickled radish that has now become one of the most popular products in the shopping street, which is just blocks away from the city market.
Their homemade kimchi is also well received by the locals. They don’t make a fortune out of it. But they earn enough money and satisfaction to live a comfortable and happy life in the countryside.
Jungkook is secretly saving up for a hot spring trip that he’d like to surprise Yoongi with this winter.
Yoongi as usual doesn’t listen to Jungkook. He believes he needs to walk more in order to improve his condition. Although Jungkook agrees with him, he doesn’t like seeing Yoongi pushing himself too hard.
Before Yoongi can limp himself into the kitchen, he is picked up from behind and manhandled back next to their short table. Jungkook gives him a peck on his lip as soon as Yoongi is about to pout and whine so the elder can only give up.
“If you aren’t feeling well, I can do the delivery tomorrow by myself?” Tomorrow is Friday, which is delivery day. They will drive two hours to the shopping street to deliver their beloved pickles and kimchi to the shops and restaurants that have placed orders.
Yes, they do live quite far away from civilisation and other human beings.
Friday is sometimes also a doctor’s appointment day for them, usually once every few months. The doctor is an old acquaintance of Namjoon. Due to Yoongi’s rare blood type, it is important for him to save up his own blood for himself.
Yoongi shakes his head while getting himself more soup from the pot. “I’m feeling much better. Plus I’ve promised Haru-chan that I’ll give her this.” He flashes a voice recorder from his pocket.
Haru-chan is the 7-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki, owners of a small grocery store at the shopping street. They are one of their biggest clients and they are big fans of their pickles and kimchi. They are also amongst the first who started ordering their products.
Jungkook hums. “So K-pop is really a thing now in Japan? She is what, 7 or 8? And she is aspired to learn Korean just because of that boyband?” He recalls Yoongi recording Korean words and phrases into that recorder every single night in the past week.
He even ignored some of his sexual advances when being too caught up with planning what to put in the recorder to help Haru learn Korean more efficiently.
Yoongi nods with a smile. “Yes. It’s always easier to start learning a language at an early age.” Jungkook just knows Yoongi has a soft spot for Haru.
“And the boyband is called STB. They are huge, not just here in Japan but everywhere else in the world. Their songs are really good.” There are sparkles and fondness in Yoongi’s eyes.
Jungkook hisses in displease while scooping more rice into his mouth. He has heard enough of STB from Haru as this is the only thing she talks about nonstop every time they make a delivery to her parents’ store. But he can’t believe now his man is growing addicted to STB too.
Yoongi continues. “Their main vocalist JK is the most popular—“ Jungkook presses a quick peck on Yoongi’s lips to stop him.
“Enough of STB and that JK. Yes he is hot, he is muscular, he has a handsome face with a big pair of innocent eyes. I’ve heard them all from Haru-chan always. Now not from you too.” He whines with a dramatic pout, a corner of his upper lip twitching, showing how annoyed he is.
Yoongi giggles at the jealous Jungkook who is concealed from the fact that Yoongi pays attention to JK of STB solely because of the obscure resemblance between him and his lover.
He puts his chopsticks down and scoots closer to Jungkook so he can place a kiss on his clenched jaw. “Don’t worry. You’re way hotter.” He can see Jungkook is relaxing and is suppressing a smile but not quite successfully. “Especially on bed.” He keeps his voice low and sexy.
Yoongi used to be bad at flirting. He wasn’t that bold as well. But he seems to have picked up a thing or two from Jungkook after spending the years closely with him.
Jungkook grins before giving him a deep kiss that only lasted for seconds as Yoongi breaks it to remind Jungkook that they also need to pick up the massaging oil from obaasan. “Of course I’ll remember.” Jungkook assures him while returning to consume his food.
Haru’s grandmother’s homemade massaging oil has been treated like holy water in this household. Yoongi’s legs are often sore after long hours of working in the kitchen. They have tried various medicines, lotions, cream and ointments but none helps to relieve the pain.
So when obaasan gifted them with it and it worked like magic, these two have since then worshiped it like they’ve witnessed miracles. They even recommended it to Namjoon and Seokjin who have equally found the massaging oil amazing.
“Oh. And when do we need to get to the airport on Saturday?” Yoongi changes the topic. “3pm. If their flights don’t delay, we should be able to get back to hyungs’ place by six?” Jungkook replies.
“You really aren’t going to let them stay with us?” Yoongi asks again. They have had this conversation several times since Taehyung and Hoseok have fixed a date for their visit. Their house is not as spacious as Namjoon’s but they do have a spare tatami room for guests.
“Nope. I wanna touch you whenever and wherever I want. I don’t like other people around when we’re doing it.” “Yah! Jeon Jungkook! That’s not what you said last time!” Yoongi whines as he slaps his spoon on the table, as he is surprised by Jungkook’s answer.
“What I said last time was just one of the many reasons why I don’t want them around. But this is the main reason. I figured I should let you know about it now.” Jungkook shrugs as he finishes the last drop of soup from the pot.
“And I wasn’t joking around. Tae does sleepwalk. A lot. I don’t want him to freak you out.” Yoongi is all giggles, thinking his darling is as ridiculous as ever.
FYR 👇🏻 their new look 🥺
NSFW Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yes, Yoongi has learnt how to drive too. Jungkook is leaving soft pecks all over Yoongi’s shoulders and upper back. “That’s my plan. I want you to sleep a little more. Don’t worry. I’ll go get them.” He whispers.
It is always these little things that Jungkook does for him here and there that make him feel spoiled and loved. He wasn’t used to it at first but he then learnt this is the younger’s way of declaring his love. He’d just have to figure out his own way of loving back.
When Jungkook leaves the house after he has cleaned himself and Yoongi and tugged him back into bed, the sun finally begins to raise. It’s almost six in the morning.
He waves at his crops to bid them morning before jumping into his truck and driving over to Namjoon’s. Now with beautiful vegetables needing their care everyday under the daylight, they are no longer night owls but morning persons.
They arrive at the shopping street in their truck filled with boxes of their signature pickles and kimchi at 3pm.
They are in their usual delivery outfit - matching denim aprons. Jungkook is wearing an oversized white t-shirt and dark grey baggy pants under it, and Yoongi is in an ivory linen shirt and a pair of khaki linen trousers.
He is wearing a white pair of gloves as well. He always wears them at work. One reason is to cover the scar on his right hand. It is not wise to give people chances to ask questions about it.
Yoongi has their delivery list and pile of receipts in one hand and a pen in another. They drive to each of the shops and restaurants that have ordered from them. Jungkook does all the lifting as their goods are heavy. They bow politely to their customers after each delivery.
“So… our last stop is Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki’s store.” Yoongi is sitting at the passenger seat, counting the cash they have received this afternoon to make sure the numbers are right while Jungkook starts the engine again and drives to their final destination of the day.
“Yoongi-oppa!” Haru runs up to Yoongi before the man can close the door of the truck. Yoongi bends down to scoop the girl into his left hand while fishing the audio recorder from his pocket with another.
“As promised. This is for you, Haru-chan.” Yoongi now speaks fluent Japanese too. They spent long hours learning it from Namjoon.
“Oppa! Thank you so much!” Haru exclaims in Japanese. She is still a long way from mastering Korean to be able to communicate with native speaker Yoongi with it.
Mr. Kuroki has already emerged from the store and is helping Jungkook with unloading the boxes of products they have ordered. Mr. Kuroki is a big man, like a bear. He is even bigger than Namjoon.
“Are your legs feeling better now, Yoongi-chan?” Haru’s grandmother walks out of the store to greet the duo with the magic oil in her hand. She is small, with a head of beautiful silver grey hair.
She is old and she knows it, that’s why she enjoys calling everyone else with a “-chan” in the end. Yoongi gives her a deep bow after putting Haru down to receive the precious holy oil with care. “Yes, obaasan! Your magic oil is a life saver as usual.”
She never charges them for the oil, as it is not made for sale anyway. So they usually give the store a couple more jars of pickles and kimchi for free, and sometimes some fresh vegetables from their land to thank and repay them.
Mrs. Kuroki is rushing out of the store with some cool towels in hand for them. The weather is horribly hot and humid at this time of the year and the duo, especially Jungkook who is soaked in sweat.
If his front isn’t covered up by the denim apron, Yoongi is sure that his abs will be loudly visible under that damp t-shirt of his.
They thank them for the kind gesture. Just as Yoongi is chitchatting more with the three ladies, Jungkook realises that Mr. Kuroki seems to be preparing to close the store. It’s only four in the afternoon?
The bear like man seems to have read Jungkook’s puzzled expression. “Oh! We’re closing early today. Today is the natsumatsuri (summer festival)! We’ll be helping out in my brother’s takoyaki stall.”
“Oh! It’s today? I thought it’s next week.” Jungkook’s eyes widens in surprise and panic. He couldn’t believe he has got the date of the summer festival wrong. He has been wanting to take Yoongi there as they missed it last year. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“You guys should come visit our stall! We’ll let you have some free takoyaki. Our stall is just right next to entrance of the temple.” Mrs. Kuroki chirps.
Haru concurs in excitement. “Yes! Please come, Yoongi-oppa! You must look handsome in yukata!” She is such a little fan of Yoongi. Yoongi exchanges a glance and a nod with Jungkook before he grimaces a little. “Sure, we’ll be there! But we don’t have a yukata. Is that alright?”
“Oh it doesn’t matter! But if you don’t mind, my hubby has some old yukata which is now too small for him. Let me dress you guys up!” Mrs. Kuroki yelps as she claps her hands, eyes filled with stars and excitement.
And she doesn’t wait for an answer and pushes the astonished and wordless duo into their store and their home located right above it.
Jungkook is easy to dress. Mr. Kuroki’s yukata back a few years ago fits him just right. The yukata is in dark green with some subtle vertical stripes running on it. The sash is in dark purple.
Mrs. Kuroki has even helped Jungkook part his hair and style it backward exposing his forehead and manly brows. He can easily be mistaken as a samurai if he has a sword to carry at his waist.
Yoongi is way harder to dress, in the joint opinion of the three ladies of the house. He is too skinny to fit into any of Mr. Kuroki’s old yukata, not even his high school ones that obaasan still keeps in the wardrobe.
In the absence of any better alternatives, Mrs. Kuroki lets out a determined sigh and steps into her own dresser.
Jungkook is busy enough with mastering the Japanese language so he is still learning about the Japanese cultures. Hence the idea of dressing Yoongi in yukata never visited his mind until today when it was brought up by their closest and most loyal customers.
Jungkook admits that his blood boils the moment he pictures in his mind Yoongi wearing something similar to what’s on him. He’d prefer some lighter and brighter colours on his baby as they’d suit his skin tone more and will match with his hair colour better.
The idea of Yoongi walking in these yukata with his milky calves and even thighs accidentally peeking out of the slit is enough to make his skin tingle and heart race.
He is so immersed in the (dirty and naughty) fantasies in his head when Yoongi is properly dressed. Jungkook is at the ground floor, just a few foot away from the stairs when Haru leads Yoongi down it.
He used to think nothing can top what Yoongi wore the night on which he took his innocence. He is now proven wrong. Very fucking wrong. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
He is in a navy blue yukata patterned with countless of yellow poppy seed flowers which belongs to then high schooler Mrs. Kuroki. The sash is in bright yellow too.
Mrs. Kuroki is also attentive enough to details to put a subtle yellow flower hair clip on one side of Yoongi’s hair, exposing his ear which has turned pink. And those lips that belong to him. They are tinted red.
Jungkook gulps. Thrice. In front of his lover and a lovely family who are very satisfied with how their work on Yoongi has turned the muscular young man into a teenager who is blushing silly in front of his favourite person and doesn’t know what to do with the beauty before him.
Well, Yoongi is not anywhere better. His eyes never leave Jungkook as well, hand fisting near his chest.
The tension is only broken when Haru teasingly pushes Yoongi from behind towards Jungkook. Yoongi is new to wearing zori. The push has made him lose balance which is very quickly restored as Jungkook surges forward to grab him on the elbows and pull him into his arms.
A kiss would definitely be inappropriate at the present moment when all pairs of eyes are on them, not to mention they are exactly in the store of the owners of those eyes.
“You’re stunning, baby.” Jungkook has exhausted all strengths and efforts in making sure he won’t do something inappropriate. So he hopes everyone can bear with those loving words he just uttered to his breathtaking lover.
The family of four coo at the same time at those words, to which Yoongi blushes even more wildly. He tips his toes to kiss Jungkook on the cheek and murmur a soft “thank you” before storming out of the store as fast as his weak legs can.
Jungkook freezes. And he only unfreezes when Haru yells from the mini van outside of their grocery shop on which everyone has already boarded except Yoongi who has seated himself in the passenger seat of their truck, “we’re late to the festival! Hurry!”
Just minutes into it, natsumatsuri has become the favourite part of Japanese culture to Jungkook. Simply because Yoongi is enjoying it so much. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
There is so much of this world Jungkook wants to bring Yoongi to explore. He wants him to experience the free world. But due to numerous hurdles, including Yoongi’s health conditions, their identities, they have to take it slow. And they have to be satisfied with baby steps.
And tonight Jungkook is very pleased and content with the baby step that they are now taking together.
If he is to name a thing that he dislikes about the whole thing, it can only be how much attention Yoongi attracts with his beauty. He hears people cooing and talking about him, he sees people blushing for him.
Many mistook him as a girl at first due to Mrs. Kuroki's yukata on him. But most realise he is a man very soon and that just makes them blush and gasp harder. His baby is breathtaking.
“Kook?” Yoongi is nudging him, which brings him back to reality. “What’s wrong? You don’t like the festival?” He looks worried, and awkward and shy.
That awkwardness in the ride to the festival is still following them, even now. But it is a good kind of awkward. The kind of awkward that only exists between… lovers on their first date?
It is ridiculous given how old the two of them are and how much they have gone through together. But yes. (Couch). It feels awkwardly like a first date and Jungkook is loving every fucking second of it.
Jungkook shakes his head rapidly. “I love it.” I love the fact that you love it. Yoongi still looks a little skeptical. He then leans in to place a soft peck at the corner of his lips to kiss the last bit of doubt away.
Yoongi smiles shyly. “There’s still some time before the firework. Can we go scoop goldfish?” “Of course.” He holds his gloved hands and gestures for him to lead the way.
They have ended up also visiting the water ballon stall as well as getting some shaved ice and candy apple before Yoongi requests to rest on some benches while waiting for Jungkook to collect those takoyaki promised by the Kuroki.
Yoongi is massaging his sore calves while two men approach him, each is now sitting on his left and right. “Gorgeous, are you alone?” One of them flirts.
Yoongi notices both of them, notwithstanding how young they must be, are wearing a hideous soul patch, just like Dr. Song did. Those bad memories.
Yoongi doesn’t want to engage. The last thing he needs tonight is something that ruins his good mood, so he gets up to look for Jungkook.
“Playing hard to get huh?” The other man sneers and extends his hand in attempt to grab at Yoongi’s wrist. But a faster hand intercepts.
“He is not for you to get.” Jungkook stiffens his grip on the man’s wrist. He can twist it and shatter it at any moment he wants.
“Now fuck off.” And his death glare. It is always powerful and effective in scaring people away. This was one of the first talents he unlocked during his training days. The two men then vanish faster than smoke.
“What the hell was that?” Yoongi chuckles when Jungkook finally sits next to him and begins angrily stuffing several pieces of takoyaki into his mouth. “Your awareness of danger is seriously lacking. We need to work on that.” He is being serious.
Yoongi watches him, as if he is something unseen of and interesting. “They are literally just kids.” Maybe college freshmen? “That’s precisely why they are dangerous. They don’t think with their head. They think with their dick.” Teenagers equal horny.
“Then your awareness of danger is lacking too.” Yoongi sounds cocky. He doesn’t sound cocky all the time. But when he does, it means they are embarking an interesting conversation. “Why?” Jungkook raises his brows, looking at Yoongi from the corners of his eyes.
“‘Cause currently I can only think with my dick. I guess that’s making me a dangerous person that you should be aware of?” He whispers, very close to his ear. Fuck that’s hot. Yoongi definitely has worked too hard on his flirting and dirty talking.
Jungkook has figured a long time ago that the best way to deal with and take back control on a situation like this, is to shower the other with some cheesy words of love. “Whatever you think with, you always have 200% of my awareness and attention.” And it works every time.
Yoongi’s cheeks turn red in no time. He swats Jungkook’s arm before holding his hand out to link it with Jungkook’s. They share a knowing smile before taking off from the bench to an open area which is crowded with people who are waiting for the firework to start.
Yoongi is meters away from him to dispose some trashes when some high school girls in colorful yukata encircle Jungkook. “Hey! You’re that hot guy at the gun shooting stall earlier, right?” One of the girls begins. Isn’t her makeup too heavy for a teenager? Jungkook wonders.
“You must be! You’re super cool just now, hitting every target in the game and getting all the grand prices!” Another girl chirps, eyes full of admiration towards Jungkook. And yes, they did hit the gun shooting game after getting brutally defeated in the goldfish stall.
Yoongi dragged him to the gun shooting game so he could redeem himself and rebuild his confidence. It worked. He hit those targets that no one had hit in years effortlessly and won like a dozen of stuffed toys.
Yoongi just keeps a small bunny with him and donates the rest to the charity booth.
“I heard you speak Korean! Are you Korean? Do you know STB?” STB again. Don’t tell me she is a JK bias as well.
“We are learning Korean! Maybe you can teach us some phrases?” So STB has really set a worldwide trend of learning Korean. That’s something to be proud of. Jungkook nods in his mind.
The girls then begin speaking in broken Korean. But he is impressed. They are not bad considering they are self learners, as far as he understands from them. “Oh! And where is your girlfriend? She is so kawaii!” Now finally a topic that interests him.
He isn’t sure if they have ever considered each other boyfriends. Given the circumstances back then, it was absurd to give their relationship such a normal name. But anyhow, they now consider themselves partners, for life. This was how they introduced themselves to the Kuroki too
Just before he can clarify this with the girls and show off his native tongue, someone calls him from behind. “Yeobo.”
He turns his head to see Yoongi standing just a meter away. He has actually stood near them for some minutes before he voices up for their attention.
He has probably lived a life that’s too isolated from other humans (except Namjoon, Seokjin and Jiminie) to remember what a chick magnet Jungkook can be. Now even some underage high school girls.
After all that they have been through together, Yoongi’s insecurity issue is almost completely cured. But that doesn’t mean he can’t throw a tantrum when he sees what he displeases him.
The girls are now gasping, and quietly screaming, and waving their hands in the air, and jumping around, and acting like some crazy hyped up fan girls. Just as Jungkook has opined, their Korean’s good. Perfect enough to understand what that word means, to know who he belongs to
Jungkook detaches himself from the circle of girls. Before Yoongi can complain, he has already snakes a hand around his tiny waist and tugs him towards his broad chest tenderly.
There are more quiet and suppressed yelps at the background. Oh and someone is stomping the ground out of excitement. Probably the girl with too much makeup.
“Yeobo? I like that.” His lips are dangerously close to Yoongi’s. “Yeobo.” He calls him back. Jungkook looks all smug and proud now. Yoongi would have been annoyed in other circumstances. But now in this particular situation? He likes what he sees, he likes to make his man happy
Yoongi just wishes to teleport with the younger back to their bedroom in a snap of fingers so he can realise all the dirty thoughts in his mind now. Of course, they don’t have such superpower. But he knows what to do next which will give a similar effect.
Yoongi looks into the stronger man’s eyes through his long and thick lashes, blinks his eyes twice, nods his head, and then hums softly in approval of him calling him yeobo
yet in a way that sounds more like a light and breathy mewl that usually can only be heard when they are doing the most private deeds, in the private, with their most private body parts—
Jungkook waves the girls goodbye in light speed before carrying Yoongi on his shoulder and literally dashing out of the scene. Before Yoongi can make sense of where he is brought, he is pressed against what feels like a tree and his lips are claimed.
There is only one thought in his mind right now while his lips are being wetly abused, that he will never get tired of making out with Jungkook. It literally takes his breath every time, and draws out his emotions. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Jungkook curses as his hands swim all over Yoongi’s body, yet carefully so as not to ruin the yukata that doesn’t belong to them. He has enough respect for the family to force his self control to stay intact.
“I’m getting you a yukata… no, I mean a lot of yukata.” He never leaves his lips while palming his erection. “Fuck. I want you right now so bad.”
NSFW Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
He settles on the grass with Yoongi on his lap and his head resting in his neck. Yoongi speaks just as Jungkook has thought the smaller man has fallen asleep. “So I’m proven right. You’re way worse, in terms of lacking awareness of danger.”
Jungkook just knows Yoongi will bring those high school girls up, but he didn’t expect it to be this soon. “They weren’t hitting on your yeobo.” There is another more important detail to the high school girl incident earlier, which is someone has called him yeobo.
“I didn’t say they’re hitting on you. I’m just saying you let danger slide in easily.” Yoongi’s eyes are closed, and he speaks with a relaxed smile on his face. “They are girls, they don’t have dicks.”
Yoongi nuzzles his face against Jungkook’s neck. “They have pussy, and that’s something you’ve enjoyed.” Jungkook freezes at those words, his face almost instantly turned pale and serious. Then he pulls away to have a better look at Yoongi who is hiding at his neck.
He lets out a loud and heavy sigh when he sees that playful and teasing grin that the smaller man is no longer able to fight back. “God, you need to stop enjoying so much at talking back.” He buries his face in those soft golden locks.
No. Making fun of you is what I enjoy, idiot. Yoongi thinks to himself. “Nope. I’m just reminding you that you don’t need to miss one. When you have me solely at your service.”
Jungkook thinks he has guessed right. These yukata do turn the older man on and make him horny, massively and unprecedentedly.
“We’re going shopping this weekend. We need a hell lot of yukata in our house.” He feels like he has never been this determined since their great escape.
Yoongi then moves inches away to scan Jungkook up and down, letting his eyes to enjoy some more of the stronger man’s look tonight. Then he concludes yes, his man does need to wear yukata more often too. Although his sore ass and cock may not agree.
Phew—! Boom! The last highlight of the summer festival, firework, begins. But the couple is nowhere to be seen anymore as they have taken off back to their house for their round four.
[Note] We are wrapping up the story in the next update 🙂
Saturday. 3.30pm. Airport. They are running a little late as Jungkook kept them in bed a bit longer than they should have this morning. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
NSFW Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
Yoongi found himself a bit relieved when he noticed from the display screen right below the words “ARRIVAL” that his friends’ flights were slightly delayed and they weren’t exactly late.
“Hyung!!” After a wait that lasted for less than 30 minutes, a ray of sunshine reveals itself in the crowd of arriving travellers. Next to him is a taller man with a headful of curls.
Yoongi has promised himself not to cry. He didn’t know it would be this hard. “I missed you, Hoseok-ah.” Yoongi hugs the man tightly. It’s been more than two years. He smells as fresh and as familiar as Yoongi remembers.
Hoseok hugs back as tight as he can. “Same here, hyung. Look at you! I see you’ve gained some weigh.” Yoongi has, all thanks to Jungkook. His cheeks are full again, if not chubbier than before.
Taehyung and Jungkook greet each with that weird handshake that they created during their teenage days and end it with a firm and long hug. Yoongi swears he can see Jungkook’s eyes turn glossy.
Taehyung and Hoseok catch up with how the couple has been during the long ride back to their town. Yoongi has to occasionally stop them from taking a turn in the topics and starting talking about themselves as Seokjin has warned them against it. He wants to hear it all too.
“Ok! Hoseok! You’ll start first.” Seokjin announces. He as usual speaks with so much authority in his tone.
They have arrived at their minka safe and sound at around seven, perfectly at the time when Seokjin is done placing every plate of food on the table. The seven of them exchange hugs before plopping down onto the tatami and getting ready for the feast.
“Well. I got qualified last month.” Hoseok announces proudly. He quit his job at the Mins Hospital right after the great escape as it was pointless to continue working for them after Yoongi’s gone. He went back to school targeting at a qualification in physiotherapy.
“You should let us know earlier! So we can get you a celebration cake or something.” Yoongi who sits next to him whines whilst the rest are either clapping their hands or having fist bumps with Hoseok. They are equally proud of their sunshine.
“So what’s the plan now?” Seokjin asks while receiving several pieces of sashimi from Taehyung who is sitting at the other end of the table with Jimin sitting on his lap. The boy has missed his hyung.
“I’ve received quite a number of offers. All of them are equally good and attractive.” Hoseok suddenly ducks his head shyly and picks on his food. “But one of them is from a clinic in Osaka. It’s founded by some Koreans.”
Everyone gasps at the news, the greatest news they have heard in a long time. “Fuck! Take it!” Jungkook and Taehyung almost scream at the same time. “There is nothing to think about!” Seokjin is slapping his husband’s thighs.
“Ouch, love!” Namjoon holds Seokjin’s hand into his to stop the slapping as it hurts. “There is a high demand for physiotherapists in Japan, Hoseok-ah. You’ll be able to make it big there.”
“Wait! Osaka? Is that the biggest city closest to us?” Jimin yells. The 13-year-old is still learning about the geography of Japan.
Yoongi snakes his arms around Hoseok’s waist and places his chin on his shoulder while the rest keep the discussion of ‘why the opportunity in Osaka is the best for Hoseok’ going. “I’m proud of you.” He whispers.
He suddenly remembers Hoseok’s crumbled and sobbing face when he was almost manhandled onto the speedboat at Deokjeokdo by and with Taehyung that night, when he was at the edge of falling unconscious due to the tremendous pain in his right hand as well as the blood loss.
He feels glad that the worst times have passed and they are now all very much alive. Hoseok carefully trains his fingers on the huge scar on Yoongi’s right hand. This is his first time seeing it in person. “I’m proud of you more.” They smile at each other.
Hoseok gives the scar a small peck before clearing his voice to say to the group, “that is also the other purpose of my trip. I’m signing the contract at Osaka next week!” Another round of hurray is heard in the household.
“I’m jealous, Hoseok-hyung! You’ll be much closer to everyone than I am.” Taehyung whines while raising his glass for a toast with everyone.
“Tokyo is not that far, Tae.” Namjoon says. He returns from the kitchen and plops back down on the tatami with a bottle of sake and a bottle of whisky in each of his hands.
“I don’t care! I’ll convince my parents to let me move closer to you guys.” He declares. As he has promised, Taehyung’s first stop in Japan wasn’t his parents in Tokyo but his best friends.
“So what do you plan to do, Tae? Now that you’re back in Japan for good.” Yoongi asks while letting Jungkook lean on his shoulder.
“My mom wants me to learn how to manage her business. She doesn’t mean the gangster business. She owns some high-end restaurants in Ginza.” Taehyung is munching an edamame. “Maybe I should convince her to expand to Osaka.”
He smirks before turning around to Jimin who has been clingy and eagerly seeking his attention since he set foot in this house tonight. He missed this hyung who is 10 years his elder terribly. But when he sees him this time, he sees him differently.
Jimin is a teenager now and he has long figured out where the difference lies and why. He doesn’t want more bickering with him like they used to. He wants something new, something next level, something intimate.
And he has drawn up a detailed plan already to get what he wants during Taehyung’s stay under the same roof with him.
Yoongi takes in the sight of his friends who are enjoying themselves in the reunion. He feels something warm around his heart. He is sure that Jungkook feels the same too, considering how smug he looks right now.
The idea that the seven of them will live not only in the same country, but also quite close to each other is simply fascinating to all of of them. Yoonkook au #yoonkookau
“Well…” Hoseok’s hesitant voice rings when they are done with the delicious dinner and are having some watermelons harvested from Namjoon’s land. “I’m not trying to be a joy killer but I’m still concerned about how—“
“No, you aren’t.” Yoongi knows where his best friend is getting at. He gives Namjoon a firm nod before the man updates him about Min Taewon and Pops.
Min Taewon had a stroke last year and is basically dying slowly since then so they have basically given up on tracing him down as there are other more important issues to be dealt with in the family.
“I heard from the news too.” Hoseok is munching at a piece of watermelon while still wearing a frown between his brows. “His eldest son is set to take over.”
And this eldest son has little mercy on his weak and sickly younger brother. He has always considered him a burden and disgrace to the family. So it becomes unlikely they will continue to chase behind Yoongi. Hoseok immediately relaxes at the good news.
As for Pops, he was furious as he never had planned to let Jungkook go, at least not alive. He had kept a close eye on Taehyung ever since the great escape as he knew how close those two were.
Taehyung had managed to stay low in those days so there’s nothing much Pops could get out from him. Plus Taehyung had dramatically whined to his mother about being treated like a traitor by this uncle with heavy surveillance around him,
which resulted in his mother giving Pops some hard times and threatening to withdraw her husband’s protection over Pop’s business in Japan, which then resulted in Pops giving in and turning to other leads that might get to Jungkook.
“But he is almost a dead man now.” Taehyung says nonchalantly. He has never liked his uncle.
Namjoon finishes the story for him. “Last year he fucked up in one of the jobs with a Chinese mafia, which is notorious for being brutal to rats. He’s on the run but I heard from my hyung last month that they’ve tracked him down. I’ll know if he is dead next time my hyung calls.”
These are indeed great news. But they are still heavy enough to destroy the earlier relaxed and delighted vibe in the household. But just seconds into the unpleasant silence—
“I’m telling you, dads! I’m not answering it next time uncle calls! He’s such an old man he keeps nagging nonstop. He will ask me if I’ve behaved, if I do my homework, if I’ve grown any taller, which of course I have, I drink a litre of milk every day.
He’ll ask if I miss him, if I’ll go visit him this winter, this and that. He is so annoying!!” Jimin rushes to the kitchen where the adults are at and yells. He pouts like a baby duck and fists the hem of his shirt after he spits fire.
The mood of the house changes in an instant as Jimin explodes with his complaints and makes everyone bark out a laugh. Yoongi who is standing right next to the kitchen’s doorframe pulls the baby into a hug. Jimin immediately hugs back as he always likes how soft Yoongi feels.
Jiminie once again proves how he is the most precious member of the brotherhood.
Jungkook is sitting at the engawa in his t-shirt and shorts and overlooking his crops. He has a small can of beer next to him.
“You didn’t drink enough earlier at Seokjin’s?” Yoongi walks over and plops down on Jungkook’s lap so the younger can help dry his hair with the towel around his neck. “I’ve never seen Hoseok that drunk.”
Jungkook chuckles. “I’ve never seen Tae that drunk either.” Yoongi leans backwards to press his head against Jungkook’s chest, damping his t-shirt with his wet hair. “I’m happy.” He declares. “I feel… human. I feel normal.”
Having fun with friends. Having a family business of his own. Having a shelter he shares with the love of his life. Having countless of opportunities in the future to explore parts of the world that he has missed out in the first 25 years of his life.
His past has left the worst scars and permanent damages on his body, but in exchange for the brightest future and most importantly freedom that he had never dared dream for. A future surrounded closely by his soulmate and his bestest friends and away from fears and despair.
“You feel human? Does that mean you are officially quitting Thanos? You play the role really well.” Jungkook is trying to recreate the conversation they had on the second night they met. “Yes. Farewell me?”
“Sure. Let me farewell you with my Stormbreaker. You’ll miss it.” He teases by grinding Yoongi’s ass against his crotch.
“You’re gross!” Yoongi giggles. And as ridiculous as always. “Yes. Grossly yours.”
😁😁😁 A huge thanks to everyone who have been reading my first official thread fic! I wrote the whole thing back in June and then tossed it away since I thought it’s rubbish. Then I came back to it in August, did a vast amount of editing and added the part with them in Japan.
Then I went, fuck it, I’d post it since I liked the story so much. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey. And this work has made your quarantine life easier to pass! I’d like to thank my readers again, especially my earliest readers (you know who you are 🥺)!!
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