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big bts fan, HUGE

big bts fan, HUGE

Aug 28, 2020
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namkook au where jungkook has a bit of a problem in his apartment and namjoon is a very helpful landlord

1- happy friday guys no squirrels were harmed in the making of this au
2- this au has sat in my drafts for months but i’ve got that friday feeling so i’m unleashing it on u all ! sry
3- this is a very mini au but i’m pretty sure i say squirrel like 30 times
4- a squirrel infiltrated my house a few months ago i rly used zero creativity for this au
5- have i mentioned that jk is a big boy
6- this is the whole plot guys, it’s really honestly about squirrel removal
7- he’s very strong sir
8- what a good subtle boy!
9- oh wait nvm not subtle
10- this post says squirrel 7 times how fun
11- squirrel chats :)
12- they should probably wrestle now
13- i watch speed a lot
14- anyways happy friday everyone!!!
feel free to read my other stuff, sry this is my only squirrel content so far
social media AUs 🤖
big bts fan, HUGE
anne, ‘94, she/her 🖖🏼 rpf!! strawberry bangtan Will rise again | 18+ only
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