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My Jewish community has room for queer Jews, poly Jews, patrilineal Jews, anti-zionist Jews, interfaith Jews, Jews of color, Jews from all streams and backgrounds. My Jewishness is bigger than my politics. But my Jewish community has no room for harassers and bullies and bigots.

I see the people on here being abusive to Jews who don't fit their tiny, shallow mold. I see the people who's wholr Jewish identity is defined as unqualified support of a modern nation-state. I see you aligning with Christian Zionists who want us all to die against other Jews.
It's disgusting. It's shameful. It goes against everything we're supposed to value and the work we're supposed to be doing. It is no part of my Jewishness. May there be no place for it in the year to come.
Listen, I consider Jews-by-adoption Jewish, and for this propose "adoption" is about family relationships not legal paperwork, so if you were raised by a Jewish parent and think of yourself as Jewish, I'll count you in a minyan.
2 Maccabees Or Not 2 Maccabees
Not a Christian myself, but tired of Christian hegemony I accidentally started a Daf Yomi study server - see link below. Jewish | American | He/Him
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