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Sep 4, 2020
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But also while I’m here. An Au where vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies. Vampire Yoongi bites Werewolf Jimin which should be fatal for the younger but instead, it turns them into mates.

Tags: Blood, Fighting, Soulmates, Royalty, Mating Marks, Enemies to Lovers, Sexual Tension, Sunlight Allergy, Vampires, Werewolves, Blood Drinking.
Yoongi wakes up with a start, breathing heavily, reaching out to him. The room is dark and the curtains are drawn. When he checks the clock, it's noon. It's so late, not an hour for vampires to be awake. Yoongi can't remember what his dream was about, his hand hovering there.
The harder he tries, the more it disappears, the smile, the moment of being happy and human-- but that was a long time ago. There's a knock at the door. "Sir, I heard a noise. Are you alright?" "I'm fine," Yoongi answers, voice cold. "Don't disturb me again."
"My apologies, sir." Footsteps echo away, down the hall. He's alone again. Yoongi wipes at his face, find tears there. He hasn't cried in a long time. He shuffles over to the mini-fridge, pouring one unit of blood into wine glass. He hopes it'll calm him down.
For the last week, he's had similar episodes. Unsettling and upsetting, and out of sync. Yoongi's nearly a thousand years old. He thought there could be nothing that could affect him, nor surprise him anymore Maybe it's stress. Since he's meeting with the wolves tonight.
Yoongi grimaces at the thought, getting back into his bed. For a nearly a decade, the wolves didn't give him any trouble, though mortal enemies, they hid away, afraid of him, not asking for any territory, only to be left alone. But then came him, a wolf they all rallied under.
Kim Namjoon, or his even more annoying title, given to him by his rabid, rancid followers. 'Wolf President' The young pup singlehandedly unified all the packs, making them a formidable force again, and now they're asking for their land back. Yoongi's shamefully had to endure.
When the night comes, Yoongi heads out to the meeting place, agreed upon neutral territory. It's a little cafe, usually swarming with humans, though tonight it's empty, save for two people. Namjoon sits in the center, too young for the responsibility he's shouldering.
"Your majesty," the wolf greets him. He's polite, not like the last one. "Don't call me that," Yoongi says, sitting down. "I am not your King." Namjoon takes this in stride. "You know why we're here tonight. Let's not waste time then." "You were supposed to come alone."
Namjoon's afraid of him, Yoongi can see it in his eyes. The vampire plans to use it to his every advantage. "Wolves don't travel alone, President Joon only took his most trusted today," the man next to Namjoon says, hands folded. "This is Jungkook--" Namjoon begins.
"I don't care," Yoongi says. "It doesn't make a difference, you can bring whatever you want, a blanket, a bottle, a teddy bear, whatever makes you feel safe." Namjoon's jaw hardens. He's angry. "Thank you. I only brought my two best guards. It's customary for peace meetings."
"Peace meeting?" Yoongi says. "Is that what this is? Where's your other guard? Does he have a sniper trained on me? I assure you, there's nothing on this earth that can harm me." "He's doing a perimeter check," Namjoon says. He follows it with a bark, using it as a signal.
Yoongi wants to make a comment about it, but nothing comes out. Namjoon's second guard returns then, opening the back door and walking in. He's pretty, ruddy cheeks, and silvery eyes. His hair is that color too, falling softy about his face. For some reason, it hurts to look.
It's the way he smells, Yoongi thinks. Normally, werewolves are all the same, like wet dog, or rotting wood. But this one is different, his scent is appealing, sweet and floral. It makes Yoongi's throat burn. The silver boy takes his place at Namjoon's side.
"You?" Yoongi whispers. "What's your name?" The boy is hesitant to answer, the internal crisis evident in his eyes. When he inhales sharply, his confusion grows. "I thought their names didn't matter," Namjoon answers for him, eyebrow quirked. Yoongi swallows thickly.
"I guess it doesn't really," the King agrees. "I'll just call them guard one and guard two." The boy bristles at that, slamming his fist on the table. "I'm no one's number two! I'm number one." He shouts before shaking his head. "No! I'm Park Jimin! Don't call me by a number."
Yoongi's unprepared for the spasm, the way his mouth twitches, the corner of his lip pulling upward. "Don't smile at me!" Jimin hisses. Yoongi's face goes back to neutral. "How can I not, you're like a court jester." Jimin's offended. "Did you just... call me a clown!"
Namjoon holds him back with one hand. "Jimin, you promised to be good." Jimin struggles with it, the heat in his body, his anger. He steps back, dropping his head. His full lips pucker up in distaste. "Fine." Yoongi laughs. "Ah, I see that you're an obedient clown."
Jimin doesn't hesitate, lunging at him. Namjoon and Jungkook are barely strong enough to hold him back. Yoongi stands, avoiding the table that comes flying towards him. "CALL ME A CLOWN ONE MORE TIME!" Jimin screams. "This peace meeting is going well, isn't it?," Yoongi taunts
While the three wolves struggle with each other, Yoongi gives them a history lesson. "I hope this has taught you your place. You're nothing but wild animals with short memories. Two hundred and five years ago, your forefathers signed your territory over to me, all of it."
"In exchange--" Yoongi dodges a flying chair this time. "I spared their lives, and this how you are alive today. You live because of my mercy, and you don't make any noise. That's how it is. The second you complain, I kill you." Jimin manages to wrestle out of their grasp.
"Fight me!" Jimin says brazenly. "When I beat your ass, you give us our home back!" Yoongi rolls his eyes. "It'd would be like a fish fighting the river." Jimin charges at him, wild and beautiful, trying to punch him in the face. "WHO ARE YOU CALLING A FISH?"
Yoongi dodges easily, grabbing Jimin's hand and pulling him forward. He has him in a hold, binding the wolf's arms down. They're pressed together. "I won't hurt you, Jimin. It's not a fair fight. In my eyes, you're like a tiny, feeble ant." Jimin tears out of his arms.
He falls to the floor, and it takes him a moment to recover. His face is crimson as he struggles to breathe. "Why--" Jimin frowns, shaking his head. "Why do you smell like that? I thought... I thought all vampires were supposed to smell bad." Yoongi's eyes widen in surprise.
Jimin runs at him again, even as his own leader shouts for him to stop. Jimin tackles Yoongi to the ground, trying to strangle him. Naturally, the vampire king dodges, but they both tumble around. The wolf is so close to him, his sinfully perfect scent make Yoongi so confused.
The monster inside him, what Yoongi thought he'd long since had control over, it erupts. He pulls Jimin close and he bites down on the wolf's neck, arms around his ribs. Jimin's blood-- Yoongi's bitten and killed many wolves. Their blood always tastes like spoiled meat, but-
Jimin's blood is sweeter than any humans. It's so good that Yoongi drinks two mouthfuls. He wants to drain him of every drop. Except now his instincts are screaming at him to stop, as if harming Jimin is the same has hurting himself. Yoongi pushes the boy away, gasping.
He's crushed with conflicting emotions, confusion, desperation, and above all, a deep desire to protect the boy he's sentenced to death. Jimin covers the wound on his neck. "Y-You bit me!" Namjoon rushes up, arms out, pulling Jimin behind him "You said you wouldn't hurt him."
Yoongi covers his mouth, shocked and disgusted at his own actions. "He-- he challenged me to a fight." Jimin tears up, struggling with his face. "A-Am I going to die?" Namjoon doesn't answer him, looking at Yoongi hard. "Fine... this peace meeting is over. We're leaving."
Yoongi beats them to it, rushing out the door. He doesn't understand it, what happened. He runs down the street as fast as he can. He can still taste Jimin's sweet blood on his mouth. Why did he bite that wolf and want to protect him at the same time? It makes no sense.
Yoongi wanders aimlessly for hours. He feels sick and for an immortal that's saying something. He hasn't felt pain in an eternity. These are mortal, human things. Jimin must be dead by now. Vampire bites are fatal to werewolves, some don't even last a few minutes. But then why-
His instincts are telling him to turn back and find Jimin. The farther he goes, the worse he feels. He can't breathe. His whole body hurts. He doesn't get it, turning around and walking back and before he realizes it, he's in a wolf-only housing area in the city.
Jimin's close, Yoongi senses it, stopping at a two-story house. He climbs up the side of it, peering through the window. There's the sound of crying inside. It's Jimin, laying in a bed, and Namjoon sitting beside him. "You're burning up. You need to drink something."
Jimin cries out, reaching out at nothing. "It hurts so bad, Joon." "I don't get it," Namjoon says, wiping his forehead with a cloth. "How are you still alive? You should be dead." Jimin sobs, twisting in the sheets. "You have to find him. Find that stupid vampire!"
Namjoon nods. "When I find him, I swear I'll avenge you. I'll kill him." Jimin shakes his head, breathing rapidly. "No! You can't kill him.... You have to find him and bring him back here." Namjoon's handsome face scrunches up. "I-I don't understand." But Yoongi does.
It hits him then what Jimin is, and what this means. Yoongi opens the window from the outside and steps into the room. Namjoon flies back. He protects Jimin, fists out in front of him. "What are you doing here?" Yoongi stares at him. "You will hand that boy over to me."
"Over my dead body," Namjoon says. "That can be arranged," Yoongi answers. Jimin's cries out. Each sob is like a knife in the vampire's side. "H-Help me." Yoongi's going crazy. "If you hand over Jimin, I will give you back your territory, your homeland. How about it?"
"Jimin's not something to trade," Namjoon says. "He's a person, a person that you killed." Yoongi aches so bad, he nearly cries out himself. "Hyung," Jimin begs. "It's fine. Let me go with him. I want to go. Take back our home." Namjoon doesn't move. "No! I won't do it!"
"Step aside, dog president," Yoongi growls. Namjoon's conflicted, so much pain. Jimin makes the decision for him, getting up and shouldering past. He falls right into Yoongi's arms. The vampire scoops him up, cradling Jimin to his chest. And the relief is instantaneous.
All the agony is forgotten now that they're together again. Jimin feels it too, reaching up and touching Yoongi's face. "W-What did you do to me?" Yoongi doesn't answer, pulling the collar of Jimin shirt down. The bite mark has healed over, faded to a pink star-shaped scar.
"Where are you taking him?" Namjoon says. He doesn't stop them. Yoongi goes out the window, falling back down to the street. Jimin barely feels it at all, secure in the vampire's arms. "Why-" the wolf asks. "Why does it f-feel like this when you touch me?" Yoongi can't explain.
He knows it, all the words, but he simply can't say them out loud yet. Jimin's eyes flutter shut and he falls asleep, completely exhausted. "I-I hate you." Yoongi carefully carries Jimin back, unable to tear his eyes away from the wolf's face. How can it be? This boy--
He's so stunning, and soft, and fragile. And this mark, Yoongi knows it. It's not the bite of death like he thought. Between vampires, this means something else entirely. "Jimin," Yoongi says, knowing the boy's asleep. "My bite didn't kill you cause... you're my soulmate."
~~~ ~~~ Jimin's oddly comfortable, not too hot or cold. He knows how sick he felt before, so it's strange that he feels so good now. He thinks he sleeping on a cloud, drifting lazily in a starry night sky. Then he opens his eyes and remembers everything that happened.
He'd agreed to go with the vampire king for the return of the wolf homeland to its rightful owners. But really, he'd gone because his instincts told him too. The more he thinks about it, the less he understands. "I see you're finally awake, little wolf." Jimin sits up quickly.
Yoongi's sitting there perfectly still in the darkness, not one meter from him. He's right by his bedside, and somehow Jimin didn't notice him at all, not until he spoke. Which is impressive... especially since Yoongi's holding his hand too, not his whole hand, just the pinkies.
Jimin shuffles away, holding the duvet in front of himself like a shield. He screams. "Where am I?" Yoongi watches him with no reaction. "You don't remember? You said you wanted to come with me. The deal?" Jimin chews on the inside of his cheek. "Y-Yes, I know..."
The Vampire King is frighteningly beautiful. Jimin's so confused and flustered. "I SAID I WOULD COME WITH YOU BUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE THIS IS? OBVIOUSLY!" Jimin shouts. Yoongi considers this for a long moment, his eyebrows pinched together. There's something he doesn't get.
When Jimin'd asked 'where am I?' Yoongi'd replied 'with me'. As if that is sufficient an answer, and the setting where they both are doesn't matter at all. The King rectifies it a moment later. "My house, my bedroom, in my bed," Yoongi answers coldly, still as a statue.
Jimin has a lot running through his mind, a lot of questions he doesn't dare ask. It seems his reticent host isn't keen on answering him. "H-How long have I been asleep?" Jimin asks. "Three days, five hours, forty two minutes," Yoongi says as if he'd been here the entire time.
Jimin pulls his hand away, his mind clear enough of the situation. Immediately, pain shoots through his body. It doesn't stop until Yoongi loops his pinky around again. It becomes apparent then. Somehow, his touch is the only thing keeping Jimin's fever and sickness at bay.
Jimin's terrified and angry, and willful. He pulls his hand away again, bearing with the pain. He doesn't care. "Don't touch me with out my permission!" Yoongi doesn't move this time, staring without blinking. He nods. "I figured." "What did you do to me?" Jimin shouts.
"The farther we are apart the worse it will become," Yoongi says. "I'm immortal, so I won't die from it, and I'll get used to the pain. But you, little wolf, you wouldn't survive." Jimin breathes through it, refusing Yoongi's hand, slapping it away. "I HATE YOU! GO AWAY!"
Yoongi seems unaffected by his words. He simply nods. "I know." "If you won't go," Jimin gets up out of bed, noticing that he's wearing new clothes, clean pajamas. "Then I will." Each step he takes is agony. His wolf thrashes inside, to turn back and make peace with his captor.
His legs give out under him, and he falls to the floor. His whole body hurts, his bones ache to the marrow. Yoongi appears in front of him, careful not to touch him. "What did you do to me?" Jimin sniffles. "It hurts so bad. Why didn't that bite kill me? I don't understand."
"Why must you be so defiant?" Yoongi whispers. "You insist you're made of steel, when you are glass. I told you the separation would kill you. Which would be such a waste since I spent the last three days nursing you back to health." "No! I want to go home," Jimin says.
"Fine," Yoongi says. "You're not a prisoner. Go home and see if your president can save you. There's no other way, we are bound together." Jimin gets back up, taking a few more uneasy steps. It gets so bad that he cries out, sobs that bring the vampire back to his side.
The vampire seems more worried now, scanning Jimin's face, as if the cries of pain somehow affect him. "Listen, Jimin. It doesn't have to be this way," Yoongi says. "We can coexist peacefully. You were the one who agreed." "And if I leave, you'll take back the land?"
Yoongi stares at him hard. He struggles to say it. "The wolves can keep it. I only gave it away for the chance that you might listen to me." Jimin doesn't get it at all. Why does this vampire want him here at all? Why are they bonded? It doesn't make sense. "F-Fine."
Yoongi exhales, relieved. "But I have conditions," Jimin says, folding his arms. "I'll try my best to accommodate you," Yoongi agrees. "I want my own room," Jimin says. "My own bathroom too." Yoongi nods. "You can have my room. I'll sleep in the guest suite."
Jimin wants to scream, slap this man across the face. "And just cause I'm here, doesn't mean I like you. I HATE YOU! DON'T YOU EVER FORGET!" He doesn't expect the vampire to react, but he almost seems hurt. "I won't." Jimin shuts his eyes, the pain nearly unbearable.
"Now will you let me help you?" Yoongi says. Jimin struggles with himself. Above all, he values his autonomy. But his wolf keeps telling him otherwise, to compromise, that this man isn't trying to hurt him. It's so confusing. "O-Okay," Jimin says. "You can touch me."
Yoongi cups his cheek, and the pain is gone instantly. His hands sweep downward lingering over Jimin's collarbone. Jimin follows it with his eyes. It's then that Yoongi's fingers run up the side of his neck, touching the spot where he'd bitten: the raised, pink skin.
Jimin's entirely unprepared for the pleasure that shoots through him. It feels so good that he moans out loud, waves crashing against him. He slaps Yoongi's hand away, still shaking, afraid he might wet himself. It takes Jimin several moments to recover. "S-Stop."
Yoongi falls away, his pupils blown like dimes. He mutters a quick, "Sorry." Jimin's blood rushes around in his veins. "Don't touch my neck again." Yoongi nods, staring at Jimin's hand. "I figured you wouldn't want to, except the least amount since you find me so repugnant."
Jimin's not sure what he means until the vampire takes his hand, just the pinkies curled around each other. Then he gets it. Yoongi's trying to touch him the least amount out of respect for him. But why do they have to touch at all. Does it have to do with the bite?
"Come, you must be hungry," Yoongi says, leading up down the stairs, gently tugging on the point where they're connected. Jimin's starving. "You haven't had solid food for three days," Yoongi continues. "You should eat something light. I'll have the staff make you porridge."
"I don't like porridge," Jimin says, frowning. "How do I know if it's poisoned or not?" "I'd be the same as poisoning myself," Yoongi mutters. "What would you like then?" "Pasta," Jimin says. "That's not good for you," Yoongi answers. "You don't even eat! What do you know!"
The Vampire King seems out of his element. He's probably never encountered anyone like Jimin, so outrageous. "You'll hurt your stomach." "It's my stomach," Jimin says. "If it's not pasta then I won't eat it." Yoongi's lips spread out to a thin line. He's stressed. "Fine."
Twenty minutes later, a bowl of fresh penne pasta with vodka sauce sits in front of him. He takes a bite of it, using his free hand. It's delicious. Jimin smiles smugly. "I don't get why you even have a cooking staff, all you drink is blood." "I didn't, until three days ago."
Yoongi hired the staff specifically for Jimin, the wolf has no idea why. Though it seems like Yoongi plans to treat him civilly while he's here. "I can cook myself," Jimin says. "I'm not helpless." "Eat slower," Yoongi says, pouting. "You're still recovering."
Jimin makes an effort to eat faster. He hates being told what to do. The Vampire sits there fuming, inhaling from flared nostrils. "I see you like doing the opposite of everything I ask." Jimin nods vigorously. "Yes! It's my favorite thing to do! It's the best."
Once the wolf is done, he regrets having the big meal. His stomach clenches around the food painfully. He winces, too full to get up. "I told you so," Yoongi says, face neutral. "You can't say that!" Jimin says. "I forbid you to! It's one of my conditions!" His stomach /hurts/
"You're impossible," Yoongi says, his frustration chipping away at his icy demeanor. Jimin glares at him. "What? I can't say that either? Another condition?" the vampire asks. "This is all your fault anyway!" Jimin says. "I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for you!"
Yoongi's mouth shuts. Jimin smiles triumphantly. "You're right," the vampire finally says. He reaches forward, touching Jimin's stomach. "What are you doing?" Jimin says, so uncomfortable. "Trying to kill me again." Yoongi rubs his middle circularly, under his belly button.
Jimin burps once and then again. It's easing the pressure, whatever the vampire's doing. "Better?" Yoongi asks, gently massaging him. Jimin doesn't reply. He's turns away, cheeks heating up. He preoccupies himself with a spoon, checking his reflection, the scar on his neck.
He angles it for a better look. It's almost like-- "It looks like a mate mark, too small though," Jimin says. "I wonder if it'll heal." "Wolf mating marks have two points, right?" Yoongi says. "Vampire mating marks just have one. They're supposed to be smaller." "Oh."
Then Jimin understands all at once. "IS THIS A VAMPIRE MATING MARK?" Yoongi blinks a few times. "Yes." "BUT HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?" Jimin shouts. "YOU'RE A VAMPIRE AND I'M A WEREWOLF. WE'RE SWORN ENEMIES, MUTUAL PREDATORS." "Yes, I realized this too," Yoongi says.
"HOW ARE YOU SO CALM ABOUT THIS?" Jimin's ready to strangle this man, who's currently holding his pinky. "I've had three days to think about it," Yoongi explains. "I think I've figured it out. I'm fairly certain that my theory is correct." Jimin waits for a whole minute. "AND?"
"Well," the King begins. "There are only two things that can kill a vampire, the first is a werewolf turned on a full moon-" "And the second?" "A stronger, faster vampire," Yoongi explains. "Vampires can bite each other to death. It doesn't happen that often, but not never."
"Except for a small contingency," Yoongi continues. "Vampires can kill almost anything without any limit, werewolves, humans, other vampires. There's only one thing they can't kill. It's a bit of an evolutionary advantage we have." "What can't you kill?" Jimin asks.
"A vampire can't kill their own soulmate," Yoongi says. "That's the reason you survived my bite. It made you my mate instead even though your a wolf." Jimin's jaw drops, speechless. "You're my mate in the truest sense of the word. You're my soulmate, Jimin." ~~~ TBC ~~~
Yoongi's never met a creature that's so defiant and bold like Jimin. And so utterly lovely too. The werewolf hasn't said anything about it, not for an entire day since learning the news. But just knowing it, they're able to split apart without any pain for five feet.
Jimin quietly eats, not looking up. The younger lives like a shadow, and Yoongi's afraid to break the silence. But he has to know. "Well? What do you think, little wolf?" Jimin pauses, his spoon halfway to his mouth. His voice is even. "About what?" Yoongi's skin prickles.
How is it possible, so much passive aggressive vindictiveness wrapped up in such a neat, perfect package. "About us being soulmates," Yoongi clarifies. Jimin looks at him, lightning shooting right through him. "We're not soulmates. I don't know what head games you're playing."
"Really, what do you think we are then?" Yoongi asks, not outrightly arguing. "We're reluctant roommates," Jimin says, standing up. When he moves too far away, a jolt of pain runs through both of them, and it doesn't stop until Yoongi gets up and follows. "Where are you going?"
"To be alone," Jimin says. "Look, our mental bond is forming but we should still stay close together," Yoongi suggests. Jimin's only wearing one sock, the other foot is bare. He doesn't know exactly where he lost it in the house, but now it's gone. "We're not bonded."
Yoongi thinks it over for a long while, Jimin stands there looking at him. "It's clear you don't want to be here. And I don't want to cause you anymore pain," "You should've thought of that before you bit me!" "Perhaps there is a way we could be separated."
Jimin doesn't jump on the idea right away, like Yoongi expected he would. He seems wary. "How?" "Our mating isn't complete. I suspect that's why we need to stay close together," Yoongi says. "Not that anyone has any expertise on it, but it's true for vampire mating."
"How isn't it complete?" Jimin asks, turning to him fully. Yoongi's not easily embarrassed, but he fidgets thinking about it. "Well, you'd have to bite me too, little wolf. Once-- I have your mark, our mating will be complete and we'd be free to go where ever we want to."
Jimin's complexion changes drastically. He turns beet red as he mulls it over. "No." He turns around and rushes up the stairs as fast as he can. Yoongi has no choice but to follow. "Why not? It'd be a very quick bite, and then you can go home to your precious president."
"Absolutely not," Jimin says. He continues to walk but slower. "Wolf mating isn't as simple, before the bite, we'd have to-" He struggles to explain it, twisting over the next words. "- be together physically." Yoongi understands. "And this isn't an option for you?"
For vampires, cold immortal statues, sex isn't particularly difficult nor interesting. The bite exists outside of it. "No," Jimin says. "I want to be with someone I love. NOT YOU!" Yoongi's heart prickles but he ignores it. "Then I offer you a second less quick option."
"Yes?" Jimin's standing at the door to his room now "The more we mentally bond, the less the physical distance matters," Yoongi says. He takes five steps back and on the sixth, pain jars through them both. "We just need to make our mental bond stronger, then we can separate."
"And exactly how are we supposed to do that?" Jimin shoots back. "Talk to me," Yoongi says. "Tell me what you're thinking. So we can understand each other." When Yoongi steps close again, and Jimin reels back, the red in skin deepening. He pinches his nose shut. "Stop."
"What are you doing?" Yoongi says. He ignores the urge to smell his own shirt. "Your too close," Jimin says. "Your scent confused me! I don't want it affecting my decision!" "You think you're the only one? Do you have any idea how good you smell to me?" Yoongi replies.
Jimin refuses to let his nose go. "You're lucky that I'm listening to you at all. Be quick about your 'feelings' before I slam this door." The ball's in Yoongi's court, he has to take the lead. "I feel like... YOU'RE DRIVING ME CRAZY AND YOUR A BRAT AND YOU'RE PERFECT!"
Jimin's affected. "DON'T YELL AT ME! THIS YOUR FAULT. MY FOOT IS SO COLD! WHY IS THIS HOUSE SO COLD? AND I HATE YOU!" The wolf slams the door in his face, and a second later when he steps away, Yoongi's body is wracked with pain, but he dares not enter. He hears crying inside.
Yoongi's heart hurts again. He's so bad at this. Retreating for the moment, the vampire King heads downstairs to the living room. He raises the temperature ten degrees, the first time he's ever touched the thermostat. Then he goes searching, sweeping over the rooms until-
He finds Jimin's sock under the couch. He shakes it free of any dust then he heads back upstairs. Jimin's still crying. Yoongi knocks on the door and it abruptly stops. He answers miserably. "What?" "Can I come in?" "NO! NEVER!" "I found your sock." Yoongi says.
Jimin sniffles. "Is that why you left?" "I turned up the temperature. Are you still cold?" Jimin doesn't answer for a long while. And then-- "Do you hate me?" Yoongi feels a lot of things about Jimin but definitely not that. "No." "You can come in. The door isn't locked."
Inside, Jimin's in his bed, under the blanket. All that appears is the top of his silvery head. Yoongi sits at the edge of the mattress, relieved that they're together again. He peels back the duvet, just enough so that he can put Jimin's missing sock back on for him. "There."
Jimin doesn't talk for a long time, and Yoongi wonders if the little wolf has fallen asleep. When he gets up to leave, Jimin sits up, catching his arm. "Where are you going?" They're touching again, electricity buzzing though them. "Back to my room," Yoongi answers.
Jimin lets him go. "Okay." The vampire's at the door, no pain yet, they're bond has grown already. "Wait!" Jimin says. Yoongi pauses there, not taking another step. "Yes." "I'll think about it," Jimin says in a quiet voice. "About completing the mating. It might be a while."
"I thought you could only be with someone you love," Yoongi replies. Jimin struggles with this. "I-I hate all vampires. I hate them so much. Vampires took someone I love from me. I'll always hate them." The moonlight shines through the window. "But I don't hate you anymore."
Yoongi's suddenly warm, and that's strange for a vampire, no knowing the difference before. He's always been cold. "I'm sorry I yelled at you before." Jimin stares at him. "Me too." "Good night, little wolf," Yoongi says, shutting the door. "Good night, hyung." ~~~ TBC ~~~
Jimin's sitting on the porch, watching Yoongi slowly walk away. He didn't think it was possible, but he actually trusts him: a vampire, and not just any vampire, the King of more than three centuries. He's not what Jimin expected at all. Yoongi is a kind person.
Jimin feels a jolt of pain. "Stop!" Yoongi's pretty far, appearing like a doll in the moon washed backyard. He rushes back, closing the distance in mere seconds. Jimin stumbles back in surprise. "Don't do that!" "Sorry." Yoongi takes a seat. "That was further than yesterday."
"How many steps this time?" Jimin asks. "A hundred and forty two," Yoongi reports. "I think we could be neighbors now." Jimin forces a smile. In the last week, he's strangely grown accustom to his roommate. "Great, then you should move out. I'll stay here." Yoongi laughs.
The sight of him like that, the way his gums show, and how his eyes crinkle. He's handsome, Jimin thinks. More than handsome, he's... lovely. "Our bond is building quicker than I thought," Yoongi finally says. "Maybe you'll be able to return to your life in one or two months."
Jimin heart hurts, and he slaps Yoongi in the arm. "Could you say that a little less cheerfully? You sound like you want to get rid of me!" Yoongi blinks in confusion. "I thought that's what you wanted, to go home to your pack?" "You wouldn't even miss me one bit?"
Yoongi looks infinitely confused. Jimin sighs. "Never mind." He gets back up and heads into the house, through the backroom and into the kitchen. Yoongi cuts him off at the doorway. "Why are you angry? I don't understand." "I'm not angry," Jimin says. "I'm tired."
Yoongi gets in his way again, pressing a hand to his chest. "No, I'm fairly certain you're angry... and sad." Jimin frowns. "If I were gone, you wouldn't miss me, and that makes me sad." Yoongi ponders this for a moment before he tilts his head. "But I would miss you."
Blood rushes to Jimin's cheeks. He didn't expect the vampire to say it like that. "T-Then why were you so happy about me leaving?" Yoongi absently takes Jimin's hand, curling his pinky around the others. "I thought going home would make you happy, and I was happy for you."
"But being happy for you... doesn't mean that I'm not sad for myself," Yoongi says. "I'll miss you when your gone." Jimin tears up. "Why are you crying?" Yoongi asks, panicked. "I thought you'd be happy that I would miss you." Jimin hardly understands his own emotions.
"The thought you being sad, makes me sad," Jimin says. He throws his arms around Yoongi, hugging him tightly. The vampire goes still, his hands clenching and unclenching. "I'll miss you too, hyung," Jimin says. "Why aren't you hugging me back?" Yoongi's tense, completely rigid
The vampire's voice comes out urgently. "Let me go, Jimin! Get away from me!" He pushes Jimin away. The werewolf falls to the ground utterly confused. Yoongi's fangs are out, and he's twenty feet away suddenly, pressed against the back wall. His chest is heaving.
Jimin gets up, walking over. "Hyung, whats wrong?" Yoongi shouts at him, the first time he's ever done so. "STAY WHERE YOU ARE!" Jimin's worried, looking around, as if they're in danger, except it's only the two of them. "Hyung, you're scaring me." Yoongi shuts his eyes.
The vampire's never been so angry. "Did I do something wrong?" Jimin asks It's an eternity before Yoongi calms down. His eyes go back to normal. "Jimin, I'm sorry. It's a bad idea for you to be so close to me." He continues walking but he keeps his distance now. "Why?"
Yoongi stares at Jimin, a pout forming. "I'm sorry that I scared you, little wolf. That wasn't my intention. It's just that when you're so close... it's very hard not to bite you." "bITE ME?" Jimin repeats. "Wasn't once enough?" Yoongi seems to be coming around now.
"Vampire mates bite each other all the time," Yoongi explains. "When we drink each other's blood, it reconnects us. But since it's different between us, of course, I wouldn't bite you again." Jimin's cheeks flush. "That and the fact that it'd kill me!" Yoongi shakes his head.
"You don't believe it, but my poison has no effect on you, since you're my soulmate, you're immune to it," Yoongi explains. "I only meant that we're not lovers, so it'd be inappropriate to do such a thing." "What do you mean? I almost died the last time you bit me!" 4:45 PM ·
"It wasn't the bite," Yoongi says. "It was the separation that almost killed you. I'm glad that I had the good sense to turn around when I did, to find you." It's a lot to take in. Jimin's not sure how much of this is real. He's still not sure if Yoongi is his soulmate.
"I'll be sure to not hug you anymore," Jimin says. Yoongi grabs his whole hand this time, keeping him in place. "W-Wait!" "What is it?" Yoongi's eyelashes flutter nervously. "You can still hug me. I only need a thirty minute warning to prepare beforehand." Is he serious?
"OH!" Jimin claps his hands together, as much sarcasm as he can muster "Alright, I'll be sure to do that then. I'll hug you two hours from now, how's that! See you then!" Jimin rushes up to his room, slamming the door. Maybe he'll simply never understand that crazy vampire!
Jimin doesn't bother to wash up, throwing himself on his bed. He's exhausted. Recently, he's been sleeping later and later, syncing up with Yoongi's natural vampire cycle. As soon as he shuts his eyes, he falls asleep. In his dreams, he's lying down in a field of green.
The person he loves is beside him, putting flowers in his hair, and in the distance, dandelions blow in the wind. "Jimin?" "Hmm?" His eyes are closed, but he knows the one he loves is above him. "It's been two hours, I'm ready for my hug now." Jimin springs up, wide awake.
He screams, scrambling out of the bed. "What are you doing here?" It's dark, and Jimin's too hot, sweat on his forehead. Yoongi wrings his hands nervously. "Did you forget about my hug? Perhaps I shouldn't have woken you!" "What! Get out here!" Jimin shouts. "You're crazy!"
Yoongi doesn't move single inch. "I can't." Jimin's nose is flared. "NO HUGS FOR YOU!" Yoongi frowns, shaking his head. "I can't because... you're still holding my hand." And it's true, Jimin his holding Yoongi's hand tightly and for reasons unknown... he can't let go.
He can't loosen his hand a fraction, not matter how he tries. "I was being sarcastic, I didn't mean I would really give you a hug," Jimin says. Yoongi chews on his lower lip. "Were you also being sarcastic when you said... No more hugs for me?" Jimin rubs his eyes, so tired.
He sighs, carefully pulling Yoongi in and hugging him. This time Yoongi melts in his arms, but he's also noticeably still... because he's not breathing. He lets Yoongi go after a half a minute. "There. Now let me sleep." Yoongi tugs at his arm, but Jimin holds on tightly.
It's almost sunrise, Jimin can see the curtains lightening. Yoongi should be in bed. "Can I have another hug tomorrow?" Yoongi asks. "Sure, hyung," Jimin says. Finally he lets Yoongi's hand go, but his wolf viciously protests. "Okay--" Yoongi hums, smiling softly.
It's then that something flies through the window, taking down the curtains. Pale dawning sunlight filters through the broken glass. Yoongi hisses, shielding his face. His arms begin to smoke. Jimin has no idea what's going, the smell of other wolves sour in his nostrils.
It's Namjoon and some of his pack. He looks ready to kill. Jimin quickly gets in the way, grabbing the curtain and throwing it over Yoongi before he burns. "Get away from us!" Namjoon looks utterly perplexed. "Jimin? We're here to rescue you." Jimin growls at them.
Jungkook is there too. "Jimin? It's us?" Jimin's mind is racing, he pushes the boy back. They're here to take him away, and hurt Yoongi too. He can't let them. "NO!" Jimin shouts, blood pumping. "I said get away." "Jimin-" "GET AWAY FROM MY MATE!" Jimin shouts. ~~~ TBC ~~~
Yoongi wants to run, even with the curtain over his head, in utter darkness, he can navigate out of this room to safety. But that would mean leaving Jimin behind. He simply can't do it. "Jimin? it's us?" Yoongi recognizes that voice. It's one of the wolf president's guards.
Yoongi can kill everyone in the room. Especially to protect Jimin, he wouldn't hesitate. But he figures it's a rescue mission. The only one their after is him. He's ready to defend himself. Only Jimin steps in the way. "No! I said get away." "Jimin-" "GET AWAY FROM MY MATE!"
Yoongi shudders, the words settling in his heart. He wants to shout, and cry for joy. Jimin just called him his mate. A vicious snarl. "He's a vampire." That voice, it belongs to Namjoon. "One step closer and I'll rip out your throat," Jimin growls, voice deep.
"What did he do to you?" Something smashes into the wall. "I warned you," Jimin says. "We're leaving." A moment later, someone picks him up bridal style, scooping him up curtain and all. It can only be his mate. Jimin carries him out of there, rushing down the hall.
He sets him down in the bathroom, locking the door before pulling the curtain off. Their eyes meet, and Yoongi thinks he should say something. But his mind is blank. He's never had someone protect him before. "Look at these burns!" Jimin cries. "Does it hurt, hyung?"
There's splotches of red on his arm and face where the sunlight touched him. Some of his hair is falling out too. "There's no need to worry," Yoongi says evenly, watching Jimin. "I will heal in a day and a half at the most." "Do you have a first aid kit?" Jimin asks.
"I did have someone stock up on medical supplies in case you were injured," Yoongi says, checking Jimin over, concerned. He seems perfectly fine though. "Where are you hurt? "I'm not hurt!" Jimin shouts. "I'm asking for you! You need to put some cream on these burns!"
Yoongi needs a moment to process this. He wants to tell Jimin again, in case he didn't understand, that he'd heal within 36 hours. But he decides not to, in case it upsets him. "In there, under the sink," Yoongi says. "There should be some supplies." Jimin quickly searches.
He finds some mild disinfectant, which he sprays over the burns. Then he applies some topical cream over the affected areas. "This is a waste of supplies," Yoongi says. "I'm fine. I'll heal." Jimin frowns, eyes watering. "You're hurt because of me! Let me take care of you!"
Once Jimin's done, Yoongi's complexion is entirely marbled. He feels silly but he doesn't wash it off. Jimin looks at him again, uncertainly, a but nervous. "Is that better?" Yoongi can hardly explain himself. "We should go before the alarm--" A siren suddenly goes off.
Outside, Yoongi hears the metal shutters going down around the house, shutting off the poisonous sunlight. Next, his vampire guards swarm up the stairs. A fight's going to break out if Yoongi doesn't get out there and stop it. Jimin realizes this too. "Let's go!"
When they return to the room, it's dark, save for the dim, artificial red light. There's wolves on one side, and vampires on the other ready to kill each other. "Shall we dispatch these flea-bitten dogs, your majesty?" his head guard, Taehyung asks. Namjoon roars in anger.
"I assure you, I am not that easy to kill, you vile blood sucker," the president shouts. Taehyung's ready to strike. "Stop!" Yoongi commands, his eyes going red. Immediately all the vampires in the room go on one knee, bowing to him. "Do not harm any of them," Yoongi says.
Jimin holds his hand, and that action seems to confuse all the wolves. "If you want to discuss this, we'll be downstairs, otherwise, please get out." Jimin pulls Yoongi out of the room, marching to the living area, taking a seat on one of the couches. "Jimin-"
"Listen, hyung. Trust me this once. Let me talk, okay? I'll get rid of them." Yoongi has questions. Why is he trying to get his pack to leave? Isn't he planning to go home? What about them being mates? Does Jimin believe it now? "Okay," Yoongi agrees. "I'll let you speak."
Namjoon and Jungkook come down a few minutes later. "We'll talk to you if you let everyone else go." Yoongi signals to Taehyung. "Take them out through the tunnels. Every one else, back to your post." Taehyung nods, gesturing for the wolves to follow. Then they're alone.
"Well, sit," Yoongi says. Namjoon takes offense to this. "I will not do what you command." "It was merely a suggestion," the vampire king says coldly. "Be as uncomfortable as you wish." Jimin gets in the way before anything can happen. "Please, hyung, just take a seat."
Namjoon's jaw is locked but ultimately he takes a seat. Jungkook stands beside him. "Jimin, we don't want the land," Namjoon says. "We're willing to trade you back for it. I made mistake leaving you here." Yoongi wants to protest but he keeps his mouth shut like he promised.
He trusts Jimin to navigate this. "Hyung, look at me, I'm fine here," Jimin says. "You should go. And send us the check for the window." Namjoon's confused. It's clear. He didn't expect Jimin like this, healthy and happy, hand in hand with a vampire. "He brainwashed you!"
"Come home," Jungkook adds. Jimin remains calm. "The deal is done. Besides, I can't be separated from Yoongi for the time being, not more than a hundred and fifty steps." Namjoon looks at Yoongi with hatred. "I don't understand. Why not? What has he done to you?"
Jimin pulls down the collar of his shirt, stretching his neck. He shows them his mark. "I already told you. He's my mate. When he bit me before, he mated me." Is that what Jimin meant before. Only that Yoongi bit him, which makes him his mate, not because he actually wants it.
Namjoon picks up on this right away. "That's impossible." Jimin shrugs. "The proof is right in front of you." "But--" Jungkook is at a loss for words. "He isn't your chosen mate, the one your wolf acknowledges. He forced you to when he bit you! We can help you, hyung!"
Yoongi feels lower than dirt right now. He wishes he could take it back. He didn't mean to. If he'd known who Jimin was, he would've done it the proper vampire way. "No," Jimin says abruptly. "My wolf choses him. He is my mate and I won't leave him. I... I love him."
Yoongi doesn't know how to comprehend him. Some one loves him? It's so confusing and strange and wonderful. Jimin loves him. "You don't know what you're saying," Namjoon says. "Remember what vampires did to your parents, leaving you as an orphaned baby!" "I love him, hyung."
Is this possible? Perhaps Jimin's saying it to get them to leave. Though, Yoongi doesn't think he's that type of person. "I understand what this means," Jimin continues. "I can never return to the pack. I don't wish to. I'll stay here." Yoongi really needs a hug.
He'll wait till they leave. "Well," Namjoon manages, turning to Yoongi. "Do you have anything to say, you scoundrel?" Yoongi has many thoughts but few words. "Jimin can stay if he wants." Namjoon stands abruptly. "How can I leave him here, with this cold, emotionless monster."
Jimin steps in front of Namjoon, baring the way. "Don't take another step near my mate." Namjoon's suffering. He inhales sharply, falling to his knees. He takes Jimin's hand. "You know many wolves chose a human life and are banished from the pack. But not you. You can't go."
"Why not me?" Jimin says. "Every wolf is free to do as they wish. I've served you for many years. Let me be free." "Many wolves can go free, but not you," Namjoon says. Jimin eyes go dark. "Why not?" Yoongi thinks the president might confess. He's ready to defend what is his.
Namjoon shudders. "I was not supposed to reveal this until your 25th birthday. But I can't keep that promise. You were entrusted to me, to protect and keep secret. Your parents were our King and Queen." Jimin's mouth drops. "You are our Prince. You can't leave." ~~~ TBC ~~~
Jimin's shaking. "Everyone knows the royal family is dead, including the crown prince." Namjoon shakes his head. "Every one thinks so, except my father who rescued you, and me." Jimin always thought he was a no one, a kid with no home. "You're lying, hyung. You have to be."
"You can't accept it," Namjoon says. "BECAUSE THAT MAKES YOONGI THE PERSON WHO KILLED YOUR PARENTS!" Jimin's shocked to the core. He looks over at the Vampire King, who looks drained of energy, his skin splotchy and burned and covered with cream. "Did you really do it?"
Yoongi's shaking like a leaf, while Namjoon smiles victoriously. But how can anyone smile at a time like this? Yoongi stares at the ground. "I am responsible for it." That's not the same thing. "Did you kill them with your own hands, hyung?" "What does it matter,"Joon hisses.
"IT MATTERS TO ME, YOUR PRINCE," Jimin shouts. Yoongi's eyes water. He's thinking very hard and he answers as truthfully as he can. "I'm not sure." Namjoon points at him. "Even if you didn't! You're still responsible. Jimin, come home with us." "Get out!" Jimin commands.
Yoongi stands, though his legs wobble. He tries to walk away, up the stairs, but Jimin grabs him, pulling him in by the waist. "Not you." Namjoon and Jungkook look up, eyes wide. "You want us to leave?" "Go," Jimin repeats. "But--" "As your Prince, I order you to leave!"
They do not protest any further. Taehyung comes back and escorts them out through the tunnel, leaving he and Yoongi alone. Jimin's still holding him tightly, but Yoongi won't look at him, eyes on the ground. Like that, the wolf carries him up the stairs to his bedroom.
He sets Yoongi down on the bed, and immediately he covers his face with his hands. "Hyung, look at me," Jimin whispers. "I need you to tell me everything!" Yoongi seems so helpless and lost. "I don't remember. It was twenty one years ago, when the uprising happened."
The vampire is so nervous, he scratches at his burn marks. Jimin pulls his hands away. "Hyung, you'll hurt yourself. Please calm down." Yoongi shakes his head. "How can I calm down? What if I am the one? I've slain so many, especially during that war. What have I done?"
"I would've been two at the time. The royal family doesn't fight on the battle field. It would've been somewhere hidden," Jimin continues. Yoongi scans his memory. "Then... no." He seems firmer in his answer. "I wouldn't have harmed a family with a child. I'm sure of it."
Jimin reaches out to touch him, assured of his innocence, but Yoongi flinches "Your president is right," Yoongi says. "It's my fault regardless. I should've made peace with your parents. Then you wouldn't have had to suffer. What will you do now, little wolf prince?"
"What do you mean?" Jimin asks "I am your enemy," Yoongi says with certainty. "With my carelessness, I've ruined your life. But you are also bonded to me because of the monster I am!" "I'm bonded to you because you're my soulmate, hyung," Jimin replies. "We'll figure it out."
"What did you deserve to have a soulmate like me?" Yoongi cries, covering his face again. "I can never make this up to you. If I could take away the mark, I would." Jimin shakes his head. What he knows, he can't unknow. "Hyung, I have to tell you something, listen carefully."
He pulls Yoongi's hands away, holding them firmly. "And stop scratching!" Yoongi stares at him sadly. "It's itchy." "When you were in danger, I threw myself in front of you. It was my wolf spirt that told me to, and that is the highest form of love of my people. Sacrifice."
"You should get away from me," Yoongi whispers. Jimin loses his patience then. "I CANT. THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYING. CAN YOU LISTEN? I LOVE YOU! MY WOLF ACCEPTS YOU, AND I CAN'T GO BACK ANYMORE. I FUCKING LOVE YOU!" Yoongi doesn't say anything back, shocked that Jimin yelled at him.
The vampire tries again to scratch his face, and Jimin's had it. He launches at Yoongi, and they both fall over in the bed. He pins Yoongi's wrists above his head, sitting on his hips. "Alright," the vampire finally says, completely breathless. "I... I won't scratch anymore."
Jimin feels such a wild impulse then. He wants to bite Yoongi so badly, ride him rough and fast. He crawls off of him before the feeling takes over. "Good. I'll look in to this, hyung. I want to know for sure who did this to my family, and all the circumstances around it."
"I'll help you," Yoongi says. "When it happened, no one took credit for the kill, thus it was awarded back to me. It could be they wish to remain hidden, or that they died on the battlefield before claiming it." Jimin nods. "Tomorrow, then. It's late for you. We should sleep."
"I only need a few hours," Yoongi confirms. "We can work in the afternoon together." "No," Jimin says, his wolf resisting. "You are still injured, you need your rest." Yoongi accepts it. "Then after the sunsets." When he tries to get up, Jimin pushes him back down. "Hm?"
"Sleep here," Jimin says, getting into the bed as well. He pulls the covers over them both, but maintains a distance. "I'll watch over you." "That's hardly necessary," Yoongi says. "I told you I'm indestructible." Jimin doesn't relent, taking Yoongi's hand. "Go to sleep."
The vampire stares up at the ceiling. It's very late for vampires. "I don't think I can sleep here with you next to me. You smell so good. Perhaps, I'll go to the guest room and you can stay here in my room." "A wolf can't sleep without his mate," Jimin whispers.
"Why not?" Yoongi asks, not removing his hand. He's embarrassed, eyelashes fluttering. "It'll only be a few hours to have your window repaired. Perhaps you'd be more comfortable in there." "As long as I can't see you are safe with my own eyes, I won't sleep," Jimin explains.
Yoongi considers this for a long minute. "Then I shall bear with it." He closes his eyes, breathing in and out evenly. "Good night, little wolf prince." Jimin shuffles over, kissing Yoongi's cheek. He moves back into place before he's scolded. "Good night, My King." ~~~ TBC ~~~
An: Well additional tags of a rut, and also you know all that good wolf stuff. I dunno if I'll add a whole smut scene just yet, but definitely some kissing.
When Yoongi wakes up, he's alone. He feels around for Jimin, only to find empty sheets. "Jimin?" Yoongi calls out, his eyes still shut. There's no answer. The vampire sits up in the darkness, rubbing his eyes. He's never fallen asleep so deeply before. "Little Wolf?"
When there's no answer, Yoongi goes out searching. "JIMIN!" Then finally, from the bathroom. "In here, hyung. I'm just taking a bath." It's strange, Yoongi knows Jimin's routine. He bathes in the afternoon, not the dead of night." "I overslept," Yoongi mumbles.
"I didn't want to wake you," Jimin replies. "How are your burns?" Yoongi's skins peeling well, fresh skin underneath. "Nearly back to normal." Something feels wrong. There's no steam coming from the sides of the door. If Jimin really were bathing, it'd be warmer.
"Hyung! What are you doing?" Yoongi walks in, worried that Jimin might a hostage or something, but he really is sitting in the bath, only there's no soap and- "The water is freezing," Yoongi says "What are you doing? You'll get sick." Jimin hides himself with the curtain.
"Get out!" he shouts. "You can't just come in here." Yoongi tries to get out of the way. He thinks Jimin's going to slap him. Instead the wolf pulls him in by his shirt. There's water everywhere. Yoongi tries to stay still as Jimin rubs his face all over his neck and chest.
The vampire falls back, wet and confused. The front of his shirt clings to his body. "Why did you just do that?" Jimin's face is scarlet. "T-To teach you a lesson. Now go outside and wait for me." Yoongi scrambles up and heads outside, shutting the door. What just happened?
The vampire is covered in Jimin's scent, his shirt wrinkled and uncomfortable, but he dare not change. Jimin greets him fully clothed with damp hair. He keeps his distance, eyes warry. "Hyung, we should talk. I need to leave for the next three days." Did Yoongi hear that right?
"We can't be separated," Yoongi says. "You know that." "The full moon is in two days," Jimin says. "I'll need to set up camp in the backyard. You know wolves turn the day before and after as well." "You wouldn't hurt me though," Yoongi says. "You said that I'm your mate."
Jimin's pupils go from the size of a pin to almost the entire diameter. He looks at Yoongi's neck for thirty seconds. "It's true, even in my wolf form. I wouldn't hurt you, my mate. Still, it's better to be safe. You're not a wolf, there's no telling how I would react."
Yoongi swallows thickly. He uses some of Jimin's words. "But won't you miss me? I'll be sad without you." Jimin growls, hiding it with a cough. He continues to keep his distance. "It's for your safety. Now, before I go. Give me something of yours." This is all so sudden.
"You said we were going to look for your family's killer," Yoongi reminds him. Jimin sighs. "I know. I wanted to, but this is urgent. I've been spending all this time with you, I lost track of the lunar cycle. It'll only be three days, now, hurry up, something with your scent."
Yoongi looks around the room. He grabs the blanket and hands it to Jimin, who immediately buries his face in it. "Good. Now, I'll have to go. Whatever you do, do not come near my territory. When I'm ready, I'll come back." "Alright, I'll start researching on my own."
Yoongi thinks that's it. Jimin doesn't leave yet though. "I need a hug," Jimin says. "I know you told me to warn you beforehand." Yoongi holds his breath. "It's fine. Go ahead." When Jimin comes to hug him, it's different than usual, not calm, but desperate and rough.
He doesn't keep still, instead rubbing his head against Yoongi's neck and chest again, squeezing him tight. It makes his skin hot. Once it's over, Yoongi can smell Jimin on himself. Jimin rushes back, eyes dark. "Don't wash my scent off, hyung." What a strange request.
"I wont?" Yoongi replies, eyebrow raised. "Also, you should get a new blanket," Jimin says. Then he's gone. Yoongi waits a few minutes before he slowly follows. He doesn't feel any pain, so he knows the little wolf can't be far. He sees Jimin at the edge of the property.
Over the course of the night, he sees the boy slowly construct a very impressive lean to shelter out of branches. Then when the temperature drops, he sees a fire flickering in the distance. He's so curious, but he dares not go near it, just watching from the window.
"Werewolves are strange creatures." It's Taehyung, sipping blood, sitting on the kitchen counter. "Did you do as I asked?" "Yes, the Generals will be coming soon," Taehyung says. "I don't know why you're so interested in this, so what if he really is the lost wolf prince."
"It matters to him," Yoongi says. "He needs to know who killed his parents." "And what if it really was you," Taehyung says. "Will you tell him the truth." Yoongi's mouth is pressed thin. "I would." Taehyung shakes his head. "Other vampires won't understand your love for him."
"They don't need to understand," Yoongi whispers. He looks out into the distant, and swears he sees something with dark fur gliding between the trees. "They only need to respect." "If he attacks you, your guards will lay him to waste," Taehyung says. "I know I would."
"No one is to harm one hair on his head," Yoongi repeats. Taehyung rolls his eyes. "You stink of that wolf. You should at least wash before the Generals come tomorrow." "Go, leave me," Yoongi huffs, still staring at the window. "I wish to be alone." "As you wish, your majesty"
Yoongi thinks he should shower off, but he remembers that Jimin asked him not to. This is crazy. It's below freezing tonight. Yoongi wonders how Jimin will survive. Then he has an idea. "Why don't I just stay outside, and Jimin can be in the house. It'll be warmer."
Yes, Jimin did tell him to stay away, but what's the worst that could happen. Yoongi's powerful, a thousand years old, there's very little that can harm him. He quickly crosses over the dark, moonlight grass. The scent gets stronger and more dangerous as he nears the shelter.
Yoongi doesn't know why. It's been a long time since he's felt afraid. He sees the blanket laying inside the shelter, all torn up and used. It has a pungent, musky smell. Yoongi wonders what could've caused this and he realizes what's happened. Ah, now it all makes sense.
By the looks of it, Jimin's cum on that blanket more than few times. This is why he asked to distance himself. All wolves turn on the full moon, but those with mates also go into ruts. Yoongi quickly straightens up. He starts back towards the house, but eyes are watching him.
Yoongi realizes his mistake, but it's too late. Jimin appears in front of him, flashing rows of teeth. The vampire's seen plenty of werewolves before, but none like his mate. Jimin's so large, covered in dark fur, and with a monstrously huge dick. Yoongi tries to remain calm.
"Jimin, yes, just the person I wanted to see," Yoongi says, backing away towards the house. Jimin growls, a warning. The vampire pauses. "I'm sorry to disturb you this evening. Truly, I am. I thought maybe you were cold, and would like to come inside. I'll stay out here."
Jimin doesn't move, there's no indication that he understands. Yoongi's fast, one of the fastest vampires in the whole world. He makes a run for it, but Jimin beats him in a mere two seconds. Those powerful hind legs. He pounces on Yoongi, pinning him to the ground.
If this were anyone else, Yoongi wouldn't hesitate to throw them off. But it's Jimin, and even if the wolf is set to eat him up, he can't hurt his soulmate. Only mid-bite, Jimin stops, looking at Yoongi quizzically. His ears perk up, clearly confused. He sniffs Yoongi.
Then as if perplexed and unsure, he smells Yoongi again, this time deeper. Then he slowly sits back, his paw lifting. He tilts his head to the side, his eyes wide and soft. Yoongi understands why Jimin asked him not to wash off the scent. It lets the wolf know who he is.
"Yes, it's me," Yoongi huffs. "You wouldn't hurt your mate, would you?" Jimin's tongue falls to the side of his mouth, his tail swishing from side to side. He's happy to see the vampire. Yoongi tries to stand but Jimin keeps his paw in place. "Jimin, I'm going home--"
The wolf suddenly pulls at his pants, hard enough to drag him on the grass. "JIMIN! WAIT!" His pajamas come clean off, exposing his lower half to the elements. Then with another tug, Jimin tears Yoongi's shirt to shreds. "Ah, no, I can't change. I'm not a wolf. I can't."
Jimin licks him, his tongue large and flat. It gets every where, making his entire front slick and wet. Yoongi tries to squirm away from that feeling. It's rough and warm. Jimin licks him there too, digging into his ass cheeks. "Ah, fuck," Yoongi says, kicking at it.
Jimin tries to turn him over, and when he can't, the wolf is determined to fuck him on his back. That massive thing slides against his belly, weeping precum. "It won't fit," Yoongi whines, his legs in the air. "It's too big." It'd completely ruin his insides. "JIMIN STOP!"
Jimin pauses, stepping back. He growls, twisting his head. He jumps in the air, hopping in erratic circles. Yoongi scrambles back, giving the wolf some space. It's as if Jimin's fighting with some invisible monster, then finally he shudders, a pained howl. He starts shrinking.
He returns to his human form covered in blood. He looks over at Yoongi, breathing in heavily. "Hyung! Are you alright? Did I hurt you?" He quickly grabs the blanket and covers Yoongi with it, even though he's naked too. "I'm fine," Yoongi huffs, tossing it aside.
There's so much fresh blood, Yoongi can't help himself, his instincts taking over. He starts licking Jimin's skin, cleaning him off. "You tried to mate me, but it was too big." Jimin shudders. "I told you to stay away. Why can't you listen to me? I could've bit your head off."
"You never listen to me," Yoongi says. He gets whatever he can. Jimin's blood is so delicious, floral and sweet. "So now you're going to be like me," Jimin huffs. "What if I didn't stop myself in time? I could've mated you!" Yoongi shudders, heat rolling through him.
"Maybe I would've been able to... adjust," the vampire offers. "In any case, it wouldn't have killed me." "You are unbelievable!" Jimin shouts. Yoongi's high on his smell and blood. He kisses his lips. "It's fine. You're the right size for me now. Let's keep going."
Jimin goes rigid. He speaks slowly. "You still want to mate me, after seeing my wolf?" Yoongi groans. He's hot all over. He wants to be with Jimin. "Yes. I do." Jimin pushes him off gently but firmly. "No." The wolf is painfully hard. It's clear he wants to mate.
"I don't understand," Yoongi says. He pauses in his work. "You don't want to mate." "Hyung, we can mate whenever," Jimin says. "But not during a full moon when it's dangerous for you! You go back inside and wait the three days that I asked. Do not come here again!"
Yoongi's desperate. It's not everyday that he's out monstered by another creature. Jimin's strong and fast. His true form is every bit Yoongi's equal. "Please." "Go!" Jimin says. "If I catch you here again, I'll make you wait a whole year!" Yoongi stands, deeply admonished.
The vampire folds his arms. "Fine! I might not even want to mate in three days! Don't be so full of yourself." He turns and walks back to the house, giving Jimin a view of his naked ass. Jimin shouts after him. "YOU'RE SO LUCKY THAT I FUCKING LOVE YOU! STUPID!" ~~~ TBC ~~~
Jimin's tired and hungry when the full moon finally passes. Hunting had helped a little, but he's starving for some real food. He wants to eat a huge helping of carbs, take a long bubble bath and snuggle with his mate. He decides to bathe first, lavender shampoo and soap.
It's strangely quiet in the house. Jimin'd expected Yoongi to greet him at the door, but he realizes that's a bit selfish to want someone to wait on him like that. There's soup in the fridge, rice balls, and grilled chicken. Jimin heats it all up and starts eating.
After his meal, he washes the dishes and puts them in the dishwasher to dry. Still, no Yoongi. Jimin wants to go to bed, but now he really misses a certain someone who he won't name out loud. "Hyung?" Jimin calls. He searches around, house empty. "Where are you?"
The vampire is in his study, reading over papers. He doesn't look up when Jimin enters. "Hyung, didn't you hear me calling you?" Jimin asks. The vampire doesn't answer, a frown on his lips. He continues reading. "You're not even going to say hello?" Jimin continues.
"Hello," Yoongi mumbles. He continues writing, looking through his papers, before putting some into the finished pile. Jimin inhales sharply. How insolent. "What? Are you angry with me?" This time Yoongi looks at him, narrowing his eyes. "Yes." Then he continues working.
Jimin circles the desk. He wants to touch, but he doesn't dare. Yoongi's since showered, but still, his scent lingers. "Are you going to tell me why?" Jimin asks. Yoongi pauses. "No. I'm not talking to you right now." Heat pulses in Jimin's stomach. He's burning up.
The wolf thinks of about a hundred ways to play this game. He could tease, or be sweet, or he could be mean too. "I really missed you, hyung," Jimin whispers in Yoongi's ear. He moves away before the vampire can push his face back. "I thought we could talk... afterwards."
Yoongi swallows audibly, but otherwise he doesn't react. He continues reading his boring papers. "But you're not talking to me right now," Jimin repeats. "That's too bad. I want to tell you how good you smell right now." "WELL THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE YELLED AT ME!"
Jimin's heart is racing. He wants so badly to kiss the vampire. "I'm sorry for raising my voice. I was only distressed because you put yourself in danger, My King." He says the last part slowly, playfully. Yoongi stares at him with wide, shocked, indignant eyes.
Then the vampire completely clears the desk. He pushes all the papers off, with one loud shout. Then he looks at Jimin, breathing rapidly. The tension is thick, almost tangible. Jimin's the first to move. He pulls Yoongi up and throws him upon the flat surface.
The wolf straddles him, pinning him down. Yoongi won't stop squirming. He has two fistfuls of Jimin's shirt in his hands. "I don't want you!" Yoongi says. "Turn back into the wolf. At least he makes sense." Jimin shudders, warmth bleeding into him. Yoongi wants the wolf.
It's a very strange feeling. Even among his own kind, Jimin's true form has always been frightening. That's why he never found a mate. And here Yoongi is, asking him to turn willingly. "How does he make sense?" Jimin asks. "He's an animal, hyung. He doesn't have sense."
"He mates when he wants to mate," Yoongi says. "He doesn't tell people to leave and call them stupid! I get him! It's you I don't understand at all!" Jimin daringly kisses the vampire's forehead. Yoongi's eyes go wide, and his mouth opens in surprise. Then he rolls his hips.
The friction has both of them groaning. It feels good, and Yoongi smells phenomenal. "I am my wolf," Jimin says. "We're not separate entities. I want to mate you right now, when it's safe for the both of us. I don't want to hurt you." Yoongi's conflicted, his eyes glittering.
"I don't care if you hurt me," the king whispers. Jimin wants to kiss him hard, then ride him all night-- but suddenly, he feels as though he's being watched. When he turns his head, it's confirmed. Indeed, he is being watched. Two vampires are standing right there.
Jimin shrieks, climbing off the table. His instinct is to protect his mate, only Yoongi's faster, circling around and holding Jimin close with one arm. "Seokjin, Hoseok," Yoongi greets them evenly. "You're here." The vampires hold hands, regarding them curiously.
They speak as if they're one person, their sentences weaving between them. "We waited downstairs and we heard a noise. Maybe we should check it out. Our mistake, shouldn't have disturbed you, Your Majesty," they speak. "Who are they?" Jimin asks, staring at their joined hands.
"These are my two generals," Yoongi explains, holding Jimin tighter. "They were present during the uprising. They might know what happened to your parents." "He's Hoseok," one says. "He's Seokjin," the other continues. "We didn't know the crown prince was alive."
Yoongi's tone drops to subzero. It's cold as ice. "You will not harm my mate, do you understand?" Seokjin nods. "Of course, your majesty." "You've had a long journey. You may rest in the guest room. We'll speak in a few hours," Yoongi continues. "Understood," Hoseok says.
Once they're gone, Jimin turns to Yoongi. "They're strange. I get the creeps." Yoongi laughs, rubbing the back of his head. "They've been together for a long, long time. They're living proof too, that vampires can't kill their soulmates." "I'll be careful then," Jimin manages.
The spell is broken, Yoongi looks around the room at the mess he made. He sighs, starting to pick up the papers. "You should rest too, Jimin. You just came home. I'll wake you in a few hours." Jimin wants to stay. He wants to cuddle, but only after a few rounds of cardio.
"Alright," Jimin hums. He can't help himself. He rubs against Yoongi's neck and chest, causing the vampire to nearly lose balance. "Why do you keep doing that, little wolf?" Yoongi says, flustered. "I-It's scenting, something that wolves do to people they love," Jimin answers.
"Oh," Yoongi simply says. "If you smell like me," Jimin says. "My wolf will know you're part of my family. When we separate, it'll be easier to find each other again." The vampire king inhales sharply, as if he'd forgotten to breathe. "Yes, I see. That makes sense."
He leans forward, copying Jimin's motions. He rubs his head and chin against Jimin's neck. "Like this?" It doesn't work the same since Yoongi's a vampire, but some of his scent does rub off. "Sure." "Okay," Yoongi says evenly. "I'll see you soon. Sleep well, my little wolf."
Jimin heads to his room. It's repaired completely. There's even a new rug for added comfort. Jimin's tired and confused. He hits the bed and groans. New sheets. Fuck. Fresh sheets means that Yoongi's scent isn't on them. Jimin's gonna have a hard time falling asleep.
Then Jimin realizes that his clothes still have Yoongi's scent. He's glad that the vampire actually tried to scent him. But does that mean he lov- Jimin closes his eyes, pulling his shirt over his nose. He drifts off just like that. And he dreams of someone he misses.
Jimin doesn't know what time it is when he wakes. It's light out, sun peaking behind the closed curtains. And someone's watching him. Jimin tries to scream but someone puts a hand over his mouth. It's Hoseok, who presses a finger to his own lips. "Shh." Jimin pushes him away.
"What are you doing in my room?" Jimin huffs. "Yoongi told you to leave me alone." Seokjin is standing at the door. "He told me not to harm you and I agreed. But my mate didn't." Hoseok smiles, dark eyes, midnight hair. "Why is our King protecting you, a rapid dog?
Jimin gets the sense that they're joking with him, but that doesn't mean they won't kill him for fun. These two are real vampires, the kind that Jimin hates. "I'm not a dog, I'm a wolf," Jimin says. "You're a stinky, smelly wolf," Seokjin replies. "Now our King stinks too."
"I'm his soulmate," Jimin explains. "How can you be his soul's mate," Hoseok huffs. "You liar." The vampire shoves him hard and he slams into the wall. Jimin quickly gets up. He's too tired to change right now. He's done for. "I'm telling the truth. He cares about me."
"Our King is like fire," Seokjin says. "He gives everyone safety and warmth. But fire doesn't care about anyone. If you get too close, he will eat you up all the same." "No, hyung is sweet and kind," Jimin protests. "He'll be furious that you've disturbed me. Now go."
"Stinky dog prince ordering us around," Hoseok says. "Doesn't know how much danger he's in." Seokjin takes over. "We offer you two options. You will leave here and never return or we will kill you." They're serious. Hoseok's advancing on him, coming closer. Jimin shuts his eyes
Someone grabs him and Jimin tries to fight it off, using his fists. "Easy, little wolf, it's me." That voice instantly calms Jimin down. It's Yoongi, his smell and presence. But when Jimin opens his eyes, a terrifying monster is holding him, with blood red eyes. "Hyung?"
He's got two sets of fangs, and long sharp claws. There's deep blue veins in his face, that pulse around his eyes. He's absolutely terrifying. Hoseok and Seokjin are bowing, heads to the floor and shivering. "We were only kidding, your Majesty. Please don't be angry."
Jimin's scared but-- Yoongi still smells right, like him, like his family and home. He figures that even if Yoongi's angry, he wouldn't hurt him. "You tried to harm my mate, the one I love," the King growls. "If not for your service to me, I would kill you right now."
It's clear the pair are confused. According to them, Yoongi doesn't love anyone. "We were mistaken," Seokjin says. "We won't disobey you again." "See that you don't," Yoongi hums. "Or I will make you the example, the harshest of punishments." "Please don't kill us!"
Yoongi quirks an eyebrow. He's a terrifying beast, so cold and dark. He's like a shadow, and what he says makes Jimin want to cry. "I would only kill one of you, then the other I would hide away, so that your souls would never be reunited. You would not find each other again."
"Have mercy, your majesty," they cry. "Go," Yoongi growls. "Hide in your room, and only come when I summon you. Let the other's know who my intended is." "Yes, we will, your excellency," They get out of there as quickly as they can, becoming vapor in a matter of seconds.
Jimin's frightened, shivering in Yoongi's arms. He's afraid to look up. "Will you not look at me, my little wolf?" Yoongi whispers. Jimin dares a peak. Yoongi's returned to normal, soft, concerned eyes. "Are you scared of me, now that you've seen my true face?"
Jimin touches Yoongi's cheek. He's not afraid after all, especially since the older is crying. "No, I'm not scared of you. Thank you for protecting me." "It's my fault. I didn't realize they'd hold such a grudge. The land I returned to your people was part of their territory."
"I don't think they'll try anything again," Jimin says. "You scared them pretty good. If you could do that all along, why didn't you protect yourself against my wolf?" It makes so much sense why Yoongi'd not been afraid. He's the same, just as powerful and dangerous.
Yoongi laughs, pulling Jimin into a hug. "I could never hurt you. Why would I need to? Any time you want to pin me down and have your way with me. Feel free." Jimin flushes, heart beating hard. "You said you loved me. You really mean it?" Yoongi kisses his neck. "Yes."
Jimin stares up at him. "I love you too." "I know," the King replies. "I think I'm ready to mate you," Jimin says, before shaking his head. "I mean I'm ready to give you the bite and make you my mate." Yoongi's smile falters. "Are you sure?" "The next full moon." ~~~ TBC ~~~
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Yoongi's lived for a long time. He's never felt nervous before like this. Maybe he did when he was human, but that was so long ago, he's not sure-- That's just it, Jimin makes him feel human, vulnerable, and a billion other things. "Hyung, what are you thinking?"
What's Yoongi supposed to say that. Jimin wants to be his mate, and for some reason they have to wait for the next full moon. Isn't that most dangerous time? "You haven't said anything for five minutes," Jimin adds. "My King." "Well--" Yoongi croaks. "I'm a bit... confused."
Jimin's expression is neutral. He takes Yoongi and pulls him down so that they're both sitting at the edge of the bed. "Talk to me." Yoongi doesn't know where to begin. His mind is a mess. "You remind me of someone I knew when I was human." "Hmmm?" Jimin tilts his head.
Yoongi's shocked by his own words. "I'm not making any sense am I? I just-- I just feel like I know you. I was in love before, a long time ago, when I was human." "You used to be human?" Jimin asks. Yoongi shakes his head. "A thousand years give or take." There's silence.
"I'm not sure what you're trying to say," Jimin admits. "It's just been a long time," Yoongi whispers. "I haven't loved any one since. I don't know what I'm doing." Jimin tears up, cupping Yoongi's face. "You've been alone all that time?" Yoongi nods, leaning into the touch.
The werewolf touches their lips together before pressing their foreheads against each other. "You're worried." "I'm terrified," Yoongi admits. "Why do we have to wait till the full moon. I thought it was dangerous. That's why you sent me away." Jimin giggles, cheeks flushing.
"I wish I didn't," the wolf says. "It was a mistake, I should've mated you. I thought it was dangerous. I really did, but I just saw that you can stand your own against my monster. We're perfect together.... we really are soulmates." Yoongi's heart skips a beat.
"What about your parents," Yoongi asks. "Shouldn't we clear--" Jimin presses another kiss to his lips. "If those two really had something to say to break us apart, they would've already told you. I'm guessing it's as you said. Whoever did it died the same day."
Then it's settled. "Do we have to wait a whole month?" Yoongi asks. "Yes," Jimin says. "It has to be a full moon for the bite to take." "But what about before?" Yoongi asks, eyebrow lifting. Jimin smiles. "I don't see why we can't have fun before that?" He kisses him again.
Yoongi's head is getting muddled and Jimin smells fucking amazing. His fangs ache to bite down but he turns away. "What?" Jimin hums. "I need time to prepare," Yoongi whispers. "Really?" Jimin whines. "Thirty minutes?" "A few days," Yoongi answers, standing. "I should go."
Jimin won't let go of his hand, sniffing at his neck. It's cleared he's turned on. "Do we have to? I want to thank you for your rescue effort. You didn't need prep time before." Yoongi's adamant. "This is different. We're going to be mates for sure now. Please, Jimin."
Jimin continues sniffing him. He goes in and scents Yoongi heavily, holding him close, but ultimately he lets him go. "I supposed I can manage by myself for a few days." The vampire's heart leaps inside his chest. "Trust me, you won't be disappointed, my little wolf."
The next few days go by both quickly and slowly as Yoongi prepares. The two generals clear up the record. During the war their were several royal raids with heavy casualties on both sides. "One of the seventy vampires probably did it," Seokjin says. "But they're all dust now."
"Thank you for your report," Yoongi says sternly. "As long as you continue to be loyal to I and Jimin, you'll be rewarded." Hoseok is ready to leave, but Seokjin remains. "Are you really going to make this fleabag your intended?" Yoongi's frowns. "Jimin is my equal."
"He's bewitched you somehow," Seokjin continues, even as his mate tries to pull him away. "He is my soul's mate," Yoongi says. "There was proof when I bit him and he lived, but now I know because I know him. He's perfect for me." Jimin shows them his mark. "See? Here."
For vampires this is the ultimate evidence, the mark. "He really has it," Hoseok gasps. Seokjin sighs. "I'll never understand it, but--" They speak together again. "We will be loyal to you both, your majesties." They stand and bow, intending to leave. "Farewell."
Yoongi's excited to have Jimin alone. He sends the Generals out, but there's suddenly a thunderous knock at the door. The King knows that scent. Damn, not them again. "OPEN UP!" Namjoon shouts. "I'm alone! I just want to talk. JIMIN, I CAN SMELL YOU IN THERE."
The door falls off its hinges. Luckily the sun's already set or the three vampire would have been set ablaze. Namjoon and Jungkook walk in. "I'll pay for that." Taehyung comes running in. "They're attacking, your majesty, get behind me!" "I'm not attacking!" Joon shouts.
"How can you say that when you broke our door?" Taehyung hisses. "You still owe us for the window," Yoongi adds. "I just want Jimin back! You can have the land! We need you more!" Namjoon says. Jungkook holds him back. "I tried to stop him, my prince. He just misses you."
Jimin's blushing, looking to Yoongi for direction. The vampire king just wants every one to leave his house so he can be with his intended- "This is the wolf president?" Seokjin asks. They stare at each other, perplexed at one another. "He's not what we expected," Hoseok adds.
They circle each other curiously. "He's pretty for a wolf," Seokjin comments. "You smell so nice too." "Maybe that's why they made him president," Hoseok says. "Who's the other one? You said you were alone." "I'm his guard," Jungkook defends. Yoongi clears his throat.
"I must admit I had my reservations," the King says. "But I see you all will get along nicely." Namjoon frowns. "What do you mean?" "You're here because you think you traded your prince away for a piece of land, correct?" Yoongi asks. "I can't live with it," Namjoon confirms.
"I wanted to do this privately," Yoongi sighs. "But I supposed it's better this way, to ease the concerns of all parties." Yoongi turns to Jimin. "Thank you for waiting, my love." Jimin smiles at him. "Of course." Yoongi smiles back, then he bends down on one knee.
He pulls out a little box from his pocket. "I've had this for a long time, I only needed a few days to have it sized for your finger." There's a stunning blue sapphire ring. "Jimin, will you marry me?" Jimin tears up, jumping up and down. "Was that what 'intended' means?"
Yoongi looks up at his wolf prince. "The universe intended for us to be soulmates. It's only proper that I intend to be your husband." "Yes," Jimin cries. "I will. I'll marry you." Yoongi springs up, twirling Jimin in his arms. Then they share a kiss, crying softly.
Jimin curls up in his arms, wriggling as close he can. Yoongi holds him tight, barely able to contain his joy to continue his speech. It takes several minutes. He looks at Namjoon. "You can lay your concerns to rest, Mr. President. There is no trade anymore, as you can see."
"There's no more land or territory. Let's combine everything we have, Jimin will be a King, and we will rule it all together." Namjoon is infinitely shocked. "That's- there'd be a lot of logistics to consider." "Perhaps we should discuss how to handle it together," Seokjin says
"Yes," Yoongi says. "Perhaps you should. Taehyung, why don't you take them to the bar nearby?" The two sides observe each other respectfully, then they head out down through the tunnels to the garage. Yoongi lifts the front door, shoving it back into its spot with his free hand
Jimin is still in his arms, clinging to him quietly. Yoongi kisses the top of his head. "What are you thinking?" "That we'll be married," Jimin huffs. "We'll finally have peace." Yoongi slips the ring on his finger, and the admire it together. "It's so beautiful," Jimin hums.
Yoongi sweeps Jimin up in his arms, slowly walking up the stairs. Jimin tightens his grip, going stiff from the sudden motion. "What are you doing?" "I want to celebrate," Yoongi hums playfully. "Wouldn't you like to?" Jimin grins. "Lead the way, my King." ~~~ FIN ~~~
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