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before i begin. - quote if u want i just love feedback from you guys. - if i ever make a mistake please let me know. - A LOT of typos. - please be patient with the updates! - english isn’t my first language so sorry if i don’t make sense -don’t reply to the thread. -pls be nice
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if u think updating a social media au is easy ur absolutely wrong. for me it’s difficult
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the kitty is not actually 1 year tae just lied cause he doesn’t even know the age 😭
042. (credits to the owner of the drawing!! )
050. fuck toxic masculinity
should i move on to the day they meet or?
cw // mentioning of eating “jimin hurry the fuck up” “i’m coming im coming” jimin screams, like always he’s the one that takes forever to get ready. “jimin” hoseok whines “come on we’re just going out to walk and then eat” “shut the fuck up or else i’m not gonna hurry up”
“fine then we’ll leave you here” namjoon says “you guys wouldn’t dare” they can barely hear jimin speak “hurry up!!” jungkook screams “oh my god i’m done gosh you guys aren’t patient enough” jimin steps out the room all dressed, tight jeans, blue shirt +
+ some bracelets, a pair of new shoes and his hair well done. “jiminie why” jungkook asks “why what?” jimin replies “uh nothing never mind let’s go” they all get out the house and hoseok starts driving to the park they’re going “play some music” namjoon requests
“what type?” jungkook asks him “any it doesn’t matter” “okay” jungkook turns on some music and they all stay quiet, hoseok concentrated on the road, jimin namjoon and jungkook looking out the windows enjoying the view and the music and then suddenly namjoon speaks
“what park are we going to? the one near the beach or?” “yeah i like that one better, we can walk and enjoy the sunset” hoseok tells them “but if you guys wanna do to another one tell me so i can make a turn” “no no this one is fine” they all respond.
when they all arrive there, they start walking, grabbing their jackets because it’s a little cold. “guys do you guys think we will be good friend?” “huh? what do you mean namjoon?” jungkook asked him confused “you know me and jin, we haven’t really talked yet and he hasn’t
messaged me and i’ve seen that yoongi and tae has texted you guys, maybe i’m just overthinking or just bringing my hopes up”
they all look at namjoon “joonie don’t overthink bubs i’m sure you both will be good friends, maybe he’s just busy with work that’s why he hasn’t messaged you yet” jimin says and the others agree with him. “maybe you’re right i don’t know” he shakes his head
“you know what i’ll stop overthinking, i’m gonna talk to him first” they give him a smile “see i told you that’s the spirit” hobi gives him a pat in the head
“so changing the subject i’m really nervous to meet tae, i feel like if i see him i’m gonna pass out” jimin playfully hits him “shut up” he gives him a playful smile “what i’m just saying” “it’s been forever but i think we’re gonna make it work i mean we all have things in
common” “what what exactly is that hobi?” “we’re all dumb” “HEY!” hobi runs and they all chase after him “get back here you little b*tch”
both namjoon and jimin catch him making him fall on the sand and start having a tickle war both attacking hobi and him asking for mercy and jungkook is just laughing at them. you know it’s amazing to have friends like them, growing up together, always helping each other out
joking around, going out together, telling each other everything. it’s amazing to have friends like that and jungkook is very thankful for them, they have been with him since he was a child he loves him and trusts them with his whole life and he couldn’t ask for better fiends
“jungkook come here and help us tickle hoseok” jimin says “no please i can’t take it, stop” hobi is laughing he can’t stop, he acts like he isn’t enjoying it nor having fun “coming” jungkook laughs.
after the war they have they all sit down to watch the sunset together and it’s beautiful “it’s pretty isnt it?” hobi speaks and jungkook responds with a nod.
after the sunset they both leave and go grab something to eat. head home and go to sleep
okay y’all i made a mistake lmao yoongi jin and tae are all in daegu my dumbass said seoul bc i messed up lol so if ur confused i’m sorry 😭
idk how i messed it up i’m sorry i’m such an idiot 😭
bye i’m embarrassed now
oh also i’m going this au too won’t be long but i’ll love if u guys could read it
#taekook au where taehyung keeps asking for a boyfriend and his bestfriend yoongi is tired of him complaining so he asks his boyfriend jimin and boom jimin’s bestfriend jungkook happens to be looking for a boyfriend too
060. meanwhile tae:
062. ( /j means “joking” meaning he’s only joking”
“poor jungkook” jin says “i know i hope he’s okay” tae replies he’s worried he hopes nothing happens to him. yoongi notices the worried look on his face “he’s gonna be okay tae hoseok is with him, he’s in good hands” tae nods and gives him a small smile “i know”
“i have to move the car it’s raining too much, i’ll go park inside there” jin points at a small empty parking lot it has a roof so they’ll be okay they both respond with a nod and tae gently holds his cat who’s peacefully sleeping ignoring the rain.
“we should take a small nap while the rain goes away we’re not gonna do anything” yoongi requests “yeah we should im a bit tired” tae tells them “me too driving is stressing” the car is big so they have enough space to get comfortable.
tae stares out the window seeing the rain rolling down “hope it stops soon” he takes a look at the kitty and makes sure she’s okay and once he sees she is he slowly goest to sleep.
after like 20 minutes the rain finally stops and yoongi is the first one to wake up. he stretches and takes a look around and sees that the rain has stopped. “hey” he gently pushes jin “wake up the rain stopped” jin slowly wakes up “okay” he rubbed his eyes and yoongi pulls
out his phone
after yoongi sends jimin the address they wait for jimin. he turns around to take a look at tae and he’s still asleep “poor baby he’s tired” “ i know let’s not wake him up until we get there” yoongi nods “he’s a heave sleeper” yoongi takes the cat that was wide awake
“come here little baby your father is sleeping okay? so we have be quiet so he doesn’t wake up okay?” yoongi talks to the cat as if he was a person
“yoongi she doesn’t understand you” “yes she does now let me take her outside so she can pee” “we’re in a parking lot yoongi” “so? she’s an animal let her do her business” “unbelievable” jin can’t with yoongi sometimes “shhh”
after 5 minutes jimin finally finds them, he’s actually nervous to meet them specially yoongi “hey guys” he waves and they see him “hey jimin so glad to finally see you” jin gives him a small handshake “me too!!” while they shake hands yoongi goes and wakes tae up
“wake up sleepy head” tae groans as he stretches “did it finally stop raining?” “long time ago bro, but jimin is here he’s taking us to the hotel” “damn why didn’t you guys wake me up?” “we wanted you to sleep well” “aww thank you did you guys rest as well? “yes we did”
“oh hello tae hello yoongi” jim i’m greets them “hi jimin” yoongi shakes his hand and jimin felt butterflies on his stomach “hi jiminie” tae is the only one who gives him a small hug “oh a hug wasn’t expecting that but thank you tae” and tae just gives him a smile
“oh um let me take you guys to the hotel, just follow me, it’s not far from here” they all get in the car while jimin gets on his and jin follows him
they all arrive to the apartment and jimin gets out his car “well here it is” he says “i- uh was expecting a smaller hotel not this big” jin says surprised “woah it’s big bigger than i imaged” yoongi looks around “but i like it”
“jimin do they allow pets here?” tae asks out of nowhere “no that’s the sad part they don’t why?” “uh i took my kitty with me” he shows him the cat “oh my god it’s so adorable it’s so tiny” “it’s a she” “she’s so fucking cute omg excuse my language”
tae chuckles “don’t worry” “what are you gonna do now tae?” jin asks “i don’t know i can’t leave my child alone” “well why didn’t you leave it with your mom?” “it’s my child yoongi i’m not leaving her alone over there plus my mom doesn’t like cats that much”
“well maybe jungkook can take care of it?” jimin tells him “jungkook?” “yeah he loves animals i’m sure he’ll love to take care of her” “well he did say he wanted to take care of her when i showed him a picture of her” “see? he can i can take her for you and give it to him”
“really?” tae starts smiling “really he’ll be happy to do it” “aish thank you jimin you’re an angel” “oh stop” jimin starts laughing “well let’s get our things and go get our room” jin goes inside to pay for the room
“well enjoy your stay i’ll come tomorrow with the others and we can make some plans to hang out” yoongi can’t stop admiring jimin “yoongi? are you listening?” tae snaps his fingers “uh yeah i am haha sorry” “well i have to go now” tae gives jimin the cat plus the food
and her bed “bye guys” jimin waves goodbye “yoongi your really obvious” tae says and yoongi playfully hits him “shut up tae you act like you wouldn’t do the same if jungkook was here” he gives him a playful smile
“well that was awkward wasn’t it kitty?” jimin says as he drives away.
and that’s all for today :) as you can tell i haven’t been feeling very well these past days so please be patient with the updates.
if i made any spelling mistakes i’m sorry
uhh i just realized that my dumbass wrote “packaging” instead of “packing” uhh i’m sorry but y’all know what i meant.
“jungkook i’m here” jimin screams “ahh jimin wtf stop screaming it’s midnight shut the fuck up” hobi tells him “jungkook is coming” hobi takes a look at the cat and she’s so tiny and adorable. “she’s really adorable i’m gonna steal her from tae” “do that and he’ll k word u”
hobi playfully hits him “ouch hobi that hurt” jimin rubs his arm “no it didn’t stop whining i barely touched you” and jimin glares at him “don’t glare at me” “shut up, tell jungkook to hurry up what is he even doing? taking a shit or?” “i don’t know”
jimin sighs “well i’m tired and i don’t have all night so here” he carefully gets the cat “this is her food, these are her pads to put on the floor, and here is her little toy give this to jungkook” he gives him all the stuff “jimin wtf i don’t have 6 arms” “well you do now”
“JUNGKOOK!!” now hobi is the one screaming “hurry up i can’t hold all of these things at the same time” “i’m coming coming omg sorry here let me take her” jungkook grabs the cat “and give me the rest” hobi does what he’s told “open the door please” hobi nods and opens the door
“go to sleep i’ll take care of her” he tells hobi “are you sure?” hobi wanted to stay and help but if jungkook says otherwise he’ll leave and jungkook responds with a nod “okay if u need help call me okay?” jungkook gives him a smile
he puts everything down expect the cat “hi princess” the cat purrs “you’re so cute” he starts petting her “hmm i’m gonna name you luna, since that means moon in spanish and i love the moon and i love you so that would be a wonderful name how does that sound?” more purring
“let’s see if tae will like it though” he takes luna to his room and places her on the bed “you’re gonna sleep with me tonight luna” he carefully palaces her on the bed “you’re so tiny hopefully i don’t squish you” he lays down and goes to sleep and so does luna
[to be continued] i’ll be right back with more updates i just have to go do something
places her*
069. cw // food (also i wanted to say that ignore that the cat keeps looking different😭)
“omg hobi we have a problem” jungkook says “uh what is it?” “who tf is gonna take care of luna??” hoseok gives him a confused look “who tf is luna??” “the cat hobi i named her luna, who’s gonna take care of her while we’re gone?? she’s a baby i can’t leave her alone”
cw // mentioning of eating “oh fvck we didn’t think of that” “you know what i’m staying” jungkook tells him “what?? then what are you gonna eat?” “hobi i can make something here you guys go i’ll stay here with her” “umm what if we call someone else to stay here with +
her?” hobi keeps insisting him “no hobi i don’t trust other people with her, i’m saying here with luna don’t worry about me okay? you guys go enjoy and bring me something” he sits down carrying luna with him “oh fvck are you sure??” hobi says standing infront of him
“i’m sure hobi now go” jungkook points at the door indicating him that he can leave “you’re something else jeon” hobi says grabbing his keys, i’ll order you something and come give it to you “okay byeee” he waves him goodbye “say bye luna” he grabs her paw making her wave
unbelievable “bye” hobi leaves “gosh jungkook is such an angel” hobi says underneath his breath. “i’m telling tae” he grabs his keys turns on the car and calls jimin “hello” jimin greets “eww why are you calling me” “shut up jimin also jungkook isn’t going anymore”
“what why?” namjoon asks “oh namjoon’s with you?” “yeah i’m right here dude” “ umm anyways what do you mean jungkook isn’t going anymore?” jimin asks again “we forgot there’s no one to take care of luna /the cat/ so he decided to stay and take care of her
cw // mentioning of eating ? “WHAT?” jimin screams “bitch my ears” both namjoon and hobi say “sorry” jimin apologizes “but what the fuck he can’t stay with a empty stomach he needs to eat” “i know i told him that but he said he’s going to make something at home”
“wow he really loves that cat as if was his own huh” namjoon says “we should tell tae” hobi is focused on the road he doesn’t answer “hobi??? hello?? are you driving?? okay ill end the call but i’ll text tae, be careful”
“jungkook is too sweet sometimes” jimin looks at namjoon “he is” he shakes his head and messages tae
074. cw // eating
cw // food taehyung is the first one to arrive to the restaurant and he goes through the drive thu to order some food and goes to jungkook’s house. one he arrives he makes sure he’s at the right house and takes at look at the address “yeah this is the house”
jungkook is playing with luna when he hears a knock on the door “huh? who could that be?” he asks luna and she just stares at him “i’ll go open up, you stay here okay?” he gets up and slowly opens the door and there is tae standing in front of the door
“tae?? what are you doing here??” jungkook shockingly asks “hi” tae gives him a small smile “come in” jungkook offers him to come inside “oh okay let me just take my shoes off” once he does he enters “what’s that in the bag?” jungkook asks him
cw // food tae quickly shows him the bag “oh it’s food i heard you weren’t going because you were taking care of kitty so i felt bad because i didn’t want you to be with an empty stomach” “oh tae you didn’t have to” jungkook’s tone changes
“i did actually it’s my responsibility to take care of her and here you are taking care of her like she was your responsibility” “oh no tae i wanted to take care of her i told you that so i really don’t mind” jungkook is blushing yeah blushing
he’s actually very nervous because he’s finally meeting tae, he doesn’t know it but he’s very nervous. and tae on the other side is amazed by jungkook’s beauty. his long beautiful hair pretty face and red lips. he’s too deep in his thoughts he doesn’t hear jungkook calling him
“t-taehyung?? are you okay?” jungkook noticed tae has been looking at him “oh sorry yeah yeah i’m fine umm where’s kitty?” he changes the subject “oh she’s-“ jungkook stops “luna?? luna baby where did you go?” jungkook is looking around for her and tae is confused
who is luna? “uh jungkook who’s luna??” oh that’s right he didn’t tell tae when jungkook finds her he grabs her “here you are” he shows her to tae “she’s luna” “oh?” tae “kitty is luna?” “yes i changed her name to luna i’m sorry i didn’t tell you”
he gives him the look of i’m sorry forgive me “luna means moon right?” tae tells him “yeah how did you know?” jungkook says while petting her “i learned some spanish while i was in the US, i like her new name luna” it’s the way he says the name
“i’m so glad you liked it and again i’m sorry for not telling you” tae waves his hand on the air “it’s okay don’t worry about it” “oh the food must be getting cold come on let’s go i’ll get some plates and let’s eat” tae follows after him carrying luna. “let’s go baby”
and that’s all for tonight. hope you guys liked it . sorry my writing is shitty lmao i tried but didn’t try enough
this au is almost over 💔
the others point of view.
hoseok jimin namjoon are the first to arrive at the restaurant waiting for jin and yoongi to arrive since taehyung and jungkook won’t be going. “you think they’ll get here soon?” hobi asks getting a bit impatient “i’m sure they will” jimin says while scrolling on his phone
“do you guys think this is he a great opportunity for me to talk to jin?” when namjoon asks that both turn to look at him “joonie” hoseok begins “we talked about this, if you want to focus on yourself for now then do it, don’t worry talking to him yet” “yeah but if you +
really want to talk to him then you should, it’s your decision we can’t control your life” jimin finishes after hobi, namjoon just listens while looking out the window “you know i will try” he turns to look at them “i want to be friends with and talk to him before he leaves”
both hobi and jimin nod giving him a small smile “we understand” while they were talking they didn’t realize that yoongi and jin arrived “oh shit they’re here” jimin quickly gets out the car and starts waving at them “over here!!” he calls out
and they hear him “hello jimin i’m sorry we’re late we had to take the bus you know cause tae took the car and we don’t have another car” oh shit how could they forget “oh my god we totally forgot about that gosh” jimin face palms himself “i’m sorry we-
we could’ve taken you guys here we have 3 cars” “ah it’s nothing it’s fine” jin gives him a small smile namjoon and hobi get out the car “what’s wrong? what happen?” both ask “they had to take the bus” “why?” “because they don’t have two cars hobi!!! remember +
they took only 1 car” both hobi and namjoon’s eyes go wide in realization “guys guys don’t worry it’s fine really” yoongi tells them again a groan leaves jimin’s lip “how could we forget? how did we forget” he starts shaking namjoon (something like this lmao)
“please jimin stopppp” namjoon whines “right sorry” he lets him go and both hobi and yoongi starts laughing meanwhile jin is focused on namjoon, he’s fixing his clothes since jimin messed his shirt up a bit. after namjoon’s done he realized that jin was staring at him
“o-oh guys” he taps jimin “c-can we go in now?” “ah yea come on on” they all enter and order.
now back to taekook’s pov jungkook and tae are both sitting down on the table. eating it’s a bit awkward and a bit quiet. “i like your house” tae starts speaking trying to break the awkward silence “it’s pretty inside and out” “oh uh thanks” “you’re welcome” and it gets
quiet again. meanwhile jungkook is freaking out on the inside, trying not to do nor saying anything dumb, he’s finally seeing taehyung after years, seeing the guy he /has/ a crush on well maybe /has/ a crush on. it’s awkward he’s not so good at making conversations he sucks at
that, specially now, he’s intimidated by tae a little he sees scary lol. “are you okay?” tae had noticed that jungkook hasn’t touched his food that much “do you not like the food? jimin told me these pancakes are your favorite?” silly jungkook has been too focused on his
thoughts he didn’t even eat “i-it’s fine it’s just that my mind is full of thoughts right now don’t worry, i love the food these are my favorite pancakes” “but you barely touched them” tae sounds a little sad “i-i’m sorry look” he starts eating them “i love them”
“n-no don’t start eating them now!! if you don’t like it then it’s fine i’m not forcing you, i just don’t want you to have an empty stomach” “i-it’s fine really hyung” he called him hyung. fvck “oh okay” tae grabs the bag and starts looking for something
“here i bought you some banana milk! i heard you like it so i thought buying you some would make you happy” he hands him the banana milk and jungkook’s eyes sparkled his heart feeling full “oh my i love banana milk thank you so much tae” he gives him a soft look.
“it’s nothing really it’s my way of repaying you for wanting to take care of luna” “it’s nothing really” they make eye contact for 3 seconds and jungkook quickly looks away blushing tae noticed but doesn’t say anything “s-speaking of luna w-where is she?”
“don’t worry she’s in the sofa playing with her little toy” tae points “be careful she doesn’t fall” jungkook feels like a father when taking care of luna “she won’t don’t worry” they both watch luna play with her toy, she’s so small and her tiny paws grabbing the toy
“you take care of her while i go throw this away” “do you want me to help?” “no no it’s fine you already did too much, i’ll do it myself don’t worry” “okay.” jungkook starts cleaning up goes outside to throw the trash and tae starts playing with luna the little hell on her
collar making noises every time she moves, “who’s a good girl?” “who’s a good girl?” after jungkook throws the trash away he walks in and sees tae playing with luna and watches them from far. it’s so adorable watching him play with her, carefully petting her
giving her belly rubs you name it. he’s too busy staring. “are you gonna keep staring or are you gonna come and play with her too?” he go caught staring “o-oh no no i’m okay” he closes the door “aww come on come play with her look how cute she looks right now”
her big eyes staring at gguk “look luna your other father doesn’t want to come play with you” im sorry what??? jungkook starts choking on his saliva
back to the others point of view. “oh man i’m full” hobi says while while rubbing his stomach “me too man” jimin also rubs his stomach “i have to go to the bathroom” yoongi stands up “me too” both hobi and jin say at the same time “oh the we should all go”
jimin turns to namjoon “what about you joonie?” joonie just waves his hands “i’m fine don’t worry you guys go” “and you jin?” “i’m fine too” all 3 of them leave leaving jin and namjoon alone. this is gonna he awkward
it’s silent for a little namjoon looking the other direction not wanting to look at jin. leg shaking and biting his nail “namjoon?” jin calls out his name “how are you?”
and that’s all for tonight
is he actually talking to me? is this real? or am i daydreaming again? he stops shaking his legs and looks at namjoon “oh hi jin” he gives him a small smile “i um i’m good and you?” “pretty good too, you know i’ve noticed you’ve been quiet all this time, you haven’t y
even talked to your friends either,, are you okay?” oh he’s been looking at me? namjoon doesn’t say anything he just looks at jin and gives him a nod and that’s good enough for jin “okay well if you ever need to anymore i’m here” “thank you”
they both start talking more, namjoon feeling less nervous, enjoying talking to him, jin telling him some dad jokes that were actually funny.
meanwhile the others in the bathroom taking their time so they could let the two of them talk. one of the workers checks and sees them just standing there in the restroom and they give him a awkward smile and wave, the man doesn’t question and just leaves
“that was so awkward” jhope said “yeah no shit” jimin replied making yoongi laugh “i think we’ve been here for too long we should leave” “yeah yoongi’s right i’m sure the other two have talked by now” hoseok was checking himself in the mirror
“okay let’s go” jimin grabs them both by the arm drags them out “hey!!” hoseok yelps and yoongi didn’t get time to react
namjin we’re talking then they noticed the others “oh h-“ jimin cuts namjoon off “you guys talked?” they both nod “great we payed the bill, we’re done let’s go” “jimin let me go” hoseok whines “no” namjin both confused but stand up and follow after jimin
jin looks at namjoon confused why jimin is dragging the other two but namjoon doesn’t know either they get to the park and jimin finally lets go of them “finally you bitch, why did you drag us” hoseok asked and jimin shrugged
“uh anyways it was nice coming here, namjoon thanks for recommending this restaurant” yoongi said namjoon giving a smile in return “yeah you have good taste” jin said “haha thanks” “well bye” the both wave “where are you two going??” jimin asked
“uh to the bus stop?” “uh no you guys are coming with us” both hoseok and namjoon look at him “we have two cars, hoseok can take you both and me and namjoon go on the other car” right. “oh right i can take you guys in my car” hoseok said “oh no we don’t want to both-“
“it won’t be a bother” “oh okay then thank you guys” “no worries now get in” “oh but what about tae and jungkook” “they didn’t came we’ll tell you guys later” namjoon tells them “oh okay.” they get in the car and room room 🚙💨🚗💨 they go
now back to taekook’s pov 😌
jungkook chocked on his saliva after hearing that tae said “oh my are you okay?” tae asked motherfuvker im not okay wtf how do you want to go react after what you said “i’m fine” jungkook tells him “okay” he can see the little smirk on tae’s face
he knows what he’s doing. “aren’t you gonna play with luna too?” “oh i am just that his other daddy isn’t letting me” two can play this game jungkook thought “sorry jungkookshii you can come play with her now”
cocky smile. He’s unbelievable jungkook just smiled and starts petting luna giving her a small kiss on the head “she’s so cute” he said “just like you” tae is getting brave “thank you taehyungie” “just being honest” “well your not so bad yourself”
“uh thanks i guess” “it’s a compliment come on” “learn how to compliment” “oh i know how” “nah i’m sure you don’t” “okay then what do you want me to say?” he asked eyebrow raised “umm not sure jungkookie” “well taehyungie thanks for calling me cute +
and you are hot like very hot, and i think you have the prettiest smile and” he leans closer to tae “the prettiest face” he whispers it sends shivers down tae’s back “is that what you wanted to hear?” “that’s exactly what i wanted to hear”
now it’s tae’s turn, he leans in whispering to the boys ear “you want me to be honest?” his voice sounding deeper. jungkook nods “i think you’re really fucking pretty, you are the definition of perfect, you drive me crazy jeon, i’ve seen the way you look at me
you are obvious baby, also i love your waist, made for me to hold it, just me right babe?” oh jungkook feels hot. tae making him blush and his voice so sweet, sending shivers down his back “tae-“ he whined “what’s wrong babe? getting flustered?” “s-stop”
“stop what?” “you” “what about me?” “you can’t just say that and expect me to be okay” he pouts making tae laugh “i’m sorry baby i love how flustered you get” “i-is it true?” he asked “is what true?” “that i-i drive you crazy?” “oh baby you have no idea”
“do you like me?” “hmm what do you mean by that?” “stop you know what i mean” “hmm do i like you as in i want to kiss the fuck out of you and want to cuddle you and-“ “YES TAE THAT!” “well then yes, i do why?” “since when?” “since we were little”
“o-oh” “oh indeed” “well i also like you too” “i know” “yea-“ wait you do?” jungkook’s eyes go wide “yeah pretty obvious” “oh fuck” “not yet” jungkook hits him “ouch!” “don’t say nasty things like that!” “why not?” “j-just shut up and kiss me!”
“already?” “yes!” “hmm should i?” “tae i swear in you don-“ he gets cut off my a pair of lips. lips connecting perfectly, tae pulling jungkook closer, and jungkook grabbing tae by his shirt the kiss a bit, how do i saw it? idk i’ll leave it to your imagination 😌
they both pull away looking at each other, heavy breathing “d-do you think we’re moving on too fast tae?” “no baby, but if you think we are then let me take you on a date? yeah? even tho i don’t know here much i’ll try to look some great places” “i would love that tae”
“really?” “yes please i really like you, and i want to be with you” “okay baby then i’ll take you on a date okay?” jungkook nods and tae gives him a small peck “wait!” “what?” “WHERE IS LUNA??” oh fuck “WE’RE BAD PARENTS TAE!!”
hi i’m sorry for making y’all wait. i had exams to do and i’m doing bad in school lmao but i’m back with updates.
“jungkook turn off your phone it keeps buzzing” “it’s too far” he stretched his arm trying to reach it “then stand up” “no i’m comfortable here i’m not moving!” “baby your on top on me” “so?” “sigh nothing just turn it off i want to cuddle you in peace”
“fine” he stands up and turns it off “there now cuddle me” “i am baby” “mmm good” he snuggles up with him “your good at cuddles tae” “shh let’s sleep” “okay but give me a kiss please” “okay baby” tae gives him a small kiss and both cuddle
and luna? they found her playing with her toys in the kitchen and now she’s sleeping on the her small bed all of them sleeping peacefully
it’s been almost an hour they been sleeping, so has luna it’s so quiet, so noises no nothing and then- “JUNGKOOK OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!!!” hoseok yells it startled them both making them fall off the sofa making luna meow “what the fuck” jungkook groaned
“was that hoseok?” tae asked sitting there rubbing his face “yeah” jungkook sighs, and gets up to open the door “hobi wtf-“ “finally you opened” “don’t you have ur keys with you-“ “yeah but i just wanted to wake you guys up” he laughed “hobi istg when i slap you-“
“oh hey taehyung” hobi interrupts him “hey hoseok” tae gave him a soft smile “looking good man” hobi winked making tae laugh “thanks you too” “gosh ur unbelievable hobi, are you drunk?” jungkook closed the door “no jungkook i’m not drunk just super hyped right now”
“and why is that?” “dunno” “ur weird” “shut up anyways tae” hobi turns to tae now “jimin and the others are waiting for you outside, they don’t fit” “oh right!” tae looks around “have you seen my keys look?” “uh i think they’re right there” jungkook points at the table
is pretty funny to him, he knows hobi is just joking around and he knows jungkook must feel embarrassed right now. he ignores them for a little and grabs luna “hi princess behave okay? just 3 more days and we’ll be back home yeah? i’m gonna come visit you tomorrow too
i love you” he gives her small kisses then puts her down “thank you again jungkookie for taking care of her, and for letting me inside ur house, i had a great time” “no tae i should be thanking you, for me it’s no problem taking care of luna, she’s adorable and i already
love her” hoseok goes to grab a drink form the fridge then sits down on a small chair listening to their conversation, sipping on his drink “i’m glad jungkook, uh well i have to go now, others are waiting for me” “oh yeah yeah go haha” jungkook opens the door
for tae tae looks at him and gives him a small kiss on the lips making jungkook blush “take care” “OUUU COUPLES” hobi yells again “SHUT UP” jungkook’s whole face is now red and tae finds that adorable “g-gosh just please ignore him, t-take care taehyungie”
tae leaves and jungkook closes the door sighing “you have 3 seconds to run hoseok 3!!!” “cant catch me” “bring ur ass over here!!!” he chases after hobi, both laughing, jungkook knows this is how they joke around, so he doesn’t take anything serious
this is how they’ve always been, and jungkook loves it, sometimes it could be too much and talk about it and promise to not do it again, jk has a different conversation with hobi, not saying he doesn’t have one with the other two, but with hobi it’s different
he doesn’t know how to explain it, it’s nothing bad, he loves them all with all his heart, he wouldn’t trade them for the world.
the others pov
jimin took namjoon home and tae drove the others to the apartment “so jin did you have a good conversation with namjoon?” yoongi asked curious “uh yeah it was kinda of awkward at first, i could tell namjoon was pretty nervous when talking to me but after some time he finally
felt comfortable i guess? i just understand why he would feel nervous around me” he said and both tae and yoongi look at each other “what?” jin asked confused “oh nothing nothing” they both said “okay? anyways yeah we talked wish we could talk more thought”
“why don’t you talk to him tomorrow?” “and where would i take him? tae i haven’t been here for years things changed i would get lost trying to find a good place to take him, plus we only have one car, what if you guys wants to go out and grab something, you can’t go walking”
“but doesn’t he have a car?? just ask him like you know, “hey bro wanna hang out tomorrow? we can go anywhere you pick” “oh my i love your brain yoongi” “thank you thank you” he bows and jin throws a pillow at both of them “no what the fuck i can’t just ask that
what if he says no huh?” “please we can both see he’s whipped for you, your the only one who doesn’t see that jin” “nonsense now shut up i want to sleep” he turns the other way “hmm okay well i’m going out to grab something to eat y’all want anything?” yoongi asked
“won’t you get lost?” “relax tae i can use a gps” tae starts laughing he doesn’t know why “i want Macdonald’s” jin said half asleep “me too” “fine i’ll go grab us Macdonald’s” yoongi gets the car keys and goes
tae watches as he leaves “so what did y’all do together?” he asked jin turns around to look at him “what do you mean?” “you know, you namjoon jin yoongi hoseok and jimin” “oh we just went to random places idk, we got lost a couple of times
but then we found our way back” “using both cars?” “yep” “of course well i’m glad you guys had fun” “what did you and jungkook do? besides kissing?” “uh nothing we just cuddled and kiss and slept for a while” “cute” “thanks but i’m kinda sad, we’re leaving in 3 days
and who knows when i’ll see jungkook again, like i want to go out with him and take him on dates, but yeah we live far, maybe long distance relationship at first idk” he finished talking and he hears snoring he looks over at jin and he’s sleeping he shook his head “unbelievable
jin” since jin is sleeping and yoongi is gone he decided to play on his phone for a little
let me stop here i gotta go for a sec bye
080. namjoon to jin
“your smiling” yoongi said teasing jin “did namjoon text you?” jin playfully rolls his yes “yeah he asked me if i wanted to hang out today” “and what did you say? you said yes right?” “of course i did yoongi you know i did” yoongi takes a bite from his meal and replied
“okay that’s good” meanwhile the two of them were talking tae was looking for his camera “uh guys have you guys seen my camera? i swear i left it here last night” he looks at the same place again “no? are you sure you didn’t leave it in the car?” said yoongi
“no yoongi i swear it was right here” he starts taking all his clothes out from is suitcase trying to find the camera “why do you need it anyways?” jin watching him while he eats “because i’m going out with jungkook today and i want to take pictures with him and of him” he
whispered the last words both jin and yoongi smirk like looking at each other “gosh this was my favorite camera where tf is it” “check in the car maybe? didnt you take a picture of luna last night?” “no? i took that 2 days ago and i swear i put it back”
“well tae if you can’t find it here then i’m sure you left it in the car, there’s no other place where it could be” yoongi stands up helping tae put this stuff back in the suitcase “i’m going to go check in the car” he grabs the keys and heads out “yeah you go i’ll pick this
up while jin throws the trash” after searching for 5 minutes tae finally found it “so did you find it?” jin asked looking to see if he found it, and tae nods “it was in the car, i don’t know how it got in the back but yeah it’s nice and safe”
“great now go change before jungkook comes to pick you up” right jungkook will be here soon “thank you jin i think you should also get ready soon before your boyfriend gets here” he teased him “he’s not my boyfriend!!”
tae laughs getting his clothes and heads to take a bath
after getting ready he sits on the bed waiting for jungkook to get there. yoongi went out to the pool for a small swim and jin already left, namjoon came early for him, and now he’s the only one waiting.
after some time he gets a message from jungkook telling him he’s outside, with a smile he heads out.
he looks around to find jungkook, then he sees him waving “hi i’m here!” he yelled and tae smiled again, he goes to where the car is and gets in, and is greeted with a “hi” “hi!” jungkook gave him his bunny smile, and he looks so adorable, he just wants to kiss him
and squish his little cheeks “hi” tae smiled back “you look beautiful” he said “t-thank you you also look beautiful” jungkook can’t help but blush and of course tae finds that adorable “you’re cute” oops he didn’t mean to say that
catching jungkook off guard “oh fuck i didn’t i-“ “thank you” jungkook gives him a small kiss in the cheek and tae freezes not knowing what to do “well put your seatbelt on!! we’re leaving” he nods still out of words but puts his seatbelt on
6 minutes pass and they finally arrive to the place, it’s like a fair, not too many people these days which is a good thing, not too much crowd “we’re here!” “woah it’s beautiful here” tae said admiring “i know right! i can’t wait to go on rides and get food”
“yeah” tae whispered “well come on let’s go!!” they both unbuckle and head out, of course tae not forgetting his camera “so what do you want to do first? go on the ferris wheel? or play those games where you win prices?? we can do whatever you like” jungkook cheered
sounding exited, i mean he is, he’s here with taehyung whatever else could he want right? “let’s do what you want to do instead” tae requested “oh okay then! let’s go follow me!” he grabbed tae by the hand leading him to his favorite game
PAUSE listen y’all idk how fairs work so bare with me i’ve only been to one fair and that was 5 years ago lmao so yeah i was little - okay now back to the story
they both went on rides, jungkook won tae some prices and tae won jungkook some prices, he got him a stuffed bunny because jungkook loves bunnies and tae took a note in that for future purposes, tae took some pictures with jungkook or of jungkook, he asked jungkook for permission
of course. they didn’t stay there for so long, after they went to eat and went to a small park, just the two of them, they say this wasn’t a date but 100% it was
joon and jin also spent a really good time, they got to know each other more, and did things they both liked and hobi jimin and yoongi took luna with them, the 3 of them felt like fathers, but they didn’t mind taking care of her, in fact they loved taking care of her
they didn’t mind because they knew that tae and jungkook needed to spend some time together, and so did namjoon and jin.
“so are we all hanging out tomorrow?” jungkook asked “yeah haha before we leave, i mean we came here to hang out with you guys and to have fun so yeah” “right.” “so did you have fun today kook?” “yeah did you?” “yeah i did actually” “i’m so glad.”
“oh i gotta take you back to the apartment” he starts the car “yeah let’s go” the ride back home was a little silent, but the good thing is that they were holding hands, jungkook used one to drive and the other to hold tae’s hand , he felt butterflies, taehyung’s hands were
a bit bigger than his, he loved it. “okay taehyungie we’re here!!” “thank you for today jungkook, i had a great time with you” tae said “me too taehyungie, i had wondered time with you” he smiled and tae can’t help but give him a small kiss on the cheek, and jungkook
blushes “be careful on the way back okay?” tae said “i-i will thank you bye!!” “bye jungkookie” he got out the car and waves goodbye, entering after making sure jungkook leaves safely. he goes upstairs to their room and finds the other two sleeping, they probably had a
big day today, he tries to not make any noise, he doesn’t wanna wake them up, he carefully grabs some comfortable clothes and goes to change, and hops on the bed and goes to sleep too.
on jungkook’s side, he went home and saw that hobi had luna so he didn’t have to worry about her, he knows she was in good hands, he finds both of them sleeping in hobi’s room and he doesn’t mind, he goes to change into his pajamas and cuddles in with hobi and luna, they all had
a long day today, so resting won’t be a bad idea right? yeah.
the next day hobi is the first to wake up, he feels some arms around him and he already knows it’s jungkook. he takes a look at him and he’s peacefully sleeping, with luna on the other side, he smiled at the view.
he stretches, and accidentally wakes jungkook up. “good morning hobi” he yawns “good morning jungkook, sorry for waking you up” “it’s fine it’s getting late either way” they both lay back down but then both their phones buzz
086 all of them say goodbye to jin yoongi and tae, with some tears, since they got attached to each other already and who knows when they’ll see each other again. “well we must head out” jin said “have a nice ride guys” joon said “we will and thank you guys for everything
we had a good time here, thank you for helping us and being good friends, we appreciate it all, i don’t know who we could replay you guys” yoongi finished talking giving them a small smile “it’s no problem yoongi, it’s what friends do right?”
jimin smiled back “you don’t owe us anything” they both hug one last time and tae and jungkook give each other a big kiss “i’ll come visit you okay?” tae whispered “okay” jungkook nodded “i’m gonna miss you” tae grabs jungkook’s face “i’m going to miss you to bun
i love you” he hugs him again “i love you too” jungkook hugs back “come on tae” yoongi called they both let go and tae gets inside the car, grabbing luna and they all wave goodbye and they leave.
1 week later. 089.
“tae are you sure about this?” “guys i bought the house for a reason, i’m moving here to seoul, and i don’t know if you guys want to say here with me or not, but if you do stay at my house, it’s big enough for 3 people. and i’ve made my decision”
“we know tae, we want to stay here too. and be with the others” jin said “we’re just nervous” “yeah” “i know guys it’s okay” “also why did you guys this bunny?” yoongi asked “i bought it for jungkook” “WHAT?”
taehyung thought about it for a while. he searched for houses, and he finally found one, a big one, the perfect one. he told his hyungs and they agreed with him, he wanted to move to seoul, he wanted to be close to jungkook and the others, and he wanted his friends to be happy
so he found the perfect house, so yeah he planed everything, this time they all came in their own separate cars, left them at tae’s new house, and took one to hoseok and jungkook’s house. tae wanted to surprise jungkook, he also bought him a pet bunny cause he knows jungoook
loves bunnies so. “okay hold my baby luna yoongi, i’m gonna go knock” “okay gimme her” yoongi takes luna and tae takes the little bunny on his cage and goes to knock, nervous but exited at the same time, hopefully jungkook is home.
jungkook slowly goes to look out the window and he sees the shadow of a tall man standing there. he slowly opens the door and when he finally sees who it is, his eyes go wide. and drops the wooden stick he was holding. “t-taehyung?” “surprise shawty” (lsjslsns let me stop)
“t-taehyung?” “surprise!!” “what the fuck-“ he’s shocked “what are you doing here? why didn’t you tell us? when did you get here?” “woah woah calm down baby, let me in? jungkook nods moving out the way, checking outside and he sees yoongi and jin in the car
“w-hose pet is that? did you buy another one?” jungkook pointed at the bunny “it’s actually for you” “w-what?” jungkook’s eyes go wide “for me??” “yeah look” tae opens the cage and the little bunny slow comes out, a little scared, jungkook kneels down to slowly carry it
“hey little guy, i’m not gonna hurt you” he slowly grabs the small bunny “it’s a boy” tae said “t-tae he’s adorable, but you didn’t had to r-really” “i did. you said you’ve always wanted to have a pet and i know you love bunnies so i decided to buy one for you, i love you
and i want to see you happy” “t-thank you really tae, i don’t know what to say” “give me a kiss” jungkook does. he gives tae a big kiss, he missed him so much, he holds him closer not wanting to let go, and the only bunny looks at them
“h-how long do you plan staying here?” he asked pulling away “forever” tae said “what-“ “jungkook i love you, since we were little I’ve always dreamed of marrying and staying with the love of my life, and turns out your the love of my life, since i was little i’ve always
had a crush on you and now by time i fell in love with you, after i didn’t see you i felt sad, but no we’re here and i don’t want to lose you again, so i bought a house here, and i’m staying forever this time, so is yoongi and him, i’m not going no where this time”
he finished talking and jungkook felt like crying out of happiness “you really did all of this, for me? for us?” “yes jungkook i love you” “taehyung” he started crying “i-i can’t believe you did all of this, tae y-you have no idea how much i love you, i-i really don’t
deserve this” he’s sobbing “shh baby calm down, of course you deserve to be happy, you deserve everything” he hugs him “you mean the world to me tae” “you also mean the world to me jungkook” they both sit on the sofa, hugging, and tae calming jungkook down
they give each other kisses, and tae let’s jungkook make sure that he’s never leaving his side. that everything will be okay. and for tae? he’s starting a new life, with the love of his life by his side, he has nothing to worry about.
“hey guys we’re still here” yoongi said
they all lived happily ever after ksjsks after time yoongi jimin and hobi started dating, so did jin and namjoon, and tae and jungkook. all happy.
- the end
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