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Nov 25, 2020
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Please, can you keep my secret? a bjyx filo au where the ideal guy and perfect student council president, xiao zhan, works part-time secretly at a host club.. everything goes well except one night when wang yibo, the school's no.1 heartthrob, saw him.. 😌

- heavily inspired by kaichou wa maid sama πŸ₯° - sorry i'm gonna finish this first hahaha - will start when it reached 60 likes i guess? i need time to finish the profiles -___- - uhh disclaimer: i don't own anything here. just the plot and the conversations haha anywayy πŸ₯°
lemme introduce the main characters πŸ₯³
Xiao Zhan, 21 β€’ 5th year Architecture Student β€’ President of College of Architecture and Engineering Student Council β€’ dubbed as Mr. Perfect by his schoolmates
Wang Yibo, 18 β€’ 2nd year Electronics Engineering student β€’ one of CEA’S heartthrobs β€’ bassist of the band UNIQ
β€” other characters will be introduced while the story progresses (or this is me just lazy making profiles hehe β€”
1.0 xiao zhan
2. the CEA student council group
3. sleep deprived president haha
4. the beshies πŸ₯°
5. the band : uniq vocals - wenhan keyboards - cho bass - yibo lead - sungjoo drums - yixuan
6. pakacute ng cucumber naman neto
7. πŸ˜…
8. yiee they meet already 😌
9. the sketchbook :D
10. the host club..
11. ha??
13. uy nagtext. uy nakasave yung number :p
14. ano bang meron sa sketchbook?
15. phew
16. guess why. haha
17. see you tomorrow
18. distracted
19. ohh 😳😳
20. secret(s)
21. interesting
22. zhan-ge!!!
23. or what??
24. why are you with him?
25. what did you do?
26. wrong timing
27. masamang balak
28. nakita mo na?
29. can i?
30. yiiee
31. ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
32. hmm.
33. new customer?
35. are you sure?
36. really? a host??
37. don’t touch..
38. time skip (lumipas lang ng isang araw hehehe saka wag niyo pansinin si timestamp, di tayo bati hehe)
39. anong meron daw?
40. rooftop
41. daldal oh
42. (ako na lang pls)
43. nahanap na siya haha
44. kahit na..
45. i have spies..
46. spawns of satan
47. time skip.. pano nalaman??
48. in denial~
49. 😳
50. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
51. blocked
52. fansclub. si bo yung president haha
53. (rold nanghina ako)
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