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Dec 7, 2020
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Kaisoo au wherein celebrity kyungsoo is married to a politician kim Jongin and their secret relationship came to an end when their son accidentally went live on instagram using his daddy Kyungsoo's phone. In the background are his parents cuddling.

"Daddddddy can we take a pictuweeee? Pwetty pwease?" "Come give papa daddy's phone, let papa take some because I have lengthy arms!" "Wait- wh- what is that?" "Oh shit-"
Another year is bound to an end, the yuletide season is coming and Kyungsoo's supposed to be attending award show. However, his manager cancelled last minute and paid atleast a hundred million won because Kyungsoo won't be attending his schedule. Money was never an issue,
not when Senator Kim gave his beloved husband a ring informing the latter that he's going home and that he's got atleast a week off work. When Jongin steps inside their mansion, Kyungsoo instantly wrapped his arms around his husband's neck and showered him with kisses. "Hey
superman, I missed you." Kyungsoo would whisper in between their kisses. "I love you." Jongin could only answer. Kissing his husband deeper. "Daddy can I bowwow youw phone!" Their son joins in, searching for the device at his dad's pockets. Jongin lets go of his husband
and bends down scooping his tiny one. Kyungsoo is the strict dad while Jongin is the softer one, spoiling whatever his son would ask for. He kissed his son while walking inside of their house, sat him on his lap as Kyungsoo snuggled on his chest, feeling his husband's warmth.
"How's your day?" Kyungsoo asks, fingers moving to unbutton his husband's shirt. "Im missing you both so it's horrible. But i'm more than happy right now." "Daddy, phone phone pwease?" Their son begs, jumping down from his dad's lap to search for his daddy's phone in his
bag. When the married couple was left together, Jongin fixes his posture and unbuttons his shirt. "You scolded him again didnt you?" "He's being a spoiled brat, i have too." Kyungsoo tells but Jongin only kisses his temple before throwing his shirt unto the floor and
pulls his husband with him to cuddle. "Im sorry I spoiled him too much." "It's okay, I understand. You're barely home and that's your way of showing how much you love him." "Hmmmm, how are things though? Did the paparazzi stopped tailing you?" "Yes." "Good." "But-"
Jongin peeks at his husband's face, brows furrowed. "But?" "They're trailing Jongsoo. Seongsoo hyung said, a paparazzi pretended to be a man asking for direction and started interrogating him." Jongin shuts his eyes closed in frustration, he's been tracking both Kyungsoo's and
Jongsoo's movement with bodyguards trailing them from afar. But he received no information about this. "I'm sorry baby," Jongin whispers heartbrokenly. "Hey, it's okay. There's nothing to be alarmed, Jongsoo's safe, I'm not in any kind of scandal." Kyungsoo rolls until he's
atop of his husband, smiling so dearly at the senator, reassuring him that there is nothing to be worried of. "and we are happy right?" The celebrity crawls north and caresses his husband's beautiful cheek, touching his jaw until he's cupping it. "I love you."
The married couple are enjoying their moment, stealing innocent kisses and sharing the warmest touch, smiling while their eyes converse in their own way. "I love you too baby.." Jongin would whisper back before giggling together. the bubble keeping them from the world bursting
when little Jongsoo walks in for attention. "Daddddddy can we take a pictuweeee? Pwetty pwease?" "Come give papa daddy's phone, let papa take some because I have lengthy arms!" "Wait- wh- what is that?" "Oh shit-" The phone fell unto the carpeted floor when the device slips
off Jongin's hold. Kyungsoo immediately picked it up only to see his reflection on the screen, and mostly, a printed LIVE on the upper right side of the screen. He's fucked. They are fucked. "What is it?" Jongin asks him when the latter saw horror drawn on his face.
"Daddy I'm soweeeee!" Jongsoo joins in, squeezing his body in his shorter dad's arms to settle on his lap. Kyungsoo is in total shoc when Jongsoo accidentally revealed his identity to the world. "Baby?" Jongin leaned down to him, chin resting against Kyungsoo's shoulder.
Kyungsoo's brain is shouting, instructing him to end the accidental sns live yet his fingers could only tremble and stayed unmoving, holding the camera right straight to their faces. "J-jongin," With tongue shaking, he stutters. jongin is quick to comprehend the situation, he
took a glance on the phone and the beautiful privacy they're hiding from the world is a secret no more. Jongin smiled, Kyungsoo and Jongsoo are his greatest possession and he thinks it's time for the world to see the how blessed he is for having his family. inatead of turning
off the phone, he slowly grabs it from Kyungsoo's hand. the screen turned black. "I'm ready.. but you're still the boss love." Jongin sincerely smiled at his husband. "Aren't you scared?" A pair of short arms find their way into Jongin's neck, his husband pressing their
forehead. jongin cant help but chuckle at Kyungsoo's question. "Scared of what?" "The world finding out." jongins chuckles became into a loud laugh. "baby, i was never scared. If i have something to be scared of that is losing you, losing this beautiful family we've made."
Smiling, Kyungsoo closed his eyes making the tears roll down his cheeks. jongin chuckles once more, knuckles drying Kyungsoo's drenched cheeks. "I hate you for making my heart race." Kyungsoo pouts. "Are you ready love?" Kyungsoo nods. Jongin's hold on his waist gives him
courage, the strong grip keeping him grounded. Jongin then fixes their position, taking the whiney Jongsoo off Kyungsoo's lap and transfer him to his. When the three are settled down and jongsoo's gotten quiet, Jongin positions the phone across them, holding the phone properly.
"Hey guys, sorry about that, but whats up?" Kyungsoo rolled his eyes at his awkward husband and snatches the phone as Jongsoo now asks for his milk. "Uhm, so I'm married and i apologize for keeping you all in the dark. It's almost Christmas and i wanted to spend it with
my family. I hope you guys a merry christmas. bye.." "bye!!!" Jongsoo smiles happily, grabbing the phone and made silly faces for the camera, not able to turn the live of and thinking it's just the camera rolling, he continue making faces. Smiling and winking at the viewers.
"Hey buddy, it's enough. its time to say goodbye." Jongin says to his son. "bye?but daddyyyy~" the toddler whines. "I want pictuwes with you and papa!" he answers. jongin laughs, kyungsoo too and pretty sure the viewers too when Jongsoo pouts and kisses the camera. "I wove
daddy and papa! sooooo muchhhh!" the couple exchange looks, communicating. to end the live video, Kyungsoo takes the device off Jongsoo's hand and jongin exchanged it with an ipad before jongsoo could cry. Kyungsoo ended the live and hides the device underneath a cushion.
jongsoo settled on Jongin's lap and with Kyungsoo leaning against his side, Jongin snap a picture of them together. A photograph which soon after, the married couple posted on their personal and public sns account, finally revealing to the world the beauty of their love had
created. the end (?)
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