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Dec 24, 2020
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#yoonminau where....

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since this is getting likes, do you want me to write it into a short fic? let's just have a look into yoonmin's married life πŸ₯Ί
tags: 🌟 crack and fluff 🌟 husbands!yoonmin 🌟 social media au
profiles pt.2
then there's hobi, a literal ball of sunshine
[01] - jimin saw taehyung's tweet
[02] - yoongi saw the tweet
[03] - yoongi is making sure that they are still married
[04] - someone help yoongi
[05] - yes, he's definitely going through it
[06] - he's helpless y'all 😭 (last update before i got drunk tonight 🀣 Merry Christmas y'all! i'll post the last update soon)
[07] - tag yourself, im hoseok
[08] - i wonder what did they do? and what is yoongi's planning to do?
[09] - trip down to yoonmin's memory lane
[10] - yoongi sus
[11] - taekook?
[11] - sope being the best soulmate
[12] - finally namjin πŸ₯Ί
[13] - let gguk live 🀣
[14] - they're the best friends
[15] - wanna know his reaction, too?
[16] - i want what they have
[17] - yoongi best husband πŸ₯Ί
[18] - always, all ways.
[19] - it all started with a divorce selfie
[20] - taekook progress
[21] - fast forward to namjin's biggest day
- fin.
thank you so much for reading and supporting this fic πŸ₯Ί i hope i don't disappoint y'all 😭 i have an ongoing yoonmin au if u want to read πŸ’–


yoonmin au | γ€Ž wings 』 Angels are classified into two types: the white angels and the black angels. Both are living peacefully in their respective places until someone falls in love. Would they risk their forbidden love in the expense of their treasured wings?
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