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Jan 2, 2021
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mini kunten au where ten found a very creative way to say ‘i love you’ to his boyfriend

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“Five, four, three, two… one! Happy New Year’s!” Was the first thing everyone shouted at midnight but Ten had a different plan.
“Happy New Year’s sweetheart.” Someone familiar said grabbing him by the waist. “Happy Birthday Teddy.” Ten said softly, he took a moment to look into his boyfriend's eyes before kissing him. Kissing Kun was always special but tonight felt different.
Maybe it was just New Year’s or maybe it was the thought of being in love but nonetheless it was amazing.
“I have a surprise for you.” Ten told Kun breaking up the kiss, “What? What surprise?” Kun asked, looking confused at his boyfriend. “But you have to wait, we’re getting the cake first!” Ten said leaving Kun alone and confused.
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Everyone wished Kun happy birthday and that gave Ten enough time to go to his bedroom and make sure everything was there.
The gift itself was pretty cheesy, he thought about it for a while. Ten wanted something creative and silly to give Kun for his birthday and when the idea came into his mind he thought it was genius.
A teddy bear, it made sense. Ten started to call Kun ‘Teddy’ in their early days of dating, there was no particular reason for the nickname at the beginning it was just something silly Ten had thought about.
But as the time went by Ten realized the meaning behind that silly nickname. Kun was filled with unconditional love for everyone that came into his life, he provided warmth and happiness to the people around him much like a Teddy bear did to its owner.
Was Ten in love? Maybe, Was he sure about what he’s about to do? Completely, Was this the cheesiest gift he had given to anyone? Yes, but even if the outcome was terrible it was worth it just because it was for Kun.
“Come with me.” Ten said, grabbing Kun’s hand to help him out of the sea of people that were inside his house. “Are you going to tell me what’s this all about?” Kun asked impatiently.
“You just have to wait a little bit longer.” Ten said opening the door of his room, he couldn’t see Kun but he was pretty sure that his boyfriend was making the biggest pout right now.
“Can i know now? Please.” Kun asked after sitting on Ten’s bed. “Close your eyes.” Ten asked. Kun did as asked even though he was dying to know what was happening.
Ten grabbed a velvet gift box from under his pillow and placed it over Kun’s lap, “Okay open up.” He said softly waiting for his boyfriend’s reaction. “Wait what is this? I told you I didn’t want anything.” Kun said even more confused than before.
“I know you did but I still wanted to give you this. C’mon open it.” Ten said, encouraging Kun to open the box. Kun hesitated for a bit before opening the present. He took the blue lace that was around the box and carefully untied it, then proceeded to remove the lid of the box
The content of the box wasn’t something that Kun was expecting but it made him smile, “You got me a teddy bear.” Kun said carefully, taking the stuffed animal out of the box.
It was a nice teddy bear, definitely not something to give a kid to play with. The stuffed animal was soft and cute, not something that Kun was expecting but he wasn’t complaining.
“I love it, thank you love.” Kun said kissing Ten’s cheek, sometime in the process of him opening his gift he has crawled into the bed right by his side. “It’s not done yet, you have to press his heart.” Ten said softly waiting for Kun to do what he said.
Kun followed what Ten said and pressed the little red heart that was sewed to the bear. ‘I love you.’ The bear told Kun that he loved him, but that wasn’t a generic voice. That was Ten’s voice, the bear had Ten’s voice, did Ten just say that he loves him?
“Wait, is that you? That’s your voice.” Kun was confused. Did Ten actually mean what the bear was saying? “I love you Teddy, I really do.” But this time it wasn’t the bear talking it was Ten.
Ten who was right by his side, Ten his boyfriend, Ten the one who for the past six months has made him incredibly happy, Ten the person who Kun is in love with.
“I love you too baby.” Kun said with the brightest smile Ten has ever seen.
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🧸 the end 🧸
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