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Jan 20, 2021
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"How would you kiss your other half on your wedding day Jonginnie?" Kyungsoo asks one night as he and his roommate binge watching some random documentaries in Amazon. Surprised by the question, Jongin gave Kyungsoo a questioning look. Not really weirded out by the inquiry but

looking for a confirmation that Kyungsoo is genuinely questioning him. Instead of repeating his question, Kyungsoo only blinks his orbs sleepily. Jongin chuckled and snatches the cushion from his roommate's embrace. He tried to return his attention back to the forgotten
series. But Kyungsoo is a persistent one, he hops down the sofa and lightly swats Jongin's thigh. "Ouch, what!" And Kyungsoo's blushing terribly when Jongin faced him with furrowed brows. Probably because of the wine they've been sharing. "You didn't answer it. You're so
unfair, I always answer you whenever I can." Kyungsoo's all sulky and whiney now, his heart shaped lips looks enticing as he pouts harder. Jongin once again looked away and secretly licks his lips. "See, seee! You're dodging my question. Fine. I won't ask you anything
from now on." Kyungsoo is about to go away when Jongin stopped him by holding his wrist. Kyungsoo attempted freeing himself but failed seeing how strong the taller roommate is. "How about I show you instead?" Jongin asks, trying to melt Kyungsoo's anger with his burning
gazes. "Huh?" Kyungsoo frowns not understanding the taller. "Like this-" Jongin says before closing the small distance separating their faces. It was a chaste and a lingering kiss. Enough for Jongin to feel the softness of the older's lips but before ending the kiss, he made
sure to suck one of Kyungsoo's lips. He smiled seeing the surprised look of the older, expecting Kyungsoo to slap his face or yell at him. But none of it came so with his thumb, he started tracing the older's lips. "That's how I'm going to kiss you on our wedding day." "What?"
Jongin chuckled cutely. "I like you dang it, even before Chanyeol hyung offered you to be my roommate." "Jongin what the fuck?" "It's okay, I'm not expecting you to like me back.." "No, I mean why are you confessing to me just now? I fucking waited for you to like me back
since god knows when but- but you also like me.." Kyungsoo's voice softens, eyes unable to meet Jongin's as he gets embarassed for blurting out his feelings. Jongin only smiled and cups Kyungsoo's neck. "Now, would you like to see how would I kiss you when we make love?"
Kyungsoo blushes terrible red, that- that topic caught him offguard. But he had imagined of them fucking or making love too many times, he had jerked off countless times witht the thought of Jongin fucking him from behind. Who is he to say no? Kyungsoo nods shyly and
Jongin kissed him aggressively and left him breathless.
The end šŸŒ 
back on track

back on track

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