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》senior student Jimin 》songwriter Yoongi 》probably smut 》attempt at crack 》talking about sex🔞 》whipped Jimin 》falling in love 》first time(s) 》virginity loss 》safe sane consensual 》fuckbuddies 》a lil bit of angst with a happy ending
Yg makes sure Jm knows what he's doing
Jm "opens up" before Yg
He said it
A date?👀
Jm can't believe he has a date with his crush 🤧
When Jimin enters the cafe he's nervous, he's never met with Yoongi hyung all alone. Jimin has made sure he looks perfect but even his favourite lip gloss doesn't make him confident this time. Yoongi hyung has been his crush since forever..
Jimin notices the elder immediately, the songwriter is sitting near the window, writing something in his notebook. Not wanting to interrupt him, Jimin approaches the counter and checks the menu. 'You're here.' a raspy but soft voice comes from Jimin's left.
Jimin turns to the elder man his height and blushes because of how close they are. 'Have you chosen your drink yet?' Yoongi asks casually, as if the distance between them wasn't so small. Enjoying the elder's cologne, Jimin nods and picks something, and Yoongi pays for it.
Not knowing what to do with himself Jimin steps back, he's still slightly embarrassed when he follows the elder to their table. 'The day's cold Jimin-ah, where's your scarf?' Yoongi asks, scanning the younger's clothes. Jimin doesn't know what to say for a moment, he blushes.
'I'm fine, hyung, I'm not cold.'  The elder doesn't say anything to that, waiting for Jimin to undress from his winter jacket. And Jimin is awfully clumsy in front of his crush, it feels awkward. 'You look nervous Jiminah,' Yoongi says, softly. 'I won't bite yet, you know?'
Jimin glances into the elder's amused eyes and nods, cheeks still pink. 'Have you completed writing your master thesis?' Yoongi asks curiously, having heard about it from Namjoon. Jimin's eyes light up at that and he nods,
Yoongi then asks about the subject of his thesis and since then Jimin is relaxed and the topics they talk about seem not to end. They stay at the cafe for hours, talking about absolutely everything until the topic comes back to what they were to talk about in the first place.
'You know it's no-one's business Jiminah.' Yoongi says, leaning on his hand comfortably as he scans Jimin carefully.  'You shouldn't sleep with someone just to fit in.' Jimin hasn't blushed for so long but now he becomes crimson red again,
his hyung is looking so boyfriend material like.. Jimin wants to kiss him. 'Yeah, I know hyung..' Jimin says, avoiding Yoongi's eyes now. 'But I also, have those needs..' Yoongi falls quiet at that, observing the younger carefully.
'Pretty baby is needy..?' Yoongi then mutters with a smile, and hearing those words Jimin's blood travels south, he looks at the elder flustered and shocked.  'Hyung..' Jimin whines, adjusting in his seat when his pants get a bit uncomfortable.
'Let's go for a walk, hm?' Yoongi says, their coffee has long gone cold.  Jimin has never been more grateful, there's incredible tension between them when he gets dressed, thankful to hide his arousal under his jacket.
Yoongi follows him as they leave the cafe, his hand placed on the small of Jimin's back, protectively. 'Do you want to go for a walk or do you want to go back to the dorm?' Yoongi asks, making sure the walk is okay with Jimin.
'After calling me a pretty needy baby you owe me at least a kiss hyung..' Jimin pouts, blushing cheeks hurt from the cold.  The street is busy, Yoongi turns to him and smiles, taking Jimin's hand and walking in some direction.
Yoongi changes the subject and talks about the song they're currently working on with Namjoon, and Jimin nods because he heard about it from his brother. They stop talking after a while, they're in a hill and the snow starts falling, the night view of the city is amazing.
That's when Yoongi turns to him and reaches for his face, Jimin flinches in surprise. But then Yoongi's feline eyes calm him down, the elder stares at him so softly. And then Yoongi leans in for the first kiss.
Jimin's heart is pounding when their lips mold, he closes his eyes and enjoys to the fullest, parting his lips slightly before he reciprocates the kiss. Yoongi's other hand closes on Jimin's waist, holding the boy closer as they get lost in the soft make out.
It seems like Yoongi wasn't planning on the kiss to last for so long but he doesn't want to pull back, the way he kisses is just perfect. But then a phone call interrupts them, Jimin doesn't know if he should check who's calling.
Yoongi pulls away, lips slightly swollen from the kiss as he lets Jimin pick up. 'Namjoon hyung?' Jimin croaks, voice hoarse. 'I-I'm out with a friend right now but we can eat dinner together!'  Yoongi visibly tenses, he bites his lip and looks at the view of Seoul.
Jimin quickly ends the call, regretting that he picked up and ruined such a magical mood. Jimin leans on the railing next to Yoongi, looking at the view too. 'You're quite an experienced kisser hyung..' Jimin says with a light tone and Yoongi looks at him, grinning.
Even if it was not the intention of the date, there's now a deep connection and understanding between them. And Jimin wishes their time together never ended. ***
Jm on his both accs
Jm texts Yg
Jimin is a little nervous
They discuss🔞
*** The next day
Jk checks on Jm
Jm shares spicy details 🔞
Jm is so busy 🤭
Their priv accounts
*** Jm h hours🔞
Jm receives a text from his brother
*** A/N I said I won't write smut for this au but maybe I will! (I don't know yet but prepare thyselves) support me if you want♡
🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞 cw// 》Dirty talk  》slightly derogatory language (consensual) 》semi public se× 》exhibition kink
》graphic smut *** The small family restaurant is busy and filled with laughter, it reaches the small bathroom located at the back of the building. Jimin knows they should be quiet anyway but he can't contain the whines of pleasure when Yoongi thrusts up into him.
'You're so sIutty to wear this under your innocent clothes. ' Yoongi rasps into Jimin's ear, pushing in deep. 'Such a dirty boy for your hyung..' His c¤ck brushes against the red flimsy panties he pulled to the side to reveal Jimin's tight hole.
Jimin releases a lingering moan, he lets go off the wall to feel the elder's manhood through his stomach. It's so hot to see with his own eyes, and to feel under his hand, how deep Yoongi fucks him. There's a loud knock to the door, someone yells drunkenly but they ignore it,
Yoongi covers Jimin's mouth and slides his lube-covered fingers to silence the younger. Jimin moans desperately.  The person gives up quickly and goes to pee outside, and yet Yoongi doesn't pull his fingers out of Jimin's mouth, fucking him at a steady pace.
'You need to cum now baby, they'll get suspicious.' Yoongi breathes out, pecking Jimins nape, where his turtleneck ends and hair starts. Fucking into Jimin harder Yoongi pulls spit-covered fingers off Jimins mouth and slides his hand under the sweater to tease Jimin's nipple.
'H-hyung..' Jimin begs, he huffs frustratedly. 'Come on hyung's c¤ck baby,' Yoongi rasps, holding Jimin's bare hips to thrust in harder. 'Come for hyung..'  And it takes a few harsh thrusts until the younger cvms, staining his sinful panties that he wears especially for Yoongi.
Trembling, the younger tightens in his lingering orgasm, legs give out, but Yoongi holds him with both hands now, picking up the pace. Letting out stuttering moans, Jimin feels how pleasantly full he is. He loves the feeling, begging the elder to cum in him.
And Yoongi does, emptying himself into the condom, his crotch pressed tightly against the younger's soft butt. Yoongi groans in pleasure, slowly coming down from his high and Jimin winces when the elder pulls out. Yoongi discards the condom into the trashcan and
turns the younger around to face him, kissing the living daylights out of Jimin. Jimin loves how Yoongi kneads his butt as they kiss, how low Yoongi hums against his lips, satisfied, and how good he smells.
'They'll get suspicious baby, one of us must go back.' Yoongi insists, stopping the kiss to pull the younger's pants up. 'You were amazing..' Humming contentedly, Jimin holds onto Yoongi's shoulders and looks at him until they kiss again. He's about to say the same when
'Hey, guys, are you there?!' It's Hoseok's voice and Yoongi freezes, Jimin pulls back immediately and runs the water. 'Y-yeah! I felt sick and hyung offered help!' Jimin yells through the door.
Having zipped his fly, Yoongi opens the door and Hoseok looks calmed with that explanation. 'You're seriously sick, Jiminah, look at those flushed cheeks!' Hoseok gets worried. 'I'll call a taxi for you if you want to go back..-' he offers.
Jimin's eyes widen, he winces at the soreness in his butt. 'No, it's fine now! I still haven't eaten much.' Jimin says, and after he washes hands he goes back with Hoseok. Yoongi stays behind, claiming he still needs to have a piss.
Jimin sits back at the loud table, smiling when everyone greets him back. They all buy the story about him feeling a little sick. It's not a lie, Yoongi makes him love sick! But Namjoon's eyes on him make Jimin blush more. He's really did it next door when his brother is here..
Yoongi comes back and returns to his seat next to Jimin. They stay a distance apart, pretending they don't know each other that well.  But as everyone drinks more they gravitate to each other closer, Yoongi's hand finally settles on Jimin's butt,
behind their back, which makes Jimin flushed and he discreetly lays his small hand on Yoongi's thigh to "pay back". They part every time someone stands up to go to the toilet but touch again whenever everyone doesn't pay attention.
And Jimin doesn't know what's between them. Are they just hooking up? Will they be dating? When the red thread of his flimsy panties peeks out of his sweater Yoongi discreetly tucks it back under Jimin's jeans, sliding his long fingers deeper than necessary.
And maybe Namjoon glances at them from time to time but he shakes his head and goes back to everyone's conversation, drinking some more. That's until a group of people come in the restaurant and it turns out they all know each other.
Jimin is told that they attended the same university but he's too busy keeping his eyes on Yoongi to register that information. 'Yoon, no time no see!' A smiling handsome guy approaches Yoongi and hugs him as much as space allows it.
'Jihyun, it's been ages' Yoongi admits, grinning back. Jimin isn't jealous at all, Yoongi is hugged by others too. But the way Jihyun looks at Yoongi makes Jimin suspicious. Tipsy, Namjoon is loud and happy, talking to every newcomer,
but Jimin can't act recklessly so he keeps possessive hands to himself. The group blends in and suddenly the table is too small, but it's more enjoyable like that. And Jimin loves it, he loves meeting new people. That's why he talks to everyone except for Jihyun,
being the confident cutie sexy lovely Jimin he is, he quickly makes new friends.  He's talking about something funny that happened to him recently, when he feels Yoongi's hand resting on his waist.
He feels a shiver down his belly, everyone has long passed the tipsy stage and yet they're still in public and Jimin stutters, trying to continue. But then Jihyun picks a conversation with Yoongi, and Jimin tries to split his attention but fails, finally focusing on the two.
Everyone looks at the guy who blushes, suddenly going quiet. 'What's wrong?' Jimin slurs slightly, but still quite sober. The question sounds light. 'Have you got any secrets that you've gone quiet?' Jimin teases with eyebrow raised. Someone laughs and another one whistles.
'Wooo.. is hyunmin ship coming back?' Jimin's jaw goes slack in shock but he quickly regains his composure.  He slightly moves his chair away from Yoongi.
Yoongi looks embarrassed but looks at Jimin out of all people teasing him, and then at Namjoon who's observing them. There's silence interrupted by the glass falling over, and landing on Jimin. The question is forgotten as Jimin automatically takes off his drenched turtleneck
and everyone whistles again. That's when Jimin remembers his neck is all purple in Yoongi's hickeys, and the blush from the alcohol intensifies because of embarrassment. 'Namjoon-yah, your brother isn't as innocent as you think !!' Someone teases
and Namjoon is twice as embarrassed as Jimin. 'Yah, leave my brother alone and let's drink!' Namjoon changes the subject and no-one opposes. Totally embarrassed Jimin says he has to leave because he has to get up for afternoon classes, and Yoongi offers to see him off.
Since their relationship has been undetermined, Jimin wants to talk, but on the other hand he doesn’t want to hear about Yoongi's past relationship with Jihyun. 'I'll manage, hyung,' Jimin says dismissively,
jokingly bowing to everyone before he leaves with enthusiastic goodbyes. He's waiting for the taxi outside, the air is so cold that there's fog coming out of his mouth. 'Those on your neck are made by Yoongi, ain't they?'  Jimin flinches at the voice, Jihyun stops next to him.
'I don't really want to talk to you, Jihyun-sshi.' Jimin says curtly, looking at the nightly street. The elder doesn't say anything for a moment. 'I haven't been trying to establish contact with him for a while but since destiny made us meet, I'll try again.' Jihyun says.
'That's why stop fvcking him and keep your hands off, kid' If Jimin is shocked at such harsh words he doesn't show it. He chuckles imstead, the cold air hits his heated cheeks.
'You want me to do what?' Jimin's plump lips stretch in a wide smile, he leans in. '"Keep my hands off him"?' Jihyun loses some of his confidence but doesn't answer, meanwhile Jimin pulls out his phone and texts Yoongi.
Jimin texts Yoongi
The taxi arrives the moment Yoongi comes out of the restaurant, confused when he approaches the two. Yoongi half embraces Jimin before he pecks him right on the lips.
'What's wrong?' Yoongi wants to know, looking at both Jimin and Jihyun.  Jimin can't help a trumphiantant smile, but he doesn't look at Jihyun. He looks up at Yoongi instead. 'I wanted to say goodbye but Namjoon was inside.' Jimin says, caressing Yoongi's pale cheek
before he untangles from Yoongi's arms and gets into a taxi.  Yoongi throws him a confused glance but Jimin only waves goodbye as the taxi drives off.
Yoongi texts Jimin
they're both shook
*** [A few days later]
When Yoongi arrives, he sees a corridor of panicked students, Jimin being one of them. The younger approaches him then, and after looking at each other warmly, they finally hug. 'You know there's no need to be so stressed baby..' Yoongi whispers,
his pleasant scent fills Jimin's nose, calming him down. Yoongi's hugs feel the best.. 'Have you eaten? I brought you lunch.' Yoongi says, hugging Jimin with one hand now to lift the bag with the lunchbox with the other.
And Jimin hasn't even had breakfast yet so he's grateful, he would kiss Yoongi but for all his friends and colleagues in the same room. They talk while Jimin eats, and Yoongi's presence really calms Jimin down.
Jimin doesn't even know when the time comes and the door opens, inviting students for the exam. 'You'll rock it baby..' Yoongi smiles softly, standing up to hug Jimin goodluck. And Jimin hesitates only for a second before he takes a hold of Yoongi's face to kiss him gently.
'Woo Jiminah!' His friends whistle and laugh, while Jimin prolongs the kiss, fighting embarrassment in favour of focusing on butterflies in his stomach. 'Mr Park, I believe it can wait.' Jimin's lecturer smiles, and Jimin realizes he's lost the sense of time in the kiss.
'Thank you hyung..' he says, quickly getting into the lecture room and bowing a few times to the teacher, to apologize.   Yoongi remains unmoving for a while, it's the first time they kissed in public like that.
'Hyung..?'  Hearing Namjoon's voice Yoongi freezes, he turns around to see his friend. Yoongi knows he's screwed. ***
'You know you should have told me. I thought we were better friends than that.' Namjoon says, offended. 'For how long have you even been dating?' Yoongi looks out the window, scratching his head. He's so screwed.. 'I- I'm not sure if we're dating..'
Namjoon stands up hearing that, Yoongi frowns. 'You want to tell me you fuck my younger brother just like that??' Namjoon booms, fists clenching. And Yoongi sighs, he deserves that. 'I don't know if he wants me, Joonah..' Yoongi defends himself.
'If he wants to date me, I'll be honoured, but he's so young I'm afraid he just wants me as a fuckbuddy..' Namjoon visibly calms down, he now looks like he pitied Yoongi.  'D-did you try talking to him?'
Yoongi sits down next to him, nodding. 'I told him we should tell you about us soon.' He says. 'I thought he will if he takes what is between us seriously..' Namjoon nods, it makes sense.
When Jimin comes out Yoongi is alone, greeting him with a smile. 'How was it?' He asks, letting Jimin plomp down next to him. 'Stressful..' Jimin admits, taking out his water bottle. 'But I think I did well.' 'Of course you did..' Yoongi smiles fondly, observing the younger.
And Jimin catches that stare, blushing.  'Is there something on my face?' He asks. Yoongi shakes his head no. 'I've almost lost my life because of you Jiminah..' Yoongi pouts, complaining.  Jimin is looking at him confusedly until Yoongi explains that Namjoon had been there.
'A-and what?' Jimin asks, unable to look at Yoongi. 'Did it hurt bad?' he worries. Yoongi laughs. 'He thankfully hasn't hit me yet.' He says, taking Jimin's small hand.
'Because I still have a chance to fix my mistake.' Jimin looks up with a blush on his soft cheeks. 'Park Jimin, will you be my boyfriend?' Yoongi asks softly, caressing Jimins hand in his. 'I promise to treat you well and cherish you better than my songs' He chuckles nervously.
Jimin is a little speechless at those words, he feels like crying. 'Hyung.. are you asking me out, or proposing..' Jimin mumbles, wiping treacherous tears. And Yoongi embraces him tightly, huddling his head against Jimin's.
'Depends on your answer baby..' Yoongi laughs. And Jimin's sweet kiss is enough of an answer.
they announce their relationship (A/N guys forgive me deleting and reposting my brain lacks sugar & works on the last braincell jsjsj)
.. .
E/N That's the end! They're together and live forever happily uwu Thank you for being patient with my slow updates 💜🥺 More yoonmin aus on my carrd:
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